Woo-Woo Meets the Market

All I can say this morning is “Wow!”

Before I tell you the latest bits of woo-woo, some background (mainly for new readers).

I am heavily involved in dream work.  In 2008, I started the  National Dream Center which Chris McCleary has expanded-upon and furthered in part with chief Nostracodeus programmer Grady’s help.  It’s given us many useful insights.

The second thing is, when I have dreams, they occasionally have precognitive content  or knowing-at-a-distance.

Before last night’s encounter with the woo-woo, the previous night I had three dreams going  at once:   In one of them, there was some kind of radiological testing being done (in of all places) the basements of various regional Federal Reserve Banks.  In the second, there was a blue towboat involved in a dockside smoky fire somewhere on a river.  Pollution was coming out of the boat.  In the third, I very clearly got the name of a business entity that my  consigliere would soon hear from.

I called him from the car yesterday as Elaine and I were going to Tyler to attend to some business matters.  Yes sir, sure enough, he has a client whose initials are exactly what I told him.  Even more interesting was his offering that blue towboats are painted that color so lock masters on the inland rivers of America will be able to spot Haz-Mat cargoes and for that, extra procedures may be used.

As to the radiological testing?  I was surprised to learn it was being done with analog radiation measuring equipment.  And that at one location, there was a back door into the regional Fed Bank that wasn’t sufficiently guarded.  Both my consigliere and I are pondering that, but we think we know and it’s not one of those things to put on the Internet.

This kind of “dream jumping” into other people’s points of view is nothing new to me.  It happens all the time and it’s the central theme in my novel DreamOver and the processes and work itself (a kind of ‘how-to’) is in my book Psychocartography.  See links on the menu to books…

Now Comes the Weird Dream

The foregoing is simply background so you can appreciate where I am coming from.

I have never had one of this vivid/lucid dreams before where the person whose eye I was watching events through was a direct market participant.  This time it was.

As I was watching this trader, there were multiple screens, including a big one in the middle, that were showing red and green trading data.

All of a sudden, there it was:  Two letters popped into my head.  And they were a stock symbol.

On the screen, I saw the stock scream from under $20 to over $97 dollars.  At the same time, there was a 234-point drop in the Dow.

Never happened like this before:  A stock symbol???

I woke up and looked up the symbol and though I won’t tell you what it is, you could have blown me over with a feather.  Totally an in your face from the Universe through a vivid experience in the dream realms.

Out on the fringes of how we all operate what Castaneda describes as our assemblage point, there is the notion that people have “luck fields” that come and go.  Most people don’t  ever think about them, but I’ve found them to be useful indicators of how my trading day might go.

The way I monitor my “luck field” is I will often play one of the Amazon Casino games online.  Oh, I don’t buy chips, of course.  I simply turn on the machine, take the start-up chips and play until they are gone, using a standard way of playing Jack or Better poker that I described in a long (somewhat rambling) Peoplenomics discussion about evolving a methodology to maximize positive excursions before the House gets all your money.

The way the luck field is measured is simple enough.  Take a few mornings back.  Had 5,300 chips to begin with.  Run that up to the 8,500-range and then busted.

In “luck field” theory (another pet science project around here) the idea is that on the day like that one, I knew not to ‘push’ too hard in a short-term day trade because of my ‘luck field.’  Superstition?

Well, perhaps.  But after this “stock symbol dream” I turned on the same Kindle as always, fired up the same app.  The Casino was very stingy – only giving me 1,300 coins to begin with.  But, I ran that up to 11,440 before the trend reversed.

This was an excursion of 8.8 – the highest I’ve ever had…which leads me to conclude my “luck field” is more than healthy.

Now the Practical Question

Given that you had such a dream, what would you do with it?  Would you run out and put a large amount into the dream?  Say, $50,000 and up?  Or, a more measured $10,000 and see how the “dream investment” works out?  (post your best advice as a comment below)

Dream is, to me, the most important thing people do.  That’s because there is a dandy chance that some small energetic aspect of humans survives death.  Dr. Raymond Moody got me started on this path when we talked during his book tour for “Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences” that came out in 1977, or so.  And that research is continuing.

Ure family lore is that Death is nothing but the Big Sleep until whatevers the endpoint is.  And given that the family has a “seeing gene” doing this work is extremely interesting.

But all this really comes back to a simple buy or sell decision:  If you had a dream, saw a decline in the markets ahead just a ways, would you toss money (and how much) at the dream content symbol?

I’ll let you know how it works out.

Morning Numbers and Data

Fair bit to wade through.

Let’s begin with GDP which is alive (despite the political idiots jammering…)

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 3.1 percent in the first quarter of 2019 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth quarter of 2018, real GDP increased 2.2 percent.

Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments) decreased $59.3 billion in the first quarter, compared with a decrease of $9.7 billion in the fourth quarter..

Real gross domestic income (GDI) increased 1.0 percent in the first quarter, compared with an increase of 0.5 percent in the fourth quarter. The average of real GDP and real GDI, a supplemental measure of U.S. economic activity that equally weights GDP and GDI, increased 2.1 percent in the first quarter, compared with an increase of 1.3 percent in the fourth quarter (table 1).

After the data, markets were -7 on the Dow and -33 on the NASDAQ.

Personal income tomorrow…unless you’re married, in which case it doesn’t matter.

Dem’s Ahoy!

Got a pet theory:  The likely reason this story is around today: “Tulsi Gabbard on Winning Drudge Debate Poll: I’m ‘Most Qualified’ as Commander-in-Chief” is that she may have been the least-insane sounding.

Washington gov Jay “Jay Inslee vows to save Miami from climate change.”  We remind you, smoking dope (lots of it!) is legal in Washington which may explain their swilling the Klimate KoolAid, if you follow.

Then there’s career Texas politician Beto who’s basically bust, or near-enough with a mere 3.99% favorable on the  Drudge poll.  Perhaps people are wising up to career politicians?  (My lips to God’s ear on that one!)

M’ lady Elaine and I decided binge-watching  Blood Treasure on  Prime Video was a hands-down, no-brainer.  We don’t have barf bags in the media room.  (Which was once a “living room” but with so many Handheld Cyclops addicts, it’s a ‘media room’ and is treated like a hazmat storage area; avoid when possible.  People don’t live, they ‘media’ – and they be the zombies, but you knew all that…

We were extremely disappointed by the lack of straight journalism in the NY Times 2020 Democrats Are Split Over How to Reboot the Economy.  Reboot from what?  The Mexico invasion?  WTF?  Look at the data, look at the market.  See how they begin from a false premise (like a reboot is needed) and then set about selling their agenda?

Check mirror for “Stupid” branded on foreheads, people. My golly.


(Possibly Of Interest or Definitely Of Interest)

Since we’re in this age group, stories like this one catch our eye: At 75, Taking Care of Mom, 99: ‘We Did Not Think She Would Live This Long’.

Brazil may not get preferential treatment by the G20 now as Brazilian airman on Bolsonaro’s trip to G20 summit caught with 86 pounds of cocaine aboard plane.  Tisk, tisk…sniff, sniff…

Boeing’s street creds are in trouble as Boeing Shares Tumble After Report New “Glitch” Can Send 737 MAX In “Uncontrollable Nosedive”.

Markets may climb now as China’s Xi to present Trump with terms for settling trade fight: WSJ, citing Chinese officials.

On that note, the lawn here at the ranch is looking kinda Three Stooges.  That means I must be mow…. (groan!)

Moron the ‘morrow…

31 thoughts on “Woo-Woo Meets the Market”

      Unfortunately end of life expenses usually leaves you poor and dependent on the govt. And people that do t know you at all..

    • I can’t decide if commenting on this is betting, investment, or fortune-telling advice:
      Don’t bet more than you can stand to lose, and figure brokerage fees into that number. But if you don’t bet something, it will haunt you, regardless of the outcome.

      • Somewhat recalcitrant here; however, once upon a time, I clearly saw a stock we were already invested in, substantially higher. We are deeply spiritual folks, and had ‘asked’ what the buyout price would be. The alacrity of the forthcoming experience conveyed the confidence and belief in the otherwise unbelievable target. I will add that I had similar … experiences when trading the spoos years back: high specificity… which evolved into time as well as price. Quite the sojourn for a conservative who spent 25 + in healthcare.
        … ‘dream’ states and information access/make up the astral realm and therefore are the repository of all human emotion and experiences, good and bad, with additional influence by untoward… ‘energies’. Not woo woo. Hard core- much too real.
        … Two Cosmic tests (for carnate 3-D) are power and money. Last time I checked, it didn’t cost a dime to make this planetary system. Several others- practice partners- made a small fortune with the gift that was given to me and shared during those days- folks become very strange if not depraved when large amounts of $ fall into their worlds w/o having expended and mastered the energy earning it. We ended up treating folks for free for a years after that windfall while partners left, had affairs, split up and ruined families, lost their $, etc… debacles!
        … it is the absolute clarity (bold & underlined) that conveys the conviction…and gratitude that allows the gifts to continue to flow in your direction. Nothing of course you don’t already know. Be well G and always armor yourself and loved ones when traversing those arenas. Dr Frank

  1. Was there a timeline for the meteoric rise in the stock price? Is the company a good investment even if the meteoric rise does not happen? These answers would be determining factors in how much to invest.

    • Sort of like getting a stock tip from the guy sitting next to you on the plane. George, if you could give us a hint, we could guess the symbol like Jeprody with you being Alex Trevek What is ____?

  2. G – optionality in your “dream investment” project would be advised.
    Would try to play this with Sell Put and Buy Call options.
    Naked Buy of the Call option would be cheapest way to leverage your $$.
    The aforementioned Synthetic Stock Purchase requires putting up 30% of price of underlying Stock – margin requirement – to Sell the Puts.
    Collect the income from Sale of Put while holding a Contract to Buy “dream” stock at locked in price..winner winner chicken dinner, (obviously the proceeds from Put sale offset or reduce cost of buying Call options)

    G you definitely would be Moe in the U.S. version of The Three Stooges…nyuck nyuck nyuck

    • G – A hedge to your speculative trading idea..Buy Long Dow ETF, Short equal $$ amount in underlying “dream” stock.. just in case U got the directions backwards.

      As the old saying goes…No Balls – No Blue Chips!

  3. George

    “there is a dandy chance that some small energetic aspect of humans survives”.

    No doubt about it in my mind! I have seen a full bodied apparition in my home. My sister in law passed away from cancer in our house. I was sitting on the living room couch when I turned my head towards the hall. There she was starting to walk down the hall! This sighting only lasted a second or so as I blinked and she was gone.

    She who must be obeyed had many such events as she was a nurse in a nursing home.

    We are here in this realm having a life experience and moving around in a body just like we drive our cars. The evidence for this grows stronger every day as people record events generated by those who have transitioned back to what is the true reality.

    • Amen Mike…

      Anyone not believing spirit world just ask someone working the floors..
      I have a ton of stories from what I’ve seen and experienced working on the floors..
      For the raisins ( nursing school new grads ) we would leave them alone in one area where at one am every night you could hear someone riding an exercise bike in storage.. during thunderstorms it was more active..
      One of my favorite stories is a deceased woman getting upset for her messed up bed and wanting a cup of coffee..lol

      I believe…

  4. George, if it course you went ahaed and told us the stock symbol, we could all go out and buy it, thereby driving up the price, just as you dreamed ;-)
    I’m at work, so can’t go look up the data right now, but an interesting way to test your dream would be to look at the number of two letter stock symbols versus the number of possible combinations (26×26=676). If it turns out that a high percentage of the possible combinations are actual stock numbers, then there is a good chance that any random combination would generate an actual stock. However, if there is a low number of the 676 that are real stock symbols, then that may be an indication of some other mechanism at work.
    As for your lawn, at least it wasn’t Curly…and we all know that Moe was quite the red hot lover…Billy Idol even wrote a song about him: “In the midnight hour, she cried Moe, Moe, Moe!”

  5. Why the 20 idiot debates require a Trump vote in 2020. There idiots.

    The problem with Trump.

    The Mueller Investigation accomplished its goal. Freeze Trump from completing his immigration campaign promises when he had a Repubican controlled Senate & Congress. Why did Trump freeze during the first two years that we aren’t being told? Similar to the Kennedy assination & Roswell, we won’t be told. Was he running scared during the first 2 years or looking out for himself (tax reform was his reward for inaction). The next 4 years may hold the answer. During those first 2 years, he always had a plan, but never any details. Hopefully he finds out where the details are hidden.

    His methods & motives are questionable, but better than what the idiots are offering which is basically the loss of your freedoms.

    • “The Mueller Investigation accomplished its goal. ”

      ECS… I think the whole merry go round has been to stall or stop DJT from accomplishing what he said he was going to do..

      Even though its A double edge sword for them.

      What DJT wants to do will strengthen their bottom line add more security to the country and bring back manufacturing.. but it will take some of the control away from the puppeteers and reduce some of their upper end profits..
      It has to be a terrifying coin toss for them..

  6. The dream seems to show a counter move to the market. Does the scenario have a possibility of actually being possible. It also appears to be a fast moving event. If the dream has validity it makes a call very interesting.

    • George.
      IF there was truly a dangerous invasion from Mexico, why did the patriotic R’s spend their political juice on tax cuts for the Rich instead of immigration reform? Best, Mike.

    • Good point. George, you have the stock, so I assume you are able to look to see if it has an historic negative beta, showing it is predisposed to make stock moves that are counter to the broader market action.

  7. So, there I was with my ex-girlfriend who had just gotten a tip from a Clearwater Pizzeria owner regarding the horse to bet on in the Belmont Stakes.

    I said, yeah, sure, don’t bet the grocery money.

    At the last minute she gets a phone call from him and was told to change the bet to 3 new horses. Again, I said don’t bet the grocery money.

    We went over to the dog track and she bet made her trifecta bet.

    Two hours later, we were at a restaurant as I watched her 3 horses come in. From her $70.00 bet she made over $800.00. Sadly, I did not make a bet, and I still got stuck with the check.

    Live and learn.

    BTW, 25 years ago, I had a very elaborate 3D, Hollywood movie dream that I had won $7,000,163.00 in the lottery. I’m still waiting for that horse to come in.

    Good Luck!

  8. Consciousness comment heard on Coast the other night. Science has done a test where pigs were killed and decapitated. Electrodes on the severed heads indicated brain activity still happening for several HOURS after head was removed. Maybe a lot of the NDE reports are explained by the brain not dying concurrent with the body. Food for thought.

  9. G –

    I know there are people in this realm who work against our interests (shared reality).

    Is there any risk a bad entity perhaps being mischievous would give you incorrect advice?

  10. Regarding “Dems Ahoy”: I did not watch the Demoncrat ‘debates’ last night but I did hear the soundtrack of it. No sense staring at the clown convention of mostly idiots standing there at matching podiums.
    Maybe I would watch if there were an actual ‘debate’ instead of absolute B.S. such as this. To call this or any other similarly disorganized bitching session a debate is to reveal ignorance not only in the participants but in the viewing audience as well.
    This stupidity is not a debate!
    A formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly,
    in which opposing arguments are put forward.
    Ask yourselves if all the participants were presented with the same question one at a time so the audience could compare the candidates’ answers and have at least one measure of their competence. Similarly, a glimpse of their true nature is revealed when their utterances wander to the absurd with, ‘when I’m elected I will; cure cancer, save Florida from global warming, etc.
    Why anyone in their right mind will practice ‘the willing suspension of DISBELIEF and cast a vote for these gimme, gimme, tax ’em more, Socialist, infanticide supporters and deadbeats reveals more about that voter than than whom they voted for.
    Build that WALL, strong and tall.

  11. Dam.. I need to push up the date for my yearly re-read of Nietzsche…its always a mind expanding and thought provoking read…

  12. mmmm….$20 to $97 while the market is falling $234. Maybe you are supposed to short that “symbol”. Assuming the dream isn’t just a Universe Screw Job, and Just to be Safe, I would buy LEAP option straddles….with that percentage appreciation you win either way. It all comes down to when the market falls $234. Obviously, you would make more money going long (assuming a stock appreciates that much in a small selloff, but like we say in Texas: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

  13. In the 70s, I read ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’ (Matus) and ‘A Separate Reality.’ Carlos Castenada was a PhD student in anthropology when he started his spiritual/dream apprenticeship journey with the Yaqui shaman don Juan. After a long apprenticeship (aka psychedelic experiment) Castenada’s spiritual “ally” was determined by don Juan to be the dried (and smoked) psilocybin mushroom. For dreaming, Don Juan had this advice:

    “To perceive a world of hard objects that had either a positive or a negative value must have been utterly necessary for our ancestors’ survival,” don Juan said. “After ages of perceiving in such a manner, we are now forced to believe that the world is made up of objects.” ~ Don Juan Matus, quoted in “The Art of Dreaming” by Carlos Casrenada

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