Saturday Woo-Woo: Automatic Writing

A fair amount has been written about the woo-woo topic called (variously)  automatic writing and  channeled writings.  Until last week, I’d never given it a whirl.

But, life is short, so with the usual “purity of intent” I sat down at the keyboard to see what would “fall out” of unsupervised fingers; uncensored by conscious mind.  Here’s how it went:

The Experiment in Automatic Writing

Today, we simply bless our workspace, computers and all, and place our fingertips on the keyboard and wait for words to appear from our Other.

“Personages will have established familial ties observed writing down outages therefore persons who express will be couriosly vindicated.

What this means is always forlorn establishing concreteness and observability. Whoever dies escapes to Realms of immense proportionality far exceeding the bounds of Earth.

Noise, is that what it is, you asked? No, for leering into such pages is not for the faint of heart. Nay, ‘tis a frightening and awful thing to be so connected with the Universal. We are such pittances as to be insignificant, a blow to our egos.

Erstwhile tubing made of fiberglass conducts the spirit in the same fashion as copper conducts electricity. The one being metallic whilst the other is nein. Opulence of one’s soul comes from dedication and hard work to the cause of inner and outer alignments such that communications between our “personal layers” may be achieved and held in our highest regard.

Yet here, as you capture instructions toward the elevation of self, we must wonder towards what end? Are we to be like God or some lesser beings? Toward what? And what drives us to excel at such efforts?

The path is never clear, nor should it be, lest millions tread thereupon. But if you wish to offer guidance of any quality to those ready for embarkation, then I should be pleased to communicate with you for their further redemption. If you are ready, we shall begin.

  1. There is no such thing as lightness and darkness. There is only Being. We create this in order to project from our souls onto an outer world where we may “logically” behold what our selves internally already understands to be profound truth.
  2. Profundity? What does it mean? Why does it matter? To which outcomes are we committed and which one is really “best” for each? Unknowable, but approachable with an open heart and an honest soul.
  3. Taxonomies may little sense. We reduce the language to something reprehensible and then cluster it up with self-projections and nonsensical meanings never there on their own. Instead, perturbations in our souls leaks across the realms and delivers themselves to the paper and minds where we set things down. Errant conclusions thus arise.

This is all for now…come again my accomplice. The data holds all knowledge.:”

With that, the session ended.

The “scratchpad in your head”

This is a good place to begin.  The “automatic writing above was copied, relaxed but fully conscious, from the space in my head that I visit on my way into deep dream state adventures.

Most of us have – when we go looking – a place in our “mind’s eye” where visual symbols appear.  It’s like a “scratchpad” for your subconscious.

I wrote this up in one of my books ( Psychocartography , I think it was) where I describe the very deep pre-sleep area where, upon seeing a bright  light momentarily, you can use the retinal “after-burn” to first enable and then increase your ability to focus onto this “internal screen” on which your Life is displayed.

In many ways, Microsoft’s Mixed -Reality mode works like these “graphical layers” in psychology.  That is, when you are in the “now” mode (immediate mode) you do things like land airplanes, race motorcycles and do the hard parts of “work.”

When you are in “deep thinking” mode, you (sort of)_ put a “layer” on top of the visual cortex.  Unlike MSFT-M/R mode, though, we humans don’t have the “graphics processor power” to dissolve and see via transparencies.

We simply “switch” and that’s what we think of as “multi-tasking” – doing out here and then clicking to in there, and back to out here again.

The “scratchpad” – the “blank screen in there” – is where I first encountered  two of the great mysteries of self-work:  Seeing The Runes as well as seeing my personal  Source Code.

Let’s start with Runes.  Wikipedia offers a description of these “alphabet” letters that you will likely run across in your successful observation of your own Runes when you focus attention on the after-burn background.  As the after-burn fades, the letters may begin to appear and “wander by…”

“The three best-known runic alphabets are the Elder Futhark (around 150–800 AD), the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400–1100 AD), and the Younger Futhark (800–1100 AD). The Younger Futhark is divided further into the long-branch runes (also called Danish, although they were also used in Norway, Sweden and Frisia); short-branch or Rök runes (also called Swedish-Norwegian, although they were also used in Denmark); and the stavlösa or Hälsinge runes (stave-less runes). The Younger Futhark developed further into the Medieval runes (1100–1500 AD), and the Dalecarlian runes (c. 1500–1800 AD). “

Since my genetics are northern European/Germanic and Scandinavian, it seems only logical that this is the Rune set I would see.  Sure looks like it.

There is, in case you didn’t know it, some suggestion of different letter sets based on genetic history:

“In 2017, based on a correlation between the graphemes observed in situ on the Camunian petroglyphs, and on the genetic study of the haplogroup of descendants of the Camunian transalpine civilization, E. de Vaugüé shows that the runes and the Phoenician alphabet have a common origin with the older Camunian alphabet, dated 1000 years BC by the torinese anthropologist Giovanni Marro, founder of the Ethnological Museum of Turin, close to the Etruscan alphabet and the Lepontes and Rhaetian alphabets (themselves derived from the Etruscan system). This would be explained by a migration, about 4,500 years ago, of populations of the Unetice culture, themselves probably coming from, as demonstrated by genetic studies, the Yamna riders of the steppes also called Indo-European[19] · [20] Several different runic scenarios were developed over time. This Camunian system, according to the study of its graphemes, would itself derive its origins from the 32 symbols found in European caves for 30,000 years by the Canadian paleo-anthropologist Genevieve Von Petzinger, who could be a proto-language, and a neandertalian proto-alphabet…”

More than anything, this variance in runic projection based on DNA ancestry likely accounts for differences in culture expressed as music and art.

“But, Source Code ???  Really?”

Yes, it’s true.  This “scratchpad area” on the “flip-up pad” that can overlay your active visual cortex display, “seeing,”  occasionally  will roll past you in deeply relaxed states with line after line of what looks like  computer source code.  Not the relaxed few letters dancing here or rotating counterclockwise there, upside down letter or three over yonder.  Nope, this is lines of code screaming by fast as a line printer or screen dump.

In 2003, Nick Bostrum wrote a dandy piece in Philosophical Quarterly which for me nailed down this “source code” issue by suggesting we are living in a simulation:

“This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1)  the  human  species  is  very  likely  to  go  extinct  before  reaching  a  “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely  to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or  variations  thereof);  (3)  we  are  almost  certainly  living  in  a  computer  simulation. It follows that the belief that there is a significant chance that  we will one day become posthumans who run ancestor?simulations is  false, unless we are currently living in a simulation. A number of other consequences of this result are also discussed. “

Back in my “Halt and Catch Fire” days, we used a Charles River Data System computer that we called the “Scratchpad because we did so many things with it in the early days of speaker-independent voice recognition (SVIR) circa 1986.

The reasons I use the term “visual scratchpad” is because there’s some evidence I have gathered that suggests the visual scratchpad facility is where at least four  (and now maybe five) different “personality operations” take part.  Let’s run through the list.

First, and foremost, this is the “picture this” waking-state visualizing facility.

Second is the deep sleep Oneironaut  tool which it’s likely everyone accesses, but not everyone has done enough personal “clearing work” to bring information back-and-forth between dream and waking states.

Third is the Runic state.  Where letters and collections of graphical symbology’s take place in ultra-deep states of relaxation.

Fourth is the “source code” state which doesn’t happen often, but it’s like the “I/O port for your personality” from the Great Programmer.

It is possible that in pre-computational history, groups such as Buddhists may have seen “the source code” and learned to be
“one with Dharma” and thus become “sotapanna.”

“The word sotapanna literally means “one who entered (apanna) the stream (sota)”, after a metaphor which calls the noble eight-fold path a stream which leads to nibbana.[4] Entering the stream (sotapatti) is the first of the four stages of enlightenment.

And today, a fifth state is postulated:  The one where another “aspect of self” (may) express through means like automatic writing, music, and other (almost irrational, except they’re not) forms including art.

Next time you’re having trouble going to sleep, pretend you are “looking” but keeping your eyes closed.  That’s the technique for getting more, or less, “direct access” to what’s on your “scratchpad.”

And when I ran my experiment in “automatic writing?”  This is where the words appeared, one after the other, to be simply captured on the way past and then edited for spelling and grammar after the session.  Fewer mistakes than “waking state” writing though, if that means anything.

There is almost a conspiratorial angle to all this, as well.  You see, in early and middle European history (which Bibles were being manually copied) it is more than possible that scripture was “tuned” a bit to turn down people’s general awareness and access to their inner Mixed Reality display.  After all, couldn’t have people wandering into those realms without paying a road tax to the Church, could we?

As a likely result, we are left with the economically driven, but resource wrecking mindsets we have today.  Staying (as much as can be programmed) “out here” which includes “on them little screens on our phones.”

Because if we all went traipsing off into our higher selves, where’s the business model in that?  People have been crucified for such thinking.

Have fun with it! and…

Write (automatically) when you get rich,

22 thoughts on “Saturday Woo-Woo: Automatic Writing”

  1. This part was truly inspiring:

    “There is no such thing as lightness and darkness. There is only Being. We create this in order to project from our souls onto an outer world where we may “logically” behold what our selves internally already understands to be profound truth.”

    The same can be said for time which is inferred in the 2nd part of your writing. There is no past or future, only the NOW, the present moment. With that being said, time travel is out of the question, because the past only lives in our minds, and the future is only what our minds envision. This is why the study of our mind, which is an electrical powered computer, is so critical. Can the mind travel into the past or future? Is that time travel? Can mind waves travel & read other minds? Can minds communicate with each other? Can minds bend a fork? Can minds control weather?

    • PS: Do we actually have the potential mind of GOD? Is that what our Spirit is? How can we fully develop it?

      • We find more time in quiet contemplation and consciously opening awareness works.

        I was working on the studio computer this morning (5 AM) and distinctly heard Elaine call my voice. When I responded, she didn’t say anything. When I went to the bedroom, she was sound asleep.

        “Did you call me?”

        “No, I was asleep…”

        It was definitely her, though. Still don’t know how this all works, but the Peoplenomics piece an issue or three back (A Novel approach to Telepathy” laid some groundwork.

  2. Like the Wee-Gee board, this stuff is dangerous, methinks. Your personal portal is open, uncritically, to whatever force or entity might pass by the open door, and whatever that entity may want to plant.

    I believe God, the great creator and engineer, favors logical, critical, intelligent thinking. One’s conscious ego needs to be alert and discerning as the Vast River of Undifferentiated Treasures And Krappe goes flowing by — and not fall in. (Tempted by the Treasure, but crushed by the Krappe.)

    Guard yourself carefully. Destroyers with Agenda abound.

    • Very true William. That is why it is crucial to control your mind & thoughts. Your minds starting point should always be the present moment. It will drift from there either backwards or forward or to other thoughts, but always needs to return to the present to analyze & determine the truth. In the present, we need to watch what we are thinking without emotion & keep the good & discard the bad.

      Brain Tweaking: Click tickle your Amygdala with Neil Slade. He shows how to do it on YouTube.

    • Repeat these words before entering .
      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,so be it.
      Whatever entity you encounter ,will become more tasteful,
      The Entity will become the sputtering Gazetteer.

      • the source code can be read but one has to achieve different vibratory rates hot and cold. and through alkaline and acid .
        It’s amazing when the jumbled source code actually can be read for brief periods of time.
        And to be a master of such for long periods of time would be so desired and in which iam not. But listening 2 more and more of these people expose the truth, the truth becomes Bolder

      • helps in these type endeavors to utilize an Ending: “closing”, “closing procedure”,”closing technique”, at the end of your “activities”. facilitates the “intelligent energy” back to source, while at same time consolidating/distilling/purifying YOUR personal “intelligent energy”..

        “Essence,Qi, spirit, void are all materials, they are not what people generally understand as psychological functions..they are the equivalent of atoms,nucleus,protons,neutrons,ect..not isolated particles..can not use shape or weight to describe them..possible to see them.those that have the ‘five eye’ skills can see them. -Dr. Y.X. &cold, acid/alkaline..Open-Close

      • Regarding the “acid part: It can be more powerful than even most people who have actually been there would believe. Imagine creating an event at the fringes of your reality that actually cause others to change their plans to conform, without even talking to them. Odd experiences with odd effects. Be prepared if you wish to tread there.

        I have some problems with the visualization thing – it’s more like conceptualization and knowing without being able to image it. I’m sure others are more facile visually. Again, beware or be prepared when exploring unknown states of being where visions can become truly distinct – sometimes very disturbing or very beautiful.

        The source code is fascinating. I’ve seen it many times and it seems that I can almost read some of it, yet perhaps not. Regardless, it’s intriguing, and still beyond my understanding.

        Sometimes blobs of color – pink, purple, green most commonly will appear against a white background when I’m relaxed and feeling some strong emotion such as pain, or someone I care for is. They’re fascinating to watch and sometimes murky. I’d like to think perhaps they have some meaning.

        Regarding the aging thing around others: It depends on who they are. Some people can have the reverse effect, and they’re usually college age females who are studying the arts or soft “sciences”. I’ve not seen that effect from anyone in engineering or hard sciences. I usually feel dirty and violated after dealing with any government agency/employee or even utility people. Sometimes banks too. It’s very uncomfortable and reason to avoid doing so unless necessary.

  3. ..And that is one of the reasons “little masters” live and stay in caves – historically, the other being sensitivity to ben qi or bad/sick “energy’ around certain groups/types of men&women..

    • Which we feel every time we go to the Big City. Has a karmic ‘stickiness’ to it. Makes me want to come home and shower it off…
      We also have a strong sense that being around other people ages you. We are typically throught to be in our 50’s and people are astounded when we tell ’em “That was 20 years ago…”
      Aging is a ‘communicable disease’ and I will write that up one of these weekends. There is some supporting data.

      • Certainly agree with your thinking on aging. I quit being with a partner about 15 years ago. Found it very freeing and now am 85 and still have the vim and vigor of much younger. You and your partner probably picked the right person to gee haw through life. I am observing this right now in my neighbors. Depending upon your partner and your thinking can be elevating or devitalizing. My observation is that the female controls most of the process.

      • I have two thought that picked up in many years of instructing my TKD school. The female of the species is the stronger, not meaner or tougher. Secondly for all you woo-woo adherents use the I LOVE EVERYBODY mantra particularly when around lots of other people. Observe the results in how people treat you. A good place to experiment is your Wally World excursions.

      • After being retired early from a high-stress career as a TV broadcast engineer in the big (crowded) city of Honolulu, I moved to a rural home on the Big Island. My weight and blood pressure went down nicely. I always tried to take care of myself, but I was highly amused by a contractor installing solar on my home. He asked me what I did for a living. I told him I was retired. He looked at me suspiciously and said, “You don’t look old enough to be retired!”

        “Thanks for that, but I’m 66.” I replied.

        I don’t watch much TV intentionally, but I do notice my blood pressure rises when I see images of the ‘Big City’ and I remember what it was like to live and compete there. Even going to the relatively small town of Hilo now feels like the ‘big city’.

        Age? Age is a state of mind. And we have control of our mind (although most people do not realize that simple fact).

      • I’ve written about my Dad before. Passed at 85, looked 55. HE LOVED. All his mature years, it was LOVE that powered his engine. For his Wife and his children, and then grandchildren; everyone else was swept up in this ocean of love-forcefield that grew stronger, deeper, wider, and encompassed everyone that came along. I always realized it was this incredible force inside of him that radiated on the outside. Because he loved, people felt love, and then they loved.

  4. George

    What you received from your automatic writing session reminded me of what Esther Hicks received from the spirit world. In their book ” Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires” by Esther Hicks , Jerry Hicks , et al. | Oct 1, 2004 They go down the rabbit hole an splain how the Law of Attraction can be used by anyone.

    I have found that I have been using that law in my life without even knowing that I was. I can point to specific events that occurred because of my state of mind.

    Don’t forget that Quantom theory claims that consciousness can affect matter! (Where talking hands off type of effects to be exact.)

  5. Anna Bretynbauch has a documentary on youtube, it is great and she communicates with animals telepathically. I am studying her methods. She uses meditation and then pictures in her mind. I also use a breathing method in the book “The Science of Breath” which increases the power to send your thoughts or energy out.
    Because we live in the dualistic world of the yin-yang I still think we are dealing with darkness and light. If we continuously seek the wu or the oneness maybe in that state there is no difference, but on this plane I will continue to seek the light and that only comes if you can see the dark night of the soul.
    Manifesting has been easy for me. It is manifesting from the place of connection between the heart and the mind that brings about something that will serve all beings. This connection has been described as having a tube that connects each part of higher heart and higher mind. Having discussions like you had today is what I am after on this site!!!!!!! You could discuss woo everyday and I would read each word with complete attention.

  6. OAHSPE, written by John Ballou Newbrough through automatic writing is a very interesting rabbit hole.

  7. Your writing has a similar cadence or at least feel for what Chris Tyreman used to publish in his self-correcting Hebrew. It’s like a direct transliteration from a language that doesn’t follow the rules of English.

    Do you have the feeling your automatic writing was all one, cohesive message or a collection of messages?

    In your sentence “Taxonomies may little sense.” was that supposed to be “MAKE little sense” wasn’t it? We’ve all acquired our own personal “auto correct” when reading your daily submissions but in this case it may be exactly what you meant to say.

  8. Mark this day well, Mr. Ure. I do believe you’ve struck a nerve with this one (in a good way). I know we can tap into a “cosmic commons” and in a NDE experienced a glimpse of the other side. Human beings can do all sorts of things they’re not currently programmed for, although exceptions slip by sometimes. And there are many dimensions. When your body croaks, the you that’s you survives. You become a sort of energy.
    And let’s not forget the good work of Dr. David Jacobs, who has pretty much spent the last 40 years interviewing people who say they’ve been abducted. One of these cases was actually viewed by several people, including a high ranking dude from the UN and his bodyguards.
    It’s a massive hybridization program going on right under the nose of our mil/gov..we’re talking millions worldwide. Check it out.

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