Heat, Fires, Monsoons, and Markets

Seattle, Portland, and the backside of the Cascade range are all looking at busting records today.  We’ve penciled in “Sweattle” and “Portnix” as new city names better suited.

Mainly Arizona but with a contender in New Mexico, massively huge fires are still running away.  Among Arizona fires, the Telegraph fire is 180,756 Acres, while the second -largest (the Johnson) fire in New Mexico is about half that size coming in at 88,918 acres.

Three in Arizona follow: the Rafael (76,322 acres), Backbone (40,855 ) and Pinnacle (34,417 acre) fires.

Son George II is headed back to his home department today as the Oregon (Warm Spring Confederated Tribes land fire) was holding at 6,679 acres and local forces will end that one.

Interesting from a homebuilding perspective: Lumber prices have continued to collapse.  The contract was down to $774 this morning when we checked.  Fires, or not, lumber prices are starting to wander down a bit.

Sheet goods (like OSB) are another story.  Not sure if they’re using gold for glue, but at over $55 a sheet for 7/16ths, we have to wonder.  Something about “chips?”

Heat Wave

Weather Underground has an outlook of 116 F for Portland, Oregon today.  A little ways up the I-5 corridor, Olympia, Washington will eye 112 F while Seattle could kiss the 106 F mark.


Parts of Arizona sometimes – by now – have gotten spotty summer rains.  If you haven’t hung-out in “the Valley” locals call these Arizona’s “monsoons” and the the period officially runs from June 15 and runs through Sept. 30.

The place you notice it most is over the Mogollon Rim (north of Scottsdale) and north (Payson) over to Show Low (yes, a town named after a card game). These rains account for the water and timber along that part of the Rim.

Texas doesn’t have “monsoons” of such repute (or importance).  But, eyeing the week ahead here, we really ought to “swap weather” with Seattle.  Highs in East Texas tall pine country will be generally under 90 this week and as of the 5 AM run, we were looking at rain every day for the next 10.

Total rainfall predicted is over 2 1/2 inches, so that would put us within spitting distance of last June’s YTD total of 29.82 inches.  And we’d be tracking for annual rainfall of 55-inches, or so.

For comparison, Seattle averages 37-inches a year.  And except for pilots like me who notice such things, Portland actually gets more rain (43-inches).  What gets Seattle the rain reputation is the sun doesn’t promptly reappear following a good “sky pissing” like it does in Oregon.  Maybe has something to do with no sales tax  there – we can’t be certain.

Meantime, anyone ready for hurricanes to show up?  Two disturbances moving through the Atlantic. One could reach the southeast coast.

Markets:  Orientation

This is my favorite morning of the week:  Wheel out the whiteboard, huff on the dry-erase marker, and yammer on endlessly about statistical gibberish.

Bitcoin is holding $34,062.  Two crypto stories have us considering our outlook of $28,000 and lower for BTC:  One is the report that Bitcoin Leads Crypto Rally in Defiance of Regulatory Crackdown (from msn.com)  The other is Biggest ever mining difficulty drop: 5 things to watch in Bitcoin this week (at cointelegraph.com).  We continue to call Bitcoin the “red tulips” while Ethereum is more like “white tulips.”

And, did you see where UK financial watchdog bans crypto exchange Binance?

In  the end, a mania is a mania.  And to believe – with both China and the U.S. looking at their own digital currencies – that a competitor would survive has us wondering “Are these coin people nuts?”  Then again, we look at the current occupants of the White House and have been asking the same thing about voters.

Sadly, same answer:  Some of the people, most of the time.

Looking Ahead…

Except for the Dallas Fed’s Manufacturing report at 9:30 local and some Treasury auctions, this is a No-Doz Monday.

Despite the holiday weekend ahead, remember it is next Monday that’s the mail (and bill)-free Holiday.

Tomorrow the Case-Shiller, S&P/CoreLogic Housing numbers arrive.  While there’s a good bit of hysteresis in the data (time lag) it would make sense if for this one (or the coming July report) to see rising prices but falling volumes.  It will be an indicator of how much inflation fear is roiling beneath the surface.

Wednesday brings the ADP Jobs report.  Thursday new unemployment claims plus the Challenger Job Cuts.  Then Friday the U.S. Employment report lands.  We’re still waiting to see if there will be more people working than before the pandemic.

In May of this year, 151,620,000 people were working.  But despite all the (incompetent financial press blithering idiots and their column-inches and web screed), here’s the bitter Truth no one talks about:

See it?  Sure…of course we have more people working now than a year (and a lockdown) ago.  The sycophant miscreants ignore in their cheerleading suits that yes, there was a year before 2020.  And we ain’t there yet.

Reason?  Well, these Sounds of Silence make sense when you look at the stock market which has been run-up dramatically on phony money.  Because, frankly, with 5.263 million FEWER people working than two-years ago, we have a hard time comprehending how anyone in Washington can tout “Growth.”

Well, except, as I mentioned earlier:  Some of the people, most of the time.

Topical Boinkments

The Kamunist movement: Rep. Andy Biggs: Kamala Harris ‘visits’ border – here’s the real reason she went.  Spoiler alert: Photo op.  To be swallowed by (chorus) Some of the People, most of the time

Looks like Mitt Romney may be one of those “most of the time” people, too: Sen. Mitt Romney says he trusts Biden after infrastructure reversal.

Slow’s Rankings: Biden approval above water but gets thumbs down on immigration, China, Russia.

Born today way back when:  10 Inspirational Quotes By Helen Keller (ibtimes.com.au)  Our fave in the bunch: ”

  • “If we do not like our work, and do not try to get happiness out of it, we are a menace to our profession as well as to ourselves.”

Passings: Former US Sen. Mike Gravel dies at 91.

Digital Frontier Justice:  Texas Supreme Court Rules Facebook Can Be Held Liable For Sex Trafficking.

Long as we’re on “social justice” let me reiterate a carefully crafted view from here:  ALL of the comments posted on UrbanSurvival are reviewed by an actual human.  Me.

Should there be no consequences for digital platforms which have taken humans out of the loop in order to maximize revenue and profits for Founders?  Hell no!  Not when stalking, murder, child porn and grown-up sex trafficking, drug and gun sales are involved.  Then again, who is so stupid as to donate free content to the Digital Profit Pricks?  (Gimme the chorus, please?)  Some of the People, Most of the Time.

Yes, we want no blueberries department: Dole fruit recalled in the United States and Canada on cyclospora concerns (yahoo.com)

OK, Now I’m confused by the headline:  ‘F9’ opening weekend: $70 million box office haul is pandemic record (from cnbc.com).  I totally get the F&F franchise.  But “…is pandemic record…???”  I thought Slow and Kam were going maskless and we were, for sure, the only ones in the grocery store Saturday with masks on.  (I must be having a “Mandela Moment” here.)

Clean House at the Olympics!  After I read Yet More Olympics “Activism”: Medalist Turns Back To Flag During Anthem At Trials on ZeroHedge.  You see, turning your back on the flag of the country an athlete nominally represents means they are only representing themselves.

Ought to be kicked off the U.S.A. team, in  our view.  Has nothing to do with race. Has everything to do with Citizenship.  Don’t like America?  Don’t go to the Games. (Did someone whisper “Everything is a Business Model”?)  I won’t give any money to the US Olympics until they straighten up and get back to it being solely an athletic event.

Buy a PowerBall ticket.  Getting up into “interesting” territory as Powerball Jackpot Grows To $88 Million.

LifeHacker reports a worthwhile idea: Get Paid to Travel Around Your State Tasting the Best Pizza.  Maybe if they had a similar program for beer…

Around the Ranch

An amazing discovery!  There’s actually plastic laminate on the surface of my bench in the shop!  (Someone did some cleaning this weekend and made the discovery after removing a number of “archeological projects.”)

We’re the proud owners of two battery powered 5 1/2-inch circular saws now.  Review coming up on ShopTalk Sunday next week.

And yes, the Reuben sandwiches were great.  Thanks for asking.

90-minutes to the open, Dow futures were down 30.  Fever’s bound to break, one of these days…just not yet.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. maxwell smart . the old 27 up FTSE 100 at 10 pm aest .. so good this stazi agin us economy . go to bed dont even worry , hang in if your short , obviously not vaccinated or vegetated . it will come

      • Which is why he and Fisher came up with a distributed ledger that prevents/solved the double spend problem = digital gold .

        Might want to get a hold a lil of that new fangled money..U can still purchase Satoshi’s (fractional BTC) with “worthless money” on cyrpto exchanges.

        Spelled out exactly how this BTC thing would roll out in stages over time , but alas Ure knows better – because..USD still coin of the realm ?
        wanna bet ?
        Defensively positioned, rates lower for much longer -“burnbabybaurn”

        Key word today – WORTHLESS;

        US Voters
        creepy slo/kamela
        US un-supreme court
        worse than worthless cia / dia & dept. homeland nazi’s =DiAbolically EVIL
        US Military – Leadership at highest levels – See cia/dia/dept.hl nazi’s

      • longer im wrong the righter il be. get a plan stick . wanna go up ? any garbage !!! when you crack the tops ole george you put in a couple of straddles and strangle em . learn something in 25 years watching greenspans everywhere . didnt he become the only fella to get knighted by the old mole years ago ? services to fascio/zionism ?

  2. Does anyone else ever have the clear and distressing feeling that we are all completely f*cked?

    Although, I would be interested in a gig traveling around tasting pizza and beer…if anyone is hiring :)

      • Yeah, I’ve had that feeling for quite some time now. And we’re way beyond sloppy seconds… or thirds… or more. BOHICA.

    • Why do you ask this? You seem to be a very rational guy and not one to complain. Yet, here you are. What bothers you?

    • “Does anyone else ever have the clear and distressing feeling that we are all completely f*cked?”

      For a long time now…. I am with George.. just waiting for the big flip.. LOL

    • Yes, mostly because “Our Country” or “The Country” is no longer a country for White People. Rampant Anti-White, and Anti-Christian racism sheltered by the media and honed by the present administration and joined at the hip with the education system, makes it a 24 hour perpetrator montage.

      The wide, fully-open, never to be contained border, makes it a mafia, cartel asylum attracting and luring criminals.

      All criminal illegal alien invaders get big dineros for reproduction and are now on Medicaid and endless bennies.

      The sucker citizens are paying their replacements to reproduce, and take their jobs.

      Who do you think is pulling the chaos strings?

      In “OUR TOWN,” it’s a New York elite Democrat transplant play acting as a Mayor who has compassion for POC while he shafts it to all citizens by increasing the property taxes skyward with no end in sight. He doesn’t consider himself White, though, because he’s Jewish, which he considers a race, a religion, and a culture. He laughs on tape about the chaos he has brought to Our Town.

      Why is he still the mayor? Freebies, promises of freebies. Reparations are next on his agenda, this is after picking a number of people to get a monthly cash donation.
      He is going to launch a program to coincide with a Federally funded reparation plan.

      He’s a hypocritical leftie who went on vacation during covid, when the city was locked down, and taped a message from his time share to tell everyone to stay put.

      How many years has the 2 party system furthered the same agenda?

      Now, we’ve had a twofer, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran and Syria!!!

      John McCain must be rolling in his grave with glee, and his wife, Ambassador to be!!!

  3. Cancel the Olympics. It became an expensive circus in the nineties. Now it is simply unaffordable for most countries.

    Furthermore, very few in Japan want the Olympics, due to COVID-19 concerns.

    Does the Japanese taxpayer really deserve to spend almost many trillion yen (estimated) in various sunk costs already spent on empty stadiums, closed hotels and restaurants? Including as well, the upcoming cost of staging the events and making sure to protect and secure the athletes?

    I remember that in Calgary Canada the site of the very successful 1988 Olympic games the voters were given a choice of staging another games and the politicians were shocked by the overwhelming majority who voted no. In those rare moments when taxpayers are actually given an opportunity to express their true feelings on being impoverished by a two week party and a thirty year tax hangover is it any wonder they say no?

  4. There isn’t enough green energy in California, so they come to other states begging for “Green” energy to meet their self-imposed deadline of 2025 to be 50% green and 100% by 2045.

    The WSJ explains that since 2015, about 300 government entities across the US have rejected wind farm projects. In Scituate, Massachusetts, people complained to local officials that a wind turbine in the coastal town was noisy and prevented them from sleeping. Officials restricted the operation of the wind turbine to only daytime use.

    On April 7, a proposed wind farm in Foster, Rhode Island, was rejected by the planning board. Residents heard horror stories from the people of Portsmouth who had turbines installed near their homes resulting in noise disturbances, vibrations, and loss in home values.

    With a Gallup survey data showing 70% of Americans want “more emphasis” on clean energy such as wind, one would think wind farms would be very receptive in towns and communities.

    What’s shocking, as the WSJ outlines, “the fiercest fights against Big Wind are happening in the bluest states.” These virtue-signaling liberals who oppose wind farms can be characterized as “NIMBY,” an acronym for the phrase “Not In My Back Yard,” or would rather see green energy developments, not in their community but elsewhere.

    I know about NIMBY firsthand. A multi-billion-dollar California energy corporation wanted to put in a huge wind turbine farm and transmission lines on our New Mexico ranch to transmit “Green” energy to California to help meet the California deadlines. I told them thanks, but no thanks. They tried 4 separate times! So did 2 other companies. No matter how many millions they contractually said they would pay over 40 years, I don’t want the ugly, noisy, psychedelic strobe light, bird killing wind turbines and their many inherent problems on our ranch furnishing energy to people 1000+ miles away so that some politician that doesn’t have enough common sense to pour piss out of a boot can use it to try to get elected again. That would be you Maskless Gavin Newsome and all the liberal idiots in your legislature that are trying to be green 35 years before China. It ain’t gonna happen California fools! More Democratic Party lies.

    In the meantime, Maskless Gavin, re-fire up your gas fired electrical plants and resume drilling offshore like we do in Texas. Where the hell are you going to get all the Green Electricity to power those electric cars much less your homes, government, schools, and businesses especially at night when the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind barely blows. Electrical storage is just not there yet to switch a whole state “Green”. It is just another plot to control the people based upon lies and false numbers.

    The ultimate lunacy: the picture of a Tesla charging station that was being run by a generator…. fueled by propane. Real cost effective! Let’s build trailers to tow generators and propane tanks behind our electric cars so when we run out of juice, or the battery depletes more in hot and cold weather, we can plug in on the way and have enough juice to keep driving to see Grandma. Just fill up the gas tank on the old model without chips you hopefully kept. It might still run if an EMP or breach of the grid occurs from our enemies.

    The media is manipulating the story and baseline data again and again to try and prove that human caused global warming is raising the sea levels, causing heat waves and droughts while at the same time creating 100-year record low temperatures in Texas. They totally ignore all the other factors that have occurred for millions of years that have caused greenhouse gas global warming and alternatively ice ages long before humans were here in abundance.

    Idiots like AOC and Greta Thunderberg (sic), the globalist’s poster children, are using Statistics supplied by the con artist globalists that are so warped in their baselines and stochastic modeling that a high school statistics student could point out the flaws. Highly doubtful those two could define mean reversion.

    Patrick Moore, a former President of Greenpeace Canada, has stated that dire claims about climate and environment are based on scare tactics and motivated by political and financial agendas. The idea that the continued use of fossil fuels will destroy the planet is “100% false” he declared. “They’re just trying to scare us, so they can control us,” he continued, and further, public policy is determining science rather than the other way around. He denounced the idea that CO2 emissions are harmful to the environment and suggested that higher CO2 levels actually contribute to greater plant and tree growth.

    Sounds like Fauci’s scare tactics on COVID 19. Label all regular deaths as COVID 19 and pay the medical profession more money to fill in the COVID 19 ICD-10 codes as the cause of death. Medical professionals have been shocked why deaths from heart attacks, and pneumonia, and flu, and strokes fell and other causes fell. Actuaries know better by looking at the overall death rates falling for some diagnosis codes but increasing for COVID 19.

    Yes, leftists and globalists want to create global warming scary stories so they can play another chip to control all the human ducks on this planet. Conditional Training. Pavlov on steroids. Line up ducks!

    Line up ducks for your masters in the all-knowing lying government. Line up to get on airlines; line up to get x-rayed to prove you are not a terrorist; line up 6 feet apart to buy anything; line up with masks and re-breathe Carbon Dioxide to be allowed into establishments like Costco; line up to get tested for COVID with swabs from CHINA that are saturated with Ethylene Oxide, a carcinogen; line up for shots that alter your RNA from ModeRNA, a company that has never had one drug approved including their RNA modifying COVID shot; line up for ventilators that were not used properly by anesthetists, and kids with only 2 years of Junior College training in Respiratory Therapy that killed thousands; line up for Ventilators made by Philips that spew carcinogens from degrading foam and will soon be recalled; line up to get in NY nursing homes to kill you because some moron governor told you to; line up to vote even though your vote can be changed; line up sons and daughters so you can go fight in another foreign war caused by a false flag where we have no skin in the game; line up for gasoline shortages that are coming when the mid-east blows up again or OPEC camel jockeys need more revenue to pay the princes; line up for higher gas prices because Senile Slo Joe is cancelling more pipelines and cancelling drilling on Federal lands; line up for hours for an electrical charge for your Tesla; line up when THE GOVERNMENT, not YOUR GOVERNMENT anymore, says to so that you can get your shot and vaccination passport, so you can work in the medical field, and travel, and ultimately be allowed to buy goods and services like a good little duck.

    Round 2 is coming and it is not going to be pretty. 2020 was a minor league warmup for the globalists. Now that their lies partially worked on getting the populace to take vaccines and reclassifying normal deaths for a year as Covid 19, perfecting what they got wrong with COVID 19 will be implemented in the next wave of population control.

    When one is freezing their ass off for two weeks like recently happened here in Texas; it is hard to hear political hacks like Joe Biden and John Kerry blame it on “Global Warming” caused by humans or Cow Farts. It’s all about controlling the narrative and herding the population.

    As George referred to today and President Abraham Lincoln so aptly stated: “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

      • LOL. Not sure what RFO means, but if it stands for REASONS FOR OUTRAGE, sign me up. The lies we have been fed from the damned politicians for the last 40 years is not being swallowed anymore from a lot of American citizens, but others just don’t see the big picture.

        In a one room school house, you have to teach math to the 3rd graders with one set of books, while the seniors must learn from more advanced ones. Unfortunately, there are now too many citizens that are stuck in 3rd grade math and believe everything the politicians and media feeds them. You can’t always write about complicated subjects in very few words.

        The value of your publications and your writings along with the feedback from readers, is that it educates on facts. Each contributor has a unique style, perspective, and sense of humor. A good combination! Readers of your site are smart people. Common sense and book sense.

        And your woo and ‘packing’ series are great!

        I don’t write often, but I am fed up with these human caused global warming/climate change lies being fed to the populace by psychopathic liars like control our government now. I know better. More facts to come.

      • Thanks Maj13. LOL. Only for 3 months and if you’ll be my VP. I figure it would take us that long to fire all appointees from Obama and Biden, and Trump’s bad hires. And also invalidate all of Obama/Biden’s Executive Orders. They are illegal anyway.

      • WarH, your one sided rant misses that the unstable polar vortex slipping into TX is what caused the freezing temps (low temp records were set)


        State legislature had to legally mandate that TX power grids be winterized (funny, the other 49 states were already doing that, how’s that stubborn isolationist stance working out for you LOL?)

        Well , isn’t it better to submit to lying psychopathic govt then freezing to death!

      • “the unstable polar vortex slipping into TX ”

        What is funny about this.. is during that event.. ( that showed us just how fragile our grid is) the power companies sent out a letter.. basically saying that at the furthest points from the power plant.. ( that went almost a year without electricity) people have put in solar.. now the power company is complaining about the loss of sales for four hundred plus megawatts of energy.. Hmmm.. sounds fishy to me.. and states like nevada and arizona are making regulations to stop people from implementing solar on their homes.. and the threats of taxing people for having it on their homes.. Instead why not.. embrace it.. build the solar towers at every transformer substation and give people a ten year freeze on power increases that put them on their homes.. work their way back to the power plant.. that would most definately take the strain off of the power plant for supplying energy during extreme weather events.. ( they have the malls and stores fire up a generator during peak power times.. why not)
        instead.. penalize those that do see it as an option

      • And those of us who have been long-standing (12 years+) co gen sites have had our power rate paid halved. Seems they can see power to us for 12c a kwhr but going the other way, we get 6 c.
        Why are the climate freaks screams about powerism and financial discrimination?>

    • The best school that I ever attended was a One Room School House. Nine grades and a hitching rail out front for the rare horse. His and Hers Out Houses. Great place for learning!

    • An incredibly good rant WTHS. Do you have a website?

      Please write more often. You are welcome here.

    • …our Tesla driving , megalomaniac real estate agent on the Peninsula is going to need some serious therapy if he reads this gem !

      • “Point of order: We should not speak ill of brethren not present for their own defense.”

        But George, with Lord Newsome’s “Don’t charge your Tesla” decree, he may be half way between SFO and SMF, and stuck there for months. Heck, Mr. Trump may be back in politics and polling 80% before Mark resurfaces…

  5. Hey G,

    Those Sanford permanent markers, the ones in the metal jacket, are much better for huffing. Higher VOC’s.

  6. Good morning dude. Just stopping buy to say high. Ya. It’s a scorcher forsure up in the Emerald City. I heard 113 today. So far they been off by 3 degrees low. Too hot to do Gorilla Marketing today. however that sure is fun! I’m a natural. Love the new career. And that new chickado. Boy howdy! That peach is hotter than Georgia asphalt mid July!

    Haven’t even been on the web. I been having a thing with the Bumble bees Lately. They just love me.

    Hears, the abstract story on the street. Found a card with an octopus on it a tiny blue toy truck, a wishing rock and purple thong (underwear) in my bed. And I have no idea where the thong came from. Pretty trippy. Not sure what any of that means. Dang Angels don’t speak American. Sexcess?! *Shrug.

    In other news. About 2 weeks ago it was pooring down rain and I was on the corner of Rucker and 41st. I saw this homeless cat laying on the sidewalk holding a basket ball. It was about 55 out back then. So I pulled in the gas station and went to see if he was dead. Well he wasn’t dead. Just really dope sick. And in a bad way. He was laying on the side walk and asked me to get him some drugs. I said I can’t do that Man. I went back to my car and popped my trunk and got my old Carhartt jacket from driving truck out and went and put it on him. He couldn’t move. Was really in a bad way. I told him there is a new life waiting for you. Just go to this AA Hall it’s right down the road. You can get off them drugs and have a new wonderful life. I told him the address and he thanked me for the coat. Then I went back to my car and sat for a second like I always do. Then I got the idea to write it down on a piece of paper. So wrote the address and said go here to get clean and sober, a new wonderful life awaits you. Went back and put it in the pocket of the Carhartt jacket then left. Now, I prayed for this fella every day on my knees every morning. I didn’t even know his name.

    Then Friday I got of work from gorrila marketing and stopped by that AA Hall. Guess who I saw. That fella and he had my Carhartt jacket with him. He said he was down a the river and was going to commit scuicide. He was digging in the pocket of that jacket I gave him for his last cigarette and found the note I wrote. And for the first time in a long time he prayed. Prayed for the strength to make it to that address. He got there at 9 am ran into some old timers who been sober a while. Gave up his drugs and paraphernalia, hung all day and went to meetings, drank alot of coffee. Them old timers bought him some clothes, fed him some food and got him into detox and rehab. He was leaving to go right after I got there. Gave me a big old hug and said he barely remembered me and was so grateful I took pitty on him and showed him love when he just wanted to die. I said shit man! I just glad ya made it here and chose a new life for you.

    I’m so grateful I get to be a small cog in the ever present miracle mechanism. I did my part. THE DUDE did HIS part, Them old timers did their part and we resurrected another lost soul from the dead.

    Shape of things to come? We will see. I gotta get now. Sexcess! Absolutely! Stay cool.

    I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.


    The Causmic Chicken Bunny.

    Aka Andy

    • P.S. Cue: ~ Cocky ~
      Kid Rock.


      THE DUDE smiles! Im living my best life. Only got 68 more years to go. If u’re not? Don’t fault me fer it.

      I swear, I’m I go a day with out a bumble be riding on my shoulder. Or on my hat. Or sitting in my car on my dash next to me. It will be too soon. They don’t sting me. They just love me lately. Weirdest damn thing. Someone screamed. Omg! You have a bee on you! And tried to swat it off. And I you fckkin leave that bee alone. He ain’t bothering me. He is just hanging out with me. Damnedest thing. Hahhahahahahah

      Later old timers. Keep the faith.

    • Stories like this one from Andy are why “Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears” is named as it is.
      There isn’t a hug he has ever received which won’t go with him to “What’s next?”
      Yet all the moolah of a Gates? A Musk? Cook? Naw…all stays behind.
      Choice seems to be a forever of remembering great memories, or a forever of second guessing business judgments. Saw that play out in a dream last night. Most revelatory. Fits like a Carhardt jacket, it does.

      • Ohh my god, its sooo real..

        Sorry Human – No memories will U have – after the physical body dies.

        U R not a body – U R a SOUL, and ISBE.

        Do you have any memories of a life before you were George Ure ?

        Of course U do not.

        Amnesia Machines..the Death Traps – and we aint the only Planet that has an electromagnetic “net” (galactic grid)/”golden zapper” around it.
        That “net” emits a frequency that is irresistible to ISBE’s/Souls’.

        Yes Ure Spirit guides will help you review your life and guide to Ure friends and Family in the warm golden light – where U will be fuckT very hard, painfully hard, unimaginably painfully hard.

        Spirit Guides are ASSHOLES , at best .
        The white glowing lady – serious halo affect – she never smiles but seems nice – but the ISBE’s cant break away from her trance/glow -and she is directly connected to the “machine”…super advanced scanner – knows everything genetic about U in < a second.

        You will go to the warm golden light, freely- trance like – float on up – spirit guides reassuring U along the way…ZZZAP , big bulbous, bulge headed, big, bug eyed minninu's (reptilian slaves/race & grey) collect and start experimenting on ISBE's.
        Stuff those ISBE's/Souls wherever they want/please-horrifically nasty stuff/experiments.
        Curiously there are two holes in this "net" at the top and the bottom – guess where the two places on Earth we cant go to..
        On the bright side – we have id'd and viewed a timeline where with assistance from GFoW & the D – "they" are run off, defeated and the "net" gets takendown.
        Lets manifest..

      • Actually, I do have memories. WW II Japanese fighter pilot. Spiraling dive, afire, to the left. Leather jacket, white scarf and all. So sorry.

      • Nudimmud the Younger
        You might consider adding The Law of One to you reading list. https://www.lawofone.info/
        It’s possible ISBE’s fit 3rd density beings. There is more to our souls than ISBE’s can remember. Odds are that probably includes you and me….

        BTW George, thanks for the new handle

      • You sure got a peculiar look at life after death Mr. Younger. Mayhaps, you spent to much time reading fantasy novels, and the Wild imaginations of the mentally ill on the web.

        I been accross the veil and back a few times. Went through the tunnel of light in to the sea of souls. And went a few other ways. Even went past the generally accepted versions of heaven and hell by many religions. Did you know the word hell wast even invented until the 1400’s.

        Anyway. You sure have some peculiar thinkings about things. Definitely different than my experience. I will go with my experience over your thinkings. I appreciate you for rendering them tho. And you are welcome to keep them thinkings. I don’t not accept them as anything of value for myself. Just wild imaginary scripts written by people with fractured personalities and a highly warped sense of spiritual direction.

        ~Often times many who are blind try to gouge out the eyes of those who see. ~

        I am reminded of the Ancient Text. The Kyballian. We don’t shovel and sweep out darkness. We simply open the blinds and let the Light do what it does. Chapter XV, Hermetic Axioms.

      • “Actually, I do have memories”

        that is familiar to me..
        I have dreams of building things.. sometimes It is so real that when I wake up I am shocked that it isn’t done…

      • I have memory of at least 5 past lives. When one comes through, there is no doubt whatsoever. The reincarnation of groups is quite interesting, including family members. Edgar Cayce said Jesus lived 33 lifetimes before he became the Christ. That Jesus was the first soul to make it out of this system. He came to show humanity the way out.

        I find the ISBE, soul theory interesting, and referencing Earth as a prison planet, something Alex Jones introduced over 20 years ago. I wonder if he read that Alien Interview book to get that term, or is he a high level Freemason working for The Supreme Commander?

        That five hour video with the English/Australian chap, that someone posted a few weeks ago, is quite the Revelation. His ability to communicate his knowledge of many books and guiding the listener through his experiences is a phenomenal find for these times we are living through. I recommend everyone on here watch it. Again, you will understand that 99 percent of any voice you hear on the MSM, read in their controlled press, watch in their controlled entertainment industry, as well as the supposed talented people each generation gets riders that come along on their shoulders, and they (actors, singers, authors, writers, directors, sit coms, late night hosts, etc., ) are nurtured and pushed by this same group. Of course they are placed in all areas of endeavor: banking, finance, education, politics, etc., even our current President and Vice President. Thus, the net is cast for supreme control over mankind.

        But, do not despair, their way is not the only way, as you already know.

    • “And that new chickado. Boy howdy! That peach is hotter than Georgia asphalt mid July!”

      So you finally adopted ‘the cat that loved you sooo much,’ or? Me curious, because I love cats. ;-) Not so much people that abandon animals that happen to have been in love them. ;-(

      • Waite! We taking about kitties or women or pots of gold? I guess all three, correctly. I still got all three golden kitty’s or females or pots of gold. One being a cat, one being a woman and one being a well pot of gold.

        I do like my new peach tho. She might be a kitty too. You know. Pet me, pet me, pet me! Now F off. Im hungry in hungry im hungry. Now F off! I need a nap. Then let me go out side. Then back couple hours later. Pet me. Pet me. Pet me! Prrrrrrrrrr now f off!

        Cats, women and jackpots. All three similar in many ways I rekon.

        Have a good day old man. I’m busy being a gorilla. Hahaha

      • ~Often times many who are blind try to gouge out the eyes of those who see. ~

        That’s a great line Andy.

      • “Not so much people that abandon animals that happen to have been in love with them. ;-( ”

        I totally agree choices.. I find myself rescuing.. animals people whatever.. try to be the first one to lend a hand up and help others with what bothers them.. my dog now was on the put down list.. they weren’t going to adopt her to us.. the last dog had been abandoned in a shelter belt with her pups.. no fur on her head or upper body from fighting with racoons and coyotes.. she was the sweetest girl.. we had her for almost thirteen years before she got cancer..

  7. If anyone in the Florida building collapse can prove a payout to an inspector, Surfside will owe them a new condo building.

    An insurance agent may even offer a reward for any crooked inspector to avoid payout.

    Millennium Tower in San Francisco is sinking and leaning. The Condo owners there made a deal with the builder. I wonder if the deal will stick if the building topples and the owners are dead.

    • “If anyone in the Florida building collapse can prove a payout to an inspector, Surfside will owe them a new condo building.”

      Could it have been the opening of a sink hole after the vibrations from the blast off of the coast

    • Everyone balks at the possibility that the Terminator movies (et. al.) could be prophetic…

      But what if the first movie in any dystopian franchise (like “Terminator” and “The Matrix”) is…?

      I would have no trouble believing either, not absolutely, but certainly metaphorically, and I’m familiar enough with both the hardware & software involved, and the “human nature” it would take to establish a technocratic slave planet — Hell, we’re 80% there already, and the proles (useful idiots) and sheeple (ignorant masses) haven’t the first iota of a clue…

  8. New sporting event: Freeway shootings.

    The 91 in Cali are getting the most press, mostly because Californicators believe they’re more-important than the rest of us. However, the shooters in the Phoenix, Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago areas are using firearms. The majority of California shootings seem to be from air rifles. They ARE special though, because they seem to occur everywhere from San Diego to Oakland.

    Speaking of Chicago, they are at ~120 expressway shootings this year, as of last Sunday, and ’bout all of the victims seem to be some flavor or other of Caucasian.

    Next to Cali, the Phoenix shootings seem to be garnering the most Press, but PHX had an “expressway shooter” six years ago, so the current shooters make for good copy.

    However, every town plagued by “expressway shootings” seems to believe it and its issue are unique.

    Be aware, when traveling…

  9. Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Trump Will Visit Border Epicenter, Not Like Harris

    “Abbott and Trump will be talking to law enforcement and others who can “actually be honest” with the American people about the unmitigated immigration crisis.

    Harris’ trip, in comparison, was a “choreographed” visit, said Morgan.

    “It happened just as we thought it was going to happen,” he said. “This was going to be more no more than a bunch of choreographed very nicely choreographed photo opportunities … she didn’t even go to the actual border … she was about 1,000 miles away from the Rio Grande Valley, She didn’t even go to the actual border, in between the ports of entry.”


    Because it is Trump, every “news” network will have cameras on him. I sincerely hope there’s an invasion incident which the cameras will not be able to avoid covering. There are simply too many stupid sheeple who will REFUSE to BELIEVE there’s a border problem unless they see it on MSLSD or the Commie News Network (ever notice, RT and al Jazeera have less of an anti-American bias than CNN…?)

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