Headlines Catching Up

Remember the Talking Heads song “Lifetime Piling Up“?  Well, what’s going on now is a kind of rhyming riff off that. When long-denied social media fairytales turn out to be true.

We expect a growing sense of confusion and uncertainty into year-end.  Because stock prices no longer relate to growth, crypto gambles are turning into a bad “Survivor” episode.  And stupid Europe is trying to price-limit Russian oil prices at almost $20 a barrel less than Friday’s Western trading.

Are they kidding?

We will zoom in on what MAY be next in our ChartPack section, but this morning, simply arranging the major news headlines of the day reads almost like a, well, Peoplenomics report!

Shall we?

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George Ure
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30 thoughts on “Headlines Catching Up”

  1. When the folks in federal law enforcement conspire with the big tech companies and leave a “paper trail” in the twitter direct messaging,,,
    TREASON? wait till the foreign actors are exposed, to complete the trappings.
    popcorn for breakfast,,, cheese sounds good, buttered and salted for lunch and caramel popcorn for an evening snack.
    Heard ole HillDog shut off the responses on twitter.
    Seems ole Elon is the big FACT CHECKER with evidence.
    Our votes, our elections , our government has been stolen from US, this is an ACT of WAR
    NECKS MUST BE stretchHHHHED, yes yes first there must be evidence and trials, but where will one find a just and honest trial, hummm, MILITARY could work for the treason,,
    Has the GITMO improvements been completed, preparations have been made,,, ahhhh the smell of hopium in the morn,
    Zippity do dah,,, zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day
    Arizona, take off your rainbow shades, lots of election stealing goings on down your way,,, Katie Hobbs has a BAD odor.

    And while I AM here,, why do the radical lefties demand a vax ID card and need to know my vax status, but when people die UNexpectedly, their vax status is Top Secret, bull shit. People can take their test swabs and stick them up their asses before testing themselves, but keep them far from me!!!
    I have a really hard time with liars and thieves, and the Satanists.
    Baalenciaga, anyone?

    • Look in the mirror, dude! This slavery is a major part in the wealth you hold. The USA has been exploiting other countries for a couple of centuries to subsidize the American lifestyle.

      George didn’t have the guts to put this directly into his column. But I do admire his courage for posting the website.

      The same tactics of force, fraud, and coercion that are used to exploit people around the world are also used in the United States. Of every 1,000 people in the United States, 1.3 are living in modern slavery. Modern slavery is seen in jobs like domestic work; agriculture and farm work; traveling sales crews; restaurant or food services; and health and beauty services. Up to 30 percent of farmworker families are living below the federal poverty line, experiencing situations of modern slavery where they are held against their will, through the use or threat of violence, and forced to work for little or no money. (12) Thus, the fruits, vegetables, and meats we consume are often the product of slave labor happening in the United States.

      Actually, there are more slaves in the USA Today than there were when Lincoln emancipated them. Don’t forget to include the two million incarcerated if you bother to do the research. This information is as suppressed as ivermectin was.

      • From the same website.

        Consumers in the United States buy into slavery every day. The United States imports over $144 billion dollars worth of products created by forced labor or at-risk populations, more than any other country in the world.

      • If you’re WOKE, anyone who has a job is a slave. To them, that’s “Modern Slavery.”

        Everything was Ok with that until we see nothing left to strive for toward success, as the economy crumbles and dreams die.

        If life, there is always someone to answer to, weather it be your boss, the police, your older brother, your parents your teacher … even, God. There’s always a “Superior” no matter who you are or what you do.

        In light of all that, what other system would you suggest?

      • modern slavery is called..
        AN EMPLOYEE… LOL the only difference is.. today you can be owned by more than one owner..
        I use to get a tickle out of my part time employers that would expect me to give them access to what ever they wanted full time.. I said I am sorry.. full time employers get first check on my time and energy.. if you want me full time .. then pay me full time wages and benefits..

      • If we’re all slaves of one color or another, lets all apply to California for some of their ‘free money’. We all deserve reparations.

      • “expect me to give them access to what ever”

        LOB is right. In terms of jobs anything less than .gov is sketchy.

        Even full time salary. You can break your dick off and they ask for a little piece more. The first time you say no there’s a personality conflict.

        I worked at a company and two of the investors owned a private condo somewhere in Central America. The “big prize” at one of the company Christmas parties was a free week at the condo. Transportation/food & drink/passport cost was not included, just the week at the condo.

        The receptionist won the prize. She didn’t have the means to enjoy the condo. The party goers started joking about the prize and those two guys became offended.

        Eventually the company tailspun.

  2. “Gun and buttah” to “planes and pensions”.

    I don’t think the B-21 is really worth it to everyday folk like you and me.

    Nobody posted the document quantifying how much safer we are now that the B-21 is on the screens. We guess. Perhaps 55.6% safer. We’re told BRICs have the hypersonic missiles so maybe only .223% safer. Can the B-21 stop the missiles NORK flings ‘toward’ Japan? What about COVID II?

    I equate these planes to the lady at the and of the block buying the chrome .45 w/pearl grips while her kids eat the cricket powder in a dilapidated rental. Impressive for sure.

  3. Smoke em if you got em Peeps, smoke em if ya got em..


    Chew on that sceisse my fine feathered friends – wrap Ure sharpened mindes around it and ponder..WT holy F is going on ?

    They are actors – acting out their parts in a macabre display of fealty to to real PTP (alien). Why mr djedi knight – what are you trying to tell us about now ? UWB’s – the puerto rico triangle..not Bermuda =deepest trench in da Lantic ochin (8,400 meters deep). Negative gravity anomaly =360 mili Gal.?= active downward force ? Whats beaming in from Moon? why? Who down there ? friendlies ? wonder what Autec is doing down there in the Hotzone?
    * Mexico City – Mayan Sun Wheel in museum =clues
    See ya in the Yucatan 12/18/22- 3/22 – Be there or be squared”.

  4. I notice that the lefty trolls are thinning out, with Uncle Tweeter no longer financing the leftist propaganda wing of the Stalinist overthrow of the US of A.
    And it looks like Elon Musk is throwing the conspiracy theory defense back at the conspirators:



    Next up – ballot tampering. Hint – you don’t have to stuff the ballot box; you just have to make sure that mail-in ballots going to homebound voters in highly conservative areas go to the wrong postal code, and are never delivered.

    So where is our Stalinist AG in all this?

  5. The ‘Market’ deviated from the 1929 data-track around Oct 12th.., and reversed the trend – significantly. Why?
    – According to the “Dollar Index” Oct 12th is also the week that the dollar started weakening.

  6. My theory is the BUFFs, BONEs, and Black Boomerangs will not be re-fitted as penetrators but as standoff regional delivery platforms, with smart and tricky birds covering the last few hundred miles on their own.

    Additionally, they could be fully automated and driven in RealTime from anywhere and not need life support, a piss-pot, comfy cushioned seats, or windows.

    This would all improve the price tags.

      • “We are invisible.”

        No we’re not. We’ve found a way to make our radar presence much smaller. The planes are still as noisy as they ever were. If’fn someone created a sonic tracker they could take our entire stealth fleet out of the sky in a single SAM barrage, and the sound-guided missiles would be immune from chaff, radio emissions, and any other of our common countermeasures.

        ‘Pretty sure, if I can come up with this, there are engineers in Russia and China who can…

        • Problematically, once an aircraft is over the sound barrier, such tracking systems can only offer estimations (based on moment and direction momentums – of future position. At twice the speed of sound, even lazy evasion works just fine, which is why the only real application for such technology is in idealized low-level approaches for terrain following systems (think cruise missiles) and only then with sensor arrays that will predict next pathing below the low-level radar terrain floor.
          This was one of the most obvious deletes from plot in the new Top Gun movie, since anyonr who has worked on mountain bunker-busting terrain following systems KNOWS the valleys on all sides of the movie’s “new installation” would have sensor arrays in valley approaches.
          They just think we’re dumb. And THEY are probably right – as evidenced by the lack of discussion of this anywhere on the web.
          80 octane brains working gender and race instead of physics in a 100 octane avgas world.
          Does the term “self-fucking species” mean anything?

    • Were I Russia, I would create a tiered petro trading platform, designate the BRICS as top tier partners, their other trading partners as preferred partners, then double the price of natural gas and raise the price of oil by 1250RUB (~20USD) per barrel for all other energy purchasers.

      Then announce the path by which the Urezone could become preferred trading partners.

      Britain is already out of domestic civilian fuel. How long will France and Germany freeze before the Euroweenies tell us to stuff it? How many thousands of people will freeze and die before the folks living between Reykjavik and the Caucasus realize they are in less danger from the “evil Russkies” than they are, the U.S. and our perverted, senile megalomaniac of a leader?

      It pisses me off every time I listen to any news or pundit, of any political persuasion, when they’re talking about the Urepeein “energy plight.” They invariably refer to the issue as being caused by a “Russian embargo” [against Europe.]

      Russia isn’t embargoing anyone. WE embargoed Russia and convinced the EU to join in. As of 9mos ago, there had never been more than 39 nations [who were] embargoing Russia, and ~175 with whom Russian trade is unaffected.

      Biden and that NAZI running the WEF have been trying to squeeze Russia and break the Duma for 14 years now. It has GOT to frustrate them that Putin has slipped every punch and dodged every trap they’ve set for him, and with each foray, they’ve made Russia more-influential…

  7. Re: headlines catching up feat. club membership renewal notice


    It seems a topic of discussion brought forward by President Macron to Mr. Musk on Friday in New Orleans was “Christchurch Call”. It’s a so-far 120 nation group founded and governed by France and Aotearoa (New Zealand) seeking to squash extremists online. Estados Unidos is also a member. Apparently the “Twitter” team assigned to the Christchurch Call folder evaporated during recent staff downsizing according to “NZME” (New Zealand Media & Entertainment).


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