Hacktopolypse: The Processors Per Person Problem

This has been one hell of a week on the Internet. 

Today we have a couple of personal action steps you might want to consider to increase your personal resistance to being hacked.

Not only have we suffered a massive melt of computer trading that led to trading halts at mid-week, but we had the head of the Office of Policy Management step down as 21-million current and former federal workers had their personal information hacked.

As it’s not just in the government sector:  UrbanSurvival’s server farm was hit with a massive DDOS attack on Friday, as well.  Peoplenomics was down only briefly.

So what’s ahead?

This morning we sample the data, look at potential impacts, and wonder about the Processors Per Person Problem. 

After charts, a few headlines, and a look at our Trading Model which seems to be saying the current turbulence in life is not over, yet…

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4 thoughts on “Hacktopolypse: The Processors Per Person Problem”

  1. Mentioning computer security is great George. As someone once said, there are 2 basic rules that guarantee computer safety: 1)Do not buy a computer and 2) if you do, do not turn it on. Also I must mention that ‘hacking’ actually refers to re-writing or altering a program, not breaking into private boxes/network servers. Mention hacking as a way of breaking into a network or private box to a real (MSM designated) ‘hacker’ and you will get that look…the correct term is ‘cracking’. Most of the exploitables out there are Windose boxes, but Linux can also be ‘cracked'(the first ‘worm’ was in 1988 and attacked linux systems). However…the vast majority of the attacks out there are Windose related, mostly because there are so many and the fact that Windose is basically for dummies that rely on security programs to protect them against self running .exe programs surreptitiously installed. Unfortunately, most ‘cures’ are after someone has been victimized. Although Linux is much more secure, naturally, it can still be cracked. Since most articles online referring to computer security are (generally) strictly for windose, here is a link for those out there that run Linux, it shows how to crack and testing to see how secure your box or network server is. Since most Linux users are more ‘in tune’ with their systems, this is a pretty good tutorial on Linux cracking and how to prevent it. http://www.tuxradar.com/content/learn-hack/

  2. your DDOS attack may not have been “friendly” hackers. TPTB don’t like disseminaters of truth. Rense was nearly killed in May and at the end of June had an EMP attack on his radio network headquarters where all electronic equipment was fried. Be careful.

  3. “What America needed in OPM was a best of class, electronic HR platform expert.”

    I presume such people exist, and that they are pretty much dedicated to their jobs, as all “best in class” professionals tend to be. In other words, not particularly political or altruistic. I also expect that they get paid quite a bit. Want to start a pool on the fraction of that paycheck that taxpayers allow the government to pay for that position?

    Why not just walk into the nearest car dealership and tell them you have $30K to spend, and expect to buy a car you’ll be able to use to compete in the Daytona 500?

  4. The NYSE failure was not a hack nor a ‘software’ glitch because of a deployment. I have been in IT for 25 years. No team would deploy software in the middle of the day, especially a trading day. Major software deployments would occur on Friday or Saturday nights. This would allow time to fix bugs before trading commenced on Monday. So, China market was dumping hugely on the day of the ‘failure’. They were worried about the contagion effect. Solution: take down the NYSE until the China market slam could be digested to some degree.
    I am not sure why this is not obvious to people, at least anyone with an IT. Background. Of course, like 9/11, the truth (or at least a more complete version of it) will eventually come out. To the TPTB, sorry guys, it going to get harder to lie. Some of us see right through the ruse.

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