In 1776, the weapons of the American Revolution included things like muskets.

In the Webolution of 2018, the weapon of choice is headlines.

Of course, if there are gunshots – that move certain headlines of the front page, it might relate to that shooting in Annapolis

A part of the Webolution?  Not directly.  But it did move stories around.  And in the Webolution, that  really matters.

How the Webolution Works

As part and parcel of the ongoing American Webolution, we see certain media  as leading their werbolutionary followers whose main complaint isn’t with a Tea Tax, but with the existence of a Trump presidency, and even core American structures like the Electoral College.  Webolutionaries believe the Electoral stole the 2016 election from their anointed one.

We also see that headlines from the newspaper shooting in Annapolis, Maryland Tuesday, has largely buried the slow-motion showdown between one-each Rod Rosenstein who is sitting on documents which he refuses to turn over to Congress.

According to some reports, the documents Rosenstein is “sitting on” may implicate him along with other officials of the Justice Department in the ongoing botch of Hillary Clinton’s email skate and the apparent planting of spies inside the Trump campaign.

Instead  of this historic showdown, media outfits like the NY Times give front precedence to stories about things like the upcoming Trump-Putin summit, written in such a manner as to support the webolutionaries concern that it is somehow nefarious.  It’s an easy sell to the gullible and it moves papers:  Afeter all, why would two men with their fingers on the buttons of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world meet, if not to collude?

Rationally, it’s much more likely just more hype.  You can see it clear enough in “In Meeting With Putin, Experts Fear Trump Will Give More Than He Gets.”  Experts, eh?  (Not partisans?)

The Webolutionary Forces’ handiwork may be seen elsewhere.  We noted ABC’s story “Special counsel eyeing Russians granted unusual access to Trump inauguration parties” and it didn’t make sense.

What wasn’t revealed by ABC was their source…they’re getting leaks.

What they did was to mention an ABC “consultant” Matthew Olsen who we believe to be this fellow with Wikipedia listing: “On July 1, 2011, President Barack Obama nominated Olsen to become the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Olsen was confirmed by the Senate on August 16, 2011. He left that post in July 2014.”  Ah, an Obama appointee?  I see…

This is not to say anyone has done anything wrong.  It’s just that it looks to us like Webolutionary reporting.  What is downplayed is that billionaires really do (in the real world) get to meet with whoever the hell they want.

Do they buy access?  Of course!  Example?  In 2017, Politico Europe reported “A billionaire Lebanese businessman paid François Fillon $50,000 to organize meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the chief executive of French oil giant Total, the Canard Enchaîné reported in a story to be published Wednesday.”

Stupid Americans – unaware of the Webolution context – living the sheltered lives they do – fail to comprehend that (look surprised) billionaires run things globally and heads of state extend them “special courtesies.” Somehow, ABC seems not to have mentioned this reality making their report appears – in our read of it – just another webolutionary news blast.

We will go into more depth for our readers tomorrow, but the long and short of it is simple:  Here’s the schema of how the world is really running since no one else is explaining it:


  • Constitutional Governments
    • US – Trump, constitutional republicans, Limbaugh, Hannity, et al.
    • UK – Brexit supporters
  • Webolutionary Governments
    • US – Obama shadow govt, media, late-night hosts, democrats, illegal immigrants, and anyone who’s got a chip  and social platform. (BLM, #metoo, etc.), football kneelers
    • UK – Pro EU memberships

We could map out the media affiliations, not to mention the issues list, but this morning our main focus is on how even media like Drudge have been unwittingly drawn in by the Annap shooting which has pushed a lot of other stories (Rosenstein, et al) off the front page while (curiously?) leaving concerns about Trump, a 28-year old socialist presidential wannabe and such running.

And what Webolution would be complete without Michael Moore figuring out a way to monetize it?  A Webolution, understand is a war between the e-business models, not between the States or Countries.

Few – for now – understand what’s going on. You got lucky.  But we see it quite clearly from most and believe me, like good database migrations, it “maps perfectly.”  Why, you don’t even have to open Access or Excel to get this one to port.

It’s just the “mapping” is not publicly discussed because there’s a World War being waged and its goal is to institute the Global Regime and take down autonomous states.  The US (Trump, trade) and the UK (Brexit and the Pound) are just little nits along the road to global socialism run by the Globalist Billionaires Club (GBC.)

The Final Battle will be licensing of the Internet – both on the content side and the reading/sharing side.  The Web is the Weapon.

When you read “shocking” stories like that ABC piece, take a moment to pour a cup and recast it in the Constitutional Governments versus the Direct-Democracy Online Socialist Agenda (Webolution) that is working to take over the world.

If, at some point, when you wonder “Gee, you mean things like Climate Change is all part of Ure Webolution analysis, too?”  we can only offer a single word of guidance:


Relax.  Enjoy the show.  The fact that “Freaked Out Americans Desperately Seek to Escape the News “ just tells us it’s all a great horror flick.  Bon-bons for breakfast?

The WEBOLUTION is on, dammit!  It’s theater  now and no longer news.  The ammo is headlines instead of bullets as an all-too real Globalist Coup is underway.  Hidden behind layers of cash and bullshit.

Come on!  What part aren’t you following, here?

Futures Seen Clearly

With an hour before the open, looked to us like the market would open with the Dow up 100.

That said (and we told Peoplenomics readers Wednesday this) the historical replay would suggest that Thursday should be the high for a week, or so.  And while the futures are up for now, we half-expect (without offering trading advice, of course) for the market to end down for the day.  Seems logical to us that people would bail on positions prior to the weekend.  But, we shall see…

Here’s another sidelight of the webolution for you:  Why would bank shares go higher after failing a financial stress test?   Reader Reuters Shares in Deutsche Bank edge higher after U.S. stress test fail and see if you can figure it out.  Bad is good, good is bad, anyone?

Economic Hosings

PR sheet from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.0 percent in the first quarter of 2018 (table 1), according to the “third” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the fourth
quarter, real GDP increased 2.9 percent.

The GDP estimate released today is based on more complete source data than were available for the “second” estimate issued last month.  In the second estimate, the increase in real GDP was 2.2 percent.
With this third estimate for the first quarter, the general picture of economic growth remains the same;
private inventory investment and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) were revised down.

Why, there’s even a picture!

This matters because?  We have hit the Fed Core Inflation goals.  Champagne?

Screw the details on Personal Income – that’s water under the rear-view mirror.  What does matter is this:

Personal saving was $482.0 billion in May and the
personal saving rate, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income, was 3.2 percent .

Except, you know there are 155-million working, right?  So let’s see what the workforce into the hype number looks like, shall we?

Hmmm…. suggests each workers saved $3,109.67 (on average).

Quick!  What’s the B-School statistical term for such a result?  (Bullshit!)

Right Again! On Digital Tulips

We told you from the outset crypto currents were something to be avoided.  Having no intrinsic value.  Did everyone list?  Hell no.

Are Bitcoins down to $5,860 this morning and likely to go lower?  Why, sure!

Listen:  Comandante Ure doesn’t BS the Non-Partisan Irregular Forces who are standing aside from the Webolutionary War.  Just listen now when he tells you that Dollars are like Greenbacks and Cryptos are like Confederate Dollars.

There’s another Revolution going on…if you don’t see it, Ure missing something.

DB Cooper is Rackstraw?

Oh, yeah, here we go: DB Cooper case (which I covered in ’74) has been solved – again.  That’s one fellow I’d like to interview….