Goodbye 17,000, Farewell 2,000: Where’s my Bottom?

Saturday’s Peoplenomics report will be pretty darn interesting, since the market this week is looking to end on a sour note.  Futures, when I checked prior to pushing pixels, were down 61 on the Dow. No, make that down 70 now.

Here’s the thing:  My buddy Roger Reynolds sent out an email to his list yesterday saying that if we get a close under (his level) this week, it would be a sign that the top could be in for this move and we could get a serious move to the downside.

I tend to agree.

The bulls have been working an attempt to bust out to the upside and through a long-term trend channel that has been forming since 2009.  In trying to break above the channel, they’ve been working a shorter-term trend line but it slammed into the long term trend line this week and died on the spot.

So the next week, or so, will be key. 

Man of Peace/Man of War

America is likely to start bombing the crap out of ISIS shortly, but not without a ton of cognitive dissonance here at home.

It’s been only a few weeks since the administration released that load of terrorists and now we’re hearing from the Change Chief that we don’t need to declaration of war to go off on multi-country bombing missions.

We just go do it.

Did I miss something?

475 American forces going back to Iraq may be pressed as “not combat roles” which I can only assume means the US is now engaging in state-sponsored tourism.

Not to get prickish about bullshit narratives, hype, spin, and half-think, but isn’t everyone in the military in a combat role at some level?  In the interest of full disclosure shouldn’t the term be “roles where we hope they won’t be shot at directly?

No, this is War 3.0 starting up.  Congress, sitting on its collective ass won’t vote on it, and it will be blustered six ways by Sunday on Beat the Press and Farce the Nation.

Damn shame the Federal Trade Commission’s Truth in Advertising rules don’t apply to political parties and office holders.  If they did, we might actually see who in congress is promoting the global caliphate by failing to close our southern border and failing to glass key ISIS strongholds.

It’d be nice to see all the enemies of this great Nation…just once… in stark relief.  A real Nobel president would demand it.  But  then I guess you know what that infers…

More after this…


Not Guilty

Pistorius verdict – but it not like it’ll have any impact on your life, unless you’re a paraplegic in a toxic relationship; maybe then.

One of these days, I should graph up the increase in trivial newsality/ hype versus the unemployment rate.  As we run out of jobs, we elevate murder trials to global sensations.  In these, the only winners are ad agencies and snooze networks.

Also on the global troubled relationship turntable this morning we see how an ex-FBI boss will be looking into the why that Rice video (punch the girlfriend video) stayed quiet for five months before showing up this week.

Oughta sell another $20-million in news ads right there…

Futuring:  Remember our Dallas Call?

I’ve told you many times in recent weeks to keep an eye on Dallas and Houston because of the terrorism threat levels down in that area.  Using our predictive software over at and applying it to people’s dreams at, we’ve seen a big increase in focus on these two Texas towns that will meet in a major football contest on October 5th if the memory is working.

So here’s the question to ponder:  Does this have anything to do with the Mystery Chopper that  of the military type that landed in the Dallas area last night?

I’d sure like to know if any NEST teams are working Texas right now…

Day Planner

Look for yet another round of 9/11 anniversary stories.  Still being monetized by media.  Hell of an economic stimulus.  Here’s a shopping list of samples.

Retail sales figures tomorrow.

Next week is loaded with data like consumer prices (Wednesday) and Fed production and capacity data Monday…so stick around for another week and lets see how the market handles the next set of speed bumps.

Radio Shack is looking at bankruptcy filing?

This is a company that in its heyday was going great guns in the CB Radio era, wasn’t it?  Wonder who the analog in social media will be in 20-years when this latter-day mass hysteria wears off and people being to ask “Your point?”

You don’t see many Hoola Hoop ads on the tube, do you?


Apple stock was up 3% yesterday.

In Peoplenomics  I mentioned the hype behind headlines like “Apple is Back” and other such crap, but reason and logical analysis is not the strong suit of America, lately.

I’m sitting here looking at my computer and my phone.  They both tell me what time it is.  The computer tells me what time it is in Texas and the phone changes to the local cell phone time so I don’t have to worry about what time zone I’m in.  I have to worry about whose tower, but that’s a whole other deal.

Why do I need a watch?  Truth is, I don’t.

And what could I do with the $399 saved by suffering through telling time on with my computer or phone instead of buying anew iWhatchacallit?  My buddy Gaye over at Backdoor Survival is something of an expert on cruises and I think for $399 you could find a couple of last minute bargains.

How up are we from the ground level on the 27th floor?  Maybe 15-feet per flood…so around 405-feet… If it really mattered, you’d pull a set of prints.  If it doesn’t, is a precision altimeter worth $400 when you can guess fairly well in your head?  Not in GeorgeLand.

Do we need to invent the world digiots?  (as in digital idiots?)

Since I use a cheap TracFone, in order to really get the benefits of an Apple watch, I’d have to toss my disposable LG $20 marvel phone and blow hundreds more on an Apple iPhone.  To talk to the same people.


So here’s the question/reality check:  If I offered you a 7-day cruise (cheap inside cabin, no shipboard credits, no air travel) OR (behind curtain #2) yet another way to tell time, which makes more sense?

A G-meter or Altimeter is amusing but if they’re not TSO’d to use in our old plane, what REAL use it is?  I can have the altimeter function in a cheap Timex sports watch for $39 – which I use when I’m out of cell range and don’t have a computer.

Tue, the old Timex won’t open hotel doors (I’ll take a card key, thanks) and it won’t let me charge things (if people don’t want a Visa, MasterCard, or cash, screw ‘em, I figure).

You see?  I’m a Luddite at heart. 

OR  (and this is the horrific part I’m warming to) we are becoming hopelessly attached to DATA and don’t understand that parsing it down to INFORMATION is the soul of the art form.

It’s an electronic Zoot suit for your wrist.  “Customizable straps?”  Gimme a break.  You can buy watch bands all day long on eBay and/or Amazon.  How many thousand do you want?

The INFORMATION is that you are early, late, or right on time for whatever comes up next in your planner.  If you don’t already know the answer even without a watch, you’ve lost it and no amount of fashion-electronics will cure what ails you.

You need the red pill.  Take two.  Maybe the first one didn’t work.