Good Friday Notes

But what Friday isn’t good, if you’re on the five-day treadmill?  So with a semi-holiday this morning, and stock and bond markets closed, there’s little of economic data to prevent mind-rot, so we turn to the next best time:  Religion.

Not that there’s not plenty of dough to be made there.  I figure my odds of scoring a bizjet would have been significantly higher if I’d opted for theology over business administration.  Why, even if the base pay were the same, the church gig would still be a better deal just on a tax basis.

With these (seditious) thoughts swimming around, we begin by directing you to our “read of the day” which happens to be the Time Magazine article on the “Rapture of the Nerds” – a hugely entertaining Jessica Roy story about how ”A new religion has set out to store memories for centuries and deliver its believers into a world where our souls can outlive our selves “

And as if to prove, on this the weekend of ascending into heaven, and such, that God/Universe/the Dirac has a delightful sense of humor, the Time article  when I loaded it was accompanied by this delightful reminder about where people are ascending to right now:


I’m convinced, there’s at least a


…and so why not a third?  Well, ThirdLife is parked at GoDaddy now that you ask

But FourthLife is under construction

And so  it is.  One life after another…virtually, and perhaps beyond…

Tiny Economic Note

The Dry Ships Baltic Index this morning is at 930…and those are levels that generally precede a major economic decline.  Even if Ukraine/Europe hold together over the weekend, the markets could be hard down next week on a generally developing sense that this week’s rally may be all there was to the circus.

Ask me next Friday if there’s anything to it…

Robot Uprising?

With the movie Transcendence opening today, the Defense One story about “Why there will be a Robot Uprising” is worth a scan.  It’s about the recent paper by Steven Omohundro  “Autonomous technology and the greater human good.” From the abstract:

“Military and economic pressures are driving the rapid development of autonomous systems. We show that these systems are likely to behave in anti-social and harmful ways unless they are very carefully designed.”

Leaving a few jobs around, might be a nice start, yah think?

Arrested Development

The cops of Korea are looking for the captain and two crew members of the sunken ferry that went down this week.

All Fall Down

And 12 guides died along with 3 missing in an avalanche this morning on Mt. Everest.

Clintonista Readings

A whole batch of documents from the Clinton administration era are set to be released by the National Archives today. 

Just a damn shame government doesn’t have to confess and report all on a near real-time basis like we the plebes do on our tax filings, huh?  But who said anything about equality? Forget I mentioned it.

Speaking of the Clintons, looks like Bill and Hil are about to become grandparents.

New poll numbers aren’t looking good for granny, though.

Twin of Earth?

Kepler 186f has just become the first planet found in a distant sun’s “habitable zone.”

Coordinates, Mr. Sulu?