“Global Reset” and a Vision

A curious hybrid report this morning: economics with a side of woo-woo. Much has been written of a possible global reset.  But word in the “dream realms” is there’s something else to keep an eye on.

As the election jitters continue to drive the markets down, we wonder just “how bad will it get” in 2021.  After all, when we back out the 35% increase in “money slosh” due to the Fed, it’s clear that economic growth this year has been largely illusion.

A few headlines and our ChartPack which offers some interesting “forward prospects.”  As soon as published, I’ll be pressing my Scrooge McDuck suit again with futures pointing lower.

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71 thoughts on ““Global Reset” and a Vision”

  1. “we wonder just “how bad will it get” in 2021″

    The people I know that are big into the markets have all told me that they aren’t looking because they don’t want to be shocked…pretend it isn’t there and maybe it will be ok..
    I am personally scared to death.. ( look at the charts you post.. see the difference from 29 till today. the gains.. the depth of potential loss) even now we judge spending compared to the value of the dollar back then.. to the value of the dollar now.( not to mention the deregulation of essential services. sending those costs through the roof..). everyone I know is feeling the heat of the option two .. leaving the velocity of cash moving and stopping the flow of income..
    I think its all been a plan from the get go .. back in 1913… slowly enslave the people make them dependent.. do the raise prices on gas routine.. raise it drastically.. make you feel it.. then reduce it to a point where there was just a Nickle or two difference.. its still increased but you felt the relief from what it was.. let people get use to it then slap them with it again.. tiny increases.. all while keeping the increases of the wages below that of the economy.. from the seventies till now.. minimum would be thirty bucks an hour..and way more ( probably double that ) if you calculate the loss created by deregulation of essential services..

    • What essential services have been de-regulated? As far as I can tell, more regulation is piled upon us and companies everyday. In most cases de-regulating is a good thing, recall phone services and splitting up the “Bell” system and the explosion of innovations. The airlines, allowing many low cost providers to enter the market. Turning power over to bureaucrats vs using your own power of your purchases is a very bad strategy.

      We are in the mess with healthcare expenses primarily because government has their regulation fingers into every part of the purchase, payment and delivery processes. Soon we will likely have single payer and we will see things just get worse. Imagine these idiots that have driven us to 21T$ in debt and you want them in charge of more.

      https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hank-johnson-worries-guam-could-capsize-after-marine-buildup/ – Typical of our overlords ability to think.

      • LOOTB & JD
        All “Regulations” are codified in the CFR – Code of Federal Regulations.
        These regulations have the force of law so they are law by a different name.
        Have you ever read the Constitution?
        All laws must be passed in the AFFIRMATIVE by the Congress.
        How are these regulatory ‘laws’ passed?
        Someone dreams-up a ‘regulation’ and it is inserted into the ‘Federal Register’.
        Then, if the Congress does not agree, they must vote in the NEGATIVE to negate it.
        Where is the Constitutional authorization for all of this?
        There is none.
        All of these regulations are therefor unconstitutional and should be repealed en-mass.
        This is all part of the “Administrative State” which our President is out to cancel!
        GO DJT !!

      • “Have you ever read the Constitution?
        All laws must be passed in the AFFIRMATIVE by the Congress.”

        YES and also your absolutely right.. the president is just the suit in front of the camera its Congress that sells out the people..
        this one probably affected me the most.. I was making 2.50 an hour it was an exceptionally hard day at work..I had to get gas.. on the way home the price was 67.9 and I thought.. that isn’t that great of a price it was just 45.9 last week.. so I decided to wait and fill up the next morning after work. we had goulash and I was sitting in front of the TV and the president was on explaining that by deregulating the fuel industry they could charge you less.. I was thinking to myself.. yeah that is cool. back to the quarter a gallon days.. the next morning I woke up went to the gas station and the price.. 109.9 I about flipped.. it dropped back down to 99 cents for a bit.. but I haven’t seen 67.9 since..
        this one has affected everyone.. and will continue to affect everyone.. up until this time everyone had health insurance.. it didn’t matter if you worked part time full time or casual.. the part time and casual employee got insured but not his family he could buy insurance for his family.. if he was full time he got insurance for him or her and their family my cost was about twenty dollars a paycheck..
        the other thing that affected myself.. was auto insurance..
        my auto insurance drastically changed from 110.00 a year for full coverage to almost seventy dollars a month.. and I was still making shy three dollars an hour.. black monday.. god how can anyone forget that.. jobs dried up .. you couldn’t get a job for anything day labor..
        taking the secured funds and paying off the bank situation.. tossed all the middle class under the bus then.. not just when Jimmy was in office and congress. Yes.. it was jimmys dream to have an equalized tax.. and through the middle class under.. tax cuts for the wealthy.. and the NAFTA treaty.. mom had to go to work.. insurance increased.. ( our gross budget is sixty percent of our gross budget is for insurance..I don’t pay bill number one until after insurance goes out.. they hit me on the 28th and the 10th.. there is one paycheck that is used for everything else.. car payment house payment taxes and food and utilities..
        george had a copy of my budget from what was it 72 through to a couple of years ago..I was dumping papers that I had kept stored and out they went.. it cost seventy five dollars to feed a family of four back then today I spend four hundred plus per person all meals at home .. four dollars a meal and a buck and a half for a snack.. three snacks..
        My answer back then was work.. I worked full time part time and day labor jobs to make it.. in the eighties I worked six jobs.. ( the wife says I had eight but I remember six..) and I used an egg timer for my breaks..
        average time was about seventeen to eighteen hours a day seven days a week.. I paid in taxes that year a refugee.. ( he got a check..and I seen it) got back more than I grossed working six jobs.. plus getting free medical and dental free college and housing and utilities and free food..
        yes deregulation had an affect on me.. I never vote for the same guy twice.. they are all bought and paid for.. they don’t read or write the bills that they vote on.. they will even argue why they don’t have to read them..
        and it is Congress that is the ones that toss the average joe under the buss..

  2. “$1,250-bucks a dose? Gad zooks! ”

    OTFLMAO…. one of my medications was 1250.00 a month.. but 75 in canada..
    the new shot for migraines .. ten grand here in canada it was 35 LOL …
    I just was visiting with someone that is out looking for a policy.. their medication for their MS is over ten grand and the insurance company dropped them.. YET the same medication in Canada is so much cheaper than here..
    even cheaper if they got it from another country.. where income is lower.. Yet we cannot buy from pharmacies in other countries..
    Yet we give them money for research to formulate the new pharmaceuticals..
    OPEN THE BORDERS.. let a person contract with an insurance company from anywhere .. just like buying all our products manufactured someplace else.. you can get insured so much cheaper in texas than you can in NYC.. so let the people in NYC get a policy in Texas.. the same with drugs.. why pay a thousand or ten thousand percent more when you can easily get it made by the same company the same manufacture and distribution date the same lot code for the reduced costs that they are selling it for there..
    I know one doctor that picks up things in her native country to give away at her clinic.. because here the cost is over a hundred dollars there the cost is around a quarter..

    • Or, you realize that you don’t need the drugs in the first place and refuse to use them. That brings the cost to $0. Also, unhooks people from the slave medical system where people are bambuzled into thinking they need all these medications in the first place. Notice the difference in ads for pharmaceuticals between now and say the 60’s?? It’s all marketing to the ignorant.

      • “you realize that you don’t need the drugs in the first place”

        That is probably true.. but.. with all the drama and crap going on in DC and the election.. the splitting up of the country .. the needless hate..I think DRUGS and ALCOHOL would seem to dull the situation up a little make it a little easier to take.. and to think that is the BEST that the country has… sheesh

    • ” Yet we cannot buy from pharmacies in other countries..”

      We can, now (or shortly, anyway.) Mr. Trump waved that magic wand Obama said he didn’t have, and we will shortly be buying meds from whichever pharmacy is cheapest, worldwide. I saw where Insulin was going from over $400/mo to under $35/mo and although not a diabetic, if that is representative, I’m totally okay with it.

      • at one point in time we could.. they actually had a canadian pharmacy in our local city.. it was wild.. there was one medication I had to take that I got filled.. and I got it from both walgreens in our city and from canada.. with the doctors writing the script in canada and the communication and shipping.. I got it overnight fed ex.. and I saved well over a thousand dollars.. compared the two. both were made on the same day the same lot number.. its the same with insurance.. our area only has a couple to choose from.. where if I lived five hundred miles in either direction I would have a great deal more to choose from.. so open the borders.. let the competitions commence..
        congress passed a bill.. when they did the pharmacy had to close.. it was a sad day.. around here theres a bunch that take off for southern texas so they can go to mexico and get their years pharmaceuticals.. pays for their whole winter stay in texas..

    • I had a rude awakening about my drug costs, too. Even with my insurance, my ‘script… that ‘retails’ for almost a $grand… was a $95 co-pay. A little research with the GoodRX discount card and I found a local pharmacy that sells it for $35… without using my insurance. Clearly big pharma is scalping us for too much money.

      • they just canceled my daughters insurance… for the whole zip code.. because of the medication costs.. when I worked for the county they did the same thing..
        No new laws need to be passed just enforce the ones that we already have.. right now big pharma and the insurance industry can do pretty much what they want..

    • absolutely.. the same shizty people in office now in congress.. is going to be there next year and the year after.. some of them have been in there doing nothing for decades.. can’t bitch we let them stay.. no one wants them to work in their shops or businesses so leave them in DC.. the district of corruption LOL

  3. I wonder if the pharma deal is actually for 300 million doses. Even if no vaccine materializes on a specific deal, isn’t the industry standard one of “no refund”?

  4. “Meritocracy”

    I am old enough to remember my parents telling me if I wanted something, I had to save up to buy it. Worked a paper route, mowed lawns and put money away until I had enough money to buy it. I do remember later in my teens when “Household Finance” came along and you could borrow to buy what you wanted and then work hard to pay back the loan.

    After years of working to build a business, buy a home, raise a family and save for retirement I truly believed in the capitalist system and the American (and Canadian) dream.

    Now long retired and running the last lap or two, I looked at my TV screen last night and wept. America is about to elect a President who is corrupt to the core. Surely all the information Hunter Biden’s business partner delivered last night can be fact checked. Times, places, emails, phone calls. If the MSM attacked this issue like the did the phony pee pee tapes, Biden would be done. This the capitalist system gone horribly wrong.

    Finally, I watched the “peaceful” looting of stores in Philadelphia. Hundreds of thieves breaking the front windows, backing up the car car, going in and load it up with stolen goods. Some guy with a dolly cart, running out with a washing machine. What the hell?

    Good night Irene! Its over!

    • That’s what capitalism is you just have to wake up to the reality of it all,its a profit driven animal that needs endless profit or the animal dies.These shooting seem to be a pattern.shoot someone and the riots pick up and when they die down why shoot someone else,the question is what’s going on behind the scenes.The whole government is corrupt including both parties but it seems everyone has become immune to it,cherry picking from one party to the other due to whatever flips that switch up stair’s is the rule of the day,as we sit in idleness with the thought well we made ours,as 40 million live in poverty with millions more just waiting to join them,and of course it couldn’t be the system now could it, the system that sent millions of jobs out of the country because of greed.!!!

    • This really has nothing to do with a failure of capitalism. It is a failure to educate our spawn with its inherent freedom. Probably something that is inevitable, that we attempt to make our kids life easier then ours. Without struggles and challenges, the person comes to believe they deserve something just for existing. Heck today few understand the power that capitalism gives the individual (every economic decision is power). But instead they have some belief if some random bureaucracy runs something they will have better results.

      • Hard times create strong men.
        Strong men create good times.
        Good times create weak men.
        Weak men create hard times.

      • Then I suppose we should of sent the kids to Washington so they could have told the crooks in congress don’t send those millions of jobs out of the country, repeal the off-shore accounts that they use to get out of paying taxes,and yes it is the total failure of capitalism that the country is in the shape its in, as the wealthy bought the country on the cheap,and of course you can’t educate your spawn on what fails to exist,as they say it takes money to buy beer but the b.s, is free.!!!

      • Shawn,
        “Hard times create strong men.
        Strong men create good times.
        Good times create weak men.
        Weak men create hard times.”

        The Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe

    • I know “Meritocracy” the USA I grew up knowing is long gone..
      When the officials work as hard to cover up sic perverted horrific crimes, instead of protecting the innocent that they swore an oath to uphold justice..
      What has the world become. Parents teaching children hate and supporting the criminal behaviors.. a political system bought and paid for.
      It all makes me weap..
      If the watchers are still keeping watch will they think that we are ripe for sodom and Gomorrah event..

    • Did that with a blood thinner at 150$ a month to maintain a possible prescription destroyed kidney stent and refused a multiple heart bypass and 10 years later had a stroke from that same prescription with a different name and a doctor getting hospital wages, and then said no to a 650$ a month blood thinner to maintain a genetic disease, after growing an abdominal aortic aneurysm bypass after leaving stroke care hospital struggling with half body paralysis the last day insurance would pay while hiding the daily drug doses..could not get an antibiotic for a prostate/ urine track infection..??? That possibly gets it blood supply backwards 450$..

  5. Oh what a clusterF, we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated/brainwashed/gaslighted into.

    All because of human Fear OS – fear of everything – including god! hahhaha how ridiculous is that ?

    220 THOUSAND Fatalities in US due covert19/Jabroni virus..

    Be Very Afraid – they are are going to shut down ALL the Hospitals this month in USA, due 250k fatalities from Malpractice annually.

    Be even more afraid modern Prohibition coming back into force due the fact that 3 Million DIE/yr. due complications from ALCHOLISM.

    No Booze, No Hospitals, and now NO Food – rutrow- U can eat Gold and Ammo right?

    The Global reset has been in shoved in our faces since at least 2008, publicly with the release of the 2008 Economist cover – predicting the rise of Bitcoin.

    Paypal is going to accept Litecoin soonly – lightning fast, unhackable, decentralized, and at $55 a pop – easily accessible to ANYONE. Got Theta – the future of Internet?!
    Yeah yeah geniuses – just like when the world wide web first came into being and U all said – ” who the hell would want to send&recieve mail over their computer?” or “they wouldnt dare conduct Business/Commerce on the Internet”
    Theta is less than a buck – right now..jss

    Latest “conspiracy intel” – 2 teams in Cleveland to take out POTUS.
    Said to have “tripped and stumbled” over each other.

    Litecoin 4 ALL! even the guy that “kissed the girl, and made her cry”..

  6. Only the Dems start “Packing the courts”? You been asleep the last 6 years? Remember that Garland guy? Whatever happened to him?

    • I’m not a fan of Mitch, but he CAN actually master “parliamentary procedure” when so-prompted.

      Merrick Garland is the Chief Justice of the “DC Circus.” He’s also, politically, 2-steps left of RBG. Obama nominated him as “bait” because even a moderate Democratic Senate would not have confirmed him. There was no way possible a Republican Senate was going to confirm a neosocialist judge to replace Scalia.

      What was supposed to happen was the Senate was to have voted Garland down, then Obama would proffer his actual preferred jurist and the Senate would’ve confirmed, because (s)he’d have been a lefty, but not a fringe jurist like Garland. What actually happened was somebody figured out what was going on and clued McConnell, so instead of voting-down Garland, they tabled the confirmation hearing, thus not naming a Justice, and also not permitting Mr. Obama to nominate another potential Justice. It was a brilliant political maneuver, and one I’m sure McConnell didn’t think of, on his own…

      • Ray – in 1997 Garland was confirmed to the DC circuit by a republican senate, 76 to 23. Something like 25-30 republican senators voted aye.

      • “he CAN actually master “parliamentary procedure” when so-prompted”
        dam Ray I read it wrong the first time around LOL LOL LOL OTFLMAO
        that is what you wrote.. what I read was…
        “he CAN actually master “parliamentary position” when prompted.”

        what I was going to write as a comment is. I think they all can and have mastered the (Parliamentary position) when prompted. as long as the right funds are donated to them regularly by their special friends.. LOL that is why our country is in the shape it is in..

  7. This may chap some liberal-progressives, but, regardless…

    I think this election is The Re-assertion Of The Normals.

    Many folks feel “things have got Real Crazy,” and it needs to Be Fixed.

    It does.

    Who would invest their life’s savings and energy into a starting a restaurant in a big-ish city these days? I wouldn’t.

    I might in a more suburban mall or small-ish downtown, but NOT in a big city where the Krazies could go a-lootin’ and a-burnin’ at almost any time — for almost no reason.

    Small businesses are oft said to be the largest (in the aggregate) employers in the country. So, lacking small companies to HIRE PEOPLE, those people will be jobless, and essentially broke. Near-slaves to the Public Support (welfare) System. (…as long as they “Vote Correctly.)

    The Krazies in the streets are a SMALL minority of all the people — but they do disproportionate damage and they establish a climate of surrounding fear that would dis-incentivize most “Normal” people.

    “Normal,” of course, by itself, will start a lively and Politically Correct Argument these demented days.

    But, the “Normals” have had Eeee-NUFF, and the trend will attract a Hero or Heroes who will Restore Normalcy sooner or later. Probably by force.

    The Krazies won’t like that, and will rebel even more.

    —and get their heads crushed.

    “Normalcy” will, (must) ultimately, triumph.

    It’s also quite likely that nobody will enjoy that process or destination very much.

    All trendlines break at some point. This one of madness will, too, in time.

    Unfortunately, a lot of Bad Stuff must needs happen before that restoration.



  8. lets have some of that classic woo woo mumbo jumbo blatant disregard for the truth , gurus are used to that in USSA , now we pull out the reset stories !! wow what a club

  9. nothing like a 180 degree hit on the 29 anniversary , with a psycho election of nutcases on Halloween with everybody dying and infected with a fake flu .. wow id say len needs straightening george

  10. Lots of good data coming out from studies that people deficient in vitamin D have much worse outcomes.


    We will spend billions on patented drugs, but our “leaders” provide no information on the simple things that people can do that gives you a cheap no risk method to have a better run if you do get infected.

    remdesivir..what a damn joke. And it gets lots of push from Fauchi, and only cost 1500$ per dose.


  11. I am listening to, Keepin’ It Real with Reverend Al Sharpton. Link below. Reverend Al is in Detroit today.

    There are hardcore Democrats calling into the show commenting about Republican militias being setup to shoot Democrats on election day. The plan, as explained is to shoot random Democrats at polling locations to scare all of them home.

    Another called explained a Republican plan, President Trump will shutdown USPS on election day. Late mail-in ballots won’t be counted.



    The paranoia.

      • “Confrontations that took place in the era of the American Civil Rights Movement, where water cannons were used by authorities to disperse crowds of protesting African Americans, has led to the demise of water cannons in the United States.”

    • Assuming you mean Miles Taylor – a career coup-joining sell out?

      In August 2020, while on leave from his job at Google, he produced an ad for Republican Voters Against Trump, denouncing Trump and endorsing Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Taylor was the first former senior Trump administration staffer to endorse Biden. As of August 2020, he is the highest-ranking former member of the administration to endorse Biden. In October 2020, he revealed himself to be the anonymous writer of the essay “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” (2018) and the best-selling book A Warning (2019).

      OOO – China’s gonna get the best president they can buy. Send in the clown for the bag

    • Why? For being a neocon bureaucrat who couldn’t cut it in Trump’s Administration and resigned because his ego wouldn’t have survived hearing Mr. Trump say: “You’re fired?”

      For someone who believes President Trump is dumb, you put an awfully lot of stock in people who’ve proven themselves too stupid to serve in his Administration…

      • Just the opposite Ray. Miles was way, way too smart to work for Trump. Talk about compromising your standards. Why can’t you all see the obvious signs in front of your faces. Dozens have quit because they were disgusted with the corruption and the lack of brains in this horrible Sh#* show.
        I have said this many times but I know people who know Trump personally and they said he is so damn stupid, he would not qualify to shine their shoes. He only exists because he inherited Daddy’s $500 million. A monkey would have made money with that kind of head start. He is worth about a tenth of that today…especially When you count his debt. Truthfully, the only reason he schemed to become President was to skirt the debt he presently owes. Con man!

  12. This may mean: Rolling-back the Trump tax cuts. Higher income taxes, especially on households with more than $100,000 a year incomes.

    Jumpin’ Joe said he would roll back the tax cuts and replace the regulation Trump removed, on his first day. Where it’ll really sock people is the “working poor” through LMC. If you’re pulling down 90Gs and get stuck for an additional $8000, it’s irritating, but if you’re making $35 thou and have to donate an additional (nearly) $4k to the gubmint, that’s a hammer blow to the gut.

    As the famine begins, you will see evidence of processed foods beginning to slow. Brands will become unavailable.

    …Already seen, and somethings else:

    Established brands have changed the composition of their product. An Oscar Mayer wiener of today neither tastes, nor has the texture or characteristics of one from two years ago, neither does any other brand (try out a Hebrew National or Ball Park.)

    Of late I’ve seen long-dead brand names like Emge, slither back into existence, probably under Chinese ownership. I’ve also seen a lot of this latter, in the form of less-highly-processed foods, like the freeze-dried and dehydrated fare — brands I hadn’t seen since I was a child, and I don’t believe it’s because they were “regionalized.” I drive from Massatuchets to Minnehaha to Taxes to Geo’gia while I’m buying or hauling stuff, and I check out store shelves & read labels (and local newspapers) wherever I go. Not there, not there, not there, then


    suddenly everywhere. I haven’t tried to put a handle on it yet, but it’s there, and definitely not coincidental.

  13. To Whome it may concern. Absolutely Not! I refuse to take that roll. Not only no, but F No! I don’t know what to do. It’s getting to the point I’m surrounded by people saying the strangest stuff to me.

    Yes I know there has to be a Mobius Flip on all things in the duel reality. I flat out refuse to be the Ruler of the World. I don’t give a shit if you send 50 people my way saying I am the savior like the chick at the gas station. I do not want to rule this world. F that! Pick someone else!

    How about Elon M? He would make a fine specimen. What it all comes down to is I’m just a winner saved by grace. Dont I get a fricken say in this???

    I don’t wanna piss off God. I just wanted to be The Highest God’s friend. That’s all. It’s getting to the point everything I say manifests now. I’m living in cascading synchronicity and it super overwhelming.

    Send me someone other than my ex who just made her new fricken website and put my name and her name in it together. I don’t want to be with her. Yes she is the hottest chick physically that I have ever seen. I want someone a little less crazy and high maintenance and a little more down to earth. Lol Fack!

    Sorry for the rant. I’m so overwhelmed right now and I’m getting everywhere I go. It’s getting to the point I just wanna hide in my room. I can’t even walk in the gas station without some chick saying I look like the guy she saw when she died and then she asked me if I came here to save Humanity. I said thank you what a nice compliment but no I just came here to get a Mountain Dew and $20 in gas. Everyone around me is nuts. They are all saying stuff like that. I shouldn’t have went to the Hopi and I shouldnt have…. I just don’t know. Ugh

    I ain’t pissing God off tho. Unless He wants me to take the world Stage. But I’m super reluctant. Last time I checked the Anti Christ gets the torch. I been on fire before. Not a fun time last I remembered.

    What do I do? What do I do? I need to get laid and need a break. Tell all them spirits to pump the breaks. Back off. Send LH to see me. Lol I like her.

    • Someone is altering the past again. The Mandella effect is in full swing. This is getting rediculous. I know that verse moved to the page on the left. I read the same 4 books every day. I know them like the back of my hands. The Bible, The AA Big Book, Think and Grow Rich and my own personal book. I read them every day and I know what page has what. And 3 things move this morning to a different page. Pump the breaks. I need to catch my breath please.

      • See what I’m talking about George. I just found this. After that email I sent ya. Ugh

        NASA Discovers a Rare Metal Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion | Observer

        What the F??! Every thing is manifesting in some form. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I shouldn’t have studied the Language of creation. Ugh.
        I hope I’m not messing everything up. I’m not God. God is God and I’m just andy. I need some help here. Soooo do I just not say anything and live in my room? Sometimes all I have to do is think it. Anyone have find the instruction manual and the box???

      • I need help to do this. I wish I could talk to my friend PGA Masters friend. He always has the right thing to say. I need help doing this. I’m on a whole nother level and I don’t know what I’m doing. Or if it’s good to do anything. It was fun when I just playing around. Now it’s just…. so overwhelming. I’m afraid of it. That much power.. I am an honorable man. I am a good man. I mean I play jokes and stuff. Like picking up chicks and having fun. I am a good man and I have a good heart. Good friend and a good father. I just don’t wanna be the only one with this much ability… I was hoping to find a woman who had this level of skill that wasn’t a tramp, respectable… but still a little trashy. I do like my women a little on the trashy side. Ha ha ha Every thing I say has so much depth and I don’t how to do this correctly. There has to be others who can do this too.

        I’m going to the gym. Afa as what I sent ya an email about the replacement for the dollar as a Currency George. Once I get some if I choose too? I will post it in the open here which one. I known for a long time. But like what? I become the richest man in the world and the first world president and then the Demerje comes down and kicks my ass? He is a powerful dude. Still….

        My God is way higher up the food chain than that dude. Lol

        I saw a fella driving a black Honda a few months ago next to me on the freeway. He had the License plate “Satan”. Dorky looking kid with huge piercings in his ears and bun in his hair. I thought, I could whoop that kids ass and it wouldn’t even be a challenge. But instead I said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” And laughed. About 10 minutes later I notice he was way back there. Totally slowed his roll.

        Anyway, I got get going. Just got to the gym. Hope to see LH tonight, she messaged me after I posted that like it was her Que. Lol anyone who has the Capability and Capacity step the F up and let’s see what ya got.

        I’m leaving for a while.

      • What about the hot blonde that just rubber necked on me waking into the gym? Lol maybe her. That will do. Lol

      • A.B.C.

        Always Be Closing!

        Dude have U been doing Ure Closings? – sounds as though you have not done one in a while.
        Kindly suggest you get a hold your Daoist friend – re: Closing and Phenomena..”he’s got a message coming in from above” – G.E.
        Thats how the “monsters” get in !

        RA = Prison Warden /nasty,narcissistic, control freak. Human rebellion against the “alien-bastard” – legends say he “unleashed” Hathor on Humanity for that.. See Zeus – as recently “remote viewed” viewed by Farsight Institute Adepts.

    • That sounds better than “You remind me of my 4th Ex” over the shoulder as they stamp away stiff legged with clenched fists. Count your blessings.

      • Hahah N! Ure funny! I have 5 people I know who have abilities close in nature to mine. The Lithuanian Princess (She is an actual bloodline princess) who calls me the Anunki King or baby depending on my attitude. She is almost as powerful as me. I hate that she calls me that. Or she calls me Amon Ra the sun god. Or Ra the baby. Ugh. I always tell her I’m Top Ramon. The noodle. Hahahaa. I sent her a message. But she lives in London. I will call the Shaman too and ask him what’s up as well. He might know. I need to step back and I don’t know how. Ugh.

        I have up sex a while ago to get centered and balanced. Now my labido is off the charts. I know I know sexual transmutation. Ugh. I just stop screwing everythin that walked by me so I could get a relationship. Lol. And she has yet to present herself.

        Take care. Hope someone can help me figure this out.

    • “What do I do? What do I do? I need to get laid and need a break.”

      @ least you’re clear on one thing! ;-)
      Ha, ha, ha what more is there to say?

  14. well George .. I suppose len wasn’t straightened out .. maybe time to start up reset stories in the countless car yards .. 321 , sheetco , and countless other gurus.. big bonuses for all salesman today , free mags with every car.. so when the dust settles lets see what we all guru together to come up with

  15. Yo George, how the heck do I logout of the peoplenomics site when I’m done reading it? I don’t see any way to logout on the PN site, but when I close the browser window and then come back, it shows me still logged in.

    • freaky !!! haloween stuff .. or end of the financial world !!! wait around for reset .. the nirvana

  16. more bonds self ignited overnight . this time zero in the buck .. even the pens and pencils were hocked .. nothing like the black swirling hole of deflation George .. throw anything you like in it .. m1 m2 m3 gold anything !!! all that stops it is natural ebbs and flows of capital

  17. Market analysis which focuses on blaming one headline with across the board market mayhem is just talking head blather. Corporate boardroom fools want to sell Covid-19 collapse to their stock holders, and apparently the corporate news journalists are trained not to ask too many questions.
    The credit deflation worms seem to be eroding financial foundations out of sight of cable TV analysts. Companies which can’t meet payroll obligations vanish through a variety of mechanisms. Companies can limp and even go full zombie, but once the paychecks stop, well, dead is dead.
    In the present operating environment, companies cannot hope to meet payroll without credit support of payroll obligations. In a credit deflation environment, routine operational support credit becomes near impossible to obtain. Further, there is a cascade effect as companies clamp down on accounts payable while their customers do the same upstream. At some point the music pauses, and another debt-leveraged corporate zombie loses their chair at the table of commerce.
    Right now, the most leveraged players are being taken off the board. The breadth of recent sell-offs suggests margin calls or equivalent forced asset sales unrelated to the hot spot du jour. Meanwhile, the market is trying to price in a flush toilet credit economy.

    Very little of the headline news has anything to do with the market action, and I don’t look for major improvements after the election. There are structural issues which must unwind. It may not be the looters who come for you or your assets; it may be the bankrupt lawyer gangs and their jackboots looking for crumbs. Can you spare a dime and your home, brother?

  18. Comrades,

    Yes, just like Deela of Scalos, Chinese women are apparently flocking to the mandarin web pages of an established Danish intermediary firm whose founder was inspired in 1981 after having a dream about frozen sperm. He became a banker of sorts. According to the company website, 60% of their global customer base is lesbian. Perhaps Deborah Cadbury’s book “The Feminization of Nature – Our Future at Risk” was prescient. I bought a kettle – one of three of the made in China choices – the other day to replace its gone sterile parent. Anyhow there were no warnings on the outer box packaging. Inside however was a fine print mention in the manual that a couple of the product’s finished surfaces are considered hazardous in some jurisdictions.

  19. Many major corporations and businesses are making record sales. While certain smaller companies like restaurants, parks, and gyms have been hurt. It’s all how you look at it.

    I believe I was the first person to comment on your website about the great reset. Side note, always shocked how you were in journalism, yet don’t know it’s all propaganda. I used to work for the city of NYC and the CDC. At a young age I had the privilege of working with the leadership and know how this whole COVID lie has been exaggerated. I have the receipts. The truth is that all media is controlled and lying to you. You shouldn’t believe a damn thing and Trump and Biden are the same. Good is equal to Evil. Like temperature of water are just degrees of the same thing. It’s the illusion of choice. If there was real choice we would have several different parties and nit just two always presented to us through the controlled media.

    There are a few agendas going on here and you just have to put it together. I believe the book I recommended will help others understand what is going on today. Also if you still believe COVID is an issue then take a peak at the intel site for COVID I n the World Exonomics Intel site. I recommend the desktop view of the link, you can see how the diagrams points out that they are using the media and the virus to start the great reset.


    Also the diagrams look like an eye and strains in them.

    Extras to note:
    -2015 Paris Climate Accords has an agreement by 2020 signed by majority of the world
    -repurchase market (repo) markets interests rates spiked to 10% on Sept 9, 2019 and the fed injected 25 billion dollars per day, to the Major banks, interest rate free. By March of 2020 the FED was injecting 1 trillion a day and to foreign banks. We have three banks on the verge of collapse and the FED jumped in to stop the collapse.
    – iPhone, iPad, iwatch, Ai, corona is part of the eye, SIRI spelled backwards in iris, and of course the Frankist run the FED and the order of the all seeing eye.

    -the world economic forum has an icon that of 3 O’s. “O”, “x” and “F” equal 6 in gematria. Gematria is written about in the Torah and it’s used in the Bible. So the three “o’s” equal 666. Also FOX is 666
    -Trump tower in NYC has a The shape of a pyramid it that also has trees, the number of them is significant and represent the tree of life. Which has a deeper meaning.

    It’s pretty obvious what’s going on and it’s right in front of everyone’s eyes. If you don’t have the tools to understand what is going on then you cannot see it.

    My personal reason to follow you is based on one of your books, which was similar In a way to the Manly P Hall book, the secret of the untroubled mind which retails on Amazon for over 700 dollars. All 33 pages of it. Regardless, you are onto something with your way of living, but if you are looking for the next level of extending human life I would study the 7 laws of hermetics and become a Fruitarian. The 3 laws is about vibrations, which red light is a vibration. I’m not there with the fruitarian yet, but I’m working on building the farm first.

    Ok . . Too long of a rant

    • too much info leaking … next U will be telling the peeps about 19th century Frankish “principles” coming out Poland..

      Frankish ?? Benjamin Mileikowsky(bibi), Donald Drumpf ??

      covert19 plandemic – bio engineered to kill based on social engineering criteria ,ie..EUGENICS..

      “oh what a wicked web..”

      • Do you mean the 8 principles which are in line with the 8 predictions for 2030 from the World Economic Forum? ha ha . .

        Yes, Benjamin Mileikowsky is a Frankist like his son. Just like Donald Trump’s family is from the same town as Jacob Frank, Rothchilds, Birth place of the order of the all seeing eye, and the largest US military base outside the US. Yup . . . nothing to see here.

        I’m sure there are levels. The common man is on the hypnotised level, being control by the media. Next level are the people who understand that this is about money and financial collapse. The at the same level is the group that understands that the virus was a distraction/excuse for the new finance system being rolled in. The next level up of people understand how they are using this whole operation to bring in a new “green” environment. The next level up from the previous one are the people who know this is about control and tracking, but in a predictive manor. At the higher levels I imagine that this a setup for world wide control out of one area and world wide ownership.

        At the same time there are there are groups like the masons who have their enemies like the anti masons. One group is making their move right now, wait until the next one makes its move, and the outcome isn’t going to be too predictable in the short term.

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