GDP – Recession or Not? Self Optimizations

Earlier this morning – before the GDP announcement, the Dow futures were down more than 200 points.  This, coming on the heels of a gain Wednesday of 548-points is not exactly the end of the world.

The GDP – nominally the value of everything made in America – has become something of a political football.  Because, until recently, the standard definition of a Recession was 2 (or more) quarters of decline in the GDP.

Ostensibly, the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) has used this definition.  However, in what smacks of a “low-T” moment, they weren’t able to come out and call the Biden economic performance a recession – yet.

We’re not sure WHY – but perhaps after the November election.  Although that would mean the NBER is now a political organization.  Can’t be talking about how the “emperor has no clothes,” now, can we? Not before elections.

To be sure, the NBER has good cover to hide behind; a book available for free download on their websites yammers about how recessions are generally one-year or more. (ref link)

On the other hand, the Wikipedia definition is far more practical (though it reveals Biden policy failures of the war-starting administration:

“Although the definition of a recession varies between different countries and scholars, two consecutive quarters of decline in a country’s real gross domestic product (real GDP) is commonly used as a practical definition of a recession.”

The left-influenced (if not outright socialist pandering US media) has flocked too the NBER side of interpretation.  Although an excess of mental acuity and candor is NOT what media does.

War is good for the economy – which is how this administration rolls.

That’s the Set-Up

Now here’s this morning’s report:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 0.6 percent in the second quarter of 2022, following a decrease of 1.6 percent in the first quarter. The second-quarter decrease was the same as previously estimated in the “second” estimate released in August. The smaller decrease in the second quarter, compared to the first quarter, reflected an upturn in exports and an acceleration in consumer spending.

Profits increased 4.6 percent at a quarterly rate in the second quarter after increasing 0.1 percent in the first quarter.

Private goods-producing industries decreased 10.4 percent, private services producing industries increased 2.0 percent, and government decreased 0.2 percent. Overall, 9 of 22 industry groups contributed to the second-quarter decline in real GDP.

After the numbers, the Dow futures slipped a bit more.  Because what cratered worst was the personal goods sectors:

In our Aggregate Index work, the markets have declined from their all-time highs in November 2021 at 41,953.86 to a Tuesday close of 30,805.64.  We suppose the good news is the markets still retains 73 percent of November ’21 pricing.  To our simple-minded thinking, this shows a 27 percent loss.

It’s actually WORSE than that.  And the reason is inflation.  Not only is there the basic 27 percent loss, but now toss on a further 4 to 12 percent real cost for inflation.  Sorry, this cannot be a more honest number.  The Fed looks at inflation as prices less food and energy (a crack-head approach of quants) while the experiential reports include 10-25 percent grocery increases which are comprised of not only higher prices but also shrinking packages with less net contents.

Amid all the “flash in the pan” headlines this week, the Federal Reserve increasing cash in circulation becomes somewhat obscured (hidden) in the H.6 Money Stocks report.  Currency out in circulation in August was $2.2763 trillion compared to last year’s $2,188.6, Fed policy like this explains +4 percent inflation.

But about the stock market? You’ll see the monetary base is down which means there’s not as much “easy money” to buy stocks.  Less money around means prices are lower.  Which part of surprised are you?

The “Self-Optimizing” Path

One of the few legit reasons to read the news is so we can spread joy and optimism wherever we go.

For example, a great eye doc we know in northern Florida received an email from us Wednesday:  “We’re sending you some rain.  Let us know when you’ve had enough.”  We’re expecting an answer today since slow-motion Ian has already don’t huge damage. (We got the lol already…)

By the look of this (press time) tracking maps from the National Hurricane Center, Ian will swing into the ocean and miss the inland area of the Georgia-Florida line where our pals are.  Not too much damage likely in Orlando, either.  Not like the southern part of the state where more than 2-million are in the dark today.

For the weekend, we prepared to rename a certain state Doused Carolina.

News to Use

But where are the GMO Labels?  Sure, nice and all that The FDA announces a new definition of what’s ‘healthy’ but it’s a bought-off, half-assed effort at best.  In much of the rest of the world, GMO content is plainly labeled.  But not here in the best democracy money buys, right?

Another personal health note:  Amazon unveils bedside device that tracks sleeping patterns | AP News.  Well, except that Elaine and I are both CPAP users so there goes a great bit of tech out the window, so far as we’re concerned.  Alexa can hear me (even with the mask and machine on) ask what time is it…so maybe….

QI is coming:  Tracing Uncertainty: Google Harnesses Quantum Mechanics At California Lab.  Sure like the look of the dude’s light fixture…

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s finances (*and those of colleagues) have not been fully revealed.  Yet here’s another “treading lightly” story BREAKING: Fauci’s Net Worth Soared To $12.6+ Million During Pandemic – Up $5 Million (2019-2021) (  I’d love the trading detail – shorting restaurants would have been a hot tip, huh?

Here’s a disturbing environmental note:  Half world’s birds in decline, species moving ‘ever faster’ to extinction. Our red-neck hip-shot on this is because insects are dying off.  Almost no bees to be found in East Texas.  Whether it’s 5G or nicotinamides or glyphosates…does it matter.

People Being People

We frankly couldn’t give a rip, but Marjorie Taylor Greene’s husband files for DIVORCE just years after she met her ‘gym manager lover’.  Perhaps she is just acclimatizing to the District of Corruption?

Victimology watch:  Gambler Claims Online Casino BetMGM Glitches Robbed His Winnings, Fueled Addiction.

More on victimhood?  Why sureSan Francisco sued by homeless demanding affordable housing.

Government Overreaches

More evidence that our label of Canada’s government as run by True Dopes is correct:  FIRST READING: Why Beijing is allegedly opening police stations on Canadian soil.  But, I suppose, at least Canada has a border…any more the stupid or malevolent are hard to sort out.

And speaking of Mr. Malevolent: Russian President Vladimir Putin to annex 4 Ukrainian regions in Friday ceremony.  Which is rich, given the West threw out an elected government in Ukraine with a “color revolution.”  Still, we continue with the “Just leave us the hell alone” life.

ATR:  Elon and Steam Pizza

The set-up of our (amazingly fast after a two-year wait) Starlink system was covered in Peoplenomics Wednesday.  But I wanted to share an unintended gift that came with the unit.

As you know, we hold that what makes each of us unique is how we process information about the world around us.  Ure has his Seven Major Systems of Life.  Not sure what Elon Musk uses, but I got onto the trail (sorting out Musk-think) because of the Starlink unit.

Two clues that he has a worldview framing system (just as we use the 7 systems view).  First was the startup Starlink network name on the wireless router was “STINKY.”  The idea was to give people a name that they would like to change.

Second clue – less obvious – was discovering that I could get to my Starlink set-up by hitting:  Http://   WTF is “DISHY?”  And what kind of subvocalizations are going on in the man’s head that can tip him into brilliance at almost everything he tries?

Working on it for an upcoming Peoplenomics report (after I read a ton of Musk-authored papers).  Because the real magic to life (and PN readers especially know) emerges when we build a working “recipe and collection framework” that provides for unlimited creativity.

Stinky and Dishy may not seem important, but to the degree we can frame how someone’s “inner constellations” are formed, the more power and wisdom we can accrete in our short time on the Rock.  It’s why we ignore victims and pay attention to the Schwartzkopf’s of the world.  How you think matters. 

If you don’t study the methods and framing tools used by others to build their mental housing and mental workshops, you’ll be stuck in reruns your whole life.  Aren’t you better than that?

Steam Pizza?  Not to bother.  We tried it.  It was tasty, but the steam ran the cheese everywhere.  So, before breakfast today, it falls on the experimental chef to clean up the mess before baking a baguette this afternoon.

Specifically, my friends at The Pizza Company out by SeaTac airport in Seattle circa 1970 perfected the best pizza crust ever, bar none.

It raised while cooking and had cracker-like blistered crunchy areas with valleys of molten Mutz and toppings.  Crunchy except where it wasn’t.  So, if you find a sourdough (or plain) cracker crust which rests the dough overnight, gotta post the recipe for us?

Tried everything – six ways to Sunday – and still in 50-years of trying, the perfect crust eludes.

The Steam Oven outcome was a soggy and limp version of a Sabra pizza.  I hope to do better, so back to the 500F pizza stone in a dry oven.

Write when you’re full of it,

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85 thoughts on “GDP – Recession or Not? Self Optimizations”

  1. OK. Local texmex secret.
    Local food truck has been using XL flour tortillas to make lunch pizzas. They brown/blister them BEFORE putting the goodies on, and then just enough heat to melt it all together…it was pretty good, and you can roll it all up so you can drive and eat…

    • Had a friend tell me a couple of weeks ago that the ‘secret’ to his thin crust pizza wasn’t what he put on it [ it’s very good ] but that he browns his crust first, then lays on the yummies for the bake.
      I have not tried it yet., but I will, just as soon as my sour dough starter is ready.

    • We have a couple of Mexican restaurants that do that in the wastelands.. you can watch them make the tortilla to..

    • Awesome!Being raised in Chicago i can have a good to great pizza any day of the month and not order from the same place twice.Like to make at home but not much of a bread maker.Am going to check this out.

  2. Of course we’re not in a recession, because the truth would hurt. Can’t let the (voters) and rest of the world know how far we’ve fallen, that would make America appear weak. Can’t have that !!

    Shit, the US is running so smooth, even a monkey can do it. After all George, we are a (cough cough) Super Power.

    So, the numbers lie and the charts are deceptive to appear relatively “pretty?” in difficult times and, the optimistic happy talk coming out of the box with the remote. Even though the reality is quite contrary.

    Funny how Biden tells some oil folks not to raise prices because of a hurricane. Shit, why stop now? Hell, every time there has been a natural disaster before, they TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY to Raise Prices. Never did understand what that was paying for, beside profits.

    But here we are, just before the midterms and in the midst of a whole lot of war (by proxy, of course) soooo, we gotta save face and keep repeating, it’s gonna be ok. Nope, ain’t believing it.

    I’m sure there are secret shoppers who look to see how pricing and merchandise is at various stores (countries) and ya really can’t bullshit them as they make their comparisons. They know.

    Running the world ain’t as easy as it use to be, specially when The People catch on. We know too, unfortunately the blame gets scattered, not specifically pin pointed.

    Who was it that said, “the world is made up of atoms and opinions?” They were correct.

    • Nein,nein,nein – Bacteria !

      Including U at about 50% OG makeup. You know the stuff that make statues and communion hosts appear to bleed…” it’s a miracle!”

      Why the black goo (true alien AI) /grapheme oxide be so friggin dangerous..

  3. I don’t often recommend readers to embark on reading more than a few paragraphs. That being said, this is quite a good piece (3 parts) that I started a few days back :

    For those whose favorite abbreviation is TLDR, the micro-tight summation might be “meet the new boss, worse than the old boss”. This isn’t unfolding because of politics, but rather greed and oligarchs (which the political classes enabled and visit on their vacations (Pelosi, Clintons, Bush’s, etc. being examples).

    I think this will likely give rise to the biggest black and gray markets in history due to monetary controls and their abuse.

    It is well worth a read, if for no other reason than I have no point of reference for ultra-rich oligarch types, but this certainly explains in my mind what is happening around us.

    Anyway, if you have the time – it was worth mine.

  4. Folks,

    “Oil’s Well that Ends Well.” The Three Stooges are back?

    Reuters had an interesting report out Sept. 19th noting that two German pipelines, Opal and Nel, had reserved capacity by amount and time specific September delivery date from the supposedly already closed Nordstream 1.

    By coinkydoink, last March the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled against Germany in litigation brought by Poland. Germany had wanted to increase Opal pipeline capacity. The Court refused citing “energy solidarity”.

    • The plot thickens??

      It seems the longterm contract between Russia and Poland pushing gas to Europe through the Yamal Pipeline ends in 2022. Apparently the writing has been on the wall since 2019…

      • The answer to the Wordle puzzle, a much-loved pastime of Mr. Gates, on this past Sept. 20th was “alike”.

        Fugitive Mr. Edward Snowden posted an update to his Substack blog on Sept. 20th for the first time since last December. The lead-in picture that he chose is a rather striking image of an animated Mr. Biden. The image first appeared in a PBS Twitter account on Sept. 1st as far as I can make out. Before its deletion sometime after Sept. 24th, a replier had noted a strong resemblance to a screengrab from the 2005 movie “V for Vendetta” by the Wachowski Sisters, formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers of “The Matrix” movie series fame.

        Apparently “V” was known as v?d?, “I know”, in the early cryllic lexicon. Perhaps the X and Y axis is to follow? ‘Zat’s all, folks!

  5. I’m really interested in to see the Bank Of England’s moves. They are shitting their pants. Collapse the market to save the pound or collapse the pound to save the market. Maybe they will join the euro community after all George. The BOE is in a pickle forsure. And all the other banks will follow suite soon.

    Make no mistake. I don’t ever think I’m better than anyone else. I look to THE DUDE to gain wisdom and insite. Looks like Betty is out in the lead by a mile.

    Hope you like my cat dog joke. Made it up on the fly. A thought I had outside the outside of the box when driving.

    Be back when. I’m back. Not a moment sooner or later.

    Rally around the family. For sure.

    • P.S. i hace has 6 different doors of opertunity presented in the last few months. One is to go on a world tour with some bands. Even visit Moscow and London and Amsterdam and berlin and poland, dubai and go all over the world and get paid to do so. I have 2 months to decide if I’m going or not. That is one example of a door of opertunity presented.

      I knocked on 2 of those 6 doors and they opened right up. After waiting for months and talking to THE DUDE and considering HIS thoughts on them and allowing HIM to take the lead on which doors to open.

      Other than that,

      I want my ‘M’ TV.

      • Wise be the bear who reflects on the sage advice of big bear on the jelly stone campus..
        Bobo-there’s someone knocking on the door Yogi.
        Yogi- well it can’t be opportunity Bobo my boy, cause opportunity only knocks once.

    • Oh and interesting Geogre as I don’t say everything I see or do. Because some stuff is between DUDE and me. Afa the bank of England when I meditated on it. I could see a pair Rothschild hands rubing themselves together. Cycles being cycles.

      With the regards to the “finger prints of God” anomalous items of positive chargee future outcome for me at the personal scale, they have a unique shine to them. Different than regular items. One should be manifesting about now.

      Some how when leaving a show I found a silver spoon in my pocket. Authentic silver. All shiny looking and new. With the letter J on the end if it. Since I didn’t let anyone rich me or have anyone hold my coat. That was 10 months ago today. J being the 10th letter. Looking forward to seeing it unfold soon.

      Almost as peculiar as me finding that bullet prior to it going missing from that potential shooters gun. Remember that George?

      So, while the rest of the world runs around and shouts and screams. I will be right where I’m supposed to be, :) no matter what I choose.

      • Good answer Mister Ure. Even the hopi agree this is the end of an era. If the watchers from the book of Daniel are conducting a survey of the planet as we speak? The Judge is here and they give account about humanity and each individual human. Then the decree is issued.

        For today i will just drive. I’m certainly not concerned with my life’s performance. As soon as he waved his hand? The light turned green. And I was free to proceed.

        As it was in the days of Noah. When the judge gave His decree. Every faith in the entire world has record of that day. From native American to sanskit to aboriginal tales to Norse poems.

        See ya when I see ya.

    • Whoooaa. Right after I posted that comment, I stopped at a light and homeless guy was flying a sign so I went to get my wallet to give him a few bucks and he looked at me with ice blue eyes and said, “your qualities of character, generosity and kindness proceed you. We are conducting a survey of the planet and the watchers do not have any concerns about your true nature Andy. We do question the qualities of other. I said you know my name? He waved me on and said im a servant of the watchers.”

      Whoever the watchers are. Trippy. When he looked at me. His face shines like the finger prints of God I find. A unique shine.

      Que ~ Move~

      Luke Bryan

    • Andy on that BOE thing they ARE US. Thats why they stopped warring with us after 1812. Don’t get me wrong I like our friends across the pond. The Fed does too releasing Joint statements and all.

      You are looking at a controlled demolition, that sort of operation is done with smaller carefully positioned charges distributed across the object under destruction [which is the world $ denominated oil anchored economy]. Its a better alternative than using one large charge [switching the $ out first without giving stakeholders the opportunity to be first in line to the life boats]. Having the mess splayed all over the place randomly and un contained, that will happen once
      the whales have transitioned themselves into the new money.

      Australia National Bank, BOE, BOJ, Bank of Ireland, like dominoes.Who’s Next? This is not a drill.

      Regardless, what you are seeing is the large institutions redeeming bonds for fiat, which makes the fiat appear to be strong and in high demand in the short term. That money won’t be redeployed into the CUSIP markets and businesses [whose earnings will be tanking with the energy and materials scarcity]. it will go into blockchain. While the whales step into the escape hatch abandoning the old ways. The old system will be summarily collapsed by high interest rates, the whales will be pouring that fiat into crypto and positioned in the new paradigm. Got Blockchain? We will be seeing the survivors of the NET3.0 tulip mania emerging soon and they will be pumped.

  6. Ho Ho Ho . My ex w(itch) and mother of my baby daughter nicked her as “STINKY”. Only found out from caregiver and I changed that up fast.LOL
    I am experiencing such synchronicity in life that it begs the question of reality. Andy has exposed his and I have not. Is there a reason to do so Andy? Way past middle-age and still having buttons pushed ahead for my life. Totally crazy and that is why I dont share. No one would believe as I am sure there are those that doubt Andy.
    Best Pizza crust I have ever encountered and it allows you to determine cooking time of toppings. Mushy or Crunchy?
    Equal parts cauliflower and mozzarella, shredded, mixed well, spread on oven plate cooked till golden “pun?” @450degreesF. You can refrigerate or let cool. Load toppings of choice. Pizza cook till desired texture of toppings. Some experimentation involved to achieve your desires. Damn, I Love this site George!

    • “No one would believe as I am sure there are those that doubt Andy.”
      Coming into the presence of Dude is not available to us until we have metaphorically climbed a good ways up the pyramid of life.

      The higher you go, the more amazing the view. Andy has seen a million of the smaller coincidence, for me, a few of the larger. For you, I’d reckon a mix of small and large.
      Little deals and big deals, but right on the fringe of being “My imagination or a divine Plan?”

      As we age our way higher up the pyramid of experiences and memories, greater vistas come into view.

      At some point, we put our heads down from the amazing horizons and quietly confess “I’m still on the way…” And the path remains clear. Ure writes, Andy drives, Zephyr weighs the meaning. There will be unlimited time for that, of course. So, keep noticing, but keep climbing.

  7. 1929 started on a Thursday.

    Putin might be colluding with the West in the Great Reset…. but if not, he should escalate this weekend. I don’t think nukes yet but a cable cut might be a way to induce the west into a nuclear first strike. And a cable cut would help the West and Putin is the scapegoat so we’ll never know.

    A new pipeline was opened concurrent to the Nord Stream II incident. Net zero on the loss?

    Baltic Pipe gas pipeline officially opens to reduce dependency on Russia

    Pipeline will transport natural gas from Norway via Denmark and through Baltic Sea to Poland

    “With an annual capacity of 10 billion cubic meters of gas”

    Everyone loves Elon.

    Louis Rukeyser: Before the Crash – Wall Street Week (1987)

      • I bought a case of can fruit yesterday. I buy the large 29oz/30oz cans as opposed to the smaller 10oz/12oz cans – can sizes are no longer standard in weight. After excluding the dented cans I got six fruit cocktail, 3 pear and 3 peach.

        And I’m pretty sure the canned meat section isn’t as wide as it once was. I think pickles expanded down into the section. Will go to the other $WMT tonight for a haul and I may get a pic for tomorrow.

      • Brilliant Clawsy. What you are insinuating is a step function escalation in the asymmetric warfare theater. Youse burned my food plants?

        Your Pipelines go bubble (shouldn’t they be dry though because pooh team has them shut in) and sanctions have them shut out?…??.

        Well, sanctions are now connectly in effect in permanence. Shortly goes the Rouble?? Blind mans bluff it is. Speaking of demolition.

    • Thanks for the WSW memory. I almost forgot that the financial world ended in 1987. Whatever shall we do….

  8. Elon Musks intentional and humorous irreverence is found throughout all of his companies. From giving out flamethrowers with the launch of the Boring CO. To the naming of his Humanoid robot…”Optimus” a nod to the leader of the Autobots in the Transformers series to be introduced tomorrow, to the models of his four Tesla cars. The Model S, 3, X, Y… Put together..S3XY. Tesla’s cars have features like DogMode and CampMode..both practical features for leaving dogs in cars with ample air conditioning and comfort, but funny names nevertheless. They even have a feature that plays fart sounds in the cars, that is a one time only feature with wives I found out. She wasn’t amused. It’s this irreverence and sophomoric humor that helps in part to fuel the creativity for the company. In an industry full of some of the worlds top computer and design engineers with rote assignments, a bit of levity is good to break up the monotony of engineering… A good belly laugh is good for the soul and evidently for sales of his products as well.

    • The Model S, 3, X, Y

      Pepsi did that one year.. when the cans were stacked all over it was sexy.. sex subliminals are all over the place.. from placine female breasts on the rump of a horse as the cowboy rides into the sunset to the guy jumping on the trampoline at the beginning of any universal move with smiling sunflowers all over it..
      That was one of the things that impressed me about Trump.. he maybe didn’t know why some stuff upset him.. but he would get upset at points where negative subliminals were placed in news casts etc..

    • Interesting. I do wish he’d have named the 3 as E, but that’s just me. I’m sure marketing would have had a hemorrhage! I do appreciate good engineering and belly laughs, but I prefer simpler and more personally maintainable products. Complexity should never exist if there’s an option for simplicity without compromising utility.

      • Tesla is the simplest, lowest maintenance piece of human transport on the planet. It’s utility is it’s trademark. Imagine traveling 300+ miles without paying a cent on gas, zero on oil changes, nada on transmission issues and zilch on tune-ups, smog checks/ etc. while only adding less than $20 a month on your electric bill? And the added bonus is that I can smoke a Ferrari from 0-60. I never, ever have range anxiety. I can have a full charge every day if I choose…but usually just charge overnight a few nights after 11:00pm…. I can plug it in when I get home and Tesla automatically starts the charge based on your local utility’s low peak rates. I control the “fuel” rates I pay. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to gas up your ICE car after 11:00pm and save 40% on gas? Haha..that will never happen. Electrics will take over on 5 years anyway.

        • Although – having worked on instrumentation in past hybrid electric challenges – I love driving EVs (and especially ebikes in the 1+kw class) the reality in large portions of America is that first range and then charging are terrible issues. The “correct product” to bridge (*until the grid can support more, new chemistries come along, and federal regs are modernized to allow light platforms if collision avoidance is onboard, we still need hybrid cars with their abilities (one foot in each camp). I’d be very keen on a Tesla if it had a hyubrid option, particularly if they had a super-click gasoline fuel cell in the mix…

      • “Tesla is the simplest, lowest maintenance piece of human transport on the planet. It’s utility is it’s trademark. Imagine traveling 300+ miles without paying a cent on gas,”

        that is what killed the electric car years ago @Mark.. auto companies.. the local oil change stations and mechanics make their money on worn out parts and general maintenance.. a gas station doesn’t make their money on fuel sales but on in store sales.. if you don’t have to run in for some gas.. then they are unable to stay open.. the reverse pyramid does hit everyone along the path.. that is why they tacted an additional fee on the licensing of electric cars.. the fuel tax is not being gathered..

      • “Tesla is the simplest, lowest maintenance piece of human transport on the planet. ”

        No it isn’t — that’d be the “bicycle” which is also the most-efficient machine ever invented.

        What would you do if you had to go to Las Vegas and couldn’t fly?

        In my car, I wouldn’t even have to take a potty break. In fact, I could take a side trip to Reno and have enough left in the tank to cruise the strip for hours. Oh, and I could do it with a two-ton trailer hangin’ off the back, and STILL be able to cruise the strip without a refill. When I need a refill, it takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds to fill the tank… and then I can drive ANOTHER 700 miles.

        EVs are nice, and its great that yours works for your lifestyle, but they’re not a panacea and are (and may always be) utterly incapable of performing some transportation tasks.

        Please, kwitcherprechin…

      • It’s impossible to reason with anyone who has enough wealth to create their own reality regardless of how much that reality flies in the face of nature and its facts.

  9. “Half world’s birds in decline, species moving ‘ever faster’ to extinction. Our red-neck hip-shot on this is because insects are dying off. Almost no bees to be found in East Texas. Whether it’s 5G or nicotinamides or glyphosates…does it matter.”

    It’s really OOW Steve… ;-)

    • Perhaps some insects are dying off, but I can assure you that beetles, ants, flies, and above all mosquitoes are in plentiful supply here after the rains! They apparently can’t be bothered with my “No Trespassing” signs and I’m forced to exterminate them when they enter my house.

      Birds are evident here, including doves, hawks, and above all ravens! There are also small birds that I don’t know the names of.

  10. “But where are the GMO Labels? Sure, nice and all that The FDA announces a new definition of what’s ‘healthy’ but it’s a bought-off, half-assed effort at best.”

    Con-Agra and Cargill have been trying for several years to “buy” “GMO” and “Non-GMO” from the USDA. Should either succeed, they will become copyrighted and trademarked terms — and meaningless.

  11. On Elon’s brilliance lets not forget the TESLA model lineup S3XY. 3 is reversible with E as Y is to I, or eye.

    • or the rumored new model RE(code named brokeback) – name after secretary of transportation “what what” in the Buttigieg. You the guy who never had a [Unwarranted personal attack involving sexual pref – edited so everyone knows this is a higher path place – G]
      Special new material is impact resistant, rather than repel opposing force, this new material absorbs or rather sucks in & hold the offending bumper.. something about premature ejection of airbags is prevented with this new tech..

  12. “It’s actually WORSE than that. And the reason is inflation. Not only is there the basic 27 percent loss, but now toss on a further 4 to 12 percent real cost for inflation. ”

    Much worse to come I believe… just think about it.. not only with the build back better campaign.. but pushing this war in Ukraine.. we have printed up what eight years of our national budget.. and haven’t seen a thing from it..
    Now with this Nordstream explosion or explosions.. if it is seen as a black flag event to further the family business model.. but targeting the NATO countries that are seeing starvation because of this whole shindig going on.. If it is taken that we not only are forcing the majority of the earths population to face starvation but now freezing because of the pipeline destruction.. they could turn on US.. instead of being drawn into a war to save one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.. In the end it is all about the business plan.. Now is that new pipeline in Poland owned or involved with the the company that hired the drugged up perv.. not only are we facing a financial fall larger than any in the history of our planet.. but facing isolation by the other nato countries that were targeted with the pipeline destruction..
    Then consider the environmental affects of that escaping gas.. phew.. none of it in my opinion is good..
    and was is infuriating is .. I believe that all of it was avoidable..

    • All avoidable, ABSOLUTELY…

      So, IF ALL of it was avoidable, then it goes without saying that ALL OF IT IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN.

      You will own nothing and you will be happy.

      • See the new Volkswagen ad – 1/8ths background beat to music = telltale entrainment tones..everyone in commercial uses same gets out, another walks up and get in and drives, gets out , another walks up – gets in and drives ..the subliminal messaging has already started..long ago.

    • Yeah I noticed that, too. Snowden granted citizenship and days later all the men in Russia are ‘mobilized’. I suspect if he were drafted that they would utilize his best talents. He might even enjoy tripping up the beast that wants to devour him.

  13. “Google Harnesses Quantum Mechanics At California Lab. Sure like the look of the dude’s light fixture…”

    But did you notice the flush toilet on the back wall? WTF?

  14. .., well – the BOE announced plans to stabilize the market and hopefully stop the fall of the Pound. The Pound is up – one tenth of one cent., and the “Footsie” closed down 2.4%. Seems as though no one like the ideas very much, at all.

  15. GMO. Like anyone would trust such a label. If you have stringent food requirements then grow your own (as you are attempting), or convince manufactures to label on their own. Like we need more regulations from our already overbearing government, just will need to higher yet more regulators to oversee every label. I don’t have any issues with GMO food personally, such things are amazing developments in my opinion to grow our food supply. Government cannot even arrest and jail criminals, what I believe is their most important role, yet many want to them to continue to grow into every part of our lives. Like California’s cancer labeling, we learn that every single thing for sale consumed in high enough quantities, may cause cancer, thanks government…

  16. Partial Answer to the question about the Pipeline ExplosionS of a couple of days ago of … “WHO DONE IT?”:

    “”No Evidence” US Involved In Nord Stream Pipeline Attack Because Pentagon Says So”

    “Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin has confirmed that the U.S. was not responsible for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosion, because the Pentagon told her so”
    There!! Now we know FOR SURE that the US, it’s various Alphabet Agencies, and it’s various Paid 3rd Party Actors were NOT involved with the pipeline explosions.

    Feel better?

    (btw … now where is that Iraqi Nuclear Bomb building evidence buried? the Pentagon and various US spokes people back in 2002 said they were building one, maybe even close to completeing it, but obviously the US government must still hiding it even from Congress since the evidence of it has never been publicly revealed by the US Government since the US invasion nearly 20 years ago)

    • “There!! Now we know FOR SURE that the US, it’s various Alphabet Agencies, and it’s various Paid 3rd Party Actors were NOT involved with the pipeline explosions.”

      well that is good to know for sure.. heaven help us if we were the bungling moronic idiots to do that terrorist act .. especially since its destruction not only hurt russia financially but was targeting our allies and their overall physical winter survival. Just how would NATO react to one of their own targeting the NATO alliance and billions of their citizens..

      • Whoever did the pipeline demolition has an agenda which targets NATO & US, AND the Ru Federation block. Going with contrarian analysis, you would be looking for a land-locked nation-state which has grudges against damn near everyone, and who no major bully player takes seriously. Kinda reminds me of some things Stu wrote recently…

    • As I said: what other country has submarines with gigantic wheels ON THEIR BOTTOMS?

      Florida Emergency Nets:
      7.242 by day, 3.940 by night.
      Currently in a “standby monitoring mode” with a few calls
      now and then. Should heat up on 3940 tonight.


  17. Yo Mr. Ure, I will share a pizza dough recipe, took numerous trials, but this one fits the bill:
    1 cup 1tbsp 00 flour
    1 cup 1 tbsp 2 tsp AP flour
    1 tsp salt
    3/4 tsp yeast
    1 tsp EVOO
    1 cup of warm water

    Bloom yeast in the cup of water, add all other ingredients in a stand mixer and add water/yeast mixture. Mix with dough hook until it comes together. Knead into single ball and place in oiled bowl for first proofing (1 hour). Punch down and let proof for an additional hour. I prefer to split dough into two equal parts and place in plastic containers. Refrigerate for at least a day and up to 5. Dough acquires nice sour dough tang. Makes 2 10-12 inch pies. Still use a heavy pizza stone in a 500 degree oven (one hour pre-heat) Enjoy…..

    • thanks for sharing the recipe.. I will make up some crusts today..
      ALTHOUGH.. I don’t have and EVOO .. it is tough to locate true and official Virgin olive oil.. and then how do you make sure it is virgin not some oil posing as virgin olive oil.. LOL LOL Just Kidding there.. LOL kidding about the oil not about going to make some pizza crusts..

      • “it is tough to locate true and official Virgin olive oil.. and then how do you make sure it is virgin not some oil posing as virgin olive oil.”

        You’re being flip, but this really IS a thing. Counterfeit olive oil, VOO, and EVOO started hitting grocery shelves in the U.S. and Canada over 10 years ago. It is made by diluting olive oil with any other oil. AFAIK the only way to know, is to locate and become brand-loyal with an honest importer. Bertolli used to be. I don’t know if they still are, because I bought a lifetime’s worth of EVOO and LVOO some years ago…

  18. Glenn Beck referenced a couple of news articles on today’s show one of which ought to be of interest to us all –

    Journalist Will Saletan Claims CitiBank Is Locking Some Customers Out Of Accounts Forever

    “Several weeks ago, I learned that [Citibank] locks some customers out of their accounts and refuses to release their money even if they show up with ID,” Saletan tweeted Monday. “This week, [Citi] sent an email explicitly affirming its right to do this ‘without cause.’”

    Citi also “reserves the right to close an account at any time and for any reason, with or without cause,” the bank stated in an email response to Saletan after he reached out, according to the journalist’s Twitter thread.

    In the email, @Citi repeats that the closure will take 30-60 days. That’s from Sept. 4, when they officially closed the account. They locked it on Aug. 16.

    So at a minimum, they’re withholding the customer’s money for 49 days. And reserving the right to keep it for 30 more. 5/8

    Citi will only return funds they “deem” as “belonging” to the customer, Saletan alleged in a subsequent tweet. “[Citi] reserves the right *never* to return the money,” according to Saletan.

    The article was used in reference to the safety of our banks and the coming change over from what we view as “cash” to the CBDC giving whatever oversight organization will be in charge complete control of our private funds.

  19. the Bee situation.. I have issues with bees to.. none around.. I visited the bee guys.. they move bees all around the country .. its their job.. I asked if he would set a hive down.. he said not on your life.. they are my bread and butter.. and all the farmers around here use GMO seeds.. something like the plants are modified with the tobacco plant and it kills his bees.. so he is boycotting area’s of high gmo seed plantings..
    I used mason bee’s.. this year.. that worked pretty good.. but honey bee’s.. nope not a one in miles and miles..
    bumble bees.. but they have a short life span..

    • Hawaii Island raises and exports queen bees. But now the vara mites have spread to here also. But we have a healthy population in my wild jungle. The cherry blossoms are heavily abuzz in season. Oh, yeah, and we have roadside honey sellers, too.

      • I wish I had some around here LOL.. I wonder how much they get for bee’s.. when I talked with the bee man.. he said if I buy my own bees and Hive he would be glad to take care of them for me.. ( i don’t care about the honey even though he said he would split what they made)

  20. G, spreading ‘joy and optimism’ about the FLA hurricane (or ‘whitewashing inconvenient facts’ lol) ?

    Florida’s not in a ‘go it alone’ mood anymore, DeSantis suspends all criticism of Federal aid (can’t bash the hand that feeds ya, lol!):

    Historical Record breaking surges, hundreds dead (expected after rescue crews get to them). Climate change deniers, you’re not living in Ft Meyers FLA!

    • what a snarky Aunt C, unipolar thinking, using peoples hard times to push her climate change narrative , so the DEMONS can tax US for her fear porn. Many actual scientists disagree with your continual dead horse beating

      Hey Aunt C, why not stop sending all the cash to the Ukraine money laundry and send the funds to Florida? where it will help Americans instead of CONgress’s back pocket rebates and the implanted Ukraine CIA puppets.
      actionable vs hokus pokus climate change

      • My mind puts faces on some of the regulars here on George’s comments section. My go-to for “C” is Jamie Lee Curtis. Don’t know why but it just fits in my mind.

  21. US Coast Guard Discovers 3 Chinese and 4 Russian Military Vessels Operating in a Single Formation Off US Shore

    The Coast Guard discovered a group of Russian and Chinese warships operating north of one of Alaska’s Bering Sea islands earlier this month.

    The cutter Kimball first identified the Chinese guided-missile cruiser Renhai CG 10, 75 nautical miles north of the remote Kiska Island, according to a news release from the Coast Guard.

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