Markets in Wiggle-Zone; Personal Income Joke

Our first discussion should be the state of financial markets which are momentarily in the “Wiggle Zone.”

As you can see in the Elliott wave view of things, we are wiggling around a big red support line (lower right) here:

Now let’s look at a bigger timescale and ask what might fit (for this is never advice, just entertainment purposes for an old man’s day trading habits):

Just rolling with visual cortex logic, seems at least possible that we could bounce well today.  But of course, there is no assurance that people today will behave any differently than they did when the 1929 market trainwreck went off the tracks.

If there is any “good news” to all this, it is that until the long waiting period for World War II to begin after the Crash (over 11-years from Crash to Pearl Harbor) we can look out on the immediate future and calculate that war III will be engulfing the planet in half as much time in his cycle, and maybe not waiting period at all.

Statistical Jokes

Let’s begin with some definitions (courtesy of the San Francisco Fed):

“National income is a broader national level economic measure than is personal income. National income includes payments to individuals (income from wages and salaries, and other income), plus payments to government (taxes), plus retained income from the corporate sector (depreciation, undistributed profits), less adjustments (subsidies, government and consumer interest, and statistical discrepancy).

Personal income measures national level income to persons and nonprofit corporations. Personal income includes payments to individuals (income from wages and salaries, and other income), plus transfer payments from government, less employee social insurance contributions.

Disposable personal income measures the after-tax income of persons and nonprofit corporations. It is calculated by subtracting personal tax and nontax payments from personal income. In 1999, disposable personal income represented approximately 72 percent of gross domestic product (i.e., total U.S. output).”

What’s interesting is that personal income includes sole proprietorship income, as well.  As this site explains:

“Personal income includes the income that is received by persons from participation in production, from government and business transfer payments, and from government interest (which is treated like a transfer payment). It is calculated as the sum of wage and salary disbursements, other labor income, proprietors’ income with inventory valuation and capital consumption adjustments, rental income of persons with capital consumption adjustment, personal dividend income, personal interest income, and transfer payments to persons, less personal contributions for social insurance.”

Point is that personal income includes:

• From all sources, not just wages and salaries
• Includes government social benefits, such as unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid,
Social Security, and pandemic-related payments.

So, when we go over this morning’s report realize it has almost nothing to do with regular people and that SP income, couples with a small string of rentals raising rents and so forth, all figures into it.

Here’s the Data

“Personal income increased $71.6 billion, or 0.3 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $67.5 billion, or 0.4 percent, in August. The increase in personal income primarily reflected increases in compensation and proprietors’ income. The personal saving rate (that is, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income) was 3.5 percent in August, the same rate as in July.”

Of course if you build soaring home price equity in and enough inflation…

Want a Picture?

After the number, stocks were still planning to open higher based on future’s pricing.

Ian’s Second Landfall

Not that we needed a “two-fer” storm, but Ma Nature (and those atmospheric heaters?) don’t ask the We folk:

Google’s News Search engine reported 128-million news hits this morning on “hurricane Ian.”

When we added +”climate change” to the query, results dropped to 7.56 million.  Which means at least 5.9 percent of media is spewing crap which Dr. Joe Bastardi has eloquently dismissed as crap.

Although it’s actually much higher BS loading, since 26.3 million stories use the word climate. 20.54% of hurricane stories are at least “suspect” to our thinking.

The Washington Post’s Hurricane Ian’s rapid intensification signals climate change’s impact seems typical agendafying.

When we talk to farmers and ranchers out here in East Texas?  No one (and we’re talking generations worth) has noticed anything other than “weather.”

Trends Eating America

Let’s begin with “news” creation and how – having no Trump on the ballot – people who are open to both sides of debate are now being attacked.  An example?  Is Fox News Host Tucker Carlson a True Believer?  Let’s shoot the messengers, shall we?  Democrats are still running Trump.  Stupid or smart?

America – seemingly intent on reprising Germany prior to WW II continues to evolve anti-Semitism.  As Berkeley Develops Jewish-Free Zones.  Adolph would be proud.  But, seriously, there’s a reason Berkeley is called HQ for “Granola land.”  (Land of fruits and nuts…)

Did you happen to notice?  First Openly Transgender Army Officer Indicted for Trying to Give Soldiers’ Medical Info to Russia.  Could this p[oint to why in times past gender uncertainty was considered a security risk – back in the Old America?

There is so little going on that NBC has been reduced to reporting stories like Herd the news? Wild boar piglet adopted by German cows.  I had to apply an emergency ViseGrip therapy to my forearm to make sure I wasn’t still in a nightmare.  I didn’t wake up, though, and this computer seems real enough…

If you think the Nordstream pipelines attack was American, we have found someone who agrees:  Russian spy chief: West was behind sabotage of Nord Stream.  What no one is asking – particularly the witch-hunting halfwits on Capital (sic) Hill (best money can buy, right?) is which American government is running this op?  Because there are two American governments now:  A non-elective (*CIA, NSA, and neolib’s brand versus a nominally elected branch that’s been bought with big corporate campaign money – a route endorsed by liberal Supreme Court justices in the Citizen’s United case.  Which said, in effect, that corporations are people – which is such utter bullshit that it boggles an old man’s mind….)  Regardless, there is SOME GROUP out there that is pressing nuclear war (or trying for some agenda worth risking it) in order to take down Russia and its Resources for Western/Corporate consumption and gain.  Or to keep the European Union from imploding financially which it will over time.  Government of Government seems repetitive, repetitive.

Which Vlad Putin will monkey wrench as we check the Factbox: The four regions that Russia is poised to annex from Ukraine | Reuters,

Mental acuity in this “factbox” is a little questionable, I’ll grant you.  The story begins “A bird flies above a banner on a screen…” The reality is the bird is flying over buildings not above a banner of some computer screen…but you see how this illustrates the lack of precision-thinking (and verbiage) which just about guarantees bad outcomes in our future?  Sheesh.  (Repeat after me, there is Truth and then there is talking half-truths.  And we regret to inform you that half-truths are also half-lies.  We hope you remember? Balance, bonzi!

Around the Ranch:

No rain in sight for at least another week.  We’re watching a real-life event race:  Will the new metal roofing materials be here in time to get applied before rainfall?  Place Ure bets…

Steamy Adventures:  Yes, meatloaf done in the steam oven is GREAT.  Even if the pizza wasn’t.

I plan more “serious loafing” (French) this afternoon.

Electric Bikes Coming?  My buddy the Major and his doctorly wife have a couple of new Lectric e-bikes and love ’em.  These are 500-watt rigs.  Having ridden several e-Bikes, I’m partial to something with bigger batteries and higher output – like 1,000 watts – or more.  We’re pondering whether to convert our End of the World Mountain Bikes to electric.  Shopping conversion kits on eBay off and on.

Weekend ahead (hallelujah!) plans include not going to the doctor due to an upper right abdomen stomach muscle that drove me to 18-hours of sleep. Cancelled an appointment this morning because the pain 90% cleared overnight.

Felt like “earthquake tired’s” on top of a severe upper abdominal muscle pull – so if a big quake comes along soonly, we’re ready.  In an odd location?  Is that what the odd abdominal placement was about?  Body scrying?

Charts on Peoplenomics will be damn interesting with the market declines of late.  We’ll update the chart squiggles in the morning.

Write when you get rich,

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42 thoughts on “Markets in Wiggle-Zone; Personal Income Joke”

  1. Hi, If deutch stock is at 7.23 and breakeven is 8.20..when are the stocks runs?

    Assuming the WW2 weapons dumped at sea set off the pipeline issues for NORSTEAM 2…Is Pope’s money coming home event to protect Italy finances?

    Truss idea? I’m spent all my money let Russia own eastern Europe? End to Pope like WW1` and WW2?

  2. “11-years from Crash”

    When did the current crash begin?

    No matter the excuse, what form of .gov offers transfer payments like Trump kicked-off? That’s the form of .gov we have. And everyone took the payments. Those are the types of us we have.

    Mad ramblings or truth, what does the following mean exactly?

    “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system…to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse.” He continued, “I am sorry we’re having to do it.”

    – George W. Bush Dec 16, 2008

    It’s all air to about 1977 numbers.

  3. E-bikes have been on my radar lately as well. Seems like all the kits and parts are moslty Chinese though. And I would like to see braking system upgrades as part of said kits as well. Still have the kids 3 Shwinns hanging in the shop and the project would be fun. When I bought the Polaris a couple of months back the dealer was taking pre-orders for their new electric model. Holy Shit!!!

    • Everything is a compromise. Most e-bike bits are made in China, and some of them are of decent quality. Most of the rest are Italian or Japanese. There are American, Swedish, and German manufacturers, but most are boutique builders and use Chinese, Japanese, and Italian parts.

      I have seen e-bikes priced under $1100, and others that’re more-expensive than a new Ford Mustang. How far do you want to go, and how quickly do you want to get there…?

  4. Comrades,

    Gee whiz, so Mr. Putin’s diplomats didn’t even offer the now-idicted American trans officer a deployment tryout? Maybe rendering their (“his” in the legacy pronoun nomenclature) critiques of the commander-in-chief’s foreign policies on Twitter whilst a member of a “secret” clearance cadre raised some red flags? Interestingly, an “Army Times” article outlined how investigators keyed in on their Russian speaking wife and reeled them in. Her now deleted John Hopkins page can still be accessed on internet archive. However there doesn’t seem to be a clear path of explanation as to how she acquired her Russian skills. It’s almost like shades of Mrs. Snowden. Makes one wonder if the Russians got what they wanted before kicking them to the curb.

    Well, nothing like a ray of sunshine to lift the spirits after a rainstorm. Let’s join DJ George in studio now that the roof has been secured to its moorings –
    Judy Garland
    “Over the Rainbow”.

    • Folks,

      Take your seats, things are heating up in the EU. Energy price caps, they say? Comrades, what happened to perestroika? You know, to borrow an off-teleprompter turn of phrase, I was looking at the the US government stats on LNG exports recently, and I think China + Taiwan = America’s second largest customer block. Surely Mr. Xi will have time in his busy day to throw in a free lunch if Western inquirers will line up cap in hand proposing cheap energy prices for the common good of the world.

  5. Russian annexations.

    Whose calling the kettle black?

    The U.S. (and Britain) make Russia appear to be bit players.

    How about some history? The U.S. is incomparably worse than Russia.

    The question is why hasn’t the U.S. set them all free? Make them totally independent free nations??

    The United States currently administers 16 insular areas as territories:
    American Samoa.
    Northern Mariana Islands.
    Puerto Rico.
    United States Virgin Islands.
    Minor Outlying Islands. Bajo Nuevo Bank. Baker Island. Howland Island. Jarvis Island. Johnston Atoll. Kingman Reef. Midway Islands. Navassa Island. Palmyra Atoll.

    • Speaking of history, Russia grabbed the Crimea awhile back…..which has way more land area than all those U.S. territorial islands combined. If the U.S.S.R. had not imploded, then Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia and all of those “stan” countries would still be a part of it.

      Puerto Rico has voted on its status several times, usually with the options of statehood, independence or maintaining the status quo. Sometimes statehood wins, sometimes status quo wins, but independence never comes close. They know where their bread’s buttered.

      The Pacific Island territories are there for their strategic value, to maintain a military presence in the region. Without those territories, the first World War II Japanese attack might well have been on the U.S. mainland. After the war, the U.S. granted the Philippines independence, accompanied by massive reconstruction aid.

      In short, the U.S. is not a colonial empire – it broke away from one.

    • From what I hear, those “territories” have gotten a lot of gov. (Taxpayer) money over the past 60 years. Wonder why non of them have an infrastructure like NY.

    • Tu quoque or whataboutism is not a valid excuse for what Russia is doing to Ukraine and environs. There’s no excuse for the human calamity that Putin has caused. Provoked or not, HE pulled the trigger.

      • No excuse needed nor required genius. Cause belongs to the instigators – think castle doctrine, if you think at all. Championing/Defending Satanists and their nazi “bulletcatchers” is telling in the extreme.

  6. Mr Editor,

    please be advised, it is TIME, where ever we are.

    Where did it go ? What happened to it ? How did “they” hide it, remove it from history? Roughly 1000 years time missing, maybe ? WTF, over?
    Look, examine, study ancient ships from year say 400. Now do same work on ships from year 1400 – see any differences in the ships themselves ? No new equipment, sail tech..nothing changes for a 1000 years, same exact shit? Still scratching me head..
    Who wrote and made up everything, including minting fake coins for all purported emperors..that diabolical church/monks.

    Illuminati nut cases(elites) been f-ing with timelines, still are at this very fact it is what they think will enable them to “win” this war, “changing time”. Sayz here their current efforts “blowup” in their faces..Nosty speaks of it in quatrain ___ “Saturn is late, again” .

    Dont think for one minute they are Not changing history. Watch Moonraker bond movie again, and tell me how the joke workz at the end of the movie when Jaws walks off into sunset hand in hand with young girl..who is NOT wearing BRACES anymore!?!?! what da ?

    4 the numbers guys and girlz who still dont realize 9/11, that elites are number/astrolgy-astronomy freqs, was huge Illuminati Ritual.

    some Maths –

    11×111= 1221

    1221 x21=25641 – recall # of days in the Great Age =9,360,000, and divide this by 25641:365.242 (25,641 is illuminati supernumber)..”a mathematical alchemical formulation capable of transmuting its very nature, much like mytghical Phoenix burd.

    It is 777 and 33, the # of god and number of christ, and simultaneously 77 and 333, the number of satan and the number of the demon choronzon.
    Old and busted- rather lets invoke biblical anti-christ, whose number is listed in da book of Revelation as 666? ready , 25 +641=666..hold on chickenz, some biblical manuscripts list the number as 616 – got it covered: 641-25=616.225641 – mathematically represents the synthesis of all things, the reconcilliation of speaks of Unification.

    *More maths ! its Friday..very well see the book of Revs. chap jerusalem, supposed city of god includes 12 gemstones ..associated with 12 signs zodiac..encoded many stones in arrons breastplate, or the Eye of Narbonne?

    Panic in “high” places, crimes”against humanity/Earths interactive library,(every living thing has their codes to share wit Us, introduction and ask for em-hug a tree,get a code..) not Forgiven ever.

    No such thing out there – We is what We is..Our color/vibration-frequency/size/intensity. No advancement possible 4 “nogoodniks”, as turns out “the scales” work,eventually.
    Physics – the heavier, denser you become, greater the propensity to sink down &”FALL” .

    May Ure hearts know Openness, Brightness and Happiness – practice! that simple.. does anyone really care what TIME it is anyway? Maybe this is why the “blu destroyer” seems to be running so late, non?

  7. I don’t much follow these sites with “doom click bait” every day, but this in depth interview with David Pyne yesterday on The Canadian Prepper site was quit insightful.

    David Pyne is a former U.S. Army combat arms and H.Q. staff officer with an M.A. in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. He currently serves as Deputy Director of National Operations for the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

    I would be very interested in Warhammer’s comments if he has time to watch it.

    P.S. “Where’s Jackie?”

  8. LOL… I stopped to ask about the brackets.. for the cube..the woman behind the desk asked about my wine.. LOL LOL.. anyway.. I am going to get them at a reduced price.. in exchange for a couple of bottles of wine.. LOL
    they did say they are expediting the process ..they loved the idea that I showed them and as I was showing how it works asked if I thought it would work with one of their products and showed me the layout of their newest product line…. Absolutely it will work for it in my opinion.. so they are considering adding it as an option to their catalogue for one of their products on a unit they produce.. they took me into the designer for me to explain it to him so he could draw it up for their unit and how I would implement it..
    I laughed and said if the price was going to make me cry that he should have the pretty young woman give me the bad news.. that way its always a pretty woman that says something to make me cry LOL LOL… we all got a chuckle out of that..

  9. Hey G,

    You C note what Im C-ing?
    The shape of the USD price trajectory – its going parabolic bitches!

    This parabola will further suppress Precious Metals prices for a short amount of T. Afterwards she comes crashing down, while PMs will in turn go parabolic – not a good thing when the panics start.
    US govt future plans on restricting purchase of PM’s, as it will be said to be causing runaway inflation. Silver scarcity (due tech needs) will further drive demands for the metal to the point of Government needz Ure Silver stash, it will become so strategically important.
    US “junk silver” pre 1964 will be “shining” once again. Cant eat it, but ya cant confiscate it neither, CURSE the dirty world leaders- rat bastards for even thinking about it – all of them/vile masons!

    WEFers vs EWFs (FreeWillEntities) – I really like the odds right now, as that simpering lil faggot klaus and simpering lil companion dog ursala von bloodsuka got less than nothing AND pedo lizzys in a box! hooray!

  10. “When we talk to farmers and ranchers out here in East Texas? No one (and we’re talking generations worth) has noticed anything other than “weather.”

    OMG G….. it must be a psychic phenomenon or something.. because that is exactly how it is in the Wastelands…. LOL LOL LOL LOL….

  11. “If you think the Nordstream pipelines attack was American, we have found someone who agrees: Russian spy chief: West was behind sabotage of Nord Stream. What no one is asking – particularly the witch-hunting halfwits on Capital (sic) Hill (best money can buy, right?) is which American government is running this op? ”

    I sure hope it wasn’t.. because the terrorist act not only targets one of Russias sources of income but.. also targets All the NATO countries in the EU and the billions of citizens living there that depend on the gas for heating and cooking etc…..and it also opens up the possibility of a retaliation and escalates a possible military confrontation with the USA directly..
    Now if a family business model connection is discovered to be associated with the NEW pipeline and their company.. phew it just gets worse every day.. I don’t know about you guys but dam it makes me more nervous than a cat laying next to a rocking chair

    • If Ukraine and NATO set a wedding date, we’ll get to see what Russia’s real military can do. It would be interesting to see from a tactical POV, but I’m not sure Zelensky will like the result.

    • Range, and top speed?

      Most E-bikes range from 70-110 pounds. That is a LOT of weight to pedal when you’ve exhausted its 16-mile electric range…

    • He’s got his points, but Nordstream II is brand new (remember, they didn’t get to finish it until Biden let them do so…) It was less than one year old, and not yet in use, so it’s incredibly unlikely it blew itself up because of a gas leak.

    • That number 17. In certain numerology circles means, is dead, died. brilliant, if this is confirmed. There’s your RACI diagram Mr. Ure.

  12. George
    You need to have Dr. John Christy on your radar as well as Bastardi.
    christy is at U of Al, Huntsville. He does not deny climate change, says it’s always changing. He just derides Manmade Catistrophic Climate Change.
    I have had him speak to the Central Al section of the AIChE of a couple of occasions, and brother Art used to sit next to him in the church choir.
    one person who won’t sit next to him is Micheal Mann of Penn State who refuses to appear with him for any testimony or debate, kinda like Fetterman and Oz.

  13. G, tiredness and stomach aches, could indicate stomach cancer:

    p.s. Democrats supporting the maniac whack-o Repugnantans due so because of the ‘Nadar’ effect (Ralph Nadar, G Bush’s gift from Heaven, won him the election….all he needed was ‘goody two-shoes Nadar’ to siphon votes from the main Dem candidate) Karma comes back. Any mature rational calm Republican candidate will get their votes siphoned by the whackolas. Henceforth, Dems win.

    Will put your tummy probs on my prayer list, you are doing the good deed of providing community/’radio’ talk show, through these difficult times. Slainte (pronounced slancha), a Gaelic toast to your health!

  14. Mr Ure.

    Regarding eBike conversion kits, I would like to recommend the Bafang 750W BBS02 Mid Drive motor kit (

    I purchased this kit in November of 2021 and installed it on a POS 2015 Specialized Vita (a heavy-assed “fittness” bike) that I rescued from a friendly neighborhood pawn shop. The conversion took less than 4 hours (over the course of a few days). The rig has been running perfectly since then and have had zero problems. So far, I have logged 520 miles and loved every single inch. It’s so good, in fact, that I plan on purchasing another kit later on this year so that I can do a similar conversion to a lighter aluminum-framed road bike.

    D In Englewood

  15. It’s time for an RT dump. Notice any common thread…?

    Putin names chief suspects for Nord Stream attack

    The US and UK orchestrated the blasts on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, which delivered Russian natural gas to Germany, because they “obviously” benefit from it, President Vladimir Putin insisted on Friday. Putin accused Washington of trying to pressure the EU into banning Russian supplies to “completely get its hands on the European market.”

    Unidentified drones spotted before Nord Stream blasts – Norway

    Norway’s offshore energy operators reported an increasing number of unidentified drones near their platforms in the days leading up to the apparent sabotage of the Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines.

    NATO tested underwater ‘equipment’ close to Nord Stream – Moscow

    NATO conducted exercises using deep-sea equipment in the area where gas leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were detected this week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said on Thursday. She added that the entire Baltic Sea is “packed full” of the bloc’s military infrastructure. Speaking at a regular press briefing on Thursday, Zakharova dismissed any allegations that Russia was behind the incident. “May I ask you a question? When exactly did Russia decide it wanted to stop supplying energy to Europe?” she asked.

    Who wins from demolishing the EU’s gas lifelines?

    Speculation abounds since both Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, designed to carry cheap Russian gas to Europe, were damaged this week in what officials widely describe as deliberate acts of sabotage. Who could be responsible? Let’s start with the end result and work backwards. The outcome ultimately means that Europe’s economic impetus for ever seeking peace with Russia has been seriously undermined, if not literally destroyed. Someone has taken it upon themselves to demolish the remaining bridges between the two.

    US facing natural gas shortage – Reuters

    While American energy companies have been exporting liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe at record rates, calls have emerged lately to reduce those supplies to make sure there is enough for the US market. “With heating season around the corner in both Europe and the United States and with a lot of people in both places using gas for heating, the price outlook for gas does not look good from a consumer’s perspective,” Reuters wrote. The report noted that it is unlikely US gas prices will climb anywhere near European levels, “but they are up by a whopping 300% from a few years ago

    EU leaders have forgotten about something kind of important

    Brussels overlords and assorted EU leaders, taking turns at the UN General Assembly podium beating the Western war-drums against Russia — all in the interest of “peace,” neglect to ascertain what the average European actually wants. Contrary to their leaders’ desires, the average European is only willing to personally give up so much “for Ukraine” — whatever that means, since it’s pretty obvious that the people of Ukraine aren’t benefiting from the current state of perpetual conflict the EU and the US are enabling, either.

    Selling this seemingly endless conflict in Ukraine, a notoriously corrupt country, as a defense of “democracy,” only works until it means choosing between paying your own bills and paying for all the blank cheques that you’re writing to Kyiv.

    UK intelligence agency hacked – media

    The website of UK domestic intelligence agency MI5 was briefly knocked offline by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Friday, according to Reuters, citing a BBC report. The culprits were not named, and it is not clear if they have been identified.

    Not a hack, just a DDoS attack, but still interesting, since MI5~=FBI, and should be robust to the point a DoS couldn’t happen…

    US Psy-Ops exposed: Washington isn’t concerned about morals, it’s worried about getting caught

    A bombshell Washington Post investigation has revealed that the Pentagon is conducting a “sweeping audit of how it conducts clandestine information warfare,” after a variety of social media accounts, which its operatives used to target foreign audiences in elaborate psychological warfare efforts, were exposed.

    I don’t drop in on RT very often, and use a VPN in Switzerland when I do. I apologize for the 8-piece dump, but IMO some of this stuff is kinda important. I fear U.S. domestic energy prices are going to go absolutely insane once things start getting cold. I’m currently buying beans by the cwt…

  16. “Yes, meatloaf done in the steam oven is GREAT.”

    Well, as the old saying goes: “Don’t let your meat loaf!”


    US has ‘strong alliance’ with ‘Republic of North Korea’

    Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday made an awkward gaffe when she said the United States has a “strong alliance” with “the Republic of North Korea.” “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance, with the republic of North Korea, and it is an alliance that is strong and enduring,” Harris said.

    In a related story:

    Biden hints at presidential future for Harris

    President Joe Biden on Friday hinted that Vice President Kamala Harris might some day become the nation’s leader. “Kamala won’t be the last woman to be vice president — or president,” he said in the White House East Room, according to the Washington Times.

    Dick Morris to Newsmax: ‘Hillary Running in 2024’

    Dick Morris, author and political adviser to former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, told Newsmax Friday that comments recently by Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, about the need for more control at the border are to clear a path for her to run for president again after Democrats lose the congressional majority in the midterm elections.

    • Not gaffe, freudian slip..deepstate has had and currently maintains a “relationship” with the Norks..

      Demons running the show – literally.

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