GDP and the Bidenvilles (Democrat Homeless Camps

Two stories have our eye as the sun makes another rerun. 

One is the Gross Domestic Product.  And since we have had two consecutive quarters of declines, we’re in a Recession.  Which the National Bureau of Economic Research doesn’t want to admit to, since they argue the metric is wrong.   (“When you don’t like the numbers, change the baseline or the definitions,” we always say.)

Or, we wonder, is it such liberal leanings that allow academic camouflage to pull the wool over the sheep?   We’ve seen that in climate, certainly.

Speaking of which: Just the other day I was listening to an archive of a 1985 climate worrier who warned most vociferously that the world would be underwater by 2000.  And yet…no change in sea level.  Other than Continental Drift impacts.  Which look like rising seas until you work out the details of continental subsidence due to plate movement.  But wait, have we gone astray so early, dancing the minutia minuet?

Back to Bidenville: GDP

A multivariate stew – with a triple-dose of simultaneous equations on the side, if you will?

Since when we talk about GDP, we’re not talking about a stable baseline.  GDP is reported in either U.S. Dollars – which have been sliding all over hell and gone lately.  OR “Real Dollars” (arguing the other really isn’t).

The “real dollar” says the government, is also called the Constant Dollar.

Before you read this next part, you’ll want to make sure there is no whiskey within reach.  Ready?

“The U.S. Census Bureau uses the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers Retroactive Series (R-CPI-U-RS) for all items, not seasonally adjusted, for 1978 through 2021. For 1967 to 1977, the Census Bureau uses estimates provided by BLS from the CPI-U-X1 series. The CPI-U-X1 is an experimental series that preceded the R-CPI-U-RS and estimates the inflation rate in the CPI-U when applying the current rental equivalence method of measuring the cost of homeownership for years prior to 1983. The Census Bureau derived the R-CPI-U-RS for years before 1967 by applying the 1967 R-CPI-U-RS-to-CPI-U ratio to the 1947 to 1966 CPI-U.”

For a period of history (too old to fact-check) we’re using an experimental number and basing (in part) our thinking on that?  (Crack pipe, please!)  Might as well use 1959 E-IE-IO.

If you’re counting:  The (claimed) GDP comes to us this morning thanks to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. being a sub-tribe of the Commerce Department. But they rely on Census (also under Commerce).  Most people don’t know that…

BLS is an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates essential statistical data to the American public, the U.S. Congress, other federal agencies, state and local governments, business, and labor. BLS also serves as a statistical resource to the Department of Labor.”

Which distills down to BEA using Census and BLS to peg to already slippery dollars made up by the Fed which no longer guarantees they will be exchangeable for anything.  Sort of like Bitcoin ($20,611 earlier BTW).  But the cryptos are not backed up with an Army, a Navy, a politicized FBI, 87,000 more IRS agents, a Nancy, and a House of cards crooks – all part of the Great American Spending Cabal.  Following?

I’m not.

Life in the Bidenville’s

See, the Horrible Statistical Truth (HST) is that with enough inflation you can never have a Recession.  Print more, give more away (and pretend that’s good medicine) and the crisis of recession is handily papered over.

Ignoring – on their merry way – the people who are being priced into the homeless Bidenville camps in big cities.  If this is an uncomfortable pronoun, then use Nancyville’s.

While we applaud the efforts of National Coalition for the Homeless Position Statement on Sanctioned Encampments – National Coalition for the Homeless (, we find the politics of homeless warped to ultra-liberal ends with insufficient criticism or (and replacements for) the corruption of two political parties that have worked-over America’s working class only to dump millions into the Urban Scrap Heaps.

There was an article a few days back in the Chronicle revealing this bitter Truth about America Marxist mismanagement (though they didn’t call it what it is): SF has biggest percent of people moving, how other cities compare (  Notice how in our supposedly break-even Quality of Life (QOL) Big Lies don’t talk about how stepping over shit and needles has become part of attending pro sporting events and concerts?

Big cities have “managed” the homeless crisis by dumping in more Marxist bullshit, legalizing drugs, clean needles, and ignoring shoplifting.  Classic “enabler activities.” Which is which why we already seeing Gruesome California now actively tearing apart its urban cores.  L.A. is throwing reparations in as a leftist cause, too.

Thanks to the miracle of GPS and phone technology, we can now check San Francisco Poop Map A (  Is this a great country or what?  Now we need a sponsor – get Mr. Whipple on the speed-dial, wouldja?

Second most “flee from while you can still get something on the way out” sentiments were driven by the Washington State commies in Seattle.  Where 7.3 percent of people want to get the hell out.

Back when we fled the PNW for more sustainable digs, it used to be those of us in the Breadbasket states worried that China would invade the west coast.  Now, if we wait much longer, they can have it.

Again, I digress.

GDP (at last!)

Real GDP…at least sort of.

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.6 percent in the third quarter of 2022, in contrast to a decrease of 0.6 percent in the second quarter. The increase in the third quarter primarily reflected increases in exports and consumer spending that were partly offset by a decrease in housing investment.

If there is a “red wave” coming, it’s not because republicans really have much of a “Better Plan.”

It’s just that democrats are pouring drugs and tax money into clean needles and supporting horrific sexual change on children while starting wars for the arms industry.  Maybe people are noticing.  The democrats have a great track record of giving away The Public’s Money.

They have failed miserably on providing a return on investment.

Even with the bovine action on Wall Street, recently, the stock market is still down more than 20 percent from November 2021.  Dems are running a campaign of dog whistle issues (Trump and abortion) which are not on the ballot.  While fostering sex change for children, starting wars, selling oil to Chyna, and pimping the ongoing lies about vaccines.

To quote my Wheel of Fortune slot machine:  “Big Money! Big Money!”

Oh, new Unemployment Filings are out, too: See yellow caution flags

Markets love numbers like these, apparently. Dow futures popped 250 to the upside after they hit.

Nukes to Halt Elections?

Yeah, this used to be a far-right wing conspiracy theory.  But there is a small side bet to keep an eye on now:  Would the Russian use of a nuke in Ukraine be a chance for dems to put American mid-term elections on hold?  Yeah, crazy, right?

People bought 9/11 and they bought “change.”  Then they all lined up for shots. Boosters for everyone down to the fetus level. So, sure: why not?  Pop and stop.

There’s a case for this future emerging in word use around the net.  You can see in Google Trends if you go looking for it.  Here’s a 5-year wide view.  See the recent increase in use?

Backing up the increase in hits: With the War Party not willing to negotiate, this as a worrisome sign: US accelerates plan to send upgraded nuclear weapons to Europe as Russia continues to threaten Ukraine.  When you want peace, pimp war?

Meanwhile, it’s like the West is just trying to piss off Putin even more – trying to provoke nukewar: Finland Will Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia.

Which gets us down to the question: Would anyone in America use “no election due to spreading radiation risk” as a pretext to hold off on elections?

Like I say, this used to be pure nutjob talk.  Now, we can see a path in the fog of media to actually get there.  Anyone with half a brain knows nothing but N-95 could work.  Yet we put on bandanas and bullshit and signaled our virtue.

Nothing says stupid like a cloth mask.  And nothing says stupid like sending more nukes toward Moscow. Or a Newsome yard sign.

We can hit anything we need to from here… if it comes to it.

Short Or Useless

You make the call:

Disclosure first:  I have known Seattle (King County) Superior Court Judge Douglass North for, oh gee, almost 50-years. Solid dude.  So, this is his ruling out of Seattle.  But it goes to the heart of our contention that social media is a digital coup d’ etatFacebook owner Meta fined £21m for violating campaign disclosure laws. Wonder how many other states have campaign disclosure law violations by social(ist) media yet to be found/ruled on?

Less than amusing?  Train Derails In Missouri’s Silver Dollar City Amusement Park, Passengers Break Windows To Escape.

“Big Money! Big Money”  Saturday’s Powerball lottery drawing balloons to $800 million.

Just let the dead people, vote, Tucker:  Tucker Carlson Suggests John Fetterman Can Win Only by Election Fraud.

AZ Democrats running a false flag op? Or is the Ariz GOP channeling Nixon?  Phoenix police investigating break-in at Democrat Katie Hobbs’ campaign headquarters. We don’t expect any news until after it’s useless to know and won’t matter…

Too bad he can’t run for president:  Memes Abound After Elon Musk Sets Foot Into Twitter HQ With A Sink.

But Musk has a bigger problem to grok:  Russia threatens to shoot down Western commercial satellites used to help Ukraine.  His Starlink birds are what we’re talking here.  (Since we like our Starlink uplink, which is significantly faster than our ViaSat, we won’t want anyone taking down our comms channel… Yes, we do have some skin in this game now)

This being garbage day here at the ranch, off to talk trash with Elaine…TTFN (<–where’d that go?)

Write when you get rich,

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86 thoughts on “GDP and the Bidenvilles (Democrat Homeless Camps”

  1. “and pimping the ongoing lies about vaccines.”

    no one I know has remorse over NOT getting into the vax trap,
    pure bloods

      • Good for all purebloods. We’re 70+ and refused the jab. Also refusing Flu shots. Our Chiropractor who saw us today for an appt commented on our bodies and how fit we are. We survived Covid using the basic Frontline docs protocol with Ivermectin paste. Tastes good when blended into Yogurt. Don’t know about the rest of you guys but to me, Covid felt like something synthetic; unlike any Flu I’ve experienced.

    • There seem to be a few OBD.

      I don’t know anyone who has died from getting the vaccine either but I know some are reported to have.

      It is a very personal decision for everyone and after listening to all the arguments on both sides and living with someone having a compromised immune system, I decided to take the vaccine. I had my second booster (bivalent Pfizer) yesterday. No problems yet but I did notice when I walked through the kitchen this morning, the refrigerator door opened by itself when I went by. ;-)

      • BIC, I realize the personnal side of the discussion, I have 3 sisters 1 brother and a son who are vaxed, I fear for their health, yet I love them. They all have a little different excuse but in the long haul, it was shoved at them and they lacked the ability to just say NO! kids, grandkids, quack Drs and jobs all pushed their discission. It saddens me immensely. But it was their choice, but they do not attack the anti-vax stance, except for my brother, he is anti-Trump to the point of losing friends and making enemies. I pray for him. When your backyard is abutted by a fairway of a club in which he is a member, ya should not hang a “FUCK TRUMP” sign for all the players to see. He was starting shit and has suffered emotionally from the feedback.
        BUT as to Yahoo News being creditable, not in my world, they are like my EX girl friend, sometimes she said the truth, sometimes she lies and sometimes she accused me of doing exactly what she was guilty of doing.
        BIC you can do better than Yahoo News, but it was quick and convienent for your response, so I do understand you using it
        PS: I did say “no one ‘I’ know”
        as a diversity of deaths around the globe, it SEEMS to me that the companies inserted bad vax intermixed and spread throughout the world as to not have the problem vaxes concentrated , I DO NOT KNOW, I just observe. Seeing a dead man is one thing, proving who and how, in a court of law takes much more effort, when fighting permanent capitol.
        The globalists do not want to kill US all, just cull the herd. They have been telling US so. Georgia Guide Stones on my Mind.
        what did ya grab from the fridge?

      • I love your response OBD and one of the reasons I come here is George encourages intelligent discussion. Other sites just call each other names.

        We are not that far apart in our thinking and your brother needs his ass kicked. I have left several friendships when they turned in to never Trumpers. I think he did a hell of a lot better job than the current excuse for a president. I pray you guys dump the Dems out the door in 2 weeks.

        I like to have a bit of fun with the COVID thing even though it is anything but funny. I remember the guy in Germany taking over 90 COVID shots to sell the certificates. I often wonder whether he has tried to go through an airport security.

        There are evil people in the world Darrell and I have no doubt many them were involved with launching COVID a “gain of function virus” developed and released in a Wuhan lab with help from you know who. It was a perfect opportunity for more evil people to see the opportunity for lockdown control. We are surrounded by them and many are in government.

        I do not believe in vaccine mandates and feel sorry for the people that had to take the jab to keep their job. I definitely don’t think 5 year old children should be getting the vaccine under any circumstance.

        I have read so many articles on both sides of the argument that I am exhausted. I am a scientist and want to be right in my decisions. Throw out bad science from good. It seems that you can die because of COVID and also because of the vaccine. I guess at 80 years old, it is an easier decision than at 20 or 40.

        By the way, I got a Molson Canadian beer from the refrigerator. You guys really got to get some decent beer down there, :-)

      • Yahoo is as trustworthy as CNN and the rest of the MSM liars. I dropped everything related to Yahoo 18 yrs. ago because of their censoring. Have never regretted it!

      • BIC You just need to visit some ancestral German-American small towns south of Lake Superior. Leinenkugels beer once voted best beer in America by Playboy magazine.

      • @Tumbleweed

        “Yahoo is as trustworthy as CNN and the rest of the MSM liars.”

        Their “news” all comes out of the same (cess)pool. With that said though:

        As someone who debated honest Leftists for years, I can tell you that a Leftist will never accept the validity of any bit of news or information, if its source is conservative or Rightist. (I feel their pain. I never accept anything from any Leftist media outlet any more, unless I can independently verify it…) Back when NewsMax was just an aggregator, I used it extensively to locate news and information, which I would then back-search until I either found the source or a copy of the “copy” on a Leftist website, which I would then cite.

        This is the real value of Yahoo, CNN, the NYT, WaPo. the Enquirer, Plain Dealer, Freep, Trib, Post, Chronicle, LAT, etc. It may be buried on Page 36, but one of ’em will have that copy you need to conduct a winning debate…

      • “The globalists do not want to kill US all, just cull the herd.”

        I read a paper on aids In Africa which reminds me of the syphilis experiment and study.. the Vax went in Africa I believe it was for polio one year and one in three came down with aids in a year..
        In the usa 200 at risk drug users and lbg were given the trial vax and they all acquired aids. So is it a culling.. I got the covid Vax right next to my doctor and their nurse..and I still came down with covid..
        Now my Dr. Isn’t pushing the booster.. and I am leary of the other vaccines..

      • I would love to buy and drink KOKANEE beer… My favorite to make is a canadian pilsner.. and KOKANEE beer is suppose to be the best ever.. unfortunately it isn’t available in the wastelands.. we have a wide variety of the others.. just not Kokanee..

    • To All:
      I urge you to view a video that explains just how dangerous the Jab is by exploring Patents on the structure of the material.
      It may save your life!

      Go here:
      by Greg Hunter

      CV19 AI Bioweapon from infection to Injection – Karen Kingston

      Click on Read More for video interview.

      I would say ‘enjoy it’ but it will be horrific to learn this material.


      • Well researched and informative. Thanks for sharing this. What was the other drug they mentioned with Ivermectin? I couldn’t make it out.

        I only have two family members not taking the shot. One is 5. Everyone I talk to has taken it in Oklahoma

      • Thanks for that link, Rocket Mike. This is earthshaking information and I trust the source.

      • Rocket Mike,

        It seems there was some disagreement between Hunter and longtime commenter and Bible buddy “eddiemd” regarding Kingston’s findings.

        In the end, eddiemd called Hunter a hypocrite, and said he was sending him a Burger King crown to wear during his broadcasts.

        Interesting. Very interesting.

    • If only we could stop the censorship that protects the lies and silences the Truth and free speech,
      Account suspended
      Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules. Learn more

      so “sink” is a tech term for where data flows? Elon, Elon, Elon
      Are Elon, Trump, and Ye on the same team? Twitter, TruthSocial, Parlor
      lets talk about this, minus the censorship. AM I the only monkey that seas the monumental Red Tide coming. Do you know the feeling a thief gets when he walks out of a store with stolen property and runs into a cop waiting for him just outside the store door? PANIC
      Danchecko walked but Durham has been putting the FBI on the stand and on trial by proxy, it was never about the little guys, He is trophy hunting, the show must go on,,, circus music , I hear
      get the Waterpic out, I got popcorn hulls to flush out

    • As I have noted here before. I looked at the science, disliked the mRNA because of it being totally unproven wrt long term consequences, so because of age and excess weight putting me in a very high “risk” category decided to get the Novovax vaccine (which is NOT an mRNA vaccine but uses more traditional vaccine techniques). I DID know several people who died of Covid early so so I know that it can be a real killer of a disease if you are older or have co-morbidities, which is part of what drove my personal decision.

      So far, fingers crossed, NO issues, and now that it is out in the greater universe and has been for awhile, though just recently approved in the US, NO heart issues are being reported unlike with the mRNA vaccines where those heart issue reports are multiplying like rabbits.

      It is everybody’s individual judgement … but under 50 unless one has a co-morbidity I would say “NO”!! (though my one son HAD to get jabbed for his job – no choice, but his wife and kids remain unvaxed). Above 70 then I think you should seriously consider a jab because you are now in a High Risk group just because of age. If you also have excess weight or any co-morbibity issues then you ARE at serious risk, at least wrt the original disease (per the actual statistical reports). 50 to 60 is a toss up. 60-70 think seriously.

      The vaccine was totally OVERSOLD by the government and our medical establishment … it was like a marketing group trying to get you to buy some shit over late night TV!!, only with LESS of a proven record than what they sell on late night TV!!

      Our current CDC Director back in 2021 was saying on TV if you get the vaccine you can NOT get Covid and you can NOT spread Covid!! Guess what? Today SHE is now self isolating BECAUSE SHE GOT COVID last week!! What a clown show!!

      • Worser still….see todays admission of statistical error..”miscount” read LIE” on Child Morbitity rate – covert19 .
        Used the “miscounted” stats to base their decisions on efficacy MRNA in our kids.

        One more vector in the prongs” all assault on Family and Children specifically – two party USA govemint ASSAULT.

    • On the topic of Harvest Season in full swing. Mind your crops. All those who pumped the vaccine are reaping the rewards of their hard earned efforts.

      Look at old Mark Zuckerberg, he just had his harvest come in. Good for him.

      Single Greatest Wealth Loss In History: $100 Billion Zuck-Bucks Vaporized As Meta-Bet Bombs. Net worth in a year goes from 141 Billion to 23 Billion. Good for you Mark. That is a heck of a bumker crop he got.

      Like I said, anyone who has come against THE DUDE, well since him and I are good friends and there is no secrets you can keep from Infinite Intelligence, Omni present Creator.

      I suspect many will reap the same kind of harvest this year.

      I’m not worried about my crops. I’m always humble and kind. Helping others. Being generous every chance i get.

      It definitely bunker crop season.

      Ask any nefarious Twitter employee. Good for them too. Have to savor the sorrows of living. Same as the Joy’s. I’m having the time of my life. Truly,

      • Since Elizabeth Warren wants to Tax WEALTH yearly … do the wealthy then get a Tax Refund for the tax they paid when their wealth goes DOWN?

        How much of a Tax Refund would /should Mark Zuckerberg get for his wealth going down $100 Billion? $1 billion back from the US treasury? If not WHY NOT since he never cashed out that stock but still had to pay tax on it’s “paper” gains (per Elizabeth Warren’s taxing scheme if it came to fruition)

        Ah … what a descent into the rabbit hole that kind of taxing scheme would be.

      • “Single Greatest Wealth Loss In History: $100 Billion Zuck-Bucks Vaporized As Meta-Bet Bombs. Net worth in a year goes from 141 Billion to 23 Billion. Good for you Mark. That is a heck of a bumker crop he got.”

        That is one of the reasons why I will never win the lottery…..
        Because… Ho much wealth do you really need?
        With that kind of numbers just imagine what you could do to help others..
        Children starving.. Strike lightning on someone with an illness that cannot get the care they need.. Paint a home or fix a roof..
        Instead wealth and power like that is shoved on a sheet of paper..only to look at not to put it to work as a benefit of mankind..

    • That is probably one favorite giants who cursed the living God to fall dead.

      Hey did you know I’m moving in my new house on Armasist day? Where world War 1 ended at exactly 11:11 on 11/11. Same my shoe prints in the center of the universe. Trippy. The war has ended. Good. I like that.

      Interesting I had a purple blanket around me that has resilience, love, hope, comfort, rejuvenation, strength and peace written in Gold thread on it when I stood there.

      BTW I gave the Shaman your number George i met there, I’m sure he will call at some point. Shamans are on their own clock of sorts. Hahaha I’m sure you understand that.

      Hope everyone a happy bunker crop this year. Which ever you planted. :)

    • #MeToo!

      Ivermectin AND Vitamin D, possibly zinc too if you need it got me through without a recurrence of WuFlu. The time I got it was in December of 2019 before it was recognized and even had a common name. I just thought it was flu after a maximum performance drive across the country in the rain and snow. It took multiple attempts to get an exemption from injection at the university, but I’ve finally prevailed. Notably, people are still requiring vaxx cards and masks even for purely social activities. The insanity continues.

      The current medical people need to learn to do the reasonable minimum rather than using fear to force people to lock themselves into ongoing medical intervention.

  2. Going to SF used to be a day to look forward to. Now if you told someone that you were headed over toThe City , an expected reaction would be “why?”.

    I have many friends in the City. Every single one of them are damn sick and tired of homeless sleeping in their entry ways , stepping over crap to get out of the house , the smell of urine basically everywhere.

    Liberal policies have destroyed a once great city.

    Sorry Mark , but it is true. Dont believe me. Just ask all of the conventions why they stopped going to SF.

    But we can make tent cities for illegal border crossers. Give them free wi-fi and even video games.

    But shit for help to our citizens.

    Heres one that I havent heard mentioned here. Sorry to repeat if it has been.

    Four teens visibly armed and being chased in a stolen vehicle by the Police in Cleveland Ohio. Despite the objections of a school safety officer , two assistant principals gave them refuge inside of a high school WHILE CHILDREN WERE INSIDE IN CLASS. The reason ? To protect the teens from the Police…. ((( mike drop ))). I have a link if anyone is interested.

  3. And so it begins ….

    After Sending Out 240,000 Unverified Ballots, Pennsylvania Now Warns Of ‘Delays’ Counting Midterm Votes

    I mean, it’s Pennsylvania. We all expect it in places like that back East and the Left Coast and they’ll do it all out in the open this time because they know we’re all watching this time. They simply don’t care any more. DICK-taters don’t give up power without a fight no matter what side of the isle they’re on.

    • Lol lol lol.. that’s to easy..just toss a dart at a city map.. some they even put perfume on it drive limos .. the high society political poop lol..

    • The poop map won’t open using the Brave Browser, though its best for most sites. I may try with something else for amusement, but I’m not going there regardless.

  4. Oh man – thanks for da warning.. “no whiskey”, dam almost made it! Lost on technicality – JimBean (beam) is Bourbon, dammit. There goes my productive for the day – shot in the ass before it even starts.

    A very big anniversary approachs..

    Let my poached “longfellows” tickle Ure imagination..from “fire walk with me”-JH/ Silent Hills playable trailer:

    – Think War of The Worlds..circa 10-31-1938

    ” Close Ure eyes.
    Let Ure ears listen to the radio.
    Do you hear my voice?
    Can you hear your own Soul’s scream?
    Let us chose.
    My voice tells the future.
    or Ure tortured (inaudible)
    What did you chose?
    You can chose Ure life, your future.
    Wise as you are, you might have already discovered it.
    Yes radio drama from 75 years ago true.
    They are here on Earth, and they monitor and see all.
    Dont trust anyone, Dont trust the police.
    They are already controlled by them.
    Thats the way its been for 75 years now.
    Only our best (inaudible)
    you have a right, a right to become one of us.
    So welcome to our world. Very soon the gates to a new dimension will open.
    2-0-4-8-6-3-2-0-4-8-6-3 ”

    ?-gene pool #

    7780 logo was seen with above also…google 7780 geonome data base ?

    ..PNW portal (s)? How many go missing every year in those forests ? How many ?%? turn up later with no memories of anything?

    Ameri Indians had name 4 it- yee nadlooshi

    See what happens when the dk starts day drinking ?

  5. “politicized FBI”. Come on. The FBI has never been a friend of liberal progressives. And that’s the truth. History is clear and factual.

    • sunongrass, you need to get more sunshine and read more, they truly are friends unto themselves and are closet libtards, Gay Edgar Hoover says , that it haS BEEN THAT AWAY FOR qUITE AWHILE
      blackmail inc. IT IS HOW CONTROL IS MAINTAINed

      • obD – if you believe that the FBI are closeted liberals you’re not living in the real world. From the the union members in the 40’s, to Hollywood in the 50’s, to the civil rights activists in the 60’s, to anti war demonstrators in the 70’s, to anti iraq war protesters and librarians in the aughts, to BLM today that’s who the FBI sees as the enemy.

        learn some real history. this can be your first lesson – cointelpro.
        “In 1971 in San Diego, the FBI financed, armed, and controlled an extreme right-wing group of former members of the Minutemen anti-communist paramilitary organization, transforming it into a group called the Secret Army Organization that targeted groups, activists, and leaders involved in the Anti-War Movement, using both intimidation and violent acts.”

      • obD – is it your assertion that cointelpro wasn’t a doctrine by the FBI? If wiki or the NYT said that the sun is rising tomorrow would you whine about the source? I bet you didn’t even google “cointelpro” to verify for yourself. Why? Because you can’t integrate facts that conflict with your belief system.

        the fact is the FBI and law enforcement have never been allies of liberal progressives. face facts rather than whining about the source.

      • the FBI has been after Trump and the conservatives ever since he came down the escalator,,, listen up ,, I did say they go after both sides
        they are loyal to them selves
        Gay Edgar Hoover the cross dresser was a closet libtard,, own it!!!
        They are a power out of, we the people’s control.

        do make bets, you can not back up

        Sunongrass Quote “Because you can’t integrate facts that conflict with your belief system.”,,,
        CAN YOU? lets us go on TWITTER and ask Elon, now that the one sided bots are taking a vacation
        Now Now Now, don’t worry your self all about it, Biden is just a temporary shit show, to prove to ya all how bad the lib side can be. here is a link for you libs, the libs of tictok

      • yup, a US presidential candidate with financial and political ties to one of the US’s largest geopolitical challenges, with hundreds of contacts between team trump and team putin. none of the trumps could qualify for a security clearance. trump still proves to this day he can’t handle a security clearance. damn right trump got investigated.

    • Sunongrass. Since you seem to be an expert on these things, could you give us a little insight into the Jesse James aka Biden gang and the Hunter Biden coverup by FBI and social media. A grand collusion.

      Thanks. There could be 10% in it for you big guy.

  6. Mmmm…. Morning whiskey,.

    Appreciate the debt is a marvel to behold. Imagine explaining to 1933 folks in < 100 years we'll be using terms like 'unfunded liabilities' and 'derivatives' with market caps possibly in the quadrillions. Nobody actually knows values because there is no longer truth in accounting.

    Homeless people are only homeless because generally everything is now owned. Back in the olden days prior to the Civ War people lived wherever they lived. Overpower some natives and force them to build you things, or be over powered.

    Medieval days you might come across a giant Chestnut tree just off a path and live in it like a woodland creature. Now all the trees are owned.

    • “Homeless people are only homeless because ”

      POOR.. so if they’d just tell their bosses they are done working until they can pay.. so stop being poor..

  7. “with enough inflation you can never have a Recession.  Print more, give more away (and pretend that’s good medicine) and the crisis of recession is handily papered over.”

    Dumping water to float the noodle does work for a bit.. but like now.. WHO are the benefactors..not anyone I know.. no business I know is benefitting from it..
    Got to give it where it will work not shove it somewhere no one sees it..or flush it out of the country..
    Neither side is mentioning this either..

    • Only producing value floats the boats! Giveaways don’t produce anything, though something(Jubilee?) needs to be done about unpayable debt as it’s a drag on the economy and a disincentive to do anything. I don’t know the answer, but I do know some of the questions.

      • “Giveaways don’t produce anything, though something(Jubilee?) ”

        Trickle down doesn’t trickle.. Shoving it in a box its not moving.. The trick is money has to move.. The velocity of cash.. Slow it, stop it or dilute it.. And it ceases to exist..

  8. In case you missed in October …

    “ NRCC Comment: “Democrats’ anti-energy agenda has created a home heating crisis in the Northeast.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Samantha Bullock”

    The north east, east coast seem to appear in conversations lately. Hmm.

    Meanwhile in Europe …

    While we are led to believe, climate change is caused by man and the economic crisis is caused by nature.

  9. Well., for the first time in eight, or nine years my “Third-Thursday” of the month poker game has been cancelled. Our dealer.., Lady Fingers [ Joan Blondell played “Lady Fingers”, the dealer in Steve McQueen’s, The Cincinnati Kid] She is going in for major foot surgery and will be down for a couple of weeks. She is a bit over weight, loves her Gin & Tonics and is 77., but she can really control that table ! Love the way she deals. One of the best. I’ve been ‘at the table’ for roughly 48 years now and know how to spot a real player. [ My Dad taught me at the age of twelve – yep.., great childhood ! ] Came very close to making it my “occupation”., but decided against that life-style.
    – So.., this just adds to this week of “monetary disappointments”. Oh well.., a whole new month is just around the corner, and it brings with it a whole new list of opportunities and challenges.

  10. Residential investment, a gauge of homebuilding activity, sank 26.4% in the third quarter, and analysts see a similar, if not a larger collapse in the fourth quarter. [ Business Insider]
    – This one collapsing sector puts the lid on any kind of economic growth.

  11. Re: homeless camps


    UK msm is having a field day regarding the housing crisis for Britons seeking shelter. Reports indicate putting roofs over the heads of illegal migrants, 80% single male aged 20-40 years, is now at £7 million per day and climbing with little shelter inventory. Apparently the Novotel at Newcastle airport, and the four star The Royal Hotel in Hull have made profitable long-term arrangements with the private contractor to provide sufficiently appointed accommodation.

    Of course in London, it is day 27 of the rotating “Stop Oil” protests which have been paralyzing traffic around the city. Unexplained recent delays in police attendance at bottlenecks has seen everyday citizens taking matters into their own hands with varying degrees of success. There shall be order.

    God save the King.

    • Re: 04/18/2016


      The first time “covid” appeared on ‘Urban was 06/17/2014 when Covidien was prescribed a merger with Medtronic. The former’s ceo subsequently caught on with the Carlyle Group. Covidien is noted in Wikipedia for having stopped a low cost ventilator research project later blamed for ventilator shortages during the pandemic.

      • Comrades,

        The revised Chinese constitution of the Communist Party of China is front page news on state run CGTN. The document is updated to include the “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”. Xi Thought claims to build upon Mao, Deng, The Three Represents, and Scientific Thought.

        The new era is estimated to require a century to be fulfilled. In the meantime, The Party “must encourage some areas and some people to become well-off first…”. The dictates of The Party applies to overseas Chinese also. Taiwan will be reunified with The Mainland under a “one country two systems” model.

        Welcome to the New Era?

  12. The only reason for the release of covid 19 was to stall the economic collapse which was supposed to happen durring Trump. He was supposed to be left holding the bag. As was stated. Now it seems as was stated 04/18/2016, the Japanese economy will collapse after holding interest rates low for so long. Actually been running negative interest rates.

    From my estimates they 40 days away from hyperinflation. As was stated on 04/18/2016. Everything in prediction has come true.

    What happens to cryptos when the fiat currency for the 3rd largest economy in the world collapses? Home of Bitcoin.

    What happens to the dollar?

    Who gives a fuck about the Ukrain then. Me. I have the gree spider. LOL

    Fuck dude. 26 days working and only had one day off. This weekend I have 2 days off. I could work more. But boney fingers and all.

    Way maker, promise keeper, miracle worker, light in the darkness.


  13. I mean come on George. They are coupling sir Lanka with japan. I saw it 22 times in a 5 minute news search.

    They already started directing the narrative. This isn’t rocket science.

    • Dang it andy… I have a hankering for some of that wonderful cinnamon tea they are famous for in sir-lanka…

  14. And just to be clear, I’ll stick with Ivermectin in regards to Covid.

    For more info about Ivermectin … please search:
    “Ivermectin Cancer” Lots of links to good info.

    Just some of those things we seldom hear about.

  15. Ya see George knows, language is like a weather vein. When you see them couple Japan with sur Lanka in the narrative shift, you know the economic wave produced by the Yen collapse? Will head toward Russia and China first. Sure everyone will feel it. But impact will be greater that direction on the countries east of Japan.

    Now when I wrote that back on 04/18/2016. Where both Trump became president and Biden after him aa was stated, I didn’t know which direction the economic tsunami would flow. Now I do.

    Trump was smart to shift the holding the bag to Biden. But he endorsed the vaccine and won’t be president again. Kennedy is the next president. Biden won’t serve but one term due to his working with China.

    Some things have to much enertia to stop. Japan Yen collapse is one or them.

    Well what do you do? My life is radically changing too. Life changing events.

    I asked THE DUDE for a sign about the US. Then I saw a mighty buck, with a big rack. Truly majestic as f. Standing on a mountain of what we call export, looking down and surveying all that he sees below.

    And I saw him walk down the mountain. Stop mid way. Look around again. Then he ran the rest of the way down the mountain and off into the woods and disappeared.

    Wonder what that means?


    Que: ~ Andy ~


      • should apply to politicians since elections don’t fix the issues — as though any and all dudes care; Get real.;-)

      • See the Z’s..symbolic – the return.

        they are still pissed -countrymen-“traitors” left behind thousands to die at end of war. They no likely US for their part in it either
        LotZ going to feel the pain..many lotz. Z”Z return” it’s spray painted all over Russian armor..
        keep dropping breadcrumbs..Boris bunny…(green guys represent reptilians) how you figure a blonde haired family man wit blue eyes (Germanic) was able to produce body of work in controlled Hollywood?- d lynch been dropping bombs – wonder why it took exactly 25 years to final tie up and complete TwinPeaks..Saturn alignment.. only wrote first couple and last which he took name off due lost right to final cut rights.
        Something to do wit big battle against extra terrestrial demiurge..101st always one’s to “be on scene” for the big occult stuff..

  16. The Ukraine !! Ahhhhhaaaaaa nukes!!! Ahhhaaaaaaa. Covid !!! Ahhhhhaa. USA ahhhhhhhhhaaaaa . The land of the zombies the home of the evil !!! Zig Hal zig hal

  17. Speaking of COVID.

    How are hypersonics kept stable in the air? We’ve all been on in flight planes that suddenly drop 1,000+ feet or slide sideways. Kentucky windage is needed for a .308 moving across a field @ about 2,820 ft/s.

    Then we are told of hypersonics moving @ about 3,853MPH or 5651 ft/s. Wind and air pockets do not affect them. Weather pressures, rain or snow or sunny. No problem.

  18. and gurus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guru 73 and the doomsday machine !!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . watched hugh hendry this morning nailed you clowns .. been a depression for years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. pricing of debt ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pivot ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa reset ? aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa. the fat egomaniac in france !! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with his favourite squeeze

  20. “Would the Russian use of a nuke in Ukraine be a chance for dems to put American mid-term elections on hold?  Yeah, crazy, right?”

    Or Ukraine builds one and uses it to blame Russia… either way.. Armageddon…there won’t be a need for an election.. those in power now will relinquish it to the most powerful left alive..with only a fraction of the worthy offered safety in the bunkers and the workers and bottom feeders left to struggle on top.. they will see those that come with aid as hero’s and similar to the dark ages the new kings will be the leaders their word law..just because some azzhole can sit behind a desk and take lobbyist money won’t make a difference.. they only have talents to lie and manipulate..take the interview of the attorney General by congress…

    Sounds familiar..

  21. Very rare 73 nuke guts ( mohito and pig meal ). A quadruple sell in gold !!! A quad baby . You know what’s comin next !!! Woosh red button boy

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