Wave 3(2) Over? Personal Income and ECI

While the Dow was up to the task of pimping out the “Hyperinflation vs. the Fed” narrative Thursday, the remainder of the market is less so.

Consider – at the outset our view that since the November 8, 2021 high, the market did a major (1) down and more recently (costing me thousands) we had the Wave 3 (2) up.  Which means the worst of the really badass decline is just ahead leading into elections.

Something like this, as our future models see it:

Ure’s Personal Trading Myopia

This is the part where I tell you “Never trade like me” – which is a whole separate discussion from getting the “Big Picture” right.  As I’ve told you again and again (repeatedly and repeatedly) I am a great “big picture due” but a terrible day trader.  I’ve made more in position trading, but it is mind-numbingly boring.

While this is never financial advice, consider our long-term targets.

And R.N. Elliott correctly observed:  The markets will always “make their waves” but it is the task of the trader to figure out which wave we are in.

So, in the red circle the top of the (larger degree – corresponding to large yellow in the chart above) is rock solid.  Since we are now in Wave 3 (in the extension on our way to the “half off markets by Christmas” prediction, we know that Yes!  The third wave will also make “its waves.”

Since we suspise that we are in Wave 3, where we have the (1) and the (2) up may be toast, it is then simple to take our BrainAmp.xls spreadsheet from the Peoplenomics site and plug in the top of 2 to the bottom of 3(1) which is all we need to estimate where we go from here.

We’ll lay all that out on the Peoplenomics subscriber side tomorrow.  People keep telling us that it’s wildly underpriced at $40 a year but get it while you can – inflation like the tide waits for no one, Canute.

My ability is to look into the future with the low-wattage brain for a flashlight.  There are several “things of interest” to focus that under-powered beam on – and since I’m ADHD, I can only handle one at a time.

So, our “news beams” around here focus on “the market” along with “use of nukes to come” along with “global famine” and its sidekick “global financial collapse” which gets us to “global anarchy” and its playmate “Marxist stooges” moving that agenda forward.  If a few kids get sex sliced along the way, seems no one cares.

If we occasionally hit our “bright light of focus” on the right one of these illumination targets when the Illuminati have their lap dog press focused, that’s a statistical coincidence.  There are at least six major elements of Future we flit between, one after another.

It’s just hard to know in advance when each specific one is going to happen, since we don’t “get the memo” from those who control media, sorry to report. Too old to spend that much money, anyway, I suppose.

On to the Numbers

Fact or Fairytale?  Hmm.

Let’s roll with the Employment Cost Index, first, since it’s a little more factually based:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 1.2 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in September 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries increased 1.3 percent and benefit costs increased 1.0 percent from June 2022.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 5.0 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2022 and increased 3.7 percent in September 2021. Wages and salaries increased 5.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2022 and increased 4.2 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2021. Benefit costs increased 4.9 percent over the year and increased 2.5 percent for the 12-month period ending in September 2021.”

If you’re in the “show me a picture, my brain ain’t that big” mode:

Wait, Ure:  So they show higher costs but on a real dollar basis costs are down???”

Er…something like that.  You aren’t surprised more people are “going Anasazi” and walking out on the system, are you?  Come on!  Keep up with class, here!  Inflation 9 percent, wages up 5?

Point is current dollar (floating craps game scrip) costs are up 5 percent while a constant dollar costs are down 2.9 percent.

What part of “democrat war party crooked accounting to take the spread between constant dollar and current dollar and call it a win” are you not tracking, here?

Then there’s the Fairytale – which is the Personal Income and Expenditures report which invariably says (singing along with Stalin, here) “Everything is always getting better, Comrades!”

Which ignores our mathematical proof that with enough inflation, you can never have a recession, let alone a Depression.  I mean, seriously:  The Weimar Republic debacle following World War 1 was never a “technical depression” based on quarters of real marks GDP, lol.

They had their versions of Bidenvilles, the built-back-better Hoovervilles, and it laid the groundwork for Hitler which some TDS victims swear is channeled by Donald Trump.

Er…back to point.

Which is (strike up that chorus, Stalinites!) Everything IS better!  Says so, right in the gov’t report:

I don’t have the heart to tell you this is more constant dollar bullshit.  But I would say if you believe this is tightly-tied to reality, you qualify for the Edward Everett Horton chair in economics at the nearest K-12 brainwashing center, near you.

We assume you have the whiskey out of reach, still?

Downscaling Payoff!~

We’re going to open the envelope together today.  The Annual Ure Property Taxes came in today and here’s how it rolled out:

  • 12.82 acres, Double-wide trailer, 40×40 shop, storage building: Property tax for the year $237.41
  • 14.85 acres (tree farm, $47,000 timber value):  $172.88
  • 1.15 acres ($4,382 of timber): $4.93.

Grand total Property taxes for 2023?  $415.22.  Last year?  $600.87.  Part of the secret is the mobile home/trailer (built in 1989) is about depreciated out leaving most of the $43,000 of improvements in the shop/office building.  Since it’s pole barn construction, ultra-cheap.

Elaine and I would like to thank you for staying in the large Marxist ridden big cities of America.

We are planning on applying the savings from our monthly $34.61 property tax budget to higher food and energy costs.

There are just some things you can’t hide from, I guess.

Point of sharing all this is to make the point that by deliberately structuring our “downscaling” from 2003, we have saved a minimum of (in current dollars) $7,000 a year in property taxes.  What does $7-thousand times 20-years pencil in (before opportunity costs)?

The difference between “rich and poor” is whether you have anything left the day before payday.  We encourage people to apply their brains to actually building a bulletproof future for themselves and stop wasting mental resource on communist brainwashing agenda items.

If there’s a climate change, we can plant even more trees.  Famine means farmin’.   We’ll let you figure out what the drones and the 100-meter & 10-meter ranges out back hedge against.

Plus, it rains enough today to fill up the back-up water catchment systems.  Thanks, God.

On the Radar

While most of America lives out the movie “Escape from New York” the breadbasket armed reactionaries (like us) found these highlights of game play useful:

Elon’s the new sheriff in town:  Elon Musk set to welcome Trump back to Twitter as he axes top execs.  Maybe they can find CCP jobs?  Trump likely to be welcomed back to Twitter.  Could a genuinely progressive pro-America online social emerge now?

Dem’s October Surprise?  Nancy Pelosi says husband Paul was violently ASSAULTED by attacker.  When I see caps, I think “manipulation nearby!”

Home for a weekend of treatments or to work the Hunter problem? Biden hunkers down for a long weekend in Delaware while Jill, Obama hit campaign trail.

Tell us they’re not going to non-gender it!  Thai tycoon Jakapong Jakrajutatip (a trans advocate) buys Miss Universe pageant for $20M.

More reaction to North Korea missile advances:  Japan in late-stage talks with US to buy Tomahawk missile: Report

Vladimir wants to know:  Putin Denies Plans To Use Nuclear Weapons; Biden Asks Why ‘Keep Talking About It’.  Well, you see, Vlad, that’s so when the false flag drops, it will fall on the ears of a pre-conditioned public to just assume it was Russian.  Kinda like 9/11 and building Seven, right?

Bag man notes:  Reading Premarket stocks: The Fed is killing the housing market | CNN Business gets us thinking maybe the war party wants to lose the House so the red state gang will hold bag in the Second Depression.  Maybe?

Down from here for markets BIC Sinks as Stationery Margins Squeezed by Higher Costs – MarketWatch.  As goes the markets (and cryptos) so go markets.

Since the highs this week futures price the Dow down 62 but the techs down 532 since they peaked.

Pot Roast and Hecklefish on the dinner (and TV) menu tonight.  Ah, ranch life!

Write when I you get rich,


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70 thoughts on “Wave 3(2) Over? Personal Income and ECI”

  1. Dammit G,

    here we go again with you making assumptions – thought we cleared this one up ages ago..damm sticky budz fogging me brain..anyway ASS U ME -remember ?
    Why would think along those lines, when we be facing the end of an Age/Era ?
    A retard in charge of one of biggest nuclear arsenals in the solar system ? This particular retard is in active and obvious mental decline – as displayed daily for our viewing horror. Mr Mojo Risen said it best in the Doors 1970 hit Roadhouse Blues -https://youtu.be/kE32pvvaDT8

    The ‘revenge” is hunkering down due reboot…having hard time getting all “systems” to work together..kludged from the start of term..drug effect wearing off..needz more to do less.
    I say revenge – as the chowderhead in charge is WEFers revenge for the orange clown…the orange moron hisself – “The TRUMPAPOTAMUS.”Lets not forget Ure spelling/name derivation studies…aka drumpf..clue?

    Now what was that “ofcr burd” about after WW2 in Antartic? – “highjumpZ”, shiny silver disks, spacenazi’s, oh my!

    ? Out of Time – its the one of very few ways to travel -https://youtu.be/qORYO0atB6g

  2. On the topic of Harvest Season,

    So you all understand and can’t say you didn’t know.

    “Take your sickle and reap, because the time to reap has come, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.”

    Those who planted good? Will reap good. Those who planted evil? Will reap evil.

    It’s bunker crop season,

    “By their fruits, you will know them.”

    Many have begun to harvest already,

    Nothing is hidden. Everyone reaps this season. Personally,
    i do not fear the reaper. At all.

    Because, i am a

    Way maker, promise keeper, miracle worker, light in the Darkness.


    • And don’t forget to pay the last hired the same amount as the first hired. HR issues be darned.

      • And I already did and still going. Ya see last year I was offered a very lucrative bonus. And box seats at the Seahawks. Box seats are about 250k each. They said what do you want? I said give all my employees a $2.00 an hour raise that worked all the stadiums because groceries and fuel is expensive. I didn’t day give all my employees a $2.00 hour raise except the new guys. Or all of them but the assholes. Or all of them but lazy ones. She said you don’t want anything for you? I said I want all my employees to get a $2.00 an hour raise.

        Now since I’ve left that job? Eveyone has started at that raised level. Not only that all the other companies that did buisness out at the stadiums were forced to give all their employees a $2.00 an hour raise as well.

        Wonder how much money that is? 5 stadiums of workers. How much difference does that make in the life of a single mother of 2, working 40 hours a week out there to have an extra $320 a month? Not multiply at least 20,000 employees and multiply that by how many years. Because it keeps going. I don’t know how much that is. THE DUDE knows. HE sees all.

        This all common knowledge at the stadiums. This not a boast, but it is one of the many crops I planted.

        And because this is unique harvest season, where anyone who would take another’s crop could cost them their very life in committing such crimes. I’m not worried about my harvest.

        This example is only one of my many many too many to count crops.

        Ask any former Twitter employee about how their harvest is going.

        Good talk in the elevator Elon. It’s amazing how much ground you can cover in an elevator going up 5 floors.

        I just saw a Righteous Woman go from making $80k a year to $500k a year plus car allowance, unlimited gas paid, and free world travel. What a wonderful harvest.

        If you don’t have anything to worry about because you planted good crops? Enjoy your bunker crop. If you planted evil? Enjoy your bunker crop of destruction.

        Have a wonderful harvest eveyone!

    • Andy, WHEN are you going to change your b/s-ing?
      So much useless weaponry that’s never been used
      on people in positions of authority. Enough said!!!

      • You act like I’m a Saint or something. I’m just Andy. Not a Saint. Im not a mesiah or a guru or bhuda or anything like that. Im Just me. Lol

      • I make no bones about it silly old man. I’m the wretch saved by amazing grace. I certainly didn’t create the law of sowing and reaping. I live within it too.

        Lots of snow on Mt Tahoma today. So beautiful.

    • Hey George, you remember we met, I was working as a casino regulator. The reason i left that and went to grab gears is because my director was authorized to give us all an annual raise every year as he saw fit to distribute it. I worked there 8 years and never got a single raise. Not, one single raise. Because he gave himself the entire budget allowances for raises. He was making 10 times the amount we were as regulators. Not a single person had gotten a raise in 8 years.

      When I found that out? I promptly gave notice.

      Exactly 2 years on the anniversary of the day I left? He committed suicide.

      I remembered that when they asked me at the stadiums , you can have this enormous lucrative bonus and 2 box seats at the Seahawks games. What do you want? Name it! It is yours. So I paused like I do when sit in my car before I go into the grocery store and think. And that is when I said. Give my all my people a $2.00 raise. The prices of gas and groceries is going up. They need it.

      Long pause and she said you don’t want anything for you? I repeated what I said. She said fuck I just love you! Do it. An hour later I had it in writing. You should have seen the look on all their faces.

      I will never forget walking in the employee entrance to the stadium the next day and seeing all their smiles. Such a beautiful experience.

      OK, time to get busy about it. Happy Friday! My First weekend off in 30 days. 2 days in a row to rest. :)

      • In my Bible, the workers weren’t all paid the same hourly rate; their total pay for the day was the same whether they started early or late. Really confusing to ants and grasshoppers.
        I think a bunker crop is what you get when a bumper crop is stored there.

  3. A good friend has a landscaping business (he mows lawns mostly) and his “foreman’s” compensation, who assumed that position mainly because he’s the one that shows up the most often, has gone up over time. But because he’s been taking more time off for one reason or another his actual paycheck has not been that much. The various insurances my friend has to keep on employees and things in general are THE reason we don’t employ anyone on the ranch. Times were so much better when the ranch had the old Mexican guy that pretty much earned his retirement working on the ranch without the previous owner having to spend 150% more than the old guy got to the government and insurance companies just so he could have a job. It was all protection money that the employee never saw and we never got any real benefit out of. The government and their buddies always demand their cuts in the action.

    The main concern I have right now, given what’s staring us in the face, is should I go ahead and pay real estate taxes now while we can still access our money in the bank or wait and see how things go by the deadline at the end of January running the chance that no one will be able to access their money to pay taxes leaving the taxing entities in a quandary as to how to proceed? I’m leaning toward doing it now so we’ll be in the clear (maybe) for at least another year … or maybe have one last blow-out for Christmas and build a pill box at the front gate of the ranch. At least the taxes have gone down a good amount this year. Always pays to at least try the protest route if you think you have a good case – and the tax payers outnumber the appraisers by quite a bit.

    • I absolutely agree with your quandary! I’d asked the same question on this forum a couple of months ago with no following comments. I’m of the opinion that I’ll probably just pay the year’s worth of RE taxes when the bills arrive – they should come next month. I’ll be paying more than George since after figuring out the time and other annoyances(including farm/ranch inspectors allowed on the land), the costs and aggravation of establishing an ag use(including tree farming) exceed the rather limited benefits for me. Others’ situations are different and it may work for them. I’ll still grow and manage the trees, regardless.

      We’re all in the odd position of treading water and staying afloat while we figure out which way the economic, social and geopolitical currents will eventually run.

      • When I bought the volcano ranch my first tax bill was $1300. I applied for the “senior homestead exemption” and now my tax bill is $200/yr… paid upon arrival. Saving $1100/yr for six years now.

      • Farm and ranch inspectors to confirm your ag exemptions? Why am I not surprised in the DIMocratic utopia next door? It’s not like this exemption isn’t abused by a lot of people but such an event is unthinkable on this side of our imaginary line. Can’t this be confirmed by the paper work you submit every year on your income tax forms? Sheesh! My deepest sympathies.

    • Pay.


      Because if you use “Gone With The Wind” as an example of the Bankster/Gangster/Globalist/Elite owners causing that WAR between the States (sponsored), then you will remember the CARPET BAGGERS coming for their taxes.

      Do you really think that if there is devastation of that magnitude again, across our nation, that the CARPET BAGGERS and their lackeys will not be at your door looking for their piece of the pie?

      They will eat pie and you will not eat cake; they want you to eat BUGS and PAY your taxes.

      IF you cannot pay your taxes, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

      As BOA requires everyone who pays their monthly credit card bill over the phone, they want to record your voice, and they want you to say: “PAY IT.”

      • “As BOA requires everyone who pays their monthly credit card bill over the phone, they want to record your voice, and they want you to say: “PAY IT.””

        Fidelity stole my voice print years ago. Now I assume when I’m outside so-called “Shot Spotters” record me and algos match me up.

        $WMT has down facing cameras in the U-scans. I don’t know this to be fact but the cameras are probably 4K, maybe higher res and probably match bald spots to faces. Head shapes w/ear tops matched to banking info. Probably can record the res info to count every hair on a woman’s head, the swivel patterns, how far out the eyebrows and lashes protrude from top view.

        We don’t have 8K monitors but that doesn’t mean the algos can’t take advantage of the polygon information.

      • That sound you just heard while standing outside my door, looking to collect…is the sound of metal on metal – Shotgun being RACKED.
        Unmistakable sound that cuts thru ALL bullscheisse, to the bone. The next sound that you will See will be the blast of double O buckshot in Ure face.

        No worries hear – gotz extended tubes for Ure backup co-assholes..whether they be Chyknees, WEFers, UN PC’s, GenderChangers, Vaxx checkers..

        Dont bother knocking – Pennsyltucky long guns – we hunt Deer long range – Mountain to Mountain – Can smell a revenuer a mile away..like dust in the wind .

    • Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I’ll pitch it to the Boss and see what she thinks ’cause it does sound like it’s a base that needs covering in this environment. This ranching thing is very much a partnership under one roof. Just hope the retirement checks keep coming in.

      • Well the boss reminded me that if we pay early this year on the ranch we lose the deduction for next year (if there IS a next year) which is true and would kill us in normal times. Something I should have remembered but the time it takes for coffee to kick in lately is getting longer and longer and the effects are shortening in time, too. But the house in town is a different story as we get no deduction from those taxes since we haven’t got it back in shape enough to do a B&B with it. Different situations. The ranch taxes we pay in cash just about every year which takes the banks out of the equation but the the house in town I can pay with a check – at least for the moment.

  4. The Chinese yuan has passed the Australian, Canadian and Swiss currencies to become the world’s 5th most traded.
    The US dollar remains the world’s top currency, followed by the euro, yen and pound. [Bank for International Settlements.]
    – I am not quite sure why the British Pound is still in the top five., old habits die hard? The Japanese Yen looks to be in collapse mode.
    – The Dollar may have its problems., but it is still the best-looking house on the block.

    • It all started when they got rid of program lines, building nested loops that we can now all fall through.. No Pun.

  5. “property tax”

    You do have a low property tax print.

    Property tax is a tricky situation.

    I live within a mile of stores. Dentists and doctors all within minutes. 24/7 emergency center 2 minutes away. Fire protection. None of these services are relevant unless the services are needed. I think that’s some of what property taxes indirectly pay for, lighted roads for the staff to get to the the buildings and power to run their machines.

    Among other things a zoo and museums are bundled into my property tax. That’s waste in my opinion. But as a child I did enjoy school field trips to the zoo.

    I think the above chart is on track again. :D

  6. Blow-off rally in progress (ignoring daunting dismal Q3 EPS datum). Everyone seems to have run to one side of the boat again, hey? But, power brokers need to exit early to catch charter jets to World Series games so I suspect a fall off (fall down?) before the day is out. Unless the PPT is back in the game (which seems likely). Tis a puzzlement.

    The Mrs. has nearly completed barter stuff stocking (I’m terrified at what was the bill). Despite no big cities nearby our tax bill here in SW lower MI will be a damn sight higher Tex (think in multiples). Lake folks pay the way in our Township and County (add state?). Enjoy the savings.

    Harvest is on in the heartland. Farmer friends are selling into the season while gambling as to diesel now vs spring. Where to apply available distillate stocks? Which is most important: food or heat? Tough call …

    BR, Egor

    • I’d rather sweat and stack wood than pay for distillates to do the job. Just my perspective – others’ priorities are different. “Used” oil has its benefits too, as do most materials that have been “used”.

  7. George, your religious commitment to wave theory is, I suspect, not capable of cogent analysis of a manipulated market. 30 Dow stocks are easy to fiddle. The belief in interest rates coming down trumps any actual traditional valuations.
    Oh, and the “market” has no relation to traditional market analysis because we stopped even counting underlying value of the corporations a long time ago. Valuations are for suckers. Rather than connection to underlying economic currents in the larger system, the casino only works on suckers perceptions. The Fed put has had you looking for the 29 analogy for 20 years now.
    Oh, and your delusions on the Marxist future is so much hogwash. YOu kind of got it today with the analogy of our actual economy to Weimar and the follow on rise of Hitler. Trump is a wonderful echo but like Freud said…”History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a farce”
    Our frightful future will be made up of good ol “Mericans” clinging to the banner of MAGA and visiting random violence on the rest of us for taking their future away. They, like you, will blame the bureaucrats (which is somewhat true) while ignoring the Republican corporations that are sucking up our collective future in an oligarchical orgy of excess. But this really is how fascism really does gain a foothold on the public debate.

    • Hahahah, Danogenese….ahahahahahah, really, thanks for the good laugh, or is it a marxist devilish gutteral belly up laugh?

      “MAGA and visiting random violence on the rest of us for taking their future away.”

      Boy, have you been sleeping and snoozing through the last several years.

      What’s coming does not give one Sheckel about which side of the aisle you are on, nor your age or sex.

      It’s a Ap(l)bomb.

      I think our esteemed Sir said it best:


      And another esteemed Sir:


      So, now you will be educated on WHOM the “bureaucrats” are who OWN the Corporations, banks, and the Governments of the world.

      The Marxist Future is Here.


      • Don’t be too hard on him.

        Not dozing here, KW – I’m off to trying to figure out how a dangerous right winger could come from Berkeley! That’s as incredible as any Stephen King I’ve ready… ultra-lib doing a put-up? Who knows, right?
        It’s just BERKELEY???

      • @George

        ” I’m off to trying to figure out how a dangerous right winger could come from Berkeley!”

        You’re one up on me. I’m trying to find “Republican corporations.” Aside from the RNC and a lot of SBs, I’m drawing a blank…

  8. I just couldn’t stand having a ‘down’ week. It really bugged me that I blew-it and had timed it all wrong Monday morning. Took me three days to break even. ., and that bugged me even more !
    This morning before the market open the 100 futures were showing down over 100 points., but that is not what the options were showing, or my numbers. At the open I bought the Calls. The market shot up., timed it, almost, “just right”..,
    Just got out, sold the Calls when the 100 went up just over 2.1%. It may have higher to go., but I am not too sure of that.,[ now up 1.85% and fluxing] but I am out and now up 4 digits for the week !
    Now. What does Monday, last day of October, look like ?

  9. With the projections now that the Republicans are trending UP and may take the House, and possibly even the Senate there is probably a need for some Malox in Kiev, a freight train full of it in fact.

    Why? A number of Republicans have said that they will STOP the “Blank Check” approach to supporting Kiev, which is NOT what those in the most corrupt nation in the first world, a nation filled with people who HATE their next door neighbor, want to hear.

    Already Kiev has done a few smaller scale false flag attacks to try to get MORE support from the West, and have been successful at getting that with the ones they have done, so the question becomes … would Kiev do a SUPER LARGE False Flag event in order to:
    1) Help the Democrats stay in power, or
    2) Create such a large death event that the publics in the rest of the Western World could be hoodwinked into entering into a full scale War with Russia?

    Ethnic HATREDS in that region have existed for hundreds of years … with massive killing events occuring multiple times during those centuries. What is happening now is not much different from the ethnic hatreds that killed millions in that region in the 1930’s, the people killing each other are exactly the same conflicting ethnic groups who wantonly killed each other in the 1920’s, 1930’s, and 1940’s. They absolutely HATE EACH OTHER and have been willing to kill in the millions in the past.

    Are those in that area any more kind and compassionate towards each other today? … or are their old Ethnic Hatreds AGAIN coming to the fore and leading to a NEW desire to spew of the blood of MILLIONS of those who they absolutely and to the bone HATE?

    IMO … sadly I believe a HUGE False Flag is more likely than not during the next 65 days.

  10. Re: The 3(2) Changeup Pitch


    Has there ever been such a cornucopia of choice for prime time between the WH and MLB in the City of Brotherly Love?

    1./ The President addresses a Democratic Party reception at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

    2./ Game on for Game One of the 2022 World Series presented by Capital One live from Minute Maid Park in Houston.

    • Re: On the Radar


      There we go. Sure, it was an enticing tell with with Mr. Musk showing up at Twitter hq, sinker et al in hand. However, DJ Ure possibly warns that the autotuner can’t mask when the manager calls for the bullpen?

      • Re: Pot Roast & Hecklefish feat. left field play

        The Patriarchy is sure giving it to former PM Truss whose brief tenure must have served someone’s purpose. Now the pot is boiling over as msm reports on Mrs. Truss’ personal mobile phone having been hacked by an unknown state actor when she was Foreign Secretary earlier in 2022. PM Boris reportedly put a news blackout on the matter while Mrs. Truss campaigned against PM Boris’ nemesis now-PM Sunak.

        However the “Belfast Telegraph”, subsidiary of a Belgian media conglomerate, did see fit to republish last summer the Conservative Party assigned MP mentorship in 2005-2006 of Mrs. Truss which resulted in the mentor’s divorce. He was however able to recover with a savvy second spouse and eventual elected government duty overseeing British intelligence services, according to Wikipedia. The career trajectory appears to have ebbed under the Boris Era following an alleged assault of a Greenpeace protester who was heckling the Finance Minister. Now he’s the ceo of a new digital bank with African connections domiciled in a Crown Dependency serving the wealthy. He wrote a supportive blog post on the bank website last month when his former constituent, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, released his disastrous mini-budget. Apparently they both adulate the former Scottish-Canadian British PM of 1922/23, Andrew Bonar Law. Mr. Bonar Law passed away 99 years ago today. Rhetorical question – does Mr. Sunak need a banker?

    • You would think, right. But alas that is a scheduling error -“bribem at Phila CONvention ctr tonight”.

      Correction – the night of the living dead is Sunday at the TLA on South Street. Used to be Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween Nights, seems we moved past that point to NoLD. Got Ure flash goggles hanging on a hook readily available?

      Not sure..flashbacks, beer goggles or what – But I do seem to remember Peyote/SDSU/ Halloween night /non stop laughter & Rocky Horror Picture Show (early 80″s) – showing on a wall outside somewhere around SDSU campus..

      Big Game Bryce – Mr October for President 2024!

  11. To Eleanor
    The answer to your question yesterday is:

    Ivermectin and

    At one time you could get this stuff from India as I did. Now the postal service hijacks it and destroys it. Your Gov at work for you!
    You may need to research alternative sources on the internet.
    Good Luck!

  12. It’s so odd that when something very reasonable
    happens, it’s per MSM so “shocking to the nation.”
    What went wrong with most of us over last 95 yrs. ????????????????????????????????????

    • The media, that is what is WRONG with the Nation.


      Krakow 1919 – 1921:

      “Already a hundred years ago when only a few could read, Napolean rightly stated: “The press is the fifth power of the world.” Those who understood that right away were the Jews or if I should state it more clearly, the Freemasons, who with stringent logic aim to implement the principle they had enshrined already in 1717: “To destroy all religions especially Christianity.”

      At a meeting of Freemasons held 60 years ago, the French Jew Cremieux, founder of an international Jewish league, did not hesitate to say: “Consider all things useless, money worthless, high regard worthless: the press is everything. With the press in hand we will have it all.”

      And during the international conference of rabbis held in 1848 in Krakow, The English Rabbi, Moses Montefiore declared: “Until the newspapers of the world are in our hands, all of these things will serve no purpose. Let us get the 11th commandment clearly into our heads: ‘Thou shalt not endure any foreign press over yourself so that you may long rule over the GOYIM’ (Bold mine) Let us take possession of the press and soon we shall rule and set the fate of all of Europe.”

      And so it followed that THEY would OWN the Presses (media), and THUS frame, form, and rule the world that they envisioned.

  13. When Elaine said, “…for richer or poorer…” bet she had no idea it meant a 33 year old double wide with rain catch barrel, located in the Texas outback!!
    You smooth talker Ure!!

      • Heard there were numerous bite marks around the area of his scrotum and penis – neighbors said there was some screaming and arguing over money and services – also a maga hat was reported…… (s)

    • This wouldn’t have happened if all hammer purchases were cleared through a national registration database first, and hammers owners were licensee to own a hammer..

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      CNN has quoted sitting Democratic congresswoman and LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass in your link. The report leads to mention of Ms. Bass’ September LA home robbery. Two guns were stolen and later recovered. The alleged thieves apparently chose to overlook valuables and cash left out in the open. How apropos.

    • I’ve been going through Clif’s videos trying to find the one in which he recently said that there’s going to be some right-winger, having had enough of the daily shenanigans on the news, who jumps the gun and invades either a government building or other place of DIMocratic adherence and commits some crime before we all take to the streets in general rebellion. Something to that effect. If they succeed in pinning this on a “MAGA” person this event sounds like it will fill that prediction.

    • According to radio news, when the cops arrived, Paul and nutjob had hammers and were squaring off. Both were taken to Mark Zuckerberg Hospital (not kidding!) Pelosi reportedly had minor head injuries, from a hammer-blow. The police chief proffered a really weird, and short, statement.

      There are several inconsistencies with this “story.”

      I suggest waiting, to see if it is possible to glean actual facts regarding this…

  14. “Down from here for markets BIC Sinks as Stationery Margins Squeezed by Higher Costs – MarketWatch. As goes the markets (and cryptos) so go markets”.

    And that speaks perfectly to my theory. When the entire Global Econ can now longer operate profitably due to fiat printing madness and hyperinflation and planned reset. The only space left where money velocity can be created and profitably skimmed will be the Crypto Block Chain Space. The Paper $ / Digital $/ Derivative $ will never go away [currently North of $2 x 10^15 ]. All of it will be be re-hypothecated in the Block Chain space.



    As our friends across the pond would say at High Tea. Brilliant.

    Software continues to eat the World. Nothing to see here except good old fashioned market disruption.

  15. George
    A thought for the day.

    Priest and Garbage Men do the same style of work.
    Priest dispose of moral garbage.
    Garbage Men dispose of material garbage.
    Sometimes you can’t tell the difference!

    Have a Great Day!

      • Da am I gonna do remnants ?

        Is there enough to slap together a kamikaze drone, sans the warhead? GPS capable ?

        I”ll take Ures bets – both youse two – gotz to have counterparty.
        Case o mooseheads – d

        I got Philly Cheese Steaks and Soft Pretzles.

        SPY – 4000 bitches! Its the upside down crazy times – gonna ride the crazy train – YeeeHA mofo’s, YeeHAA!

        rippin Randy – https://youtu.be/8lD5bfqzr6E

  16. Economy isn’t turning positive until we have free trade, accommodative fed, cheap energy and/or a few other things like fair regulation & tax relief.
    Instead we have China and Germany (and others) flying into blind rage at attempts to stop their efforts to destroy US businesses and drain US of money, a fed that casually watches, doing nothing for 4 months after house prices pass 15% yearly increase and then attacks the demand side to solve the supply chain problem. We have nonexistent green energy as world leaders try to get into Greta’s pants (she’s warming to nuclear fuel rods though) by killing fossil fuels. Too bad Al Gore lost his presidential bid, he would have been working for us instead of against us. And we’re stuck with a dull crayon president brandon that can’t function if there is dissent and gets nothing done if he can’t freely dictate.

  17. Everything moves along at a faster pace than it used to. Why should market booms/busts and economy recessions/ recoveries be any different? Especially with algos, HFT and anti-depressants.
    The old patterns happen, just faster.

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