Think it’s a “Real Rally”? Fed Dumps in Trillions

Like the NY Fed pumping 2.183 TRILLION in Repos out the door today to 99 bigger than little people players?

I don’t expect honesty or a refund on short losses.

But enforcement against trading firms that show inconsistent quotes to retail traders would be nice.

How much will they dump in Monday when this POS settles?  There’s an election to fix, right?

Added math note:  

The current US-GDP (current dollars) runs about 25.663 trillion. See page 9 of the GDP fabrication here.  When you look at the (perverse) repo and it’s about 8 percent of everything America makes in goods and services in an entire year, blithely before lunch on a Friday and inside two weeks from a problematic “erection.”

Ziss a great country, or what?  Whee! 

A martini to the Mogambo Guru’s memory at the bell today.

Oh lookie! Why, it’s a brick wall!  Hand me another martini and let’s get as many people in the car as possible and drive as fast as we can into it.  What d’you say?

Write when the House goes broke,

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25 thoughts on “Think it’s a “Real Rally”? Fed Dumps in Trillions”

  1. Think it’s a “Real Rally”? Fed Dumps in Trillions

    Operation TWIST, folks have no idea of the enormity and scale of STRIP’d Bond buy backs that the Treasury will take back from JPM at zero percent or even negative interest, JPM pockets the 10 yr -30 yr spread between the issued interest rate/yield payments and the buy back yield. Imagine receiving your mortgage interest payments over 30 years in one lump sum.

    Thats a sum even bigger than the 10’s of trillions of “stimulus” that this paper represented when issued. Not all of it will be returning to the CUSIP world.

  2. House goes broke – how da F! ya gonna fix that ?

    Biden admin together with Schuckie Smear and the pig- Losi are bringing a Claw Hammer Confiscation Bill the floor on Monday/next session. No More Hammers – way too dangerous now.
    Seems a certain Depage chap tried to rearrange face of the pigs’ other half. Guess load up on hammers at harbor frieght/HD/loewes – for the rebuild..if in Ure unlucky enough to be around to clean up all the dead bodies.. “ten pence”

  3. Elliot wave is a crock of sheet . The great WD gann gives me my roadmaps . Nearly. On the kisser baby . Told yah about gold as well . Quad sell

  4. Is it because an election rally is wanted or to finish off the bull trap before the plunge?

    Methinks the plan is systemic demolition. Not political shenanigans. The “real” fractal should have been last week. Postponement is leaving many bears out of position. Upcoming week fits cycle lows and FOMC. Just IMHO..

  5. Yeah….

    Tonight I met someone who gave me an invitation, to tour an old missile silo, a million Square feet, secret location. He said we could use a man of your skills down there when the shit the fan. You are allotted 3 other people of your choosing, everything is set up for a comfortable life up 50 years underground if needed.

    Weird. Very nice fella. Very powerful and rich man. I knew who he was as soon as i saw him. He said let me know any time your ready to take a tour. Over 1 million Square feet underground living facilities, including a farm, fishery and full Olympic pool.

    I said a man of my skills? He said yes, you see the future Very well and rumor has it you don’t die. You have actually been tested and everything always comes up in your favor. I know choosing only 3 other people will be a hard decision but after the tour. We will need their names in advance. Should the shit hit the fan as you say quickly, then we will know who we are missing and needs assistance prior to us closing the door.

    I knew something life changing was going to occur, I didn’t think it was that. Huh

    I will take the tour next month.

    • What a trip. He did say there is library with almost as many books as Lincolns library. I posting this to see if I get a reaction. He didn’t say i couldn’t talk about it. Interesting he said I was tested several times. And he did say I could take the blonde with me , the Italian girl I’m fond of and spend a few days there to familiarize my self with the facility. I asked who else is invited he said mostly those who can afford it, your fee for 4 people I will cover myself. I said why so generous? He said im a big fan of THE DUDE and you. And he said you come highly recommended by several high profile people as knowing the future. The file on you said you have well over 1500 accurate predictions in the last 10 years. Some didn’t come true but they would have if we hadn’t taken action to resolve the issue before it happend.

      And he said if you prefer someone else besides the itallian girl? You can bring them. It would be a fun date, I assure you. I laughed and he said really, how many girls you know ever been taken on a weekend get away to a private secret resort that has all the modern tech and everything you would ever need? Quite the adventure. I said yes sir.

      I’m interested. I had planned to survive if it comes to that shit hit the fan moment above ground. He said you of all people probably could. But it’s as you said best to wait and stay strong.

      Huh. What a trip. Nice guy. Definitely wealthy as f. He did mention 2 names I knew as well, and I know both of those people very well.


      Well, let’s hope for a bright future. And such facilities never be needed.

      • ” I met someone who gave me an invitation, to tour an old missile silo, a million Square feet, secret location. He said we could use a man of your skills down there when the shit the fan. You are allotted 3 other people of your choosing, everything is set up for a comfortable life up 50 years underground if needed.”

        The problem with the bunkers….ACCESS….close yourself in a closet..
        The other fifty years …its like the trip to mars getting ready to send good qualifying men and women.. In thirty years.. The average age is what late thirties and forties… Seen one was fifty..
        I built our home at 47… I can tell you it was work … The insulation settled and needed to be dusted.. I crawled my fat ole but up there only to realize I was a lot younger… So they are going to send a bunch of old people on an extended space flight.. Or lock a group of old people in an underground crypt…
        Hmm. That makes sense..rebuild society with a group of 120 year olds lol lol…
        For the mars flight they should be training 8 and 9 year olds..the same with going in the bunkers..
        Ever watched naked and afraid with the old matter which way you slice it.. You aren’t 21 your mind your still able..that’s why you teach the youth ..wisdom..
        A small town church or community must have 3 times as many kids to older population otherwise it slowly dies..

    • Bad vibes on the invitation. “Curiosity Killed The Cat” What happens when they slam the gate shut and say “Sorry Pal, we want people with your skills put away.”

      • “Bad vibes on the invitation.”

        the thing is.. you have to be able to get to it.. you would have to be fifteen minutes away or closer….then consider..they are not going to tell you… they could have launched already…and we wouldn’t know until the things started to hit… if your in a truck halfway around the nation.. you are not going to get there.. if you have a go spot and it is two hundred or more miles away.. you are not going to get what good is it..then consider.. would you like to be in a bunk next to nancy for fifty years..
        the best spot is in the middle of africa or south america in the jungle.. or some remote spot..
        OR.. go to Delaware and get it over with in a blink of an eye.. or one of the other big cities.. Delaware that whole state will be toast from what Joe has been doing.. watch monkey..see where they have the sniffers.YUP.. that area of the country.. because they know that is target one..

  6. JUST IN: Elon Musk fires Twitter software engineers one day after acquiring the company.

    It’s happening. Entire team of data engineers let go.

    Elon Musk Locks Out Twitter Engineers, Has Tesla Staff Review Code

    Following his takeover of Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly had Tesla engineers review Twitter’s software code and prevented Twitter engineers from making further changes.

    Musk is said to take Twitter CEO role, reverse life bans

    Musk intends to do away with permanent bans on users because he doesn’t believe in lifelong prohibitions.

    Musk begins his Twitter ownership with firings, declares the ‘bird is freed’

    NEW YORK, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Elon Musk has taken ownership of Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) with brutal efficiency, firing top executives but providing little clarity over how he will achieve the ambitions he has outlined for the influential social media platform.

    Goodbye Twitter—for Now

    Elon Musk has seen the light on advertising, and will likely need to return Twitter to the public market at some point

    He, he…

  7. PayPal quietly reintroduces $2,500 “misinformation” fine

    Not long after issuing an apology and retracting a $2,500 fine to its users, PayPal has quietly re-introduced the fine into their terms of service and legal agreements. If enforced, the leading payment processor could fine users the hefty $2,500 sum for spreading “misinformation,” or “hate”, or whatever they deem “unfit for publication.”

  8. First thought is, Friend of Ures? Second thought is, I’ve met the fella twice and I know other very financially wealthy people who have talked about such places.

    Some I know are already retreated to such facilities.

    And I don’t like the idea of owing anyone that much. I make my way with THE DUDE and if it’s my time to go? All good with that too.

    But It might be fun to take a helo ride to an underground bunker for the weekend and have a look with cute Itallian blond. I actually love so much.yeah geroge I tried to break it off with her but she fought hard to keep me and anyone who would fight that hard to keep me? Will fight that hard to protect me and us.

    So, I’m still in it to win it.


    As series of Fortunate Events.

    That fella kinda reminds of the dude who created Jurassic Park in the first movie, “spared no expense.” Looking KFC HMFIC.

    Ohhhhhh yeah Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”  I wrote that at the top of one of my zero reports.

    Well there is my answer. Good talk. May go for the weekend tho. Be fun to run around in an old missile silo, with a hot Italian girl I love. Lol

      • Eleanor- I’m sure what was meant was that only the bad people in bad bunkers will meet with that bad fate. Good people with lots of money who own good bunkers with good enforcers on duty will no doubt be exempt.

      • Yeah, i actually wrote that too on the Ace Spades, thread on the webbot forum years ago. What I was shown as the future of the world in my 9th NDE. Because I was shown the future of the world in my 9th NDE. There is still record of it on there.

        You know I asked someone if they wanted to know the future. Most people do not. The young lady said no, I prefer to live in the moment and dance to the song that is playing now. I don’t need to know the song list or next song. I think most people are like that.

        I’m not much for turning into a morlock. I find it all very interesting tho. Very interesting.

        Very interesting fella tho. Inventor fella. Made alot of
        money inventing things, selling the pattens. Pretty cool stuff. Takes stuff like machines from the old Kodak company and transforms them into useful stuff today.

        See. I appreciate skills like that too. I appreciate even the skils of nefarious forces. I am Good. Good to go. I can value skills even used to destroy instead or construct and not beholden to the evil that drives them.

        An example is the First Church of Satan started by Anton Levey. Aka the Hotel California in San Francisco. Their symbol is the Infinity Key. I am a Christian and I am not aligned in any shape or form with Satanism. However the Infinity Key is pretty cool. It’s older than the first church of Satan.

        Most true Satanists are very very intelligent and not your run of the mill Slipknot fan. Almost all the luciferian elite I’ve spoke to over the years all speak 8-10 different languages and are very well educated. I value that degree of intelligence but I’m not a luciferian. Not even remotely.

        The problem with High Intelligence is, it warps a mind to discount intuition and 6th sense. Which far superior to intelligence. If I know the question and answers to a test 3 days before the test? It doesn’t matter if my IQ is 100, when I take the test I will score 100% and someone with an IQ of 150, has to think about each question.

        Knowledge is not power. POWER IS POWER.

        If your refrigerator is unplugged and the power is off. And you have a mathematician, a Priest, quantum phsysists, a Snap Tool truck driver, a Microsoft high level computer programer and magician out to look at it.

        Then mathematician yells string theory and mathematical equations the refrigerator, the Priest quote scriptures, prays and baptises the refrigerator, the quantum phsysists yells the laws of quantum theory, e = mC squared at the refrigerator, the snap on tool guy yells lists of sockets and every tool known under the sun at the fridgerator, the Microsoft programmer yells C+++, and python code at the refrigerator and the magician pulls a hundred rabbits out of hit and throws miles of scarfs at the refrigerator? They all yell knowledge at it until they are all blue in the face???? It still won’t turn the refrigerator on.

        Because knowledge is not POWER. POWER IS POWER.

        now a 3 year old little girl on a tricycle who wants to grow up to be a kitty can walk over and plug in the refrigerator and it will start running.

        I do appreciate knowledge tho, however it is not power. Power is power.

        And I have THE DUDE with me. All the time.

      • Well I am not Andy … but it says everyone will go to the underground holes..
        I believe this is what you are talking about.. Isaiah two..
        “Isaiah 2:10-22

        10 They will hide in caves in the rocky hills or dig holes in the ground to try to escape from the Lord’s anger and to hide from his power and glory!
        11 A day is coming when human pride will be ended and human arrogance destroyed. Then the Lord alone will be exalted.
        12 On that day the Lord Almighty will humble everyone who is powerful, everyone who is proud and conceited.
        13 He will destroy the tall cedars of Lebanon and all the oaks in the land of Bashan.
        14 He will level the high mountains and hills,
        15 every high tower, and the walls of every fortress.
        16 He will sink even the largest and most beautiful ships.
        17 Human pride will be ended, and human arrogance will be destroyed. Idols will completely disappear, and the Lord alone will be exalted on that day.
        19 People will hide in caves in the rocky hills or dig holes in the ground to try to escape from the Lord’s anger and to hide from his power and glory, when he comes to shake the earth.
        20 When that day comes, they will throw away the gold and silver idols they have made, and abandon them to the moles and the bats.
        21 When the Lord comes to shake the earth, people will hide in holes and caves in the rocky hills to try to escape from his anger and to hide from his power and glory.
        22 Put no more confidence in mortals. What are they worth?”

        In Revilations.. it says..
        “Revelation 6:15-17
        New International Reader’s Version
        15 Everyone hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. This included the kings of the earth, the princes and the generals. It included rich people and powerful people. It also included everyone else, both slaves and people who were free. 16 They called out to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us! Hide us from the face of the one who sits on the throne! Hide us from the anger of the Lamb! 17 The great day of their anger has come. Who can live through it?”

    • Andy you are one interesting dude.Take the tour and see what its all about.The pondering point is will the silo be spared if there is a devasting earth quake or massive flood or the rod of god if one so believes….what a tangle web we weave -so many mysteries.On another note has any body read the amanita forecast if not take look.

      • I second this, ~0~

        Be very wary, but understand, you are more-capable of surviving up on top, than you are in a tin can. I had a chance some years back to buy either or both of two silos — one in SD and one in Aridzona, and both priced significantly under $100k. I thought it’d be really neat, but I passed. I’m one of those people who, if given a good, sharp knife and a little time to work with, can likely survive anywhere, even at my age.

        You are another.

        Don’t forget it…

  9. Thanks for finding and posting this. I knew there had to be something that crawled in thru the backdoor yesterday morning. .., and yes, it is really ugly !
    – This is really going to hurt in the long-run. and hurt bad !

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