Gas & War, Job Cut Hype, Reaction Time Measures

Nice and businesslike this morning:  Starting with the odds-on World War III this weekend.

War Risk Reduced?

That might be a possibility if the happy-talk on point is right.  But, as you will read, we don’t think the “reportage” on this has been particularly objective.

So, let’s roll with some of the good coverage and then follow it:  Standoff Between G7 and Russia Intensifies as Group Rejects Putin’s Demand to Pay for Gas in Rubles.  This is where we have fears of gas to Europe being shut off on Sunday.  Vlad Putin’s March 31 hard date is today.

The happy-talk choir over at CNBC, though, we believe is a little too chipper in their outlook:  Europe energy: Russia appears to soften its gas-for-rubles demand.

A much more reasoned report of the same underlying events is that all Russia did today was tell the Germans that they can transfer money into a Russian bank, where it will be converted into Rubles – and then applied to gas payments.

What Putin is telling Germany is the “how to get your money here, and how to get it converted.”  The misleading part is in both the German official announcements in coverage like Germany says Putin agreed to keep payments for gas in euros, and elsewhere, is this is a “procedure call” not a policy change.

No, absolutely not What he explained (to the tone-deaf Germans) is they transfer money into a Russian bank, conversion, and then Rubles for the gas.

Our judgment is the reality is there is still a likelihood of Russian gas being turned off this weekend: Gazprom studies options for halting gas supplies to Europe, Kommersant reports | Reuters.

On the other hand, with the market selling off a bit Wednesday, we’re still on track for something of a rally going into the weekend (which is the whole point) which – if the Options Signal Service April 4 expect a big something is right – does get legs with misstated stories.

Bottom line:  Putin’s call to Germany was a “how to.”  Which the Germans and Neocon tooled West are taking as a “softening.”  No, sorry, not.

Meanwhile, the “regime change in Russia” story keeps being repackaged and resold: ‘Regime will end very soon’: Jailed Oligarch explains why many Russians also want Putin to go – Raw Story.  You buying it?

Meantime, looking ahead to the next conflict (Taiwan, if you’ve been living with Rip Van Winkle up in the hills) a new RAND report is worth a quick scan.  All about A New Framework for Understanding and Countering China’s Gray Zone Tactics.

Jobs Hype

Employment levels remain statistically high.  Which means – on the flip side – two things.

First is very low job cut levels.  Reflected in the Challenger Job Cut report just out.  But there’s a problem:  Cuts are easing back up:

march challengere layoff chart

“There appears to be a return of a healthier churn in the labor market,” said Andrew Challenger, Senior Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“Some U.S. Employers report hiring is getting easier, particularly with the incentives many companies put in place to attract and retain talent. Meanwhile, inflation impacts, and war concerns are causing workers who were depending on savings or investments to seek out paid employment,” he added.

Meanwhile, the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) showed the number of hires increased by 263,000 in February, while quits hovered near record-high at 2.9%.”

At the same time, we also have new unemployment filing data to contend with:

march 22 ui filings

Tomorrow the Federal numbers.  But, as we so frequently remind, the total employment level is still below the August of 2019 levels.  Despite the hype a recession in Q3 cannot be ruled out, especially with the Fed reducing its balance sheet for whatever is out there this fall.

Personal Income?

Got some?

“Personal income increased $101.5 billion, or 0.5 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $34.9 billion, or 0.2 percent, in February. The increase in personal income primarily reflected an increase in compensation of employees that was partly offset by a decrease in government social benefits. The personal saving rate (that is, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income) was 6.3 percent in February, compared with 6.1 percent in January.”

So, where’d it all go?  *(And boy, does it go quicker these days!!!)

consumer spending march 22

I can sure see how crime becomes a choice for some people:  Pay higher prices and go more in debt on credit cards.  Or just turn to crime and live on the proceeds.  Crime does have several “lifetime retirement community” options, though we’re not keen on those.

Still, ever wonder why more aging poor don’t just go on crime sprees and land 20-year sentences in the Big House where (save smokes and dope) most things are free?  I mean if you can get the kids to throw a little something on your book, now and then to buy protection from cellmates?

Evidence of Crazies

While disingenuous politicians are trying to play both sides of the defund police (woke idiocy), we see what could be construed as “responsibility shifting” as More states are easing laws on handgun carry permits – Chicago Sun-Times (

Of course, interesting that a pro defund mayor has a bigger personal security detail.  But, we’re not fans of Lori Lighthead, at all.

Useful to Know

Living in the South may be more stressful – not less – than living in the North.  One implication in Do you live in one of the ‘most stressed’ states? Here’s where (and when) people are super frazzled.

Other good catch on Study Finds today is a link between heart problems and dehydration. Staying hydrated cuts risk of heart problems: Here’s how much water you should drink daily – Study Finds.

ATR: Time and Speed

The “nutter in the woods” has been working on getting more out of life, again.

This time, with the notion that the right sounds can change your perception of time.  Won’t go into the whole background here, but we all know there is perceptible change of how time feels based on any number of inputs.  CBD use, for example, or certain kinds of music.

But the topic tossed out this morning is pretty simple:  How do you measure apparent time-speed.  Seriously.

I was looking at the reaction time test over here at and it struck me that when locally modifying time perception (via music, for example) is this really the right way to measure time?  *(I’m still doing right hand 33, 41, 33 years of age and left-handed 29, 27, 36 year old equivalents.)

I’ve looked at some other measurement tool ideas, but not happy with how I would measure “mental time perception” vs. Reality in any kind of a scientific way.  Your suggestions (other than “Just shut up and accept aging!) are welcome in the comments section (click this thing below for access).

No word from The Major yet.  His wife had an additional drain installed yesterday for a total of three – so do keep them prayers headed her way, thank you.

Write when you get rich,

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45 thoughts on “Gas & War, Job Cut Hype, Reaction Time Measures”


    ..Leading Nazi NATO Against Christian Russia..


    – What have we as a Nation become ?

    Why are the Frankfurt, Germany bankers who manage/control Federal Reserve System ID’s “Classified” by US law ?

    Lets Go kaMANala!

    ..”more gruel..please?”

    • We sold out to greed..
      The laptop is finnaly on network news.. of course the down played the more disgusting and despicable things…
      Since the kid is saying russian says took it when he was in a drug induced state.. I’m curious when they investigate it did he get TS security passwords to DOD sites?and documents that I’ve seen printed up from it in news sites around the world if a highly confidential nature not to mention the thousands of images and videos that would send a regular guy to the granite health resort… No one with half a brain would give him a security clearance for that..then basically let them have it..not to mention working with those countries making money..conflict of interest at the least..

    • I am thankful to the supreme power who gave me this another day to live because of which I am breathing.

  2. Leveraging gas makes more sense when going into Winter, not Spring/ Summer. Chessmaster? Indeed.
    He’s shown us that there are two kinds of Russian tanks – regular and extra crispy.

  3. George, Ure comment on the RAND study leads me to give a big shout out to the researchers at all RAND locations. See this Wikipedia overview for more on RAND:

    RAND is the original ‘research and development’ (thus ‘RAND’) center. They’ve since grown to become a massive corporate contractor which sponsors several offshoot federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) and labs. I was fortunate to participate in several RAND studies during my jobs in the USAF and in my post-military job in a DoD FFRDC. I also was also blessed to have collaborated with think tank experts from Brookings, the Center for Naval Analysis and the Heritage Foundation, as well as folks from Aerospace Corp, Lawrence Livermore, Lincoln Labs, Los Alamos, MITRE Corp and Sandia National Labs.

    These establishments are at the core of leading edge tech research, often examining concepts that are often a decade or more away from production. Software and AI are two current ‘hot topics’ getting large sums of R&D tax dollars. That said, some centers are involved in social/political/economic research. See this link for a list of the current FFRDCs and their specialties:

  4. What ‘exactly’ is Putin going to be shutting off if the EU does not meet his Rubles demand? ., and to whom? ., and how much ? Gasoline? Natural gas? I can not find a breakdown, or to whom – anywhere.
    – Does anyone know?

    • Petrol, diesel, CNG, home heating oil, aircraft & jet fuel, the light hydrocarbons, and the heavy (bunker) fuels.

      It averages out to about 35% of Europe’s energy, but the percentage of CNG Russia supplies is 42% (nearly 90% in Germany) and CNG is where Europe gets its electricity, so no water or sewage, no credit cards, ATMs, or cryptos, during certain times of the day (and probably rolling blackouts, as well.) Thanks to the petroleum components, no (okay, very few) planes, trains, or automobiles, and no plastics, since the petroleum they do get will have to be prioritized.

  5. “Jailed Oligarch explains why many Russians also want Putin to go”

    That is exactly correct.

    However “most Russians want Putin to stay” is also exactly correct.

    George Washington is the only elected leader in history, whom “many didn’t want to go.” (For the history-deprived, this means he’s the only elected national official who was ever elected unanimously in an honest election.)

  6. EVERYTHING that you think you own and have a price affixed to is not really an asset unless it is under your feet, or you can put your hands on it. Not some piece of paper representing ownership in some fund or ETF like SLV or GLD. Land, water, oil/gas, agricultural products, production equipment, tools, gold, silver, commodities, guns, ammo, and physical things actually in your possession! Not paper or computer blips that represent ownership.

    Gold, Silver, other precious metals are not yours if they are not where you can put your hands on them without going through a 3rd party. GLD and SLV don’t own all the metals represented by their prices. Leverage on leverage. Likewise for currency. Safe deposit boxes and gold and silver depositories can be grabbed by government regulators.

    Even stocks that you think you own are owned in the street name of the broker-dealer “to help facilitate fast execution.” Money deposits in the banks can now be bailed in (stolen) by the banks to cover their losses. That would be your checking and savings accounts.

    The Buffett Indicator-the total stock market value to GDP is currently 202%, the highest in history. Exponential Trend Line suggests 120% is fairly valued. It is currently 56% or 1.8 Standard Deviations above the historical average suggesting that it is very overvalued.

    If you think that the appreciation of your home is money in the bank, you are mistaken. Remember the ‘80s bubbles that popped, remember the bubble that popped? Hundreds of other bubbles…too many to mention. Values of assets were slammed in half.

    Housing appreciation increases the property tax revenues for the crooks in government to spend on their pet projects and to use for getting re-elected. Are you flipping one house for a higher priced one? Just more taxes to the government, and if you finance it, it is more opportunity for the banksters to ultimately steal it.

    What was the Great Depression really about? Stealing from the people by the banking class and uber rich. Farms and ranches were repossessed, houses were foreclosed, gold was stolen by FDR for a massively discounted arbitrary price, stocks were bought for pennies on the dollar after they crashed the markets. FDR was a full-blown socialist.

    Trillions in off-balance sheet liabilities of Big Banks from derivatives, repos, reverse repos, and counter party risk are being supported by the Fed with their magical money creation to keep them afloat and bailed out. Anything off balance sheet should ring fraud bells in your head. Remember ENRON? They were the boys that created and perfected that ruse. Either it is an Asset or Liability on the Balance Sheet, or it isn’t. You can’t throw away your bad bets to off balance sheet and keep the good ones on balance sheet unless you are too big to fail. It is Fraud being perpetrated on the ordinary people. Employees of Enron and their subsidiaries that had their retirement assets in Enron stock lost millions, not including others invested in Enron all across the spectrum of investors.

    FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) 115 defined how to classify security assets. When the rule came out, a lot of companies panicked because they had been carrying bonds, real estate and other assets at book value rather than market value. A lot of money was made taking Marked to Market assets and converting them to wrapped BICs where they could be legally carried at Book rather than Market. Big Banks were lining up to learn how. Likewise for another FASB 115 classification-Held to Maturity. Unfortunately, many entities have gone to off balance sheet asset accounting. How is an investor supposed to value these companies…like Enron.

    Today people think that buying TIPs or I Bonds will protect them from inflation. Not necessarily true. I Bonds are suddenly a hot topic because they provide higher returns than TIPS because their fixed (pre-inflation) rate is currently 0% while the yield on a 5 year TIPS is currently -.96%. Any I Bond purchase until April 2022 earns 7.12% for the first 6 months. You can only buy $10,000 or $20,000 as a couple or a little more if you use a tax return. In April, the Fed will set the rate based upon the CPI-U. With TIPS yields below 0, the yields lock investors into a negative real return on savings.

    A recent CFA post by the managing director of FactorResearch, pointed out that the historical rate of return on stocks when inflation is between 5-10% is a modest 4.8%. Among stock sectors, commodities stand apart as a vehicle for hedging against unexpected inflation, according to a recent Vanguard report.

    Therefore, the real behind the scenes move is commodities, commodity based stocks or commodity based currencies. Although the oil based dollar could be seen as a commodity based currency, however, the current administration is doing everything in it’s power to debase the dollar…Trillions in deficit spending, sanctions on Russia, Trillions in printing from the Fed, and war against the oil/gas sector. In the Permian, you would think that oil/gas companies would be spending like crazy with $100+ Oil. That is not the case. They wonder when Biden is going to drop another executive decree on the industry strangling their markets.

    The Dollar and the markets are going to crash. Both are coming, but what comes first! Look at the Yield curve. There have been several areas that are now inverted. 5 vs 10 and 30 year Treasuries are inverted for the first time since 2006. The 2 and 10 year spread is now 2 basis points. An inverted yield curve normally indicates a recession or depression coming in the next 6-24 months. The Fed has ‘papered’ itself into a corner. Over the many years of Fed dollar printing to support the Fractional Reserve Banking system and the Ponzi scheme thereof, the dollar has become almost worthless. This massive printing by Central Banks worldwide is not because of COVID, it has one purpose and that is to devalue the dollar-and to replace it with the New World Order digital money. Likewise for all other currencies.

    • Hoss,
      1. What about the assets that are the love and respect of those closest to you?
      2. Never forget the tragic end of String Bean and his wife who insisted in keeping their assets close (didn’t trust banks).
      3. Mark-to-market accounting caused the 2008-09 financial crisis. The first recession resulting from shitty accounting ideas. I’ll explain it to you if you wish. Hint: the geniuses that came up with mark-to-market didn’t provide for what to do when markets seize up and there is no “market” to mark to because they all knew that such a thing could NEVER happen.
      Hope you’re staying well.

  7. Seems to me, Russia is an independent sovereign nation, who no longer plays the NWO global economy game. Which is of course, is Russias prerogative to do so. – simple follow the procedure.

    But, you know how the rest of the kids can be when one kid goes back to the old rules of a game because certain kids kept winning and others were always losers. Those who were winning all the time now throw tantrums and hissy-fits cuz they don’t get their way anymore … so childish. Immature.

    Is it worth lobbing nukes? Not really but neighborhood bullies might. Then blame the kid who wants to play a fair game. Riiiight.

    Interestingly, the US was independent and sovereign just a little over a year ago … damn punks didn’t like that either.

    Schoolyard Bullshit.


    My age is 18, on the stop sign reaction test. :)

  8. “More states are easing laws on handgun carry permits”

    I noticed Indiana got some form of “Constitutional carry” a couple weeks back. That doesn’t yet matter. I pass through (and sometimes drive to) New York and New Jersey, where gun laws are so restrictive I’d not be surprised if they sent people to jail for carrying drawings of guns. I used to carry on all my trips, until I began going to the aforementioned non-constitutional States. The idea of spending 5 years behind bars for carrying my legally-owned and lawfully transported firearm across a dotted line on a map simply had no appeal to me whatsoever…

    • Federal law is “supposed to” pre-empt these state laws such that you can legally transport any gun from one place that it’s legal to another where you’re legally allowed to have it. I’ve lived in both of those stupid states and may visit NJ in the future. I avoid NY like the plague it is. I don’t carry on these trips because just being on the road with “interdiction forces” can get you stopped for any reason and your car fully searched without recourse. Of course, this is illegal, but fat chance of you being able to prevail – either legally or otherwise. George mentioned Tennessee, but I can think of many other states that follow that pattern. Money, drugs, weapons, and anything else they don’t like is at risk, as is your freedom. “Civil asset forefeiture” is unconscionable and immoral, yet it’s “legal” according to DOJ. Of course, you can appeal and spend thousands to just possibly get your stuff back.

      America has become a police state and you’re never safe unless you stay home and mind your own business. Even then, there are 4am no-knock dynamic entry raids at the wrong address.

  9. (R)39, 39, 42 (L) 42, 39, 38. Just about half my chronological age. Despite good reflexes in my left hand, they still can’t outrun the hammer when I miss a nail. Darn!

    • “they still can’t outrun the hammer when I miss a nail. Darn!”

      LOL LOL LOL I hit the nail every time LOL LOL OH WAIT you were talking about the one made of steel LOL LOL…

  10. President Biden is considering a plan to release one million barrels of oil a day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for as long as 180 days, a move that would add a large amount of oil to the global market

    This from the NYT. I don’t have a link because I no longer go to the NYT. However, I find it interesting that:

    A.) Mr. Biden is so stupid he doesn’t know the meaning of “strategic.”

    B.) Mr. Biden is so senile he can’t comprehend the meaning of “reserve.”


    C.) Mr. Biden is so magnanimous with OUR strategic reserve that he would drain it to put 180 million barrels of it on the world market.

    • Dam Ray.. I just started to cry a little bit when thinking about what you just wrote..
      Seriously … What could go wrong right with dispersing our… RESERVES…. kind of like his let me print us out of this deficit..

      • If Mr Biden was less of an idiot, he could do that while freeing our drillers to get the supply up, and actually helping our bottom line. Instead, he’s wheezing around trying to find kids to sniff.

      • “If Mr Biden was less of an idiot,”

        NMMike.. that is one huge ……. IF……..

        What baffles me is HOW IN SAM HELL Was that Man able to convince the citizens of Delaware to keep him in office..

      • “What baffles me is HOW IN SAM HELL Was that Man able to convince the citizens of Delaware to keep him in office..”

        Got a credit card? Read the fine print on the back. Roughly 65% of ALL ccards issued trace back to some Delaware company or other. Biden worked some legally-questionable deals in the 1970s, which made Delaware the most legally and financially appealing place in the United States, to base a company which owned and networked ccards. Delaware didn’t forget…

  11. What’s with all the white fashion and it’s still only the month of March? Chris Rock was pictured by “The New York Post” opening his tour last night in Boston outfitted in a white suit and white footwear. Spotlights cast his black shadow on a plain backdrop. Apparently the show was interrupted at some point as a female patron of the arts invited a pair in the audience to “stfu”. Someone it seems was experiencing difficulty complying with covid mask ordinances. The fracas moved to the sidewalk outside where assembled media observed attending security and police officers wrestle a tall, strongly built, Black gentleman dressed in a white pullover top to the ground. His lips moved on silent screen perhaps in harmony with beantown punk rockers Dropkick Murphys newest release “We shall overcome”.

    Back to DJ Ure and the drive along a less-traveled road, spinning us some “Man in White” feat. Johnny Cash.

  12. “I can sure see how crime becomes a choice for some people:  Pay higher prices and go more in debt on credit cards.”

    Seriously now…. who needs to go Brandon to make money…
    Most counties offer money to have road cleanup.. for a small critter it was ten bucks.. larger varied on size.. so pack a shovel and a come along, get some plastic drop cloth and…. MAKE EASY MONEY…lol lol

    • $150 to fill the diesel truck this morning after getting it out of the shop. Didn’t know if it would make it across town to Sam’s as the mechanic ran it down till the “Low Fuel” notice was on the dash. Now I think I’ll decorate the tailgate with some big, gold letters, hmmm, something like “F” and “J” and “B”.

      • LOL LOL LOL I need one of those signs.. highly reflective sign.. LOL told the boss I just seen her new ride to work…
        the grandson had trained the dog to pull him on his roller skates.. a few years ago.. then one day he came home crying saying the dog had pulled him over and made him crash..
        later I was at the gas station and everyone was laughing.. about him.. then the story came out.. the dog was pulling him around.. then seen a cat.. LOL LOL LOL LOL took him for the ride of his life..

  13. Personal Income – you aint kidding.
    Had to buy a 2×4 8ft treated stick at $9.60 ea. from the depot here in SE Pennsyltucky. Gifted another Blue Bird nest box, so needed treated post to mount it on..ouch.
    Surely you dont think hunter and slo have any such concerns the high cost of mounting Bluebird houses. Why just the (30) bio weapons labs he facilitated in Ukraine were prolly worth $250k cashish each..with $25k flowing automatic withdraw like to the dead guy(brain).
    Perhaps, just maybe hunter and noodles nuland will accept the below attached invitation to testify before the Russian way or another..

    Personal Income – where? Have you not already felt the fiery breath of Inflation yet ? Maybe check back with report after next time filling up a 50 gal barrel wit Diesel or the bunny mobile with Ethel..Ure results may vary.

    Monster option position(May exp.) gold stock..golden cross recently, huge ascending triangle in chart, pays dividend, earnings solid..need 9% price appreciation in underlying in 2 months time -what could go wrong ?
    way coot figures – U gotta go big once in while if you really want beat the gurus like LDU

  14. How you age depends on what you did earlier in life. For those who had a rigorous physical life, the body simply wears out. Those who pushed paper, typed on keyboards and talked on phones for a living do better if they don’t get stupid.

  15. OH.. an update..
    I told everyone that when I heard I would mention it.. but there is activity at the farm.. Not sure if they sold it.. but there has been a great deal of movement.. when the USA went to 5G and everything was shut down.. the place was decommissioned and put up for sale.. I wished I would have had the money to buy it heck I am betting there were enough supplies to last a few decades LOL…. enough space and supplies for a small city.. including hospital and clinics.. an underground hydroponic garden area.. phew.. to good to be true.. the last time there was any one there was just before 2012 when there were massive supply trucks unloading.. for the past week my acquaintance said there has been a lot of work being done… and a great deal of people shuffling around there.. anyway.. thought I would share that..

  16. Comrades,

    Hold the kool-aid! The BBC roiling livestream has a classic picture up of Mr. Putin looking as if he has a bad case of indigestion. The actual threadbare reality of the EU bluster on paying for Russian oil in roubles is on full display. Instead of an elected government policy wonk telling us how bad it all is, the BBC quotes retired intelligence staff from GCHQ and the CIA for mind-shaping chats.

    Anyhow reading the “Caspian News” article linked in today’s “Urbansurvival”, the G7 foreign ministers and specifically the German chancellor say they expect the utility companies to enforce payments by euro or dollar currencies as contracted. End of story?

    Well, out of curiosity, I took a look at 2 of 3 large utility companies distributing fossil fuels to Germany. They are subsidiaries. One is 100% owned by the Swedish state. The other is 75% owned by the government of Finland. I don’t think Sweden is even in Nato, and they sure don’t use the euro.

    The German chancellor has arguably earned a gold star in today’s “Where’s the Beef?” contest. I’m sure everyone is pleased to see Mr. Biden get some competition in the race for the championship.

    In hindsight not investment advice, one starts to wonder if the big winners in the tempest since November are those who chose to play the rouble roulette game? Better luck next time to us all. The kitchen apologizes but regrets to advise that there will be no caviar on the blini this evening.

  17. Elon Musk’s SCINTILLATING missive receives a firestorm of positive feedback

    Billionaire and expert Twitter troll Elon Musk commented on the state of Twitter, suggesting that the social media platform failed to provide the requisite level of free speech in any balanced fashion and, therefore, should probably be replaced by a better system… If anyone can pull off a Twitter rival, that person is Elon Musk. And while conservatives do not align with the man on every issue, we need to remember that he’s not a conservative. Instead, he holds some conservative views that speak to common sense.

  18. Horowitz: The stifling of COVID treatment: The case study of aspirin

    The war on all information that might help COVID patients survive wasn’t just limited to prescription drugs. There has been a complete blackout on over-the-counter supplements and common medicines that the public is very familiar with and that are readily available, which together could have reduced the mortality burden. A new study published in the heavy-hitting Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrates that it is criminal how to this day our government has failed to advise people on the simple use of aspirin at first sign of COVID.

  19. Hospitals now asking men if they are pregnant before beginning cancer treatment: Report

    Hospitals are now reportedly asking men if they are pregnant before they are administered any cancer diagnostic tests that may damage a growing fetus. A Monday report from the Daily Mail revealed that cancer patients having radiological procedures — including X-rays and MRI scans — are being asked whether they are pregnant even if they are not women “because the word ‘female’ has been replaced by ‘individuals’ for medical procedures.”

    To clarify, this is apparently a new NHS policy in the UK. If it comes to the U.S. I believe I would ask the attending physician to refer me to a facility where doctors are competent enough to know from where babies come…

  20. Economists warn Americans should budget an extra $5,200 this year to combat effects of inflation

    Bloomberg economists say that Americans should consider budgeting an extra $5,200 this year — or $433 monthly — in order to fight the effects of inflation… In a Tuesday report, Bloomberg economists Anna Wong and Andrew Husby warned that inflation is set to cost the average U.S. household at least $5,200 more year over year.

    A hundred bucks a week ain’t gonna cut it unless folks change their diet, fuel, and perhaps lodging habits. Within two years I expect my kids to learn why my mother saved EVERYTHING.

    • “Economists warn Americans should budget an extra $5,200 this year to combat effects of inflation”

      OTFLMAO…… so did they mention where the extra two and a quarter is going to come from LOL LOL LOL…
      companies raised starting wages around here but have not given any increases to those already working…
      LOL LOL LOL…
      Or do they propose that we cut that much out of our spending.. LOL LOL..
      Groceries have gone up about twenty cents.. so we cut down proportion sizes.. to keep it at fifteen dollars per day per person.. gas is up so cost of fuel back and forth to work has doubled.. quit your job get one closer to home.. so you can walk or ride a bike to work..
      I grind my own wheat.. I had one heck of a time getting some wheat berries to grind.. pick them up today.. price difference from last year.. thirty percent higher this year than last year.. from the elevator..
      It is a nice thought though.. the problem is.. daycare has gone up..transportation has gone up.. food has gone up.. water bill has gone up.. heating fuel has gone up.. sure joe maybe going to release reserves.. but this isn’t even a Band-Aid and those reserves will have to be replaced.. taxes are up.. I have one car in for repairs.. they can’t get parts.. still waiting on parts.. its been a few weeks.. employers don’t have the money to increase wages.. sales are down.. big box stores are rushing to incorporate self serve isles.. to lower employees..

  21. I was asked a good question.. what happens if they shut the gas off there.. I said the same thing that would happen if the grid went down here.. you would go cold.. no lights.. no sewer.. the pumps would all go down.. no water.. you would have to walk for water or get a hand pump..
    I think they were a little excited over this revelation.. but it is what it is.. then I suggested the biogas 2…
    But they don’t have two grand for a system.. so you live close to an elevator don’t you.. they throw out IBF Totes.. get four uniseals.. or three.. put one on each corner.. in the top cap put in a two inch pvc pipe with a T at the top.. on one corner put in a two inch pipe with an elbo.. a hole drilled through the pipe two inches from the top.. all the way to the bottom.. the same on the diagonally uniseal.. ( make sure you use silicone sealant.. connect these pipes.. that is the gas outlet..
    on the other corner.. put in four inch pipe.. that will reach to the bottom.. ( you can use a toilet floor flange.. ) then a four inch pipe on top.. or you can get a three inch uniseal and just run a straight pipe to the bottom.. cut at the bottom a 45 degree angle.. this is the feed pipe.. with the toilet flange.. you can attach it to the bottom of a five gallong bucket.. run the flange through the hole cut for it.. and this gives you a nice area to feed your digester.. on the opposite corner.. that is your outlet for digested material.. the three inch pipe has a hold drilled through it in the middle of the tank.. undigested fats floar to the top new undigested material sink at the bottom.. the digested is in the center.. on the top of this pipe you put a T.. out the side and over to an outlet pipe to drain the spent undigested into a bucket to use on the garden etc.. put a valve in that and make sure you have a screw in cap for the top.. ( the reason for that is until you get enough material in it.. to digest and a good operating system.. you could loose gas..) once the digester is full enough then open the valve and take the screw cap off .. other wise it would act similar to a bell siphon and empty your digester.. on the gas outlet.. connect a valve.. that goes to a bladder.. ( big tractor tire inner tube) or you can get another tote and put a tank in it.. put a weight on top.. about twenty pounds worth.. a t in the gas line.. make a container to put the tire inner tube in.. and a pressure plate with a twenty pound weight on it.. this will give you good gas even if your down to the bottom..
    the T in that gas line goes out to your furnace or stove etc.. Now for more gas storage.. you can use multiple gas storage tanks or inner tubes.. just stack the tubes on top of each other .. if you go with a regulated tank.. then take the tote.. cut one end off of the tank.. build a guide rack for the tank to go up and down.. ( pvc works nice for this.. just weight the bottom down)
    on the outlet side.. if you wish to scrub the gas.. then have three containers.. one is a bubbler.. this will take out any biologicals that could harm the appliances or clog the jets.. the second is a drying agent.. you can use what they use in scuba tank filters .. desecant beads or silica jell beads.. or you can use kitty liter .. then into a stainless steel wool tank before outlet.. to the appliances.. in the desicant filter is where you would put your ethyl mercaptan beads..

    you can now compress it for the car or use it for your natural gas furnace or propane gas grill stove etc..

    To start the digester.. close off the overflow valve cap the top.. now take thirty gallons of fresh manure.. preferable cow manure.. and thirty gallons of water.. mix and put it in your inlet port.. close off the gas outlet and let it go.. if you have a tote.. then make sure it is painted black.. this helps to absorb the heat and limits the UV rays from forming algae.. it takes a few days for the digesting to begin.. if your in a cold area.. then make a small greenhouse type shed to hold your digester or put it in the garage.. on the gas line right at the t.. make sure you have a gas flash suppressor.. any good gas store or welding supply house will have them.. you can also make them to
    have the tote close to the house build a fence or a building around it.. this size should be able to produce enough gas to keep you up and running….
    Let me see if there is a video showing how to make it..
    Here is one.. I suggest using three gas outlets.. this way gas does not pool in one area.. but it is the same thing..
    I knew someone had to do it.. I couldn’t find any videos showing someone using a tractor tire as a pressure tank.. you could use one of those to.. but the tubes are cheaper.. and if you get the right diameter connect two or three of them in a series.. contain them in a vessel and put the weight on top of them.. you will have a constant pressure coming out of the gas line.. just make sure you have a flashback arrestor hooked up to your system.. just in case..

    • I am officially impressed….. I had gotten into how to make a bio digester yesterday from a tote.. ( pick up two today.. ten bucks a pop the whole thing will be less than two hundred) JUST IN CASE…
      anyway.. I was telling all the kids that now is the time to put up a small system JUST IN CASE Brandon does get his way and it all lights up.. and some chickens..
      Anyway.. one of the kids said.. haven’t you seen what xyb is doing.. it was your suggestion..
      No.. why well they did what you suggested a long time ago and put up a system on their dairy farm..
      ( one of the kids would come around for suggestions years ago and crazy old man projects)
      So a road trip was in order.. MY GOD..what they put up is so much bigger than the chicken farmer I met in the eighties… wow.. they put up tanks at the end of each of the confinement buildings.. the refuse trough to the digester .. these were nice size.. but what was astounding was the gas storage.. what was really funny is.. similar to hog farms.. people use to bitch about the aroma that came off of the dairy farm.. then it quit.. since putting in the digesters there isn’t any aroma present for the neighbors LOL.. killed two birds with one stone there..
      the bag in this video is about one third of that being used.. and they have two poly storage systems.. they are using it to power the heat and backup electric generators.. all of their cars.. the digested slurry is used on their farm.. and what they don’t use is being dried and bagged for sale..
      the amount of gas they produce.. now get this.. 2 Billion 750 million cubic feet extra.. they are scrubbing and selling the gas back to the gas companies.. and making as much or more than they do with the dairy end of their farm..I had seen the storage bags from a distance.. I had assumed that it was for grain storage or silage … amazing.. I was impressed… it was huge compared to the system the chicken farmer had.. huge..

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