The “Unclouded” Future

There is a business model battle going on in plain sight that will largely determine our computing future.  It’s one that I touched on in my book Broken Web: The Coming Collapse of the Internet in 2012.

Even now, the battle is far from over.  However, enough companies and institutions – not to mention regular folks – have bought into “cloud computing” that it makes sense to revisit the topic.

Particularly when economic warfare is likely to expand as opposition hackers – state actors, really – take aim at critical American infrastructure.

Little things you might now miss:  Food distribution, energy pipelines, the banking system, cell phones, and more.

The good news?  There are some software players – with very good products – that are becoming aware of the underside of the cloud.  Which is more than gray…

First, a few headlines and some eyefuls of ChartPack to get us going on this mid-week edition.  Starting as expected with the ADP Job numbers just out…,

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George Ure
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64 thoughts on “The “Unclouded” Future”

  1. I give the Euroweenies five days without heat before they capitulate.

    Your PN graphs are fine, but your schematics and other “talking points” graphics don’t exist or aren’t embedded, yet…

    • “I give the Euroweenies five days without heat before they capitulate.”

      LOL I hear ya.. big news this morning.. they took agriculture products off of the list of stuff to be stopped.. NOW will they require Rubles to buy them…I personally don’t have any issues of buying products in whatever countries currency is..hopefully this will give us the ability to finish that order for a bassinette for a baby on the way.. ( it was so cute..and tripped everyones trigger here to buy it)

  2. George,
    Your pictures aren’t loading….is it me or you? This is with Chrome.

    The comment about renting software is so true…..A number of years ago, I bought licenses and downloaded Office 2010. It works great, don’t get updates, and don’t make additional payments.

    Thanks for a great blog.

    • Only report. I did eliminate the top graphic on smaller phones in order to keep speed up but other pix are showing right. Ditto on W10, W11, and MOS +droids

      I would dump cache and try cold restart

      • Yep, all pictures under “In the Meanwhile Convergence Resolved” is not showing on my rickety old W7 box.

        On another note Clif’s Twitter account has been suspended, LOL. Can’t believe it took them this long to do it.

      • Must have been the one that passed through here about midnight. Sustained winds of 30+mph, marble and bigger hail, some rain, mostly sideways – and this was through the live oaks! Fully expected a foot and a half thick branch to go flying but they all held. At least we got enough rain to hold the dust down for a day or two.

  3. Markets schmarkets G pops,

    Everything is manipulated and or rigged – everything. So whats a Bitcoin maximalists to do in such an unsavory environment ? Play the same Game as evil “money changers” do, of course!

    Whatwhatwhat !? you say. Pay attention here homegamerz, enlightenment is upon youse..

    1) get yo self some crypto coinz – 2 or 3 different and popular coinz.
    2) get yo self 3 or 4 crypto wallets – populate them with even mix of coinz.
    3) get yo self an algo driven trading bot.
    4) simply program trading bot to trade Ure crypto’s between Ure wallets. Can do this 100-150 times a day at around 2.5% per turn.
    * Now you know why the maximalist is alwayz smiling..

    BTC – what R U waiting 4?

  4. Chuckle, can’t resist aiming at Max(imalist). There are pet rocks, beanie babes and virtual tulips. Nope. I prefer hard (non numismatic, non collectible) metals for store of value (which crypto is not).

    WebMeister: all your imagery displayed fine für mich. Fiber to curb (from my local Coop, which also provides the ‘lectricity) displayed on Win 11 (like you I am a beta bot working out minor kinks).

    But … what if the Coop power goes down? Talked to the tech support fella (it’s charming, being the same guy every time) and he thought if I can power the router my sys stays on. Check.

    The wider wwweb? I dunno. This has caused me to seek redundancy (always a good thing). My Verizon connexion can hot spot to PCs. Guess I’ll switch to unlimited (8Gb serves but).

    3rd layer? Maybe it’s time to dust off the 12v CB and inspect the 30’ whip. What’s Ure handle Wordslinger?

    Write when you get rational,

    ps – considering all the buzz about food shortages, why not throw dosh at the American Farmers? Instead of pay for set aside (*) pay for production. Put our crop bounty to good use and feed our friends.

    (*) set aside is something I want part of. I’d be great at being paid to not grow corn, or beans, or ___. I could also not grow pigs and cows not feeding them with the grain I didn’t grow. Or, we could get serious?

    • IMHO, You’ve got it all wrong when it comes to blockchain Egor. it’s not about tulips, its about green bananas. Billionaires get to be Billionaires by going down to the docks an buying the green bananas, you know the ones nobody has a use for, nobody wants to buy them, and retail shoppers shun, and as such they are on deep discount. Say 10 cents a bushel.
      When asked, the Billionaire and [ the financial media outlet that they own] will tell you that you, the retail investor, that green bananas have no use case for you, and aren’t fit for consumption, avoid them at all costs.

      Meanwhile, the bananas in the Billionaire’s cache will sit over time and turn yellow, at which point the Billionaire will release his inventory of bananas onto the market extolling the virtues of yellow bananas and all the things that bananas can be used to create from baking and flavoring’s to banana daiquiri’s. Delicious and only $200 per bushel.

      That’s how the game is played. Listen with your eyes home gamers.

  5. George,

    Good report, as always. I’m an analogy guy. It just comes naturally to me because I’m for of a big picture/concepts thinker. In practice, I think it’s often an excellent way to relate the concepts of complex topics in a way that’s easy for others to grasp.

    Our current global situation was a surprise to many folks who also don’t have a really good understanding of…well anything, really. Most of that is a result of corrupt government and media collusion, but that’s not the point here.

    My analogy today is white water paddling. I’ve done a lot of it and I’ve learned that even creeks or rivers that you are familiar can still hold surprises and even hurt or kill you if you’re not careful. Water you’ve never paddled is even worse. I’ve been lucky probably more times than I’ve been skilled. What I got from all of that experience is more skill, but also wisdom. Often times, the aware paddler can hear trouble coming downstream, pull off, scout things out and portage if necessary. Sometimes there are even bystanders that will warn you. There’s an old saying in the paddler community: We’re just all between swims. Rough water is tough to negotiate and you have to pick the right line and hit things just right to avoid taking a swim and there are always hidden dangers just under the water. Timing and skill are important, but if you put a paddle in the water you will eventually go for a swim. I’ve been out of my boat hundreds of times and a few times I really got hurt. I even got see one of my leg bones without the use of an X-Ray.

    Where I’m going with this is that we’re all in a boat on the same water. The aware observer should’ve been hearing rough water ahead for quite some time and making decisions on how to proceed. Even though many of us here are experienced ‘paddlers’ we’re on unknown rough water that sounds like it’s going to get worse…maybe even deadly. My advice is to proceed as you will. Personally, my boat is out of the water until we get passed this…if that’s even possible.

    It’s starting to sound like we’re approaching Niagara Falls and I’m not into barrel riding.

    • Good analogy Maj. I have had a few close calls in the rapids as well as in the markets. The rapids didn’t kill me but the markets damn near did! Your words of caution are much appreciated.
      I think anyone reading PN has the sense that Niagara Falls might be around the bend and most are taking some sort of measures to insulate themselves; if that’s even possible. It’s a complex topic and personally, I find myself fairly well set in a few areas but somewhere between totally unprepared and way behind in preparation for many scenarios. Prioritizing time and resources is my mantra at the moment.
      Food, water, power, heat and security are highest on the list; does internet reliability even make the list? Seems like a luxury but in my case, although we have fiber optic lines, out of the blue, Starlink got ahold of me last week and said I was on ‘go’ list for hookup. I opted to get it coming (it’s shipped) but am wondering if any advantage might be short lived in the event of Web failure and if it’s a waste of money and time? It falls under a similar category to Natural Gas; will it still be available under various circumstances and would a Propane back up make any sense? Feels late in the game to be at these branch decisions but their importance has become much more urgent.

      • Thanks and I’m right there with you. Obviously, you recognize that it’s almost impossible to be fully prepared for every situation. Our lifestyles will be disrupted and there will be pain, stress and unhappiness. The internet, although nice, is down the list a ways from clean water, food and shelter. Covering those bases and being near a group of people who can and will cooperate to survive is a good start.

    • Yo BIC – did she tell bout Gold and BTC ? .

      Pooterz &Co. be accepting Bitcoin and Gold for NRG

      game changed in ; )

  6. “In the meantime, Trump Asks Putin to Release Dirt on Joe Biden (”

    HOW MUCH MORE DIRT WOULD THEY NEED TO PUBLISH to make a difference…..the dirty dual standards of Politics..
    How much dirtier would be so noticeable that the agencies can’t bury it all like they do now..
    instead I believe they will just redirect everyone to another area.. like they always do..

    • Out of the Box, It requires a currency failure to do so. When all the maintenance paid to keep such an agenda below the noise level of the MSM talk track becomes valueless in exchange for houses fancy and toys, and for joe and jane sixpack. That will be the day that the populace will be forced to examine everything, rather than ignoring the interruption to their bread and circuses on tee vee.

      • I don’t think Joe and Jane Sixpack are really ignoring the situation.. no matter where you go you hear people discussing the situation..MSM is pretty much ignored for news..mainly because it’s pretty obvious that MSM has lost their credibility for reporting an unbiased account on what’s truly happening.
        The average Joe feels as if it doesn’t make a difference they are powerless and those in the circle of influence can do what they want.. what it looks like to most people is that the whole system is openly flaunting the dual legal standards by shoving the fact that if your in a power position it doesn’t make any difference as what you do it’s ok..

  7. Putin hiding? If he’s hiding, maybe I should be hiding too! But is he really hiding? Your source is a UK tabloid. The same story appears in several other UK tabloids under different bylines. Fact checkers rate all of them quite low. George (or any reader!) have you seen this allegation from any other source? I’m also wondering about the alleged pull-backs from Kyiv: “peace talk strategy” or “strategic redeployment to the east” or maybe “moving forces away from a WMD target.” My Spidey Sense is working overtime this morning.

    • Shaping actions – feints
      tis why Ruskie ships off coast of Odessa, to keep Ukey troops stationary there.

      Uke=600K troops Ruskies =200k

      They are moving/herding the darklings into “caldron” cities. Once the appropriate number/percentage of nazi bendarasazovs are clustered – they will be “flambéed, coldly efficient extermination of evil!

    • That’s not the question.

      “The question is: Is Putin spending any more time in bunkers than he normally does?”

      The White House Situation Room is a hardened bunker. Is Creepy Joe “hiding” whenever he goes there?

      • The allegation is that the bunkers are several hundred miles from Moscow. Going to the White House sub-basement is not an analog. But a few days have gone by without any follow-up stories or pick-up by other media. My guess: BS. He’s not hiding any more than he usually does from Covid. Several media sources are speculating on Putin’s ill health. Those speculations, too, seem about as credible as speculations about Hillary’s leg-bag bulge during the debates or her diagnosis without examination of Parkinson’s disease. Most likely, wishful thinking. Still, Putin kind of looks like he’s taken an OD of prednisone . . . .

      • I have been all over below DC… it is vast and quite interesting.. I had never been drunk in my life.. got to dc and they made some home made fruit punch.. I assumed it was fruit punch.. it was delicious.. I got so drunk .. I passed out.. when I came to I was in the tunnels below DC… it took me three days to figure out how to get out of that maze.. Huge and vast have no description to the system.. at that time every city block there was a little red light bulb LOL.. in the end I figured out how the system worked and you could get in or out in the damdest places.. like a broom closet.. spent quite a deal of time trying to find the end to it.. never did.. so in watching the Putin interviews on amazon prime.. and seeing the vastness of the Kremlin.. and the fact that after all these centuries they still have not found the gold library.. of Ivan’s wifes.. ( the real treasure.. I would love to see it and smell it.. there are suppose to be books from the lost library of Alexandria and the Mesopotamia, china, greece etc…..) I am sure that Just like the USA.. they have a bunker system in that place as huge as it is. in fact when the USA stopped planning on the protection of the population and only for the elite.. Russia and China and a lot of other countries didn’t stop..china went so far as to build ghost cities..with factories etc.. while we went to war to gain power and influence for a few at the very top… of course they asked the same question of Putin that I would have asked.. How in the world do you heat this place it is huge… LOL LOL

      • Marc, there are hardened NBC bunkers under Moscow, which are more-than-sufficient to house the entire population of Greater Moscow. Russia had bunkers built, stocked, provisioned, and ready to go, for 129 million Russians, 11 years ago. AFAIK they are still building them.

        WE have government bunkers for roughly 600,000 people, and we’re not building any more. When you see LOOB reference a D.U.M.B. (or just DUMB), he’s talking about one of those U.S. Government facilities. DUMB = Deep Underground Military Base. They are underground cities, with designed capacities of 1.2k-~50k people, none of whom is you or me. The one in Maryland is connected to the one in West Virginia, is connected to the one in Kentucky, etc., via a high-speed underground rail system. Oh, and the one in Maryland is also connected to the sub-sub-sub-basement (that’s not enough “subs,” but you get the idea) of the WH.

        Russia’s and China’s NBC shelter systems are far larger and more elaborate than ours. It is incredibly unlikely that Mr. Putin would have to set foot outside the Kremlin to enter the Russian bomb-shelter system, and incredibly likely that he could “disappear” from Moscow and “materialize” in St. Pete a half-hour later, using no visible means of transportation…

        Always remember: The first casualty in any war is “truth,” and when a bystander adopts a favorable posture toward one combatant, their “news” will always have a hard bias toward their “favorite” and a hard bias against their disfavored combatant. Vlad is sick, dying, terminal, insane, crazy, despotic, etc.; Vlod is god — that is how our media is playing it…

    • Ray, I was in Russia twice in 1994. First clue that they were serious about civil defense was the escalator to the subway. Moscow subway was about 250′ underground. On one the trips I was also in Kiev (as it was then called)–don’t know actual depth, but the subway there seemed just as deep as Moscow. Very interested in LOOB’s account of our tunnel system–or I should say “their” tunnel system as I’m not among the elect. I’ve got some current eye problems best dealt with here in the USA, but as soon as able I’ll be headed for Costa Rica and Panama to look for a bolt hole.

      My Spidey Sense has been nagging me lately. Just put trailing stops on equities today; I’m usually correct in my sense of where the market is going but usually way, way early on timing. In 1986 Herb Stein said, “If something can’t go on forever it will stop.” Like MAJ13, I’m hearing the rushing water–just don’t know how close it is.

      • I designed a system which was essentially the tunnel-transport system they’re using, back in about 1969. (Unfortunately, I wasn’t the first to do so.) It is a maglev rail system with a pneumatic boost (compressed air behind the vehicle, vacuum in front.) The function of the rails is more to keep the vehicle upright and supply convenience electricity than it is, propulsion. The system is capable of supersonic speeds, although “how supersonic” is dependent upon how good the vehicle seals itself against the tunnel walls, and how well the government can suck…

        … (make a vacuum.)

        The government wasn’t interested.

        (Really? The Government wasn’t interested in a choo choo that could travel undetected from D.C. to L.A. in less than 3 hours? Really?)

        As with Russel Targ’s remote viewing and Clif High’s Web-bot, when the government “isn’t interested” in something of an advanced, or strategic nature, that means they already have it, or have something better. The CIA ended the RV project after 26 years, not because it didn’t work (it worked quite well) but because they discovered something which worked significantly better.

        When Clif offered the Web-bot to DOD they turned him down. They did so not because they weren’t interested, but because they already had it, or had something even better.

        Elon Musk designed essentially the same system as the one I designed, a few years ago. He, at least, got a smile when they told him they weren’t interested. ‘Probably had something to do with me being worth ~$4 and him being worth ~$4 billion at the time each of us talked to The Man.

        Then too, it might simply be because we’ve dug at least 90,000 miles of military transport tunnel since Uncle used his black budget to acquire his first tunnel borer, back about 1965 or ’66…

  8. At this morning’s weekly meeting, the Executive Committee discussions seemed to focus on the USDA plans as part of their 2023 budget to increase the CRP enrolled acreage. The consensus was entered into the meeting minutes as, Bullsh!t! Food shortages are coming so let’s produce less.
    The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting was scheduled for the regular every Wednesday morning at 0730 next week unless the homemade cinnamon rolls daily special is changed to another day or the Cafe tires of our rowdiness and we are asked to not return.

    • No worries gettingthe boot, Jimbob..

      you can always stop by/attend one our bi-weekly conferences..virtual like every other Sat…American Anti-gravity Propulsion Engineering conference..past Saturday was sonic levitation devices – working models/experiments. never know whats gonna pop “out” in this brave new sciemagenviornment farm we call Home

    • Jim in MO
      “…the Executive Committee discussions seemed to focus on the USDA plans as part of their 2023 budget to increase the CRP enrolled acreage.”

      Normalcy Bias. In government most civil service types can’t see a bolder on the road right in front of them as they drive forward … they just keep driving forward at normal speed until they hit it, and THEN they keep depressing the pedal as if nothing happened and keep trying to move right through that boulder.

      As I look back on my life I realized now I was too intelligent. I should have gone to work for the local big Federal Government Agency that is based here. Truly DUMB people went to work there, just did their job going home everyday at 5, never working weekends, got 6 weeks of vacation (plus oodles of comp time etc.) and just regularly got promoted -basically for showing up. By the time they hit the end of the road they were making 150k+ and retired at 2/3rds of their final pay (at 30 years) plus have great healthcare for retirement. OH … and they could retire at 55 I think it is.

      Was on a ski trip a few years back and the TOP guy for Computer Security for an entire part of the Govt infrastructure for that division was on the trip … OMG, if he was the guy who was supposed to keep bad guys out of our Government Computer Systems we were hosed. YEP, sure enough … the bad guys DID break into our Government’s systems and got the list of ALL government employees, INCLUDING OUR SPIES, during one break in a few years back. LOTS of spies were then caught and executed as a result.

      Sheesh … Have to make sure those spies are paying their US taxes on what we pay them, so they HAVE to be in the payroll record system of the US Government!! Anyway the more the guy talked over the number of dinners we had together during that 10 day trip the more I realized what a bunch of dumb fucks we have running the security for our Government’s Computer systems, and those guys are supposed to be THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST that we have!!

      • Not to mention Gov’t workers get the golden goose healthcare insurance…
        I kick myself all the time..had a job in govt facility and quit because of my ethics..the guy that took my place was making six digits..
        In healthcare many of the people I worked with go to the VA healthcare system.. they get school loan forgiveness and the golden goose not to mention the federal holiday and great vacation bennies..

  9. Your column this morning is stellar. Internet SHTF is coming as sure as summer and another wave of COVID. I just downloaded a copy of your book “Broken Web.” A comment from one of your book reviewers was instrumental in me pulling the trigger.

    “It is an unfortunate psychological reality that people have trouble preparing for anything that they do not want to happen, as if this will somehow prevent these events from happening.”

  10. “Food prices are hard to swallow – literally: Soaring Prices Are Changing the Way People Eat.”

    No need to change what you enjoy..
    I buy a lot of stuff from there.. but you can also get most of it at any large sportsmans supply store or large grocery chain…

    pork butt about 1.54 lbs
    beef chuck about 1 lb
    salt about 4 tsp
    about 1/2 tsp of meat cure
    about 1/2 tsp Dextrose
    1 tsp of sugar
    black pepper ground, about 1½ tsp
    sweet smokey paprika ground, about 4 tsp
    anise seeds ground; about 1 tsp
    allspice ground; about 1 tsp ( don’t go nuts with this one..)
    cayenne pepper 1 tsp
    0.24 g F-LC culture use scale ( this stuff will last you a long time.. reseal and put an oxygen absorber in it..
    distilled water about 1/3 cup
    Grind pork and beef through 3/16” plate (5 mm).
    Mix all ingredients with ground meat.
    Stuff into beef middles or fibrous casings about 1.5 inches in diameter.
    Ferment at 86F (30C) and 85-90% humidity for 24 hours.
    For a fermenter.. use a tote.. with a fermentation lock on top drill a hole and put in a grommet so that the fermentation lock will go on top…. in the tote put a plant heating pad and a thermometer activation switch.. so that the heat will be constant..
    they sell these for aquariums.. to keep the heat steady..

    Place the sausage in the smoker and smoke at 110F – 130F and 70% humidity for 6 hours. slow and low.. a cold smoker to make it really good.. Gradually increase smoke temperature to 150-175F, and then all the way to 190F if needed, until internal meat temperature reaches 140F.
    For a drier sausage, dry for 3 days at 60-70F and 65-75% humidity or until desired weight loss is achieved.
    Store sausages at 50-59F and 75-80% humidity
    a different variation is..
    f you want to use a different process, without fermentation, I suggest Rytek Kutases recipe which suggests using 2 Tbsp powdered dextrose, 3/4 cup fermento and 3 Tbsp corn syrup solids per 10 lbs of meat. Cook sausages to 152F internal in this case.

    Kielbasa is about the same mix.. I totally love Kielbasa with cabbage..and carrots..
    4 1/2 lbs pork butt about 2,000 g

    1 lb beef chuck
    1 lb pork belly about back fat
    3 garlic cloves pressed
    2 tsp dried marjoram
    2 tsp ground black pepper
    2 Tbsp salt plus more to taste, if needed I like a little more in mine
    1 1/3 tsp Cure
    1 cup ice water
    Preheat smoker to 140F, or 150F-160F max if your smoker can’t get that low.
    Hang sausages in the smoker and dry for 30-60 minutes, until the skin is dry to touch. Then apply smoke for 3-4 hours.
    Remove sausages once the internal temperature has reached 154F. If the internal temperature is not rising too well after 3-4 hours of smoking, raise the temperature to 170F-175F. You may have to go to 195F if necessary.
    Alternatively, poach the sausages in 167F water for 25 – 30 minutes or until the internal temperature is at least 154F. Poaching is a much quicker and more effective method.
    Cool the sausage down and store in a refrigerator or a freezer.
    Cooling can be achieved by placing sausage in an ice bath to cool it down quickly. It with result in a fuller, more plump product.

  11. My business partner (of that long-ago day) was an Ace programmer on the Apple ][+, and later the 8000 series of IBM iron and others.. We (I did the look & feel: he did the coding) produced a minorly successful ham radio RTTY product called “Super-Ratt.” (Quite favorably reviewed in QST) We had a cute cartoon mascot, of course, a disreputable-looking, upright-walking, happy rat in a Superman suit, with “RY” on his chest logo, named (of course) “Murray,” let he who has ears, hear…

    This was circa 1985 plus or minus. Super-Ratt even got a very nice review in QST. It ran on Apple ][+. We had Hayes 1200 modems, and thought we were in the shock wave that precedes the leading edge of the state of the art.
    We had CompuServe (after 5pm) accounts….

    Point is: Since those halcyon days, I have ALWAYS carefully retained all floppy and (later) CD original media, including all the WIN OSs from Win95 to Win7. This also incudes Photoshop from when it was $500 to Photoshop 7, and the Suite of MSWord, Publisher, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Symphony (and 1,2,3), and a ton of other AncientWare.

    All this OldWare can still be installed (On Win7, anyway) and will mostly run Just Fine. (I even have a still-functional copy of the OS “GEM,” from Digital Research, THAT STILL INSTALLS and works.

    My “Computarium” runs currently on Win7, AND all this OldWare can be installed and run WITHOUT “CALLING HOME,” or forced “updates”– to this day.

    We started on Apple, but had to go IBM-iron and compats, because all our clients the were corporate big-shots, and virtually all corporate was IBMWorld — probably because of their internal Computer Priesthood. (You know, those guys with the little counter on the lower half of their DO NOT ENTER Dutch Door, where one brought one’s pathetic little stack of Hollerith cards for the Priests of Ultra-Brayne to accept or reject, and maybe even run at their later convenience.


    Even then — and all along, over the years — I have always wanted to have “Isolated Locality” if it became necessary. It has also been invaluable to enjoy the ability of all this stuff to share files for investigatory, reverse engineering, and other “under the hood.” Purposes. Put simply, it all works together, and can operate productively in Total Isolation from the Planet earth — if that should ever be necessary. I have a few (4) other lappys, one in a Faraday Boxx, kept charged and periodically run around the block to keep them “alive and certified for duty,” and carefully shelved for possible needs That Awful Day.

    I also keep a small box with a number of memory sticks (USB thumbies) for possible local sneaker-net or mailing — assuming the postman still comethn and goeth.

    I hope this is all wasted effort.

    Bonus extra-credit question:
    “Is a fire extinguisher doing its job, while hanging on the wall, never actually being used?” (My answer: Yes.)

    7.299 day, 3.999 night.

    – 73 –

    • I loved Appleworks; what a great program. I had an Apple IIC and later bought a speed-up chip and later a clone of an Apple IIC. Used it to manage scripts for my Radio show and the database as a sales organization resource. I actually bought a 500 baud modem for it. Cost $500 as I recall. You could dial up “Genie” which was General Electric’s mainframe, Compuserve, and H&R Block offered a port on their mainframe.

    • “All this OldWare can still be installed (On Win7, anyway) and will mostly run Just Fine. ”

      FWIW, these programs will install on 32bit Win7 flavors — they may or may not run.

      Unless it’s native 32bit, a program will likely not even install in 64bit Windows-anything. I learned this the hard way, and it’s one reason why my lappys are running Win7(32).

  12. Not Found
    HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

    Looks like GA Stewart may have finally pulled the plug.

  13. when the cloud goes down so does:

    your bank. the branches are dependent on realtime comms with the mother ship. no cloud = no deposits and no withdrawals. no check clearing. no ATM. no debit cards.

    your credit card. uses the web to facilitate payment transactions

    your grocery store. can’t place orders. can’t process checks or credit cards

    your gas station. can’t place orders. can’t process credit cards.

    your data. if you store it in the cloud.

    UPS/fedex/amazon can’t take orders or make pickups/deliveries.

    can your utilities continue to deliver the juice without internet?
    I do not know. Do you?

    prepare accordingly.

    If you can’t hold it in your hand, then you don’t have it.

    • Thank you for this simple analysis CPA Prepper.

      One of my grandsons is an executive with a well known large Canadian Internet money transfer corporation. I asked him on the weekend to give me a simple explanation of what his company does. He told me to imagine that my baggage and I have a seat on a train leaving station A to go down the tracks to Station B. Your bank is the train and my company is the train tracks.

      When I asked him what happens if the internet goes down and the tracks get destroyed. “Then you sit on the train with your luggage Grandpa.”

      I have had the same dream (nightmare) twice this past year that the Internet goes down and doesn’t come back up. The resulting chaos is beyond thinkable.

  14. My biggest problem with “the cloud” is control.

    “The cloud” is a myth. Everything EVERYTHING exists on a piece of hardware somewhere. That hardware is owned or leased by someone. It’s in a building owned by someone. That building needs a connection to the outside world, which is provided by someone else. It needs utilities that are provided by someone else.

    What happens to your data if the owner of the building stops making mortgage payments? Does the bank turn off the lights and lock the doors?

    What happens to your data if the company that owns the hardware goes bankrupt? Or has a fire? Did they make backups? Or did they cut costs by eliminating that important step?

    Who has access to your data? As a CPA, this is sorta important to me, and should be to you as well.

    What happens to your data when Jimmy the techie gets disgruntled because someone called him by the wrong pronoun and he decides to fuck with the company.

    You see… you gave up CONTROL of your data when you put it on the cloud. Because you really put it on someone else’s hardware. Someone you don’t know, who has obligations to other people you don’t know, and creates risks that you don’t know about with regard to maintenance, security, etc. You turned over all that to someone you don’t know. Read your cloud agreement carefully. I’ll bet it says somewhere in there that “we’re not responsible if….” And you are trusting them because they say all the right things and have a cool website. Big companies fail and go bankrupt every single day.

    Yep, it’s cheaper than buying new hardware every 5-7 years.
    Yep, it’s always “up to date.”
    Yep, it’s nice to have “access from anywhere.”
    Yep, you get to participate in the kewl cloud computing “revolution.”

    Everything is great until suddenly it’s not. And then it’s totally shit the bed. No recovery from data that’s just “gone.”

    I have a client who is living this hell right now.

    I will use the cloud when it is convenient for me (dropbox), but all my data remains accessible and under my control at all times.

  15. I thought it was interesting that Brandon did not fly on AF1 on his trip to meet with NATO but instead used the flying Pentagon Beter known as the doom’s day plane. Complete with a missile launch control.

  16. V R moving to an unclouded future step-by-step.

    The person who made replacement vacuum cleaner bags obsolete threatens to filter out the mask industry with a breath of fresh air. Sir James Dyson would like people to take up the Dyson Zone. It’s a combination earphones-fresh air filter. No word mentioned of a visor/flash goggles option.

    • I know what Ure thinking….. Ball Gag!

      Not that the maximalist ever used one with someone else or have ever seen person, just saying.

      …hear Honey, give a listen to these cool new earphones – not only is the sound amazing, but an amaze ballz full sensory experience..

  17. Further to the unclouded future-

    The White House promoted ASEAN Summit involving nations surrounding the South China Sea was promoted through various msm on February 28 as to be held in Washington March 28, 29. It seems the date has now been rescheduled to sometime in the spring.

    • He heard.

      Subscribe to alerts at SIDC and you’ll not have to wait for Tyler Durden to publish CME info…

  18. Monkey is noting that the air transports (C-130s and such) are slowing their activities and posits that things are now pretty much “set” for things to go hot soon.

    Also note that 10 days ago 35 Russians who escaped from Ukraine and were sitting on our Southern border for a week have now been allowed in after a secret deal, facilitated by a visit by the Sec. of Homeland Security to Mexico City on a flight that has now been scrubbed from the record, was agreed upon.

    I don’t know what “Title 32” is but Monkey is saying that in one more day that policy will take effect and about 1 million people, mostly military aged males, will be hitting our Southern border expecting to get in.

    Still think we’re going to make it to the Fall elections? I think we’re all going to need a few puffs off of whatever Andy’s smoking.

    • Joe Biden Will Drop Trump-Era Title 42 Border Restrictions May 23 – 170,000 Illegals Amass at Southern Border Ready to Storm into US

      Joe Biden on Wednesday announced he is planning on dropping a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border on May 23.

      Title 42 was used by President Trump in 2020 to expel migrants seeking asylum during the Covid pandemic.

      Get ready for a massive wave of migrants on top of the illegals flooding over the border.

    • “I think we’re all going to need a few puffs off of whatever Andy’s smoking.”

      I am with you on that one well actually I hate getting inebriated So when it happens I will sit back with a cup of cold nitro brewed coffee while listening to Brandon play his Kazoo as the country burns.. Just don’t get any of what Hunter is smoking that shizt will rot your brain

      • I liked unfiltered Camels so much I figured I’d better leave them alone and quit while I could – so I quit after one pack.

  19. Four days a week remote without internet. I’m practicing. Reading PN on a phone sux. I never use the cloud. I’m with William RR with old local archives, too!

  20. “Why are we against the cloud? Because it locks you into a vendor- to their availability and their willingness to continue providing the software.”

    Also their ability to toss the TOS or hold your data hostage.

    Oh, and if the SHTF, you can take that computer out of your Faraday Cage and turn it on, and nothing will happen. Unless both the application and the data are on your computer, you don’t have them.

    • “Also their ability to toss the TOS or hold your data hostage.”

      and it is all Editable… I was dropping a photo of the luckiest man in america won the lottery and found true love all in the same week…
      a friend decided I needed a tablet so he scrubbed one back to factory and sent me his.. I hated it.. and never used it.. then a four year old wanted to watch cartoons.. I loaded it up went to make supper.. he came over and asked me to change the channel.. somehow the tablet was still logged onto my friends cloud.. trying to get him to realize the danger I was dropping in crazy stuff like changing his contacts and downloading videos of beavus and butthead.. ( no not our administration) and there was a file on it that said photos.. so I would drop that photo in it.. eventually I got his kid to talk some sense into him and sent him that dam thing back.. bank accounts credit card accounts tax forms everything was there.. anyway we were talking and I said dam I thought you would get a clue when you kept deleting that photo.. what photo.. so I sent him the photo of the guy.. he said that is the pervert.. what pervert.. oh some guy keeps coming up and ringing our doorbell then taking off.. when I dropped the photo in his photo file.. his doorbell would ring.. he had the police looking for him.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
      now.. consider Leta..
      Now think about it.. if Brandon doesn’t destroy the planet.. just how far robotics and AI can go in just a very short time.. I seen one robot that was so close to being fluid in movements that with the new hydraulic muscle control systems.. you couldn’t even tell the difference with skin temp..just need a little more work on facial expressions and movements.. NOW give them the cloud and access to everyones information..

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