Future Roulette vs. the Global Uprising

I’ve been re-reading a fascinating book on the how math really can ‘shave the odds’ in a gambler’s favor.  The Hill and Wang book “Fortune’s Formula: The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System That Beat the Casinos and Wall Street.”

What makes the book worth reading is it a) shows the relationship between technology, math, and organized crime, b) gives a lot of insight as to how the deep-thinkers of Bell Labs work, and c) it expands your frame-of-reference when comes to financial decision-making.  My favorite parts are not the (easy to understand) math references; its the tie-in between concepts like the “private news wires” that fed horse racing information to bookies all over the country and organized crime.  We can generalize some of it to social media behavior.

Savory, in that one can plot the speed with which illegal gains are had by leveraging the technology of the era.

Fast-forward to this morning.

As you may have figured, we’ve been working on a computational advisor to better-inform us of our trading plans.

What we are expecting today is a decent rally – one that could continue into tomorrow, though that shades toward a turn day – and then some (ostensibly) news-driven event that ought to pop and push the market down in the Thursday through Monday period.

The idea is, you’d want to get a sense of “how far up is” in the next day or two in order to decide whether a short position (for example) should be abandoned on a day-trading basis, and re-entered at tomorrow’s close, for example.

Oh…should mention that in Fortune’s Formula, you’ll find the mathematical basis of at least one hedge fund…(don’t quit your day job yet, however!)

So with a computational/graphical approach – and incorporating the last of the discussions which will be up for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow (on Probability Quadrature), we don’t worry too much about what’s to come.

If we take a few shovels-full of nut-job math, toss in a pretty solid grounding in  long wave economics, what we would expect to see in the next 90-days dances like this:

  • The market should rally today and maybe tomorrow.
  • Hit a low in the Friday through Tuesday date range.
  • Rally into the third week of August (and we don’t rule out a new all-time high, but that’s a 40 percent bet as I’m calling it this morning.
  • Then we begin the descent into a terrible fall.

As I’ve warned before, most of the people in the upper  end of finance are NOT republicans and the demagogues allege. No, they tend to be liberal sorts and they will predictably pull out all the stops this fall in order to continue their socialist coup d tat efforts.

You know, a lot of people don’t read history.  The Nation, for example (mediabiasfactcheck scores left-center/left) did an article in 2000 that did a very effective job of painting the “right and revolution” meme into web space.  See “Ford and the Führer.

While a popular misconception on the web (republicans are evil), they are no more so than democrats.  The case is more than nailed in the Kerry Bolton piece on the Counter-Currents Publishing website “Wall Street & the November 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.” :Liberal money loves a social(ist) coup.

The key thing is that under Claude Shannon’s landmark information theory (laid out nicely with historical context in Fortune’s Formula), we appreciate that the Internet has fallen in usefulness recently as the “noise floor” of the digital mob has raised the nose floor to such levels as to make clear-headed viewing of history unpopular.

Ask most people about the role of information  in finance and if under 30-something, the likely answer is left-wing inspired bullshit.  We hold to a little different view of things around here:  Cash talks and bullshit walks.  Which is why UrbanSurvival is as much about taking off the sociopolitical economic blinders as it is figuring out where to “make a stand” with your family when the banks and government take up the long-wave economic process of Screwing Everyone.

We’re almost due.  Remember how much fund 2009 was?  Well, more, better, different, with internet controls to boot.  You’re going to love the totalitarian information regime which will be installed.  Promise.

And that, after the first cup of tea, is what brings us to the Trifecta of real news that constitutes the present manifestation of that “thing” we have been yammering about for some weeks.  The Webolution.  Which we will refer to this morning as?

World War Web

OK, we have a reasonable guess at where the markets are going, what will happen this fall when the desperatcrats pull the plug on investments, and gee yes, a rally into late summer is still likely.

But what’s the REAL news to be keeping an eye on?

Three stories alone define what’s going on:

The first involves President Real Estate.

The showdown between the Prince of Clicks, Jeff Bezos, and President Real Estate may not be apparent if you read stories like “Trump clobbers Washington Post over claim he’s impatient with pace of North Korea nuke talks as he warns owner Bezos’s Amazon that Post Office might end its cheap shipping rates.

The defining work we’ve done on this is in the Peoplenomics subscriber library.  It’s our report ” June 11, 2016:  Bezos and Bentonville:  Barbarians at the Mall.

In that, we laid out the battle – now in play – for outfits like Macy’s (that owns Federated Department Stores) and anyone who is relying on mall traffic.  You can see how this engagement in World War Web is working out.

The surprise (for President Real Estate) is likely that people like the Ure’s will keep shopping Amazon even if prices go up a bit because of punitive Post Office charges:  It still makes sense to order online because time is the real currency today.  Amazon saves time like mad!  Just this morning I ordered 50-more microfiber shop towels.  Time to receipt?  2-Days.  Purchase c ost?  $16-bucks.  Friend, I can’t even drive to town and back (1-hour) for that!

So much for story #1.  Our second decisive engagement is this:

War on Social is now underway as “Russia considers fake news law that would fine social networks.”  We have been predicting controls on the Digital Mob’s mouthpiece outlets since my book Broken Web back in 2012.  it’s inevitable.  Russia is just able to get-there-first.  Which is why (if you’re n ot paying attention) the Digital Mob will take down Trump long before they take down Putin.  Putin’s analyzed (which a good KGB boss would) correctly and he’s tearing down Social’s barricades.

Story 3:  Putin in not the only one to “get it” when comes to World War Web.  But where Social’s feet are already being held to the fire, the Social Media adherents (e.g. The Digital Mob)  are raising a terrible noise.  See “Ugandans raise volume on social media tax protests.”

Rest 100 percent assured, not every Ugandan is protesting social media taxes.  BUT the clever left-wing Digital Mob leadership will be wrapping this up in a flag of “liberty and free speech” and thus will mobilize the entire Global Social Media Uprising.  And this will be spun by the rather dim-witted American co-opted media into how “Uganda is anti-Freedom” and so forth.

Meantime, the American left-leaning media can’t clean our liars running for office.  Like Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, for example.  After apparently lying in order to get minority status as a Native American, publications like the New Yorker don’t even bring that up in puffery like “Leader of the Persistence .

We hold to the “where there is smoke” concept when outfits like www.snopes.com have to put an Elizabeth Warren story as a “mixture” of truth and fiction.  Notwithstanding, Snopes says in part:

“The legitimacy of Warren’s claims to Native American heritage has certainly been challenged by many critics, and it is true that while Warren was at U. Penn. Law School she put herself on the “Minority Law Teacher” list as Native American) in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools, and that Harvard Law School at one time promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member.”

Republicans are demanding that she take a DNA test, but the liberal media (such as the New Yorker) are willing to overlook such truth-stretching (if that’s what it is…) in order to further an anti-Trump, anti-republican agenda.  Not like electing liars to office would be anything new – and Warren can bank on voter stupidity, as well.

But again, we come back to what we’re really dealing with here:  A bunch of crazy partisans engaged in a war between constitutionally elected governments worldwide and digital mob rule ascending until constitutional governments dial it back..

Our call on the Warren puffery is simple:  She’s one of the Digital Mob leaders now…and as such, she gets a free-pass from the ‘Merican Left Press – which is also co-conspirator in the Great Digital Uprising.

If Mueller had an ounce of integrity, he would be off on this tangent, but don’t hold your breath.  There’s no chance.  Besides, Mueller is too busy playing footsy with Trump lawyers to do something useful.

So there you have it:  A simple guide to the barnyard (it ain’t a swamp) so you can follow along as the world doesn’t seem to make sense.  It does if you understand money and power.

The horrible secret is that that Internet is exactly like giving children matches and some crumpled up newspapers to play with and then leaving them unsupervised for a day while you go shopping and stop on the way home to get drunk.

Could something bad could happen?  Even a chance?

If you’re not following this Big Picture View, you aren’t conscious.  Have some tea.

Peoplenomics tomorrow:  Probability Quadrature.

The only data of consequence today is the PMI flash – different than a PMS or IMS flash, we’re thinking.

And for now?  Dow futures are up  138 on no real news other than Israel shooting down a Syrian warplane and commercials running the shorts.  Come on, you did see the movie Wag the Dog, right?

It’s Wag-Time in Washington.  Stand by to be shook. Nice puppy.

52 thoughts on “Future Roulette vs. the Global Uprising”

  1. I have been reading Urban Survival for a number of years, even going back to the Cliff High days. Btw, I like Cliff, he is interesting, but most of his fear porn predictions have not played out in ‘real space.’ I guess what strikes me most is that the ‘Long Wave’ economics seems to be decently predictive in a ‘market’ that is not really a ‘market’ per se. The manipulations are endless….high frequency trading, program trading, interest rate manipulation, massive fiscal stimulation, massive regulations etc., etc. There seems to be some underlying pattern or energy that transcends space-time events, whatever they may be. Almost a bit of woo woo.

  2. “I’ve been re-reading a fascinating book on the how math really can ‘shave the odds’ in a gambler’s favor. ”

    LOL good luck.. I had a friend.. owned a great deal of land makes great money.. he was playing commodities.. forgot to put a limit on one deal went to breakfast came home all excited because he made 65,000.00 eating breakfast.. LOL LOL called tried to talk me into going into it with him.. fast forward two years..
    I was talking to his son and asked why his dad never calls anymore etc.. and to say hi and get in touch.. well his son said I wish you would go over to see dad and talk some since into him.. he lost everything a full section of land cattle home shop all his tools.. couldn’t even get a loan for toilet paper. He was embarrassed to talk to me because I had warned him..It ruined him so bad that he couldn’t even get an apartment to live in..
    another woman I worked with.. husband died left her a govt. pension fund.. home brand new cars and a huge savings.. three years later.. everything was gone car loan places getting fifty percent a day interest took her car she was living at the mission while making thirty dollars an hour.. she just got an apartment ended up like the first staying at her kids place for a while.. having to take the bus to work.. that was twenty five years ago..
    Nope a lotto ticket but that is it.. I figure I will toss away a couple of bucks someplace anyway..
    so please be careful.. gamblers never tell you about what they have lost only what they have won..
    then of course I have never been one to take a risk either.. this is a curse and a blessing at the same time as well..I think it is the Dopamine burst one gets while gambling that gives the drive.. but oh well
    sit back have a great cup of starbucks..( my favorite is Pikes place unless I am grinding it then give me a good cup of coffee from Jamaican blue.. yum)
    and a danish.. and enjoy the reading.. all of them are fairly short.. easy reads maybe a two cupper..






    • I have to agree. I much prefer to “gamble” on things that I have some level of direct control over, such as real estate or a business. I don’t have the insights of a trader though I’d like to understand them. The “dopamine rush” that some get from gambling is just not there. I do crave an “oxytocin feeling”, though that’s not currently on the market at all. It’s can come from a long term relationship or being present at the birth of your child and being emotionally and physically close to the mother. Women have something like 20 times the level of an average guy even when not pregnant or nursing. I’m using the neurochemicals in both a metaphoric and physical sense – I’m sure you understand.

      BTW, the articles are interesting – especially the dopamine one.

  3. Three comments. First on Amazon’s Bezos and his Adversary. Trump is abusing his power by going after a company that America has embraced. Nobody is holding a gun to the Post Offices head and making them charge low prices. This was done at a negotiating table and both agreed. If Trump were to make this deal, he would be pounding his chest and screaming to the mountaintops about his great negotiating skills. I think Trump is jealous that Bezos made a great deal with the Post Office.

    Comment Two. Putin doesn’t get it as it relates to the Web. He wants to control and suppress it for his own gain and power. Suppressing dissent, creates the perception of power….However…Freedom of speech means freedom to read and digest too. We as American, need to be smarter of how we get our news.

    I have one rule. I never get my news from social media. I get my news from the news sources I mentioned yesterday. I only use social media for my business and to keep up on my network of friends and their families. I get a smile from that part of social media. Facebook in general has kept me closer to distant friends than Inwould have ever done on my own. George, you adroitly stated about the advantage of Amazon…time is real currency. Since I don’t have time or the resources to stay in touch with all of my high school and college friends, Facebook helps save time to connect.

    Third comment. Who cares if Elizabeth Warren is Native American or not? If that’s her only offense, then she is Mother Theresa compared to the bankruptcy, wife cheating, porn loving and bill dodger king that is our President. Besides, I recently did 23andMe and found out that I am 3% Native American. It got me to thinking…The early pioneers that came to America in the 1600’s were mostly men (about 70/30). The rest of the available women were Native American. The missing plot line that is left out of most history books is that love across cultural boundaries was a reality. The cultural elites did indeed shun it, but the average Joe didn’t care one way or another. I would then assume that is how I got my 3%. Chances are pretty good for Those of us that are of colonial heritage, that we have some Native American in us…including Elizabeth Warren.

    • Three points Mark
      1. Trump has Bezos envy, no question.
      2. Your use of social is smart. Most of America isn’t.
      3. Liz as far as known is a zero insofar as NA content which means she’s a liar. You support another LIAR? Like we don’t have ‘nuf of ’em? Hell, Elaine and I did 23andme and she has 0.1 percent Moroccan DNA…but can she go to BLM meetings? LOL… she’s 99.9% northern Europe/Sweden…
      3% might get you fishing rights…remember we like salmon…

      • My mother was of French Canadian heritage. The family story is that our four-greats grandmother was native American. I got a DNA test from your daughter Denise when she worked for that company and found I am 3% to 5% (asian) native american. We know the tribe is Chippewa from the region. But it gives me zero BLM recognition or tribal rights.

      • Haven’t you heard, George, those tests aren’t reliable, they throw in a little African bloodlines to confuse the Europeans; remember, everyone came out of Africa, mantra, repeat after me.

    • I think Mark should move to another country. It’s moron’s like him that want to destroy what’s left of this country. Anybody that does not understand what Trump is and what he’s trying to do (stop a New World Order take over) is either stupid or some sort of communist.
      In addition, anybody that would support the evil, satanic Killary needs to have their head examined especially once the video comes out about her and Huma and the sick ritual they performed on a child. Oh and let’s not forget about ole Barry Soetoro, he’s lied to the American people about everything and his wife Michael is a Tranny. If folks like Mark do not wake up and open their eyes to the evil that exists and trying to take over this country then this country is probably a lost cause.

      • Just responding in the ‘spirit’ you’re attacking ‘pal’ – you’re a nut-case! Sorry you’re such a loser – none of these women are in power right now – except in your head . . . incel much?

      • You showed your true colors today Ben. I feel sorry for you. You have been Zombie-ized by the Agent Orange and his band of Foxmen. It’s obvious I love and have more hope for this country than you do…100x over. I want what is best for my country and Trump is trying to destroy it. You think America is going to hell and is being destroyed by some fictitious secret society. I guarantee I am way More Republican than you. Your brand of Republicanism is more like fascism. And for the millionth time…I do not like and did not vote for Hillary.

      • not me! lol
        probably a ploy. anyone that states that you should move or go back to another country is probably a political hack. lol

        not like there are any here!

        things are plotted on a quadrant chart to trace random events and their patterned results. This can apply to psychological and woo woo studies to forecast human behavior. The creation of a circular logic confusion for graphing on a descrates chart is a popular means to discredit. it is meant to cause irrational behavior by the means of doubt or any other negative human emotion. the problem arises when it is spun to the point of no longer being controllable. This is when the alternate facts reality overflow into the real life world and confusion reigns.

        stagnation is often a byproduct of circular logic in the real lifeworld. lol

        what goes around, comes around, is predicated on intent. hopefully this analysis was sufficiently concise. lol

      • I understand the hate for Trump that the non-constitutional loving people have. It really comes down to two different visions that folks have for this country. One vision is for the Republic to be restored (if only this could really happen) but at least get back to the rule of law. Drain the swamp of the it’s socialist/communist supporters, Build the damn Wall (if folks want to come to the good ole USofA, then do it the right way). Anybody that can’t see how immigration of the illegal sort is very destructive to the country then they truly must be the real losers. The demoncrats want open borders so they can have voters.
        The second vision for this country is to become a Socialist/Communist (something other than a Democracy/Republic) to where there will be two classes of people – the “Have’s” and the “Have-nots”. So, if dudes like Mark and M.B.S want to be part of the “Have-nots” then knock yourself out because you will definitely not be part of the “Have’s”. And this is what I struggle with, why would a person be in support of destroying the Middle Class to become a pulper? I guess you can’t fix stupid!
        It really comes down to a spiritual war. Where you have folks that believe in doing the right thing, have morals and want to live in a country that supports Liberty/Freedom and the opportunity to achieve their dreams versus the evil, anti-american slime balls that worship satan, child sacrifice, pedophilia and total control.

  4. Many technologies follow a three-phase development:

    1) New and expensive. (Consider, as an example for this, the home videocassette recorder/player.)

    2) Debasement and abuse as the grifters catch on.

    3) Evolution into a “Useful and Serious” phase.

    Home video started out being sold as essentially, movies and educational devices. Then, porn became dominant, and later, a return to the serious and useful — until becoming obsolete and irrelevant because of on-line-ness.

    And in turn, so it is with the World-Wide Web. The noise floor of Politi-Krappe and disease (viruses) is rapidly making the thing inappropriately dangerous.

    Some degree of “licensing” or other solid traceability and identity-authorization will soon be required “for everybody’s good.” Taxation will, of course, quickly be “necessary” to pay for all the government supervisiory structures. Content control will follow that — once they can take your license away, you are controlled and regulated.

    …and silenced.

    • ” “licensing” or other solid traceability and identity-authorization”

      I believe we are beyond that point already, it’s jut not formal.

      Do you remember the olden days of Windows 98? When the password prompt came up, tap Esc. Today’s modern OS requires a sign-in. That’s positive connectivity to the PC. ISP’s track where you go… the PC is positively traced to a residence/office.

      I try to use cash to avoid the NWO. However, my picture is taken at the register positively identifying me to the purchase regardless of payment method. My picture there could be matched to my picture at the DMV or ATM, they can know who I am.

      Did you hear about the shooter who shot up the newsroom a few weeks back? To avoid LEO the shooter filed his fingerprints off.

      Within an 6 hours (they tell us) he was positively ID’d.

      Suspect in newsroom shooting ID’d with facial recognition technology

      The man who blasted his way into the offices of a Maryland newspaper Thursday, killing five people, was identified by cops using sophisticated facial recognition technology.

      Law enforcement sources told the Post that the gunman carried no identification when he went on his rampage in the Capital-Gazette’s newsroom, which also injured three people.

      However, authorities cracked the case using sophisticated facial recognition technology less than six hours after the first shots were fired, law enforcement sources told NBC News and CNN.


      • It’s been around for years. 13 years ago, FR tech could match a person in a ski mask by the forensic architecture of their facial structure. A small Brazilian company makes digital masks and clothing specifically designed to confuse and render useless, the FR (and body recognition) tech — pretty sure ya can’t buy that stuff in the Land of the “Free.”

        Someone with whom I’m passing familiar designed a license plate cover specifically designed to be legal, yet defeat speed and red-light cams. Stuff like this isn’t difficult. Learn what a system does, you also learn what it can’t. Exploit the “can’t” while staying within the stated parameters of the law. Many old-time hackers and crackers got bored with cracking websites and software, and moved on to “life hacks” — not just cataloging everyday shortcuts which may (or may not) be familiar to the reader or viewer, but figuring out stuff like why shoppers typically trace the same path through a market, irrespective intent, or how to regain a semblance of privacy in an ever-more-surveilled world…

    • VHS is still useful and serious; those tapes, when unwound around a garden, are a sparkling and kinetic deer scare!

  5. Speaking of mobs, did you see the news about a gang of Oaklanders chasing and assaulting a few men because they mistakenly thought they were ‘Proud Boys’? Social media organized and driven crowds showed up at a bar, found these guys and would’ve done massive damage if the cops hadn’t showed up. Hoi polloi are becoming weaponized. Worse, the ‘proud boys’ are accused of racism, etc., but in fact they actively kick out any supremacists who show up. ‘Western chauvinists’ aren’t racists, except to the mobbed-up left. As mentioned elsewhere, one likely outcome are self-organized ‘justice squads’, taking violence to their perceived enemies. Very ugly.

    There really seems to be two very different types of brains at work, here. Where can we in the middle find peace if both sides around us are acting extremely?

  6. If it not cost effective to drive to town, then think about who is subsidizing that delivery to your house. Delivery ain’t free. Either that is printed money, or the taxpayers are subsidizing your urban survival lifestyle.

    • the MAIL is delivered and PICKED UP… on a ‘route’ 6 days a week…rain or shine to every house on the ‘route’… so the Mailman (or woman) is coming by your house as described above ….and you are concerned about subsidies for this ‘government’ service….I think there are other ‘government’ subsidies that should concern you more as opposed to ‘picking on GU…imo

    • Post Offices are one of the (relatively few) Constitutionally-prescribed duties that the gummint is involved in. OTOH I suppose they could replace the current $0.50 postage stamps for letters with $5.00 stamps.

  7. If its not cost effective to drive to town, then think about who is subsidizing that delivery to your house. Delivery ain’t free. Either that is printed money, or the taxpayers are subsidizing your urban survival lifestyle.

    • My neighbors get bills every day…relax – he’s going by anyway – and for .22 cents

  8. Big time traders jump from tech to pharmaceutical to industrials to etc … in order to maximize profits. In the current ground hog day markets, the margins just don’t exist in a way to turn a meaningful profit.

    So, you take the same leapfrogging strategy to a global level. Play all the global markets, invest heavily in one market, divest your profits, depress that market, reinvest profits in another different global market, play the game again.

    This whack a mole strategy leaves all but the biggest players guessing at when, where and how to play. Hard to distinguish a discernible pattern.

  9. Trump today is now saying that Putin may interfere with the 2018 elections because he doesn’t like Trump anymore, because he is the toughest President ever on Russia.. Oh brother…deep, deep sigh…Where do I start?

    Putin just said in front of the worldwide media in Helsinki that he wanted Trump to win…so there’s that…Then there is an Occam Razor explanation that Trump is now privvy to real life polls…not the ones he likes to say are real…And, they say that the voters may be leaning left…so he is bracing himself for a loss of Congressional seats…That is so convenient for him(Yuuge Sarcasm)…If there IS a loss of seats to Democrats, he can blame that on Russian influence. Wow…The cons man never sleeps. Except we can see right through it… Is anybody tired yet of this dumb#@*’s double talk and lies? Please say yes. Give me hope that America hasn’t slipped off the rails.

    • Or maybe Trump is turning the ‘deep state’ tables around on them and can shout ‘Russian Collusion’ about the Left-wind democrats now. Turnabout is fair play, and all’s fair in war. We will see how the Dems like them apples. There is plenty of evidence (ignored by Mueller and the FBI tries to cover it up) of the DNC associating with foreign influences. Clinton corruption Foundation?

  10. Let me see if I can convince George to put his expertise into the cryptocurrency field.

    I pay a psychic $15 a month and she’s got about 600 Patreons and she $15 a month at $15 times 600 she’s making about $9,000 a month I have another psychic I pay $6 a month she’s got somewhere around 600 so she gets $3,600 a month.

    I have another person I paid $20 a month and the raking in about $12,000 a month.

    And I have another person I pay $20 a month the racking in about $14,000 a month.
    so that’s about $61 a month I’m paying different people to come up with the same solution on digibyte digibyte in the last 30 days is went from 2.2 cents to 4.8 cents so it has doubled a hundred percent the $5,000 that I put in made 5000 and I only spent $61 on psychics and other people that’s a pretty good profit.

    now what we’re getting at is Georgia’s fantastic with the charts better than anybody else I’ve come across he can make things happen and he can charge $40 a month x 5 or 600 that’s $20,000 a month I told you I’d make you rich George again and again, lol

    • If psychics could predict the future then, perhaps, we all are just living according to a prescipted life?!

    • If the psychics are SO good, why do they need customers? They can pick trades themselves and walk away with a bundle of gold.

      • Because their Spirit guides told them to help Humanity at this time to help override the corrupt deep state government and two free people from being pedophile slaves.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled, may all beings be financially fulfilled, may all beings be readily fulfilled, so be it

      • Every king or queen or ruler or Rockefeller or Rothschild has a psychic in their bag.

        This is part of the child induction program.

        They scan the kids for their psychic abilities putting the kids under extreme stressful murderous sexual torturous conditions and the ones that prevail are usually psychic kids

  11. cryptocurrencies are treated just like real estate rental properties are 15% capital gains tax

  12. This will be tough for some to get because logic is gone from our lives these days…but what’s Warren’s lie?

    This is the hard logical deep thinking spot…

    what is a lie? An intentional false statement. Agreed?

    So in order to prove that Warren lied someone will have to prove that he grandma never told Warren that she was part NA. Good luck with that!

    Really people, how many of you have said you were Italian, Polish, Swedish, Blue, Purple or Gray because that’s what you’ve been told? Are you all liars?

    Folks can’t let go though because of their visceral hate for non tribe members.

    BTW at the age of 16 Warren won a full scholarship to college because of her debate skills. Do you know anyone in your life that went to college at 16, much less on a full scholarship? That matters to me.

    She then became a school teacher for sped kids. That matters to me.

    What was trump doing, or any of us, while Warren was working as a sped teacher?

    • Liberals will go to complex denial and all manner of other means (grandma? FMTT) to justify all lies on THEIR side. And make ones up for the other.What will happen when the Warren dossier surfaces? lol…

      • Well let’s see your evidence, or anyone’s, for that matter that warren knew she wasn’t NA at the time she identified that way. Please. Like I always say I deal in facts, the real world and empirical evidence.

        You can try to paint me as a liberal, but like everyone else my beliefs are a blend. I’m a gun owner, pro nuclear power, support the death penalty and am against the government micromanaging citizens’ private lives.

        • Actually, on all points you mention, we agree. Nuclear power included.
          The “evidence” I have is all financial in nature and – in today’s litigious world – a pattern of behavior can lead to conviction in the court of public opinion. Warren has a problem.
          When one claims NA status where money or job preference is a factor, one needs to have documentation. I haven’t seen any from her.
          Until that’s presented – and more than a “grandma told me” the odds of her being yet-another lyin lawyer seem (statistically) be to be supportable than ‘honest error.”
          A prudent5 person – holding themselves up as worthy of a following, let alone elective office at high levels – would, immediately after the Pocahontas story broke would have done DNA, done tribal records and, if no support was found, would have laid out the whole McGillah: Why she thought in error, how she became aware of error, how the error was corrected and oh yeah, how all the money that may have been involved has been paid back. Were there special considerations in school?
          You see, I know you’re like me in another way – you’re looking for a genuine worthy person for the WH. But my assessment pending remediation of the above – is that Warren has failed the Walk the Talk portion of Ure’s support questionnaire.

      • People don’t fake a decades long history of studying and writing about the economic plight of the American middle class. Her CV. Sorry about the length.

        ALL YOUR WORTH: THE ULTIMATE LIFETIME MONEY PLAN (Simon & Schuster 2005) (with Tyagi) (Bestseller Lists: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today)

        THE TWO-INCOME TRAP: WHY MIDDLE-CLASS MOTHERS AND FATHERS ARE GOING BROKE (Basic 2003) (paperback edition 2004) (with Tyagi)

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        • Yeah, yeah, yeah. Paper…academics run on paper.
          But you still haven’t explained the NA Heritage fib/gaff/fraud(?). And that likely helped her career. Lots.
          If I “identify with Blacks” does that mean I should get entrance pref in Law School? funding assistance? Should I be welcomed by BLM? (Don’t bet on it, lol)
          Help me here…

      • Impressive! So Warren is actively pursuing the elimination of the American middle class because of actual intent to destroy it, not ignorance…

  13. See George – this is the sort of stuff I deal in.

    “Arrayed against Warren, and today against the very existence of the C.F.P.B., was the full force of what many, most notably Simon Johnson, the M.I.T. professor and former International Monetary Fund chief economist, have called the American financial oligarchy: Wall Street firms and banks supported mainly by Republican members of Congress, but also politicians on the other side of the aisle, along with members of Obama’s own inner circle.”

    • But wait! What about lying to take aDVANTAGE of her supposed NA roots? Sure, she talks a fair game – no problem. but what does she DO?
      Pappy taught me almost everyone is honest when someone is looking. It’s what they do when they think no one is that defines their character.

      • Mom’s ancestry was Québécois, and she said (several times, over the years) that she thought (perhaps had been told) that one of her forebears was an Indian.

        Guess I was less intelligent than Ms. Warren, because I never tried to use her statements for personal advantage. Then again, I’m a bit afraid that tracing that ancestry might reveal that the family tree actually includes an Indian Princess.

      • I think it’s relevant if she ‘still’ is claiming NA in order to claim some special benefit. The rub here goes to both political sides: we can’t apply yesteryear’s values to todays ‘deeply problematic’ circumstances, or we end up removing every statue, cleansing history, editing speeches, scrubbing archives…all very 1984 Winston.

        In a similar circumstance, in the early ’80s I was accepted to a very good engineering program not based on my 3.0 gpa, nor an 1180 SAT score, but on my NA check box. At the time, our family shared ancestry stories, and I even saw pictures of my brown GGgrandma, but we have no proof; no rolls, no birth certificates, no native community to call us family. So, the values of THOSE DAYS (NOT TODAY) was to claim it and see what happens. Only after I burned my engineering bridge, and a girlfriend opened my eyes as to what constitutes belonging to a specific non-white group, did I finally stop claiming significant NDN blood.
        I still very much have native communities in my heart, and do what I can to ‘help’, but I don’t consider myself ‘native’.

        I do however consider myself ‘indigenous’, or at least on the road to becoming ‘native to place’, along with the values that come with it; leave your place better than you found it, steward your area so that you can show your kids the places you were shown, money is not the best barometer for success, natural resources are valuable to spirit as well as sustaining our physical needs. Which is why I’m writing now, because I’m already ‘rich’ ;)

        Just another missive from beside the banks of this big river…

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