Future Enters Decision-Month

Not an especially long report this morning, but decidedly important. It’s because of how world event and markets are shaping up over the coming30-days.

This morning, after a few headlines, a detailed look at the charts and what they may be telling us about “future-yet-to-come…”

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1 thought on “Future Enters Decision-Month”

  1. George, I like the new format of 1 post a day, 7 days a week. It flows very nicely.

    Summer Bull or Bear Contest
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 8/10/18 $10,000 grew to
    3X ETF BULL – 215.84 shares – SPXL $46.33 $50.10 $10,814
    3X ETF BEAR – 392.16 shares – SPXS $25.50 $23.35 $9,157

    Charts say the bull is still on. As Bruno suggested, I am just looking at the 1 day charts. It is a lot less confusing.

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