FTM: Have We Got a Management Problem?

Seems to me we do.  Let me explain…this is all about FTM – follow the money because Everything a Business Model.

I sit around, just like you, and read the reports coming out of Iraq.  President Obama is sending in 200 more troops to “secure” Iraq, which I take to mean their borders.  Is 200 a day the new normal?

But, at the same time, the Texas state legislature is having to consider a state border security force because the very same federal government that is willing to secure Iraq’s borders, has demonstrated that they are unable to secure our own borders.

How can  we send troops to Iraq and not the Mexican border?  Help me here….

To be sure, as in any large, bureaucratic monstrosity, there will be delays and butt-covering.  However, when I read how the president is seeking “emergency funding” for the border, he’s not talking about airlifting the kids home (where they belong).  He’s talk about shelters, humanitarianism, refugees, and every other “warm and fuzzy” liberalista feel-good label that comes along.  No Army or National Guard…

What is NORTHCOM for, if not to deal with home land security, I wonder?

One of my liberal friends this week left me a long voicemail which (correctly) pointed out we only have a return policy with Mexico and if the kids aren’t from there, well, sorry, we’re kind of stuck because we have to “follow our own laws.”

I don’t think that the intent or Congress, was that narrow, however. 

The way I see it:  If a kid comes over the Mexican border, they go back to Mexico.  How hard is that, really?

Unfortunately, it seems to be the only way the hard-headed, soft-border regime in that bloody narcostate is going to hear what we’re saying. 

Oh:  Labeling Mexico as a narcostate on my part may be contentious, but the drug war there killed 34,000 people 2006-2010 according to this report.  But while they’re spending $9-billion a year on their drug war, don’tcha think closing their borders at both ends of the country might have something to do with it?

The (relatively new) government of Mexico has been focusing on making the streets of the country safer from the drug gangs.  But, paradoxically, this has made it safer for further-south countries to walk up here…

Meantime, it’s the porous border what makes profit possible for the Cartels.  D’uh.

The publication Foreign Policy (of the CFR) was asking rhetorically about the drug war way back  in 2012 “The world knows how to end it — so why can’t the United States figure it out? “ 

The question is still on the table.  The answer ain’t no mystery, friend:  Somewhere there’s a business model – there always is.

Money always flows – like water – to level things out.  Until the administration begins to identify the business models behind the border problem and attacks those (drug money, cheap labor, profits on money transfers to relatives back home..the list goes on and on) any claims that they are serious about the problem are specious.

For now, it’s a “crisis” and that means more tax money being spent and more government-dependent jobs being created….

If you want to kill any criminal enterprise, take the money out of it.  Didn’t anyone watch The Untouchables besides me?  Legalize weed, and there go the everyday profits.

The death of an 11-year old Guatemalan a mile inside the US is making big headlines, a regrettable thing, but treating the symptom ain’t gonna cure this disease.

Following the money… that’s what would have an impact.  For now, the PowersThatBe have no interest in that, so long as the mainstreammedia lump border security with kicking the family dog and child abuse.

We can defend Iraq’s borders, but not our own.  I’d say we have a serious management problem.

FATCA Hype: The World is Still Here

Speaking of money models.

Several reader asked me about the panic emails sent around by unscrupulous markets which held the US Dollar would collapse as soon as FATCA came in.

That’s the bill that would require tax-cheats to report accounts over a certain size domiciled in other countries.

As Forbes reports this morning, “FATCA is finally here – even in Russia and China.”

And as I’ve been telling you, TEOTWAWKI looks more like 2022, or at least 2017.

Oh, and the world hasn’t fallen apart.

More after this…


Climbing the Wall of Worry

Have to say, the rest of the week could be pretty good for markets.  The Dow went through a bit of a decline, but as we explained to Peoplenomics readers, there’s a reason for that.  Today, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a nice upside move, as markets often go into rally mode before major holidays.

The markets are flirting with new highs, and I’ve been predicting a major blow-off (parabolic) advance for a while now. 

Just like before you work out, you do a little warm-up action, so too, the markets may be just backing and filling before taking the S&P over 2000 and the Dow over 17,000… but we shall see.

Gold and silver are moving up again, too.  Same with copper prices…but I thought the PTB were still setting the groundwork for plastic pennies?  A token of their appreciation for all your hard work when they come….which will all depend on inflation, hyperinflation, and melt values…

Urban Living — Spendy

We get into it more in the Coping section this morning, but in playes like Ft. Wayne, the cost of urban living is high…which is a good read over here.  Who would have though of Indiana? YGTBSM

Singapore prices have dropped again(if you were planning to relo).  But Madhattan?  Fugggitaboutit.

Gas Prices Up

If you’re going over the river and through the woods to grandma and grandpa’s lake place, might want to tank up on gas this morning on the way into the treadmill. Triple A has the national average at $3.672 this morning but likely it will be higher by Thursday.

Magic how that happens, huh?

If you’re keeping track, this will be the highest Fourth of July price level since 2008.  $4.11 was the record in 2008…but give it time and continued instability in the land o’ sand.

Israel Air Strikes

Bodies of three missing Israel teens were discovered in the West Bank.  Payback time is here with air strikes against Hamas ongoing now.

Photography Notes

I don’t see it as a threat to the GoPro Hero series of minicams, but the British have developed a camera that can “see around corners.”

Why, next thing you know, I’ll be removing those mirrors from the tops of my shoes…

Quick!  Go to Europe!

Roaming prices are doing down.

Skip the Louvre, though.  Head right to Ukraine’s eastern front where the ceasefire is toast and send us video.

And again, Russia can defend (and expand) it’s borders, so how come we can’t…. Oh, wait, this is turning into a huge GOSUB about here.


sudo apt-get install brain