Frothy Friday, Fake-out Follies, or Slow-on-the-Go?

No sooner had Joe Biden arrived in Rome (where we assume a “kiss the ring thing” will be photo op material [we have some alternatives, lol]), their markets began to tank.  Looks to be coming over here, as well.

The Thursday Rally was completely comprehensible just on the basis of “He’s gone!  Can’t do anything stupid for a while…”

I share the feeling, brothers and sisters.  But did you see where the latest Buyed’em giveaway of Ure tax rubles is going?  U.S. in Talks to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Families Separated at Border, reports the WSJ.  Pencils to $450-thou per person.

Which I have some problems with:  First, do they are get jabbed in order to qualify?  Second, only pay to those with correct entrance documents from a an border station.

But, you are being programmed to “get along like wokee’s, get along.”  Remember, as one of our posters reminded in a comment, only took the Bolsheviks 300 to overthrow the Tsar.  Tools like bankruptcy, division, and state religions (like communism) ain’t ‘zactly new,

I’d offer a wager that by Monday – Tuesday latest – Europeans will be begging us to let Joe go home.  All for it, around here.  IF he wades-in via the Rio Grande entrances he’s left open for insurrectionists to herd infantry through.

 Breaking:  Data

This’ll just really make your day:

“Personal income decreased $216.2 billion, or 1.0 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $93.4 billion, or 0.6 percent, in September. The decrease in personal income primarily reflected the winding down of pandemic-related assistance programs. The personal saving rate (that is, personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income) was 7.5 percent in September, compared with 9.2 percent in August.”

Psst!  Wanna see some peektures?

Wowee! Is this shit fun, or what.  Let’s go again. Labor Dept’s turn:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 1.3 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in September 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries
increased 1.5 percent and benefit costs increased 0.9 percent from June 2021.”

This is exactly why economics drives people to substance abuse if they think about things.  We got a BEA report saying personal incomes went down in the same month “compensation costs” went up.  Where’s the eff’n money???

And someone out Rome-in around doesn’t understand his low numbers?  Let’s Go Brandon!

Frothy Fried Day

With the first cup (16 ounces, lol) we looked in on the futures.  Which we were digging holes 22, 50, and 137 deep.  Depending whether the S&P, Dow, and NASDAQ.  My bet’s on the ‘Daq being most informative; “Tech leads the way” has been a battle cry of screen-seers for two decades now.

Nevertheless, one off our handy-dandy idea tools over on the Peoplenomics side of the house (updated twice weekly) is the comparison of the US to Rest of World plus US.  When we notice a gap developing (with the US overpriced compared to the RoW) then something’s gotta give.

There’s a whole Boolean dance we can go through (not as much fun as, oh, singing Y.M.C.A. which Elaine will sometimes do after a glass of bubbly…) which looks like this:

So far, the futures were showing the “US can fall to RoW” so if the bottom falls out late in the session today, it will then get us to the second point.  Which if Ure semi-eidetic is?

(What kind of math is best on the Friday before Halloween?  BOO!lean…)  Whee!

Fake-out Friday

You see, the story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a crooked Central Bank that figured they could Run America via the money.  So far, they’ve been right.

One day, likely to cover-up all the corruption around the Invictus Games, a mean, nasty cadre within a rising Western Pacific country launch a bioweapon.

Seeing he’d need to get reappointed, the Head of the Central Bank decided to print like hell and use the plandemic as a scapegoat.

18-months later, prices beginning to accelerate, the Banker got a call from his Boss.  “You pump this sucker up, or you’re out of a job. And if you fail, I’ll see to it that you and half your buds are hauled up on insider trading charges… Like we’re doing with Sen. Burr under investigation again for pandemic stock sales | Raleigh News & Observer…

Hate when the boss calls.

Still, the market did hit nominal new highs in our Aggregate Index this week.

Or, did it?

See the problem is even slowing down on their Monumental Money Triage (MMT) there has still be billions of additional dough in the system to drive prices higher.  Ergo, some overshoot of the billions-ago pricing might be expected.

Hey Mark Zuckerberg!

“Mark…you’re just a kid.  37 now, ain’t it?

But, this crap about rebranding FB as Meta…WT(actual) are you thinking?

OK, maybe you were too busy growing the company back in 2015.  Or you might not read Business Insider.

But trust me on this, short read and worth is:  New Coke: the 30th Anniversary of Coca-Cola’s Biggest Mistake.  I’ll be 73 shortly, so tend to remember such things.

Cyclical, this history stuff.

We still don’t post on Facebook.  Don’t like your business model.  Got companies to move whole followings onto your platform.  Where you held ’em  for ransom to let companies and people communicate fully with their own base.  Pass.”

Short Snorts

While in Rome Pope urges “radical” action on climate change ahead of COP26.  Wait, don’t sensors and candles release carbon?  Waving around a picture on a phone might help?

Beggars can’t be leaders.  The President’s Gamble: Biden Implores Democrats to Support His Agenda – NYT.

Weather in a word: Storm system forecast to bring severe weather to Mid-Atlantic, Northeast.  Wait!  That’s not nearly alarmist enough! Instead, how’s about Coastal flooding in Baltimore-Washington DC may be worst in 2 decades.  Inundation, hell yeah.  (Though they didn’t use the word climate; which know…kind of disappointing…)

ATR:  Leafing Fall Alone

Our occasional Around the Ranch notes have been a little scarce, lately.  I apologize. Many and much going on around here…

Tile has cured well-enough that the backsplash will go on this weekend.  Blissfully little cutting, maybe a dozen cuts.

Cold Front rolled through here. (You don’t want me to trigger on my deep knowledge of anabatic and ketabatic winds, trust me.)  Even with blocking terrain, we hit around 28 MPH.  Our trees now display themselves half-naked.  Don’t tell Cuomo.

Question of the Day  is how to approach the leaf mess.  I stopped counting at 40 bucketloads on the tractor one year.  Finally used it like a bulldozer (blade pusher) which reduced the time/effort a bit.    Which gets me to this:  in terms of effort is it better to leave (sic) them in place until EVERYTHING has fallen and I can leaf blow the house, shop. and all the gutters at one time?  Or, is incrementalism good?  I’m not trying to be a democrat-turned libtard-turned communist – turned despot about this.  But, maybe I’m just Stalin’?

Time Machine  testing will begin on Nov. 29.  Still working on the flicker rates and frequencies for the strobing effects.  This as the sound field MAY (exceptionally low probability here) recreate the effects reported by Bruce Gernon.  The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon. Which would make a lot more sense if you’d read my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time. Or not…

New Deck  getting closer to ordering materials.  But watching the lumber futures and asking if they could break down again… Depending on limbo (“How LOW can you Go?”), I may inspired to build a huge greenhouse.  Fun to build things when materials are low.  Sheet goods are still priced by the mob, though.

Website Stuff includes axing the Computational Future site.  Wasn’t doing anything and the few hundred a year on expenses for it could be better deployed.  Like into beer, fer example.  The Official Logo has been changed to a .webp graphic which is supposed to be faster.  So if your computer blows off your desk…

Beard and Stache are back.  I call ’em my automatic, self-renewing face insulators.  Wonder if anyone has patented that?  Hmm…

Off to the chow hall... Then a nice gathering online of fellow compulsive gamblers when the market opens.  Peoplenomics tomorrow, ShopTalk Sunday.

Evergrande’s next Payment.  Due this weekend.  Be sure to check Sunday night futures…

Write when you get rich, (*or pun nausea passes)

76 thoughts on “Frothy Friday, Fake-out Follies, or Slow-on-the-Go?”

  1. Tractor-mounted PTO blowers are the shiz. Used to borrow the one from the golf course, 20 minutes tractor drive to house, 3 laps in 10 minutes, 20 minutes back to the shop. Done. Dandy for “cleaning” the shop as well. Not a paper to be found…

  2. hey george why dont you tell em about zuckerbergs dad ? you ever meet him ? worked with him ?

  3. Leaf mess. I have to chase regularly because of the different species. Poplar dropping in september, Maples, Sweet gum, October, Oak november through december. I like to regularly blow the roof and gutter guards as I have asphalt shingles and I don’t want a dam created where water may sit and work its way under the shingles. I have to keep the road/curb clear, because mailman actually slid into my mailbox on the leaves a few years ago. I cannot keep leaves in yard even mulched because of the amount, and especially if getting rain, will kill the grass. I like to blow them generally in a row, run the (push) mower over them mulching them up, then put the bag on and suck up the mulch. That is actually less time for me then emptying out bags filled with whole leaves.

    • “Leaf mess. I have to chase regularly because of the different species. ”

      I just let them mulch….you could grind them then pellet them. Bag it sell it.. mix it with ground corn or sawdust..
      This lady truly shows you the proper method.
      Add a gravity fed pellet stove and your set.
      They also have a fan kit.. keep it on low your set.. sell forty pound bags at tractor supply..
      With a small tree farm your set..
      It’s all in the business model

  4. BS ! – on the evergrande big debt burrito – has NOT made a USD payment yet, just passing more badgas/sick qi.
    All bullshite coming out of red chynah. As the largest real estate “playa in AUS, can only imagine what is happening in Aussie bond market..can watch carefully for clues..

  5. I kind of have to laugh when people pull out the New Coke chestnut. I will grant that I could be wrong but follow along with the reasoning. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s Coke saw a disturbing trend. Their main competitor was growing in market share, was perceived by the younger consumer as sweeter in taste, and had already made the jump to hfc and so had lowered the cost of sweetener and increased their profit margin/unit. So let’s war game this a bit. Coke brings out a sweeter New Coke made with the cheaper hfc. Maybe they steal some share from Pepsi if the product is a success, and they get a butt ton of free press. They knew from research that their core diehard fans would be unhappy, but the plan was to bring back Coke Classic anyway after changing the formulation to hfc from cane sugar and since there would be a time period where “old Coke” would be unavailable, the hope was people wouldn’t notice the change in taste Old coke wasn’t as sweet as the “new” so they just put in less hfc. So why not roll the dice. Worse case (since they were already going to get slammed for the change in taste moving to hfc and make no mistake they were going to sub out cane sugar regardless), they increase profit/unit and somebody gets saddled with it being “the worst marketing mistake in history”. If I had to bet I’d guess the person responsible got a pretty nice bonus Why not tell everyone how smart you were after all is said and done? Ask your buddy warhammer about the advisability of telling your opponent how you pulled off the greatest 3 card Monty marketing trick of all time.

    • So let me see if I follow:

      So Ure saying in place of HFC in the New Coke story is analogous in the pending rebrand due to “metahookups” to the Provo govsurv center, where there is a file on EVERY American and social self-tattles tell all… is what’s going on?

      • Nope. just saying that the new/old coke story being the worst marketing debacle ever is a fairy tale lol

      • In the future we can just imagine drinking a coke while we are imagining being billionaires in our 10×20 ft apartment on the 100 floor of our tenement building – life will be GREAT. since Nov 2nd is D-day or V-day for vaccinations of the military and .Gov employees why waste time with Taiwan they can prolly defeat us by Friday next week…….

    • There’s no real telling what went on – but here we are 40 years later and I no longer purchase ANYTHING with HFC in it. No fat food sodas, coffees, candy – nothing. Seems it is not uncommon for HFC users to experience joint ache in their artificial joints and arthritic joints when excess HFC is in the system. And I have both, and the ache was keeping me up at night.

      Every person is different – a thing that American medicine tries to assure us is 100% untrue. For me, ceasing intake of HFC made my joint ache disappear within 48 hours. Drinking Coke again brought the same ache back in 24 hours. So none for me. And btw – the diet versions made me ache even worse.

      Instead, I buy those Mexican cokes in the bottle that are made with cane sugar or else HEB brand which also uses sugar. No aches and tastes better anyway. It’s funny I can taste HFC now – before I dropped it, I couldn’t. I don’t need the candy anyway, but if I do I just make some at home. Or buy a pie and bring it home…mmm.

      Be interesting to know if others have tried nixing HFC or diet sweeteners to help their joint pain…

      I got something wrong with my quadriceps muscle – mine isn’t working. It has taken me 3 months and 3 specialists working through the current medical system – and nobody has supplied me an answer. Due to Covid BS, the waiting time for getting in to a new MD or getting into the MRI schedule is 2-3 weeks. I am scheduled to see a neurologist – in 5 weeks. This is why I am 90+ days into this and have no answer and my leg remains dysfunctional.

      I looked at my MRI, showing a herniated disc, and then went to a chiropractor. I figure it’s 5 weeks until the neuro – maybe I can get that herniated disc down a bit before then and we can see if that gets my nerve functioning again.

      This specialist to specialist shuffling is some serious BS. It’s obvious that the specialization has gone too far – the second ortho looked at my MRI with me and immediately shuffled me off to the neuro. I asked him what he would recommend for the herniated disc and he said the only options were fusing the two discs or simply letting it heal.

      Having had great luck previously using a traction machine (the Rack in medieval vernacular) for TWO herniated discs, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

      I wonder how many people actually die or have been permanently injured by this kind of ‘expert’ medicinal shuffling, especially in these last 2 years?

      • OM2: No HFC for years either. Absolutely no to artificial sweeteners other than some rare stevia. Had same problem with shoulder and knees. Took loooong while to heal (drop uric acid levels?) after stopping HFCs – but now no issues. I assume OM2 knows but for the curious / suffering: HFC consumption->uric acid, and many other health issues have clear correlation – quick search in YT or off google will provide plenty to read / watch… Hmmm, the rack is a curious possibility for some issues for me. PM regarding recommendations?
        Perhaps Mr. Ure will be kind to share if you are so motivated.
        Best to all. CTM

      • Dude – we got an enzyme for that problem, derived from the Papaya.

        How do I know – very own Uncle Joe Brown developed it, used to go around the country teaching/training ortho’s how to do it. Not nearly as much money in it for the Ortho surgeon as there is in fusing that scheisse -prolly “they ” didnt mention..

      • I can’t confirm or deny your HFCS theory on joint aches (seems plausible though, all things considered), but I can tell you that they like to put that crap in everything. I have to scan the canned beans when I stock up on them for the pantry shopping at the local Aldi’s store. They have 2 red kidney beans to sell: organic salt packed, and the nonorganic packed in, yep, corn syrup. WTH does packing beans in corn syrup EVER sounds like a sensible idea? The average grocery shopper is not looking at the label to see how their staples are stored in a can, and if I were to randomly look at any other person’s canned goods, I’d say they’re eating alot of HFCS and they don’t even know it.

      • Oilman2, I fell last winter twice on the same left shoulder, should of had a scan done but the local horsepital was all covid crazy and I was not going there unless an ambulance was involved. I was not getting better when I read George’s red light therapy. Well I have a grow light panel mostly red LEDs, started using it a lot on my shoulder and it is much better now, more range of movement before I reach a point of pain, I hold the stretch for a little,. It was 2 months of not getting better when I started the light treatment.
        Careful of the crown speed helmet, I now write more to this blog, than I have ever written anywhere before, I am not a writer, I hated term papers with a passion, my 12 grade English teacher gave me D-, he said I got an F, but he did not want me back in his class next year. My bad grades in English classes drug my grade point down to where I ranked in the medium of my class. I now write more and just let the comment sit a while, sometimes I post the comment, sometimes I just let it go bye bye.
        Your mileage may vary.

        Artificial diet sweeteners are a bad scam, Stevia is a natural plant, different tasting though, I don’t really like it that much but it blends well with my blackstrap for a once daily dose

        I can not remember the last time I ate or drank anything from Pepsi or Coco-Cola Corporations. When I stop at a convenience/gas store all I see is poison sold as food, the ol so sweet HFC syrup. Just gas, coffee and sometimes a scratch ticket, I’m out of here.
        I use local honey for my sweetener but in my first 16 oz coffee I use 4 drops of liquid Stevia and a teaspoon of blackstrap molassas a little vanilla and cinnamon powder, for the 2nd 16 oz coffee, honey and the 3rd and last of the pot a little honey or just black. My only (small) sack of white sugar is used to mixed with borax for ant bait/killer. And I do not eat anything with white flour, get this bread from my local health food store, like this, but I do not support Amazon.

      • Everyone is eating a whole lot of HFCS AND or Soybean oil!!! Look at the ingredients, they have put Genetically Modified, Roundup Ready, Soybean Oil in almost everything; Bread, chips, pastries, all sorts of condiments, frozen foods, drinks, etc., the list is too numerous to go through, if you read ingredients, you know what I am talking about.

        It’s a constant FEEDING AMERICANS the worst of the worst, and I didn’t mention artificial sweeteners that kill or MSG that turns you into a hog at the trough.

        I know a person who drank 3 cokes a day, now they have fatty liver disease. This is a person who drinks their coffee black and was not overweight.

        Go to your local HEB, for example, if you live in Texas, and look at the Mayonnaise selections…..ALL have soybean oil in them EVEN the organic one with olive oil!!! A lot of them have the HFCS, too.

        Here is a brand of Mayonnaise that doesn’t have either of those 2 ingredients in it:

        Here is the ingredient list: INGREDIENTS: Expeller Pressed Safflower Oil, Whole Eggs, Grain Vinegar, Filtered Water, Egg Yolks, Salt, Egg Whites, Dehydrated Cane Juice, Spice, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Honey, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)*, Natural Flavors, Paprika Extractives (For Color).

        Now, other online places carry this Mayonnaise, but I just picked Swanson, as an example.

        You won’t find it at Walmart, Whole Foods discontinued it when they got bought out by Amazon, HEB, so you have to hunt for it or ask your grocer to stock it.

        It is really delicious.

        Now, this was sent out by Dr. Mercola today, and it is a very interesting presentation worth an hour of you time; it kinda wraps up, what ole George Carlin used to say…we don’t have choices.

        The article is great, the documentary is top notch: “Monopoly, Who Owns The World?”

        The Soda Pop HFCS triggered me; hahaha, cause if you read the article and watch the video, you soon, see they work together, these corporations to take away our choices.

        They do NOT work together for good.

      • I read a medical opinion somewhere that arthritis aches are actually a ‘lack of Potassium’ disease. I started taking OTC potassium supplements and they relieved my arthritis pains better than NSAIDS! And I avoid HFCS and artificial sweeteners like the plague.

      • Guess I’m “thpecial”. I was raise on mass amounts of sugar in my diet. An aunt and uncle I spent time with in the Summers kept a “candy drawer” full of good stuff available to me and my brothers when we were staying there. It kept us outside and running around like Calvin and Hobbs (with firearms) till we crashed in the evening after Johnny Carson. About the only time we were warned off of it was before supper time and I don’t remember it ruining my appetite unless something was prepared for me that I didn’t like to begin with. I remember, in 1st grade on through 3rd, going in to kitchen on Saturday mornings when everyone was still asleep and getting a spoon full of sugar to start my day. (Everyone wondered why the spoon always had a hard coating of sugar on it) I do stay away from things like Equal but the wife gets 2 in her coffee every morning and the doc says she’s “PRE-diabetic”.

        It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve gotten to where I can’t eat my weight in buñuelos that are traditionally prepared by my wife’s family on New Year’s eve. Sugar and cinnamon, either by itself or on just about anything fried, was a staple for a long time so I’ve probably been producing enough insulin over the years to take care of a few diabetics at once all the time. HFC in whatever they still put it in has never been a concern to me. Our granddaughter, who has a diabetic dad who is Hispanic but shows no symptoms of it herself, has the most natural tendencies to a healthy diet that leads her away from high sugar content foods that I’ve ever seen. At the same time my wife’s boss’ granddaughter who is White as a sheet and has NO history of diabetes in the family has had an insulin pump installed in her little side for the past few years. There’s something going on here that just ain’t exactly clear… To me diabetes ought to have a very easy solution to it like Fenbendazole does for many Cancers but, as usual, the cure doesn’t make anyone money.

    • Ooh, this is going to be fun…

      First of all, anonamoose is absolutely correct, as I’ve stated here before.

      Coke needed to swap in HFC and needed for nobody to notice, which was the function of, and reason for, New Coke.

      The side effect of New Coke was that it bought Coca Cola billions of dollars in free publicity — more than the worth of the company, in fact. When “Classic Coke” “came back,” Coke sales boomed and they not only made up for the sales which tanked because of New Coke, they had a long-term net gain in sales.

      @ Clawsy
      “In the future we can just imagine drinking a coke while we are imagining being billionaires”

      We WILL be billionaires. ‘AAMOF when we’re making a billion a week, that 16oz Coke is going to require a million future dollars to purchase.

      @ OM2

      I always drink Mexican Coke (and Sprite, and Dr. Pepper, and IBC Root Beer, and whatever else I can find — Currently have a couple cases of Orange Crush.) The local farm store sells about 40 varieties of cane-sweetened sodas and sarsaparillas (root beers) — everything from original Faygo Soda to Ale-81 and Kickapoo Joy Juice. HFC may not have been a bad thing in the 1980s (or it may… I never researched it at that time), but now all US-made HFC is made from GM corn. Neither Mexico, nor most other countries, allow genetically modified products to be manufactured or sold in their territories. This is why Mexican soda pop is made with cane sugar.

      I bought a used Teeter Hang Up a couple generations old (The newer ones are molded plastic and I wanted the softer, canvas bed.) Much cheaper than a “rack” and it stores in a much smaller space…

      @ ECU

      What is the enzyme. or what is it called…?


      They put that shit in everything…!

      Sugars, and sodium salts, are addictive. Shelf food preparers / packagers sneak one (or both) into their products to feed the addictions we all have. Salt is easy to spot, because nutritional labels all list “sodium” content. My favorite example of salt “spiking” is Meijer plain frozen French fries (made by Ore-Ida.) They proffer 15mg of sodium per ounce. The identical (except for cost) Ore-Ida ‘taters feature 280mg of sodium per ounce. The fries are blanched before flash-freezing. The salt is cooked-in during the blanch, and becomes tasteless, therefore contributing nothing to the potatoes, other than 265mg of unnecessary sodium to keep Jane Q Public’s family hooked on sodium.

      Sugar is harder to spot. On a lot of items you have to note carbs, then figure actual carbs in the food product, then do the math to compute the difference into a total sugar value.

      You live in Southern Indiana. If’fn yer brave enough, go buy a dozen Indiana Muskmelons next season, and invest a week eating nothing but those melons (and drinking water.) NOT MEDICAL ADVISE!!! Get back with us, regarding your experiences (yes, I did it…)

      I made some m/l scratch chili last week. I used dry red beans, but couldn’t get dry dark reds. I’m guessing more than half the weight of the cans of dark red kidney beans I settled for, was sugar-syrup.

      @ TOB Darrell

      “When I stop at a convenience/gas store all I see is poison sold as food,”

      Try country or farm stores, and any truck stops which Mexican drivers frequent. There are several dozen U.S. bottlers who make sugar soda, and real ethnic markets will have sugar soda (’cause GM HFCS is as illegal in Japan, Greece, Thailand, Italy, and Korea as it is in Mexico…)

      “I use local honey for my sweetener”

      Ditto. If I can’t find local, I’ll use Great Lakes (Amish apiaries from the Niles, Michigan area) or Sue Bee (Sioux Indian apiaries in MN/NE/IA.) It is 11 times more expensive than cane sugar. It also transforms coffee from flavored water into a superfood. I consider the result worth the expense…

      • Raymondo – the enzyme is a papain from papaya. This procedure (X-ray guided injection) injects the enzyme into disk and dissolves the nucleus pulposus.

        Chymopapain Injection – widely used in Europe…not so much US – as “we” tend to promote the most expensive procedures possible.

      • “I always drink Mexican”

        I do to..I personally love the apple soda.. drop a half ounce of Braggs apple cider vinegar in it on ice..yumm..

  6. “Pencils to $450-thou per person.”

    It’s almost worth driving down to Guatemala and getting a few birth certificates from the document department. Split the loot with the helpers.

  7. If I had that many trees, I’d look into getting one of those PTO-driven leaf vacuums/trailer to pick them up. I have a walk-behind for the big walnut and hazelnut trees we have in our yard, and it works well. Great way to collect and dump in the garden plot.

    • I use a Cyclone Rake. Unlike most other leaf vacs tise trailer has swivel wheels and is attached to the tractor so that it can flex up and down but not side to side. This eliminates the stretching/kinking of the vac hose that connects to the mower deck and is the source of most complaints – hose coming off. Like mine a lot.
      I have 16 acres, half are mixed hardwoods and mow/clear about 3 acres and the rest pasture for the animals. Usually collect 1000+ bushels (not a typo) of chopped compressed leaves each fall. My wife loves trees, I put up with them. I’ve tried a number of different methods for dealing with the leaves, this has worked out the best for me.

      James Johnson, ex-nuke

  8. For goodness sakes George. Where was the outrage when Google’s parent name was changed to Alphabet? Facebook as a product isn’t changing it’s name…they own dozens of companies and it makes more sense to mirror Alphabet and not use one product to,define a dozen or more profitable entities. Facebook…now Meta…great name by the way…owns the following to name just a few.

    1. WhatsApp ($19 billion)
    2. Oculus VR ($2 billion)
    3. Instagram ($1 billion)
    4. CRTL-labs (between $500 million and $1 billion)
    5. LiveRail ($500 million)
    6. Onavo (between $100 million and $200 million)
    7. tbh (less than $100 million)
    8. Redkix (less than $100 million)
    9. Parse ($85 million)
    10. Atlas Solutions (between $50 million and $100 million)

    I own three Oculus sets (incredible technology) and that has zero relationship with Facebook and is reason alone to want to separate the entities in name. Personally, I give Facebook a ton of credit for my businesses success. It’s an outstanding and extremely accessible advertising platform that has made a difference to millions of small and medium businesses out there. Not to mention that Facebook employs over 63,000 people…17,000 in the Bay Area alone. Pays them well too. The radical right can’t have it both ways. You want jobs or not? By the looks of a lot of the radical right…they look unemployable…so maybe some sour grapes?

    Stay in your lane George. Not advisable to trash things you have admitted your don’t use, like or know zero about.

      • Maybe Facebook won’t continue their past behavior of allowing the inventor of Oculus to advertise his Trump themed white supremacist memes on Facebook:

        George, about that $450k payment per person, didn’t you notice that it was for Trump’s separating families at the border, a policy a federal judge made him stop, but Biden has to pick up the tab for damage that Trump did! Man up and quit saying the dog ate your homework…

      • You are a serious threat to America.
        Look up the word border.
        Now…when a person or family is ILLEGALLY in a foreign country they don’t automatically GET A PIECE OF MY HARD-EARNED EFF’n MONEY.
        That’s income taxes.
        If you want to give away money, I’ll buy you an airplane ticket to Honduras Guatemala or Haiti if you promise to keep all freeloaders out.
        You liberal types missed what borders are. They are things Nancy put around the House, that Biden’s putting around his homes and that China built (killing those who crossed) and that Israel keeps in place because of people who want to kill Jews.
        ‘zis really THAT hard to follow?
        I am an America. My taxes for for America’s needs.
        Liberal hold-up artists thoroughly piss me off.
        Woke means stupid and gullible with a side of revisionism and faux empathy to market causes to overthrow America.

        Your style of hate is pure Leninism. Hate the anti-vaxxers because we can read science as well or better. We know Fauci lied and others, as well. Dirty stats and we’re bad? See the pattern of abuse?
        Put an aging puppet in office to spew illegal mandates and watch emergency services crumble. All because incompetent people can’t stand to have real people with other views around…OMG tyranny of fools.

        Destroyers on steroids. No borders, no cops, no firefighters, no hospital workers…Jesus! Piss-ant Trotskyites.

        Getting news from the left-leaning echo chamber Beast? YGTBSM!

        There’s no country on Earth as stupid as the one you lefties have made. None. Go cross some borders and let us know how that works out for you.
        Payoff from the communists in the former courts? Not bleeding likely.

        Trumps personality has (and continues) to suck. But he’s on the right side of what Americans died for. Unlike some trolls who wander through here.
        Pass me some BP meds, would yah? Oh..forgot – you free-thinker haters don’t think we should get healthcare, either.
        Vax Nazis.
        Respect America and stand up for the Constitution, or face being banned.

      • “when a person or family is ILLEGALLY in a foreign country they don’t automatically GET A PIECE OF MY HARD-EARNED EFF’n MONEY.”

        I still get a surge of WTH… when I think about the refugee that was here legally.. but the year I was working six jobs to eek out expenses.. he not only got a guaranteed forty hours a week.. but they bought him a house, a new van, gave him food stamps, free college for him and his wife, he got free medical and dental.. then at the years end.. when the tax returns came.. he got back everything he paid in everything the company paid in plus the EIC tax credit.. I seen his check.. his check was more than I grossed working those six jobs.. Now.. give illegals each 450 thousand.. that is a new house plus.. not to mention they don’t have to pay any taxes and will or are getting all the benefits that were meant for hard working citizens that had hit rough times as a hand up..
        My daughter was in a tough place after her husband tried to kill her and she had brain tumor surgery.. she was in line for the dental clinic.. refugees threw her to the floor because she was a woman.. when she got to the desk they not only would not see her but gave her a half hour lecture on how she should understand their lifestyle and heritage.. what is wrong with this picture..
        I don’t personally care if someone comes here legally to find a job or raise their families.. but follow our laws come legally pay your taxes.. then pay a non resident tax.. get no benefits meant for hard working citizens that have hit a hard time.. until they become a citizen.. those programs were never meant to be a way of life.. but a hand up..
        The 450 thousand dollar give away is a slap in everyone’s face if you ask me.. the sad thing is there isn’t a dam thing anyone can do about it..

      • Really, Mr. Troll?

        It was an Obama policy, as was the “kids in cages” thing.

        It was also not a bad policy, nor one for which compensation or an apology are due, at least not until it becomes our custom to incarcerate children with their parents, when said parents are convicted of crimes and imprisoned.

        You are narrow-minded and devoid of integrity, or you would have mentioned the fact the “news” media and the Administration have pointed a finger at Trump, but not Obama when both fostered this same, sane policy.

  9. “kiss the ring thing”[we have some alternatives, lol]”

    OTFLMAO… your not implying.. heres the knee pads Joe..( they usually have a fold down knee rail..) NOW Pucker up while I lift my robe….kind of thing are you LOL LOL OTFLMAO..

    • Comrade Loob,

      One rather imagines the penitent may be seeking moments of quiet contemplation with The Holy Father. And whether or not to declassify the of-media-spoken intelligence reports concerning penetration of the (Dem-Calif.) 15th Congressional District Office, member of The House Intelligence Committee, by CCP member Fang Fang.

  10. “But did you see where the latest Buyed’em giveaway of Ure tax rubles is going? U.S. in Talks to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Families Separated at Border, reports the WSJ. Pencils to $450-thou per person.”

    Seriously.. DID YOU EXPECT LESS…..then again.. we are not quite sure how many illegals that they snuck into the country..

  11. Thanks for the Halloween Dad Humor. (Boolian!).
    Since the kids are all into software for their jobs the groaning will be ubiquitous.
    Here’s my contribution: Where are zombies in the Bible?
    Answer: Mathew 27:51-53

    • Yeah, that had to have been pretty knarly. Guess who’s coming for supper!? Break out the spices and aromatics or have and outdoor picknick and stay upwind.

  12. George,
    New Deck getting closer to ordering materials. But watching the lumber futures and asking if they could break down again…
    If you are into stretching your budget, try pulling off the old deck and flipping over the existing lumber. Hardly anyone walks on the bottom of the wood so it is usually in good shape. Twice as much use from the same wood.
    Also, when the deck joists are exposed after the demo, I picked up this tip: Use 20 mil thickness pipe wrapping tape to place on the top edges of every floor joist to repel any rain that the deck is exposed to. Place the tape before laying on the old, flipped lumber and you are good for the rest of your life. Works just as well if you place new lumber and lasts even longer. $ave$ a big bundle of bucks for the finer things in life.

    • Good idea, though I do believe George ripped out the old deck already. Personally, I’ve never had a use for a deck. You can’t work on heavy machinery on one and you certainly can’t weld on it. All you can do is sit out there and get a sunburn, while getting bitten by bugs.

      Saving money and work is always a good idea, and I like the idea of the plastic tape. Unfortunately, the “finer things” in life are generally illegal or can’t be bought for money.

      • “You can’t work on heavy machinery on one…” Start with 2X12’s and work down.

        You’re right – old deck has been gone for weeks – was rotten through – even when I tarred the top of Joists back when built…

      • I have 2x12s as runners on my heavy trailer, but they’re supported every two feet by steel. It’s tough to work on any machinery on a deck with gaps between the boards – lots of things will find a way to drop between them. 2x12s will carry a lot of weight if the span is short, but a concrete slab works better for serious weight. Jacks and other concentrated lift points do terrible things to wood.

        I had a retaining wall in the east made of pressure treated wood and it rotted out in ten years. IMHO, that’s far too short a time for any durable project. I do think wood exposed to sun, wind, and especially moisture and dirt is seriously life limited, unless possibly marine grade. Still, pleasure matters! If you and Elaine enjoy a deck, then go for it! You could even put it on gimbals and call it your Ocean Deck.

      • “was rotten through – even when I tarred the top of Joists back when built…”

        Creosote.. the old penetrating oil is the best in my opinion.. in years past they used linseed oil and pitch.. in the bible theres talk of a boat that was built in the plains thousands of years ago.. anyway he was instructed to use gopher wood.. if you read ancient texts this technique comes up.. gopher wood is using an oil pitch sealer between layers..
        Years ago I had read about a minister that went looking for that boat.. he did find a boat on top of a mountain with a chapple of sorts at the base.. they went into it and he did take a small piece of it. I tried to convince him to give me a piece to make a pen out of..he’s gone now. I often wonder what became of it..
        When I made cabinets a really rich guy came in with three pieces of wood..he wanted a small side table made and the wood was for the top. He said it was the rarest wood. with it was his receipt.. he paid more for those few pieces of wood than I paid for all the materials in my house.. after we made the table top we were very careful with that wood we saved the saw dust and all drop off of it. When he picked it up.. we went to hand him the box with the few pieces of dropoff and bag of sawdust..and he said toss it.. lol we split it up among bbn us . Each got a small piece.. I use mine to make special pens to give away.. I still have a few pieces left..

    • “Use 20 mil thickness pipe wrapping tape to place on the top edges of every floor joist to repel any rain that the deck is exposed to.,”

      NOW that’s a dam good tip ED .. thanks for sharing..
      And why in the he double L didn’t I think of that.. you put a moisture barrier under a wall plate for the exact same reason..brilliant..

  13. Wiseguys forcing the end of my removable battery to erase viruses, spyware and worms cell phone, and my having to “upgrade” from 3g and spend and spend and media truth was available there..

    • I’m still on the lookout for a military grade, 5G flipphone. The POS that ATT sent me is a frustrating thing to use. So I barely use it.

    • I know.. they told me I have to upgrade my phone to…. my upgrade is dump the service when it gets to that the first of January.. the security system we have.. they kept telling me it has to be upgraded to.. I have been trying to set a date all year.. they didn’t want to drive hundreds of miles to do the upgrade for just one person.. well I called them the other day and asked.. so if you can’t do the communication upgrade.. then are you going to cancel the service.. why pay out all that money a month if you can’t do it..
      supposedly they are coming monday..

  14. @ CTMark RE: rack

    I had multiple herniated discs due to my hip being so worn out. Was saving the money for the hip to get done. Sciatica was horrible – was on opiates just to work. Went to pain doc who was officing with chiro, and he took me next door. We had a 15 min discussion, then an eval and MRI.

    Chiro put me in the rack 3x a week for a month, and I was walking normal and no more pain pills. Told me to get one of those “teeter hangups” and use it weekly too.

    3 years ago hurt another disc and repeated the rack therapy – and it worked on me again. This time a fall is what did me in, and so back to the rack because there is nothing new in mainstream ortho-world for herniated discs.

    IMO, after 60+ years of walking and working upright, inversion is likely very beneficial. IMO, as current ortho practice EXCLUDES chiropractic and goes straight for the vertebral fusion – keeping a scalpel out of your spinal area is advised. If it becomes necessary – then do it – but try alternatives first.

    My personal experience is that inversion or ‘the rack’ works to both re-align and decompress the spine. You need to follow the PT they recommend so you get the surrounding muscles built up to keep things from reverting back to the compressed position. I also ceased lifting heavy things – I let my sons do it or use mechanical help, where before I just grabbed it and did the old ‘heave ho’. Probably not the best thing as I aged…

    • I can see the benefits of a rack that’s operated by the user with a pair of handles. This could exist at home rather than an office. The inversion table is probably best for lower spinal problems(including sciatica), but I wonder how much help it would be for neck problems. The head is just not that heavy relative to the rest of the body unless you wore a weighted helmet. We definitely need to democratize health “care” and remove the credentialed folks from the simple stuff. If we have a declining population for any reason, there won’t be enough of them to go around, and nobody could afford them anyway.

    • Appreciate thoughts / insight. My lovely wife and I are near peers in age but have some time before we will retire. Since covid, upright work and heave ho have been all to much the norm for us – so it goes for small businesses.

      Been blessed to have good chiro and TCM practitioners who have helped to a great degree without too many allopathic interventions. TCM practitioner recommended “teeter” so appreciate hearing from others with experience with them.

      Thanks for sharing this and your thoughts over the years, much appreciated.
      Best CTM

  15. considering how bad the yellow dog situation is currently do you really understand how dangerous the markets are currently . love you to tell the truth mate . hope that u tell the truth to those peoplenomics fellas . and for get all that flation and made up numbers stories . dont overplay a dog

  16. “… my automatic, self-renewing face insulators. Wonder if anyone has patented that?”

    Sorry. Prior art and public domain in the northern winter climates. In Wisconsin we always hated having gym class on the last period of the day before school lets out. Take a shower, run outside at -20f. with wet hair to catch the bus home, and if you’re not careful, your hair freezes and BREAKS!

    • “Some politician decided that the containers in California should not be allowed to be stacked more than 2 high, and so a law/rule was passed. ”

      Silly question… did those legislators receive donations from lobbyists backed by foreign governments..
      It might be something they wanted just to get co trainers in place..

      • That’s a great question….I have no answer for that, except “probably”.
        This twitter blog that I am referencing has the story and it “appears” that “suddenly” there was an executive order issued that overrode the Long Beach (stupid) rule, and the containers are now being stacked 4 high. Could someone check…??? If so, that would make a big difference.

  17. While we’re on the subject of “ad faus pax” or however it’s spelled…let’s not forget the diet concoction branded as “Ayds”. Just before the REAL Aids epidemic. You know, the one that Fauci screwed up causing the deaths of about a million gays worldwide:

    I think she looks like Debbie Reynolds:

  18. Lincoln Project claims responsibility for fake ‘white supremacists’ at Glenn Youngkin event

    The anti-Republican political action committee The Lincoln Project claimed responsibility Friday for a stunt in which activists dressed up as tiki torch-carrying white nationalists in a bid to link Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to racist views.

    What utter dicks…

  19. Hank in Hawaii
    October 29, 2021 at 20:12

    “I read a medical opinion somewhere that arthritis aches are actually a ‘lack of Potassium’ disease. I started taking OTC potassium supplements and they relieved my arthritis pains better than NSAIDS!”
    Hank, be careful how much Potassium supplement you take. If you over-do the stuff, it can interfere with cardiac rhythm as a skipped beat. An unusual use of Potassium is a very strong injection of it to stop the heart from beating altogether during the execution procedure in the death sentences in prison.
    A little potassium does work for muscle and joint pain and it can help alleviate muscle cramping as well (not medical advice). I know this is America and we tend to think “if a little is good, more must be better” but go easy on potassium. Look it up on Pub Med for more details and cautions.

    • Thanks, I am well aware of the problem of ‘too much potassium’. But my extensive research reveals several things. First, OTC supplements are low enough to not cause significant problems for overdosing. FDA will not allow excessive size dosages. Second, while the Medics freak out over injected potassium levels… which can be deadly… the body has it’s own limiting factors to prevent too much digestive absorbtion of potassium, which makes it very difficult to overdose on oral potassium. I have been taking OTC potassium supplement pills twice daily, morning and evening, for several years now with no ill effects… and little or no arthritis aches.

  20. Ray, as for your ‘Obama put kids in cages comment’,
    Obama separated families only under 2 conditions, concern for well-being or adult not confirmed as legal guardian, whereas with Trump, it was a ‘blanket policy’ for all..

    George, maybe you should go to an Indian reservation and yell at them about your illegal immigrant freak out…

    Texas Republican company likes hiring illegals:

    Where the political contributions of the above business go (R Hamm, one of the 3 Owners), to a Republican, of course!:

    Trump hired illegals:

    Everify only mandatory in FL:

    Romney/Biden would like a min wage increase, expand Everify, but it could also mean more fake ID workers:

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