Fifth Wave Mapping

Although there’s a chance of collapse in coming weeks, the powering ahead to new all-time-highs has interesting implications. Some of which may turn into good, old-fashioned, money-making propositions.

This morning, not only will we consider the nature of “fifth waves” but we’ll do some research training along the way.

Right after a few headlines and a look-ahead at the coming week.

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41 thoughts on “Fifth Wave Mapping”

  1. A quadrillion sounds like a lot, but is it?

    $1,000,000,000,000,000 / 8,000,000,000 earthlings = $150,000 per.

    $150,000 is only 10,000 hours of work at $15.00 /hr, claiming exempt.

    Back in 1950 when the Diners Club debuted there was no practical way to keep track of quadrillions making 1,000,000,000,000,000 quite a sum. An I9 can do 10,000,000,000,000 (10t) calculations per second.

    As more folk get fired corporate profits go up. The market may not crash until everyone fired.

    • No, it always catches up in the middle somewhere when LEGAL people run out of money along with the illegals either running out themselves or the US$ finally failing. The end game is well known to those that are perpetrating all of this on us and they’re waiting for us all with the chains and shackles we’ll probably put on ourselves.

  2. Remember the meme, “when you have more than you need, build a bigger table, not a higher fence.”

    Joe invited people to come … and they came … millions of them. And once across the boarder, poof !! they’re out of sight.

    Wonder why the supply chain is broken? It’s not, it’s been redirected. Where’s the Toilet paper and why the food shortages? Guess.

    Why are trillions of dollars in those spending bills, while things deplete down here? Guess.

    Why are other countries, (as another person posted here,) not having the same issues we are? Because people are leaving there and coming here. Eases their burdens while burden is imposed here.

    The scales are tipping, and becoming out of balance.

    Blame the trucker shortage, blame covid … but don’t tell the truth.

    Cargo ships waiting … until someone figures out how to covertly redirect some of it. Guess Robin Hood didn’t think about that until the ships got here. Oops !!

    Gonna die from covid, better get that jab. New folks, just go sit quietly and wait over there. No jab for you. Thank you.

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    Learned a long time ago, if someone will steal for you, they will steal from you … nothing is free, there’s always a price to pay back. Just like what many don’t know now, there are things down their road to (prosperity) they don’t know … yet, either. Just pawns in a chess game.

    Yep, everyone’s having a good time and your best friend … until you run out of beer.

    • “The scales are tipping, and becoming out of balance.
      Blame the trucker shortage, blame covid … but don’t tell the truth.
      Cargo ships waiting”

      OR ARE THEY?
      I ordered a case of cookies from NYC …they are baked in another country..and where in the same time I ordered containers from china. A couple of cpap masks and a few other things all in china that had to be shipped..everything I ordered from china from a company I do business with regularly came already.. the containers that I ordered from a company I’ve never bought from has arrived as well.. the cookies from a company I purchase from regularly.. have not arrived did they expedite my shipment because I’m a regular customer.. why were those containers u unloaded so quickly..
      I always get products from Chinese companies quicker.. oh those PET plastic beer cans.. dam they are nice.. a lot better than the aluminum cans..

    • Well Bob, I’m at Eric Church. Standing next to his #1 stage hand behind the baracade. Since George saw the totem I found 8 months before I ever got this job and 2 months beforeI got here. Sent him a picture of the totem.

      It seems something beyond me knows better on where I will be than me. Let’s see what happens tonight..

      The world ain’t ended yet. The angels wouldn’t give me a totem to let me know where I would be 10 months in advance if it wasn’t something good. All the totems I find mean something good in the future. Why waist the effort on producing a totem for me if the world was ending. Lol

      So let’s see what happens. Maybe the whole plan will change tonight.

      Not sure yet. More will be revealed. I eneded up right where the Angels wanted. So there has to be a good reason for it. Fate?!

      • Scratch that. I’m now appointed to bodyguard his drummer. Lol. I’m not even close to the biggest man in my crew. I guess someone said you want him. He is the strongest one in here. Hahaha. No true. One of my guys benches 505lb but he weighs 355ls. I’m at 205 and benching 425lbs.

        Interesting night. Definitely different than the Boo EDM rave last night. Whole different crowd..

        Wonder what is going on in Idaho. Hmmm get that money!

      • Yo Mr Ure. I took one single picture tonight while back stage with Eric Church at the concert. It’s an exact match to the picture on that totem I found in the dressing room 10 months ago. 10 months ago I found that totem. 8 months before I got this job. 4 months before Eric Church booked his concert tour, where I would be there and take the exact photo that is found on that totem.

        Pretty cool. THE DUDE, Ya know?

        ~ We are right on schedule. ~

        Truly I say to you. I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

        You have my permission to share it if you want. Truly remarkable “woo woo” experience.

        I have Seahawks and Kraken tomorrow. And spend some time with my children

        Gnite y’all


    • All still based on a Chinese computer model and lots of side effects. See VAERS but don’t trust it…

      Only one I’d consider is NovaVax not available here because its all about the money, ain’t it?

      • Stand your ground George. I just got home from 3 weeks ICU and a week in another ECU from Covid. I was allowed to come home with O2 equipment and a detailed list of instructions to follow. That last week was nothing but staring at the wall concentrating on breathing. I beat it. I was in the worst fight I have been in. Nothing compares. Now I have viral pneumonia and the related damage to my body to work on. Like Covid, I will beat this also.
        I still am hesitant about the vax and have not made a decision yet. Too many questions, lies, and politics but the decision will be mine and mine alone.
        I live in the sticks and was extremely careful but somehow it got me and my wife. Fortunately, she did not require the level of care I did and was able to stay home. God and great neighbors stepped in to care for my stock and watch over the place and my wife while I was gone. Unasked by the way.
        On the night I was getting checked in there was a young Dr who came into the room where they were working on me. The nurses kept trying different O2 masks and sticking needles in my arms and were obviously in a hurry. I was just trying to breathe. This young Dr comes in and decided to ask if I was vaxxed. I said no. He decided to try to engage me on this and tell me it was my fault I was there. The nurses, were obviously not happy with Jr and just said, Dr we have to go now move. I remember flying down the hall then seeing the next nurse upside down as they wheeled me into the ICU for the next 3 weeks. I saw him once more when I was in the ECU. I asked him to leave my room and not return.
        George, you and Elaine keep doing whatever you are doing to stay safe. But just a note I too was doing the same but it got me. My wife and I cannot decide how or where we got it, but it doesn’t really matter. We did.
        Please stay safe everyone.
        Peace, 73

  3. “Gotta be kidding me: An X1 flare is driving headlines ahead of tomorrow’s CME arrival?

    People love their doom porn, though”

    You bet’cha! What “sells” in the news? Blood, gore, sex, scandal, and pending doom.

    “Sex” and “scandal” are pure gossip.

    What could “blood,” “gore,” and “pending doom” be classified as, other than doom porn?

    It sells, it pays the bills, it pays the freight so that scary-lookin’ bleached-blonde who hasn’t had a date in 6 years can run a cuddly puppy story, and it eventually bumps up the minute-charge to the advertisers.

    This flare has the potential to do some real damage — It’s a slow-mover with a two minute duration. I haven’t gotten a projection on angular impact yet, but I’d guess it’s not going to screw with anything, other than TV reception, and probably make cellphone & XM radio (sat comms) flaky for a day. I’m pretty sure Belgium or Colorado would’ve sent me something by now if the flare was going to be a direct-on hit…

    • NOAA is predicting a strong G3 geomagnetic storm from the X1 flare.

      No significant damage is currently expected.

      The 1859 Carrington event was preceded by what was probably a lower order x-flare, which swept the path clean for the larger (X45?) flare.

      The GOES satellite x-ray flux is still bouncing around from small flares, so with solar flares, as with baseball, it ain’t over ’til its over.

  4. George, you’ve hit on a very important aspect of the markets with your commentary around your charts today. The best analogy that I can come up with is that, yes, our markets survive only because of the infusion of money from the Fed but it’s like giving a patient who’s bleeding out successive transfusions of blood but slowly decreasing the amount of red blood cells leading to weak, translucent plasma and saline water. The value isn’t there any more and eventually that crash will occur taking just about everything with it. It all depends on which occurs first – a general distrust of the US$ or some rat trap lever is sprung by this administration when they think we in a position we can’t escape from. Maybe both.

    Time will tell, however, whether or not we’ll remain in that trap for any length of time. One of the things that continuously confounds the Left is that people will go their own way and refuse to remain IN that trap, especially when they still have their guns. Their traps work only as well as the proverbial elephant with a tiny chain around its leg that it’s had since birth. The Jab is the best current example we have but we’re likely to leave a leg in that trap before we escape. Mass die-offs leave a mark.

  5. Here’s a head scratcher going on at the moment – the comments sections on NewsMax, GWP and World Net Daily are not coming up. GWP just went over to Insticator for its comments section, much to many peoples’ dismay, which NewsMax uses where is was using Disqus before. WND, to my knowledge, is still using Disqus but it’s not coming up at the bottom of its articles either unless my daily sugar supplement is kicking in. You can still go to Disqus’ website and see any comments you’ve made but nothing at the news agencies websites. Hmmmm…….

  6. yep i always thought george had a foot in both camps but would always obey those fellas . you know those fellas your not allowed to say

  7. OMG! An X1 solar flare! We’re all gonna die!!
    If we lose even one satellite it would be dramatic, but satellites are hardened against space radiation. On 11/4/2003 a solar flare saturated the GOES sat sensors off the top of the Xray scale. Since determined to be an X28. This was the one that killed the Galaxy 4 satellite and sent all us communications engineers scrambling for alternate space links. G4 carried a lot of syndicated TV feeds as well as nationwide paging systems.

    After the CME gets done bobbling the magnetosphere, the solar flux numbers should give us some spectacular HF shortwave propagation on the ham radio bands.

  8. After the X28 solar flare in 2003, my UHF TV station transmitter became extremely ‘snowy’ and video noisey. I tracked it down to a single UHF transistor that was the first gain stage out of the exciter/modulator. This transistor took the level from several milliwatts up to about 1 watt. Transistors normally short or go open, which is easy to find. This one just got very ‘junction noisy’. Not a common transistor, and no longer produced, but fortunately the factory had a large back stock of parts, so I got it replaced OK. My engineering boss on the mainland called to ask what the problem with my transmitter was. I rather flippantly replied “Cosmic Rays”… which he did not find humorous. In my defense, I sent him the solar charts with the Xray flare, which coincided perfectly with the transistor failure in the transmitter. Neither of us had ever seen a failure like that.

    • roflol – yep – seen that kind of “golden screwdriver misunderthinking in a zillion jr. techs.” thank gawd for my time as a union R&E mech when vy young

  9. Everyone here knows that I am vaccinated by my own choice. I do not believe in mandated vaccines. I am also a scientist and believe in receiving, analyzing and presenting data and facts whether they support my decision or not. This news story gives me some pause for concern. I never did join an old timers hockey team but have several friends that did. I know small crowded hockey dressing rooms very well from my playing days. They are petri dishes.

    Whether vaccinated or not, I urge all my senior friends here to exercise caution with this Chinese plague. It is very unforgiving.

  10. Entire Internet Blames Democrats For Alleged Virginia Race Hoax, McAuliffe Claims His Campaign Didn’t Do It

    Camden Layton, the finance director for Virginia Young Democrats, and Colleen Wachenfeld, who is associated with Virginia Democrats, both appeared to be pictured in the five-person group

    The Lincoln Project, a group of NeverTrump grifters who knew about the sexual assault allegations against their founder John Weaver, claimed responsibility for staging the hoax.

    Attorneys General: Beware of Cannabis Edibles Resembling Halloween Snacks

    Attorneys general in several states have issued warnings about cannabis products that resemble standard snacks and candies, CBS News reported Thursday.

    Sudan coup: Three killed in protests against military takeover

    Sudan’s security forces have fired live rounds and tear gas at pro-democracy protesters, killing at least three people, a doctors’ committee says.

    In case y’all missed it, There was a military coup d’etat in Sudan on Monday. I was going to comment then, but there was too much else in the channel. I’m commenting now because coups are rare enough that folks need to pay attention to refresh their minds… Just sayin’

  11. George,
    Per Jim in Mo, four weeks in ICU, home oxygen, struggling to breath, viral pneumonia and ongoing COVID side effects are WAY better than subjecting yourself to a vaccine that both Trump and Baylor recommend.

    Jim, I’m glad you’re continuing to fight and hope you pull through. At my age, I doubt I’d be able to endure what you’ve been through.

    With COVID, you pays your money and takes your chances. I’m siding with science and rational thought, not vague conspiracies promoted by the fearful and charlatans. YMMV.
    Good luck and may whatever deity you believe in go with you.

  12. Chinese computer model? Side effects? Please explain? I had zero side effects with Pfizer and it’s mRNA. Not even an arm ache. Yet these side effects have started a entire political movement. Where is the political movement on Peanuts, Gluten, even Strawberries. There are people with sever allergies to those that can in some instances cause death. Why are we screaming in town halls and schools about those products. While we are at it, let’s eliminate bees, because their sting can cause anaphylactic shock. Shut up and get the vaccine you selfish pricks.

    • Mark, I’d appreciate it if you could keep the conversation a little more elevated and stop hating-spreading. Non-vaxxers are not selfish pricks.

      Multiple reasons for NOT getting vaxxed, not the least of which is breakthrough cases are now the majority of new covid cases. Maryland data last week. My son runs vaccine clinics for a living. Had Covid – with Moderna’s onboard, too.

      You may not realize it: The odds of getting covid are nearly twice as high if you have been vaccinated. Doubt Me? page 19, table 5.

      Also in that table, overall death rate age 70-79 is 1% with vax and 1.48% without… The (legally had to change the definition for it) vaccine only reduces the death rate by a third.

      While at the same time, cheap natural medicines like colchicine aren’t even considered (though they help reduce mortality) and even aspirin in an Israeli study reduced death rate by 47%. Notice something odd about how the government fought like hell to keep ivermectin out of public reach?

      I know it’s hard to believe in the SanFranBubble, but there ARE people who like to study the data before making potentially life changing medical decisions.

      Elaine, for example, has a 4.2 times greater risk of thrombosis (SelfDecode of her DNA). Would a person declining a clot-inducing, inflammation boosting jab really be fairly labeled a “selfish prick?” To me it seems like a pretty logical reading of data. Risk of death from CV goes down by one third – risk of thrombosis goes up a lot. Likely more.

      The media is not talking about the major rise in breakthrough cases. Blows up the con and the money whangle. There are more than a dozen vaccines that work in trials globally – but ONLY mRNA has been granted the EUA’s (Pfizzer’s “approved” version is not available, yet – I can hardly wait to read the informed consent paper on that one!). My consigliere was lucky and got an AstraZeneca trial before that got hidden from Americans.

      Then there are people like me: Allergic. Pack the inhaler and Benadryl. Adjuvants and me just don’t get along. Should I be labeled a prick because of my DNA?

      Or, should I be so labeled because the Junior Senator from Messychusets is days from launching

      Please – I understand you’re anxious for us all to be safely protected. But, Elaine’s a “downwinder” and how’d the government work out for her and other school age children of atom bomb tests? No Mark, government doesn’t do everything right. Ask anyone from the Middle East.

      Surely, you haven’t swallowed the “bat” story have you?

      Gain of function is biowarfare, plain and simple.

      You chose (with a strong sales pitch) to get jabbed. You’re still welcome here.

      But the unvaxxed are not “selfish pricks.” And we pay as much as anyone for equality in healthcare.

      We just don’t like to underwrite vaccine makers who are keeping competing efficacious treatments out of the public’s reach. The government is NOT my primary care physician. Nor is Tony Fauci.

      Fun how “My body is my choice” is a rallying cry around abortion right by the liberals. Yet, if an unvaxxed says “Body is my choice” they’re somehow a selfish prick? Life is a communicable disease, after all.

      I read data and follow 50-years of “news nose knows news.” There’s more to come on this stuff. But one headline I’m pretty sure of?

      The real pricks are the mobsters in Pharma. And a government – how long after JFK? Still lies with amazing frequency and lack of political consequences.

    • Markie “Shut up and get the vaccine you selfish pricks”.

      I spent 10 days in the hospital for major blood clot going to my lungs, 8 yrs ago, no way am I going to get a blood clotting vax!
      Well “NO” and you do not have your schoolyard bully here to help your little ass to force US. Slow Joe can only mandate Fed employees, Some Governors are standing up for their states,, STATE’s RIGHTS rule, see the US Constitution, that is why the Supreme Court ruled not to overturn state governors that mandate this crap. It is the people’s responsibility to petition their respective state reps to correct them.
      Here is 2 more governors joining in to protect their states .

      Are you still giving money to the Lincoln Project?
      No shame from those amoral psychopaths, they are really getting desperate

      Take your little commie ass, shaming US freedom lovers and stick it,,, !
      Go Braves
      TRUMP WON and you know it!!! :) NCSWIC “Panic in DC” “Guardians of the Pedophiles”
      Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, can you stop the Sun from coming up? The Universe is in motion, cycle on, night turns to day and winter turns to spring

      • The same remarks about levels of discourse apply, please. Gentlemen, please. Trump didn’t win. If you want to put a (yet) in there fine. But the clock runs on and out.
        There are forces at work to bust America into armed camps and we want to remain an open common.

      • George, you are a better man than I, you set a good example, with Ure rebuttal to Mark and I.
        OK,I have a opinion about the WIN, it is just a full replay of the STEAL has not YET been fully exposed, and yes , the clock is running, like a chess game with a timer. Or one could say we are still in the first Quarter with an election at half time, an non-presidential election.
        Just look at all the covid/vax lies to US, that are being exposed. State by state we will get our REPUBLIC back. While they yelled RUSSIA, they denied CHINA, truth stealers, vote stealers.
        If a man will lie to you, he will steal from you, Fauci anybody, believe “Fauci science”. Or How about election boards admitting to breaking election LAWS? Thieves, they are.
        Thank you for my coaching. I am not to old to learn more.
        We got one hell of a future as nothing stays the same, our beloved country too is growing and changing. It is very interesting as we watch history in the making. Will freedom survive or will the tyrannical forces dominate? Polar opposites. Freedom leads by example, tyranny pushes by force. Are not Mandates,, tyranny?

    • Just goes to show us that there’s all sorts of Kool-Aid out there to flavour the day. No matter, freedom of choice remains a tough pill to swallow.

    • “Shut up and get the vaccine you selfish pricks”.

      Yes, I am extremely selfish when it comes to MY decisions on how to take care of MY body and live MY life. If you think that makes me a prick, that is YOUR problem, not mine. And no, I will NOT shut up… especially for the likes of you.

    • Well Mark, you really blew it this time. I actually agreed with a couple of you points about media complicity you made in your post last week.

      Peanut butter, gluten and strawberries are foods that you eat. The information about side effects is out there. No one is forcing you to eat them or not. Bee stings definitely do affect some people. No one is mandating everyone to stay away from bee hives, flowers, etc.

      I chose to take the jab after a lot of study and self analysis. There are many reasons not to take the vaccine and I cannot think of any better way to turn people off considering getting the vaccine than by calling them “selfish pricks.” I will stick with the science in my discussions with non-vaxers. I am aware of the inexpensive drugs like Ivermectin (which saved the life of a friend of mine with COVID) and the just released Lancet study on Fluvoxamine, a long esablished, well tolerated and inexpensive anti-depressant that can reduce COVID hospitalizations and deaths by 32%.

      My point is, there are choices for those that decide not to get vaccinated. And if your only argument is that you can catch COVID from an unvaccinated person, check out the article in my post yesterday where a whole community of senior hockey players got COVID including one that died.

      The hate that you and some of your Democrat friends hold for Donald Trump is only surpassed by the disdain that the Conservative community has for the marble brain fumbling excuse for a president now in the White House. He has destroyed just about everything he has touched. He promised to unite the country and has certainly done that for at least half.

    • Mark
      October 31, 2021 at 11:25

      “Where is the political movement on Peanuts, Gluten, even Strawberries.
      Shut up and get the vaccine you selfish pricks.”

      Oh, Mark, It’s easy to see why you are upset like this, You chose to take one of the experimental medical injections. You haven’t mentioned, to my knowledge, of any fondness for gambling at casino’s. But when at one, the purpose is either to RISK or GAMBLE a certain amount of money in hopes of gaining and keeping more.
      Gamblers know how much they can afford to lose and still have enough to maintain.
      Riskers don’t take enough time to evaluate the losses and they often bet it all because they are feeling lucky, thus if they lose rhe bet, they lose so badly they can’t recover and have to beg for a bus ride home.
      We’ll have to see how this works out for the vaxx and all its brother boosters but it hasn’t been even a year nor a winter yet…
      If it is as good as you hope it is, you can stop being afraid. If it isn’t, then you were right to worry. Either way, I hope you get to survive even though you have chosen to stoop very low here. You are a Dem I suspect, so I won’t expect you to have enough manners to apologize. But you sure owe one to everyone else here for that.

  13. Almost all of the individuals who I know who had the second Covid jab had rather significant adverse reactions. Interestingly enough, the few who claimed they didn’t have a reaction were all leftists with a political motivation for not admitting that second jab made them sick as a dog too. Having an adverse reaction puts a third booster dose at the low end of priorities. Recommendations and outright threats from Fauci, Joe, and the usual CCP dupe suspects discourage further participation as well.

  14. Bill, Evergrande is only buying time by paying the interest payment, by Nov 11, the grace period is over…

    George, in your posted article, pg 28, vaccinations prevented 261k from hospitalization, 127k from death, vs unvaxxed. I’m waiting to get my 3rd booster shot, and am not becoming a 24/7 hermit due to a childish rejection of authority and proven science (yes my mother gave me unflavored cod liver oil when I was a kid, yuck!). Your pg 19, Table 5 says the same thing.

    the incredibly stark difference between unvaxxed/vaxxed death and case rates:

    Being Type O and Rh negative can make a difference:

    Quick, stomp your feet and hold your breath till Texas flips Blue; Democrats may win the next election anyway despite all the voter suppression recently attempted..

  15. Well, you are still posting comments so that’s a good sign. Prayers for you and Elaine. I hope it’s only a glitch in your new computer.

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