Markets Perplexed: Does GDP Matter?

You don’t need to be an economist to read the writing on the wall, at this point.  History sings the song. Everything goes wrong.  Just follow along.

Wednesday, the financial press effectively buried the screaming increase in the Advance Trade Deficit numbers: Trade Deficit up 9.2% in Sept, which supports an inflation scenario where all imports rise dramatically, dead-ahead.

This morning, we see in market futures how pro’s were trading the market higher in advance of Gross Domestic Product numbers because they were “expected to show some deceleration.”

Well, here’s what we got:

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 2.0 percent in the third quarter of 2021, following an increase of 6.7 percent in the second quarter. The deceleration in real GDP in the third quarter was led by a slowdown in consumer spending. A resurgence of COVID-19 cases resulted in new restrictions and delays in the reopening of establishments in some parts of the country. In the third quarter, government assistance payments in the form of forgivable loans to businesses, grants to state and local governments, and social benefits to households all decreased.

Hey!  Let’s blame supply chain issues!  Economic growth rate slows to 2% as supply chain issues take toll.  WTG CNBC!  (Not the plandemic, Biden’s bad for business…or China’s squeezing our nuts, of course!)

The problem with GDP measurements is first that it’s based on under-reported inflation (Monetary Base is up >30% in the past year, it just takes time to bend over.  Be patient.  Soon come…).  Second problem is whether gender studies and CRT and other “made up industries” are actual “products.”  The correct answer is “Yes.”
Try to separate appalled from analysis.

Oh, if you’re  still not clear on the inflation to come, check out Global Food Prices Set To Soar As The Oil And Gas Crunch Continues |

Who told you to plant a garden and get real about growing edible things?

Jobless Claims

The other weekly hype-a-roni is new Unemployment Claims since there are still a few people who haven’t burned through every bit of their benefits to make it through the plandemic:

Just like ETF’s, these numbers eventually fall into the noise as benefits run out.  (ETF fees eventually return prices to zero too…)

As we have warned, we left “economics” a good while back.  This is gambling, pure and simple.  OK, with maybe an episode of Leverage and a rerun of “The Wild Bunch” over at the Fed.

Aggregate Truth

The reason we use our Aggregate Index is that there is only so much money in the world.  And every weekend, markets close Friday’s giving us some insight as to what’s going on.

When we look at the Aggregate of the U.S. market, we see the run-up in Futures pricing (ahead of jobs and GDP) as bull run at breaking out above the overhead resistance line formed from the Labor Day weekend all-time-highs.

You can see how the early futures were trying to poke higher.  Sure, might happen…might not.  For now, we’re mainly spectators.

Up, Down, and Going Nowhere

Problem is, as we go into the long-standing expectation of my consigliere – namely America would face down a deflationary period and then inflationary – a key comment for a 20-year colleague this week makes a useful point:

“My [redacted] who studied German hyperinflation mentioned what limited Germany’s ability to put more “marks” into circulation.  Printing presses could not keep up with demand for paper money, when more presses were brought in, paper supply could not keep up.  Then, old notes were stamped with new numbers over old numbers so the game could go on.

A good write-up about this on Wikipedia,

How strikingly similar this is to what has happened in the past, dollar disconnected from gold, printed dollar bailouts, etc, creating dollars to “outrun” expenses!

Although history has a bad habit of repeating itself, this time it will be different.  Difference being, government can issue digital dollars, dollar creation no longer restrained how fast dollars can be printed, or if paper supply for dollars limits ability to print.  No, with a keystroke in the digital dollar domain, infinite amount of dollars can be created!  No limit there, probably only limitation being how fast one can type those zeros on the keyboard.

Obviously this cannot go on forever, so where will this “limiting” factor be?  It will be in the “restriction of our rights” where confiscation of personal resources will take place for the “greater good!”  Zimbabwe is a “poster child” for this.”

If you close your eyes and go into soft-focus mode, the outline of this apparition fills in.  The specific targeting of 700 Rich by the Bidenist Government may sound good to the “wokees.”  But, as always in such things, it’s just the modern spin on “First they came for the Trade Unionists” that launched the Nazi’s.

The “Pre-War Woke?”

I know what you’re thinking:  “So you’re saying the Woke people are Nazi’s?”

No…but I do know people who do…one of which informed me of these great links:  Social justice warriors are woke Western imperialists and just as arrogant and patronising as the colonisers of the 18th Century.  Along with These Key Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s Woke Culture Reveal Left’s Blueprint For Complete Takeover.

We live in an evolving Stalinist state.  We hear serial bullshit (like how well the economy is doing) and only a handful of critical thinkers who hang out here have the brains to inspect actual data sets which still have employment under 2017 levels, so no jobs growth since four years ago…

But, like my colleague hints, The Weimar – even with cryptos – would still have blown up.

But it’s interesting how first governments (like Venezuela which just removed six zeroes) blow up inflation, which effectively destroys savings, and then once the work of crooked money is done, lop off zeroes.   That’s Social Just Us for yah.

Terrornomics Arrives

If you’re not following:  Venezuela went through wild inflation (think back through Maduro, et al.).  Now, they are doing what amounts to a “reverse split.”

The terror part is how government – claiming omnipotence over zero-creation – can (and has) seized concentrations of wealth that offend the “SJW Class rulers).

Which (eventually) lands us at the nexus of today’s note:

Thought Experiment

IF the Weimar could have “out zeroed” the economy, would that have prevented Hitler’s rise to power?  Alternatively, is the process (once swindling people out of their life’s work begins) inevitable? Leading automatically to the rise of demagoguery?

Answer this one right and you may be able to forecast American politics out past 2024.

Justifies worry about the rhymes of conflict: China could (long-term) eye countries like India and Australia as modern-day analogs to the Sudetenland.

Then – with Slow Joe on a fast jet, after a morning of demo-plotting targeting the rich,  he’ll be somewhat out of pocket “Rome-ing around” this weekend.

Which has us watching events out West with considerable trepidation.  Cries for elbow room have to start somewhere.  Taiwan could be a useful warm-up act.

Short Takes

With illegal alien arrests down under the Bidenunists, Migrant caravan: Thousands in Mexico moving towards U.S. border.  Yes, it’s an invasion.

Communicable mental issues check:  How some ‘Jewitches’ embrace both Judaism and witchcraft (  And State Dept. issues first 3rd-gender passport for Americans (  Someone should call ’em a plumber.

And out in the Wild West of the Pacific: Taiwan’s President says the threat from China is increasing ‘every day’ – CNN  Meantime, Taiwan Defence Minister Urges Country To Rely On Itself In Case Of Chinese Attack (

When we read the other day that China Military Aircraft Buzz Taiwan Air Defenses 10 Days in a Row?    It occurred to us that one of these days it could be the real thing.

We wait.  50% odds of the next week, figures my consigliere.  Lost too many bets with him to fall for the trap.

Dow futures at click time were up 66 at post time, but let’s see how things settle-in after the opening “amateur hour.”

Write when you get rich,

68 thoughts on “Markets Perplexed: Does GDP Matter?”

  1. RE: Xi-mannie-Christmas – but wait, there’s more:

    China-centric military and economic preparation is quietly ongoing amongst the U.S.’s Pacific allies. In this case, Japan decided to tiptoe the hard line drawn in its post-WWII constitution by converting a helicopter carrier into one capable of deploying U.S. manufactured F-35s, which can takeoff and land vertically.

    The U.S. seems to quietly agree with this decision, either out of concern over China’s expansionist signals or for benefit to the defense industrial complex – perhaps a bit of both!

    • ? F-35 versus Dong Feng 909 SAM

      ? F-35 versus HQ-9 SAM

      Both “rumored” to be in Syria in the hands of RG.. gonna have to “field test” a couple of those huai nanhai’s .
      Will be curious to see if they can differentiate between F-35s and the commercial airlines the cowards hide behind when on missile launch ops.

      No doubt that “hide behind Beirut” for launch/cowardly tactics – wont work versus either 909 or HQ-9

      If they look like a sitting duck, float like a sitting duck, fly like a sitting duck, well by golly might be a sitting duck..

  2. Is it just me or is anyone else feeling like they are running out of starch from what seems to be the almost daily wash rinse repeat cycle?

  3. My friend, a nurse who has removed herself from the medical system, was quite shocked yesterday when she learned that her closest friend, also a nurse, an alleged Christian, and sadly also her health advocate, commented that she thought all non-vaccinated people should be denied healthcare and health insurance as well as access to grocery stores.

    Since my friend is not vaccinated, obviously she is looking for a new health advocate.

    That is what Woke is all about.

    I love the smell of delusion in the morning.

    A war with China will break America; maybe that is necessary at this point to stop the crazies.

    • 7th fleet will be gonzo in a heartbeat and wouldn’t be the list bit surprised if simultaneously N Korea marches south – our brilliant Military commanders announced to the world we aren’t ready to fight – that’s pretty much a greenlight for the Chicoms and Norks. Rumors are swirling Kamala wants out …..

      • Well if Harris is ALLOWED to bail, yup Pelosi might come into play, but she would have less control of the Congress, so…who would replace her??

      • Clawsy: That harridan Pelosi would only be “in play”if President House Plant goes Tango Uniform without a VP. Otherwise, a new VP would need to be nominated and approved by the Senate. Pretty sure that Cocaine Mitch would not allow that to happen….thus leaving the Senate in a 50/50 draw with out a VP to break a deadlock.

      • @George

        “Please God no! don’t let Kam out – because that would leave (gulp!) Nancy, wouldn’t it?”



        Or Warren, or Tlaib, or Pressley, or maybe even Buttjudge(sic) or Kerry — doesn’t matter. Whomever he (or his handlers) should choose, would be no better than Kammy, and likely worse…

    • ….so is being denied healthcare, health insurance and access to groceries really a bad thing? ….drugs that don’t cure the problems, premiums to large corporations and producers of such compounds…….oh and there’s the unhealthy over-processed food supply possibly full of carcinogens…..
      Are we being shown a lifeboat?…….

      • Unhealthy over-processed food full of carcinogens is definitely preferable to no food at all! The health “care” and insurance can be largely dispensed with though. Growing a normal garden is good for supplementation if you can grow efficiently, but it’s a stretch to think you can easily feed yourself continuously from one – especially in areas with poor soil and little rain. People have no right to deny others access to essential services for failure to compromise their own selves and bodies! This is especially true when there’s no legitimate risk.

      • Are we being shown a lifeboat?

        No, we are being shown a “muddle through.”

        “Unhealthy over-processed food full of carcinogens is definitely preferable to no food at all!”

        Some folks would be surprised how quickly a vegetarian will eat meat when the alternative is death by starvation, or how quickly the average human will drink muddy, literally crappy water when lost in a desert and the hallucinations kick in. Dysentery isn’t fun, but when the alternative is certain death, most people opt for the chance to survive, however slim it may be…

        I have milk and honey with my coffee every morning.

        It was not until just yesterday that the expression (“Land of milk & honey”) hit me and I realized my daily coffee routine would’ve been considered “paradise,” the stuff of dreams, for 99.9967% of Homo Sap’s existence on this planet — an unattainable feat, reserved for the wealthiest few aristocrats, and even then a special treat.

    • Robbed of what 30 years of going broke every month for health insurance with pre existent conditions bought, by a “smart” health advocate.

    • “her health advocate, commented that she thought all non-vaccinated people should be denied healthcare and health insurance as well”

      I have ran into a few of those..doctors saying that they thought anyone that can’t afford health insurance shouldn’t have access to healthcare.. then bitch because they have to do hospital rounds..the medical system is broken.. there shouldn’t be any reason why Americans should be paying tens of thousands of percent more for medical expenses pharmaceuticals and hospitals than anywhere else.. with appointments set out over a year .. even denying medical treatments until you can pay in advance.

  4. Not one f-ing bit, Kemmosabe.

    GDP number is an artificial statistic meant to drive Ure imagination.

    Chchchchanges man, changes..ya know like THE BOOK OF CHANGES and the Unchanging Truth – Ni

    Gold Standard > FIAT-USD and Deficits > MMT baby – its where we at.

    U cant have one – without the other . Which other bitcoin nazi ?

    – Bolshies & MMT go hand in glove bitches! Where we find one -we will always find the other.

    Chinkanese Commie Party has the same problems – its all fakey fakey, made up like. They got GOLD ? U bethcha – is state secret exactly how much, but rest assured it is being weaponized..
    Ruskies got GOLD ? have always considered them guyz world class precious metals traders, same as above – much more in storage than is publicly acknowledged. Not only does da Bear got lotz o Gold, they have a real “badass” Leader with a set of extremely patient Amur ballz.

    Amur ? apparently recall need healing/boosting..

    tyger, tyger burning bright
    in the forests of the night
    what immortal hand or eye
    could frame thy fearful symmetry.-Bill Blake

    Who kicked the squata outta da Khasarians, and ran em outta country – Da Slavs! ticktickticktick…..

    Did not reco Shiba Inu here – as its dangerous, IMHO.
    If greedy “traders” dont “lick the ice cream” TAKE URE PROFITS WHEN U CAN! they alwayz get wreaked.

    Had the Shiba for awhile – reco came from spirit world if U can believe that – no shit.
    Shiba still has long wayz to run to get to a Penny. The other sheeeet coin is XLM at around .35 cents.
    As a BTC maximalist BCN only invests in BTC’s, maybe.

    Sheeet coinz are just that – BEWARE and ready to lose Ure entire stake if “swim in those waterz” – if Ure ready, trading Sheetcoinz is a blast..jss

    Alas, no “bargain-basement” SixtyOne Thousand Dollar Tulips for You! So solly.

    • you know one thing i learned from regulating casino’s. everyone believes they have a system to beat the house. be it chance or luck or a system of play. players play odds, house plays probability, regulators play potential. potential is not the same as probability. the longer a player stays in the game, the more probability they will loose everything they won and then some. the longer probability plays the game the more potential for mistakes, intended or not.

      i can spot a counterfeit $100 bill from across the room because i have seen enough of them in the 8 years I was a regulator. I can see someone about to do something no good days before they do no good. because what i did was read people for 8 years, and regulate slot machine networks and audit surveillance.

      i have been having a long thought about bitcoins. and alts… for a while now. checkin in on them time to time.. seeing what i see. to see if i can read them and their system.. without participation.

      see eye, have this eyedea bn. emotions and feelings are guides and spirits. that even though material objects are static, they do have a personality to them a feeling to them. an emotional finger print. and bitcoins are not the exception. they a consciousness to them… an intelligence to them. because man created them.. they emulate their creator… like children. now their consciousness may not be as prevalent as a biological child. never the less they grow and stumble and walk and think and talk… in a language that most do not understand. you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? which is true.. a picture speaks many things to many different people. if that is true. a picture has a consciousness to it. a mind to it. we see dreams as “The other side” but they are not. they is only brain that has both awake and asleep. awake and asleep are one continuous thought. sure the display changes… but both are active simultaneously. it is no different than all things man creates. be it bitcoin or a car. a car has as much of a personality as a man. it may not be a living thing by todays definition. but a single car speaks many things. same with bit coin….

      so i been studying bitcoin for a while…to see what it says not to just me.. but what it says to the world. and those around me.. because it certainly speaks to you.. and to George and to everyone aware enough about it. same with all things. hmmmm……… i will think more about bitcoin… then either have a conversation with it myself or not.

      as i said before. like grandmother said to me as a child. if you let someone talk long enough, they will eventually tell on themselves. and bitcoin has been talking for a while…in the language it speaks. and i been listing and learning it. along with all its children who speak the same language. Ethereum, lite coin, Neo, Theta, dogecoin… all have personalities of their own. and they are all bitcoin’s children’s.. its a family silly… one is the champion, one is nerd, one is the actor, one is the peacemaker, one is the mascot or clown, one is the doer and one is the martyer… and they all have a mind of their own.

      like all things.. look at the line up of chevy’s. can you guess what car is which child in the family. the Corvette is most def the Champion…. and all the autos speak the auto language.

      well of to work. it was a nice break to sit and think… good stuff George. thanks for holding down the fort, a sanctuary away from my very high paced work and play life. where here.. i am not the boss, im not all the roles of the family to whoever needs them to motivate them to work, here…. im just andy

      Truly, I am Blessed and High Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

      cue: ~ Jet City Woman ~

      • its kinda like speaking to animals. i was at a convention last saturday at the Hilton in Bellevue, taking a break from the duties of my job after the Coldplay concert for the grand opening of Cimate Pledge arena.

        a friend got a puppy from someone outside. a beautiful little girl, half shepard and half blue healer, he was help run things at the convention, paid for my hotel room to stay the night and asked me to run and get her some puppy food. so I did. when I got back he asked me to take her up to the hotel and feed her. i said I wont feed her. but we will wait for you. she aint going to starve to death. he said you can feed her dude. no big deal. I said it is a big deal. we will wait for you.

        he comes up about 30 minutes later. and says did you feed her. i said no. we waited for you. he said oh.. thanks man i guess. i said listen to me. you just got a new puppy, to protect your home, be a companion and be your freind and family for as long as she lives. it is very important that you feed her first.

        lets do an experiment. we will put the puppy in the middle of the room. you call her and i will call her and see who she goes to first. so we did that and the puppy came to me first. he laughed. I said lets do it again. and she ran right to me.

        i said now go open that bag of food. put some in your hand, get down to her level and hold out the food. wait for her to sniff and then she will take some of it. so he did.

        i said. now put her back in the middle of the room and we both will call her. so he did. you know what? She ran right to him. i said she knows who she belongs to now.

        it is the same with Lady Luck, People who work for you and i imagine it is the same with bitcoin along with every thing under the sun… which is it that you need in your hand or a signal to let whatever it is to come to you…. to the puppy, it is the sent of the food and the person holding it combined… it knows by those sensory signals to choose who it goes to. same with wealth and riches, sererenity, joy and love

        ya feel me bruh?

  5. Let’s be real here. It seems that somehow through the vagaries of the human condition the mentally ill somehow always end up in charge of large groups of people, countries and empires. They then proceed to do what the mentally ill always do…they fuck everything up and kill a lot of people in the process. Then the remaining sane people clean the mess up and vow to never let that happen again, but it still does. Over and over and over.

    The monetary policy of the country has been mismanaged for so long that there’s no way out of this mess without complete failure of everything. Those on top will attempt to stay on top and, if history is any guide, will commit any crime or atrocity necessary to facilitate that.

    It’s already starting and the inevitable will surely come whether it be this year or 10 years from now. If the world were an airplane ride we would all be feeling slightly weightless because the nose is turning down and we’re accelerating.

    • Hahahah

      -Dude , we be waving at that divebomb airplane , as its falls on by into the hardtop – like the Roadrunner waving at Wile E.

      -Upon execution of a perfected PLF, will be popping signal flare let fam know all is secure – rally up and get ready to hunker in the bunker – till NRGetics and Sparklies are done.

      Now where did I leave that old relic Light Sabre ??

      NRGetics & Sparklies = “carbuncles in space’

      • ” Now where did I leave that old relic Light Sabre ??”

        Brings to mind the old Graflex flashgun I got with my Graflex Speed Graphic camera back in 1963. The camera got stolen, but the flashgun was at home at the time, so it followed me around for over 50 years. I got to looking at the Light Sabers in Star Wars and realized they were made from the old Graflex flashguns. I dug mine out of the closet, listed it on eBay and sold it for $430. Seems folks really enjoy making their own Light Sabers!

        Sometimes hoarding pays off.

    • MAJ13. What is it in the liberal mindset that is so blind to reality?

      I have (had) a liberal friend that sent me one of those “forward this on to everyone you know” emails. In it were a list of all the things that he and his good liberal friends are looking forward to. This included 100% electric vehicles with no need for gas stations, no need for oil drilling, the demise of the Middle East, no moe pipelines, no more auto repair shops. A virtual electic paradise.

      I asked him when he expected to fly on an electric airplane, what we are going to pave our roads to drive his EV on, how long does he spend at a recharging station compared to a gas station and how well does the heater work in an electric car in the northern parts of Canada where it is 40 below zero? Also asked him if he was ready to have a wooden smartphone as those and most other things he uses are made of pertroleum derivatives? I thought these were pretty good questions.

      He could not respond to the questions of course but told me that when the government starts increasing the subsidies for EVs, everyone will get one!! I am sure he expects to get one for free at some point. Up here I call this “getting a Bernie.”

      Do you see the problem here???????

      • Yo Bob – Ure killing it !

        A bernie ! bet you cant imagine what a bernie is in Trashganistan, same thing SF and Pine Street in Phila – sure M13 can clue you in if needed..

    • Being a cognitive empath, I’m inclined to give most people a wide berth in what reality they choose to inhabit.
      So, rather than mental illness to explain what goes wrong, I suggest that the cause is simple stupidity. “A person is smart, people are stupid.” – Men In Black
      See also,

    • By “mentally ill” you mean “Psychopaths” (people who’ve no conscience and take their emotional clues from those around them to “fit in,” because their brains can’t comprehend “feelings”) “Sociopaths” (people who have no conscience and don’t care about “fitting in”) and “Psychotics” (see “Joe Biden,” and if you think this is a slam, go read any medical website’s definition of psychosis.)

      They’re only fun when you put two together (like psychotic sociopath) ‘cuz then you get the serial killer or political despot — Oh, wait…

      • Psychopaths and sociopaths have zero empathy and a high level ability to read people and social/political situations! Psychotics have no consistent(if any) grasp of consensus reality. A psychopath may become a serial killer, but the political despot(by definition also a psychopath, at least) can initiate a genocide.

    • Well, in the case of Slo Joe, WE didn’t really put him in that position BUT we’ve put the people that selected him to occupy that position in power long ago and haven’t seen fit to remove them when their true natures were revealed. So, in the end, what does that say about us “sane” ones out here?

      It seems that all we look for is someone that says “I’ll tackle that tricky problem for you” and we then say “OK, get to it” and don’t really mind as long as they don’t muck up your little space in the World – no matter HOW bad things get – and tell them to send us a post card now and then an a little money. How long have we known Hillary was really Hitler reincarnated in a woman’s body while her husband pleasured himself in The Peoples’ House and lied about it – and when convicted of it we let him off? And ALL while enriching themselves from the illicit drug trade in Mena while bodies piled up all over the place? How many lies have we endured from Biden over the space of his time in the Senate and laughed at his gaffes as V.P.? Pelosi, Schumer, all the Democrats and RINOs who despise the electorate and pander to and enhance our worst characteristics? Hell, we’ve done nothing but swallow since we saw one of the best presidents we’ve ever had blown away in Dealey Plaza in ’63 even though we probably didn’t know it at the time. Then Tricky Dick floated our money right out into space. We were brainwashed to take orders since WWII and have given up the idea that the government should answer to us and not the other way around. I guess the last time we tried to really assert ourselves was the Bonus Army’s riot back in ’32.

      What to do? What to do? I suggest we all re-read the Declaration of Independence and meditate on that once again. The World is complicated because the Sheeple have let the Wolves run things since Time immemorial. It’s a messy solution but it lets us re-write things as they should be for a truly free people to live in something approaching harmony once again. It’s either that or go get your umpteenth booster and/or an embedded chip if they think you’re worth keeping in the herd.

      • We’re all guilty to an extent. We suffer from “West Virginia virus:”

        EVERY congresscritter is bad, evil, and needs to be voted out…

        …except ours,

        who, like Robert Byrd, brings millions of dollars into our State or District.

        And because OUR congresscritters bring home roads, bridges, and buildings, none of which we’ll ever forget about, because they’ll bear our Representatives’ name in perpetuity, WE will keep electing him or her until they frickin’ die! We’ll even do it while all the while bitching because the other congresscritters are self-serving anti-American commie sellouts…

      • “Rumors are swirling Kamala wants out”

        WOULDN’T YOU!!!
        I sure would.. but then we’ll knew the long long LONG list of crap that they were all accused of long before the election. That was the time to gracefully back out.. the minute the foreign newspapers and media started showing video’s and photos and documents of the reported accusations of possible criminal activity.. and that was long before the hard drive showed up..
        With a long career where they’ve potentially gotten away with so much improper activities.. WHO.. do you think is the one that is being set up for the blame?
        Thousands of illegals being flown in daily..and she was the one that has been put in charge of it..and in charge of the security at the border..But then what could go wrong huh..sure they said that’s what they would do to fight the jihad from within our borders..

    • Good analysis. Thank you. So to answer a question -‘Then the remaining sane people clean the mess up and vow to never let that happen again, but it still does. ‘

      So why the repeating cycle? In my view, ‘sane people have a sense of morality’ – they don’t want to kill the insane or get rid of the true baggage in society. I mean, if America were truly sane, patriots would be shooting the caravans coming across the border, and US Apache gunships would take care of any approaching from long distances.

      Will this happen? No? Because people like me who are well trained in defense are very reluctant to kill people unless personally assaulted. You see, evil has an inherent advantage over good. Good will never seek to wipe out evil – good prefers to try to live with evil peacefully. It’s been happening from the dawn of time. Now, if good turns vile to get rid of evil, then the entire soup goes bad!

      • Evil people tend to have a low level of inhibition. Good people often don’t. By the time those of us who have higher inhibition get past it, the evil folks have established their positions.

        It’s a conundrum. I don’t have a simple answer. Shooting first gives an immediate advantage, but unknown results later.

    • “, if history is any guide, will commit any crime or atrocity necessary to facilitate that.”

      We all know what crimes and laws that the Biden family has been accused of and The list is so big and that is from HB’s lips himself.. and the paper work. the big point I am curious about.. is this nagging question that I have.. Are there any laws that they haven’t broken to get where they are today…

  6. “growing edible things”

    I grew some decent pumpkins this year. My lot backs up to a grade school. One of the teachers and some of the kids were admiring my pumpkins over the fence so I ended up giving them all the pumpkins.

    I know how much 60 LBs weighs. I had five pumpkins under 60lbs. About 7 between 60-100 lbs. And I had six that I couldn’t lift. The teacher sent two brawny men from the school to pick them up. They estimated between 125lbs and 250lbs.

    Mid-Summer I wanted to buy more peat-topsoil mix. The price jumped from $40.00/yd to $90.00/yd +delivery.

    I won’t be able to have a survival garden. It’ll get raided. Lack of privacy.

    • Prices jumping?

      Our Maytag clothes washer conked out after many many good years.

      Checked the reviews.

      Two years ago a similar Maytag cost $550.

      We went to Lowes, Home Depot, and Menards to see what they priced the item at. Each of them had the same retail price, $800.

      And each of them had some kind of sale bringing the price down a bit; but each of them again had the same price!

      • Those new machines are all using “chips” to manipulate the cycling of the wash. Weak point if it fails. Good luck on service after the “sale”.
        My ‘ole granny still had whiter whites and cleaner jeans with her old wringer washer. You get better cleaning with better soaps versus fancier buttons and cycles. Not going back to a washboard mind you but there are older machines (used) but still offering long service and clean clothes. Check ’em out.

      • Check Craigslist or even junk week on the street. I’ve gotten high quality working machines from the street, and others that just needed a belt or a cord. The newer machines suffer from electronic board or chip failures, and the older ones may have a bad timer. If you can find your way around these things, you’re golden!

  7. “With illegal alien arrests down under the Bidenunists, Migrant caravan: Thousands in Mexico moving towards U.S. border. Yes, it’s an invasion.”

    And thousands of armed Texans moving south toward the border as well, which scares the shit outta me, because the (Soros-sponsored) invaders own the (Soros-sponsored) media, and we’z a nashun of dumbies what hangs on Wolf and Anderson’s every word. The Leninists didn’t kick the Russian Army or even Romanov asses, they won the Bolshevik Revolution in the Press…

    • All true, but there’s really no choice. We can’t keep allowing military age males with an attitude to have a free pass into our country. It’s way past time that we insist on a free press in our country and break up the current monopoly.

      • When the first Texan shoots someone, the press will make endless hay out of it. Remember what I said about the Bolshies and the Press. The only way I can think of to fix the situation witnout building that wall, is to identify all the “there’s no such thing as an illegal human” crowd, and force them and the enabling politicians & judges, to shelter these illegal aliens in their own homes. Unfortunately, there’s no way to implement this, and if there were, doing so would make us as despicable and low-lived as the Biden Administration and their enablers.

        BTW, the latest illegal alien outreach program from the Administration is to offer some illegals nearly a HALF MILLION DOLLARS for EVERY ADULT (actually not quite — I believe the number is $455,000.) Not kidding…!

  8. the Sherriff is going to speak at 11: central time

    nothing burger? or showing US, Road Kill stinking up the place. I get to see at the same time as all of US

    Guns and/or government are not good or evil, the good or evil lies in the heart of the ones in control of these tools. We the PEOPLE have lost our control, by thieves in the night, literally stealing the election in the middle of the night. Let us hear what this Sherriff says about the CRIME of the Century

    Happy Birthday Q 4 years, you have shown US a lot, really pissed the satanists off.

    • Q knows :)
      facebook to rebrand as Meta

      humm, Meta data, just a coincidence

      “Q post 1337
      Q !4pRcUA0lBE 05/11/2018 01:11:07 ID:
      Archive Bread/Post Links: 62 / 78
      Direct Link: 78
      Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365.
      [F9 algorithm]
      Are they recording/safe-housing?
      Metadata collection?
      Building 8.

      just ol’ Suckerborg collecting your data and selling metadata to be used against you the people for the Corp. Just good ranchers doing herd control, just need you to moo on down the road to perdition.

      How about the new Trump Plus to be launched, reminds me of Q+ ,it has oft been supposed over the last 4 yrs, that Q+ was/is Trump, interesting to say the least.
      DWAC we will watch this one in the market place.

      • Trump Gambit – the biggest, farthest reaching, most complex Military Phys op ever .

        Great to see others deriving some enjoyment & pleasure observing the “chess” pieces move around the “board’.

        USSA crime families (bush/clinton/peloser/romney..) – “on the Clock”

  9. “Answer this one right and you may be able to forecast American politics out past 2024.”

    Hrummph — I can’t forecast it past next week. It is neither logical, nor follows any reasonable pattern or historical precedent. What’s going on is most-like the Bolshevik Revolution (if one reads past the headlines and into people’s private journals) but that’s not even very close. A hundred or so Washington politicians and a half-dozen oligarchs could be marched out and blindfolded, and our nation would instantly resume being the bedrock of freedom for which it’s known. Those of us who wax conservative or patriotic would never consider such an act. The bastards on the Hill, however, from Biden to All Out Crazy, would light a cigarette for any (or all) of us, without a second thought, which I find patently offensive.

    • It only took 300 Bolshevik’s to take out Russia and they owned and ran the press stirring up hatred among the people, just like now with all their lies.

      We need to take out the Federal Reserve AND The Press, and then the government will get in line or leave or die, kinda like the choice they are giving all Americans right now.

  10. “Communicable mental issues check: How some ‘Jewitches’ embrace both Judaism and witchcraft (”

    I’m gonna guess they missed that part of the Torah where Moses got pissed at their idol worship…?

  11. “When we read the other day that China Military Aircraft Buzz Taiwan Air Defenses 10 Days in a Row? It occurred to us that one of these days it could be the real thing.”

    It could be. IMO China’s been pushing the envelope to try and draw a military response, so they can conquer Taiwan as an “act of self defense.”

    If I were Taiwan I’d run a few hundred thousand Mavic Mini sized drones up to overflight altitude and just let them hover. If a ChiCom jet sucks one of those benign little quadcopters into its maw and its engine shits itself, then too bad…

  12. :Issued: 2021 Oct 28 1604 UTC
    :Product: documentation at
    # Large flare alerts from the SIDC (RWC-Belgium), detected in GOES X-ray data
    A class X1.0 solar X-ray flare occurred on 2021/10/28 with peak time 15:34UT
    # Solar Influences Data analysis Center – RWC Belgium
    # Royal Observatory of Belgium
    # Website
    # E-mail
    # To unsubscribe

    First X-flare of this cycle…

    • #——————————————————————–#
      # COMESEP SEP Forecast message from BIRA-IASB (Brussels, Belgium), #
      # forwarded by the SIDC (RWC-Belgium) #

      Forecast for a SEP radiation storm following a X1.0 flare with peak at
      2021-10-28 15:34UT, and a CME with lift-off at 2021-10-28 15:36UT. The
      expected risk level is MEDIUM for a SEP storm of protons > 10 MeV (occurrence
      probability: LIKELY; storm level: MINOR). The expected risk level is MEDIUM
      for a SEP storm of protons > 60 MeV (occurrence probability: LIKELY; storm
      level: MODERATE).

      :Issued: 2021 Oct 28 1940 UTC
      :Product: documentation at
      # HALO CME ALERTS from the SIDC (RWC-Belgium), generated by CACTUS #

      A halo or partial-halo CME was detected with the following characteristics:

      t0 | dt0| pa | da | v | dv | minv| maxv|
      2021-10-28T15:36:08.253 | 4.0 | 188 | 274 | 1059 | 392 | 174 | 1838

      t0: onset time, earliest indication of liftoff
      dt0: duration of liftoff (hours)
      pa: principal angle, counterclockwise from North (degrees)
      da: angular width of the CME (degrees),
      v: median velocity (km/s)
      dv: variation (1 sigma) of velocity over the width of the CME
      mindv: lowest velocity detected within the CME
      maxdv: highest velocity detected within the CME

      Probably not gonna generate an EMP.
      Probably IS going to screw up cell/cable/Net communications for a day.

  13. 4000 healthcare workers in B.C. Canada put on leave because they are unvaccinated, causing a health care crunch. Duh. So all of these people who put their life on the line during the pandemic, are now without a job.
    Such a dishonorable thing to do to them.

    Thank you to the NDP
    Sieg heil.

  14. Maybe off topic, but the Feds are pushing the new wealth taxes. I know most states and localities have a version of this called property taxes. So based on the value of my home, which is most folks largest single asset, it Is taxed based on its current value that appraisers make up every few years. So living in my home each year with no real improvements or financial transactions, tax man comes and steals some percentage of its value. If I cannot pay they send in the police, remove me and sell the property. My locality has relatively low property taxes for primary residence, around 2%. 30 years ago I paid ~100K or so, and now value is ~200K. During that time the tax man collected around 50K from me against the property. During the next few tax cycles people are going to get a rude tax awakening as the appraised values will skyrocket following property inflation and taxes will follow.

  15. G. A. Stewart makes an interesting point about how many of the vaccinated folks feel about the unvaccinated. – No Health Care For You !! … and I’ve heard even more harsh death wishes toward those of us who choose not to get the jab.

    First off, most of us “unvaccinated” actually ARE vaccinated. We’re just refusing to get this version of a newly defined vaccine / inoculation. We’ve had our shots.

    I’ve wondered, why such anger and (pretty much) death wishes coming from those who have gotten the jab(s). Not all of them are so rude and condescending, but many are.

    Nurses don’t take The Hypocritical Oath as Doctors do. Nurses take The Florence Nightingale Oath. Again, “to do no harm” and to ease suffering, no matter who is suffering. Weather it be an outstanding citizen or the worst criminal, nurses use the best of their ability to care for and heal.

    For some strange turn, that’s changed, as Mr. G. A. Stewart pointed out.

    We’ve seen this video, of a creature and heard about bright color spectrums in the vaccines when shown under a white light. I don’t have a clue about the creature, but I know colors as described, could very well be nano-computer technology.

    I’m guessing that if those colors ARE nano-computer chips, I doubt anyone would just send it out, without a programmed function. Maybe it’s a little internal voice, on some otherwise unused WIFI frequency with some repetition of a negative message. Like, “no health care for you.”

    Im beginning to believe in science fiction, and anything is possible, and not everything is good. A lot of what I see, is unfortunately pure evil.

    Like this article, (which is being censored on some platforms) … we have always know about the testing, but put those atrocities out of our thoughts but, it is true …

    And since this happens, I don’t even want to imagine what else I don’t know about …

    Where’s the Nuremberg Code folks when you need them? Damn !!

  16. The greatest revelation with age is zero good and religion a scam . Evil and devil are always in charge . Most folks openly follow evil platforms to prosper . The Ten Commandments !! That’s a laugh the other guys openly break and spit on all of em . The pope !! That’s a funny fella. Betcha you don’t know his history in Argentina. F this . Dumb veges everywhere

    • Lenny – as a person who has “worked” both Insurgencies and counter- insurgencies all over the green Earth – can tell you Jesuits love Ritual, especially ritual killing..ala alec baldwin – thats right get Ure Gematria calculators out and run the numbers – Human Sacrifice, Alec Baldwin, Branden Scott Lee,ect ..
      67/86 Illuminati numbers – clues to every event ever pulled off by the one of the alphabets..they LOVE their numbers.

  17. Washington Post backs McAuliffe in telling parents ‘public schools don’t belong to you’

    The Washington Post attempted to throw him a lifeline. Last week it published an op-ed entitled “Parents Claim They Have the Right to Shape Their Kids’ School Curriculum. They don’t.”

    This is why the Federal Government has no business being involved in government schools. If we have to tolerate government education & indoctrination, it should be 100% local…

  18. Facebook changes its name to Meta in major rebrand

    Facebook has changed its corporate name to Meta as part of a major rebrand.

    The change does not apply to its individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, only the parent company that owns them. The move follows a series of negative stories about Facebook, based on documents leaked by an ex-employee.

    Oh this just lends a whole new level of “sync-wink” to

    the “collection of meta-data…”

  19. It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us

    “It is now apparent that these products in the blood stream are toxic to humans. An immediate halt to the vaccination programme is required while an independent safety analysis is undertaken to investigate the full extent of the harms, which the UK Yellow Card data suggest includes thromboembolism, multi-system inflammatory disease, immune suppression, autoimmunity and anaphylaxis, as well as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).” Tess Lawrie, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy

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