From “The War Student’s Notebook”

Main item today, one that could pop from China, the Middle East, and/or Ukraine.  Sure, we will also do more of that *(boring) making money stuff.  But war.,..sheesh!  Impacts everything.  So, we get a bit exercised when risks build…

We will pick up our next episode of “Alt. Investments” this coming week.  That’s a touchstone topic because there is a balance in life between having fun, nurturing personal growth, and being in love on the one hand and “making sure the checks don’t bounce” on the other.

Today, war worries.  Which we will jump into after a few headlines springing from overnight events.

Reminder: Only four trading days next week due to Good Friday.  Passover begins at sundown tonight.

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63 thoughts on “From “The War Student’s Notebook””

  1. Tracking – Kemosabe – tracking, this smacks of day after the game, armchair QB analysis, like a after the close, why the market did what ever it did analysis from talking heads on tv.

    The United States has been Attacked on multiple fronts.

    And – did NOTHING to Protect or Fight back, in fact satanist/demoncrats aided and abetted the ccp, with el -ite assist from the pedo bankers in rome.

    Do U not see & understand who is in the WH ??? Obviously not!

    Might want to open Ure eyes once in a while – this way you wont get the rest of Ure tail chopped off by the farmers wife..

    Looks to me like we already LOST a huuuge battle – optics.

    So what do the “whitehats” do ?

    Take down the LARGEST global trafficking corporation in the world !

    Evergreen is/has been the caananitesinaction “shadow” corporation – once again, SOG operators can/will confirm evergreen, saw those azzholes around airfields – while training night ops..

    Must be something (s) onboard that ship, for w.hats to go to all that trouble, they want the whole world to see..widescreen tv’s ? containers filled w/water bottles full of Jordan River water? artifacts? one of the arks of the covenant – wheres the Rad. shielding? What could be on board that giant cargo ship that has the black hats sooo concerned about?

    Nothing to see on the suez, nothing to see on the evergreen cargo ship, nothing see at the rutabeggas press conference – but a strong, projection of Strength,Power, and Confidence form Ure dear leader.

  2. “New book claims Jesus was married, had children.”

    Right George and we all know people who will tell us they are direct descendants.

  3. I just had an Google pop-up come on my Android device demanding that I provide Google with my birthday for my Google account (which I have had for years) ’cause its the LAW. Is this something new? So which intelligence service is Google collecting data for this week? Does having your birthday make it easier for Google to market your data to foreign intelligence services, or just easier to unmask Android users?

    • I’d give (almost) anything to be able to post comments on YouTube but that requires a Google account so fat chance of that happening. You can usually find the same videos on Rumble and other video hosting sites so I go there. Once it came out about how much information Google collects back in the 2000s I changed my search engine, for what it’s worth, and stayed as far away from them as I can.

      • I don’t know of any practical way to get an Android phone to work without the Google account. Apple phones are expensive & privacy is still an issue.

      • I’ve recently noticed many more black flags from the big G in terms of proving your age due to the “adult” content.
        You’ve got the right idea, Bill. Startpage or Duckduckgo and pretty good, and I’ve been testing “Brave” as a web browser; seems to work pretty well.

      • I use Brave as a default browser almost all the time. Once in a while I’ll use the old Internet Explorer for a very narrow group of websites as there doesn’t appear to be any sharing of information between the two. This won’t last much longer, though, as most of the site I used to visit with IE are now telling me to upgrade to Micro$oft Edge which I have but never use.

        For a phone, though, my old 4S’ days are numbered. I never access the Internet or have Blue Tooth enabled so when 3G goes away I’ll be forced to change to something else. The only thing extra I ever wished for in its capabilities were granted in a renewal of my contract when they allowed me to finally take pictures and send them via text messages. Other than that it’s original utilities are all I need. Can’t decide if I’m a dyed in the wool Luddite or backslidden techie.

      • I wouldn’t, because any comment you make on any insociable media or FAANG site adds to your marketable dossier. I hate giving them the info they glean from a simple click. Letting googoo or an insociable into my head is a non-starter with me…

      • “Ray, I think we’re way, WAY past that point.”

        …Unless you’ve been “Brill” since 1997.

        The course of the “world of technology” became obvious when the FBI put Mitnick on ice, FOR YEARS, without charging him, and took away Zimmerman’s freedom because he refused to write a backdoor into PGP. Some of us were paying attention, back when lifestyle and online persona choices could make a difference toward future expectations.

    • Security laws run amuck. Since asking for your SSN as an identifier would be too invasive, asking for your date of birth and cell phone number would be more beneficial to a company like Google who makes its money from marketers.

  4. Best column in a very long time. No name calling or innuendo, just facts and reasonable estimates of their consequences. Your case seems strong and convinces me to move up my timetable to find a “bolt hole” someplace in Latin America. FWIW, Costa Rica and Panama are now basically open although both still have significant covid issues and vaccination rates much lower than the USA.

    You said, “Hopefully I am just having nightmares that have no basis in reality.” Your nightmare is China’s wet dream; it will be hard to resist such a juicy target.

    • Living here in Costa Rica and searching the news I read about the ‘pandemic’ but here locally can’t see it. Very few cases or rumors of cases. Just don’t see it. Maybe I am in the ‘right’ spot? I have heard of 3/5 cases in our area over the last year. One was a daughter of a friend. Nobody else in the family or relatives tested positive. So, I wonder “Is this being overblown”? Don’t know either way for sure. Waiting.

      • Tinkerer, I understand your perceptions. I live in a county of 150,000 with deaths approaching 300 from covid, but I don’t know anyone here who has had the disease. Our case rates and death rates are similar to the USA as a whole. I live in a bubble of retirees who mainly interact little with the general population. The cases are much more widespread in the zipcodes with large numbers of minorities i.e. service workers and agricultural workers. There was an early large death toll among residents of nursing and assisted living facilities. I have several friends and relatives in other locations who have had covid, but if I relied on direct observation only I would be a doubter. FWIW, statistically Costa Rica is doing better than the USA, but it still has a significant problem. See the links below.

        covid tracker vaccination trackers
        Costa Rica
        fully vaccinated = 2.64%

        covid vaccination tracker for USA
        fully vaccinated = 14.56%

        deaths per 100,000 people
        Costa Rica = 58
        USA = 167

        7 day moving average of cases per million people
        Costa Rica = 184
        USA = 752

  5. Today’s Content leaves me with a feeling I haven’t had since I was in grade school 70 years ago. At that time, our schools stored items needed for survival if we went to war with Russia. The joke was the discussion of what to do if war actually happened.

    “If you see a flash or warning, get under your desk, put your head between your knees and kiss your ass Goodby.” Today isn’t much better!

  6. People should go the the site and read the projections for Western countries. If these projections are true to course, then we are in deep kimchi. It makes perfect sense when studying the book of Revelations that it has no mention of the United States while yet naming every single country now engaged in the Middle East including China. God said, “I show you the end from the beginning so that when you see these things you will know that I AM”.

      • Yes, the former ‘looney people’ of yesteryear are now fast becoming sages of our current day. My personal favorite is Dr. Chippalone here has been a long term guest on Rense Radio. The good Australian doctor has been talking about ‘The Terminal Madness of the End Times’ for almost 30 years. Btw, he has a paper that he published some 30 years ago by the title – ‘The Terminal Madness of the End Times.’

        This guy was laughed at and had his medical license revoked in Australia. Now he is looking very prescient! All civilizations come to an end. Bet you cannot name all the Roman Emperors in sequence off the top of your head?? Btw, I cannot either, but that’s the point. Even the most powerful people in history settle in the dust bin of history!!

  7. Finally, news we can use. I was growing weary of the political rock throwing.

    Throw in drought and food shortages; various forms of national conscription to solve the infrastructure, housing and employment problems; and a pandemic-fractured EU bringing anything European to a halt, and it becomes easier to see how the opportunities and timing support certain strategies…

    How many helicopters and how much time would it take to unload and refloat the Ever Green, or more fantastically, simply destroy and remove it, or dredge a bypass around it? Blocking the Suez and the Pillars of Hercules pretty much isolates the Mediterranean Sea and funnels ALL naval traffic moving through Asian waters… There’s more to worry about than just pirates, eh?

    Now, to figure out when the crash is going to occur by identifying the preceding indicators so we don’t collectively take a bath… The ’29 crash was preceded by Babson’s Break and a fraud scandal and crash in London. Will that rhyme in ’21?

    • “How many helicopters and how much time would it take to unload and refloat the Ever Green”

      Unload hell! We (and presumably lots of others) have cargo copters that can easily lift 50 tons. I’m pretty sure some smart cookie could create a giant “cargo web” and tether. The Ever Given weighs ~200,000 tons and has a laden draught of 47.55 feet, but it would not take 4000 choppers (probably more like 200), because the ship wouldn’t need to be carried, only assisted.

      With that said, the Suez is roughly 400m across at the point where EverGiven has run aground. I should think it’d be less of an engineering issue to bag & float it or seal the Canal on either side and flood that portion, than to try to dig it out…

      • Currents brother Ray, currents. That bad boy is going over – tipsy tuna like.

        Those containers are going to see the light of day, come hell or high water – the world will find out..but like the song sayz, ‘when the levee breaks”..
        wrap Ure head around those sound effects – how about that “thunderdrums” effect? pondering on the next target/battle ongoing w/ccp

        what did the fish say after gorging his head 3 times on the cement wall?


      • I’ve been through the Suez Canal. No locks. No dams. It’s sea level. It would be a months-long task to dam both sides of the blockage and then pump water in. The answer will be dredges and/or unloading. Without port cranes unloading would take weeks. I’m betting on dredges and tugboats.

      • “Currents brother Ray, currents.”


        One failing of Man is as we become more technologically-advanced, we become more megalomaniacal, in that we come to believe we can mold the universe of God and the laws of physics to our will.

        An intelligent refloat/recovery effort would use tides & currents to the advantage of the clearing crew. They’re not being intelligent, because those in-charge and on-scene are looking first at all those ships stacked up in a parking pattern, and thinking about all those petrodollars they’re losing. They’re pushing the recovery crews to do stuff which has a lower-than-optimal success vector, because it’s “quick.”

        Sometimes, one just has to suck it up and do the work…

  8. Maybe you’re right about war. I’ve been looking for the chip shortage angle. Why build cars for people who won’t be here?

    Once the dust settles from the nuclear exchanges – or worse – all the garbage has to be cleaned up. Or not. Depending on how much dust is currently in the atmosphere most of the old ways may be buried like an ancient city of Sumeria.

  9. All the precautions, rules, and infrastructure can still be confounded by people. I still believe the virus escaped form the lab by some low level worker doing something stupid. In my novella, ‘After The Virus Apocalypse’ a cleaner steals a dead, infected, bat carcass in route to be burned, and sells it at the Wuhan Fish Market for a month’s pay. Today, in America, people are attempting to escape the madness in the blue states. In the western red states, homes under $200K are almost non-existent, and low end prices have jumped over 50% in the last year. Your column today was on target. I’m afraid we may both live to see it come true.

  10. Regarding CV19, I find it concerning that the FDA has not approved ANY of the available vaccines as stated in the paperwork that you sign to get the shots. Which means everyone rushing to get inoculated has volunteered to be in the test group. Of new technology. With man-made mRNA in it. Yippee.

    Personally, I’m taking a wait-and-see stance. Not too keen on being a guinea pig in this particular arena.

    • Ah, please note that according to the Nuremberg Protocol of 1946, humans should never be forced to participate in experimental testing or procedures. So, what does the world want to do?? Btw, if this ever get litigated (and it should), the Nuremberg Protocol will be difficult for the US Government to get around. Why? Because the ‘vaccine’ is clearly experimental and the US signed and even insisted upon the Nuremberg protocol to protect people in the future from crazy doctors. Calling Dr. Mengele, Calling Dr. Mengele!!

      • That did a lot of CONUS inhabitants a lot of good, when we were open-air testing nukes, trying out drugs & vaccines on Army grunts, and the CIA was in the pre-flight stages of MK Ultra…

  11. Phew.. kind of seems like we have been out maneuvered they let us screw ourselves using greed…..
    the vast majority of our yearly budget goes to someplace else.. and interest on our deficit..
    those that want but only if they can take it group.. are probably in a puzzled situation right now.. its never gone to right to their doorstep..they have always been away from the action playing both sides of the coin now flip the coin.. what do they want next….
    Now I wonder .. was this all planned..
    our border is being over run by illegals..
    we heard the enemy saying they would use refugees as the trojan horse..
    did we seriously think that they were joking. I didn’t think they were joking but then who am i some old schmuck in the middle of nowhere…. I don’t know..
    I love to help someone that is down and that I can.. but there is a limit to what the banker says that you can do that..

    we don’t produce anymore.. we are a consumtion nation..
    and our supply lines were all shut down in the past year and even now a lot of stuff is still on backorder..,are%20deployed%20along%20the%20state%20border%20of%20Ukraine.

    Military buildup on the Ukraine border..
    there is a lot of debate over who gets the levathian gas fields to.. and our sabre rattling over that..

    who wants the lithium deposits.. could there be a surge to go that route..
    signing alliances.. between themselves and running operations jointly for over a year..
    besides signing agreements with the smaller countries to be their allies in the event someone wants to just march in and steal what is theirs..

    Ok.. so what do I see.. I think that we are all screwed..the deeper you look the uglier it gets.. Maybe DJT wasn’t to stupid after all..We should have tried to get industry back and put our people to work..negotiate rather than take..but that is all old news..MAGA was a joke that congress didn’t like.. ( who exactly was pushing for those opinions by them through gifts and such ) we sold our ports of entry and toll roads.

    . many of our companies are owned and out of the US borders.. people are lined up for unemployment and our borders overrun by illegals..

    We are dependent on china for just about everything we have own or need to buy parts for..’s 2 nd and 3 rd Quarter International Drug Price Savings Reports show that out of 40 popular brand-name drugs sold in the U.S., 70% are imported. The FDA reports that 40% of finished prescription drugs sold in the U.S. are foreign-made.
    all of it looks pretty ominous to me.. our military equipment is built by other countries.. the steel for our buildings no longer comes from our own steel mills.. cement.. even our cement is imported in.. we cut jobs industrial cities look like cities torn apart through wars.. our youth is dumbed down and we no longer push a higher education.. even a lot of our doctors are imports.. cities are tribalized run by the local gangs. BLM and Antifa hobbled our police forces..
    will we go by marshal law..That is a possiblity if we don’t go to war first.. at this point it is all a dart throw..

  12. This is an unsolicited plug. I’ve been an on and off subscriber for more than 5 minutes. In January I ponied up my 40 iron men way earlier than they needed to be. Like I told George spend-em now before they go to zero which could be any nano second now. Today’s subscriber post is in my opinion and again opinions are like backsides everyone has a different one is worth a whole year of subscriptions. It’s the best one ever! Do yourself a favor and plunk down your .80 Lincolns in buying power which = $40 in colored tp. You won’t be disappointed in the investment.

    Not to mention just how many containers are there that have been delivered with the klub-k defense system just sitting somewhere in the USA.. not to mention the warriors sent in posing as refugees.

  14. Your prognostications about a Hawaii invasion are troublesome, but understood. We already have the most restrictive gun ownership laws in the country, and the Demoncrat state machine here is coming up with new and worse ones every legislative session. So we the people will be totally defenseless from a foreign invasion force. Remember the Japanese admiral who said Japan should not invade America “because they have guns”? Well… not here, not now. Thanks, treasonous Demoncrats!

    • Hawaii has an Army infantry division, a Marine division, an Air Force base, and of course, a navy base, and who knows what is now in or flying high over the Pacific Ocean silently patrolling and keeping watch? For its size, the state is well fortified. I believe a worse fate would not be an invasion but simply cutting off and isolating the islands — the same problem faced by the continental U.S. but at a different scale.

      • All of the military assets are concentrated on Oahu island, along with a million residents. There are six more populated islands, some very rural. But you are correct about the supply lines here. We have already suffered breaks in that chain in ‘normal’ times. The major focus of my prepping is to consider what happens when the container ships no longer arrive

  15. Like the US last year, this year Europe is getting a Head Banging WAKE UP CALL with the closure of the Suez Canal just how dependent they also are wrt China. I don’t think they even realized how dependent THEY were on China.

    Just saw today that the US is at the moment unloading a HUGE shipment of weaponry for Ukraine at Odessa. Looks like Biden is following through with his comments about Russia by his shipping large quantities of arms to Ukraine AND there is a possibility the US may be pushing Ukraine to become militarily adventurous.

    “US Makes Large Military Hardware Delivery To Ukraine’s Army After Biden Pledged “Crimea is Ukraine””

    BOTH sides in that region are now ramping up their military resources … and for some strange reason it “feels” like Ukraine believes it can “Seize Back” the Russian speaking parts of the country that don’t want to be part of Ukraine anymore (and historically most were NOT – the boundaries were changed under Khrushchev) which separated out a few years back.

    The timing of the outbreak of a MUCH larger conflict in Ukraine, if it follows history, would be a serious move in May or June by one side or the other, most likely near the end of May or early June, once the fields dry out from the spring rains. Can’t have armor restricted to just hard surface roads … they have to be able to go cross country too.

    The most troubling current movements though are the Russian Naval moves. Those actually indicate the possibility of an earlier move wrt Ukraine/Russia, even though the climate timing is NOT opportune for a move at the present.

    “IF” the US would get involved in such a conflict look for China to try to take advantage of the situation and if they think they are already strong enough to carry off a successful invasion to go ahead and move on Taiwan.

    Guess we wait and see.
    Stephen 2

    • Who was the “seer” who said the election of Mr. Trump was fortuitous, because the election of Hillary would have ushered in a nuclear war with Russia within a year…?

  16. I hate to say it George, but I agree with that lawyerly fellow from Ohio. I’ve been watching the machinations for years, and would have to opine that his analysis of possibilities is not far wrong. That doesn’t mean any of it will actually happen via armed conflict. (Shocking, but true: The Chinese have read Sun Tzu, too…) It’s often much simpler to throttle a geopolitical dirt-pile economically than to conquer it — just takes longer. However, if someone gets impatient, or gets locked out of developmental and sustaining resources (like the South China Sea), any- (or every-) thing could go, and quickly.

    Blitzkrieg, baby. Russia can take Ukraine &or China can take Formosa, in 2-3 days tops, and after the accomplished fact, neither we, nor any other G-7,8, or 20 nation, nor NATO could do anything about it. You can’t foment a “World-wide War” once all the fighting’s done and as quickly as we, and the Brits, French, and Germans move politically, it’d be over with before parliamentary deliberations began. Our only course of response that’d be fast enough would be first-strike nukes on Russian or Chinese cities, which won’t happen, of course, with Joe’s finger on the button…

  17. Almost nothing that I see posted on the web or in the MSM regarding Covid vaccinations is believable, in either direction. The J&J vaccine is only available in small batches from local clinics, and I am not inclined to go places I don’t normally trade with. CVS has the Moderna vaccine locally, but a tech at a local store told me it is best to sign up online at 1 – 1:30 AM. The Phizer vaccine concerns me, as does the Astra Zeneca.
    I took my first dose today. No adverse symptoms as of yet, although I did take a Saturday afternoon nap. I’ve taken influenza injections of all types, and never had a reaction. The predictions of more severe reactions for the general populace haven’t panned out as of yet, and I don’t like living in fear.

      • Dr. Who said what? No, my SUV drove me to get the vaccination. And the racial innuendo sounded like ZH commentary.

      • Dangit. Just watch the video. I may just be a hick in the sticks but she’s a real doctor that knows what she’s talking about.

      • Apologies for being Crusty, Bill. I was aware of that video. So far no one at the office has suffered more than a mildly sore injection site. I will advise if anything out of the ordinary rears it’s head.

      • Same here on this end. I have a couple of friends of truly advanced age that I worry about who took both injections. Keeping a close eye on them, too. Best of luck to us all.

        I was about to send you the video of Rowdy Roddy’s 6-1/2 minute fight scene from “They Live”. Clips from that movie keep coming up on my YT listing.

    • What I fear more than the disease is the untested mRNA novel genetic experiment… with no liability… for long term effects. And now I learn that seven people in Hawaii… fully ‘vaccinated’… have come down with covid anyway. It’s not a true ‘vaccine’ in the historical sense. It’s a population experiment.

      • The commute into town every day for the job was the key decision maker for me. If you are in a position to continue to isolate, then there is less of a downside to not taking the vaccine.

      • We’ll be wearing masks and getting jabbed from here to Eternity if TPTB have their way. Think 2 jabs are going to do it? Think again. If self preservation is on your mind I’d have at least waited until 6 months has passed to watch for adverse effects from the various concoctions they’re shoving into us. They’ve only begun to give it to us and the effects can take upwards of a year to show up.

  18. What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.

    William Shakespeare

    Spoken way to soon…. he must have known it was coming..

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