Having chased the news around in the 1960’s through 1980’s, the crap rolling-around today is mostly useless, though at times entertaining.  That said, this week shapes up to be not-particularly interesting. Downright boring, in fact.

The short version of what matters is this:

  1. In our 1929 Replay Scenario, we continue to edge up toward that “optical line in the sand” at which we will be set to play out the 1929 collapse on the modern playing field.  Here is what some “dummied-up projections” might be painting for us by Friday.  (We’ll see how close we got Friday morning and no, this is NOT investment advice because the world is insane and can turn on us at any time!)

Sure looks like a bubble to me…

2. On the Impeachment front, I doubt Nancy Pelosi is capable of letting go of her momentary time in the lime-light.  So…who knows how long  that pseudo-drama will roll on…

3. Please, God, tell me jokewhohaunts-us and the old socialist aren’t the best people the democrats can find?  What the democrat party needs is a good HR screening process.  Andrew Yang and Bloomie might pass…but this “tribe of idiots?”  YGTBFKM.  Still, Bloomberg: Starting with Iowa hurts Democrats and helps Trump

4.Bitcoin was over $8,000 so my prediction of under $4,000 this year seems far-fetched.  But, then again, so does collapse.  Yet, to see how much the Fed is dumping in via repo’s and reverse repo’s, click here after 9:45 Eastern.

5.As a result of “cash in the punchbowl” we think the markets could move higher today (duh!) and since there’s no blood running on the street, normal for gold and silver to lose a bit of luster (or spelled lustre in Oz, methinks, right Len?).

6.Since the Universe is having its humors with us, am I the only one to notice how the DC Clown Posse has been upended by the (once) royal Crown Posse in size of headline fonts?  While Harry and Meghan: Royals gather for talks over Sussexes’ future, we sure think a dandy late wedding gift for the UK would be a Royal subscription to 23andMe.com.  Who’s pronkt whom?

7. US Going up in smoke as Several states could legalize cannabis sales in 2020 as marijuana industry eyes lucrative East Coast market.  Doobies, brothers?

8. While a growing number of “financial experts” are saying there’s virtually “no chance of recession” this year, stories like “The Other 1 Percent”: Morgan Stanley Spots A Market Ratio That Is “Unprecedented Even During The Tech Bubble” make you want to rethink that.  Never say never, ever.

9.  And those of us who are “climate ‘skepticologists'” are absolutely unsurprised to read how a Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunburg’s Father Posting As Teenage Climate Activist.  (Ja-sure, you betcha!)  A joke from the jest-go for the mass followers and True Believer classes. Digital Mob Rule followers.  Quick!~  Cue the alarmist headlines to cover! Climate change could drown Venice… Lemme see, here: So, a place built on mud won’t sink into said mud on its own?  Who are these people and how stupid do they take us for….Well….Seem the FISA courts take us as stoopid, tew…

10.  Trump-hate continues as? “A Ridiculous Choice” – FISA Court Sparks Firestorm, Appoints Conflicted, Anti-Trump Attorney To Oversee FBI Fixes…and we have to wonder if that David Kris is any relation to this one here: (OpenSecrets contribution lookup result).    Where is the Enterprise? We need to beam-the-f*ck off this rock…The universal insanity is spreading quickly.  Isn’t there an Intergalactic freeway due to be built here, yet?

11.  When you read how Russia and France Want to Safeguard Iran Nuclear Deal, Macron Says, you gotta think money.  Who do you think is selling the mullahs “peaceful  nuclear development tools?”  Why can’t we get “notes to the financial statements” when crap like this is rolled out by Tehran’s friendly frogs?  (Because it might be REAL information?  Worse, it might blow the lid of the internationalists agendas?  You think?)

Now For Totally Useless Distractions

(Did I double-up on my cynicism meds, or sumpthin?)

Unless you are in SAG, who gives a pah-tootie that Oscar nominations being announced for the 92nd Academy Awards today?

Unless you have an FIA license, does anyone care that Aston Martin Enters Last-Ditch Funding Talks With China’s Geely and Formula One Owner as It Runs Low on Cash?  (Email ’em GiveMeTheVIN.com, perhaps?)

Why You Should Stay Home Today:

For one, it’s Monday and Mondays suck, plain and simple.  We are working harder than every for no more money (after you back out inflation and tax indexing and divorce settlements, attorney’s fees, restocking fees, “rent increases” and all that food that has gone up in price in utter defiance of govt. stats claiming the contrary.).

But there’s more reason than that to bunker-in:

We can’t go to London for crumpets safely because UK weather: Storm Brendan to bring rain and 70mph wind gusts. Blow me down…

And we can have that vanilla in Manila, either since their “Taal volcano: Lava spews as ‘hazardous eruption’ feared.”  Bed’s looking pretty good, ain’t it?

We are not the only ones touting  the “stay home” meme because here’s Variety in an “exclusive” “Fox Promos Encourage Super Bowl Viewers to Take Day Off for ‘Super Monday’.”  Like people need prompting?  Come on…come on…who’s kidding who, right? 

Still, your best bet today is to stay home, under the bed, and count dust-bunnies.  (Send us their census results…and ask the dust bunnies about their citizenship because your government is too chicken-sh*t to ask hard questions like that in the pseudo-Census this year.  Did I mention to you how STUPID it is to have a CENSUS and NOT ask about citizenship? 11% of MEXICO lives HERE.  Yet, last summer, the Supreme Dolts decided against asking saying it violated federal law to ask…A kind of Tango-uniformed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because we’d see how ‘Merica’s been sold down the river by the CONgress.  So?  Count the number of Citizens means you need to establish they are what?  (hint: citizens!) And yet this was torpedoed by the lefties under a procedural foul due to process.  Since the U.S. government is a corporation, I guess they aren’t really responsible to “the people” as we are such minor stockholders in this train wreck, but still, FMTT this is stupid!)

Day Planner

As my BP comes back down…We would like to remind you today of the famous words of long-ago Pan Am boss Ed Acker saying “It’s like taking the helm of the Titanic” just ahead of Pan Am’s chaptering-out. (* I know, you’re wondering “Why does Ure come up with such ancient anecdotes?” – Look, I’m old, OK?) The Toughest Job in America? Boeing’s New CEO Faces an Epic To-Do List as He Takes the Helm Today.

Treasury Budget is out at 2 PM today.  Boy, edge of the chair event, huh?  “New Record Debt” or some variant headline, seems a rational expectation-setter..

Maybe tomorrow real news will arrive:  For now, we’re wondering who has more web users:  Porn.com or the Washington Post, or CNN….you know…real news.

Off to turn over chickens looking for hash browns.  You never know what you’ll find, right?

$60.275 billion…thanks Fed.  See the futures rising?  Dow up 106…print, Jerry, Print!!!!

Write when you get rich…and here, have another cynicism pill.