Four Futures – and a Joker

Wherein we look at Future’s “deal” over the next couple of years. Expanding with personal responses that follow the Friday UrbanSurvival column outline.

While we await the next “turns of the screws” – indicated by the market opening bell Monday. Our eyes will be scanning the western horizon for hints about how Taiwan will play out.

At the same time, however, a nervous glance over the shoulder at the middle east will be noticed as Iran still have it out for Israel and visa versa.

Before digging deeply, however, a churn through some Saturday headlines and this week’s leftovers to clean out the mind while the coffee kicks-in.

Then into our ChartPack and some wild-eye speculation on how the future may yet unfold.

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85 thoughts on “Four Futures – and a Joker”

  1. “years”.

    An optimist…. All the people being fired and experiencing other things like food and healthcare denial for refusing the Vaxx will come around.

    Just hang on for three more years +/-. Trump needs a little more time.

  2. Great column this morning as usual George.

    You have not mentioned your single gold coin for a long time. I wonder if you could dedicate a future column to your thoughts on precious metals.

    In addition to prepping with food and other necessities, I have been stacking silver maple leafs on a monthly basis as I can afford. It seems to me that they may be of value when the SHTF, the dollar becomes worthless and barter is an option.

    • Thank you – and totally agree on all counts.

      I will be doing a little “farm stocking” exercise in coming weeks – planning to pick up a 55 barrel (or two) of blue (unleaded) gas at the Wal-Mart/Murphy station. Sta-bil and a drop of Marvel Mystery Oil in it.

      Not the kind of thing you can easily do “in city” because of fire risks and such. But out here, we have a shed that will be turned into a flammables storage area in the next month or two.

      • Diesel stores better than gasoline but since the VW debacle, vehicles have become even more difficult to procure. I was moving in the direction of going all-diesel, but backed off when VW made diesel ownership a social taboo. Maybe I need to reassess that non-move, and get my wallet out.

    • I have a couple of silver maple leafs.. but I only have them to make wound tincture…
      bartering.. being at the bottom bartering is an essential.. like when I built our house.. ( yup I never made enough money to qualify for one of those low interest loans.. ) the only way was to build it myself.. and I did..
      Back during the Reagan Recession.. when jobs were really tight.. you worked day labor or bartered.. since what I had originally planned on was graphics.. that was what I could barter.. silver and gold are not edible.. since the vast majority of the people wouldn’t have a way to dispose of it.. ( yup someone has to want it ) I stock up on necessities.. copper is more tradeable than gold or silver.. since so much can be done with it..
      BEER… buy beer.. people through the years drink.. I buy beer kits.. my favorite is canadian pilsner I might add.. totally love it.. great company but a little on the high end.. you can make a lot of wine for under a dollar a bottle.. way under.. my last batch ran thirty five cents a bottle..
      Or food..
      When things were shut down and you couldn’t even buy eggs at the store.. a bottle of beer got you a dozen eggs.. from the local farmer.. the same with milk.. cheese.. make cheese and your cheese is free.. so is your milk..
      Now I am lucky.. since I have had tough times in the past.. I do have the equipment to make cheese and wine and beer.. for trade.. in the eighties I etched mirrors and windows.. made signs and painted graphics.. since that was what I had gone to school for.. I used it..
      Greece.. they were going through a tough period.. young women were selling their bodies for a can of soup to feed their kids.. the same with college girls.. to get food or shelter they would sell themselves for it.. the elderly were dumpster diving for scraps.. it is still like that in some countries.. those news storys are not told here..
      THEN…. Greece residents realized.. hey we don’t have the cash.. but I am still a plumber.. or a construction worker.. I use to babysit.. I was a secretary.. they had their skills.. and they put them to use.. I will fix your sink if you give me a meal.. I did one restaurants windows on a partician.. they redecorated.. in exchange for food… when the wife and I went there to eat and seen they had redecorated I was sad.. I thought dam they threw out those panes of glass I had done.. but when we went to be seated.. there they were… they had them framed.. so that made me feel good.. the thing is.. trade what you know.. what you can do.. if your a farmer.. you grow food.. during the Weimar depression.. city people traded gold and silver for vegitables.. neighborhoods in the USA each household got together and grew something different.. my grand parents had a hog and chickens enough so that every neighbor could have eggs.. etc.. the old story of..
      STONE SOUP..
      A few years ago FEMA had communities make an emergency plan.. I helped them write the one for our community.. it doesn’t have a thing to do with individuals.. but as a community.. there are hunters gardeners farmers and just about every skill under the sun.. the trick is to come together as one..
      We went a year without an income.. hard year.. I have been razzed for years because I am a prepper of sorts.. we did ok food wise.. I won’t starve again like I did once upon a time.. tough learning .. and I can tell you.. if you needed toilet paper and there was none around.. how many silver coins would a roll be worth.. a four roll pack of angel soft sold for a 165 dollars on ebay plus shipping.. and someone offered my grand daughter seventy five dollars for an ounce of hand sanitizer at her checkout stand..
      I have it on amazon prime and discovery plus.. but it is a great show.. they use the principles of the stone soup.. everyone work together..

  3. OH my.. I have been needing some jaw surgery… a huge expense that I cannot afford and a loan the size that would be needed is out of the question.. I couldn’t ever pay for it..
    there were a few suggestions.. go to another country to get it done.. seems the vast majority of the older people in our community goes that route because expenses has gotten so far out of hand they cannot afford to have work done in the USA.. along with people here commenting..
    then there was do nothing and blend my food up into a mush.. yuk.. I love the texture and appearance of food..
    Another suggestion was have it done at a dental school.. since I cannot afford to go to another country the two most obvious was go to a dental school let some student learn how its done.. and to use the prosthetics instead of implants..
    The appointment came at hand.. now I have a weird layout of my nerves.. you don’t just give the shot let it numb up then do the work.. you give the shot and start working.. then when it wakes up give another shot and continue on.. the same thing happens when I have a surgery.. I cannot move but I am awake in the room..scary I can tell you that.. can’t tell you everything that goes on because I drift in and out but that is how it is..
    so back to the story.. the kid was working and they were on their third numbing shot.. when all of a sudden..
    WHOMP …. THE KID DOING THE WORK PASSED OUT all of a sudden he quit working and wham… guess it was to graphic for him or he was so scared I could feel his hands shaking.. He hit his head hard on the equipment to.. dam I felt sorry for him he hit hard.. luckily he just feinted I am pretty sure he has re-thought his future career plans what a waste of money to…. as they got him up I told them get the poor kid a coke it will help a lot.. coke helps when you feel feint like that.. It almost happened to me once upon a time on one of my many career hats that I have worn.. I didn’t feint but had to take some crime photos of someone that had committed suicide in his car. I took a lot of them through the years. that is one career hat I never regretted leaving behind at all. the graphics of what he had done was pretty horrible and then I had to get all angles of it…… ( over his bank account being so low.. dam.. it was horrific.. when what he couldn’t live with was more than I made in a years time.. )
    anyway.. the surgery went well and even though I look like I could be a movie star in deliverance or the hills have eyes.. it is done and healing pretty nice I might add.. the prosthetics will have to do.. unless I win the lottery LOL..

    • Comrade Loob,

      So you’re all set for Halloween?

      Seriously – respect – on how you piece together solutions when the initial odds look so against. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery.

      • “So you’re all set for Halloween?”

        LOL LOL LOL LOL …..ALMOST…..
        instead I will set up the singing pumpkins and the dancing skeletons LOL
        I have been trying to get AtmosFX to make a repeating video of Nasty Nancy and Schumer offering a bowl of CANDY .. Or the big boy offering a bowl of MM’s.. they just won’t do it… LOL LOL LOL
        I would then have the scariest house in town LOL LOL LOL
        I even asked a friend that works video production..

    • Medical tourism.

      If you have the gumption throw together a medical tour operation. Lift a business model from the time before wiring closets, the 1990’s Las Vegas tour operator.

      I think a key would be having a doctor stateside setting up the procedure for the performing doctor in Mexico. Get the U.S. insurances to cover preliminaries like final MRIs then email them over. The next morning bus the patients to the waiting tables in old Mexico.

      Back in the 1990’s a bar owner might sell 30 Las Vegas trips and get a week free for the effort.

      Five Mexican specialists and a website. I know, I know more work.

      • “Get the U.S. insurances to cover preliminaries like final MRIs then email them over.”

        Ts already being done…What’s funny.. is years ago there was an operation they wanted to do. It was extremely expensive in the USA.. the insurance company frequently sent me brochures ffg or other hospitals in several othe countries that did the procedure saying they would pay for it if I was willing to travel.
        A friend of mine went to Brazil to have surgery done. The cost was a fraction of what it was here.. a gentleman in a nearby city went to India to get his heart surgery.. at the time the newspaper said the whole trip and surgery was around ten grand..
        I was getting my medications from canada because it was several thousand percent less than in the usa.. our elderly travel to southern texas to spend the winter.. just so they can get their years medications.. what they save on their medications pays for the winter retreat.
        I frequently have them bring back essentials like bar soap.. here bucka bar there the cost is a nickle..

  4. What happens if they decide no vaxx – no vote? Considering all the extra legal stuff already being enacted, what’s stopping them at this point?

    • Something will break, (I expect by Monday).

      Americans aren’t going to be able to prepare their way out of this one. Too many people on the planet.

      When I have to leave this house during the power outages I’ll head South on bicycle. What can I carry? I can’t carry a monster box of silver coins with an AR digging into my back. My bacon & lighter weigh 10lbs. A gallon of water is 8lbs. I might have to ride in snow wearing a winter coat. I’m doomed, won’t even make it to Toledo. Wild animals will be eating me during the Spring thaw.

      And if I do make it out of the ice and and snow I’m going to be welcomed as another mouth to feed on strained resources. My bacon will be gone.

      • Whoa.

        If/when stuff hits the fan, you’re job is to pivot and survive. You don’t have to flee and give yourself up to some refugee camp without a fight. Why sit around waiting for the grim reaper? Load up on british360, grab the flint lighter, and kick some ass.

        I’m a city slicker. One of the best experiences I had was in the winter before covid just stepping way out of my comfort zone. I went for a weekend winter survival course an hour out of the city run by a retired military sartech. Thankfully it was only -16 and not -30. With snow sitting around, there’s no need to hike in with water…I was surprised by how much wood it takes to keep a fire going. Good luck to anyone stuck in a city looking for firewood to burn if things go pear-shaped. With covid workarounds setting up, I’m planning to go back for longer stints this winter.

        Never give up.

    • What’s in these mRNA therapies posing as vaccines that tptb want so badly in our bodies? That’s what I want to know and what will it do to us? And does it have anything to do with 5g?

  5. Speaking of precious metals, I’ve been looking into Colloidal Silver and it’s health benefits. How to make it, use and so on. Seems it’s a quite old technology that (also) got shot down by the (experts?) … and yet, nano-silver technology has won some prestigious awards in science. You know how that goes.

    Yes, I read about the guy who turned blue, but there’s always that one guy who messes things up for everybody. Not gonna be that guy.

    Anyway, if anyone has used colloidal silver, I’d love to hear your experience. Thanks.


      Its used all the time.. my daughter had to use it…in dressings.. she had had a caesarian section child birth. the child was born just before the july hollidays.. the doctor went on vacation.. because he did the surgery no other doctor would touch it.. and the surgery split open.. by the time he came back from his two week holliday it was to late to close it back up.. so she had to use bandages with it.. took a long time to heal..

    • Pathfinder, I have read that the guy that turned blue, used I think silver oxide (???). What ever it was I am under the impression that it was not colloidal silver. I have used it and did not notice anything,- certainly no harm done . There is alot of information on colloidal silver ,what I have read is that there is no bacteria that can get past colloidal silver. It’s been many years since I have used it or done any more research on it , however from what I remember a person has to use an exceptional amount to overdose , or be 6 notches or so past stupid to do any harm. As always when it comes to natural , organic , homapathic , natural remedies — caution NEEDS to be taken along with doing due diligence -//- larger dose does not mean better . I never did actualy come across a “dose” and/ or an amount where one size fits all . I think having colloidal silver in survival supplies is a good idea . In closing I’ll share a bit of “wisdom”- maybe just a tall tale , I don’t know ,didn’t try it but, these old timers, before refridgeration said drop a silver dollar in a gallon of milk and it will keep longer – not sour as quick . Also when making colloidal silver, pure silver has to be used (.999) or better – NOT a silver dollar or anything less than .999. Due diligence and proper research will tell why. Good Health to all

      • “Pathfinder, I have read that the guy that turned blue, used I think silver oxide (???).”

        also known as the photographers curse… or Argyria… LOL.. back in the day before gloves.. lab technicians that worked chem mix would come down with this.. I have seen a few .. then theres the same affect with women that don’t get regular checkups.. I have seen a few that have turned blue from different cancers..
        Lab techs also came down with pemphigus and emphysema from the caustic soda used.. they thought I had pemphigus.. among other things from long term exposure to the chemicals.. the old sine processors and the dip n dunks.. you were always going belly up in chemicals to save someone’s vacation photo’s.. formaldehyde was the one I hated..
        But to turn blue.. my guess is since I worked years in the photo industry without gloves.. that you have to have a lot of exposure to the silver.. of course we did do agressive silver recovery.. with first going through an electrolysis unit then into the bucket for recovery using steel wool..
        which is what has me even that much more interested in oak island.. LOL they find a great deal of silver in the water.. phew the mind whirls over that thought..

    • Making Colloidal Silver is EASY … but the particles in your solution may not be the uniform size they are in the premade stuff in the pump spray bottle which you can buy.

      1) Get TWO pieces of 99.98% (or so PURE silver). I got one once bars from a reputable coin dealer.
      2) Get a glass Mason jars (one)
      3) Get some WOOD clothes pins
      4) Get a jug of DISTILLED water (not purified … DISTILLED)
      4) Get a 9 volt battery connector with it’s wires (not sure where to get them now, got mine as a part at radio shack)
      5) Get THREE 9 volt batteries
      6) Get TWO small electrical alligator clips with wires

      Now that you have everything together it is simple:

      * Cut the 9 volt battery connector in half and separate the two halves
      * Take the 3 9 volt batteries and gang them together in a serial connection (one connected to the other, and then to the next – because the connections from + to – for 9 volt batteries are different they will just snap together properly) You now have a 27 volt battery!!
      * Take the now separated 9 volt battery connectors and connect one to the positive side of one battery and the other to the negative side of the THIRD battery so you have a wire connection that is 27 volts
      * Twist the wires together between the battery connector and EACH alligator clips (keeping positive and negative separate)
      * Use a clothes pin to clip to a silver bar with the alligator clip at the top
      * Pour some distilled water into the Mason Jar
      * Use the clothes pin to suspend each silver bar (or other silver source) down INTO the distilled water in the Mason Jar by clipping onto the lip of the jar withOUT any of the wood or ANY other metal in the clothes pin touching the distilled water – ONLY the silver bar being down in the water.

      VOILA … you are now doing a electro plating type of operation, moving the silver from one bar to the other bar via your 27 volt battery

      After a bunch of hours (24? forget but doesn’t matter as long as it is LONG) once little HAIRS starts to show on one of the bars showing silver is now being deposited on the bar … voila that distilled water is now SATURATED OUT with Silver Ions!! The distilled water is now Colloidal Silver – and it is fully saturated with as much silver ions as it can carry!!

      Get a pump spray bottle and you too have home made Colloidal Silver!!

      Personally I would never take it internally into my stomach, but for using externally on wounds or squirting into one’s nose /throat /mouth for an infection is works WONDERS.

      • “Get a 9 volt battery connector with it’s wires (not sure where to get them now, got mine as a part at radio shack)”

        you still can get them at radio shack.. once upon a time I was laid up for the winter.. anyway.. all we had was one station.. so I built a satellite receiver and dish as a project.. ( long before they were sold publicly the dish dwarfed the house LOL LOL LOL LOL ) I got two two dollar books from radio shack LOL and the schematics from someone that knew the system.. great place for projects..
        Now.. you can make chlorine the same way.. but I would use two plates of high carbon steel.. you can buy those though..

        they have twelve year old kids making them and yes I am putting in a plug for swimforhim… I believe in what they are doing.. when you purchase one.. they make more to be sent to remote villages where it benefits kids and parents etc.. with clean water.. I bought two just because of that.. the price has gone up.. and you can make one in a similar fashion as the colloidal silver .. but clean water is a benefit.. the kids at MIT also make solar grills.. ( or they did a few years ago.. I haven’t talked to those I know lately to see if they still are or not..)

    • We have used colloidal silver since the 1970s and have been making our own for 20 years. We use it for our pets and ourselves. We keep a spray glass bottle in the bathroom and use it as a rinse after brushing teeth, as a gargle for sore throats, as a rinse for a sore tooth, as a nasal spray for allergies or sinus irritations; we use ot externally on cuts, rashes, mosquito bites etc. I have also taken it in water internally for viruses etc.. We haven’t turned blue yet! It is cheap and effective and has been used for years… it on duck duck go and you will find lots of info. Big pharma can’t make any money on this so will never endorse it.

      • “We keep a spray glass bottle in the bathroom”

        I never thought of using it after you brush your teeth.. we keep a couple of bottles of the spray just for wound care.. the same with honey.. raw honey..

    • I have used colloidal silver as a therapeutic mouthwash — seems to be of benefit. As a topical, sometimes it works better than Neosporin, sometimes it’s not as good. I assume this is dependent upon the type of infecting agent. With that said, it certainly should be a part of every med-kit, as it is, mine…

      • …And BTW, the “blue” (or sometimes green) is what happens when somebody rolls their own, but is ignorant of the fact silver coins, jewelry, or silverware, are not pure silver, but silver alloyed with copper, tin, nickel, and sometimes lead.

  6. “WHY would China wait? The longer they wait, the larger the war.”

    OR would it be…

    China has spent billions to buy our legislators.. then billions to buy our debt… they produce our goods and we outsource our technical hot lines to outside countries… take banking.. our banking info.. for the vast majority of the USA flows through Oriental countries where they keep it all in their servers..–rise/?sh=662adf744965
    our military might is all dependent on china.. the chips.. guidance chips for our missiles even the bullet casings all made in china.. as we grow stronger or think we are.. they grow stronger as well.. they pretty much have signed allies through out the middle east.. joined with Russia as allies.. and they make the drones..
    our medications made elsewhere.. we are dependent on them.. all they have to do is start a supply chain.. our legislators sold our ports and many of our toll roads.. so considering all of this.. we have an administration that is throwing our whole country under the bus.. at this point they don’t have many choices .. all they have to do is wait.. we are already bankrupt..

    • Take us down? Just push the “stop” button on the machine if the product destination is U.S.A. and we get ‘gone’.
      Problem is that we don’t have a “supply chain,” we have a dependency chain.
      The “supply chain” is theirs. That makes us automatically vulnerable to any movements on their part or political disagreements between us and them.
      If someone can’t make what they need, they become a sort of slave to anyone else that CAN still make the critical needed parts.
      A move in the right direction might involve a huge tax break for any businesses that are willing to re-tool and once again manufacture here in the U.S. for critical supplies we must have.

      Also up for consideration is the fact that in China, one must seek permission from their government in the form of a visa before being able to travel. In China, all visas are government issued by the Chinese Communist Party to both tourists and STUDENTS who then come here to study- our critical needs.
      Before receiving a visa there are certain ‘requirements’ placed on those ‘students’ by their owners in their government.
      It might be mean but due to the industrial espionage being carried out wholesale against ALL critical necessities here, there should be a moratorium issued against “students” from any other countries that are hostile in any way to the U.S.A.
      So much theft. So much stealth. So much lying. How does anyone think they got all of Fauci’s gain of function research? (Well, he was a willing participant).
      The Chinese stole so much F-35 research that they almost beat us to the unveiling punch of our version against theirs. Their theft is endless but it needs to be stopped before we are slaves in our own country and utterly dependent on them for even a chance of a tomorrow.
      Yes, we have a long way to go before we are once again the ‘big dog’. But if we aren’t going to lead we will arbitrarily be swept aside and forgotten altogether while we descend into a stupified version of a European style socialist state. WE ARE NOT EUROPE, no matter how loud our turncoats scream.

      • “A move in the right direction might involve a huge tax break for any businesses that are willing to re-tool and once again manufacture here in the U.S. for critical supplies we must have.”

        Exactly.. I have said that for years….. the big issue now.. is to retool in the USA would take an estimated five to ten years.. and those that were around to train are now gone.. the kids in schools are not learning trades.. but bookwork.. so the hands on is gone.. once upon a time high schools had shop class.. auto shop wood shop etc.. today that is gone.. instead they are teaching very little.. hands on.. the technology for the back yard mechanic is no longer viable.. if your new car breaks down.. first a computer has to diagnose it.. then the whole car needs to be disassembled to repair.. the same with your washer or dryer.. to clean the lint.. is a major job that requires someone trained to do it.. Our last car had a fuse blow.. luckily it blew before the warranty was up.. the cost of changing the fuse would have been more than five grand..

      • Which is why our little sparks with the Shop talk Sunday and the Ultra-Making site are so important to the future of…er…what country was this once upon a time>?

    • Chips for US military critical systems are not foreign made. Northrop Grumman engineers many of them via special contract. All others are U.S. made. Where China sneaks chips into the military supply chain is via standard office computer and communications gear purchased via commercial contract. This is bad enough, because China can hack those commercial chips to detect various patterns of communication behavior between key military geographic locations, to include the Pentagon, force headquarters and industry factories. For the top-most level comms, the transmitted data is encrypted, but the traffic flow between nodes can still be monitored and are very telling to intel types (e.g. more traffic vs. standard flow). Plus, you will always have Seaman John Q. Sixpack emailing his girlfriend to tell her he’s being short notice deployed to Guam, which perks up the ears of Beijing hackers. Pattern analysis is damaging to military ops. Loose lips (and careless keyboarding) sinks ships.

      • “Chips for US military critical systems are not foreign made.”

        They aren’t suppose to be Warhammer.. but sadly.. we are dependent on outside manufacturing.. . but then neither are the brass casings for shells or other military equipment.. even the steel is made someplace else.. LOL..If my memory is correct a few years ago they found that guidance chips were programed to give micro bursts of information back that would allow the systems to be altered and or taken over in operation.. shortly after the discovery of the faulty chips one of our drones was taken over and safely landed in another country. there was even an instance where all the security cameras in the USA came on at one time..( I think that was a show of force and ability) baby monitors and your phone camera. the security camera’s everything.. All of our equipment is dependent on being made someplace else.. car parts to.. what was it a major dealership car manufacturer said after the 2008 if they want forty dollars a week income we will have china make it…. and we don’t make that crap here… We use to make uniforms to.. today the companies find that having them made abroad is cheaper..( my brother heading over to Iraq had to show me his equipment.. all of it made overseas).. sad but true It may say American made.. but it isn’t. It is all part of the business model.. deregulate and disburse industry.. my great aunt use to have a hosiery mill they made underwear and socks.. your going to have a hard time finding an american made pair today..that is also why I buy from steeglers even there some of it is made outside the usa..|NB|GOOG|||||||workwear%20clothing|1085196645|122971054953&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0uCLntTR8wIVgmxvBB0wrAyNEAAYASAAEgIV5vD_BwE..
        we went through this with wind turbine technology and govt grants…. it was suppose to be American made.. we finally got them to change the box that it came in saying assembled in satisfy the regulations.
        When the faulty chips Rand Paul had a big write up about it.. and there was a lot of controversy being written during that time.. .. I no longer have the studies.. but wasn’t surprised about the crap I was reading..

      • “Plus, you will always have Seaman John Q. Sixpack emailing his girlfriend to tell her he’s being short notice deployed to Guam, which perks up the ears of Beijing hackers. Pattern analysis is damaging to military ops. Loose lips (and careless keyboarding) sinks ships.”

        That is so true…You know years ago six months before the 9/11 tragedy.. George Noory had a war games analyst on his radio program.. his late night show.. at the time I was working and reading I think an old old LOOK magazine.. that had the story about Bill trying to get the Taliban to agree to a pipeline going through their country and them saying no.. and Hussein was really against it.. anyway.. Jr. was in office.. his VP had been the head of the company that wanted to build the pipeline.. and the war games analyst on the show was telling how they were running war game scenarios on taking over key countries.. that we would go into Iraq first then into syria or Iran and NK.. a week later North Korea had restarted its nuclear program and six months later we were in Iraq and the pipeline was built.

    • loob and others, your China showdown paranoia next week is really about obfuscating the domestic news, J Deere employees (10,000) go on strike against their predominately Republican backing employer:

      Deere’s CEO salary increased by 160%, but workers want more than 5% increase

      Don’t forget, Iowa went blue for Obama in 2008 & 2012, when the little guy got squeezed too hard, it’s time to get rid the Republican capitalist menace..

      • Chameleon
        HEY, TRUMP WAS A DEMOCRAT , only went Republican to stomp Killary’s fat ass
        the democrat and republican labels are misleading,
        don’t tell me what you believe
        tell me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.

        rinos and demonrats = uniparty = look and smell the same

        you don’t know the deep state puppet masters from your anal sphincter
        George Sorass puppets always Quote OpenSecrets like it is holy scripture
        Do you know the difference between a facist and a communist? left and right hands of the same evil that only seeks control and ownership of YOU
        Do you know the difference from FDA NIH CDC and the pharmacutical corporations,,, left and right hands of the same families, they play musical chairs going from one hand to the other, from gov jobs to corp positions and visa versa. It is all a big scam. NO freedom of choice. Cattle are not free to choose what meds they get, it is FORCED upon them

        Hank in Hawaii figured it out,,, cause he is smarter than the reptile that obfuscates the bigger picture

      • “Deere’s CEO salary increased by 160%, but workers want more than 5% increase”

        Exactly.. TT… back in the day.. the CEO’s made less.. but still more than the worker.. I remember a boss whose kid that now owns the company drove up in a really expensive car.. the dad told him.. never drive something worth more than what your highest paid employee can own.. shove it in the face.. well when the old man died.. the kid walked in with full leather coat more gold on his fingers and driving a really expensive car.. his way of showing see IM rich.. well after deregulation it turned.. during the 2008 where the USA gave money to dig corporations out of the hole.. they gave huge multi million dollar bonuses.. after deregulation companies did away with such things as healthcare insurance, retirement funds..( we were told your social security is your retirement fund and every year they would give us our estimated benefits) food stamps that once was for helping someone in a catastophic situation is now a one in two person social program.. jobs sent overseas its not a good thing..
        the benefits and money piled on top of the pile.. they had a commercial on about a company that I worked for.. saying about their benefits that they gave the employee’s.. well I know they did away with a lot of it.. and for our xmas bonus.. we got a two inch square 20 sheet sticky note pad that had the companies name at the top..LOL..
        the boss on the other hand not the CEO but the director of the building I worked in…. it was in the paper that he got a million dollars..
        Its all a business model.. the changes have been slow.. the way things have been pushed is to promote greed.. rather than produce.. very few places here offer health coverages and mom and pop stores can’t compete..

      • When I was in mgt it was a 15% differential between levels
        ther flattening of the org chart by IT and cpu’s changed all that
        Then made sense. Today, it’s whoever crawls on top

      • “When I was in mgt it was a 15% differential between levels”

        That is how it was to.. when I met my wife she was my boss. Her wage was four dollars and seventy five cents an hour as a nurse. My wage was three dollars and fifty cents. That was in the late eighties and early nineties to.. today nurses are starting out mid twenties and up.. the same position I had was a tear ago starting out at nine fifty… a friend that does flight for life makes around seventy..
        About the time wages topped two seventy five an hour was when deregulation hit..and benefits were reduced or just eliminated.
        Obama got into office over the political platform to fix the escalation of healthcare. Escalation of healthcare started because of deregulation and the elimination of health insurance.. as people dropped off insurance the costs had to be passed along to those insured and the rental of clinic space to the physicians sending them to the ER..up until the Obamacare I couldn’t get insurance.. because at my height the ideal weight was 165.. and I had high bp..
        The solution was simple..
        1. No discrimination..anyone can buy a policy
        2. No price gouging.. why should some pay thousands more . Or be denying.
        3. Open the borders…. why should medications cost thousands of percent more here that somewhere else.. one antibiotic the daughter was put on was 300 for five day supply..getting the same medication from canada was 2.50 plus shipping and doctors visit total cost was below twenty..policies on the east coast should be available in texas. An insurance company from another country should be able to compete as of my doctors picks up items to give to her patients when she visits home.. the reason..the item sells for over a hundred here there it’s under a dollar..
        Believe it or not.. govt run hospitals are better staffed. Doctors actually make more there on average as well.
        But my opinion is still that we waited to long. We cannot retool or train manufacturing in time..

  7. “Last guys don’t finish nice.”

    “When you win the Rat Race — you’re still a Rat.”

    If I had an armor-plated, nuclear-powered Winnebago, and six to ten 100% reliable compadres, I might Bug Out. Other wise, we’re HERE for the duration. I won’t be casual roadkill, looking for a new home. If necessary, we’ll sink with this ship. We have adequate Security, so unless it’s Mad Max, we can last a while anyway before being over-run.

    And I don’t doubt for a second A Storm Is Coming.

    • Yeah.. unfortunately I have to follow the leader to William..
      we are totally dependent on those in power.. like the vast majority of the people of our country.. we will tow the line.. be good and comply.. a sheeple..
      trying to learn the new language.. BAA BAA.. or would it be MOO MOO

    • Not to mention.. they keep track of what your buying.. if you start making huge fuel purchases.. they have the list.. because in a real shtf scenario… they have the right to confiscate what you have..

  8. Well, reading all the comments – everyone should be sure they have a goodly supply of gun oil, some comfy bicycles with trailer or two, diesel cars (diesel stores better and is far less potential for boom!) and finally, make sure any sights, scopes, etc. are lined up and good to go. And yes – VW makes great diesels. There are already people using tractors to pick up feed and stuff in rural areas instead of trucks – saw two tractors with trailers at local feed store today, loading up on feed and other stuff. Motorcycles are a boon when SHTF as well – just hook the bike trailer to them.

    Bailing out to somewhere nobody knows you or you do not know the terrain is not a good bet at this point.

    Only in movies and TV do sheetrock and wood trim stop bullets. A few shots from a 7.62 will destroy brick veneer or cement blocks. So if you feel things getting squirrely around you, remember sand bags. There is a reason they use them on gun ranges.

    Outside of that, I advise people to have a high velocity pellet rifle with a small scope. This is NOT a firearm, and so is exempt. Many have the muzzle velocity in excess of a .22LR – you can bag game quietly and easily and legally wherever you are. Robin breasts taste exactly like dove, in case people want to know.

    Have your fishing gear handy and be ready to USE it at every opportunity. You should already know where your local creeks and lakes and streams are, right?

    Make sure you have whatever antibiotics you can get put back, along with alcohol, Everclear, topical stuff and a suture kit or two. Lidocaine is most useful for any topical injuries that require closing the wound. Be unafraid of pet antibiotics or anything else veterinary – do you really believe that there are separate production facilities for pet meds? Is operating on a horse really that different from a human? Don’t be stupid here.

    If you are on long term meds, make sure you have a good supply already. If you use a breathing machine (CPA/BiPAP) – make sure you have a battery brick AND a solar panel to recharge it so you can run your machine to sleep. I had to do this last time hurricane knocked out power for a week. Alternatively, you can run your car or a 4-wheeler through an inverter to charge your battery brick.

    DO NOT bandy or boast about how prepped you are – many people plan on stealing what they need in the event of bad times, more than people realize. SW radio receiver or transceiver is a must – if the SHTF, the FCC will be otherwise occupied but you ought to know how to use these.

    Make sure your generator is in a hard to get spot – or it will get stolen. You can bury the exhaust into a hole in the ground (made with posthole digger) and it will make it a LOT quieter, if you know how to fab a bit of pipe.

    For potable water, I recommend buying chlorine tablets made for pools or hot tubs. Easy, available and works on large volumes or small by just chipping off a chink of the big tablet. Nothing scientific – put the chlorine in and let sit. Add water until the chlorine smell drops to something resembling your tap water, then let it sit a day in the open so excess chlorine can evaporate away. For fast use, boiling works well.

    I advise a fire pit as a great thing to have in suburbia – legal and it just takes a grill laid on top for cooking. Fire pit doesn’t care what you burn in it either.

    If you have a boat or 4-wheeler or sidebyside – make sure they are good to go. Storing a couple of drums of fuel is not hard to do but they should be hidden. Remember to get a handpump or a 12VDC fuel pump to be able to fuel up. The 12VDC fuel pump is slow, but it still beats cranking it out by hand – make sure you put a primer bulb in the line going to the pump.

    Man, I could write about this stuff for days since we tested most of this during hurricanes over the last 10-15 years.

    Have and carry a handgun if your local police are absent or minimal. Steer clear of crowds where you can. By now, you should know which of your neighbors are worth trusting and to what extent, and which of them are Karens. DO NOT share with or involve the Karens in your area – you will regret it many times over. We found this out during hurricanes – when the SHTF, they are still hardcore Entitleists and furious that you will not take care of them. Hence they will rat you out simply for spite.

    And start getting ready for planting in the spring, after Jan…

    • “Lidocaine is most useful for any topical injuries that require closing the wound. ”

      “Stay spray,” (stay hard spray) sold at adult fetish shops can run as high as 23% Lidocaine, tattoo pain spray can go as high as 25%. Solarcaine runs about 2% and the shot the dentist puts in your gum before he does that root canal, will be between 2% and 4%. I’ve got a Lidocaine aerosol in my burn kit, as does my daughter. The other kids have them in their GO-Bag first aid kits…

    • “For potable water, I recommend buying chlorine tablets made for pools or hot tubs.”

      Be careful.. not all of the chlorine tablets made for pools or hot tubs will work.. many will kill you.. best to get the pool shock … sodium hypochlorite.. nothing else..
      or better yet.. salt.. plain salt.. make sure you don’t have any iodine in it..
      canning salt …
      then buy one of these..

    • Bugout… so where would you bugout to.. I use to watch a show on people that prep.. the thing I got a tickle over is.. they would buy some remote cabin a thousand miles away.. lol lol lol..
      Buy guns and ammo.. lol lol..SO…if the us govt really bought 300 thousand rounds per person in the USA.. who would win…the interstate systems have road closed barriers. They shut down traffic .. how would you ever travel a thousand miles..
      It’s like the professor I know that has a property right next to a bunker big enough to house a small city.fully stocked.. decommissioned this year from what he’s told me is the thing was up for sale and no one has removed any of the supplies.. probably like the old nuclear fallout shelters where they left the stock.
      When i was looking at it i told him well at least your set.. you just have to figure out how to get in it lol..
      If i had had the money heck i would have bought it..
      My thought is prepare for stay at know your neighborhood..your comfortable there..
      Cross country. Twenty miles a day best 40.. if you have to traverse cross country. 5

      • If you have ever been in a hurricane evacuation, you understand the fallacy of a nuclear bugout.
        My current home was my bugout location when I was working on the Gulf coast. It’s use required me to anticipate hurricane evacuations, and make a white-knuckle drive through the piney woods the night before. It isn’t isolated enough to work as a shelter in a full scale attack, and would likely be sujected to fall-out and panic looting. A bunker would just attract officious rats with guns. I think a nearby culvert might be safer.

      • “Bugout… so where would you bugout to.. I use to watch a show on people that prep.. the thing I got a tickle over is.. they would buy some remote cabin a thousand miles away.”

        The “bugout-TO” is less of a logistical issue than the “bugout-HOW.”

        Shallow stream beds, railroad rights of way (preferably abandoned), and an off-road vehicle that’s not likely to suffer a flat tire, are necessities. One also has to “come up for air” when the tank gets low, and odds are, the local filling station is both heavily guarded, and has no working (electric-powered) pumps anyway…

        The best way, by far, is to live in your redoubt. Some people simply can’t.

        Where to go?

        Draw a line from Boise to Boston.
        Draw a second line, 40 miles north of the first.
        Color every part of the map that’s below this line, “red.”
        Draw a circle, 50 miles out from the center of every city above pop-15k that’s at, or above this 2nd line. Fill these circles in with “red.”

        If it ain’t “red,” it’s a good place to be if the government goes rouge.

        There are lots of good places south of that line (in the red zone) but they require individual location research.

        I used to suggest places like the Mojave and [the Navajo Nation to] Four Corners in Arizona, SW Texas and Eastern NM. I don’t, any more, because of the damned open border. The only safe places in these areas are on the Indian Reservations themselves. Reservation Indians are not very friendly or accommodating toward outsiders, until a body builds a body of trust with the tribal hierarchy (unless you’re Andy and get in through the head of the Medicine Man… ;-)

        These params only apply to hiding from a rogue government. Surviving a nuke attack or an EMP (grid hard-down), a tornado, quake, flood, hurricane or tidal wave, a war in CONUS, Yellowstone blowing it’s top, or a comet or meteor strike each have their own survival parameters, locations, and requirements…

        For actual information (rather than just my opinion), read a copy of Skousen’s book ( )

  9. I must be dense. Took me way to long to realize this truth. TPTB… and Big Pharma… will NOT ALLOW any other ‘treatment’ for Covid19 other than their Billion$ profitable jabs. Here’s why: The shots are enabled under an ‘Emergency Use Authorization’, or EUA, only because there is NO OTHER TREATMENT available for the disease. Now what if it suddenly becomes ‘medically acceptable’ to use Ivermectin or HCQ or ANY OTHER early treatment for the disease?? Why…. the EUA then becomes NULL and VOID, and the shots cannot be used because there is another ‘medically acceptable’ treatment now available. Simple big business… protect the huge profit stream, not the infected victims. ‘BIG MONEY’ is the push behind getting as much vax sold as possible. Nevermind the consequences…. the manufacturers have total immunity, not the victims.

    We are on our own to take care of ourselves.

    • Millions have died or been permanently injured because of what you point out about the EUA.
      However many are wondering what they’re not telling us that makes 100% compliance so damn important? Do we all turn into mushrooms when everyone is jabbed, or something worse?

  10. Yes it’s certainly bad . A mega fast collapse is coming imho and then a tradeable bottom for everything. My take on precious metals is they will have their day but only after hell comes . I respect all opinions . Right now short everything

  11. Xi is under a LOT of internal pressure in China wrt keeping his own position … which may serve as a catalyst to PUSH him to take on Taiwan NOW … as in BEFORE the end of the year.

    The key to any successful “invasion”, if you can call it that, is to neutralize the Taiwan Air Force, since without an effective air force Taiwan is just a bombing range for the Chinese.

    That neutralization can come quickly via a surprise attack combined with drones upon drones going after their aircraft on the ground or when they land to refuel/rearm, or it could come over time as the Chinese just wear them down since Taiwan is unlikely to receive new equipment as fast as their existing equipment is destroyed.

    Will the US jump into the fight to support the Taiwanese Air Force? I personally doubt it. The US will probably conclude that to take on China over an island that even we say is “Part Of China” is not worth the HUGE battle that we would be undertaking.

    For the air force if we would join in we would have to be flying out 500 miles from Okinawa to do that, and then flying 500 miles back so as to refuel/rearm, and that 500 miles is near the limit of the fully loaded operational range for some of our newer models (older ones had a longer range – but in their wisdom the DoD decided the new models didn’t need to “reach out so far” thus they have shortened their effective combat range).

    Send a US Carrier in? How many sailors do we want to be fishing out of the sea a couple of days later? If our long term goal is to protect Japan and Australia it would be foolish to lose a carrier on a suicide mission to try to stop an ongoing Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

    China “may” not move yet this year, but imo if they do NOT it is ONLY because their logistics train for the invasion is not yet fully filled and fully functional.

    The Chinese ARE going to move, and move within the next two years or Xi will be out of office and either dead or sitting in a prison cell since the rabid military and political people around him are chomping at the bit to put Taiwan in it’s place and finish what Mao could not achieve in 1949. Xi may be ruthless … but he still has to pay attention to those who have to power to “dispose” of him so he WILL do what they want.

    OH … and once they have Taiwan, well they will definitely have their sights set on cutting off the US from it’s Western Pacific Allies, which means eventually trying to sever the physical connections that tie us to them – shipping lanes and air corridors.

    NEUTRALIZE Hawaii, forcing the US military back to the mainland, SEVER the air corridor to NE Asia through Anchorage AND get in a position to control (via air from Alaska most likely) the great circle shipping channel from the US to Japan /Philippines, AND shut down the Panama Canal thus restricting the US Navy’s ability to move ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

    If they can do that … well Australia is a plum for the taking since on it’s own Australia has NO ability to fight off even a SMALL Chinese invasion.

    Buckle Up …. imo LIFE is about to change and change radically for those of us in the US who depend daily upon the products we receive from China and Taiwan. We should count our blessings if the Chinese STOP at just taking Taiwan. World Wars are NOT generally a good thing for the people caught in the middle (and any new one will probably have a designer disease component to it in addition to AI Robots who will become independent killing machines)

    • “China “may” not move yet this year, but imo if they do NOT it is ONLY because their logistics train for the invasion is not yet fully filled and fully functional.”

      They’ve really come a long way with the kamikaze drone production.. a couple dollars to build and programmable.
      Then the alliances they’ve made near and far..
      Then who have they been buying?

  12. Comrades,

    Today was a great day in Australian history as the brand new icebreaker RSV Nuyani arrived in the Port of Hobart bereft of celebrating citizenry detained under the lock and key of covid-19 stay-in-place regulations. However the ship looked resplendent in picture and only a year late being delivered from the builders in The Netherlands. Sadly their Romanian subsidiary opted to put down tools for the duration of covid such that the unfinished vessel received a slow tug tow along the Danube to Dutch HQ for final outfitting. Sea trials included a photo op off the East Anglia coast with the UK’s newly constructed RRS Sir David Attenborough named after the famed BBC presenter. During the extended hiatus from production of Nuyani, the Chinese were able to be first across the finish line by completing their new icebreaker, Xuelong 2. It resupplied the Chinese bases in the Australian Antarctic Territory last winter. Perhaps it did the neighbourly thing and even resupplied the Romanian Antarctic base that was gifted to Romania by Australia and is only 2 kilometers from Chinese base Zhongshan.

    Of course the big money with a maritime undertaking like RSV Nuyani is operations. And the operator will be none other than London’s Serco. Serco of course operates throughout the globe not without periodically attracting raised eyebrows and is run by a grandson of Winston Churchill, and a sister’s boyfriend is one of England’s most celebrated authors for fictional accounts of excesses in late-stage Western capitalism according to Wikipedia. Whatever it takes to float boats, right?

  13. This Dr. used Vaxxes. Page 130. The entire Earth is now the a Jab-Lab.

    The Island of Doctor Moreau
    A Possibility
    By Herbert George Wells · 1896

    ‘Monsters manufactured!’ said I. ‘Then you mean to tell

    ‘Yes. These creatures you have seen are animals carven and wrought into new shapes. To that, to the study of the plasticity of living forms, my life has been devoted. I have studied for years, gaining in knowledge as I go. I see you look horrified, and yet I am telling you nothing new. It all lay in the surface of practical anatomy years ago, but no one had the temerity to touch it. It is not simply the outward form of an animal which I can change. The physiology, the chemical rhythm of the creature, may also be made to undergo an enduring modification,—of which vaccination and other methods of inoculation with living or dead matter are examples that will, no doubt, be familiar to you. A similar operation is the transfusion of blood,—with which subject, indeed, I began.

    These are all familiar cases. Less so, and probably far more extensive,
    were the operations of those mediaeval practitioners who made dwarfs and beggar-cripples, show-monsters,—some vestiges of whose art still remain in the preliminary manipulation of the young mountebank or contortionist.

    Victor Hugo gives an account of them in ‘L’Homme qui Rit.’—But perhaps my meaning grows plain now. You begin to see that it is a possible thing to transplant tissue from one part of an animal to another, or from one animal to another; to alter its chemical reactions and methods of growth; to modify the articulations of its limbs; and, indeed, to change it in its most intimate structure.

  14. “On terror? Not getting a lot of play – yet – is the story “Security review after British MP stabbed to death in ‘terror’ attack.”

    Um, looks to me it’s more like a “stabbing” than a “terrorist attack…”

    “RIP Sir David. You did not deserve this.”

    I agree, but the attacker murdered David Amess. He did not create an atmosphere of terror to make a political statement. Simply making the MPs feel unsafe doesn’t qualify for anything, other than “scaring them.”

    “Carefully note the application of labels here: Drones of the West are “fighting for freedom” while drones from potential adversaries are “terrorism tools.””

    I noted our freedom-fighting drone that offed those Afghan kids is going to net the survivors a free emigration to the U.S. and all the money they can carry…

    “Biden seeks refuge from Connecticut hecklers: ‘I like kids better than people’. ”

    Yeah, we noticed that many years ago, Mr. Creeper…

    “There is hardly anything in clothing that doesn’t come out of Asia. ”

    Currently wearing U.S.-made undies, New Balance tennies, and a Gildan t-shirt. My pants are from Indonesia, but I’ve a couple pairs of Bill’s Khakis and some jeans I COULD wear if I were TRYING to “wear American…”

    “If the U.S. loses a carrier in the Taiwan dust-up, there’s little doubt the conservatives in the US would scream bloody murder for retaliation.”

    Some would. The problem is ALL Leftists and NeoCons would scream bloody murder until Pelousy dragged out the nukes and told Joe to throw the switch. ‘Thing is, there’s no guarantee President Rice or (Regent) Obama would allow that switch to be thrown.

  15. Comrades,

    Electric power is on an extended outage, 30 minutes so far, right across this quadrant of the city. It’s the second time in a week. Most unusual.

    The building generator is running for emergency lights. Elevators are out. I just opened the outside door for three of my neighbors. The electric door locks are not responding to key fobs.

    This is just a test, right?

  16. We need some really good news to come out to bring this market down.
    Seriously, economic reports / NFP have sucked wind (missing by a landslide) CPI was bad news, FED said they were going to taper… All bad stuff and the market rallies. Tell us something good so folks think the printing presses will turn off, so this thing can crash.

    Anyway, I have my counts the same as yours, ripe for a W3 drop, but one caveat:

    I see an ABC at the bottom which has hit the 62% retrace level in the S&P500, as you pointed out in the previous post. Depending on where it’s measure from, the C wave will have an equal length to the A wave with SPX at about 4580, a few points higher than the Friday high (but there are other points at the bottom which have it high enough now).

    The caveat:
    If the C wave decided to travel 162% * A wave, the target range is 4560-4580, breaking the all-time high, yet, as odd as it sounds, is still in a W2 correction. An expanded flat.

    • Incredibly astute. Where I came down was on frequency of occurrence – I figured (and its useful) that the “Occam” is the PN count, but the higher target (a few points) is possible. I figure 2:1 odds the simple solution will prevail but that’s what next week will tell us.

  17. Riddle me Phish Phatman! How is it that I have deactivated a phone, set it to airplane mode, transfers the number to a totally different carrier
    activated another phone and it still gets text messages on it that are supposed to go to my new phone?

    I will take Things that make you go hmm, for a millon, alix.

    What is F around and Find out?

    That is today’s daily double Andy

    When I was in meditation this morning. I saw the infinite eye staring back at me from the void. Did you know it was green and Pixelated like an old school Dos computer? Same green as on a dollar bill. Strange. Only heard one “All blocks removed. Proceed.”

    Hmmmmmmm… what is Just Andy!

    Alix, ding ding sing ding , 1 million % just Andy

    The other 2 quest onions I will keep to myself. Sometimes if ya shut up and sit in the car for a min. You get paid.

    • One other question. Since the third eye rests in the sinus cavity, this is a new sensation for me…. you smell sage burning and nobody is burning sqge around you? Or walk into an place and smell a place you’ve been? Or smell someone cooking ribs while your taking a piss on the side of the road otw home. You get home and 2 hours later your roommates are cooking ribs?

      I smelled Palm Desert the other day while walking into a place and 3 hours later I ran into a super model girl I know from there in a totally different place. She was excited to see me … probably the one of most beautiful woman I have ever met. I ignored her after. Lol. That isn’t my department anymore and many a great fortunes have been lost on a pretty woman. Its not that I’m not interested in beautiful women, I’m just, busy. Under every skirt is a slip my old professor used to say.

      In these times where the personnel at Boeing are staging a walk out on the deadline to be vaccinated by 12/8 to keep your job or walk. Now isn t he ti me to be distracted by skirts. The Washington state deadline is 10/25 for vaccination or bust. And I’m mindful there is a new edition of “confessions of qn economic hitman” out.

      This sense is a

      a new thing for me. Maybe I unlocked an achievement? And or developed a new form or intuition? Just started about 3 weeks ago. Smelling fragrances out of the blue unrelated to my current locality then shortly later someone or something relating to that smell comes to fruition. Hhmmmmmm

      you know, I can go from “Hello, your parking pass is on my office door, I appreciate all your hard work” to the next call, “pack your shit, you are terminated” to the next phone call, ‘hi, your almost there see me over here waving, no worries everyone is confused the first time, we will get you on point in a jiffy. Your doing great!” All in about 30 seconds on a Saturday afternoon.

      Someone who was next to me on Saturday said, How the hell do you switch it up so fast like for hours on end. I just replied. I don’t know. Honestly.

      Pass the mustard George. Time to move mountains.

      Whooaaaaa. I used to work in casinos and that is the smell of the Vaukts. You smell that dude???? Smells alot like whooooaaaa. Hahahhaa. Ya that is the smell of


      Cue: Good time


      • And when my right ear is itchy and it’s usually someone bitchin? That means I’m not making everyone happy. And that means I’m living independently. I don’t do what my ears are itching to hear. I don’t give a flying f if the spirits like it or not. I don’t let my environment dictate my every move. I think first. And make my own choices even if my response and reaction time is instantaneous compared to most. I’m a quick thinker. And I don’t care if ya like it or me or not. Lol so bitch all ya want. There is so much going on in the world crying for attention and when u stand out here and look down?

        I can see 2 four leef clovers sitting in a group of 196 three leaf clovers on the ground in front of me. That is all I need to know. And I don’t have to count them all with my fingers and toes. I just knows…. how do I know? Not sure. I just do

  18. Quick hits I forgot to post last week:

    Living the American Dream: Son of Afghanistan’s Former Defense Minister Purchases $20.9 Million Mansion in Beverly Hills

    Mom Calls for a Mass Exodus from the Public Schools

    Threatening Memo From Attorney General Merrick Garland to Parents Comes With Serious Conflict of Interest

    California Is Experiencing a Crime ‘Tsunami’: California crime DA

    From Health Care to Hollywood: How the Chinese Regime Attempts to Control America

    Democrat Party Files Lawsuit to Ensure They Can Steal All Future Pennsylvania Elections through Mail-in Voting

    Poland stokes fears of leaving EU in ‘Polexit’

    Chuck Schumer urges Biden to crack down on ‘ghost guns’

    Sorry — Life kinda intervened on my Internet time…

  19. Dot-MIL and CIA/NSA/FBI/SECSERV use Intel or Supermicro computers which are nearly completely made in CONUS. Their CPUs and BIOS’ are, their motherboard and GPU are not. Their graphics LSIs are made in Taiwan, the motherboards, China. However, MSI now has an end-to-end CONUS fab and will be moving (at least) a part of their mobo manufacturing to the U.S. probably by January. Except for super-secure computers, the aforementioned LSIs are made by TSMC in Taiwan, which is fasttracking a new fab in Aridzona.

    By 2024, if we’re still alive, we should be able to buy a 100% Made in USA computer (it won’t be cheap. It WILL be good…)

  20. You may not be keeping up with the kids these days but a Meme that is floating around quite a bit says, “the biggest mistake I made was waiting to get gas in the morning.”

    You know how I see colors around letters. Green means one thing. Blue means one thing. And gold means one thing. Pink is unknown deception. Bright red means intential deception. The letters in that meme? They be Gold. And when I see gold letters. I Pay the f attention. I really pay attention.

    So if you car is on a quarter tank and you wait till morning. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. I never let my car get below 3/4 a tank. And I was on the way home and it was at half tank and I remeberd that meme. I drove right back to the gas station I just passed and filled it up.

    Take care. I don’t need it. Lol

  21. On an interesting note. When I see someone’s name written qnd the been vaccinated? It glows pink I don’t even have to ask then if they’ve been vaccinated. I checked it on it putbof curiosity and I’m 100% correct

  22. Pompeo accuses China of ‘deep’ subversion of the United States

    Warns foreign investment by state pension funds are fueling Chinese weapons of war

    Whatever you do, don’t read this, then go to the front page of EinNews (unless you have time to spare…)

  23. A Loudoun County (Virginia) twofer:

    Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns Amid Recall Attempt, Board’s Sexual Assault Cover-Up Scandal

    Loudoun County prosecutor who sought to jail father of girl allegedly raped at school tied to Soros, McAuliffe

    Buta Biberaj, who received $860K from Soros-led PAC, joined McAuliffe rally this month

    Loudoun County isn’t just the “canary in the coal mine” — It is the discovery of the dead canary, without knowing how long it has been cold…

  24. Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change

    So if it sounds like “the crusade against climate change” is one giant con game meant to enrich a handful of kleptocrats here and now, while the nebulous benefits – and the all too certain debt and hyperinflation – of this revolutionary overhaul of the global economy are inherited by future generations, it’s because that’s precisely what it is.

  25. China Stuns U.S. Intelligence with Hypersonic Missile Test

    U.S. intelligence agencies were caught by surprise when China secretly tested a nuclear-capable low-orbit hypersonic missile in August, the Financial Times reported Saturday. The weapon circled the globe before descending upon its target, missing by about two dozen miles.

    It happened in August, but hit the newswires Sunday night…

  26. Who said this morning, “His pride is going to take over the whole world!”

    Heard it this morning. I know it was someone who visits this site. I heard all the bitching.

    A ton of it from my statements and I know who is ranting. The reason I wrote them is I wanted to be sure I knew who it was. Who was pissed. I could have said nothing. But I wanted to makes sure it was who I thought it was. And now I know.

    Like I said. I don’t say everything I see or hear. It’s important for me to know who is against me and who is not.

    The measure of one’s abilities is not in those who praise him. It is by those who are against him. For it is in difficulty that one becomes stronger.

    I am always being tested. And I said it over and over I’m not a Saint. I’m not an Angel. I’m not perfect. I’m not God. I’m not looking to start a cult. I’m don’t want crowns or trophies or titles or any shit like that. I don’t care about that stuff in this life or the after life. Others give that stuff to me. Not because I ask. Not because I want them. Out of the goodness in their own hearts. I don’t care if you like me or not. Love me or hate me. That is about you and what is in you. Not me. I don’t care if you belive me or not. Your beliefs are about you. I’m not here to convince you of anything!

    I am just Andy. This life I am living is about one thing and one thing only. A Dialog between THE DUDE and me. There is only one person I am I competition with as I constantly seek to improve my skills. It’s not death, life or anything in either of them. The only competition I am in is with me. I lo r well, I give well, I do many good things but even then, that does not define me. Those are just things that are seen. What is unseen remains to be tested.

    So bitch and rant all you want. ~There is only one person that can screw with your mind.~ DILLIGAF

    Fyi: I’m not in this life for you to like me or hate me. That is completely about you. I appreciate your honesty.

    Things are turning around. And who knows what THE DUDE has instore next. Every day I wake up and am excited to see what it is. Could fall in love today and I could have to stick someone in the hedge. Either way….. THY will be done!

    Chop wood and carry water.

  27. What are ya worried about. Are you not entertained? Everything in this world is about this world. Even my abilities in this world are about this world. They could be useless in the next. What we know in this world and our relationship with it is about this plane of existence. This is only one world. One plane of existence. I’m not so prideful to think that because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me in this world Phil. That I forget that this world is not all there is.

    I have given over 100 last rights to people, heard their confessions of sins before they died. Prayed with them before they died. I’m not a priest or an ordained anything. They asked for me before they passed away. Almost every single one of them said they would trade everything they owned for one more day to spend with someone special or to relive a favorite memory one more time. Or to fix something they did wrong right before they died.

    You know what that teaches me? Savor everything. The good the bad and the ugly. Don’t forget to enjoy every single second. Because all the cares in this world and everything you experience can be gone in a breath.

    And if you are waiting for me to win your approval in this life. To live up to your standards of that you think are best. Of you who you think Iam? On your last breath of life in this world. I doubt you will even remember me.

    But I will see ya on the other side. And maybe then. You will know, it’s not all about me and it wasn’t all about you. And there was others that got what they needed. While you were busy being pisssed and thinking you were right. And I was scratching my left ear and hearing you rant. Lol

    I’m truly blessed and Highly appreciative. It is my hope that you are as well.

  28. I find it’s alot like this George. 3 years ago I bought two IPhone 6 for my kids. Someone, a friend stole them from me and sold them to buy drugs. I got my kids two more phones and gave them to them for Christmas. Although I was upset at first, forgave the person who stole my iPhones and helped me look for for them, even tho they knew they took them to present a convincing argument that it wasn’t them, even though I knew it was them. It’s funny when people think I don’t know something but I do, and I play along with them to entertain their minds. When I got confirmation that it was them and they found out I knew. They apologized and I forgave them.

    3 years later, I get two I phone 6 at my new job for company phones. Along with I have 2 other phones that are no longer in service and one of them that is sitting on airplane mode that gets text messages even tho it is is deactivated, unattached to any network and has working number. And I have the brand new Samsung 21 ultra. So now I have 4 phones an I only need one. And I have a bag with 7 different Sim cards in it I found in gas station bathroom at a rest area a while back.

    The thing about it is. It’s just phones. There is more to life than phones. There is a principle in action here. There is a working mechanism. There is several dynamics working cocert together. And even still. One has to ponder the driving mechanisms of principle, it is just something of value on this plane of existence. Do they mesh or work on other planes of existence. Causality?

    Well we know there is the echo before the cause and the echo after from our shemaic example of a man standing in a valley who yells Hello, those entering the valley will hear the echo before they come to the man who is the cause or source of the echo and those who already passed the man who is the cause or source if you will hear it after the event.

    Which most of the world find out after the event. From the news sources. And say ohhhh awwww whooaa. So there is an effect before the cause or source and there is an effect after the cause or source.

    But does that mean the same dynamics apply to dimensions, relms, other planes of existence, other worlds? The dynamics of principles working in concert. The carrot or the stick? You mean Heaven and Hell? Have to be perfect and if your not, you need someone or something outside of you to cover your mistakes for you. A spirit or a man or a fee paid and the church or a penance or a karma or something relating…Hmmmm

    I’m a Christian because I understand what that means. The term Christian means image of Christ. To me. An echo before or after the cause in the canyon… so to speak. Depending on if you are entering or leaving the valley of death.

    Two thiefs on a cross in the valley of death. The cause or event stands between them. The Christ. One repents the other does not. One entering the valley and one leaving. All three died and only one rose back to life. The cause. Or event.

    Hmmmmmm. These are the things I consider. Not the rantings of pissed off people or rantings of approval of others. Or of gain or loss.

    And im just Andy.

    Ya feel me bro?

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