Forensic Economics: The Dogs of History

Once again, the daily news flow provides some interesting insights into the cyclical nature of human behavior and the emerging Digital World Order (DWO).  In ways that may be useful when looking at macro crowd-level behaviors among humans.

Perhaps even more interesting, from the perspective of historical rhyming, is the tax decisions this week which may set up a showdown between terrestrial and space-based digital assets.

The Digital World Order (DWO) is emerging now.  And it will change your online environment and add costs as it grows.  Even at the U.S. Fed is burying key financial data to make it less accessible to the technically unwashed.

Which we will dig into – along with some very interesting ChartPack views, right after we sing some rhymes of History.

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59 thoughts on “Forensic Economics: The Dogs of History”

  1. Yo Gyorgy,

    We have a sighting ….a cygnus atratus theory event – is slooooowly coming into viewfrom AMZ studio/el pretendtente wh.
    The rutabaga-in-chief, (who the hell voted for this dumb lump of shit, anyway?) is gone..shuffled into the dustbin history – he does not even know where he is..dustbin of history.

    Will repto/orion control system survive “great reset” ? it is their plan after all..

    Bribem is toast (mentally), must give up nuke codes/keys/football -yesterday!

    Piglsosi and Camela both Impeached = Willfully & Knowingly promoted slo jo – chynahs ho – is Criminal act.

    Yeah, the US dollar and US Treasury bonds “backing”look solid as ever..

    Whats backing the USD ?
    ohh thats right the soy boy&girl Transgendered Army, Marines, Air Farce(f35hahaha) and Navy..Imagine General George Patton asking his attache..”do these skinny leg khakis make my ass look fat?”

    Hows the popcorn supply/surplus Che Ure – gonna need moar soonly me thinks.

    • “Will repto/orion control system survive “great reset” ? it is their plan after all..”

      Have you ever considered that “all this weird stuff” are the results of OUR COLLECTIVE CHOICES? There are “no their plan after all” except US having made individual choices that have lead to ( undesirable? ) outcomes.
      Of course, it is always someone else but me ;-(.

      • Very true. An uncomfortable truth. Our every individual decision gets us to where we are. One step at a time. Blame no one for where you are at.
        As for collective choices, well the US has always been a poster child for the Western world. We (all western), countries have made shitty life choices in turn.
        We all die, the trick is to die with your spiritual integrity intact. What else is there ???

      • choices, so lets see if I got you correct. Bad stuff happens to me because of my choices, right? So when I was sitting at a red light 4th vehicle back and my car gets rear ended,, it is my fault according to your logic not the stupid driver’s fault that was not watching where he was going. It was my choice of actions that put me in that time and place, so by your belief, that makes it my fault
        Do you always blame the victim for a criminals action? That is like blaming the cattle for getting slaughtered
        cattle get slaughtered because we have a conspiracy/plan to raise them, feed them vaccinate them neuter the young males into steers brand them ear tag them(any ranchers chipping them yet?) put them into feedlots and ship em out to be slaughtered/KILLED
        It is their collective choice that they made, by your logic
        how about human trafficking that is on going
        are you aware of OPERATION GAME OVER
        just a small tip of the iceberg that includes MOST of Washington DC

      • OBD – THE Movie is coming out this week !

        The World will know – Exactly what our “el ite” leaders/royalty/billionare class have been up to regards little innocent children – U know the ones supposed to inherit the Earth.
        Historically speaking from before time of Canaan – “children passed thru the fire” by their parents ..sacrificed to baal/molech …for better crop yields?? What the priests did with them once “passed thru” ??

        The choice to know the disgustingly foul details of child sacrifice/sexual exploitation & torture.
        Movie clearly shows and explains how alphabets use children in “honeypot/blackmail schemes” = why elected officials Vote AGAINST constituents wishes -Worldwide
        This activity is the largest Negative Energy generation operation running against Us/planet.
        But apparently its our fault that we are unwitting herd of stock animals w/valuable DNA = Resources we B and “they” want.

      • Noooo nooo. The US Capitol is geometrically Solomon’s template. There two place on earth using similar geometrics. One is the Vatican the other is DC. They are a place governing massive empires while not being a part of the country they dwell. Remainig Separate and fully autonomous. That is on purpose.
        Not to get all Durnval on ya with 46+2 (lower 48) but the same geomentics are found in the Book of Enoch, if ya know how to look at it just so. Which Cain built a city named after. The City of Enoch, using the template of similar geometry structures.
        East of Eden in the land of Nod.

        Same geometry. According to legend. Until Hong Kong becomes the Captiol of China. I ain’t to worried about China. They are positional and geomentically insignificant by retaining a Capitol located as part of its collective. Unlike the Vatican and the DC. The only other place that could be considered similar in nature is The Dome of the Rock (considered by many muslims) the capitol of Islam which resides within Jerusalem. and entity unto itself, separated and fully autonomous within a country but it rules without directly being attached to it.

        However, its geometry patterns do not remotely resemble Solomon who mimicked in creating the temple from the original blue prints in the City of Enoch. The first city ever constructed according to the Christian Bible. That is right. Long before Babble was conceived.

        Because of their geometry, autonomy of governance and position to their population they govern? It will take an act of God to remove them from power.

        And the Vatican? They been in power for almost 2000 years now. There is a reason for that.

        If you understand the geometry of the Arch of the Covanent? Solomon’s temple, The Vatacan and DC? Then you will understand the reasons they used the City of Enoch as a template.

        China doesn’t have the same template. Nor does russia nor any other country. The thing about math is, its precision, its absolute and its truth. And geometry is a language much like hyroglyps.

        Again, according to legend.

      • Which the Dome of the Rock is like cosmic karma. Since it was a group of 13 mystic hebrews that put Muhammad in power to begin with as a solution to Christianity problem. Hahahahah.

        Hahahahah. So its fitting that they have the Capitol of Islam placed where they want their temple that David built at.

        I read some really old manuscripts I found (long before the google machine) from the 1100’s about how some mystic Jews (Kabalah types) came up with a plan to put Muhammad in power through using their mystic powers to eradicate the growing Christianity issue.

        Pretty funny shit. In my opinion. Since now they have both problems and the muslims they helped create absolutely can’t stand them and it is the Christian Nation of the United States that keeps the Muslim hordes from decimating their great great great great grand kids. Hahahahah

        Very cosmic joke. Hahahahahahhahah

        God is absolutely fckin hilarious! Hahahahahahhahaha
        When you take a step back and really think about it. Hahahahhah.

    • OTFLMAO…. Did you notice Crash.. that all of a sudden.. just like Covid-19 that was cured almost instantly before the end of the first week of the new administration and Nancy quit screaming her voice of reason to the movements..It was a miracle….
      But the NWN isn’t filled with National guard and tear gas stories.. or stories about BLM and Antifa destroying communities.. fighting the violence..
      Dam the New administration works fast to cure the Ills of our country and promote Peace once again..
      Now that is efficient.. we had five years of the building hate movement and a runaway virus all cured in less than two weeks time. Now I wonder.. do I need to get the second vaccination since they cured it so fast.. .. I can see the scene now.. cured the ills that we have heard non stop shortly after our new president raised his cane and the waters of the Potomac parted as he yelled.. LET MY PARTY LEAD…. Does all this peace and prosperity pass the smell test.. Hmm that is up to how you view the scene I guess.. I still know the same people that are about to be evicted.. and are ten grand or more behind in bills..

    • Andy, these mystic kabbala Jewish persons that sponsored Mohamed to terrorize Christians would be referred to as Anti-Christian, if we lived in an honest world, but no, we live in a hate filled, deceitful world, and it is okay for this whole tribe of Hebrews, from all over the world, to decimate, repopulate, replace, and destroy the once proud homogeneous Christian nations, all in the name of diversity and multi-culturalism, as they seed their muslim prototypes across the once Christian European World. The muslims are still coming in handy to this day. No, this is not an anti-semitic post, it is giving voice to the powers that be and are.

  2. “Shocking, but at the same time instructive in “modern mindset” how much emphasis there is on “crime.”


    and if you notice.. they are working in the Hate message as in most people are racest.. and the hate Trump message.. it is disgusting.. bashing raping and killing is turning into the fun topics for children and the vast majority of television watchers.. the other thing you get to watch is television shows that are designed around a persons ability to demonstrate sociopathic abilities to be the winner..

    we live in a G rated household.. and what I see that is being offered is not G rated.. I think there is so much hate and violence that is being promoted that the way i seeit, it is actually quite scary..

  3. The newswire is starting to transition from a plague feed to a depression era feed.

    This decision is coming out of the Texas Eastern district, which was once the domain of William Wayne Justice. This will put more families out on the street. I guess CA isn’t the only place where Federal judges claim national jurisdiction.

    Looks like the Lady Gaga incident is partially resolved:

    • “Eviction Ban Is Unconstitutional”

      The significance of the GM bailout was that 100’s of years of contract law were disregarded in favor of saving the company. This was unconstitutional but approved.

      Stare decisis.

      • bankruptcy judges have always had the power to reform contracts. the belief that people should be able to get a clean start was so important to the framers that they put bankruptcy in the constitution.

  4. Took some vitamins last night, had really vivid dreams with full participation. George, this is the first one I remember so clearly, and had this much control over the dream. After all this time, I felt a taste of what you describe, a new experience and I’ve had a lot of vivid dreams.

    To be brief: was in a school like setting, and noticing that pop cans would fall over when I was nearby. I realized I possessed some kind of kinetic energy field. It was like when opposing magnets push each other. I proceeded to channel the energy through my hands and experiment in a classroom. One person was there watching, an observer I didn’t interact with.

    The apple of knowledge: the first object I controlled was apples. The person was placing them on the teacher’s desk in front of me. Motioning my hands, palms out, with a slight pushing gesture, I could FEEL the energy surge, and the apples flew across the room to smash on the wall.

    I also noticed the lights flickering. So I started turning on/off computers and lights with the same sort of motion and “conduit” feeling coursing through my body and out from my hands to the objects around me. This gave me chills, like terror, but not fear. Hard to explain. I woke thinking about it and feeling the same terrific chills.

    • Congratulations! Welcome to my worlds. Please make a note of it. Draw a map. You inner world will grow overtime. The map between realms is useful in time.
      zzz on

  5. Television – I like watching the old shows. The older the better.

    Here’s a mid-war Three Stooges. At time 14:43 one of the characters cite the “New World Order”. This is the earliest NWO cite I’ve found so far.

    NO DOUGH BOYS (1944)

    Older movies that use painted backdrops as special effects are also interesting.

    The movie Pork Chop Hill (1959) starring Gregory Peck takes place during April 1953. In some of the pre-battle planning scenes there are chemtrails painted on the backdrops.

    Jet aircraft were used during the Korean War so a movie producer including contrails wouldn’t be out of the question.

    I’m not sure if the average movie going folk of 1959 knew what contrails were so perhaps these contrails were predictive programming for future chemtrails.

      • well painted backdrops is sort of matte painting… but matte painting was done though a pane of glass… with the live action shot through the glass…now its all green screen and auto tune.. a friend that teaches this was showing me some artists before digital correction and after digital correction songs LOL LOL LOL I wondered hell I could be vocal artist as well LOL LOL and I can’t sing.. LOL LOL LOL well i get paid when I sing.. but it is just so I will quit singing LOL

    • My dad was acquainted with Lindberg. It was dad’s belief that Lindberg had his own son abducted and killed because he could not tolerate the shame of having a damaged boy. The child’s imperfection reflected badly on him — made it seem like there was something wrong with Lindberg.

    • Lindbergh was DVD .

      Hauptman was DVD recruit – only questions in this analysts mind – was the death of the child an accident – “prolly”, or was it premeditated?
      Rumored the kidnapping was about Lindbergh not “playing ball” with DVD/dachauhq – a pressure op..

  6. U.S. makes the most geothermal energy:,U.S.%20utility%2Dscale%20electricity%20generation.
    That Blue State of CA is the largest geothermal producer in the entire country, surely another evil Democratic Socialist Anti-Racist plot!

      • Ya dont think those geothermal well sights drilled into active lava/volcanic zones are attracting Earthquakes do ya? no electro magnetic energies around any of those sites..

        Dont watch Dutchsinse earthquake shows on youtube – dude is most accurate predictor of things earthquake I have ever seen or heard of.

        Earthquakes it turns out cluster around – attracted to High tension power line areas, O&G Well sites, geothermal sites.
        Obviously geo sites are “active”, and Frackers are utilizing “mini nukes” to breakup the shale rock, once removed from total population – still have inordinate amount quakes striking around above mentioned sites..
        Can I interest U in some “cheap” realestate in Cali, up around the Geysers area ? ..well relatively cheap.

  7. Storing high pressure in salt domes is one large scale energy storage process that shows promise. Tests done a couple of years ago in Kansas. Sorry I don’t have a link.

  8. Here we are 111 days before the Iranian presidential election. Iran announces it’s shutting off IAEA access to webcams at nuclear sites with contents to be deleted in 90 days unless there is a reprieve from sanctions. Uranium enrichment allegedly already exceeds the U.N. 3.67% limit.

    President J. Rocky(?) Biden may remember the name of the previously disqualified but now leading election candidate with a 27% lead who appears to have returned to the ring – His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    One imagines sending a leigion of semi-trailers in USD$100 on pallets to the altars of Mithra would be declined as these aren’t sons of Saddam. Perhaps a recipe for well-mixed cake enriched with bitcoin would work to part the seas of discontent? Hell’s Kitchen be damned; it’s Clark Kent versus Übermensch?

  9. Again, it seems useless to explain that our government bombs people “who are of NO concern to US,” just to send a message to IRAN?!
    Iranian people love most of US citizen. What is that message then to be, if I may ask ???? ;-(((
    Create more hate in the world than is necessary?

    Eve always had a choice living in paradise but she chose to take a bite of the apple — snake was not to blame, IMHO; And so it will go on.

    • “our government bombs people “who are of NO concern to US,” just to send a message to IRAN?!”


      Remember the motto.. everything is a business model.. the US does not spend millions to Just send a message if we did.. then things like the clubbing and killing of tribes just because they aren’t of a tribe.. we would be doing just that.. we don’t….. Usually after the fact we discover that there are ulterior motives to gain control over some coveted material or land and then we send the message to get us embroiled into some heated battle.. to do the right thing.. yup destroy, pillage maim and kill .. so some joker that has way more than he needs now can have more all while dropping the expenses on the middle class..

      so IF it is a business model.. then it could be a two for.. get the leviathan gas and oil fields that we have been trying to get control over for years and control over the oil pipeline at the same time.. there was some pretty good heat about them building that pipeline while they were building it…. and from my standpointe there has been a lot of military activity all around that pipeline.. so .. is it a business model.. or isn’t it..who really pushed the buttons to send missiles..

      MY guess is IF.. the allies to syria and Iran don’t act or make an aggressive action.. then some other thing will jump up in a few weeks so that we have to slap that sleeping lion again..
      and that is not a conspiracy theory.. just analyzing things that have happened from past actions.. remember the last administration had a different event about every three months trying to get us to snap our country into a heated battle..

    • Misogynist much?

      Was no garden – fields upon fields – slaves cant have intelligence – they dont “make” good laborers.
      The serpent (enki) gave humanity Intelligence(he actually felt 4 us) – making it harder for El to enslave his creations.. makes U wonder about God of creation..not nice/adversary.

      If Eve didn’t gain knowledge – we would still be knuckle dragging,drooling, brainless dolts with no future, no “fusion in the blood”.

      In fact we would not know why “a perfect cone vortex of golden ratio phase conjugation” solves both infinite compression and the origin of Gravity”-D. Winter

      About human live birth & 9 month gestation – when majority of “alien” races “awake” in “bio-cooking pots” – having been, (designed/ordered), drawn from vast genetic libraries – throughout Universe = penalty/sentence for un-authorized gain in intelligences, along w/some DNA De-activation (lifespans,pineal,ect).

      • “If Eve didn’t gain knowledge – we would still be knuckle dragging,drooling, brainless dolts ”

        OMG.. ECU… I think maybe the vast majority of mankind has reverted back to the original strain.. LOL LOL LOL … see I can tell you I see the traits everywhere..

  10. Another sure sign of a bought-and-paid-for shill, posting under various names. Along with interjecting political dogma that is totally off-topic to both the original post and all of the comments that follow. Your next tactic will be posting under a bunch of names to act like you are a crowd.

    Tell your handlers they aren’t getting much for their money.

  11. “One choice is electro-chemical (batteries) and some of the NuTech – exotics based on ions with lithium are impressive. But, they are not economic.”

    When I designed my first solar/electric powered vehicle, the cost for the solar panels to cover the top of the car was $220k, in 1972 dollars. Exotic batteries may not always remain “not economic.” The real problems are efficiency and longevity with respect to both generation and storage. Neither the solar tech of 50 years ago, nor that of today, has addressed (or even can address) these issues. With solar, ya gets what ya gets, and the only viable option in making “solar” a solution is to find a way which makes a fraction of “what ya gets,” good enough.

    • I was listening to Elon Musk on Joe Rogan and on Clubhouse with Lex Friedman and has limitations…but high purity N-type IBC cells and high manufacturing quality has improved efficiency exponentially….that said…You do get what you get…It’s storage of Solar that is the future. Energy storage technology has improved dramatically . Several 300MW/1,200MWh systems are up and running in California and Texas. A larger system is being constructed in Australia by Tesla as we speak. Combined with large arrays of solar, it could dramatically decrease dependence on fossil fuels over time. It will never replace fossil fuels, but decreasing by 30-40% will directly and dramatically decrease pollution of our air…which in turn affects the flow and direction of jet streams…there other technologies with promise involving hydrogen cells as well.

      • “it could dramatically decrease dependence on fossil fuels over time. It will never replace fossil fuels,”

        EXACTLY MARK…. I totally agree..
        You will never be rid of the roots of the tree.. be the leaf..instead.. take the burden off of the demand for more..
        I know I have said this for years… put solar towers at the furthest point from the roots.. a smaller system at every sub station.. then work back to the power plant.. you not only strengthen the grid but take a little of the burden away from the demand for more.. and the huge infrastructure changes that are needed to boost solar power great distances.. just my opinion.. one day I may win the lottery and then build one.. right now only Brazil is doing that..
        I understand why they are choosing the design they chose for the solar towers.. an icon.. but seriously I don’t like that design.. three sided.. an inverted reflective inverted trapazoid would be more efficient.. but then again.. they are in the land of the sun.. why not go big like that.. My thoughts are smaller.. enough to handle the load plus for the design of the particular sub.. but then that is just my opinion… in cities.. put up CO2 filters on the street lamps.. ( we cut to many trees down.. a co2 filter would be a nice addition)

      • “improved efficiency exponentially”

        Um… NO.

        Overall efficiency has increased by about 30%.

        Storage technology (battery) has increased about 3.4x (Li vs Pb), storage management (charge controller) has increased by a factor of ~1.8x (LA/SLA) to ~1.3x (Hg, Ni, or Li), since 1970.

        Now before you blow a gasket, understand I cherry-picked these numbers to present an outlier worst-case result, but you (of all people) should well-understand that anyone who’s selling something is going to cherry pick the numbers to present an outlier best-case, by which to sell a fat-walleted audience on a remedy for the unevenness of their butt cheeks.

        In truth, the only portion of the entire tech which has increased at any rate close to even “arithmetic” is that of charge controllers. Li-ion hasn’t, because 50 years ago it didn’t (commercially) exist, so increases in its tech can only be plotted from the time it became more than a laboratory curiosity.

        There is a [comparatively] huge bump between lithium tech, and that of any other common battery technology, but the majority of that bump comes from a reduced footprint WRT both size and weight. The technology bump is closer to 400%, is comprised of an advance in capacity (1.8x) and also longevity (~2x), and is mostly due to the optimization of charge controllers for lithium-based cells.

        I can guarandamtee you that the only way one can graph an “exponential” increase in either battery or solar-cell / solar-panel technology is to begin the graph decades or centuries before such tech existed. Anything else is “fun with numbers exaggeration and BS” designed explicitly to sell people stuff.

        With all that said:

        “It will never replace fossil fuels”

        It will help, if the tech matures. It is currently a technology which has a decaying production curve, being used to supplement a power structure which has an increasing demand curve. (Speaking specifically about the Power Wall because Tesla’s tech is truly cutting edge and generally, “best-case”) batteries will require replacement every 12 years, solar panels, every 24 years, as output decays to below 50% of potential.

        Nuclear is incredibly inefficient, but incredibly powerful, and has the potential to do it all, but because of prejudice related to its inherent dangers, is probably not going to be studied to the degree it should, to both increase efficiency and minimize its environmental damage-potential. Unfortunately, unless someone discovers Star Trek’s dilithium crystals, and a means of utilizing them to produce power, we will eventually run out of petroleum and dammable rivers, and face the decision to grow crops and feed people, or plant solar panels and feed power grids.

        Hydrogen is a battery, it is not a net producer. We can only do hydrogen power if we can find a cheap, and more-importantly fast and efficient way to crack it out of common chemical compounds (like water.) One of my tacks WRT high-mileage alt tech vehicles was whether it was possible to build an electric-hydrogen vehicle powered either by electric motors or a gas or steam turbine. The numbers weren’t there, and when I revisited in 1994 and again in 2008, the numbers still weren’t there, not even with regen.

        NO amount of desire will supplant, negate, or circumnavigate the laws of physics. Whether you’re working with joules, or ergs, or horsepower, or BTUs, or any other unit, when minimum required power exceeds the maximum potential energy of the energy source, the equation generates a “divide by zero” error. Every time…

  12. “We can generally assert that crime gets worse when economics are bad.”

    Historically, violent crime dropped. Petty theft and shoplifting went through the roof. I haven’t seen numbers with which I have any veracity, from the economic troughs since the mid-60s, so can not voice an educated opinion regarding how drug use/trafficking may have “adjusted” the curve.

    • “an educated opinion regarding how drug use/trafficking may have “adjusted” the curve.”

      I have read the stats.. on the curve in the states that have legalized it.. from my perspective they should do just that.. legalize it.. legalize marijuana.. the drive for the harsher drugs had a significant drop..
      My guess is how much money are those dealing in illegal drugs donating to the system to keep them illegal.. there was how many billions that is made selling them and pushing them.. where legalizaton you get all the beneficial products as well cheap construction materials.. foams food and clothing etc.. the list is so long it is seriously to big to go through in one day..
      I personally want the skin cream.. yup seems that a little of the cdb oil with a high consentration of thc in it.. makes a great pain cream for those with arthritis. and the good lord knows legal or not I would use that in a heart beat with all these damned weather changes.. unfortunately.. it is illegal and in order for me to get it I have to run to one of the states where it is legal and buy it.. or wait for it to be legalized.. I am going to ask Gaye what her recipe was for a pain cream over at her site strategic living.. .. she had a good one using essential oils that she shared a few years ago…. but I can’t find the recipe anywhere in my file of have to save recipes and I am out.. dam it.. hurt like hell.. and anyone that knows pain and pain management..
      as for the oxy and hydracodone etc.. hate those got them even got roxinol but those thing not only are addictive but are caustic to the body.. so I can’t wait for them to legalize it here..

      • those that use marijuana for recreation are already using them for that.. so why not market it tax it give farmers a whole new crop that they can grow that has so many marketable points.. it is a miracle plant and not just for the pharmaceuticals and for the recreation part.. but almost every facit of our lives can be positively touched by the plant.. JMHO.. there are tens of thousands of pages of research on the plant.. and just so some joker could corner the toilet paper market.. with his sawdust.. sheesh..
        when I was little my mom and dad had a bottle of cough syrup for use when we got a serious cough.. it had cbd oil with thc in it.. and it worked.. today.. hey we can give you some codeine .. LOL

      • I hear you there.. stats can be altered or embellished to justify anyones point of view.
        for myself.. I am going by the teachings of my father.. take two sheets of paper and make a list.. a negative list and a positive list.. the positive so much outweighs the negative that it is amazing..
        Marijuana hemp should be legalized.. regulated and taxed..
        I personally can vouch for using the arthritic pain cream.. that is the best.. and there aren’t any euphoric or mind altering properties.. I personally would love to have access to the tylenol with thc in it to use.. rather than the opiates for my arthritic pain medication..

  13. I realize between abortion and 30 years of FPS games, both “human life” and the effects and consequences of shooting someone / being shot have been societally trivialized. However, shooting a dog-walker? Then stealing TWO of the three dogs? I could write 20 different movie plots based on just that information, all equally probable, all equally nonsensical. It seems to be an extortion-by-dognapping thing, but there’s a serious lack of continuity between the currently-known facts…

    IIRC there was considerable noise and speculation that Patty Hearst was in with (or part of) the SLA, and that her kidnapping was staged to enable her to operate openly as a member. The SLA “safehouse” was just down the street from the house she lived in at Berkeley, and the group was formed in August of 1973. Having been kidnapped 2/4/74 then participating in a bank robbery on 4/15/74 leaves 10 weeks for her to have been brainwashed & broken to the point she’d be allowed to wield a rifle and give orders. Even Jim Jones would’ve been astounded.

    The SLA was only a few months old when she was kidnapped, and vanished into the ether (and the California State Penal System) within a few months of her capture. I always liked F. Lee Bailey, but even when still wet behind the ears, figured he put on a multimillion dollar dog & pony show and Randolph saw to the retirement needs of the jurors.

    With that said, I’ll grant they were all high profile nippings. BTW, somebody else may be thinking along these lines. I noticed tonight that “Elizabeth Smart” was trending…

  14. Oh, and nifty thing: Daughter sent me a FB link several months ago to a book entitled “The Self-Sufficient Backyard.” I finally got around to opening the (dormant ’till yesterday) tab to the site, Friday. Yesterday, my FB feed was full of “sponsored,” related sites, which I thought interesting, so I tracked one down and punched in the website (I don’t click on ANY links from unsociable media sites.) Exactly the same page format and layout, using exactly the same “drop & fill” template as the first, and proffering several E-books as bonus freebies, for the same $37 as “Backyard” (which also offered the same E-book freebie titles for its $37 pricetag.) At the bottom of the page on both sites is a *.GIF announcing the “site is powered by Clickbank” and “not directly affiliated with Facebook.”

    This explains how FB could’ve tracked me from a pageview of a months-old window, and tells me that FB IS affiliated with these websites (and probably affiliated with “Clickbank.”) ‘Guess Zeke wasn’t making it fast enough.

    Caveat emptor…

    BTW, WHOIS dump of Clickbank:

    Admin Name: On behalf of administrative contact
    Admin Organization: Whois Privacy Service
    Admin Street: P.O. Box 81226
    Admin City: Seattle
    Admin State/Province: WA
    Admin Postal Code: 98108-1226
    Admin Country: US
    Admin Phone: +1.2065771368
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email:

    Clickbank uses AWS DNS servers in Washington, and in the UK.

    BBB dump:
    Location of This Business
    Seattle, WA 98108-1300
    BBB File Opened: 1/11/2019
    Alternate Business Name
    Business Management
    Mr. Customer Service Manager, Manager
    Contact Information
    Mr. Customer Service Manager, Manager
    Customer Contact
    Mr. Customer Service Manager, Manager
    Additional Contact Information
    Phone Numbers
    (206) 577-1368

    Damn’ kiddies, too lazy to work for an honest buck… Pretty sure none of this is legal, but with a couple billion websites extant, and each registrant paying into the beast, who’s gonna check registrations? They’re lucky I’m bored and not pissed…

  15. Full spectrum column today George….very nice.
    The RCA history was interesting news to me. Do you know what frequency their 200kw transmitter operated on? Winter propagation, 17 countries, made me curious.
    Geothermal doesn’t need to be deep well volcanic precursor heat; if heat exchanger technology were improved anyone with a little space on their property could tap the mean temperature of soil at 10’ depth and run a heat pump. Wouldn’t make electricity but heat and cool your home on the cheap (after initial $30k install)
    The crime stats confirm your business model axiom: incarceration made profitable; business flourishes. Might actually be peaking under the new junta.
    Who would you prefer to take the 3:00 am wake up, “Mr. President, we are under attack”? Biden’s handlers still asleep, get the SecDef to run home through scenarios while his meds kick in. God help us all.

    • “Who would you prefer to take the 3:00 am wake up”

      Doesn’t matter. The President is the “Commander in Chief” of the military, and that power is reserved for da Prez, alone. Mr. Biden is now our “8-star General” and as such, answers to no one. Congress does not have the legal or Constitutional ability to usurp this power.

      If’fn the Democrats didn’t want that power in the hands of a senile dimwit, they should have produced a better candidate.

      Actions have consequences — so do elections.

      Their job is to game out what happens if Mr. Biden gets that 3am call, or gets a wild hair up his ass and sends a bunch of ICBMs to Moscow for the hell of it. They need to do their job, and not try to scheme a way to appropriate control of the military.

      Deal with it (and stay off Deagel’s site…)

      • You are correct but, the recent fluid nature of the constitution fosters unconfirmed rule changes. Would SCOTUS even hear the case? Groundwork being laid for amendment 25? Seriously scares the s**t out of me to think this mannequin and his droogs control the military.

      • ‘Thing is, the Constitutions isn’t fluid. It is a legally-binding contract between the Citizens and their selected officials. The fact this has been routinely ignored by Washington, when inconvenient WRT their machinations, for the past century, doesn’t change the fact it IS a contract.

        Not scared — prepared…

        What scares me is we now have two generations coming up, which have been programmed to believe the Constitution is a “living, breathing document.” It IS, in that the contract may be amended, however it is NOT, because it exists as a binding contract, and not open to interpretation. That politicians and jurists routinely interpret it in an attempt to make it suit their agenda is both legally and morally wrong, but until and unless the ignorant masses shed their ignorance and grow a set, this is the society with which we must deal… so point taken.

    • Awwwww . . . thanks so much for the kind words. I will try to share some new CBD info soon. And perhaps sponsor a giveway. Whatcha think?

  16. I’m sure y’all know this already because I’m not a rocket scientist and shit. Soul (in what is now known as South Korea) is the first World Capitol once we have have a one world government. Most of you won’t be around to see that unless you come back to Earth for another go around. Which is all old news for you lady’s and chaps, I’m sure. I knew that back in 2009. But I’m sure you time traveling immortals all known that since before I was born. Hahahah

    That doesn’t happen until 2063 tho from my read of things. Lot of shit happens between then and now.

  17. I went 15 years without watching tv. When my mate arrived and settled in the year 2005, he was and is a tv watcher. Wow, what a shock to my senses and sense-abilities. Now, that was 16 years ago, and still I retreat away from the tv room as my heart, mind, and soul cannot stand nor handle the ribald violence, rapes, murders, assaults, criminal behavior training, including psychopathic examples, any manner of drug use and abuse, LIES, DECEIT, and ANYTHING GOES (except decent wholesome family tv); not including some of the 50’s, 60’s re-runs – Hollywood script writing soul and family destroying carnage. I wonder is this the same glyphosate laden fodder they feed the cows and pigs in other developed countries or is it just saved for the American market? After all, that is all we are to them. They are training humans to be beasts of burden in mind, body, and soul fixated on violence, sex, drugs, alcohol (I repeat myself), and money, i.e. the love of money. Destroying the beautiful chakras in the body and hindering soul and spirit development on earth. Are there any parents on this board that actually have turned off their tv’s? Any like my Dad in the 60’s, who hurled ours down the steps in disgust and took the tv out of the house? How many of you have stopped going to the movies (before the PlannedDemic?). How many of you have stopped buying the music, the filthy training books, given up Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, et al? Any one practicing their morals any longer? You know children learn by example, don’t you, and when you are not there to give them that, they get it from TV (all media), their SCHOOLS, and lastly their peers. Let’s talk about CHURCH; 300 a week are closing in these United States of America (and the trend is repeating in other developed nations, too), do you think that Hollywood script writing and production has anything to do with that? How about the globalist owned mainstream media with their non-stop focus on TRUMPED up racism, and pitting the races against each other? When they have achieved the killing and destruction of God and faith, What/Who will pick up the slack?

    The #1 Problem in America is that the FATHER has been taken out of the home. This is THE PLANNED-FATHER-DEMIC that we are all reeling from. It is the foundation of the Leftists ideology, destroy the nuclear family, take God out of everything unless to ridicule it, and all miseries stem from that.

    • “I went 15 years without watching tv.”

      I could easily get away from MSM the networks IMHO… but can’t seem to convince the rest of the family that we should… its the same old drivel and the hate messages and violence is nauseating.. I would love to see a study done on how NOT watching the main networks playing violent games would affect Violence and hate in the big city setting. Would it curb the violence or would the same violent actions be retained…. interesting.. what does the combination of EMF surrounding you and the non stop hate violence and murders rapes pillages and war..Not to mention that the majority of parents are forced to work day and night so who is baby sitting .. Well with no adult presence it would be the local neighborhood gang and violent television and games.. great choice to raise the future of our country.. IN MY OPION after the Democrats promoting the violence with BLM and Antifa that mysteriously vanished after the inauguration.. cured.. drew a great deal of negative attention to our police forces and because of a couple of bad events effectively neutered our police forces granted those guys needed to be punished for their crimes and the police need to be more choosy about who they are hiring….But. in areas that have notoriously been high crime area’s it pretty much has ..
      Although Stanford and Harvard had done a few studies on how decent people can be transformed in the setting they are if it is deemed acceptable and necessary..

    • “is this the same glyphosate laden fodder they feed the cows and pigs in other developed countries”

      Most “other developed countries” (even the “2nd worlders) have outlawed both gly and nicotine.

      I watch no TV other than historicals, car shows, some amateur sports, and most-importantly, current weather, but every so often, I’ll surf, just to see if something has an interesting hook. What I have noticed over the past few years, is networks like Motor Trend will bleep a mechanic when (s)he says a** or sh*t, but some new “drama” programming on networks and (especially) “superstations” will allow sh*t, f*ck, c*ck, and all the rest of both Carlin’s “7 dirty words” and “7 more dirty words.” When TBS/TNT (and probably the others) rerun a program, they edit them out, but the first view includes all the nasties, plus oftentimes simulated oral, anal, and conventional sex — essentially all the stuff that’d have earned a movie an “X” rating 35 years ago. I’m not a prude, and can (and often do) cuss so well I could make a sailor blush, but there’s a time and a place…

      Thanks, Tipper…

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