Football Does Our Work

Since the world is freakin’ crazy, it’s easy to find ways to entertain the herd of sheeple.  Pro sports is one such tool.

I mean, when you think about it, Sports is a HUGE made-up monetization.  While there are some values (*teamwork, practice, striving for excellence) most of it can be learned from watching a few Tom Peters videos, or reading David Goggins’ books. Faster, cheaper, better.

Not to go off on an early blood pressure booster for you, but…

  • Think of the environmental impact of all the energy wasted on sports.  It won’t get us to the moon or Mars, right?  No sir. What we want to know is where is the benefit?
  • Take transportation:  How many cars and how many parking lots are devoted to sports venues? Parking lots contribute to heat-islanding in major cities.  Remember, Elaine and I sat in Seattle’s Elliott Bay on our sailboat around 2000 and watched the Kingdome being blown up.  A tip of the glass today to the late Frank Ruano – a financially savvy real estate expert – who had told me in the early 1970’s the stadium would never be paid-for.  Even as it was torn down, the unpaid portion was rolled-over into the new stadium financial package.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that was an extremely astute call Ruano made.  Being replayed in cities all over America.
  • Energy costs?  How much of an “industry” has pro sports become?  Look at the construction, the lights, the computers and live television plus OMG how many 85 UHD nano-quantum’s were sold to the slaves (e.g. working class) in order to have the “best view on the block” in 4K hype?
  • Food?  Do we really need $1-billion in beer sales associated with the Big Game?  Like we haven’t lost our way enough already with black tar heroin and child trafficking from Mexico with open borders? Do we need people getting drunk and driving on Big Sports Days?

I could go on – my bitch isn’t so much with sports.  Hey, you want to play touch football with friends, have at it.  But these 12th and 13th man clubs that couldn’t pick off an interception, let alone even walk a straight line all buzzed up on Game Day is a crock.

Again, not trying to piss on your parade, but we’re on the verge of multiple wars and as a Nation, it’s embarrassing to me that we get suckered into bread and circuses bullshit on such a predictable basis.

Oh, and on finance: the public “guarantees” on sports complex bonds used some places is an abomination of the Constitution.  When the F did the Founders insert public involvement with private sports figures, lawyers, corporations, franchises…blah-blah-blah?

(At last, Ure arrives at his point.)

KC’s Win? Market Forecast

But a not very good one.  See, KC is an AFC team, which was the old American Football League/Conference.

Against this, we hold up the “Superbowl Indicator for Stocks” which Wikipedia rolls out this way:

 “This pseudo-macroeconomic concept states that if a team from the American Football Conference (AFC) wins, then it will be a bear market (or down market), but if a team from the National Football Conference (NFC) or a team that was in the NFL before the NFL/AFL merger wins, it will be a bull market (up market).”

As an indicator it totally sucks.  Again, being data-driven and all, so far the Super Bowl indicator has been right 10- times out of 22 (e.g. it was wrong more often than right).

Still, we’re going to put it out there right now:  That record is very likely, as we figure it, to be right 11 times out of 23 by the time we roll around to next year’s game.

And for the next Bowl Movement?  (ahem…) Where is the next Super Bowl? Las Vegas is set to host Super Bowl 58.  I’d raise my environmental flag again:  Got Water for the fans?

Write it down and remember where you heard it.

Help for Sports Sheep

Despite being repulsed by such an environmentally irresponsible “feel good” “bread and circuses” predilection as pro sports. we are not wholly insensitive or uncaring.

Therefore we offer a pointer to 16 hangover cures that work (

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  And this is National Saline Solution Goes Missing from Inventory Day.  The day when EMTs and normal saline are very useful friends to have.

Dad figures son G2 will be a hit passing out carby’s, water, and aspirin on his medical rounds today.

Stock Gambling Over Sports Books

No parking issues, no ticket scalping.  Just turn on the workstation and roll.  But, where?

As of the Pre-Open, we were looking at today as MAYBE trying to complete the small rally wave that began mid-session Friday.  After that?  Well, I plan to take off the Bullish glasses about midday today and go back to the darkly bearish ones.  War’s coming and Pappy didn’t raise no fool.

When not working on projects around here this weekend, I was thinking “Yep, looks like the Wave 2 is already done and we could collapse in a heap (not to be confused with Uriah Heep) and crash the Ship of State on the Rocks of War over President’s Day weekend.”  (Oh, well!)

Ditto for Bit-con – we think it may claw back to the $22,000 level, but then, well, is there a Super Bowl Crypto Indicator, yet? Lets make one up.  Pass de duchy?

See here: New York Regulator Orders Paxos To Stop Creating Binance BUSD (  Rules?  Regulations?  In crypto land?  AYFKM?

War Pending – Louderly

Think sports is silly?  We look at the indicators and say “Sports as a War Substitute isn’t working, is it?”

Joe Biden and the War Party are on their way to a nuclear dust-up this spring as US Embassy in Moscow urges citizens to leave Russia ‘immediately’ (  And

China accuses U.S. of flying more than 10 high-altitude balloons in its airspace during past year.

And no telling what next in the “Party Favors War” (balloons and chips) as US fighter shot down object over northern Canada: prime minister.  Does China have secret weapons?  Do we? Anyone talking “beating ’em to plowshares” for a world on the brink of famine?  No?


Life on “sound bite Earth” just got faster: Opera gets ChatGPT-powered AI tool called ‘Shorten’ to summarize articles (

Designer healthcare is getting closer: MicroRNA discovery opens up new target for novel diabetes treatments.  Oh goodie!  Wait for the financial engineers to figure out lifetime payments to hold various diseases at bay for an inflation-adjusted $500 per month for life. Rent your Life or Die is the flow direction we’re seeing.

Sure that wasn’t an NHL player? Fossils of world’s largest known penguin found in North Otago |

And from our “Kick ’em when he’s down” file:  Another horrible, no good, very bad week for George Santos – BBC News. We don’t take part in such.  Until we change out of Skechers and into Lugz

In Washington today, 2 people.  And in Newark, rough-riding skies,  while the armadillo called the Super Bowl right. The windmill has the day off.

(I figure with enough gibberish, I too could be president!)

Write when you get laid paid rich,

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71 thoughts on “Football Does Our Work”

  1. Recall the creepy fortune teller Izabela. She indicted that after the Turkish earthquake someone would bring forward evidence that the earthquake was an attack.

    While this could be nothing there’s a beginning.

    Romanian Senator-People Had To Die And Is Not Over Yet!Earthquake In Turkey Is Man Made Attack!

  2. Saturday I made a comment regarding the Chinese detecting U.S. submarines.

    Normally on this site we don’t circle back so many days.

    I dug up two links.

    China has tested a new laser designed to find submarines. This is how it works

    “The South China Morning Post reported that the laser was made up of green and blue light beams, which are believed to be better equipped with the right wavelength to travel below the water’s surface where it is harder for light to penetrate.”

    Lasers and Magnetic Detectors Could Help China Find Enemy Subs

    “A team at the Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics say they have devised a magnetic detection sensor that can fit into a capsule the size of a bean. “The device can pick up signals as weak as 20 femtotesla, or about one-fifth the strength of the magnetic field generated by a human brain,” explained the South China Morning Post.

    “Although other devices known as magnetic anomaly detectors are much more sensitive, they are bulkier and can only be mounted on planes or helicopters,” the Post added. “Magnetic anomaly detectors used in anti-submarine warfare must operate at temperatures near absolute zero and require lasers, power supplies and gas chambers to achieve high sensitivity.””

    • There was a report after the “collision” of our hunter killer sub two years ago that nearly sheared off it’s nose that it wasn’t an uncharted “mountain” that the sub hit, but that it had been intentionally targeted by a Chinese underwater mini-sub and intentionally struck, not to sink it but as a warning to the US.

      That report by a publication with strong ties to the Chinese Military was only online for about 4-6 hours or so before being taken down (I read it but unfortunately didn’t save it) claimed that the Chinese had used a laser on a satellite to detect the general area where the sub was and then had 4 ships go to the corners of that box so as to “box it in”. They then deployed remote controlled mini subs into the box as they utilized other techniques to narrow down the area the sub was in. VOILA once they finally had an exact location as well as direction of travel and speed they rammed it with one of the remote mini subs. The US sub apparently never saw the remote mini sub coming.

      You may dismiss that above as fantasy but the news site reporting it had a history of feeding Chinese Military News to the outside world, with the articles they printed often then being deleted a few hours later once they were sure they had been read by their intended information target.

      The Laser Angle of the story reads to me as being accurate, lasers have been used to see underwater for a number of years now. The question in real life being HOW DEEP DOWN underwater can the Chinese see via their satellite laser systems? The South China Sea is relatively shallow compared with other oceans so what worked there may not, YET, work in the deepest parts of the Pacific.

      Submarines are QUICKLY losing their ability to totally hide from the technology of the top First World Nations. What it their remaining lifespan on being unable to be tracked? Got a dart board?

      • I didn’t see the report. I assumed the CCP threw something at our sub, because there is zero probability our sub hit an uncharted anything. We’ve had an inch-by-inch map of every square foot of the navigable water off the east coast of Asia, since WW-II. Therefore, logic dictated that someone hit our sub with something, and the only logical perp within thousands of miles is the Naval branch of the PLA…

      • Generally I speculate the ‘balloons’ were magnetic anomaly detectors and coincidentally civilians caught a glimpse of the lasers over Hawaii.

        The Chinese scanned the oceans and Great Lakes for U.S. subs. Is it a pre-attack scan?

        When the exchange goes down it’s going to hurt.

  3. “Rent your Life or Die is the flow direction we’re seeing.”

    lol silly boy G. its already that way….
    in the end.. medical institutions doctors and pharmaceutical companies get it all.. if your lucky enough to end up in a nursing facility.. that’s a quarter mil a year (just shy a quarter) per person plus medications drs. transportation etc. they allow you a couple hundred I believe now for personal crap.
    if your wealthy you get in to see a doctor right away..if your poor.. well maybe you can get in next year.. elderly rush for southern Texas for the winter..medications are thousands of percent cheaper than in the usa.. its the same for Canadian pharmacy.. I was paying under 200 for a drs. eval, communication of tests done in the usa and communication back and forth to my USA dr. overnight shipping etc. on a medication that locally cost 1250.00 a month here..and if I was in Canada I could have gotten generic for under a hundred..
    my ex wife’s same day surgery after using the free clinic.. the surgeons bill was alone as much as a member of my church that had insurance.. the hospital was way over ten times more.. I refinished his clinic parking lot and became friends and eventually married a wonderful woman.. then I worked Hell year a year of full time in exchange for the bill..
    if your rich you won’t see that you have access..if your poor and go to the clinic..they send you to the ER.. where they raise the drs. clinic rent ..( sounds stupid doesn’t it.. refuse to see someone on a 100 dollar visit to be charge over a thousand that they can’t pay so they can get the thousand from those that sent them there renting clinic space)
    and it will never many billions is being donated to congress again.
    they did close that loophole closing the Canadian pharmacy in our you have to run there..
    when my parents passed every dr. in our state sent a bill for consultation on their passing.. now why would a man need a consultation from a gynecologist and proctologist on their passing… you leave as you came.. if you are going to give it away you have to so many years prior to your passing.. otherwise they can get it back..
    TBE system is broken..not like the 70s when everyone had insurance.. simple fix to.. just enforce anti discrimination laws.. and one price for a product is equal to that of everyone else..suggested retail the borders even for insurance.. from coast to coast. open the borders for medications. and insurance from outside the usa..

  4. So maybe we start calling super bowl Sunday “Black Sunday”. The companies and chicken wing producers move out of the red and into the black.
    Seems every fake holiday, religious observance or someone’s birthday has become a national day of spending. American as apple pie.

    • you know that came up.. the sports bars sell a ton of beer.. one year they had a ten dollar cover at the sports bar over a heavy weight fight.. I rented it on televison.. pay per view.. went to get a cup of coffee and it was over before I even got back to the chair.. didn’t see a thing.. the bars didn’t sell any beer.. it was a bust..
      Its always the business model..

  5. “Since the world is freakin’ crazy, it’s easy to find ways to entertain the herd of sheeple. Pro sports is one such tool.
    I mean, when you think about it, Sports is a HUGE made-up monetization. ”

    you can say that again.. went to the daughters.. my granddaughter’s fiancee was hitting the scores on the money.. I asked him if he was psychic or what..he said no its all a show..someone had posted the final scorecard..a week before .. he thought it was a joke but then thought it was serious when the post was almost instantly removed.. he hit it on every score.. he could have played bets in Vegas and won big..
    now how did they do that on a game we watched live on television.. he says he’s never going to watch another game again.
    which reminds me of an old friend that worked at the casino Bing hall.. she invited me to come and play..she said I’ll make sure you’ll win a couple how do they do that on balls being flipped up live..

    • in PA, we filed the all the other ping pong balls with a lil water (syringe-injected) except for the 6 balls..666 payed biggly! woot woot money dont care where it came from.
      Dick Alguire remote viewed the SatanCelebration Bowl..he called it, drew what he was seeing (Eagles owner holding his forehead in despair over call)…whattaya know -Prezactly what happened.
      multiverse? – how many “strings”? wormholes connecting it all?
      Mind boggling, NO? If its not real, what is it ?

      • I don’t know.. how they did it.. but the kid hit all the scores for each quarter and the ending score.. he could have put money on it.. he would say watch this is what the score will be. and it was the whole way through he laid out how the scores would be before it even happened.. this year was the first year that no one had a dollar bet on it at home.. usually the kids bet a buck on the game..
        I could have sworn we were watching the game live..

  6. Wait, what is going on mr suppression man ?

    Youse too? No metion enviromental DISASTER in OhhowIhateohiostate?!
    Did not Ure consigliere advise youse as to the toxic nature of Ohio? Animals dropping dead miles outside emergency containment zone..good job emergency mgt. “strappers” . Same ole same ole .

    All you allz down there in refinery country immune to vinyl chloride and phosgene in the air? Or have developed a liking, imbibing in deadly toxins for breakfast lunch and dinner. Nothing to see hear, never mind the Ohio river water supply to West Virginia..quick look horrified the rockafellas water supply is toxic and deadly to human life – da wryrony is tres humorous.
    Puny humans seem to have become very expendable..CDC adds covert19 vaxx to childhood/infants immunization schedule -HELLO ! anyone still present? awake? paying attention ?

    WTF is amatta with U ALL ? “They” ARE KILLING Ure children, “they” re coming after them in a very diabolic manner..

    Never mind just rewatch the halftime show from superbowl last night(its symbolic). Celebrate satan and all it stands for and demeans.
    Welcome to USA! – were every child is a likely “happy meal” for the wef’rs/cfr/davos crowd.

    How do you like Ure prison now ? How has god and prayer been working out for ya ? Look around – pretty Blissful and Joyous, No?

    * prescience..when it has all gone to hell, you will be requesting CBDC’s from Ure feeble leaders..worthless Bitcoin.

    Its War and USD has been targeted. Follow the script, it alwayz knowz the flavor of CONTROL, wherever it Grows.

    • Um … I live in Ohio, along side the Ohio river. I’ve posted here about the derailment. Sorry you missed my posts. – Here’s more …

      We are aware of it here in George’s World.

      You might try getting the attention of Ohio’s government and ABC organizations to stop sweeping it under the rug. Governor Jim Justice has sounded alarms in West Virginia and that should echo the entire length of the Ohio River all the way to the Gulf.

      All I can do is sit on the bank in my lounge chair and wait to see the dead fish start flowing by. Got beer? – and the local water treatment facility? Just another day.

      If you’re gonna complain, make it count.

      • No didnt miss it – amazed yousins so nonchalant regards the life threatening nature of the toxic gasses. Enjoy that view while you still can, counting dead fish, amphibians & birds and the creatures/bugs(micro/macro) that will be effected by exposure.

        No worries then “solution to pollution is dilution” Yep – youll be fine sitting there on the porch breathing it all in. Just like the good ole dayze in Cleveland, when the river was literally burning. Surely there will be settlement of some sorts, so rinse & repeat the boomer “way”.

        • I don’t really have a nonchalant attitude about it, that’s more the attitude of those “experts” up there who gave the “all clear” and went back to business as usual. But, they are finding more chemicals there, which is good for the records. Guess it keeps them looking busy.

          I just learned a long time ago, to never panic.

          I commend you in regards to your interest and concern. I have to ask, seeming to refer to the “boomer way” what ever that is … what is your way? What are you doing about it. You have my ear about that. What’s the magic solution after the fact?

        • Joe Brandt 1937 dream;
          “Something else was missing, something that should be there. .. THERE WERE NO BIRDS. I LISTENED” NO BIRDS.
          recently had a dream the cars stop working Shrove Tuesday night, no street lights etc.

        • Yes I do. It’s been coming to mind lately. – use to be Rush Limbaugh’s theme song. I wonder what he’d be saying about this … and everything else that’s happening.

        • god I love that song….
          I loved listening to Rush to LOL
          He did get a tad radical from time to time LOL LOL LOL but he was ok..

      • @KanekoaTheGreat on twitter has a substack containing lots of photos and videos of what is happening in Ohio

    • Yes, you know they love to name their intentional destructions.

      Ours is to be called and remembered as “The Rainbow Revolution” paid for by George Soros, Bill Gates, and all of the Illuminati.

      (Cannot call it “The Colored Revolution” as that is racist and these blokes be woken.)

    • RR workers are on the bailout. ‘Free’ just doesn’t care about the job/quality of work.

      RR workers got their pensions bailed out too. Crashed trains is their legacy. Thank for the tab, RR workers.

      We watch the practical application of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand.

      The clean-up is probably going to be….. 1/2 trillion+. We pay the half-T, not the RR. The RR spent their COVID funds. Thank a lot RR workers.

  7. At charitable best, commercial advertising is a nuisance, like midges at the beach or mosquitos in the woods. The degree to whuch it insults the viewer’s intelligence passes on;y if the viewer is semi-hypnotized by the main event, a television drama or sportsball game. Indeed, commercial sdvertising is enough of an irritant to make one revisit com,mitment to the First Amendment.

  8. Balloons are kind of a serious issue. It’s happened before …

    And there’s a monument in Nebraska about that.

    And here we have a panicked individual who thinks the UFOs are just a diversion …

    And for those who need a Guru to help them get past their crypto sorrows …

    Your welcome.

    So while the bullshit flys in the land of confusion, don’t stop doin what you’re doin.

    Have a great day :)

  9. “Designer healthcare is getting closer:” Are guys from the movie Repo Men going to be a new upcoming profession? Subtle food for thought! George, you might wish to maybe consider a future by-line: Write if you survive!

  10. China has now DEPLOYED a new weapons system.

    China utilized a ship mounted (green) LASER to temporarily blind the bridge crew of a Philippines Coast Guard vessel in the South China Sea during a confrontation between the Philippines vessel and a Chinese vessel near a shoal claimed by both.

    At the time of the use of the laser the two ships were very close to one another, though the article is not clear as to the distance at the time the laser was fired.

    Weaponization of lasers so as to BLIND those controlling other vessels /planes is obviously a new element that will need to be defended against (note the temporary blinding of pilots on civilian flights by ground based hand held lasers in the US over the last several yeas).

    The importance here is that apparently an operational device has now been installed on at least one Chinese ship. Is it now being installed on ALL Chinese Navy ships?

    • When war really does start kicking in, somebody better play “Run Like Hell” so we’re at least, entertained while all those lasers and explosions are going off.

      Be one hell of a concert … kinda like this, only different.

      • Football fans will be the drafted soldiers for WWIII.

        MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Of course, China knows that the Biden Administration wants war. They are increasing their age limits for military service to up to 60 years old. Don’t get upset and think you will be too old for the United States and Europe. You can never be too old to die for your local politician.

        For World War III, combat forces will most likely be drafted up to the age of 40 or perhaps 42. After all, they claim that 40 is the new 20. So start with those pushups. Get used to it. You are expected to die for the Ukrainian Nazis and Taiwan neither of which would actually alter the future of the United States.

        • when Hell breaks loose.. everyone will be in it.. all ages..
          in Ukraine they are dragging people off the street.. to be a MEAT shield for the oligarch’s..

        • For WW 2 the US draft age for SINGLE men was through 44yo as of the restart of the draft on March 1, 1942. You had to be 45 on that date, or in a War Industry important job, to avoid the WW 2 if you were a single male.

          Not sure what the upper age limit was for MARRIED men.

          (how do I know? My dad almost got drafted for his SECOND World War … just missed it by less than two weeks – was born mid Feb 1897)

  11. The monkeys in dc keep throwing shit at the wall, ie shoot the balloon. What do they really have planned? What don’t they want us to see? There is something big about to happen, you best be prepped.

  12. “Sports is a HUGE made-up monetization.”
    I agree. Seems like every single sports team owner has a tantrum and threatens to take his team elsewhere if not given government kickbacks (property tax abatements, infrastructure improvements, public bond issues). Sacrilege in Texas to say, but why do high schools need multi-million dollar sports complexes?

    About four years ago I received a big thank you package from the Holiday Inn group for being a loyal customer. Two lower level tickets to a Cowboys home game, paid parking close to the stadium, one night in a hotel, dinner at a four star restaurant, the works. The stadium parking was $100 alone. I’m guessing the whole package was worth $1500. Wife and I aren’t sports fans so we kept the restaurant and hotel. Gave the son-in-law the tickets because he’s a big Cowboys fan (bless his heart). They were seated so low to the field that every time he tried to take pictures of the game the cheerleaders got in the way.

    I know people who attend every one of their team’s home games at $100+ per person but don’t realize they’re a couple of paychecks away from being homeless. Seems like governments are paying in roundabout ways for the circuses, but when they start taking food stamps at the stadiums it will truly be bread and circuses.

  13. Secret propulsion system at work wrt UFO shot down north of Alaska?

    This CNN piece talks about the intercept pilot reports of the object shot down north of Alaska. It raised some interesting questions:

    Are the reports TRUE … or were they MADE UP and released for public consumption so as to create more questions as to if the US really has developed a new technology based upon the Navy Patents (which talk about flying saucer types of flight ability)?

    Clearly was is described is NOT something that currently conforms to our everyday understanding of physics … though it does conform to the abilities of an item that would be built based upon the described abilities in the Patent applications.

    Questions upon Questions. The entire situation north of Alaska is a little to neat and tidy, when combined with the REPORTED pilot statements (WHY were they released at all? THAT was clearly intentional!) to not think that the US Government PR department is deeply involved in the situation. If truly “unique” it is highly doubtful the US DoD would make such a public show of the pilot’s reports, but instead would keep those under wraps until they (the DoD and scientists) figured it out.

    • Perhaps they were being a tad bit overzealous in looking for threats from the sky that they accidentally shot down our own DOD -Sky Dreadnaught.
      Look it up – still info out there regards this unique and nutech “flying” machine = antigrav. Perhaps this what has been overflying Turkey and Stria lately…huffpost had a piece regards sky dreadnaught back around 2014…the moar ya know, the moar ya know ya dont know”

  14. Re: Gale Blows Through Arizona
    feat: rubeics cube


    The stars shone brightly in Arizona yesterday. One could have imagined Vegas calling for a booth replay as Eagles threatened to soar over a possible software fault requiring reboot in the bionic heel. The halftime sight of the incumbent Barbadian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Rihanna, descending upon a platform of high perch clad in red while spotlights reflected off wizard-directed safety lines that reeled in the ayes perhaps foretold the future. Somewhere Mr. Hefner reclined at grotto in bunny slippers content that pajamas are high fashion.

    Hunt for victory concluded upon turf worthy of a hockey rink, a father and spouse of Miss Kansases accepted a trophy to take to take home. As confetti swirled, cameras captured Rihanna heading for the exit expertly sidestepping a Dorothy-tackle from a bro’ out of the hood going offside moments before the post-game show snap.

    Toto had left the building. There’s no place like home.

    • Folks,

      From “no place like home” on the gridiron , the “BBC” has a report out stating that London area new residential tower developments may have to be paused 10 years. Apparently data centres are “hoovering up” all power the current grid can supply. It’s not just the fault of greedy cryptocurrency miners anymore? Those availing themselves of summer tours about the State Rooms followed by afternoon tea in Buckingham Palace gardens may rest assured stout walls shall repel any riff-raff attempting to squat under shelter of party tents. It isn’t Texas after all, but do bring an umbrella.

      • Re: World Governance 2071


        Absolute Oz irony was ablaze in Scottsdale yesterday as Fox Sports’ cameras zoomed in on the boss’ box replete with Mr. Murdoch and concubine in company with the world’s sometimes wealthiest human, Mr. Musk. Those not fully charged by such spectacle if having a mere 20 minutes to spare Wednesday may wish to fast-forward and plug in.

        Under “the dynamic leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, leader of Dubai” hoped-to-be WEFer replacement The World Government Summit opened in Dubai today promising “to become the global platform for shaping future governments”. Wednesday’s agenda sees Mr. Musk in conversation with the past ceo of the Leader’s $130billion “Dubai Holding” global investment fund. Perhaps early easter eggs will be tossed to the faithful?

        Against such vista of blindingly white robes, let us step back and allow the tide to roll in around us this Monday afternoon in proper address of other gathered heaps of laundry.

    • Halftime was all I saw of the Super Bowl, and that was in a restaurant with the sound off (if you like a nice, leisurely meal without crowds, go to a non-sports-bar restaurant on Super Bowl Sunday).

      Looked like a bunch of big pink muppets dancing around a singing red sleeping bag. Apparently people were entertained by this. I only read about the satanic implications later. When it comes to money wasted on big sports spectacles, this performance stands out as one of the obvious sinkholes.

  15. This morning someone wrote that because the Super Bowl was played in Arizona, we won’t know the outcome for two weeks or more. Sounds about right to me.

      • It was the same 2000 years ago…
        Think Fred Flintstone cartoons.

        Naples Italy Underground.
        I’ve been there.

        La Neapolis Sotterranea
        Beneath the spectacular Basilica of San Lorenzo and just steps from San Gregorio Armeno hide remains of the Greek and Roman city of Neapolis, the first inhabited settlement that grew to become present-day Naples. Venture underground to walk along an ancient road lined with the remains of shops like a bakery and butcher. The entrance is located in Piazza San Gaetano 316, a few steps from the classic route above.

        • I have always wanted to visit those places.. I also have wanted to see the Seattle underground.. supposedly a whole city beneath the city..
          Under DC that is amazing and huge.. you wouldn’t ever guess and deeper than you can believe.. I ended up there by getting drunk.. wandered off and woke up.. took me three days to figure out how to get the hell out of there..
          My Wife when she was young use to deliver to the ones in Kansas.. some places it was six semi trucks wide the driving path..
          the thing is.. NONE of it was built for the survival of the People just a few at the top..

  16. Finally on the “War” front:

    The Norwegians just released it’s yearly Military Assessment report wrt Russia and what is important about it is the information it contains about the Russian Northern Fleet (mostly based just 100 miles from the border with Norway).

    “The most sensational news in the Norwegian FOKUS 2023 report is the assessment that Northern Fleet’s surface warships again sail with tactical nuclear weapons.

    “A central part of the nuclear capabilities is deployed on the Northern Fleet’s submarines and surface vessels. Tactical nuclear weapons pose a particularly serious threat in several operational scenarios that may involve NATO countries,” the Norwegian Intelligence Service’s annual report states.

    The report also states that wrt the Ukrainian War Russia has drawn down it’s defensive troops in that northern region by 80% and fully 1/2 of all of those originally sent to Ukraine (regular troops, NOT reserves) have been killed in action leaving a LOT of widows and orphans now living in the Russian enclave near the naval base in the far north.

    Obviously the blockbuster news though is that Russian surface ships are now setting to sea with Tactical nukes.

    • Bill, I’m not sure how trustworthy that map is. It doesn’t show a bulls-eye on Cutler, Maine. I don’t know why that site would no longer merit a hit. Maybe someone here has an idea?


    • Well … I see my personal analysis of my nieghborhood area was correct. 3 strikes on my city on that first wave of 500, one just 4 to 5 miles as the crow flies from me.

      Glad my side of the hill is the one facing that target, and the one about 3 miles further away, and the one about 15 miles away!! I am sure at least one of the three will go off which will take care of my worldly troubles … in a FLASH!

  17. Never mind the Skechers, those with extra wide feet try Bronax wide toe box shoes on Amazon. Found them last year and after 45 years pounding concrete shop floors, they are a welcome relief.

  18. Not exactly a ‘modern day’ spectacle. Over the past two years archeologists have been excavating an ancient Greek arena. [20 to 30 BC.] It had a seating capacity of 30,000.., around the outside of the arena are the remains of multiple shops. One appears to have been a type of restaurant that served fried foods. Another was a large bakery.
    – Granted that todays’ arenas squander much more resources., but an arena that seats 30,000 spectators, in 20 BC..?.., that must have been an incredible economic and resource monster in its day.
    – “To entertain the masses” is a very old concept – for whatever its venue, or reason.

  19. Hopium seems to be rampant in the markets this morning., betting that the inflation numbers will come within “expected range”. That “range” is anywhere between 6.0 and 6.3 %. Comes in lower and the market will spoke tomorrow.., comes in higher and a sell-off may ensue.
    – 6.0 to 6.3% is still four points over the Fed target of 2%.., so those numbers ensures another Fed rate hike., which the market is not pricing in.
    – Trying to decide if I should place a bet for tomorrow’s action. Think I will sit it out and watch. Plenty of opportunities are in the works and just waiting to show their ability to freak-out the market players.

  20. ENTERTAINMENT for the Masses

    George, sorry, have to take you to task on this one!!

    Somehow you got left behind in the Caveman era in not believing governments should provide venues for entertainment and recreation for the masses AND that “the people” should NOT be able to spend their own money and resources to go and be entertainmed or recreate!!

    The Colosseum in Rome was built with government money and was apparently subsidized for it’s entire operating time. It was so advanced an entertainment venue that they had full scale Chariot BATTLES in it, as well as boat battles in it when they flooded it’s floor to several feet deep!! (fwiw most of the contestants that “battled”, actually “performed”, at the Colosseum and did NOT die in a battle … they were mostly a “sports priveleged” group of MEN who battled inside the Colosseum for entertainment purposes and mostly LIVED, many retiring afterwards – yep sometimes there were battles to the death but those were apparently more rare than normal).

    Although probably a continual money loser the Colosseum packed in the crowds for performance after performace for it’s operating history … and added to the ambience of Rome so much that the Roman Government went out and built mini-Colosseums in a number of places throughout the Roman Empire!! (proabably ALL were money losers too!! LOL)

    Shakespear’s theater the “Globe” was also early on a money loser.

    Ditto most of the various “Opera Houses” built for smaller cities and towns around the US in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

    In my neck of the woods MANY of those were built, most were supported by outside funds that did NOT come from ticket sales but from an original benefactor, by local taxes, or from outside groups. The one in my home town, about 5000 (in 1900), reportedly cost $500,000 – $1,000,000 in 1900 dollars to build and equip.

    Entertainment venues and the operations of those traditionally throughout history have often been a money losing proposition. Individuals, governments, and groups go into building one of those KNOWING that they will lose money but feel the need for a LARGE and BEAUTIFUL “entertainment venue” for the masses justifies the fact that it will never pay for itself.

    Note all the City Parks, Zoos, etc. that at least the better planned cities have. ALL are money losing ventures!! … merely there for the “entertainment” use by the masses who have to TRAVEL to them to use them. Any fees generally collected by admissions are MUCH less than what it costs to operate them.

    (in my metro area of about 1.2 million we have many city parks within the cores of the city and suburbs plus our metro park system which has bought and maintains 10’s of thousands of acres of land and is acquiring new land every year. These are NOT state parks paid for by the state, but city parks being paid for by local taxes and contributions. Those thousands of acres of city parks are all totally FREE TO USE … though our CITY Zoo, which has about 15,000 acres to play with, does charge but not nearly enough to cover it’s operating costs, which are subsidized to the tune of millions of dollars a year in taxpayer money so as to provide it’s “entertainment” to the masses.)

    Also what about the massive stadiums and sports arenas where College Teams play and the tens of thousands of fans who show up for those games? Those venues are universally supported one way or the other by taxpayers!! They are NOT cheap to build or maintain!!, and like with the Superbowl the fans have to spend money to travel to those venues to enjoy the “Entertainment”

    ENTERTAINMENT of the masses is a historic function of government, and has been such since at least Roman times, probably extending back to the Greek times and even before.

    Come out of cavemen days and see what the Romans brought to the masses 2000+ years ago!! ENTERTAINMENT for the masses … and the masses gobbled it up!!

  21. I had to go look up “Boomer” and refresh the time I come from. Hell, ain’t no shame in being a Boomer.

    “Baby Boomers: Born between 1946 and 1964

    Baby Boomers are defined as being from the huge population increase that followed World War II, and the Great Depression.

    They grew up in a time of prosperity and an absence of world wars. They were the Flower Children, taking LSD and protesting the war in Vietnam.

    Unlike their parents who grew up during the Great Depression, Boomers became the great consumers. They became famous for spending every dollar they earned.

    This was the first Western Generation to grow up with two cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot.

    Baby Boomer spending and consumerism has fueled the world economies.

    The Baby Boomers fought for environmental protection.

    Baby Boomers were the first generation to experience:

    A time of unparalleled national optimism and prosperity
    The Cold War, fear of a nuclear attack from Russia, bomb shelters and hiding under a desk at school
    The assassination of President John F. Kennedy
    The assassination of Martin Luther King
    The confidence building from putting a man on the moon
    The incredible waste and destruction of the War in Vietnam
    The Civil Rights Movement”

    I think with all that’s happened since the time I grew up, folks need to question those generations that followed mine. They seem to be creating a lot more problems than we did. Don’t believe me? Just look around. We worried about Armageddon … they are calling to it. Very sad.

    • PB,

      I was in the third grade when the announcement came over the speaker that Kennedy had been assassinated.

      Our teacher, Mrs. T, was distraught, she looked at us wild eyed and said:

      “Don’t you know what this means? A southerner is now the president of the United States!”

      We were just little kids and had no idea what she meant by that.

    • take off the rose colored glasses – every point is spun BS, should be argued the other way, easy. Who bred/produced and raised the generation (s) that followed ? “the confidence man that told us we went to the moon, and we believed him, just like that Single MAGIC Bullet.
      “a time of unparalleled national optimism” ? AYFKM ?

      Hey lets stay positive – 2 Ure “boomer president” celebrate the evil that IS

      lil Bushie, bubba clinton&hildog, obongo – a boomer triple threat,no?

  22. “Since the world is freakin’ crazy, it’s easy to find ways to entertain the herd of sheeple. Pro sports is one such tool… it’s embarrassing to me that we get suckered into bread and circuses bullshit on such a predictable basis.”

    The ‘Whatever’ Bowl. More accurately like the kind of bowl that we all visit in the bathroom during the day.

    ‘The Big Big Game!’ may be over. But the brain fog and mental wreckage and spiritual torture and abuse it exists to foster among Americans is just taking root this day-after in the clouded and confused and tortured minds of viewers (victims) after the day-long-mind-eff.

    The yearly planting rows and rows of Wokeness and Race-baiting and Right Think and propaganda and mind control and spiritual sewage that will have to hold us until next year. Well actually, not that long. Just turn on the Idiot Box right now – or anytime – when you need a fix.

    Millions of people willingly line up to take this kind of abuse. The Dark State’s favorite subjects. And the source of a good laugh.

    When one gets accustomed to being abused… this begins to feel normal. You begin to crave it. And when someone treats you right you can’t figure out what the Eff is that about?

    The Whatever Bowl Sunday. Turning Sunday into a Day of Desecration from one that was meant to be holy.

  23. nobody comments . china is in bed with uncle sam . they got elite facists 2 yah know . wake up . told you about ukraine / vietnam and the no nuke policy . now im telling yah china attack jack sheet they work for uncle sam . should listen to armstrongs latest psyops its a laugh . funny fella that bloke

  24. the big flashing indicator is oil . its going to the horn guy . what a joke $$$$$$$$$$$$$ big in doom and stories of nukes , chinee , ufo , covid .

  25. …just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier—

    It did.

    It’ll do it again very shortly.

    Right now, nobody can imagine just how crazy it’ll all get.

    You’ll see.

    (…and you won’t have to wait very long, either.)

    – 73 –

  26. “I mean, when you think about it, Sports is a HUGE made-up monetization. While there are some values (*teamwork, practice, striving for excellence) most of it can be learned from watching a few Tom Peters videos, or reading David Goggins’ books. Faster, cheaper, better.”

    Not better — not nearly as well, because to be successful, “sports” requires a degree of focus the vast majority of people are not capable of acquiring, unless put through the grinder of “training” for years.

    That said, I consider “sports” to be too limiting a term. I would advocate for the term “entertainment” instead. Athletes are court jesters, just like actors and musicians. They entertain us, we pay them. I would like to bitch that they’re grossly overpaid, but based on the “profit-sharing” arrangements professional athletes have with the controlling bodies of their sports, I really can’t. Instead, I’d say EVERYONE is grossly overpaid.

    By whom?

    By the folks who embroider the Nike “Swoosh” or the Under Armour UA “hourglass” on the team’s “official uniform,” and by Budweiser and Pepsi and GoDaddy and the hundreds of other advertisers and sponsors of these affairs. Imagine how much that box of Tide detergent would cost, if P&G weren’t pissing away several billion dollars every year on advertising…

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