Five Reasons Millenials Should Play Stocks

Yes, it’s like a casino.

But why my kids are more inclined to buy a lotto ticket, have an M-Life card and visit Las Vegas, when there’s a casino of sorts that opens every trading day with much fanfare and bell-ringing, is beyond me.

Even more to the point, the odds are better at the Wall St. Casino than they are in Vegas, Atlantic City, or the Indian casinos that seems to have popped up everywhere.

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This morning some key reasons to get involved.  You won’t get comp’ed, of course.  But you also don’t have to tip the house and the valet won’t ding your car…

13 thoughts on “Five Reasons Millenials Should Play Stocks”

  1. “Snowden is guilty, potentially of treason (a very high crime indeed – recall the WWII Rosenbergs?), and should serve a lot of time or possibly die for the crime.”

    Obama potentially guilty of treason by trying to destroy America’s electricity supply with war on coal and promotion of erratic and intermittent wind and solar of which only 30% and 20% capacity utilized?

      • Here’s the truly sad part..they have a what three percent job approval rating.. ( i think that’s to lenient ) and all of the congressional incumbents up for election will more than likely be reelected to give more of the same crappy service.
        The suit in charge will do his duty and take the blame for the legislation by the inept congress once again…and we the people will blame the next administration all over again..if my vote was the deciding one for an election those running for re-election would see my’re all fired…until you can do your job you can turn in the key to the executive toilets

  2. We are MUCH better off without coal power. It pollutes the air, lays in huge dusty piles around the power plant that have to be watered or can catch on fire. A coal power plant is only 28-31% efficient. A coal plant is baseload and cannot ramp up & down to follow the load. Coal has to be transported thousands of miles in rail cars. The ash & waste has to be hauled off. Finally, coal plants use huge amounts of water. Compare this to natural gas (NG) and renewables. Combined cycle NG plants are twice as efficient, so more “bang for the buck”. NG is less polluting. NG power can ramp up and down in 5-20 minutes to follow load. NG, combined with solar and wind, create the most efficient, cleanest power around. Lastly, solar and wind do not use water, a real plus during a drought. These economic facts are killing coal, not Obama.

  3. Now..I don’t have any thing against coal..actually i heat with coal I have a wonderful multi fuel stove that burns the exhaust giving me more bang for my buck coal is realitively inexpensive and if you live in coal mining area can heat your home for pennies on the dollar..
    Now for the arguments on change..I once owned a 1972 grand Toronto god I loved that car 400 4barrel in it..comfy seats if you closed your eyes you’d swear you was riding high in a caddy..if you had to speed up the back end would hunker to the ground and you were off like a rocket ship..great car..when the price of oil started its journey to the sky..I at first hated the idea of change and would feather the throttle ve th cautiously to start the forward momentum..
    eventually when the costs of repairs and fuel increases etc..the time had come where I seriously had to make the tough decision to change cars..coal is like costs have risen on mining transportation costs keep increasing its time we feather the forward momentum away from coal..last year the cost of the two tons I need per heating year had almost doubled..
    George has mentioned many times the reasonable cost of solar I checked it out.
    What I discovered is that for the same cost of three of the 3megawatt wind turbines there could literally be a ten KILLOWATT solar power home system placed on every home in the state..instead of 9 megawatts an hour potential you would have 4700. In some countries they just don’t have the room for new expanding power plants so the utility companies improvised..for every customer willing to allow the power companies access for solar and small wind they give a price break. There isn’t a lot of infrastructure change no lift stations or huge distribution centers..
    Like my grand torino we shouldn’t be fighting change..enjoy the coal wind water solar biofuels utilize what we can and gradually change our paths distancing our Reliance to other countries for fossil fuels and improving our self reliance rather than dependance. Anyway that’s my view

  4. Protocols for whistle blowers – depends on what your stature is within the regime – more like Mao’s let a thousand flowers bloom in which the opposition stood and had their heads cut off – whistle blowers under Obama have been treated miserably – trying to equate a pardon of Snowden who exposed illegal spying by the Gov’t on its citizenry to Hilary’s intentional allowing of Top Secret information from an unsecured and not approved private server and to virtually anyone ally or not in exchange for donations to the Clinton foundation often in exchange later for arms is ridiculous – in addition I believe it has already been proven that it is virtually impossible from a security protocol for a lot of the information available on her server to have gotten out of the environs in which it was stored implies a security insider smuggled it out – however if they pardon Snowden they will say it’s the same which it isn’t.

    • as a note.. notice just how many people are sitting around Rand Paul listening to the speech.. mmm guess there must be more important things happening someplace else..they don’t read them even vote to keep the right to never have to read them.. they don’t write them.. what I would like to see is a little bit of Jefferson or franklin to emerge from them.. wipe the cobwebs off of that thing they call a desk pull out a pen and write a bill themselves.. they complain about the health bill not one of them have penned anything that would work.. they had to write is a one paragraph bill.. No discriminations by insurance companies.. No price gouging.. Product a costs the same amount,, open borders a product sold in texas should be available in new York.. we should be able to buy our pharmaceuticals from other countries or check for competitive prices..
      instead they let the insurance companies write a bill that will not only cost billions insure their profit margins and illuminate their competition and no one is even willing to discuss it..

      • The bill also needs to require that people can opt-out, and have no insurance and no safety net. The hospital or medical facility would be under no obligation to treat, and would have no ability to collect if they treated without authorization. However, cash customers for any medical service would be required to be offered the lowest wholesale price, equal or below that paid by insurance companies.

  5. I am astonished..our Congress reminds me of a movie..Jurassic Park..we have a group of lazy dinosaurs an antiquated system that’s been taken over be a group of lobbyists. .we the people are like pledges in college all bent over while those that should be working for us keeps smacking our ass’$ with the pledge paddles all the while we yell thank you sir may I have another one.
    when will we gain our wisdom and say no more your working for us and vote these jerks out..maybe it’s time everyone decided no I’m voting for the new guy..

  6. I had a strange thought while drifting off to sleep last night…

    (I’m not saying that I believe the following has actually happened…but anything’s possible.)

    What if the real markets already did suffer a major catastrophic crash? Weeks, months or perhaps even years ago?

    But we didn’t see it because the ‘live’ reporting mechanisms for the indices (Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, etc.) were ‘swapped out’ for an easily-controlled artificial system that was standing at the ready, and would simulate markets performing normally? Whatever that is anymore.

    Flash crashes may have represented points where it was determined necessary to switch over to the ‘fake’ system.

    Of course those in control of said system could manipulate the markets at will, (much more so than usual), and the rest of us would all be experiencing a financial markets version of ‘The Matrix’.

    Perhaps ‘Directorate 153’ could have some fun delving into this wacky idea?

    Get well soon, George.

  7. Well let’s see here um stocks you sure can’t eat those suckers ,food you can but when you’re playing stocks it’s good to have a GEORGE URE on your side,WHO KNOWS YOU MIGHT BE THE next owner of the railroad,and if you real lucky you can pass go without paying that big income tax by figuring before you take the plunge

    • Me I’ve had enough houses to fill up one side of the board but you know when you get old you like me do you really want to know that not really I don’t want that responsibility give it to your siblings let them handle it you or I should say me back I just want to learn to grow some vegetables off of my lazy porch Garden

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