Fine-Tuning Crash Prospects

As you may have inferred from the article on the UrbanSurvival site Tuesday morning, we are taking on the task today or looking a bit more deeply into some of the possible timing marks that are coming along shortly if the historical rhyming with 1929 continues.

It certainly is rhyming nicely on trade…

We’ll get deeply into it after some headlines and because the charts will make more sense after our focus piece, we’ll put them at the end of this morning’s report.

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6 thoughts on “Fine-Tuning Crash Prospects”

  1. In a market that has endured significant manipulation, which appears to be all of them, how is it that Elliot Wave theory is valid? Does it not require many individual investors to make this kind of market and not one ram-rodded by the algorithms of the massive fund investments? Unless the algos have some built in tendency to mimic the rhythms of markets of old? Also, in my understanding of other market commentators, much of today’s market levels have come from the huge bail-outs that have gone into stock buy-backs the insiders are living off of as they sell their stocks into them, plus any repatriation of over seas funds. Is there any indication that these influxes of cash are beginning to approach exhaustion? I wouldn’t think that the “little guy’s” resources would be enough to move the market in either direction.

  2. I am not a facebook fan.. but I do like this commentarty… it pretty much says it like it is..

    I have been one of those that are totally stunned by how much our president has been able to accomplish. I am also stunned at how long he has been allowed to be president. Historically it hasn’t been very healthy for any president that has objected to the status quo. the puppeteers have a lot of power and a lot of influence.. of course that is obvious if you take in just how much that is being donated to congress.

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