Fehu Monday, Merkstave Tuesday?


Hang on, bub.  Simple stuff, really:  What it means (for those familiar with Elder Futhark runes), is that our symbol du jour today would be the Fehu.  Which approximates cattle or great wealth.  Neander bling?  Uh…well…yes.  There was a time before E-Trade….

Tomorrow, ahead of a Fed decision on rates Wednesday (no change) we expect the market to “merstave” which is a “reversing sign” usually more negative than the first meaning.  Rough translation from neader-deutsche?  Up at the open, but no one is safe until the Janet speaks her piece Wednesday after the rate decision.

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This opening bias today, up 50 on the Dow futures, but less than half that on a percentage basis for the essenpee (<–new term, yes you can use it!) means to us that the BIG boyz are trying to drive prices up because post-Fed we could have a nice decline.

Or not.

In Peoplenomics Saturday, we discussed the concept of the “Kim Put” – which is where the markets drop Friday, then have a nice paint job rally Monday when we make it through a weekend, like this past one, where we do NOT blow up North Korea.

Today, president Bashed will speak at the U.N.  He tweeted today about NK’s “rocket man.”  Bash-media is having a field day.

But with Reuters noting Futures higher as North Korea tensions ease, we think the Kim Put notion we laid out this weekend is pretty interesting and, as usual, coming into view for others now.

The G20 Lie: Why We “Roll Our Own”

To be sure, there are lots of headlines around proclaiming that “global stocks” have reached new highs, or words to that effect.

While that is nominally true, there’s a missing piece of the puzzle:  What I call the G20 Lie.

On the Peoplenomics.com side, we track something called the “global index.”  Basically, it’s an equal-dollar summation index of multiple global markets.  U.S., Hong Kong, Germany…there’s a list.

Now feast your eye on this corner of one of our charts:

This corner begins late 2014 through present and it shows us that while the Global markets have indeed gone higher than mid 2015, they have only exceeded that old peak by a lousy 145-points.

Now let’s look at the Minneapolis Fed inflation calculator. Just to have kept up with US admitted inflation, we need to have passed 35,371.  Which, oh by the way, we have but barely.  We’re locked in a no-grow, no go world.

What’s really going on is a phenomenon I call “Global Synchronized Inflation.”  The G20 are the perps, the US is an unindicted co-conspirator, and all the rest.

In short, the G20 is living The Big Lie, namely that if you make up enough “believable money” people will keep on living in the globally bankrupt state.  As long as it doesn’t dawn on anyone that it’s all a sham and farce, the band plays on while the Titanic takes on water.  As in watering down your purchasing power.

This is why, although the market is at all-time highs, you haven’t noticed a big pop in your standard of living.  By carefully orchestrating distractions (social justice, bashing Trump, pumping up racism, fighting many wars, not fixing our social ills, not balancing the budget, and least of all, by-gawd, not doing anything about the healthcare cost disaster and that whole pack of lies) you will be so busy on Hatebook and hanging on ever utterance of Colbert-think that the 900-pound elephant in the room (declining quality of life) will remain in-noticed.

(No everyone shares our views on Colbert: Review: Colbert Aside, Inclusive Winners Made for a Refreshing, Sharp Emmys…iz’zat what’cha call politicization of the Arts now?)

On a global average, if you have a household income of $100,000, you’re making (pre-tax) about $250 more per year than you were two years ago.  That was before Obamacare and higher taxes on most everything, so odds are very good that you’re lifestyle is rolling backwards./

My, ain’t it grand?

Why, I bet you feel 100% better now, don’t you?

Pay it no mind; our lot  in Life is not to be members of the Ruling Class.  We’re just here to shovel the stables, be cannon fodder, and get the table scraps.

Which is why today may feel like a Monday.


If you head hurts, might we recommend?

Memorize The complete list of Emmy winners.  Rule the water cooler talk!

Take up a collection and buy a magazine: Rolling Stone magazine up for sale.

Learn a new language: Sisvel obtient le droit exclusif d’octroyer des licences pour les brevets de Funke Digital basés sur la technologie de moteur de recommandations.

Oh, and speaking of IP: China plans 4-month crackdown to protect foreign investors’ intellectual property rights.  Like the transmutation of base metals into gold, believe it when you really see it…

Foreshadowing Our Next Book?

World first: ‘Storing lightning inside thunder’

Worth Your Time

Reading the Independent Press Standards Organization (UK) decision about a widely quoted article on climate change here.

The 900 pound elephant is still heat islanding…sheesh.

And, if You Missed It:

Delayed weaning reduces behavioral problems in cats. If it works for cats, might it work for dogs and, oh, humans?

Housing starts and trade data tomorrow.  We can hardly wait.

Now, go and earn a taxable income.  Millions on Social Security appreciate it.  Oh, wait…Millions on Welfare appreciate it. (Restated so the SJW’s – social Justus warriors can support it…)

17 thoughts on “Fehu Monday, Merkstave Tuesday?”

  1. “Delayed weaning reduces behavioral problems in cats.” From what I understand (never having had a pregnant pet), in cats and dogs it’s the mom cat or mom dog who decides when to wean. Cats especially decide “It’s time for you to learn to hunt on your own. I’ll show you how…” Mom dogs may show puppies how to be pack members, which would include sharing food. Breast-feeding humans probably want to do it as long as it is comfortable — for her but also for any employer or member of society who doesn’t threaten to fire her or otherwise complain about it to “authorities”.

    • Agree with you there – have you not seen a ‘mother-dog’ run from her healthy, hungry brood, who are about to be weaned puppies when their teeth HURT? It hurts mom to suckle . . . still loves her babies, but when it’s time, it’s time.

      • They say when you get old and lose your teeth you become a baby again something to look forward too huh. lol
        I read somewhere about the people that live in the middle of the Earth don’t send their kids to school until they’re in the thirties so it sounds like they have a pretty coherent Society

    • I saw some Canada Geese doing practice flights with their young the last few weeks around here. Always great to see the young learning to keep up with the adult populations in most species… Since we are an animal who must break from natural science in order to work for our lifestyles, we will constantly have weird results of natural selection and evolution versus all the rest of the animal kingdom.

      I look at my Amish neighbors as the benchmark of the human species where young are tasked to work earlier in life in order to grow their work-ethic. By the time they are 18-20, they’re trained in 10,000 hours of worklife and have no student debt. Whether they are happy or not, would have to ask them.

      • Slip Sliding Away
        Slip Sliding Away
        You know the nearer your destination
        The Mortgage Slip Slides Away

  2. Your discussions may be irrelevant if the predictions regarding September 23 come true. Some say the blood moons were a precursor to the move into Virgo. Are you ready for the end of the world as we know it?

    • Bono is in dream world. Might I suggest cousin Midge, instead (Ure from U2)?

      Dear God, can you hear me crying?
      A whole world crying
      Looking for something to say
      We had it all and we threw it all away
      Is there somebody watching
      Somebody watching over the mess that we’ve made
      We’re lost and alone and afraid
      Give me, love for the lonely
      Give me, food for the hungry
      Give me, peace in a restless world

      Anyone who supports antifa is on the wrong side. There’s no One World – corporatist drivel, bro. Remember how well the Russians did under a runway left?

    • One looks forward to further advice as to when if ever the St. Louis U2 gig will be rescheduled due to cancellation stemming from violent peacenik action.

    • Quotes are from “The Atlantic:”

      “Antifa traces its roots to the 1920s and ’30s, when militant leftists battled fascists in the streets of Germany, Italy, and Spain.”

      He’s very careful not to mention they were hardcore communists…

      The young’uns who participate in BLM, AntiFa, the American Nazi Party (and all its Klan and NeoNazi offshoots) and the sundry “anarchist” factions have no clue their organizations are all extreme left-wing, and that theirs is the continuing feud between socialist factions which began when Lenin, Trotsky, Mussolini, and Marx had their little philosophical spats. I doubt the leadership of BLM and AntiFa know, care, or understand the origins of their groups, but suspect they merely enjoy the steady paycheck. BLM is George Soros’ reincarnation of the Black Panthers; AntiFa is Soros’ reincarnation of The Weathermen, but renamed after a communist paramilitary/parapolitical group which formed in Germany in the 1930s to fight the anticommunist, anticapitalist, National Socialist Workers’ Party.

      “Since antifa is heavily composed of anarchists, its activists place little faith in the state, which they consider complicit in fascism and racism.”

      Antifa is heavily composed of antisocial thugs of poor upbringing, with psychopathic tendencies. They are not anarchists, they are tribalist communists.

      “All of this fuels the fears of Trump supporters, who suspect that liberal bastions are refusing to protect their right to free speech. Joey Gibson, a Trump supporter who organized the June 4 Portland rally, told me that his “biggest pet peeve is when mayors have police stand down … They don’t want conservatives to be coming together and speaking.” To provide security at the rally, Gibson brought in a far-right militia called the Oath Keepers.”

      That is a lot more than a “suspicion.” Police have been told to stand down in many places where either typically conservative, or patriotic organizations have held rallies or attempted to speak publicly. Even the MSM has regurgitated these orders.

      What kind of uninformed idiot considers Oath Keepers to be either “far right” or a “militia?” My current sheriff (a liberal Democrat) is in Oath Keepers; my past sheriff (a fairly conservative Republican) is in it, so are 8-9 of the local LEOs, several of whom are friends of mine. Oath Keepers is politically neutral, and is made up of current and ex mils, law officers, and public officials who’ve taken an oath to uphold the oath they swore to uphold (that’d be the oath they swore to defend the Constitution, or Country, or both, from all enemies, foreign and domestic…) — that’s all. They are not a militia by any distortion of fact.

      The author displays his dislike for Mr. Trump and the United States, and his approval for antifa, with neither a shred of guilt nor impartiality. ‘Tis a reaffirmation of my decision, years ago, to never read such tripe as The Atlantic…

  3. “but no one is safe until the Janet speaks her piece Wednesday after the rate decision.”

    Shouldn’t that be up to the market instead of ONE person’s decisions, just saying! ‘-)

  4. You probably noticed that YUMC was up $1.48 today signaling a positive China response to Trumps UN speech tonight.

  5. Re Emmys: I’m so out of sync that I never heard of about half those shows, and not giving an award to Cumberbatch for his portrayal of Holmes is a crime.

    • I didn’t know most of the shows either since we don’t watch TV much. Not sure why Cumberbatch didn’t win. He’s brilliant and charming.

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