Hang on, bub.  Simple stuff, really:  What it means (for those familiar with Elder Futhark runes), is that our symbol du jour today would be the Fehu.  Which approximates cattle or great wealth.  Neander bling?  Uh…well…yes.  There was a time before E-Trade….

Tomorrow, ahead of a Fed decision on rates Wednesday (no change) we expect the market to “merstave” which is a “reversing sign” usually more negative than the first meaning.  Rough translation from neader-deutsche?  Up at the open, but no one is safe until the Janet speaks her piece Wednesday after the rate decision.

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This opening bias today, up 50 on the Dow futures, but less than half that on a percentage basis for the essenpee (<–new term, yes you can use it!) means to us that the BIG boyz are trying to drive prices up because post-Fed we could have a nice decline.

Or not.

In Peoplenomics Saturday, we discussed the concept of the “Kim Put” – which is where the markets drop Friday, then have a nice paint job rally Monday when we make it through a weekend, like this past one, where we do NOT blow up North Korea.

Today, president Bashed will speak at the U.N.  He tweeted today about NK’s “rocket man.”  Bash-media is having a field day.

But with Reuters noting Futures higher as North Korea tensions ease, we think the Kim Put notion we laid out this weekend is pretty interesting and, as usual, coming into view for others now.

The G20 Lie: Why We “Roll Our Own”

To be sure, there are lots of headlines around proclaiming that “global stocks” have reached new highs, or words to that effect.

While that is nominally true, there’s a missing piece of the puzzle:  What I call the G20 Lie.

On the side, we track something called the “global index.”  Basically, it’s an equal-dollar summation index of multiple global markets.  U.S., Hong Kong, Germany…there’s a list.

Now feast your eye on this corner of one of our charts:

This corner begins late 2014 through present and it shows us that while the Global markets have indeed gone higher than mid 2015, they have only exceeded that old peak by a lousy 145-points.

Now let’s look at the Minneapolis Fed inflation calculator. Just to have kept up with US admitted inflation, we need to have passed 35,371.  Which, oh by the way, we have but barely.  We’re locked in a no-grow, no go world.

What’s really going on is a phenomenon I call “Global Synchronized Inflation.”  The G20 are the perps, the US is an unindicted co-conspirator, and all the rest.

In short, the G20 is living The Big Lie, namely that if you make up enough “believable money” people will keep on living in the globally bankrupt state.  As long as it doesn’t dawn on anyone that it’s all a sham and farce, the band plays on while the Titanic takes on water.  As in watering down your purchasing power.

This is why, although the market is at all-time highs, you haven’t noticed a big pop in your standard of living.  By carefully orchestrating distractions (social justice, bashing Trump, pumping up racism, fighting many wars, not fixing our social ills, not balancing the budget, and least of all, by-gawd, not doing anything about the healthcare cost disaster and that whole pack of lies) you will be so busy on Hatebook and hanging on ever utterance of Colbert-think that the 900-pound elephant in the room (declining quality of life) will remain in-noticed.

(No everyone shares our views on Colbert: Review: Colbert Aside, Inclusive Winners Made for a Refreshing, Sharp Emmys…iz’zat what’cha call politicization of the Arts now?)

On a global average, if you have a household income of $100,000, you’re making (pre-tax) about $250 more per year than you were two years ago.  That was before Obamacare and higher taxes on most everything, so odds are very good that you’re lifestyle is rolling backwards./

My, ain’t it grand?

Why, I bet you feel 100% better now, don’t you?

Pay it no mind; our lot  in Life is not to be members of the Ruling Class.  We’re just here to shovel the stables, be cannon fodder, and get the table scraps.

Which is why today may feel like a Monday.


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Foreshadowing Our Next Book?

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Worth Your Time

Reading the Independent Press Standards Organization (UK) decision about a widely quoted article on climate change here.

The 900 pound elephant is still heat islanding…sheesh.

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Housing starts and trade data tomorrow.  We can hardly wait.

Now, go and earn a taxable income.  Millions on Social Security appreciate it.  Oh, wait…Millions on Welfare appreciate it. (Restated so the SJW’s – social Justus warriors can support it…)