Lynch mobs are back.

Only, they are the new, improved, and most importantly “digital” portable lynch mobs.

Only thing is, they are not so neatly labeled.  It’s blurred by the media…perhaps on purpose.  But upon reflection,  new kind of business model has been spawned by America.  Not a healthy one, just a new one.

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Born of a lack of genuine, physics and tech breakthroughs, we have already written here (for 18-years on the UrbanSurvival site) extensively on how the world turned to the resource depletion issues in the 1990’s.

There’s a reason that nuclear power plant operators don’t seem totally serious to nuclear-skeptics about solving the nuke waste issue:  They have probably “run the numbers” and figure humans may be dead about the same time — or sooner — than their treacherous waste will be the global catastrophe in the wings it is.

Paul Schrader’s next film deals with the topic, but only at a broad-brush level.

The “detail level” of human extinction is not something that gets much press.  There aren’t thousands of people writing most SQL databases for the AI’s to feed on while they negotiate a way through resource constraints. The “why?” is simple:  Ain’t easy to monetize that kind of research.

A.I. is private – and so, we believe – the outputs of A.I. will serve the owners first, not us little peeps.  Let’s face it, you’re not going to build a train to have it run over you first, are you?

What the world has – in excess – however is opinions.  And these are being steadily manipulated and morphed into violent actions.  The Organizer’s bonus?  Those violent belief packages  are easily monetized.

Check your email.  Hate Trump? Send $20.

Hate Climate Change?  Send $20.

Hate racial injustice?  Send $20.

Sadly, this monetization aspect is not center stage.  It’s an undercover business model…you gotta love it.

In it’s place is a poor stand-in which carries the pop-groupthink moniker “social justice.”

And SJ hides behind another cause “Hate.”

It came as no surprise, therefore, to read this morning about how “New Segregation Signs Pop Up in Leftist Establishments.”

The jingoism sounds great.  “We stand with our community.” But stand for what?  Of course, there’s the love of all things LBGTQ – and don’t get me wrong, that has been a high-growth business model, for sure.

“We value Black Lives” is in there, too.  Again, playing the guilt card, cleaving the inclusive society into media-manageable, monetizeable snippets that can be rendered down to cash, power, and influence.

Accompanying the Emmy’s last night “Issa Rae at the Emmys: ‘I’m Rooting for Everybody Black.’” In the digital lynch mob era, the “social justice” promoters don’t see stories like this as fueling racial consciousness.  But, in our view, it does.  If race crosses your mind, you are a racist.  Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on.

I learned long ago that if you want to see how “honest” and egalitarian something is, simply swap labels and see how it plays.  What would be the reaction if another actor had said “I’m rooting for everybody White.”?

Well, of course, that would result in pandemonium.

What’s not clear to me – and no one has explained it – is how racism is OK if one group does it, but not OK if another does?

I touched on the problem this weekend on the discussion side of this site.  A reader was attempting to defend the idea of non-citizens being allowed to vote in U.S. elections.  A pant load of poo if there ever was one.

I offered to rent a bus and next time there’s an election in Mexico, load up a bunch of gringos (Norte’s/putos) and roll down to Mexico and demand voting rights there.  We know that would end badly…

My point was that equality has always meant (until now) that labels, values, and the whole shebang (hebang and itbang now) ought to be a two-way street.

The one-way streets, though, have been put in at breakneck speed by the media’s leftist revolutionaries in charge of the mainstream content. Eyeballs are money.  Let’s whip ’em all up! They cover and indeed promote bias, differentiation, and financial/subgroup monetization.

Toward what end?  Besides their own careers and earnings, I mean?

Look at the Enema Awards.

There was hardly a thing about acting – the craft around which the event was once-upon-a-time centered.

In its place was a well-monetized left-wing Trump-bashing festival because the President of the United States has become one of those new one-way roads installed by the revolutionaries.  Roadblocks to independent thinking – and equality.  Hold your eyeballs, while they lift your wallet.

Emmys Go Political in First Minute: Colbert’s Opener Has Trump Treason, ‘Confederate’ Jokes — and Male Handmaids.”

I didn’t like Colbert before last night, but now I see him for what he really is: A convenient proof of how reverse hate, reverse discrimination, reverse science, and reverse history is being inculcated and institutionalized and (did I mention)  monetized….

Money IS power, make no mistake.

But instead of burning down St. Louis ( where 80 more were arrested last night), in the world of business models that doesn’t deliver “justice.”

Instead, more thoughtful people would simply put $5 per person in an envelope and mail it to the family legal defense fund, which would then take the route that really brings change: civil wrongful death and federal discrimination suits.  Money is the only punishment that matters today.

Meanwhile, I don’t see anyone actively promoting either equality as a two-way street or voting with your wallet as the shortest point between here and a sustainable future. Said the guy with the solar-powered office (since 2008).

Take it for what it is: A short ponder this morning as I try to figure out how the “social-industrial complex” gets us to being a “space-faring society” as envisioned in Star Trek and other future-oriented fictions.

I said long before the Trump election and I will say it again here:  Absent a real, measurable, achievable goal that will benefit all segments of society, we’re going down the crapper as a world.

I spent some serious time this morning on Hatebook trying to find a meaningful discussion of how we go from here to space but nothing of any consequence arose.

Just the usual me-too’s spewing the same time-worn and tired jingoisms; too lazy for original thought, The kind of spew that may eventually lead us down the path of replaying Germany.

Only question is whether Osaka will be the analog of the Archduke, or if we’ll make North Korea as our own spin-over of the Sudetenland.

The good news is?  We don’t need no stinking Beer Hall.  We’ve got Colorado and Washington.  And a world that has gone from Kristallnacht to crystal meth.

Brothers, can you spare some justice?

Write when you get rich,

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