Feds Pre-Bunked Hunter L/T, Meandering Markets


No mention of the Hunter Biden revelations about Social Media and the FBI  on the front page of the big DC paper this morning?

But you already knew that, right?  Huge story in the tech-competent thinking class, though.  Language matters:  Stonewall Idiom Definition (grammarist.com)  With good reason…

Miranda Devine of the New York Post is out with a shocker we already knew about.  Still, worth a read, though:  FBI warned Twitter of Hunter Biden ‘hack’ before censoring The Post.

Yes, if you read Ms. Devine’s lovely exposé book “Laptop from Hell” we think you’ll enjoy watching the detail pieces all fall into place.  It’s a really interesting read of Pop’s world; in a pass the crack and skip the condoms kind of way.

We have no doubt nothing will happen of any consequence, though.  That’s because the political will of the American people has been subverted from the highest levels via social media.

Remember: this is only the Twitter part of social.  We’d propose that a person would have to be an imbecile to think this kind of police state tactic wasn’t applied to others in the discredited social realms.

Who else is (was) dirty going into 2020?

Our longstanding aversion to social media participation continues looking like a sound business judgement.

Left defenders, like the NY Times which hasn’t been, in our view, exactly even-handed in their Hunter revelations, is left twirling in the wind trying to paper over the latest Elon Musk Twitter spin stories. Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi Set Off Debate Over Release of Twitter Files. When the lies fail, diss the messengers, is it?

Attacking the messenger is a long-term play.  The left-wing Gestapo is very clear what will happen to Musk if he got out of line.  Three weeks back we nabbed this on Poynter: PolitiFact: Is Elon Musk under federal investigation? Here’s what we know.  The aware will appreciate MediaBiasFactCheck rates Poynter are among least biased, so good chance reports of the administration pulling (puppet) strings to take Musk off the table are credible.

Beyond Our Borders

There are further reasons to believe the Hunter debacle is just getting started.

Remember how Musk got sideways with the Ukraine War choir?  Questioning why there weren’t talks?  And even as recently as last week, the Buyed ‘Em administration was setting preconditions on any Ukraine talks with Russia like “Give back everything in the Crimea and walk back” which drew an immediate “Are you shitting us?” from Moscow.

Another “national security” problem is what’s going on in Brazil, where it’s widely held that the Bolsonaro election was torpedoed with Bidenista help. Did Twitter influence Brazil’s elections? Elon Musk says so | South America (republicworld.com)

But, turns out, Musk may have another shell left in his double (if not triple) barrel data shotgun.

Details matter as you read Elon Musk Says He’s Seen ‘Concerning’ Tweets About Brazil Election | Tech News.

Against this background, we would not be surprised if the PowersThatBe decided to take out a “hit” on Musk.  The Bidenistas need theHunter stuff to go away.  Not let Bolsonaro  Fix-Out or the Ukraine Manipulation get out.  Apparently, Musk senses it, too.  The headline Elon Musk baffles Twitter with out-of-nowhere warning that he’s ‘not suicidal’ – Daily Star doesn’t baffle smart people at all.

Smart people respectfully file this story as a followup/tickler note the “The Tree of Liberty Must be Watered with the Blood of Patriots” file.

Revelations keep dropping, though: Former FBI Lawyer Who Approved FISA Warrant To Spy On Trump (also) Helped Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story | The Daily Caller.

Has the southern border been left open long enough for South American style politics to take root in the once great America?

History Replays: Rhymes & Times

When we look at the longer span of history, we come up with one of those “word matching” puzzles as the best mental exercise faced with revelations ongoing.  Connect historical concepts in the left column with present day rhymes in the right column.

Just as the German people were whipped into a Messianic trance with the speeches by a young Adolph Hitler, railing against the crooked Weimar, so too messianic personalities have been railing a lot lately.  Especially a former president who wants his job back.  Trump Demands America Rip Up the Constitution, Make Him President from Rolling Stone.

Trump does have a case, now that Elon Musk is doing data dumps proving democrat controlled social media manipulation.  But you’re not supposed to “remember Jack” about Twitter, right?

Notice the “usual suspects” on the Left are doing what they love most: turning hate Trump into an ongoing threat to America.  The media, being too largely liberal has been quick to band wagon. Take, for instance: CBS’s Brennan Grills GOP Rep. Turner: Is Calling For The Suspension Of The Constitution Disqualifying For Trump 2024 Candidacy? Nope.  First you need a law

What concerns us about Trump’s demands on Truth social is that there is no likely path to throw out a tainted election (2020 was tainted, right?) and get to a new election any faster than the Calendar will get us to the 2024 debacle, anyway.  We don’t tolerate puffery any better than buffoonery.

What Trump should do – to save the Nation and his own prospects in ’24 – is to champion cleanup of voting in every state in the union.  All votes going back to paper with no computers, audit trails restored, and all counting done by midnight on Election Day.  Have mail in voting cut-off with final Post Office deliveries when the polls close.  If people can manage their calendar, should they even vote?

Instead, we believe that anything connected to the internet can be hacked and likely has been.  Take Bitcoin and the crypto mess, for example, please.

I mean, this is all great theater, and it feeds corporate leftwing media and such, but it smells worse than feedlot bullshit at every turn.  Makes it tough for us three remaining rational people to keep up squared-away thinking, know what I’m saying?

Impact on Markets, PP

The Second Depression began November 8, 2021.  Which is when our Aggregate Index hit an all-time high, and so did Bitcoin, a bit over $68,000.  the political nightmare hasn’t come together yet:  two political parties are still vying for power rather than who’s going to be left holding the steamy bag of shit when the new day dawns.  Pelosi was smart to take a hike while her getting was good.  Don’t let the door…

The onset of Depression II has been slow enough that you might not notice, but the reason Elaine and I invest in farm tools more than tech, and bullets more than bytes, is the early realization that overall stocks are down about 25 percent while digital assets are mostly down more than 70 percent.

Among the most crooked and criminal there will come a point when blowing up the system to cover-up their crimes will become useful.  Which is when you want to be prepped and outside the 100-mile blast radius from major (target) cities.  Going too fast for you?

If your plan to buy a better life isn’t based on these economic realities, like Wars follow Depressions, some quiet time with history books to ponder shared Future may be in order.

Speaking of futures, here’s where we were earlier this morning from where D2 began:

I won’t belabor the “Discussion Point” – that was Subscriber’s Only content on our Peoplenomics website.

What we will do is remind you this is what a guillotine looks like in the “ready to fall” moment.  Because Third Waves is where most of the violence to the downside happens (with a small asterisk about how in Commodities, Fifth Waves can be much worse than a horrific Third).

Which makes the worst of the worst the Third of the Third of the Third.  Which we expected by now, but we’re PP (patient and pragmatic).

Good News: No Bank Runs

At least, not for another year, maybe.

Instead, we are using digital proxies to work through some of that energy.  Bitcoin clawed back to $17,400 overnight.  Makes it down ONLY 75 percent since D2 began.

Long ago, I parted ways with a former colleague who told me I should make the price of my Peoplenomics newsletter subscriptions 10 Bitcoins.  I declined, explaining that Bitcoin was a con and I wanted nothing to do with them.  I later heard he’d eventually came to his senses – a good thing.  All is forgiven. Life goes on.

Now, years later, what do we see?  Blackrock CEO on FTX Collapse: Most Crypto Companies Aren’t Going to Be Around – Featured Bitcoin News.  Our position from the get-go.

Cryptocurrencies are a New World Religion.  Once some people “touch the money of God” they just can’t stop looking for converts.  Oh, look: Tim Draper predicts bitcoin will reach $250,000 despite FTX collapse (cnbc.com).  He’d previously predicted we’d be there this month.  But, as with all religions, getting the time and place right’s a bitch.

Life’s bottom line is to get to the long-term outlook on Future as early as possible and then plan accordingly.  Remember what I said about 100-mile blast radiuses and firestorm planning?

Not Just Crypto Blowing Up

My consigliere called in with a hot tip about financial cancer metastasizing.  “Did you see how a Reverse Mortgage Company has gone belly-up?” Starwood-Backed Reverse Mortgage Originator Files for Bankruptcy (wsj.com) with more details at [Updated] RMF files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, lays off 500 workers – Reverse Mortgage Daily.

For now, this is part of another financial problem on the rise: Reverse mortgage volume, HMBS issuance fell further in November.

Neither he (tax attorney/CPA) nor I have gone through the typical paperwork involved in a reverse mortgage to figure out who’s going to get screwed.  One way the paper might work is like in any other default, if the reverse mortgage seller (in effect a home buyer) defaults, does the property revert to the seller if the payments stop?  How many payments can the reverse mortgage company miss before there’s a breach?  That kind of thing.

Bottom line is? How long will reverse mortgage payments keep coming IF the mortgage costs more than the (declining) seller’s net due to rising rates?  And what happens when the Fed goes a 1/2 percent or more hike next week?

This is a godawful economics problem for a lot of seniors that we haven’t seen in the AARP newspaper yet, so far as we’ve noticed, but we’ll keep an eye out.

Chorus of Sand in the Vaseline?


Throw in the headlines and let’s turn it on!

This could be a Terrorism Test Run, so listen up:  Moore County: FBI joins investigation into North Carolina power outage caused by ‘intentional’ attacks on substations | CNN

Yes, it was a bioweapon.  How many times do you have to learn this?  Wuhan Whistleblower: Former EcoHealth VP Says Covid “Man Made”, Escaped From Lab | ZeroHedge

Expect more “Electile Dysfunction” on major news channels Wednesday morning: Herschel Walker’s Chances of Beating Warnock, 24 Hours Before Runoff (newsweek.com)

NATO is in trouble and could “hit the skids” sooner than later.  Watch two angles to this:  Macron’s new security architecture opens Pandora’s Box in NATO politics – EURACTIV.com and Should Sweden Forget About Joining NATO? | American Enterprise Institute.

No surprise, really: Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq set to open lower as jobs reports indicates more Fed hikes.

ATR: Looking Ahead

We’re all going to the future in a second, so why not?

Peoplenomics this week will cover a fascinating conversation I had with a doctor friend.  “Faith as an Asset” is my main writing project after breakfast.

Zeus the Cat continues to improve.  Although still skinny, the basic “barn cat protocol” administered with hand feeding and pools of rainwater have helped to the point he’s back to sleeping on the furniture again.  Enough energy to leap up is a good thing.

The Barn Cat protocol ((this is NOT medical advice, I’m a quack!)) is based on my observation that worms or kidneys are the biggest cat threat in the Outback.  Getting a full teaspoon of dewormer into him over a day and some Vet’s Best Cat Urinary Tract Support Chewables, seems to have worked.  We assume you’ve done the distemper shots?

Elaine loves the new e-massage station we cobbled up.  Especially the foot massage machine.  Dandy!  ShopTalk Sunday details a couple of weeks back.

Shop work:  Got the front fence fixed where the garbage truck had misjudged the turn-around.  Plans to expand the garden are well underway now.  Got my guest room sheetrock ceiling patches underway, as well.  Good to break multiple projects work up into one-hour blocks.  Keeps things interesting and nonlinear.

George’s Office Upgrades are arriving this week:  Going over to a quantum OLED display for easier-on-the-eyes writing, a new Zotac video card so I can dial in the 40 Hz refresh rate for reasons you can imply from reading this. Which makes super-sense if you have an AopE4 gene. And a walking treadmill to keep the pounds off and the old man in motion shows up, too.  Still pondering the office arrangement, though.  It gets complicated.

Jeez, could this morning’s column get any longer?

Write when you get rich,


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    • I know I’ve asked this before but I need to ask again. Is there an easier way to translate the warnews247.gr website than cutting and pasting into a translation app? There is not enough global interest in the language for me to learn modern Greek. Thanks.

      • With a modern browser Google will do the whole thing on the fly.
        Go to https://translate.google.com and put in the site address.
        When you go to the (site name in native tongue) next time, Google should pop up in 10 seconds afrer page load complete, or so, and offer to translate for you.
        We’re all pretty smart around here, but reading native Greek is not one of my skillsets. Next lifetime, we’ll see. Dozo?

      • In the Vivaldi browser, a translation box pops up as soon as I go to the site. I just click on “Translation” and the article immediately appears in English. No need to cut and paste.

      • wow.. mine translates automatically.. on all sites.. I read world wide news daily.. and only one that I can remember had to have me take the story paragraph by paragraph..

        lately.. there are a few that are listed as forbidden to access.. but for the most part.. what you are not allowed to read on those sites you can get on other sites.. the news is pretty much the same and many of the papers are all owned and get their information from the same script.. I mean official sources LOL

      • “but reading native Greek is not one of my skillsets. ”

        there is a translator.. that you wear ear buds.. and it is suppose to translate someone talking live as you walk around.. how many times I Have heard someone with so many languages.. talking.. and wondered.. what in the hell are they talking about LOL LOL LOL.. heck they could be making all kinds of funny talk and no one would know.. LOL LOL

    • and what about the birth announcements that ran in newspapers in Hawaii in August 61? That’s some amazing conspiracy that someone though enough to know that little Barack would someday far in the future be the manchurian candidate and run birth announcements. You were fooled by trump’s racist bigotry. Why? Because it’s what you wanted to believe. Jeesh.

      • If you only knew how easily that information is ‘fed’ after the fact so that it becomes part of the record. Then there is the alleged ‘birth certificate’ that the Obummer team posted online… for all of us to discover it was a multi-layered photoshop document that was easily ‘peeled’ to reveal each and every alteration that had been made to the document.

      • so when did someone produce this? and I Quote your article
        In this April 20, 2011 photo, the name Barack Hussain Obama II is seen highlighted in a computer generated birth index from 1960-1964 in a Hawaii State government binder held at the State Department of Health in Honolulu. ”

        Computer generated??? OK, when did we get computers? So someone had to enter it! After the fact,,, can you think for your self? out of the box?

      • “You were fooled by trump’s racist bigotry.”

        Um, that would be Hillary Clinton’s racist bigotry, troll.

        Still not seein’ what this has to do with Elon Musk…

      • Sunongrass… I downloaded the ‘original’ birth certificate the Obummer team posted. I peeled the photoshop layers myself. I saw each and every alteration made to an alleged original birth certificate. This was officially offered as THE birth certificate. I believe I even posted about it here. It is BULLS#!T.
        ” ignoring empirical evidence because it conflicts with your opinion ain’t a good survival strategy.” …as you said.

      • @Hank
        ” I downloaded the ‘original’ birth certificate the Obummer team posted. I peeled the photoshop layers myself.”

        As did I. I did document and photograph forensics for a while (after Adobe finally ported Photoshop 32 to PC — version 3.0.1 IIRC although my version was 3.0.4) along with “cyphering.” The average technically ignorant 11yo would’ve done a better job, which made me wonder at the time if the alterations were meant to be caught.

      • ha ha. so it’s not only tom dockery (the initial poster about obama’s nationality) there’s a whole bunch of yas who think obama isn’t a native american. that’s funny beyond belief bordering on insanity.

      • sunongrass: That’s two very intelligent people here who are capable of analyzing photos instead of just looking at them, as you do. To “border on insanity” would be to believe the opinion of the looker (whose other opinions also come directly from always-questionable MSM sites) rather than the actual analytical results of those whose opinions aren’t formed within the MSM box. “Funny beyond belief” more aptly describes you, except you’re not funny.

      • tumbleweed – so it’s your belief that Obama’s birth announcement did not run in the Honolulu Star Bulletin on August 14, 1961 and the Honolulu Advertiser on August 13, 1961? Is that what you believe that despite empirical evidence that two birth announcements ran in two different papers you believe they did not?

        “Newspaper birth announcements appeared in both The Honolulu Advertiser and The Honolulu Star-Bulletin in the weeks after he was born. The Aug. 13, 1961, announcement in the Advertiser appears on page B-6 of the Sunday edition, next to classified ads for carpentry work and house repair.

        It says, “Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4.” The address belonged to the parents of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother. A similar announcement appeared the following day on page 24 of the Star-Bulletin.”

      • well well well, there seems to be a different take on the micro film records,,
        “A few questions need to be asked. Why were blocks of identical names between the two newspapers jumbled together in a hodgepodge manner when identical birth lists were given to the newspapers by Hawaii Vital Records? Did someone from the Hawaii Newspaper Agency in the summer of 2008 intentionally cut and paste blocks in a random fashion in order to sow confusion into “phonied up” August 12, 13, 14, 1961 microfilms?”

        maybe your empirical evidence needs a 2nd look

  1. Hunter’s laptop is always a day away.

    “Mac Isaac obtained the laptop in April 2019, and eventually brought the laptop to the attention of the FBI, who seized it in December 2019”

    Now we’re in December 2022.

    Schedule an email to yourself for 12-2023 delivery outlining Hunter laptop hopes. Then forward it for 2024.

    • “No mention of the Hunter Biden revelations about Social Media and the FBI  on the front page of the big DC paper this morning?”

      nothing will come of the laptop..
      how soon we all forget about the satanic pedophile torture group’s..the plane loads of illegal refugee children flown and delivered around the country.. the photos and videos posted by members suspected of being involved in these torture groups around the country…
      the world has flipped upside down the lack of morals and ethics has hit the bottom of the barrel…
      with thousands I f photos and videos showing such levels of depravity told over and over that all of it is good and honorable.. thousands being spent a day to protect him..federal agencies working overtime covering it all over..the dual standards of law..

      • Agreed, and Jim Jordan saying he’s going to investigate the laptop when he’s back at the head of the Judiciary committee is hogwash too. Also, his “We don’t know how the DOJ became politicized, but we’re going to investigate it” is also crap.

        Instead of wasting time on these investigations he should be finding a way to assure legit elections. Right now he’s acting owned/bought and paid for. I guess there really was something to his days as an assistant coach at Ohio State that’s being used to control him. Idiot.

      • “There’s a bunch. It’s a good trick.

        Ghislaine Maxwell will release the names, soon.”

        I had read once upon a time.. the she kept a list.. of names dates etc.. and that she had videos stashed away.. at one point I had read she was on suicide list and one time that someone attacked her..


      • “Jim Jordan saying he’s going to investigate the laptop when he’s back at the head of the Judiciary committee is hogwash too.”

        Oh, no, he’s absolutely going to “investigate” it.

        Half the people in the United States KNOW that laptop is legit, and demonstrates in no uncertain terms, that Creepy Joe is a syndicate “don.”

        Half the people in the United States KNOW that laptop is fake, everything on it is “Russian disinformation,” and Creepy Joe is the sweetest old guy on the planet.

        This puts a tremendous amount of both political and human interest focus on that lappy. Jordan will investigate it. What he will “find” may be tempered, however, by whether or not he receives a bloody finger in the mail. The people who’re trying to sink this nation have offed two billionaires and countless financially or politically connected individuals, and would likely not think twice about murdering a million proles, or as many Congresscritters as it’s deemed necessary to do.

        Just remember, “investigations” can find innocence, as well as guilt…

      • C,, you celebrate a hollow victory with the Trump organization officer tax trial, just a witch hunt, that proved what a worthless piece of political weapon L. James is.
        meanwhile you still push the old lame stream media attempt to attach Trump as a GOOD friend of the pedo Epstein,

        Interviewed by The Conscious Resistance outside the courthouse after the settlement announcement, Edwards was asked about accusations that President Trump has been involved in the same things as Epstein.

        “The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who, in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people, that I want to talk to them, [Trump] is the only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk. I’ll give you as much time as you want. I’ll tell you what you need to know, ” Edwards recalled.

        He added about the president, “[He] was very helpful, in the information that he gave, and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information.”

        Edwards was also asked about the rumor in a Patterson book that Trump actually had Epstein kicked out of Mar-a-Lago for hitting on an underage girl.
        The attorney replied, “I definitely have heard that. I definitely have heard that and I don’t know if it was Trump himself as opposed to a manager there.”

        or even the lame stream media has reported, more please?

        Catsup, my little tomato, the laptop from HELL is real and is getting more real to the slow pokes every day,,,
        Elon has released the Kracken, little James Baker, former FBI big fucking shot ,,, has been fired from Twitter.
        Want some of my popcorn, I am willing to share,,,
        Zippity do da zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day

      • @Darrell

        “C,, you celebrate a hollow victory with the Trump organization officer tax trial,”

        No, she celebrates a victory because somebody replied to her troll.

        Troll posts are not necessarily ever based in either truth or reality. Their design is to piss people off and get them to reply to the troll.

        Facts, even scientifically provable facts are ignored by trolls, because the object of their post is to illicit a response, not convey information or encourage intelligent discussion, or even stimulate debate.

        Most trolls don’t even hang around to read any possible replies to their posts, but skip out for several days, to let the poison steep. The ones who do, do so only to make a personal or ad-hom attack when they feel the need to stir the pot further…

  2. George,

    Not really sure what ailment Zeus may have, but you mentioned Vet’s Best urinary care. At my farm house, I had three neutered males that had “bladder stones”; and all within a three week period. It seems that the dry cat food I was feeding was high in “ash” content. Meaning that when a sample was cooked to complete incineration too much mineral content which cause bladder stones was left. I now feed either Iams Urinary care or Hill’s Prescription C/D Urinary care. The latter is the most expensive. The offending dry cat food in my case was Purina Cat Chow. Not pointing fingers at Purina, but our cat bladder problems stopped with a change of diet.

    I guess I am now retired. I rented my farm land to a young man only 42 years of age. I think this will work out fine, given that he is just as particular about the land as I am. Have already sold two of my more expensive pieces of farm equipment. Farm equipment, unlike wine, does not get better with age in the cellar. Looking now to maybe doing a little part time consultation work, preferably online. Things like writing procedure manuals, consumer assembly manuals, etc. Need something to keep the neurons functioning.

    Hope Zeus does well.

    Lloyd Snider

    • Lloyd – You stand before a gold mine in checking Chineseum products for comprehensible instructions and manuals! Best of luck from all of us who suffer the present corporate-made plague of ingrish litracy.

    • I rented my farms, (1974) to a 42 year old also. I do 2 gigs, one spring and one fall. Both 12 hrs a day/7 days a week. Pretty nice. Thanks

  3. “Remember what I said about 100-mile blast radiuses and firestorm planning?“

    I get the impression that any attack on the US would be precise targeting and any nukes, if it comes to that, would be east of Pennsylvania … cuz’a which way the wind blows.

    Gotta consider that Gates owns lots’a farmland. Doubt anyone wants to destroy those investments. – but, ya never know … might be somebody out there who doesn’t give a damn.

    They’re still pushing for troops to get the jab …


    Guess they forgot about this …


    Don’t think much will happen as a war arena here until some much later date.

    Until then, yep … it’s a slow burn.

    “Patient and Pragmatic” ? Yes they are. Enjoy the theatrics … at least we’re being entertained, I guess.

    • They’re just using the vax as a way to remove anyone ‘appearing’ to be conservative from the military without doing a communist style obvious purge. Recall 0bama remove a lot of conservative higher up military during his reign? This is just the follow up.

      Maybe it’s also time for someone to research who the 3rd party human resources contractors are for different states, cities, counties, police and sheriff departments around the country to see how the conservatives have NO chance at getting a job with them.

    • Gates owns a lot of farmland, a lot of which undoubtedly is on top of, or next door to, nuclear missile silos…

  4. Ribbit, ribbit

    …thats right, worshiping at the temple of the dog (sirius). (new lilypad?)


    G- Moriarty – alwayz wit the negative vibes regards BTC. Dude recommend Ure moving to Negadelphia, the city of brotherly lovers and what not; cheesesteaks, pretzels&mustard, Mummerz, E-A-G-L-E-S/Phightins/76ers/Flyboys and VU Basketball – its a friggin sanctuary..literally.

    ..Homo U dont – just joshing – last thing we need in Philly is another sourpus “negadelphian” spreading their negative vibes around.

    Hard to imagine how well off you would be had you charged BTC for Ure reports…dam dude! oh well this is of course why Yogi bear always says opportunity only knocks once,( “knock,knock -must be the ranger, cause..)


    Maybe get Ureself in a froggier sate of mind..ribbit. negativity is a downer..just ask Horus “the hammering falcon” who “lasered” off Setes/enil’s lizardhood & testicles..& now you know why all the sexual distortion ops…

  5. You had mentioned early on to watch the population clock for clues. Any new thoughts now that it is almost net zero? Next we start to decline in population?

    • Yeah – excess deaths from excess vax has to show up somewhere.
      And with fewer peeps come fewer profits and growth becomes death, the destroyer of savings…

      • Ah yes sales down due to interest rates pumping and decline in global pop. = less products sold = hike rices to infinity to compensate for lost profits due to declining sales volume. The Powell Lead Midas touch reverse virtuous circle.

  6. Haggai 2:6
    New International Version
    6 “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land.

    • Saw this today:
      Ephesians 6:12, 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • People seem to forget that Trump started a major movement of manufacturing away from China. Now, even Apple/Communist Warren Buffett are moving at least some if not all iphone production from China.
      All that to say this: just because China is failing does not mean our imports, while suffering, are suffering as much as China’s are slowing.

    • comic relief ? how about job offerings in Canada, based outta Vancouver, BC – home of Taseko Mines..wootwoot! ?

      Looks like they are hiring – decent pay, easy work with some heavy lifting (dont forget to bend Ure knees when lifting) – what could go wrong ?


      Things must have improved since the good ole days of body removal..https://youtu.be/zEmfsmasjVA

      • I would love to live in Canada..beautiful country.. great fishing.. ( even though I don’t use a hook or have to buy bait LOL I get my fish already in portions and breaded at the store LOL its foot dangling in the cool water with a book in hand country ) what we would save in medical expenses alone would make it a worth while journey.. LOL

    • “The whole world seems like a cascading snowball going down a long tall mountain, gaining size and speed ———- or am I just delusional?”

      your view is the same view I have. I don’t believe your delusional.. the kids think I’m taking it all to serious.. that nothing will come of it all..and quit worrying..

  7. Reverse mortgages are evil. When My dad passed mom suddenly decided she needed a new(er) car and a steel roof on her house. I did not question anything at the time for obvious reasons and was still working in the city. Fast forward 22 years and mom has been moved to a nice assisted living facility where a few of her friends live. She is losing her eyesight so I took over her checkbook and bills. This is where I discovered she had taken out a reverse mortgage soon after dad passed. Details are criminal elder abuse in my opinion. Not certain how she got fu^&* I mean attached to this Rev Mortgage company but it was set up as any regular mortgage. Inspections, fees, and so forth. Resulting in mom getting a bit under $40K for her home, separate garage, and 5 acres of land that adjoins my property. $90K minus $45K in fees balance carried forward until payoff with interest, plus more fees. She got screwed without even a kiss. “The only difference is how you pay it back.” F^&* you Tom Selleck. At the time I found it the balance had grown to $120K, well over the market value of the house and property.
    All this was because she didn’t want me to have to pay for her roof repairs or to replace her car.
    $120K was not an expense I was expecting at my Quasi retirement but necessary nonetheless so now Boss and I are landlords of another rental home whose location is too close for my comfort level but for now, the monthly rent covers the mortgage payments and taxes.

    By the way I fired the electrician my wife had hired to install new ceiling light fixtures since I was grounded from ladder use. I was working in the new kitchen when he walked up to me with a coil of cable in one hand I recognized as LNR400 coax that fed a currently unused beam on the roof. He said he didn’t know what this stuff was so he just cut it out. He left so fast that he left a tool bag. I left him a voice message his tool bag is laying by the gate for him to pick up. It is in a trash bag to protect the tools from the weather. Trash day is Wednesday though. I didn’t say I was just kidding, don’t have a trash service out here in the sticks.
    I am under instructions the remodel WILL be complete and all punch list items cleared prior to Christmas since all the kids and grandbabies will be here.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Jeez! dude has no idea the cost of lmr400 ultraflex…and he’s an electrician? God help the Union. We’ll stick with the good ol boys of the south and 600 ohm ladder line, thanks.

      • Not only that, he got lost trying to find the ranch. Dude was a yokel who worked for a hardware store in the town where my wife’s bank is. She said he is a nice guy and he offered to put the fixtures up since your shoulder surgery. I don’t think he has enough sense to pour you know what out of his boot. Now I have to climb into the attic and make sure that’s all he cut on. How many times have we discussed everybody who comes around here gets checked out first.

      • I know people complain about .gov overreach but that is the reason why we need building permits and building inspectors.

        Everyone out here in these streets are trying to screw each other for a few dollars.

        Some novice-people are building with screws because they are easier to work with. Nice until the house falls into one of our laps and has failure.

        3rd world. Look at this patio cave-in at family party. Saved a lot of money filling in the hole.

        Yikes: When Having Too Much Fun Goes Wrong!


      • @OOWS

        “I know people complain about .gov overreach but that is the reason why we need building permits and building inspectors. ”

        Spoken by someone who’s legally required to acquire a building permit (at a cost of a minimum of $108) to put in a window air conditioner, and must re-apply for a permit if the A/C inspection fails.

      • OOWS,

        Permits, regulations and bureaucrats are the reason that most houses cost ten times what they should and don’t meet the mission profiles required by the owners. Building regulations are interesting guidelines, but they’re not an edict from God. They’re just a bunch of rules made by outfits that have agendas. Each individual has the right(in God’s America) to choose their risk profile and their own agenda, as long as it doesn’t affect others. On isolated land, the worst that can happen is that the owner dies. That’s his choice.

        Properly used, screws are superior to nails in most situations. Improperly used, they’re inclined to break from flexing. It’s up to the owner to make his choices. Good design allows for progressive failure rather than catastrophic failure.

        Our country began to recover from Obama when we had President Trump, largely from the reduction of regulation and interference with commerce. Now we’re heading into a secondary stall due to the current crop of nitwits.

    • ” F^&* you Tom Selleck ”

      For precisely that reason I disliked his face on TV.
      HE knew very well that old were getting it up theirs.

      • My grandfather went the reverse mortgage route in 2007 after Grandma passed. He received maybe $30K in cash. He passed away in early 2013, but Wells Fargo dragged their butts in working with the family for any kind of a short sale. I finally got tired of it and bought the place in late 2014 at foreclosure for the $83K balance owed. A pox on anyone pushing reverse mortgages.

        In other news, my wife has been trying to get a new wall textured in ‘orange peel’ to match the existing wall. The first ‘handyman’ crew put something out that was more Osage Orange than Valencia. If you screw up that bad when you have a sample to go by, you don’t get a chance to bid on the other remodeling work she has planned.

    • Yo Jimbo,

      You and Barney going to be raising any marijuana crops this next season?
      Have you applied for state authorization/license to grow weed in Missu yet?
      What strains will you be putting in ..Sativa’s , Indicas’, Hybrids ?
      Sure the Hemp is useful as all get out, but da kind flowerz – mmmmmmMM! Changin times can lead to very High times, if Ure picking up what Im laying down..

      Jimbo OG – has a nice wholesome ring to it or perhaps Missouri Alien, how about Missoou Head Cracker. Just boggles the mind thinking about the possibilities..

      • No thanks. Barney is a happy fellow screwing his brains out with the ladies still here and I will stick to being the old rancher with the attitude. And Barney has a new A/ named Gomer.

  8. Hey, Don. Remember that “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” presidential oath-thingy?
    Sounds like like Orange Jesus takes his sworn oaths about as seriously as anything else.
    Maybe we should ask Ivana….

    • Ivana “accidentally” fell down stairs and is now buried on Trumps golf course, with no autopsy report done. Was she about to talk? Now Ivanka and Jared are not so quietly distancing themselves from Orange Pops. Hmmmm. Why isn’t that a story? Add Trumps “relationship with unhinged Kanye and a bevy of similar lunatics and Trump has a case? WTF?

    • maybe check the mirror dude – and say hi 2 Slo & co.. vicky & bobby kagan and all the rest of Ure friends, relatives & employer..

      ..hated that Kennedy guy too, no?

  9. “Notice the “usual suspects” on the Left are doing what they love most: turning hate Trump into an ongoing threat to America.”

    how they were able to sell that bill of goods to the people..or seriously do the citizens really believe that hog wash.. all while bragging that those two terrorist groups that did billions of dollars worth of damage, physical violence , rape and pillaging of the most vulnerable neighborhoods was just and right amazes me.. what were some if the comments from politicians.. they are showing their constitutional rights to voice their opinions..

  10. “the Buyed ‘Em administration was setting preconditions”
    So many guns are used for the wrong reason — argument no matter how, don’t solve the issues. I’ve seen a Jewish family’s report on Utube who lived 10 years across from AHs residence before he got almighty. They knew of HIS policies and migrated as a response ;-). How different the world would be if they’d the guts to use a trigger???????????

  11. Please keep a focus on the impacts to reverse mortgage holders on the bankruptcies of their lenders. We bought our home near our grandkids with minimum cash and a reverse mortgage. So far, the property equity has appreciated much faster than the loan balance. If we sold it today, our original investment will have grown almost double. While the recent interest rate hikes have reduced the rate of price increases, houses in this desirable 55+ community sell within two weeks.
    My question is, can the creditors of a bankrupt mortgage company change the terms of the homeowner’s reverse mortgage?

  12. I suspect that what might be saving Elon is his control of SpaceX. This company and its tech is necessary for America to stay top dog(for now) in space. If Elon were to have an unfortunate accident, it’s quite possible that our space programs would come to a grinding halt. The employees there are quite intelligent and the grapevine would see to it that the truth came out(Twitter too). The same is true for all of the other companies that he’s created and brought to fruition. In a real sense, Elon is the Golden Goose. Many “average” Americans realize that too.

    • “they” have come to a grinding halt – 40 years and we still cant land on the Moon AND take off thru her gravity field to escape velocity.

      No paperclip nazi’s – no plasma science, no getting off Moon with dirty old rocket tech .

      Remember ole Werner von Braun – he got us up , on and off and back ..then leaked in Harpers a huge tell…that the Apollo craft had reached halfway/equalibrium point – Earth gravity field versus Moon. He said in Harpers interview that the rocket reached that point and the Moons gravity was PULLING it in from that Point on. Prior to that we were missing long or slamming into MOON with probes and what not..murhrican scientists were way off in their calculations – Way off.
      ? superluminal electromagnetic wave – faster than light comms? Nahhhh

      Yeah they did harness the energy of the universe Without spitting the friggin atom, or nuking ANYONE!

      – see Repulsine- the Repulsator..not bell, but Fliegende Sheibe.

      ..See the “dark fleet”

      Got the Shib in U? no worries, it just a ‘lark’

    • “Elon is the Golden Goose. ”

      So were John McAfee and Andrew Breitbart.

      If he gets too far out of line, or reacquires the street cred the commies are doing their best to strip him of, he will get an umbrella tip in the calf, just like Breitbart.

      Everybody is expendable…

  13. One of many concerns about the rumors of a CBDC at the individual level is that we’d be totally owned financially. Bank runs would be impossible without a grass roots revolt. Whether or not that is desirable is an unanswered question. I’d rather have all the risks of a paper currency than some controlled credit account as my total net worth. That was the stuff of so many dystopian SF novels!

  14. Re: “What !!!???”


    The Hunter laptop book distributor is a couple of subsidiaries down from media mega titan National Amusements while the author’s day job at the New York Post points to News Corp of Oz.

    It’s another wonderful day on the yellow brick road. “We’re off to see the wizard…”

    • Re: “Rhymes and Times” feat. a place of bankers to the HRE


      Have Deutsche Welle news coverage instructions changed? Previously people arrested by police were not typically identified in media releases by ethnicity. However today’s tragic and fatal schoolchild stabbing in Illerkirchberg, Germany has been ascribed to an Eritrean asylum seeker.

      Absent from the DW report but present on the BBC version is the police advice “urging the public not to use the incident to stoke suspicion against asylum seekers or foreigners.” The alleged attacker has apparently been hospitalized with an “unspecified injury”.

    • Re: “data dump” feat. Citizen Kane


      The content of the “Illerkirchberg” Wikipedia differs between the German and English versions. The latter does inform passing serfers that the town’s castle remains in the hands of the post-Medici banking family of Fudder, first seen allegedly entered as “Fucker advenit” in the relevant tax records of 1387. By the time of 1519, the family was able to be part of the consortium allowing Charles V to purchase his title as Holy Roman Emperor against 2900+ kilos of gold. A fashion branch of the Fudders were at one point responsible for weaving the Emperor’s new clothes. Apparently there was a book written about the family containing a wealth of information – “The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: the Life and Times of Jacob Fugger” by Greg Steinmetz.

    • Folks,

      A Canadian tv newscast treated viewers to a lobsided look at the Senate runoff in Georgia. There was an extensive piece interviewing Mr. Walker’s 2005 Ex with her allegations of abuse at his hands. On the other hand there was no mention of Reverend Warnock’s 2002 mugshot from the incident at Camp Farthest Out for children.

      One could well imagine that the runoff election outcome has been mailed in already.

  15. In ten days
    December 15th
    – This is my annual “Day of Reckoning”. When I sit down and analyze my trading for the year. Tools at had.., my “Trade Book”, legal pad, a couple different colored pens, pot of coffee, bottle of Baileys & Wild Turkey [ for spiking the coffee ] and my trusty T.I. scientific programmable calculator. It can take a couple of days, as I go over and scrutinize every trade I made this past year. Pacing the floor and mumbling “Financial Gibberish” [ as my misses calls it.., she tries to stay away from during this time..,]
    – Not counting today [ up nicely – as I bought-in at the close Friday and held over the weekend and the NASDAQ 100 is down over 1.45% as I write this.] My account is up 278.24 % for the year. My best year in the past five years. Some of those percentage points I can absolutely attribute to our host. Though I do not always agree with his assessments – I do ‘always’ pay attention to those assessments. Which keeps me on my toes and digging for the numerical facts. Thank you “G”. Much appreciated.
    – I can’t actually tell you why I do this., as I rarely find anything of significance, or any anomalies., it is just habit., a year-end “cleaning of the mental slate”., kind of thing. And., the setting up of a new “Trade Book” for next year – so I can do it all., again.
    – Though I would like to break the 300% mark., I am not going to push the boundaries or break any of my “Dirty Dozen Trade Rules”.., but I am hopeful.
    – As we slide into home base for the year – December 31st – I hope that all of you had a great year trading., and a great year overall. We’re not none yet !
    – The Dow just broke 34,000 / The S&P just broke 4,000 / the NASDAQ 100 just broke 12,000 .., a good day for me ! [ …, so far….not sure it will hold.,]

    • ” and my trusty T.I. scientific programmable calculator. ”
      Good for you; I didn’t think anyone uses them any longer.
      I also have two of them hiding in some drawer ;-)).
      278.24 % for the year is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats!

    • congrats art due..!

      I just wait for the Tax forms from ______________ & ____________.
      Monitor “progress” qtrly and adjust strategies accordingly. Tis the season for Selling losers if ya got em. One risk with Option trading is wash sale rules, and the tax consequences thereof. Caution advised counting all Ure “chickenz” prior to hatching…beady eyed, beaked nosed bastard – “uncle” wants and will take his cut. A truly F-Ted rule that cost this home-gamer a large chunk of his ass -ets 2 years ago. IRS does not negotiate without atty – and the good ones are tres expensive..retainers & hrly..ouch! Hopefully Canadian tax auth is not so pernicious as good ole Israhell..unh I mean USA..yeah yeah thats the ticket..USA.

  16. Mystery 80-foot-long object turns up on Florida beach

    A large unidentified object has surfaced on the shores of Daytona Beach, Florida, after two major hurricanes eroded enough sand to expose the wooden contraption. The object was discovered by members of Volusia County Beach Safety and recent beachgoers, county officials told the New York Times. The object appears to be made of wood and metal and stretches 80-100 feet long.


    Minnesota mother asks police if they saved her four toddlers from a carjacker who had driven away with them. No, ‘your husband did.’

    A car thief snuck into a Minnesota couple’s truck and sped off on Wednesday night. The carjacking might have been a success had the suspect not also taken off with the couple’s four kids, still inside the car. Thanks to the father’s quick thinking and heavy foot, the suspect didn’t make it too far.


    Cryptocurrency founder dies ‘unexpectedly’ at 30

    Kullander’s untimely death treads upon the heels of the untimely death of yet another young cryptocurrency millionaire. Nikolai Mushegian, 29, was discovered drowned on a Puerto Rican beach on October 29, just hours after he tweeted: “CIA and Mossad and pedo elite are running some kind of sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands.


  17. They really are zombie . Coming out of the sausage factory jabbed . Do you really think the market knows it’s xmas . Tis the season of global financial catastrophe!!!

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