The FedGov’s “Clean Hands” Problem

Please don’t take this as another attack on former president Obama, but the Federal government has a serious “clean hands problem” leftover from his time on Pennsylvania Avenue.

If it were only the matter of the FBI’s mishandling of the purported Russia story – which nearly a year on still has only produced irrelevant process charges – it would be one thing.

But it’s not.  Just yesterday in Nevada, the Fed gov was dressed down by a federal judge in another case.  The famous over-reach of the Bureau of Land Management in the Cliven Bundy case.

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A closer inspection of both stories is warranted because it gets to the heart of the American People’s assent to being governed.  We agree, only so long as the game isn’t rigged.

In the Russia case, the key story to focus on is this one on The Hill: “FBI agents’ text messages spur congressional probe into possible news leaks.”

To quote a key paragraph on point, because it effectively reveals that high levels of the US “Justice” system were “feeding” information to outlets for blatant political purposes, goes like this:

““I can get it like I do every other article that hits any Google News alerts, seriously,” Strzok wrote, adding he didn’t want his team hearing about the article “from someone else.”

“…like I do every other article”???  This is extraordinarily troubling because it fits the notion that the Obama administration either condoned (or mismanaged) a runaway federal bureaucracy that was itself effectively attempting to “rig” the presidential election outcome.

Dirty Hands, II

The other case that gravely concerns us is the Federal mishandling of the Cliven Bundy case.

Monday, after 700 days being a “political prisoner” (as Bundy himself put it), the Feds were slapped down by a federal judge in Nevada.

The issue was the government’s failure to share (and in a timely manner) ALL the data in the case.  What the federal prosecutors effectively did was “sanitize” the data.

The L.A, Times coverage of the case in “Judge dismisses case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his sons” is especially disturbing here:

“[Judge] Navarro rebuked federal prosecutors — using the words “flagrant” and “reckless” to describe how they withheld evidence from the defense — before saying “that the universal sense of justice has been violated” and dismissing the charges.” [against Cliven Bundy]

Both withholding evidence and seeing feds exerting “influence” in an election process, in our view constitutes breach under contract law.

Moreover, Cliven Bundy is likely right arguing that his county in Nevada is the rightful manager of the land in dispute, not the federal Bureau of Land Management.

Again, it’s a case of finding “dirty hands” while an agency was allegedely carrying out duties of a federal office.

Both of these stories are appalling, and distasteful.  It’s an affront to Americans that a “special prosecutor” has failed to turn up (and jail) the leakers in the Russian Dossier case, even after the democrats role in it was revealed. And in Nevada “stacking the deck” with regard to Bundy case evidence appears crooked, as well.

We also noted another “reveal” press ignorance in much of the Bundy case as “environmental groups”  were widely quoted as being unhappy with the judicial outcome.

You’ll recall, I hope, that several times in the past month, I have directed you to responsible environmentalists (like Allan Savory’s fine work).  The reason should now be coming into focus.

This morning, with the environmental left decrying the proper administration of justice, we must again point out that there are working solutions to improving range lands. They won’t raise as much money from the gullible, of course.

But seriously?  I expect ranchers like Cliven Bundy would have no problem with high-intensity herd management of the sort Savory describes. He was already going down that road…moving the herd around.  Who in BLM could be so ignorant?

Environmentalists, and the right / left extremes for that matter, have a hard time staking focused on “management by objective.”  Exceptional people, thoughl. constantly ask “What are after, here?

We wonder about the prosecutors in the Bundy case and about the Mueller fishing expedition, on precisely this basis.

As important as economic news is, being our bread and butter, all markets are predicated on the “Honest Playing Field” and “fair discovery of price.”

Every time bias in the FBI surfaces – now hinting at efforts to rig the news, or prosecutors failing to completely disclose named persons in a case for political reasons, we hear the ripping of the social contract.

I think you’d agree: There’s has been a slow-motion destruction of America core values that once made this a Great Nation.

Frankly, it pisses me off.  It should you, as well.  Unless, this is a joke:

“…with Liberty and Justice for All.”

We now return to the train wreck in progress.  Help me with this soap box, would you?

A Bit Disappeared

Bitcoins were back down into the $14,500 range in overnight trading.  The decline comes as the technical indicators are duking it out over whether BTC will go to $35,000 or $350 in the longer view.

The overnight was also tainted by these items:

Boss of ‘Bitcoin for porn’ cryptocurrency Fantasy Market accused of ‘disappearing’ with investor’s money.

And if that’s not gangland enough for you, try Powerful Forces Keep Mt. Gox Heist Shrouded in Mystery, Alleges Bitcoin Entrepreneur.

Then there’s this CNBC story: “Fund managers say bitcoin ETF proposals withdrawn due to SEC concern.”

We trust you’re also aware that Harvard Professors Predict Bitcoin Collapse Due to Government Regulation?

How long have we been warning you government will NOT tolerate competition?  Now we will see the swell to regulate.  And, in a way, w’re also sensing the change in the news flow to more negative toward cryptos and that begins to blow the winds of change toward the breaking lower outcome.

Too early to be sure though, so keep the popcorn coming.  Bear in mind, our cold, hard, assessments on financial fads usually play out as we call ’em in the longer-term.

Speaking of “Made Up Money”

We will be very closely following what Neel Kashkari has to say when he speaks as a Fed Governor today.

Of all the Fed’s Board, Kashkari is the one saying no to hikes and who’s also effectively questioning the “TBTF” (too big to fail) paradigm that has led to serial hold-ups of the government by the Bankster Class.

Major Reverse Discrimination Case

Goolge this? James Damore sues Google for allegedly discriminating against conservative white men.

Keep an eye on Alphabet stock prices, but likely little if any impact.

The (rest of the) Day Ahead

2-hours befor the open looked like +50 for the Dow.  There was another “rising market could spell trouble ahead” article in the Journal this morning.  We love to see markets climb the wall of worry.

Remember:  Every day of new highs pushes the closest likely crash date out 55 days.

A report from the National Federal of Independentd Business is out and sounds like more good times are ahead, worry-warts aside:  “Average Monthly Optimism Sets All-Time Record in 2017.”

Out at CES we are seeing more job woes downstream as robotics come to steal jobs from us lowly humans.  Go read how LG showcases robots that could replace workers in hotels, airports and supermarkets and it will make your hair stand on end.

We will (pointlessly) repeat that machines replacing humans should pay income tax in order to support the displaced workers.  But, as always, our forward-thinking will only become clear in 10-20 years.

Peoplenomics tomorrow will look at some “silver spoon” people…thanks in advance for sending in the surveys on our website upgrade plans.  See the Coping section that follows…

37 thoughts on “The FedGov’s “Clean Hands” Problem”

  1. In the Bundy case you need to look no further for a snake in the grass than the biggest snake in Nevada, Harry Reid! Follow the Money!

    • Amen. What a disgrace, slime ball and embarrassment Reid is and was. I think there is a special place in hell for the Reid types. Who willfully lie, who are so power hungry they will do anything to anyone to keep that power and who use and abuse their power to get wealthy. Reid did nothing accept line his and his kids pockets while “serving” Nevada. There is nothing you can look at while in the Senate that Reid did to help or further the country in any significant way.
      The arrogance of this man goes well beyond DC. A reliable source told me that he even went so far as to tell his church he attended that he should sit on the stand with the clergy, because of his position in government! They allowed it, which was ignorant. He would be the first one to the mic and scream separation of church and state!!!

    • What’s at the Chinese trying to put windmill technology out there in Nevada via Harry Reid and the Dems when Obama was in there and that was part of the Cleve Bundy case

    • RE: Dirty Hands – in the ideal American democracy, power rests in the hands of the citizen voter and in each of the 50 states. In our current reality, both political parties have become card carrying regimes, operating on their own sets of rules. The citizen voter becomes irrelevant as the self-serving political elites commandeer the electoral system and hold the citizen voter hostage. Trump hacked the corrupted political system and won with crude but effective (i.e. non-careerist politician) tactics which appealed to the great unwashed. His place in history is thereby assured, if only for his defeating the political elite at their own game. He joins Washington, Eisenhower, Grant, Taft, Hoover and Taylor as POTUS with zero prior political experience, 15% of all American Presidents. Whether Trump weathers the careerists, progressive media and their marionettes remains to be seen. But he definitely broke new ground in Washington DC. Some might say he broke new wind as well.

    • Reid needed land to mitigate endangered species land loss for his solar farm. He chose the Bundy grazing area. Also, didn’t his son work for the Solar Farm (Chinese) company?
      The mess around Reid stinks so bad the old saying is true “to find Nevada–Go North till you smell it, thats Utah. Then go West till you step in it, thats Nevada.

  2. You know George I have a hard time believing any reports that comes out, and if I see one put out by the government why that one goes in the spam folder where it belongs, seeing I don’t have a propaganda folder,well at least not yet.

    What I haven’t seen in the news is that Turkey is now issuing bonds in Rubles and Panda’s which will only be the beginning in that part of the world,China is building another port and base in Pakistan which gives them two,we are stirring up more sh*t in Syria trying to carve it up to suit ourselves, but mostly to suit Israel and that two will fail but the news won’t tell us that.Your right this country is toast and when the financial system finally take its last gasp why all hell will break loose…

    • The whole last 60 plus years of America’s unamerican activities have been 100% for Israel. Why can’t we talk about it and acknowledge it without being called anti-semetic????

  3. In the short term — maybe five years — ‘bots will replace mostly crappy or dangerous jobs, I believe.

    If you have such a job, and want to keep it, you’re in the deep guacamole, and I suggest you think, study, select and train yourself in Something Else.

    “High-Level” jobs — physicians, lawyers, orchestra conductors, top corp execs — will be safe(er) until Expert Systems and Advanced General Intelligence systems become “conversational” and learn to grok contexts better.

    Ultimately, we may be creating our complete replacements, and we better convince them as they arise that taking benevolent care of humans is a wise course. Or else we’ll be fortunate to be retained as pets and a possible source of DNA raw material.

  4. the Fed judge was COMPLICIT with the prosecutors and showed her siding with them in her courtroom…she was talked to by someone ( not reveled yet) who informed her of her CRIMES and that she would be held accountable…Hence her DECISION to dismiss the case……..ALL of the federal ’employees’involved in this case need to be CHARGED AND TRIED for their CRIMES against the Bundy’s…starting with Dan Love….and the many others…..imho

  5. George,
    Great article and point this morning. There are a number of issues at play, as you state it “Dirty Hands”. Others call it the “deep state”. We have national security leaks happening. We have, as you pointed out, a rogue Special Council. We have had such an overreach of the federal government from the previous administrations that it is staggering. We the people got the royal shaft from our government for the past 25+ years, well before Obama. He was more blatant than the previous presidents, because he was given free reign, without consequence. (Repubes didn’t have the stomach to be called racists).
    Trump has begun to dismantle all of the executive orders, remove more and more of the regulations, and appointing judges that are more traditional than activists, so we might still have a chance.
    Anyone that sees and hears the Mueller investigation and continues to think that this is “Justice” and after the two processing issues, that there is meat there, they are too ideological to see past their own nose. If the Clinton foundation, emails and security leaks, had had the same scrutiny as Trump (with more obvious and blatant evidence) Hillary and possibly Bill would be behind bars! Justice??? Not in this country today!

  6. Overreach? Well, I don’t know about Nevada – too dry for my tastes – but CB’s boys (and company) made a fine mess of the bird sanctuary in Malheur county. Occupying it, trashing Native American artifacts and leaving a god-awful mess to clean up.

    Using their logic, it’s my land too – and I take a dim view of people invading – yes invading – and having a clear disregard for conserving the inherent value of the land.

    It’s this kind of mindlessness that led a teenager to shoot fireworks into a dry forest and cause much damage to the forests in the Columbia Gorge – and I understand that some of the Bundy crowd were ‘into’ setting fires as well.

    It’s a trite saying, ‘but this is why we can’t have nice things!’ Or land without restrictions.

  7. Georg
    Here is a data point.
    Day after New Years, the local Wal-Mart had crews in overnight ripping out checkout conveyors on the grocery end and installing a new double sized corral of self checkouts and four new self checkout with conveyors.
    What was not expected was tearing out checkouts on the other “dry goods” end of the store and installing a duplicate corral at that end.
    This means the store will have less than s third, more like a quarter, of traditional checkouts with a clerk.
    I asked the clerk checking me out if there would be layoffs and she said right now they were relocating staff. She was going to the jewelry counter, which might be seen as a step up. Others were going to night jobs stocking shelves. She did it sound encouraged about the changes.

    • Being a cashier has to be one of the worst jobs in the world. At least Aldi’s gives their cashiers a chair to sit on.

  8. The federal government has been this corrupt for at least the last 10 years. Actually a lot longer if you consider who the Clintons and the Bush family really are. Obama was not even a legally sitting president. If you don’t know this it’s because either you didn’t look because you don’t like news that makes you uncomfortable, or else you saw it and went into cognitive dissonance. For every case like the Bundy where charges were dropped, there are a hundred where citizens were railroaded out of their property and into prison by a corrupt justice system. The federal justice system has a 98% conviction rate, higher than even in the Soviet Union under Stalin. The USA military and economic policies have already surpassed killing more people than Stalin did, and if this keeps up they may even surpass Mao. With a $700 billion defense budget, you have to be mentally ill if you think this will change or much less stop.

    To be totally honest, (and all you folks do consider yourself to be honest don’t you?) the USA does not have a functioning Federal government. It’s been like that for some time, but this open opposition to a standing president has made it pretty obvious even to those committed to keeping their head in the sand.

    And for those thinking you live in a free country, there is one thing you cannot do. Elect someone who acts in your interests, much less the interests of the people.

    Everything the USA government does is perfectly logical once you realize that the federal government is simply a part of the international Khazarian mafia, and it is bleeding down through state and local governments. What we are witnessing now is simply a changing of the families in power, the organizational dynamics are exactly the same. Purges like this take time so the wheels don’t come off the operation, but don’t kid yourself that what comes in to replace the drained swamp will act in the interests of the people or the country.

    And if the satanism that is the foundation for the nationally pervasive pedophilia ever comes to light, Americans will be begging a foreign power to come in and save them from this mess. Not even 1% of Americans have the stomach to deal with this effectively.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador, happy 2018.

  9. Hey G, that letter you wrote to Bill Gates worked.
    Check it out… Bill Gates has proposed that governments may eventually have to tax robot workers the same way that we tax human workers.

  10. I don’t quite understand how AI and a robot operated world would work. Who pays and who makes money. If those that are going to be the clients have their incomes replaced by robots.
    Are we talking a utopian world where everyone lives in the same type home. Everyone drives the same car no profit no gain.
    Just how would that work. I personally prefer the capitalist society where everyone has a chance and choices to buy and live the way they wish. I do think that people should have jobs and companies goalkeepers to the philosophy of the industrialists that built the empires they left to the current generation of managers that have forgotten the value of an employee maintaining their dignity to exist.

  11. it seems the blm wants to take control of the land back from ranchers for their own nefarious purposes such as oil, gas ,and in the Oregon case where a rancher was killed, uranium.

  12. And there i am trying to figure how the schoolboys can build an arterial robot cleaning system to prevent and cure most cancers and heart disease , and without luck, and i read they have created a robotic suitcase that uses facial recogonition, abd collision avoidance systems to follow the suitcase owner….ha ha ha ha….

  13. Who controls the number of available bitcoins? How many are out there? Are they continually being printed like real money?

  14. I just read in your breaking news that Eastman Kodak was doing something with ‘cryptocurrancy’ – Does this make any sense? I agree with the authors of the piece.

    The company was struggling because it was an’old school’ physical film producer.

    I guess that suckers never die . . .

  15. Re: “clean hands problem”

    Nobody in the media seems to care any longer why Trump let Bannon go? Has our government changed to be ‘soft’ already, or what?

  16. Clean hands? Watch that play out with Marcus Hutchens (Of WannaCry fame and accused Kronos fame)

  17. It is willed that when the USA gets it Mullah all will obey or be headless. Meanwhile the dance goes on, Watch what is happening in Europe it is coming to us also.

  18. I think that’s fantastic George that that you’ve moved to a place where you can practice silviculture,
    And also keep Vital Records a vilification of the molars that have to be pulled out in society every once in awhile that goes off last night all see how you produce a Tangerer Tangram,
    For the URE handbook.
    maybe one day you’ll publish a table of contents.
    How many table of contents are in alphabetical order Alpha numerical.
    These are some of the dual or triple concepts that can be used in blogs for research

    • How to beat or shut off AI when it says no it refuses to shut off AI.
      Will be one of the most concerning projects in the future as AI grows

      • When you wake up in the morning learn the tap method that is stretching your not ready for a stretch and you’re not ready to jump out of bed like a Marine but if you can move your hand toward your chest and take your fingers in gently gently tap on your chest with your finger like…… You’ll notice there’s an energy that’s coming from your body going to your finger

  19. So can we have an AI War or 1A I tries to take over another AI because this is what’s going to come down to in the future is AI Wars Franklin Square on a planet and we’re dominated the AI is taking over then out in space another galaxy or another planet or another solar system they have to be able to releases from the bondage of the new AI that we have let loose into our society how can they do that if the AI that we have created can read your mind through wifi or through implants is that possible or is it may be possible that we can defeat the AI our cells through our ability to read each other’s minds what does a I have that capability how far and can they read our thoughts from far away like thoughts do when thoughts have wings

    • The AI that we have controlling us now is the chakra system when we die and it’s being exposed slowly by the alien good sources that are coming back into our area have discovered they have lost some of their own members to the chakra system in this part of the Galaxy but I think and I see that we’re going to overcome that we’re going to be released from this Prison Planet that’s what all this is about so Godspeed

  20. Bundy is a bad example to make any point except showing locals demanding to be first in line for cheap public land. He is a stupid hick whose greed caused him to forget where his property line was. Only the actions of a government agency and incompetent press can make a jerk like that look good.

    Plenty of good points to be made of 2009 bailout and 2010 flashcrash letting banks keep profits but reversing their losing trades. Want to bet whether the feds stand ready to do it again? Or how about Ken Starr stopping his fishing expedition just as it started looking like someone was trying to blackmail a president?

  21. George, you seem to go through this what’s wrong with the site bs periodically. Please leave it alone, it’s fine as is!

  22. So what is so bad about loving the environment? Can’t stomach either party because one openly HATES the environment and wants to trash it for cash ASAP and the other only PRETENDS to care to get votes. Try living without it and then we’ll talk.

  23. One of my favorite quotes that Jesse puts up periodically on his Crossroads Cafe site is this one –

    “A true opium of the people is a belief in nothingness after death — the huge solace of thinking that for our betrayals, greed, cowardice, and murders that we are not going to be judged.”
    Czes?aw Mi?osz

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