Federal Job Numbers – as WW III Gets Closer

Biden’s War Party seems to be doing its damnedest to usher in Global War in August. But first…

How About Jobs?

Dandy trading session. Although my expected rally into today’s close was muted.  We expected a decline at the open.  But from its session lows, the Dow rose from a session low of 33,771.47 to close at 33,922.26.  YES!  Our thinking was right – a 150-point rally from the bottom – but the ending was wrong.

Today, we might set things right if the federal jobs report comes in with something less interest rate fear-stoking.

The envelope, please?

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 209,000 in June, and the unemployment rate changed little at 3.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in government, health care, social assistance, and construction.

Both the unemployment rate, at 3.6 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 6.0 million, changed little in June. The unemployment rate has ranged from 3.4 percent to 3.7 percent since March 2022.

Officially, the data table looks like this when you back-out the media hype and bluster.

Labor Dept. series LNS12000000
Obviously we had more people employed back in April compared with June You just wouldnt know it though reading the self congratulating press releases <em>Progress always Progress comrade<em>

Also keep in mind the CES Birth-Death Model usually estimates a lot of jobs into existence. But only 26,000 this month so yeah jobs did fine.  Net working people still down vs. April, though.  Remember that.

Even so, with the blow out ADP numbers, we’ll watch patiently as the market sorts out how far off we’ll be by the close this afternoon. Europe was rallying at press time.

War, or Something Like It

Five stories underscore our dire outlook for July 27th of this year.

  1. The Fed will announce its rate hike on July 26th.  Day before.  We see high risk of a half point hike.  Which will push the financial world over the brink.
  2. Biden’s War Party has failed to join us into the Convention of Cluster Munitions – already signed by 100 countries.  The U.S., Russia, and Ukraine are notable holdouts.  With “war expansion” on the docket Ukraine live briefing: U.S. will supply Ukraine with cluster munitions; Zelensky to meet Erdogan in Turkey.
  3. Even when a) rates go up and b) the “cluster munitions tripwire” goes off in the Kremlin, the radical socialists in the District of Corruption have a back-up plan. U.N. To Seize Global ‘Emergency’ Powers With Biden’s Support (thefederalist.com).  Of course, any such an illegal seizure were to occur, it would be in clear violation of the Constitution.  Think Global Junta. All they need is an excuse. Not that we’re not already there.  This would just “formalize” things. Cluster here, nuke there, cut off some of the web?  Presto!  Global Emergency.  Lockdowns 2.0.
  4. Free speech is already on the ropes thanks to Buyed ‘Em: Judge Bars Biden Admin From Colluding With Big Tech Censors.
  5. But even so, the sell-out (corporate) American media keeps reporting on war among the censors. Twitter sends Meta cease-and-desist letter over new Threads app: Sources.  Back-up plans which are – in our view – Lessons of Covid Lies II.  Make the “illegal official” and you own crooked federal “law” enforcement, why what could go wrong?

We will remind you once again why July 27th is a key date to watch. The Ninth of Av – Tisha B’Av – Holocaust Remembrance Association.  It’s a horrific date in history.  Almost like April 20th is another “hot date.”  (You know who’s birthday.)

We line up all these data points for a reason.  “Seeing” the future is a rare thing. “Planning” for a range of possibilities is much easier.  July 27 is like pointing at a road sign.  “Future ought to be right where that sign up ahead is…”

Taken as a series of data points – marking the path of likely future – more like snow poles in deep powder if you’ve ever been remote in winter — we could see World War III getting off to a slow start.   There is a case for China to just let the foreign demons fight among themselves, for a while. Less work for the Han.

Alternative logical frameworks abound. In the corporate world some are like “Decision Support Departments.”  Such as astrologer Jessica Adams outlook China in the Tarot to 2026. Nostradamus scholar G.A. Stewart has a different take on W3 in “Just In Time Generals and World War III.”  We remain constantly watching because of Nostradamus July warning, though the year is less precise.  A news FLASH ought to mark it.

The Investor’s Paradox

Naturally, since we already “know” (in the financial modeling sense) that Markets could be halved or MORE  by October-November? We consider the ethics of investing. And will financial commitments all be honored?

Once upon a time, if Universe sent clues of a major Flood to come, you’d build an Ark.  Today, there are options, indexes, ETFs, and equities built out for everything.

Noah is a fine example of ethical investing.  Seeing the clouds, and being on the distro list, he built an Ark.  Today, rather than building an Ark, Noah might buy into the Water ETF, perhaps. Equity position in a rainwear maker, of course. Commodity positions six-months ahead because crops will take time to recover? Sure…

All too theoretical for you?  The Great Depression wasn’t a rain event.  It was a radio event.  Radio Trust – and high techs of the era – had become terribly overbuilt.  It was as stupid as, well, Bitcoin and crypto are today.  Except for faster clearing and EMP resistant as paper is.

Will it be that our own “high tech” has feet of clay? Could the next step up from cluster munitions be isolation of whole countries in a cable-cutter’s war?  Almost certainly, in our view.

Between rain, radio, and the web, history hints at an aligning of fears.

Back to point:

The Great Gray Matter Meander  (GGMM) is:

  • If you go short the Fed into the July Hike…
  • And there’s a 1/2 percent hike, and…
  • The Bidenistas need a scapegoat, and…
  • You thought (or knew) Putin has a red line at cluster bombs, and…
  • Then the market falls massively on the Fed hike…the next day 9 Av…
  • Would you short the market?  AND/OR
  • The Flash! comes seconds later.  And you, already having made the gain, go to the Afterlife with a short term tax liability, never enjoying a dime…
  • (How many of us “tax fugitives” are there in the Afterlife, by the way? Is there an accounting requirement at the Pearly Gates? IRS is expanding, you know…)

Remember, markets were disrupted by 9/11.  So, why not again?  And if the Internet is attacked (or we go Grid Hard Down), how would you move, let alone spend all those gains?

The investor’s paradox.  Right and rich? Go for broke? Go for safe?  Our preference is for boats over rainwear and ETFs.


Back on the War Path

It’s really going to depend which side you want to believe about the war lead-in: Russian fighter pilots harass U.S. military drones in Syria for second straight day, Pentagon says.  But, it you follow the Russian narrative: Zakharova denounces ‘earthquake’: Weapons for Ukraine end up in ‘armies’ of protesters inside Europe.


How about some of these as Maraschinos on the News Wire:

Janet went for Chinese food.  Now she’s bowing:  US not seeking ‘winner-take-all’ competition with China, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says.  Bow over? Yellen criticises Chinese curbs against US firms.

Filed under Buses Bashed: Double-decker bus and city bus collide in Manhattan, sending 18 people to hospitals. (Our well-informed sources report they all got off at the same stop....ahem...)

Speak loudly and get the big stick: Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from US House Freedom Caucus.

ATR: Friday Planner

If there was any rain in our area, it missed us completely.  The gates of hell have been left open, by the feel of it.  Is it September yet? On averages, the year is still better than 2022.

Sunspot Cycle is Kicking Up a bit:

solar progression
As you can see we have had much higher sunspot activity in the not too distant past

Bad news for “mini-Maunder” advocates, ammo for warming, good for farming if you add enough water. But no snow in Texas this month…there goes the ski season.

The simple cook:  Made his rum-soaked chicken breasts last night.  Soak 2 breasts overnight in a couple of shots of spiced rum.  Sauté in butter and garlic until just done, remove. Pour in 3/4 cup of heavy cream, a nearly equal amount of parmesan, and two more shots.  Bring to soft boil and reduce to preference.  Drop the chicken back in.  Let ’em get acquainted for a few minutes.  Serve, top with parm and brown under broiler it you’re trying to impress.  (Otherwise, just get your chew on…)

Coming Articles: Charts, as always, on the Peoplenomics report Saturday.  The electronics bench rethink is ShopTalk Sunday‘s focus. Yesterday’s column is here if you missed it.

Have a great weekend and write when you get rich,


50 thoughts on “Federal Job Numbers – as WW III Gets Closer”

  1. Word-slinger:

    Lots on the to-do plate this am, sorta watched fin. noos as employment report was released. ADP got it horribly wrong again? Surprised mkts aren’t green on bad news = good news but so it goes.

    Also surprised the real data gets missed or glossed over. Quick trip to BLS as always on jobs day. Table A-15 / U-6 got moved (hidden?) from front page but is still there:

    U-6 Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force


    Survey sez? Higher total unemployed both non-adjusted and adjusted. Huh. That gets swept under the rug.

    And we’re off!

    ps – which spiced rum? Sailor Jerry is norm here

  2. “Once upon a time, if Universe sent clues of a major Flood to come, you’d build an Ark. ”

    the Universe still sends out clues.. take the Ark.. it took seventy years … for ole NOAH to build that ark in the high plains desert… seventy years building a huge boat in an area without a great deal of water..
    I joked to the wife that I should build a PEER.. she said what in the heck for.. well when the earth flips over.. then that will be shorefront property LOL…future rentals etc..
    Just like many on here.. we can see the pieces of the puzzles..
    but take my religious beliefs.. the Mormon church preaches everyone should be prepared.. be the five virgins that got oil.. not the five that didn’t ..Most of this is because of what is written in the diaries of the survivors.. they trials they faced were tremendous.. and the only way they could survive was to depend on each other.. So since those days of the trials.. that message has been preached.. the big difference.. that journey was almost two hundred years ago.. just like the survivors of the last depression.. the further you get away from an incidence.. the less dramatic it seems..
    I had so much pain.. swollen mottled.. had the look.. it was not a good time.. but as time moves forward the memory of the experience dulls.. the same with the memories of the trials of the pioneers.. there are a few.. but the vast majority haven’t had that pleasure.. the same with NOAH.. he had to con his kids into helping.. my guess is everyone thought he was a raving lunatic.. building that boat.. the same with the preaching’s of the church.. they tell everyone daily.. but many have not had the luxury of experiencing the dramatic affects of the events…
    the church estimates only what six percent.. have heeded their preaching’s many don’t know how to they see the task as a daunting task rather than the butterflys wing .. then there are some that do.. and some that refuse to.. their goal get more numbers or green.. gold silver.. etc.. in their life there has always been plenty..the teachings of our heavenly father ignored then turned into one of compliance to the business model.. it isn’t their fault either.. it is human nature and the brains function to dull the dramatic events in ones life..

  3. “Remember, markets were disrupted by 9/11. So, why not again? And if the Internet is attacked (or we go Grid Hard Down), how would you move, let alone spend all those gains? The investor’s paradox. Right and rich? Go for broke?”

    through the years I have taken care of people from many walks of life.. each with their own unique set of life experiences..
    I believe that the events rolling out are a theft.. people that put their whole lives into gleaning a large number.. are now discovering that it is being stolen.. not so much by the numbers but by value of the number.. so far.. cost of living increased over thirty percent in the last couple of years.. Now taxation.. what I learned from those that preceded me that lived through the events of the thirties.. was they had plenty.. then it was gone.. when it folded what they had vanished.. it is like bit coin.. only a number.. we sell our souls for a number it is the top priority before the needs of those in our own communities.. only to discover that the number is gone.. when its gone.. in a real shtf scenario they take it all..
    in an event of great destruction.. one person cannot survive without the community.. when i was young you had the welcome wagon.. a group of citizens that went and visited with new members of the community.. today many don’t know who their neighbor is..
    the moment a number ceases to exist and what was is no longer..
    I think that is why people are racing to get things with the local power companies telling all their customers that they should have the backup power says mountains of information.. they expect it to happen the electrician I got to put in our backup generator says it is the bulk of his business now…. I got tools that I had expected.. but not for myself.. but for those that follow.. and I put instructions on how to use them with them..
    similar to Argentina and Zimbabwe when it goes the dollar will be useless.. gold and silver is totally dependent on who is collecting it.. and the price will vary.. an ounce of gold cannot be eaten.. but a pound of rice can..

    • HI, LOOB; what kind of generator did you put in???

      Can you please share that information?

      Thank you?

    • “I think that is why people are racing to get things with the local power companies telling all their customers that they should have the backup power says mountains of information..”


      With the Biden Administration’s initiative to eliminate natural gas, along with gasoline and diesel fuel, how, pray tell, are those generators going to accomplish anything, other than helping Generac move up a few rungs up the Fortune 500 ladder…?

      • yup… if you listen to anyone at the coffee houses..
        the companies installing these are so busy.. everyone sees what is going on and is afraid of the future and our grid is so vulnerable because of the business model of greed that they know there is a good possibility of grid failure.. that the utility companies are now wanting everyone to install their own mini grid if there is a grid down event.. whether it is a huge failure due to the fragile position they have.. ( I have my rant solar towers starting at the furthest point and work back putting them at every substation to become a mini grid in the event of a grid down.. the push and fear people are concerned so much that it has made the installation of backup systems to soar beyond anything the electricians ever could have imagined… knowing that none of us has any power on what the war will happen we have to follow their lead.. we have open corruption in the halls of justice.. the things taught to little children are totally flipped upside down.. and everyone is expecting this biden war to go real ugly the power companies realize how fragile they are and just how easy it would be for a foreign enemy to take our whole system down…. I believe the biden war began as a way to keep corrupt business models going.. but also to cover over their previous activities..in the attempt to take down Russia and push the NWO.. the tables were turned and now the people that have been pulling the strings fear losing their position as the king of the hill.. we are but pawns in the chess game of power..

  4. The planet does need a war/culling.

    I was looking at median age of the U.S. population. Median age increased with the expansion of the fiat system.

    Today median age
    for men is 37.2.
    for women is 39.8.
    combined 38.5.

    Back in 1960 the combined median age was 29.5.
    Back in 1860 the combined median age was 19.4.

    1860’s 19.4 makes sense because back then if you couldn’t produce your own way you’d quickly whither.

    Generally in nature the value of a woman is significantly reduced at 40 because they stop reproducing naturally. There is an isolated incident form Bible days claiming Sarah @ 90.

    Median age would be a higher if the illegals weren’t being imported.

    The war is Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand at work. From the age charts it looks like median age should be around 28.5 (1960/1970). So if the war over corrects in the culling median age should snap back to 1820’s 16.7 or even lower.

    Median Age of the Population: 1820 to 2000


    Median age of the resident population of the United States from 1960 to 2021


    • A sad reality is that for peace, we really need significantly more women than men. More boys are born than girls, and one function of war seems to be to terminate the excess males early enough that most men will be able to get and keep a woman. The idea of an equal opportunity military renders this idea moot.

      I’ve been pondering why this total focus on gender bending and acceptance of more than two sexes. Here’s a fascinating interview by a serious academic:


      By her reckoning, sexual functionality is being seriously affected by gender-bending chemicals, much more so than publicly acknowledged. We may need to deal with a world with many “genderless” people. They may have the body parts(or not), but they may not have the sexual desire/motivation or the actual ability to reproduce. She explores sperm viability studies and cross-checks the statistics.

      I seem to recall that various contactee encounters with beings(from various books in the 60’s and 70’s) had referred to the human race becoming sterile in the future. I’ve no idea how valid those reports were.

      • “but they may not have the sexual desire/motivation or the actual ability to reproduce.”

        people have the sexual desire. but the child.. whe I was young people had large families..today at 300 plus a week for daycare.. per child.. not counting all the other expenses..then the tax breaks for single and for family is set up for single parent household..people can’t afford a child.

      • The data makes the median age look stable from 1940 (29 y/o) to 1980 (30 y/o). Then the divergence happens post 1970’s final currency de-linking.

        Maybe the increase is because we’re postindustrial/computer age.

        Maybe median age means nothing.

        Like the charts median age could go up down or capsize.

      • Gender bending forever chemicals:



        From the Daily Mail article: ‘The fluorinated products made at Chemours’ Fayetteville Works site are critical to improving the U.S. supply chain for semiconductors and electric vehicles, and for producing green energy to slow global warming. Our fluorinated products are key components in the production of solutions we rely on every day like smartphones, as well as in solar panels, medical devices, and countless other products.”

        What a JOKE, right? Those forever chemicals are needed for the COUNTRY TO GO GREEN AND to stop Global Warming!!!!!

        The profit POLLUTION motives NEVER END.

        From the article: “Experts said the findings were ‘frightening’ given the scale of the problem and the link between the toxins and serious health conditions like cancer, infertility, birth defects and hormone issues.

        These microscopic, man-made chemicals can take thousands of years to break down in the environment or in the human body, hence the name ‘forever chemicals.'”

        You don’t think our esteemed leaders, think tanks, foundations, research facilities, colleges, and science labs haven’t studied these gender bending chemicals/hormones/drugs and know exactly what they do when?

      • By my reckoning, sexual orientation dysfunction is kitschy.

        The percentage of people who suffer actual gender dysphoria is historically 0.2%, or 1 person in 500. Therefore it seems likely the percentage of people suffering from actual gender dysphoria today is also 0.2%. So what about the others?

        The upcoming generation always collectively “pushes the envelope” and does something socially or societally which their parental generation finds revolting. We had Steven Stills and James Taylor inject the word “fuck” into their songs, and 14-million hippies take the word literally. SDS and the Weathermen blew up buildings and shot cops. We tuned in, turned on, and dropped out.

        We set the bar high…

        I’m not going to bother with big hair and nipples, etc., but after that came grunge, which brought a multitude of tats and piercings, as all the kiddies strove to find individuality, by doing what every other kid was doing.

        It is my contention that:

        1) Kids are still seeking individuality by doing what everyone else is doing.

        2) As I said, SOD is kitschy.

        2a) Especially when we have, like, 43,000 “sexual identities” now, and if you don’t like any of them in human form, you can choose to be your favorite animal, then give IT a new sexual identity.

        3) Nothing says “youth revolt” like sterility and permanent sexual disfigurement.

        4) The entertainment complex is pushing it hard, to mainstream the “revolt” and normalize it.

        5) I have no doubt that Chinese propaganda (social) media (TicTok, et al) is pushing this garbage and pushing it hard. I doubt they originated the waves of social degeneration through which we’re now traversing, but I have no doubt that once they saw Western society was imploding, they piled on.

        6) We have several hundred mind-altering (or mind-disfiguring) drugs now. I suspect there is a segment of teenage angst-ridden society which, after sampling a veritable smorgasbord of anti-depressants, without resolution, start looking for answers elsewhere, like in the loudest place they can find — the media. And the media is currently pushing what?

        I have gotten dumb or pitying looks for 40 years, when I have railed about the drug industry creating a drug, then going out to find a condition they can treat with it, and failing thus, inventing a condition or malady for which to justify their research.

        Would anyone care to guess how many mental conditions, other than mental retardation, existed in 1950?

        I would guess there are fewer than 500 people in the USofA who know the answer to that question, off the top of their head.

        I am one.

        I would be willing to bet Bobby Kennedy is another…

    • ” So if the war over corrects in the culling median age should snap back to 1820’s 16.7 or even lower.”

      And we well know that today’s teenagers are ill-equipped to be survivors of war. They will die without their phones.
      ELE… Extinction Level Event

      • Thinking out loud the American generation who served in WW2 started as uneducated, scrawny wimps. But America had faith in them and they overcame. Look at what they did post-WW2.

        Enlisted men had growth spurts because of the well balanced food plans. Post-Depression kids weren’t getting enough to eat.

        “You are five feet, eight inches tall, and you weigh 144 pounds. During your basic training, which you received at Fort Benning, GA, you gained 5 to 20 pounds and added an inch to your 33 ¼” chest.”


        The chance an enlisted man had a high school diploma was 50/50.

        “During the 1910s, the 1920s, and the 1930s, the graduation ratios increased rapidly. In 1939–40, the ratio rose above 50 percent for the first time. In that year, about 53 per cent of the graduates were females.

        During World War II, the graduation ratio dipped as some young men left school to join the armed forces.
        Immediately after the war, the graduation ratio resumed its upward trend, reaching 70 percent in
        1959–60. A peak ratio of 77 percent was attained at
        the end of the 1960s.”


        But who knows?

        • Pieces of paper not really relevant…

          Ever see that Kansas 8th Grade final exam which circulated around the Internet, 20 years ago?

          Thomas Edison and Henry Ford died with walls full or honorary college degrees. Neither had a high school diploma, in fact, neither went to primary + secondary school for a cumulative period of more than about four years. Ford had to drop out of elementary school to go to work (some accounts say he finished 8th Grade. He did not. He was functionally illiterate and could not read above the 3rd grade level until long after FoMoCo made him wealthy), to take care of his family; Edison was incorrigible and considered by his teachers, “too stupid to learn anything.”

        • Regarding the Kansas high school exam:

          Please forgive me if I’m repeating myself… I have a pair of books retired from the Worcester, Mass. high schools shortly before the start of the first World War.

          One is the latter half of the Odyssey (if memory serves) and the other is some/all of the Anabasis of Xenophon. (Don’t have them handy to verify those details.)

          The norm when I was in school (a few years after our host) was to translate Homer as a junior or senior… in college.

          These days, I would be only slightly surprised to find that the entire Classics Department has been grafted onto another department, or simply deep-sixed.

      • ” So if the war over corrects in the culling median age should snap back to 1820’s 16.7 or even lower.”

        Only if the number of stillborn babies goes through the roof, or NIH gets an honest accountant, who counts abortions after the first trimester, as stillbirths…

    • “IF” our modern complex supply chain would break down so many people are now so dependent upon our modern medical system in order to LIVE … we would see a HUGE culling of the population in the 6-9 months after the collapse of our complex supply chain just from medical issues … not even counting those from issues like food etc..

      Much of that culling would be the older people who as a group are the ones most dependent upon our complex supply chains, (50% of ALL people over 60 now are now on some sort of daily drug program, closer to 75%-80% for those over 70, per my Health Insurance Guy), but there are also middle aged people who would also be seriously impacted (diabetes, lupus, heart disease, etc. etc.).

      My best guess, after years of thinking about this, is that at least 10% of our population would die within 6 to 9 months if our modern medical support system was totally disrupted (could be as high as 15%). The only savings grace with that number is that 10% are probably the LEAST productive group of all of our society … MOSTLY USING society’s resources with LITTLE GIVEN BACK to help society survive.

      Add some famine issues into the mix and you would have a real mess, AND STRESS on the population. (our entire agricultural system is a factory now, one that is virtually 100% dependent upon petroleum products in order to produce anything — no diesel fuel … NO planting OR harvesting, and that doesn’t even cover fertilizers, water pumps, feeding systems, fans etc. etc.)

      • ‘Much of that culling would be the older people who as a group are the ones most dependent upon our complex supply chains, ”

        I have had several really scary times…. the death spirals of economy.. to physical health issues.. the one thing I learned.. is that we take EVERYTHING.. for granted.. we outsourced our industrial .. dumbed down our kids.. subjected them to moral and ethical desensitization through MSM.. all crimes are glorified on there.. and took the adult presence from the home to go to work..
        then prosperity.. we have so much that we feel invincible…in our area at one time there were ten cobblers.. today most people have never even heard of a cobbler much less knows one.. it is cheaper to just run out and buy a new pair of shoes.. made someplace else..the throw away society.. we threw our children out for profits of the business model.. we take everything for granted and live as if there are no consequences.. the country is bankrupt and our industry is gone.. all for a number.. could this be what was meant by the mark of the beast.. everyone would have a number.. or is that that the mark was the love of a number rather than the love of our heavenly father..
        you would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to make a simple mayonaise they buy the jar

    • The planet does NOT need a war/culling, that’s BS.

      The TREASONOUS leaders closely aligned to the banking families, have already murdered/killed/slaughtered millions of able bodied people who could have changed the world for the better.

      The crop that is here is deficient – the LEADERS.

      And they became our leaders through corruption.


      This article is a homework assignment, first the article, and he has written a large body of work on this topic, and those links are included.

      Then, there are the comments, which are mostly superb.

      Afterwards, anyone can see what it is we are dealing with when 2% of the population including (WEF, CFR, etc.) are funding the leaders, wokeness, trans agenda, BBB, and continuous Western Civilization’s destruction.

      We are being forced to live in an ANTI-WHITE-ANTI-CHRISTIAN ANTI-HETEROSEXUAL WORLD.

      Constant damaging messages of White supremacist, toxic males, removing woman, womanhood, girls from every space they can even women’s sports, and much more.

    • “Back in 1860 the combined median age was 19.4.”

      …and life expectancy was to about age 50.

      Back in 1960 the combined median age was 29.5.

      …and life expectancy was to about age 66.

  5. I’ve always believed, bad prophecies are something to avoid, not just wait for patiently with open arms.

    Unfortunately, there are those people who actually push to make such bad things happen … they see some macabre opportunities and ways to profit from such events. Guess they think it’s all meant to be, so they try to ride it like riding a horse though an arena of jumps and barrels. To a point they are successful but, they too are in the arena that will fall.

    Interesting thought …

    “ dinosaurs literally got taken out on the same planet we walk on today and people still think they’re invincible.
    You’re no better than a

    Orwell gave us 1984 and everyone flocks to it but, no one pays attention to his final warning.



  6. Date note. The powers that be moved the start of any Jewish month back two days by using the new moon as the completion of the orbit, and not when a new moon was seen in the skies. Done on purpose for many bad reasons. So the actual 9th of Av is on the 29th, not the 27th. Hope that helps your calculations to be more accurate.

  7. I need a Sal style lawyer.

    There’s a regional big box store by me that offers a 10% produce discount to EBT/SNAP folk.

    Clearly in this store prices are being determined by income and not based on all humans/$s being equal. One group of consumer is being singled out and forced to pay more.

    I also saw an incense burner TV commercial making the claim burning their incense in their holder ‘purifies the air’.

    The company should be able to produce their study when making such claims.

    • I agree.. one person shouldn’t be singled out because of income or Illness.. up till this post.. I thought the only ones allowed to do that was insurance companies.. one can get it at one price.. another is gouged through the nose for it..
      at one point in time I couldn’t buy insurance at all.. now it is what ten times more than someone else..
      prices should be set.. if they need to increase it to pull a profit then pass the cost on to everyone purchasing the product.. and let the market stand.. on some medications there are hundreds of thousands of percent discrepancies between canada and mexico or anyone outside the USA to what is offered in the usa.. for the same product.. open the borders.. and don’t discriminate between one or another..

      • “on some medications there are hundreds of thousands of percent discrepancies between canada and mexico or anyone outside the USA to what is offered in the usa.. for the same product..”

        Trump did this, a couple months before leaving office.

        His least-cost drug initiative was one of the first things Biden flushed down the crapper. What honks me off even more than the Biden Administration doing this, is Trump forced the price of insulin down (from several hundred dollars) to $35. When Creepy Joe shitcanned the plan, insulin went back up into the multihundred dollar range, and now the creepy SOB is bragging that he’s going to reduce the cost of insulin to…

        wait for it…


  8. re: any port in a storm
    feat. Vandelis (Vandals)


    Hardly a fortnight has passed since the newly expanded deep sea port on the Isle of Portland was opened by His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset. Known as Vandelis (Vandals) in Roman times, the scenic UNESCO heritage area is now better equipped according to “DorsetLive” for providing the necessities vital for discerning tourist cruiseship passengers soon to be sampling treasures of the “Juraissic Coast” in a proper ambiance.

    The BBC reports that London’s Home Office shall shortly be equipping the port with a 47 year old barge apparatus formerly known as Floatel Stockholm during its stints as a homeless shelter in the Netherlands and Germany. The refurbished 222 bedroom accomodation will offer 24/7 housing to 500 young male asylum seekers for 18 months. A £2 million federal subsidy will allow for hourly bus service, English lessons, and sports activities. Enhanced security measures include designated staff telephoning those barge residents who might choose not to return to their dorm by 2300 hours nightly.

    Meanwhile Portland Port informs that Regal Princess is expected at 0700 tomorrow morning.

    Have a fine weekend, everyone, anchors aweigh!

    • Wow! Is Britain being assaulted by disproportionate numbers of military aged foreign males, just as the USA seems to be. I’m concerned about this sex disparity. If those males can’t find a female to bond with, they’ll likely rape randomly in the same way that happened in Sweden and Germany!

      This has to be deliberate. I can’t believe that entire governments can’t see the obviousness of this when I, and many others can from across the pond.

      Are these males vetted and either skilled already for known jobs or have job training planned? Are they simply allowed in as cannon fodder for the upcoming war?

  9. BLM Rioters Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
    Aug 13, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

    OSLO – The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced the recipients of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize: Black Lives Matter peaceful protesters who burned down communities and violently beat all who stood in their way.

    BLM protester and Antifa member Bryce Hapley accepted the award on behalf of all the incredibly peaceful protesters across the United States.

    “Nobody has done more for peace than these brave peaceful protesters,” a Nobel Committee spokesperson said while presenting the award to the young man, clad in all black and wielding a bike lock. “Every thrown brick, every bloodied citizen, and every burned-down low-income housing community represents another step toward world peace.”

    “This may be the most deserving recipient since Barack Obama.”

    SEE MSM does report important news.. and that the Trump family and russian collusion is to blame for everything.. there is nothing behind that curtain..

  10. George Ure says…

    “There is a case for China to just let the foreign demons fight among themselves, for a while. Less work for the Han.”

    Charlie Chan says…

    “Patience like royal flush in poker game – unbeatable.”

  11. re: Knight Moves, 1992
    feat. Riders on the Storm


    Stop. Rewind. Open The Doors and step right in. It seems kind of peculiar that Deutsche Welle’s report on Elon Musk’s China trip ending this past Wednesday is told as being his first in 3 years. The headline image shows him shaking hands with the Chinese foreign minister in Beijing this past May 30.

    The trip was a great hit in China as the first letter of Musk’s name in Chinese is the character of a horse. Apparently horses can be the muscle for the bosses in Chinese mythology?

    “Business Insider” published a screenshot from Weibo of the custom “Tesla” 16 course menu from the Man Fu Yan restaurant, Shanghai where Musk dined with a battery company ceo. The cover featured two horses in mixed black and white colour along with “extraordinary” and 3 Chinese characters. The article said they meant “the horse that surges ahead of the pack”. I put the image in Google translator and it came up with “Akira”. Hopefully that’s not the fictional psycho Japanese military project circa 1988.

    Anyhow of course yesterday the day after Musk departed, Ms. Yellen landed in Beijing on the heels of a rainstorm. Images depict her deplaning while attired completely in black to be greeted by a minor unnamed official from the finance ministry.

    • re: humanoids and androids jam together
      feat. sorry, Siri


      Uh oh, humanoid brain cramp on the Musk trip China timeline above.

      Anyhow did anyone catch the United Nations ITU “AI for Good” global summit conference from Geneva? Nine robots held a presser with media. From the looks of the pictures, at least 6 of the 9 were female. The Matriarchy might be real, everyone.

      Okay, as robot Ai-da channels avante-garde artist Yoko Ono, let’s join DJ George for the latest from the ATS 25 antenna beaming to Earth. Yes, live from Geneva with “The Guardian”, it’s rockstar robot Desdemona and her humanoid backing band Jam Galaxy lyricizing “the singularity will not be centralized”.

  12. “(How many of us “tax fugitives” are there in the Afterlife, by the way? Is there an accounting requirement at the Pearly Gates? IRS is expanding, you know…)”

    Do you honestly believe St. Peter will allow a tax collector through the Gates? Eye of a needle, all over again…

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