Fed Inflation >37% – Job Numbers Won’t Matter

Reader Note 1:  Posting in sections this morning due to power outages (multiple) from high winds in East Texas overnight.  Thank God for solar back-up and a big battery bank.

AYFKM?  Fed Inflation 37.2%

Most recent “sliding window” view of the (not really) “Federal” Reserve’s money-printing party shows underlying (with the emphasis on  lying) approaching 40%!

There is no particular surprise to this – you can find it on the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks page here – but to us, this wanton printing raises serious ethical questions and I’d like to see some comments as to which view is right, in your view:

First, the pro-inflation side:  (Let’s go hoolygooly  making up money, helicopter-dumping of cash on the rich, but not the poor to save them not everyone…justifications.)

  1. If we didn’t print, thousands of businesses would fail.
  2. If we didn’t print, there would be shortages.
  3. People might starve as food system break down.
  4. There might be social unrest.
  5. Printing speeds recovery.

Here’s the Flip side:  (Let the Chips Fall where they may.)

  1. By printing, taxpayers support crooked businesses and malinvestment.  Bad businesses are semi-nationalized.  The Fed uses taxpayer authority to engage in state-ownership of industry.  Like communism.
  2. There are shortages any way: beef, pork, chicken, toilet paper…just depends where you are and whether you prepped. Intervention denigrates preparing, debt reduction, and supports the Nanny State.  Individual responsibility is pilloried while State dependence (and laziness) is encouraged.
  3. People will starve regardless when the hyperinflation implicit in massive overprinting of currency comes home to roost.  It’s only a “play for time.”
  4. Social unrest is “baked in ” by crooked political choices and things like the double-screwing (wanna go for triple?)  of Bernie who’s at least an open commie…I mean compared with Shifty and Nancy at a minimum.
  5. What speeds recovery is returning to an honest lifestyle (not based purely on excess consumption and planned obsolescence to support soaring corporate profits, stock buy-backs and executive perks instead of R&D and dividends for suckers  shareholders…) and when people can again live  in America again on a single household income in the middle class.

Our recipe for recovery?

  • Bar the Fed from playing markets directly or through pals and proxies.  Let the free market set price levels.  Business has become an “accounting game” rather than operating for the benefit of customers.
  • No bailout of any kind for firms with stock buy-backs in the past three years.  There is no such thing as “too big to fail.”  There’s just crooks who run the  “pals, cronies, and inconvenience racket” but that doesn’t justify maintaining a “crooked country.”
  • And ABSOLUTELY NO MANDATORY “VIRUS” SHOTS.  Just on the chance this “bioweapon” is in Reality no more than a scam to nano-chip people as “Tax Chattel.” This “Mark of the Beast” has been warned-of for 100-generations.

Break-through “cure” stories like this one feel a little too pat.

So, why is it happening?  Have you ever watched the 2016 video “The Enemies Within?”

Reader Note 2:  The fact I even mention this documentary will doubtlessly be branded fear mongering and such.  But, as you watch, see if you can find factual errors in its content.  Damn inconvenient when you can’t…

There’s a global power struggle underway:  Communism’s “fake defeat” in 1989 has merely been a brilliant feint and the Russians even now are promoting international communist objectives.  And when you toss in the Chinese and their alliances along the U.S. southern border with drug cartels to move product into the U.S. – plus the U.N. and other “take-down America groups” ripping part borders and making up backgrounds of “immigrants” we see an interesting battle space with multiple parties in conflict:  Muslim extremists, communists (pandered as less-dangerous sounding “socialists”) and Global Corporatists.

American’s have been carefully groomed not to remember Muslims follow a theocracy – a mix of religion and politics.  It specifically excludes non-member of their “club” from much of anything.  And by definition, that places it as against the American political model.  I mean, seriously?  Strip away all the PC-BS and it’s still and insurgency.

We don’t pretend to have an “special knowledge” about how all this plays out, but it’s clear to us that the struggle is on right now.  And events placed before gullible Americans buy the corporate-owned media typically follow a dual agenda:  Play at “informing” on the one hand, while prosecuting a corporate-globalist world on the other. That “shares power” with a theocracy…which in the end will collide and be swamped…  Terrible box of snakes.

Federal Jobs Report:  Lessons in Lying

Not QUITE bald-faced lies but close enough.  Let’s see how they did it, shall we?  Press release first:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 20.5 million in April, and the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The changes in these measures reflect the effects of the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. Employment fell sharply in all major industry sectors, with particularly heavy job losses in leisure and hospitality.

This news release presents statistics from two monthly surveys. The household survey measures labor force status, including unemployment, by demographic characteristics. The establishment survey measures nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings by industry. For more information about the concepts and statistical methodology used in these two surveys, see the Technical Note.

Household Survey Data

In April, the unemployment rate increased by 10.3 percentage points to 14.7 percent. This is the highest rate and  the largest over-the-month increase in the history of the series (seasonally adjusted data are available back to
January 1948). The number of unemployed persons rose by 15.9 million to 23.1 million in April. The sharp increases
in these measures reflect the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and efforts to contain it….”

But wait!  More people than that filed as first time unemployed…so something doesn’t add up.  Want to see how stastical magic works?

Lie 1:  Mis-state the Workforce Numbers

From it’s high in February – 164,546,000 as a workforce – simply claim that ONLY 156,481,000 are in the workforce now.  8-million people just decided to quit trying to work?  They went fishing?   What the bloody f(ck?  AYSM – eight goddam million people checked out?  (Eyes roll…)  (*pauses for BP check).

If, the real workforce was the same as February’s, the honest unemployment rate would be 19% or higher.

Lie 2:  Understate Job Cuts in the CES Birth Death Model

This is a dandy place for financial and normalcy jiggering:  It’s where the numbers are “made up” behind the smokescreen of indecipherable statistical gibberish, right?  But instead of admitting more than a million of the “made up jobs” vanished, they only report 553-thousand were axed.,  Like so:

In the end, it all works:  Because while the world roles toward 4-million with CV19 and the US death toll this morning is 75,670, the manipulator’s plan is to scare us all enough to get chipped but not so much than we won’t bend over as take it in the tax over time.

Dow futures are +285 at press time.  Not on dividends, growth or stupid basics like that.

Nope.  because insiders all know it’s a rigged game and you’re the suckahs in their casino and they call the odds as it pleases ’em.  Loser.

We’re buying another piece of land, instead.  Because in the long run, food matters, not paper…well, except Cottonelle and Charmin

PBS: Partisan BS

Here we go again:  The basic story is in Attorney General Barr says what Michael Flynn did “was not a crime”.  But, when you read the whole of the story and what went before, the FBI clearly was out to entrap and with the objective of roping Trump into their efforts or….

Thing is, the FBI acted in an illegal manner (as entrapment is) and one by one the exonerations will continue.  If you have TDS you’ll get all whipped up…if not, it will be a simple “About time…” and you might further ask “Who buys these guy’s lives back?”

After a VP gig, is she?  That’s how an astute political observer might characterize Kamala Harris proposes monthly income boost during COVID crisis.

Of course, that leaves open who will be the nominee since 1996 Court Filing Corroborates Biden Accuser’s Claim She Was Harassed.

Seems CNN hates competition.  At least that’s how I viewed their piece Meet OAN, the little-watched right-wing news channel that Trump keeps promoting.  Wait, is this more “fake news,” too?

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Leave it to Elon Musk to screw with Old-Think.  Report over here is his baby’s been given the name “X Æ A-12 Musk.”  California’s not going for it citing the need to use Englishg language characters.

Wait!  So there’s not a single baby in California with a virgulilla in their name?  That’s the  tidle – squiggle over an  n and such.  Is there a code carve-out for them?

But, it gets even  more stupid because California won’t let you use a  number in your name.  Well…except, the “free radical” state makes people numbers in their driver’s licenses AND what about social security numbers?

When you think deeply on this, you’ll conclude, perhaps as I have, that this is more bitch-slapping of free-thinking by the ALL POWER GRABBING governmentizers.  Who abuse us tax chattel types and demand tribute for their power tripping.  Who me, pissed?

All Hail the State!  Sig…..

Write when the planet stops bullshitting sane people…oh, wait…no one would write…go ahead, vent.  I just did.


54 thoughts on “Fed Inflation >37% – Job Numbers Won’t Matter”

  1. Straight line winds sounded like a hurricane last night. Power is back on after being off for hours. Time for a nap.

  2. Well G, IF one looks deeply the rise of a Holden Caulfield thought system will manifest simultaneously as Lennon and Marx imagines the future. You cannot have one without the other. I might remind you of these two constants: #1. Ideas are immortal. #2 Ideals are buisness model or vehicle of thought. Idea/ideal and word/world.

    As all ways and in always. 12 is the driving dividing line of our future. Th ebb first letter of Luck and just letter away from Yuck and F.

    Communism was conceptualized in 1830, written in 1841 and became the ‘progressive ideal” or “mask” by its first apearance as a written term, in US political structure 1891 as a demcrat party agenda. 4 years prior to May 5, 1893 stock market crash became known as “Industrial Black Friday” as railroad and industrialstocks plummeted and several major companies went bankrupt

    The above is the very first stockmarket crash.

    Interesting ponder G.

    • There always exists a “counter balance” brother Geee. Like the seesaw in the children park. As one rises to the surface of our collective a counter-weight is always present. has to be! This is earth which is a base 3 system governed by singularity 0r 1. Duality and its law. Words, paper and writer or reader. A singular Base 3 system. Father, Son and Holy Spirit and man. President, Congress, Senate and the Judge.

      It’s a constant replication of 4 or base 3 system in singularity 3 in ONE! it’s right there dude in our language——–>>>>> on3. I’m clean and sober as a church mouse. I just got rocketed to a whole nuther world. Hahahaha.

      If you thought I was nuts before. Hold my beer, watch this. Hahahhahahahahahhaha I’m off the charts.

      If you take the first and last letters of my new handle?? They make the peace symbol and add to 34, one degree past 33, in numerology 7. Gods rest. Aka “peace” a puzzel piece of Gods peace.

      I gotta get. Much much to consider. New eyes to see, new ears to hear. Yay!

      • Something that’s been going around my noggin lately, flitting in and out unbidden, is the fact that nothing in the Universe exists without its opposite in existence as well. Good, whether subjective or objective, and Bad. Hot, relative, and Cold, as compared to more energetic regions. Negative and Positive charges (but there are non-participatory charges in this case). Even Freedom, relatively, and Slavery with not much in between. Light and its absence which is probably directly related to heat and the lack of it. Truth and Lies.

        What the significance of this is in my life I have no idea until the next pinball in the Universe heads my way with the answer. When it does I hope I’m paying attention or at least my recorder is turned on for later listening but, for some reason, it’s been persistent like a song you can’t get out of your head.

  3. I discovered a new dimension last night. A whole new plane. A whole new language and I have been up since 3 am considerng my new found knowledge. I down loaded the update and got new drivers in my brain. I may have stumbled upon the mathematical formula for fortune. I’m not sure yet. I only know that I know a new language. It was always present, I seen evidence of it here and there. I just learned how to sound it out last night as someone opend my mind and placed a funnel on it and poured into it a million books I never read, and thoughts I never had, and got the answers to questions hidden from me in my own mind. Questions I didnt even know I had.. I wonder if it has anything to do with what I told ya privately yesterday. I had my mind blown last night.

    I had to destroy myself to get here. I appologise for being an asshole and arrogant prick. I hate that shi!t. I had to get right sized to level up. That only happens through the vehicle of Humility. and fer a fcker like me, I have to get to the point I have my face on the floor before I can limbo to another level. It ain’t pretty. But it’s worth it. Ahhhhh sweet humility! Thank GOD!!!

    Like Jimmy said, “Keep Ure eyes on the road and Ure hands upon the wheel. The future is uncertain and the end is always near. Let it roll baby roll!”

    I will “things that roll” Alex for $1000. What is waves, what is dice, what is wheels, what is lives, what is money and what is jelly, what is cinnomin and passengers on a plane in a terror situation.

    Have a great day. Much to consider. Andy

    • I wish I could recall dreams like G.

      The other night I had a dream. An entity showed me a time travel device. After the entity demonstrated the device my transporting us back in time one minutes, the entity asked, “Do you understand?” And I said, “Yes. That’s all it is?”

      Then woke and the dream quickly vanished. :(

      • I also had a disturbing dream a few nights ago – one of many during these challenging times. I was in a “new reality” having to share quarters with people I barely knew. You only got to sleep 6 hours in a bed, then someone else came in to sleep. The one person I knew somewhat better came in. When I complained, she announced, “You’ve been Chicagoed!” Chicagoed? What on earth!

      • Fire is liquid in space. Whooooaaa. I knew that but I didnt realize how prevalent that is to energy plasma. I think I just stumbled upon zero point energy mathmatical formula. Whooooaaa.

        It had never occurred to me that casimer plates where christaline plasma structures at 0 degrees Kelvin. WOW!

        Much to consider and ponder today. Dress for success with the precision of a ginsu chef! Hahahahha

        Have a great weekend. My teacher is waiting for me. Lol

    • Andy please tell me which strain you smoke so I can smoke some and understand wtf you say brother. I feel like a lesser life form trying to understand what the higher ups are communicating only I don’t have the capacity to learn the language so I need the superweed to enlighten me as to wtf the sounds mean. Wooo! Blessings to you man and thanks for the entertainment.

      • I am 100% sober. I dont do drugs. Lol

        I have done them before. Copious amounts.

        I have asked God (which is a plural by the way) For four things ( 4+4=8 infinity right side up) Eyes to See, ears to hear, a mind of comprehension and a heart of willingness for 30 years. And most importantly!!!!

        **Eye listened.

        You know the Aramaic word Abracadabra? Jesus spoke Aramaic. it was the language of Nazareth when he was alive. Abracadabra simply means: from what I speak, I create.

        You see there is carnal law (instinct) Mans law (I cant drive 55, paper has value etc. ), Elemental Law (earth, air, fire, water and plasma or “fifth element” known also as Aether), then there is physical laws govern by magnetics like Time, Locality, (gps) Gravity, Polarization, Eectricity. Then there is conceptual law governed by Infinite Intelligence like duality like good and evil, karma, grace, etc. Etc. Then there is emotional law, feelings, love, hope, faith, perception and intuition for example. Then there is Divine Law which supercedes and governs works like language, dynamic motion, animation of movement and things like the Bible, supernatural experience and occurence. All of which has a mathmaticall equation to govern them and keep them in place. The precise math is the directorate or govner of each laws and subsets.The higher rules the lesser. Each has a counter-balance. Like Elemental law governs instinct. You get on fire your instinct is to use water to put it out. Instinct is ruled by element. There is also things like a cop with a radar gun, he deems to fast, you get a ticket, go to the court house ans a judge makes a decision. There is a math that dictates all that. Math is a language. a script.

        These above are just a few examples.

        If I know the world is a base 3 in 1 singularity? And I can understand the math? I can work with it while being within it

        Ya see I just asked. It cost me everything. I had to give up what most people consider sanity so I could become sain. Lol

        Ask and it will be given unto you. But you have to surrender your understanding to gain the Higher employment. I dont care about mind numbing politics or sit-com’s like friends and the Simpson’s. Think of the word sit-com. In computer language that is a command to sit. Good boy. Good boy, here is a treat. Its a psychological program for the mindless monkeys from the Cyclops box. Lol

        Just ask. That is what I did. And I hungered with an insatiable desire to know and the tenacity of a man willing to die to save his child from drowning. my soul is my child who was drowning in a sea of math about 2 feet deep until I stood up and realised it was an illusion.

      • As I speak I create. When guided by the question (and listening for the answer to iWAMP (is what’s around me perfect) the World bends over backwards to entertain, enlighten, reward, and fulfill. But as the gear brother knows, if you’re not at peace with yourself for all Eternity, the illusion owns you.
        One reason that as sad as a (likely) bioweapon is, it may have defused online stupidity a bit, as – to borrow the thought from Pogo “We have seen the enemy -and it is US.”
        When we met, Elaine thought I was a bit strange loving “down time” to just think and listen, watch and learn. Now, even going to town on a grocery run is an unwelcome break from Uretopia.
        Aum’s Law.

      • Most people think Politics and Sit coms and ESPN is sanity.

        But it is not. Politics is polarization com’s.

        Good boy. Good boy. Here is your treat. Lol

        The reason I refer to it like talking to a dog. Is a Dog loves a human unconditionally. And a Dog will fetch a stick or ball if you throw it. It doesnt think for itself. Like most people. it just fetches a thought and replies like a good obedient dog.

        And you wonder how world is ruled with ease? There is 7 billion dogs on the planet. They dont think for them selves. They are just formulating responces with the information they programmed with from birth.

        They rarely use imagination to create their own language let alone understand the language of creation. I’m learning the language of creation. Someone told told me this morning I looked 10 years younger. Hahaha. Good.

        Perception is a law. Lol

      • Go read the Book of Job. Its author is unknown. It’s the oldest book in the bible. Really think about it. It is older than creation.

        It will tell you amazing things most mindless monkeys will never grasp. Like the law of multiplicity. it is right in there.

        In it, it holds all the laws and how to understand them and work with them, not against them.

        Ya see, the reason people die a mortal death is because they are #1, non thinkin monkeys. Monkey is one letter from money the letter K.

        #2. They spend their whole fkn lives fighting against the laws that govern them like elemental law. The more they fight?? The more they are ruled. Their body decays because unknowingly they will themselves to decay. It doesn’t matter if you drink 10 gallons of coke and woof down mcnuggets all day long. If you work with the Laws??? Not against them?? Your body will never get sick and never die.

        To work with the laws, subsets and use them to your advantage?? You have to first understand them, know how to read and write their language and then speak it so. All Abracadabra like.

        Uthfull entergee


        That is the how it works. Nuts, bolts and screws. Which if you really think about it. A screw is a spiral. A wave, a life, a door, a circle, a frequency a dimension. Krystally speaking. Lol

        Have a good day. Much much to consider.

      • Well brother, the very high IQ both you and George possess doesn’t hurt either. I am a lower IQ person swimming with the high IQ folks and listening and learning as well as discerning what applies to me and my walk with GOD and what is not relevant to the same. But as I have also prayed for eyes to see and wisdom, I cannot say I have received the finality of the portion allotted to me as of this time. The math will play out. Blessings

      • Over time, you will come to appreciate that “higher IQ” is not exactly how it works. Friends of ours have a Downs daughter and yet, spiritually, has an unbelievably high “SQ” – spiritual quotient.
        IQ is a topology. Generally, the way the bicameral mind works, if you are left brain, you rock the math and suck at language and poetry and such. With poetry, language and right-brain, comes music. Lefty’s tend to percussive. Righty’s melodic.
        There’s also only a very small window when IQ matters. In Junior high’/middle school I had a pretty good IQ – well into triples. But, I found myself “backsliding” – as comfort and lazy doesn’t extend neurons.
        Point being that you can raise your IQ a LOT by simply your choice of brain inputs.
        Recall that IQ is “intellectual age” into “chronological age.”
        So, like in my case, I may have been 142/144 in eighth grade standardized tests, but pretty sure I had slipped down into low 100’s by age 21. Getting back into challenging myself (learn to fly, take on real responsibilities of family and climb the news ladder? Well, that pressed my IQ back up to where it should be.
        As I age, one of the reasons I keep writing this column is because it challenges me – and that’s what building an IQ for life is all about.
        \Why, even now, I feel like my IQ is at least that of someone two or three years older than me. Yet, that’s all it takes to remain slightly above average lol.

      • George,
        Language is a function of the left brain, not the right brain. It is related to math, which itself is a language (said to be the language of Creation). For whatever reason, engineers appear to be an exception. I worked with engineers as a technical writer and can verify that most are verbally challenged, at least when it comes to the written word. However, I can also verify that mathematicians are usually verbally proficient, being one myself.As for poetry, I assume that it requires equal amounts of left-brained and right-brained activity.

      • Steve ask for serenity not wisdom. Serenity leads to acceptance (perfection) leads to courage (release of fear) which leads to wisdom.

        God grant me the serenity to accept to courage to wisdom. It’s an 8 count.

        Bill think of how metal is heated up in a forge, first it flickes with flame upon its surface, then the metal becomes blue, then red, them orange, then yellow, then white. Same with mind.

        George is brilliantly exceptional! He just doesnt know he is. Hahah. Which is good. IQ is no match for intuition. It is valuable but it is simply pattern recognition. Intuition is pattern renaissance.

        Tumble, both Hemispheres are a concert. A symphony of thought. Right side has base and the left horns. So to speak. Dosent matter if we are talking about brain, east or west continents or music, poetry or math. One plus one = 11. And two simultaneously.

        Bill, heat is simply vibration. Vibration is created by the flexing of casimer plates at 0 degrees Kelvin. Casimer plates are super tiny tiny tiny Crystalline structures created as Aether or plasma attempts to be a solid state. That is how all material reality is made. That is why it is infinite.


        How the hell do I know that???!!! Hahhahahahha! . I never new that before! Hahahahh!

  4. Stock buybacks… I didn’t understand why this became popular, but I read from a Buffet article that companies either pay dividends or do stock buybacks. These are the ways companies paid owners for their risk of buying into their company. However government taxes dividends differently then investment gains. So many investors simply want the stocks to increase and when they sell, they pay a different level of taxes. So companies basically switched from dividends to stock buy back as their “payback” to investors. I agree buybacks seem more skummy in a general sense but I can see the logic and how old uncle sam’s taxing policies skews yet another market. Would you also forgo any loans to companies that paid dividends? Either way the company was taking “profits” and sending to investors. I would be perfectly happy with no government interventions. You make your risk decisions and you live with them.

    • I think stock buybacks are maligned too much. I think George has made some fair points about how they could/should be reinvesting in their business, and I don’t doubt that they can be misused by management to inflate stock prices, but in principle I don’t have an issue. In my business/accounting classes, they pointed out that investors like a consistent and increasing dividend. If a business has a strong quarter or year and they want to pass that on to investors, but they aren’t confident enough to raise (and possibly later have to lower) the dividend, a stock buyback is an effective way to reward the investors. Even more so if they also feel the stock is undervalued in the markets. And it isn’t as if money from buybacks disappears, investors can then use the money from those stock sales to invest in *something else* with potential.

      I know that some companies have used low interest rates to take out loans in order to buy back stock, increasing their leverage, and I do think that doing that is foolishly risky. But properly executed, I don’t think they are inherently bad.

  5. There was a reason stock buybacks were banned we didn’t learn our lesson had them reinstated and now we once again know why they were banned in the first place. The Fed is in the process of trying to bailout every major G7 bank and then some who’s country corporate debt is US dollar based – it is a black hole and I don’t think they can ultimately pull it off – highly deflationary wouldn’t be surprised to see it go even higher – lot’s of rich folks need help……

  6. Yo Tex,

    Shout out! Salute the LEADERS in Texas Governors office and state supreme court.

    Leaders ALWAYZ lead from the FRONT – get out from behind that desk and actually lead.

    Cant tell you how many “leaders” in US Military have NEVER actually been in live fire combat, yet sport rows of campaign ribbons and plan and execute Op’s from Behind the safety of their Desks and leadership Theories. FMTT’s !

    Texas Gov.& Lt. Gov stepping up in support of Shelley Luther warms the ice crystal heart of ECD. Offering to take her seat/place in jail with home arrest is LEADERSHIP -period!

    Love to break Texans balz, why is Mexico soo close to USA border?cause Texas sux!, but total respect for the peeps and their great state.
    In name of transparency, am a Cowboy football hater, but,mrs ECD is Texas – grandfathers Texas Navy “stuff” resides in museum at Rice univ. – developed a “wavelet” – any petroleum engineer worth his salt is familiar with – old school – name starts with an R.

    So that means the young ECD’s are Pennsyltucky Texans..mighty strong sense of Liberty & Independance in those kids- jus saying..

    USD printing – making up money out of thin air – just clicking away on mouse – “need 2 more TRILLION? no problema mi amigo – click click, click click – Done”

    George – Ure gonna need a BIGGER Wheelbarrow!

  7. ABSOLUTELY NO MANDATORY “VIRUS” SHOT – I agree we as a free person should have no requirement ever for any invasive process. Again make your decision and live with the consequences. Saying that, I would no have issue with refusing employment for those that cannot show levels of protection (when available) to protect my employees and customers. The problem I see is we have all lost complete trust in our institutions and I don’t know how that comes back. Many people are completely polluted to automatically believe any viral video that comes out, and at the same time have absolutely no trust in any government communications as those are completely political red or blue. We need an “open source” vaccination but who do we trust to lead such an investigation, is there anyone or any organization we can trust these days?

    • JoeDish on May 8, 2020 at 08:25 No virus vaccination ? Not sure if it will matter. If a person rejects being vaccinated, yet goes out to mix with persons that take the vaccination, who will it affect? If the vaccine (hypothetically) confers immunity, then those that receive it have nothing to worry about. When workers must receive the proposed vaccine in order to return to work, they will deliver the virus they still carry to the people that reject it or are too shakey health wise to receive it.Those that reject the vaccine will be the ones that suffer the virus. Of course, the people in the older, infirm, health compromised fragility phase of their lives will likely be the ones that bear the brunt of this scheme. They also likely won’t get a choice as to whom they can still associate with. That would be, NOBODY, because they would still have to be quarantined as their bodily systems, already compromised, have almost no resistance to the virus.
      The Covid virus will prove to be a too convenient relief valve for the economic problem the nation finds its self trapped within. Eliminating the old folks with their extremely expensive requirements to keep living and having a deadly virus to blame it on without the necessity of getting blood on their own hands, will be too tempting to resist. A fortune is to be made if a vaccine is developed. It won’t be for the elderly. Follow the money…

    • Well friend it looks tits up for us as we walk the path to ruination,now just who would believe any government publication or statement when even the one in the oval office makes a habit of telling lies to the people,who would believe the government when they make a social contract with the people and then down the road say sorry but big business or wall street needs it worse then you,the Russians are smart they know that this country is “agreement incapable” even to their own people.I was reading that in a poll they took that 53% of the people said that government no longer works for them,now you have all those up in Washington that live in their little dream world, they live in a world where reality fails to exist, because they are to busy blaming the other guy, just better settle back and enjoy the good times while we can for they are going to be short soon enough.!!.!!!!

  8. Sorry George not near tough enough,outlaw all stock buybacks and anyone caught violating the law, gets 10 years in prison no time off for good behavior.Repeal the Federal Reserve Act along with the act creating the C.I.A,repeal the War Powers Act,repeal the Patriot Act.

    They should of let the market reset itself in 2008/2009 and got it over with, instead of just papering it over,any business venture that can’t make it should be allowed to go bankrupt for its not up to the taxpayer to pay for their stupidity,and lets not even get into what needs to be fixed in the government to even make it a working situation.!!!

    • Actually it was Greenspan that opened the barn door when they recued LTCM that was the beginning of the end…..

  9. There is no recovery recipe at this point. Price discovery is still based on the first bailout, which ever one you can remember.

    Look forward. Embrace UBI. Ida May Fuller cashed that first check and never looked back.

    A new Toyota Tacoma is 40K. 2 years of UBI and the truck is yours without one drop of sweat. A Tundra is 50K, that’s three years UBI.

    As soon as the UBI bill is signed by Trump, go to the dealer and buy because prices will never be that cheap again.

    New Bill Would Give Americans $2,000 Per Month Until Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over
    The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, introduced Friday by Sens. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Ed Markey (D-Mass.), would provide a monthly $2,000 check to every person with an income below $120,000 throughout the public health crisis and for three months after it officially ends.


  10. On a different note, today is The 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe day, when the Nazi/fascist regimes in Europe surrendered to the allies. Tens of millions of European civilians and over a million soldiers perished during the conflict. Many of the civilian dead were due to the holocaust and Stalin’s savage Russian purge. Many Millennials may not realize that Germany, Italy and Spain were the enemies of democracy in the 1930s and 40s. America was largely responsible for extending massive amounts of aid to the defeated European Axis powers, particularly via the Marshall Plan, leading to their democratization and friendly relations today. Never forget, my friends!

    • Your right and lets give credit where credits due,Russia won the war in Europe destroying some 3-4 million German troops the flower of the German army, and was half way to Berlin when we got in it,and in another 6 months would have been sitting in Berlin,and of course its waay over a million soldiers who died in that war, if fact Russia lost a number of million soldiers in that war as they pushed the Nazi’s back out of Russia on their march to Berlin.And of course the money spent on the Marshall plan was repaid a hundred time’s over seeing we were the only country that escaped the destruction by that war.There I fixed it fro you.!!

  11. What’s right in my view? Look for all of the above to happen through all of it’s attendant stages over the course of 12 – 24 months. The classic Von Mises debt trap.

    The Treasury will issue digital dollars at par, 1 Treasury CBDC = 1 Federal Reserve note.

    The $64 quadrillion question is?

    How will US reprice the debt?

    Will the Treasury at some point recall the Federal Reserve note at the exchange rate of 100 FRN(or more) to 1 Treasury CBDC?

    Will FRN’s be recalled? And after they have been collected will re-pricing of the Treasury CBDC occur using an agreed to bridge currency as the underlying asset?

    I encourage everyone to study the opportunity.


    • Digital money will be the biggest trap of all. Every transaction will be monitored and recorded. Easily controlled and manipulated by the people that control it.
      I would rather see a promise of something behind our money. Not just “good faith”. Especially when the majority of people are not aware of what “good faith” is. It’s usually faith ones own goals.
      Seems like GOD has already worked it out for us. All we need to do is revert back to it. What has intrinsic value everywhere on the planet? Gold and Silver.

    • “– tell BCN about Physical Silver & Gold and BTC now Homeskillets…”

      Oops BCN
      You must have missed this…

      “Reader Note 1:  Posting in sections this morning due to power outages (multiple) from high winds in East Texas overnight.  ”

      Even at the bank dealing with us currency on account..digital money is worthless if the powers out.. at present theres very few that will even acknowledge bitcoin when the powers on..
      The way I read it bc was a way for illegal black market to trade goods to be untraceable and the laundering of money and tax evasion.
      Like a fart in the wind..
      There was a question the other day about 23 million phones off the air in china.. do they charge for service there or is it given to everyone . If they charge.. as low income laborers and the cou try shut down theres a possibility they just let them shut down for non payment..
      The euro,dollar,and BC none of which is backed by anything.. in the early eighties we had the money game.. it to was a fad and not backed by anything except the velocity of people joining..
      Even facebook money that says it’s going to be backed.. yup an iou lol lol a joke.
      I am guessing when the dust settles.. real currency will have to be backed.. I just wish I had bought all those peanuts so I could create my very own nut bucks..

  12. Great writing George. Yep, What the Fed is doing is illegal. What the Fed has done in the past is illegal. We have to remember that Meyer Lanksky and the Mob moved to Wall Street. They get their casinos financed there, they run their loan sharking of exorbitant interest rates now by giving people credit cards that charge 29.99% if people are late one payment, they can tell their customers to buy paper that it is so great, while selling the same paper to get out of the hole as Goldman did which is a lot easier than running a corner numbers game. And if someone hits their casino for Billions of Dollars, all they have to do is run to the Fed and get more free money at 0% interest. And all of the universities and colleges where they learn the scam games get bailouts when they should have to close for charging such exorbitant rates, fees, and running such high expenses.

    Jeffrey Gundlach, the Great Bond Guru, has recently stated that what the Fed is doing is illegal. He stated: “The Fed has, effectively, become a hedge fund in drag as a central bank.” The article at


    clearly shows how they do it. One outtake from the Article is that the Fed secretly and illegally created $29 Trillion between 2007 and 2010 bailing out Wall Street Banks…the Mob.

    Proof–the unemployment numbers today are worse than anything since the great Depression yet the markets go up again today 325 on the Dow at 9:30 CST. It isn’t people that love a bad economic story that are investing and driving the market up. It is the Treasury (Goldman boy) and the Fed running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. And the STOOGE TV talking heads and their bimbo junior talking heads with 1 foot false eyelashes that got journalism degrees, rather than Finance degrees, and couldn’t tell you come here from sic ’em about how Duration works in a bond portfolio are telling everyone today the market is going up because everyone is excited about the China trade deal being fulfilled and they may have beat the virus. Screw China, Screw the Fed, Screw the Liars that turned the flu into one of the worst disasters in American Financial History, and Screw the IDIOTS on TV that keep pumping lies out to the American people.

    The IDIOTS also keep pumping the Corporate Bailout mentality on how sunny it will be in the future, which really keeps Corporations, Banks, and Wall Street from taking major hits on their stocks, portfolios, and from going under. Bailouts for the Big Boys peanuts for the people. We no longer have a republic, we no longer have democracy, we no longer have honest capitalism. What we have unfortunately become in the this country is an Oligarchy!

  13. Hey G – what do U think about FREE – and I talking cheaper than FREE – Negative Rates Baby!

    ohh the joy of FREE MONEY.

    – The Count be printing so fast and hard, there are sparks flying off that USD printing press – and the Count (Count De Monay) be laughing his ass off the whole time.


    – tell BCN about Physical Silver & Gold and BTC now Homeskillets…

    As we approach the “Halvening” in BTC – dont forget – NO BITCOIN 4 U! bwaahahahahaha

  14. “If we didn’t print, there would be shortages”

    Last night.. I got in a conversation.. seems a friend of mine has the virus and is on a bent at the moment.. anyway the subject of supply lines came up.. there wasnt any meat at the local store.. since their job revolves around supply.. I was told.. you better make sure you have your meat and vegitable supply up.. that they have been told in meetings that there will be some serious shortages in the future.
    They also mentioned that they are setting up a rationing plan for the near future just in case..

    My plan is to can and freeze dry

    • When beef goes on sale I buy a ten pound roast- slice thin and make pioneer jerky. Marinated in Soya Sauce, Onion salt, garlic powder and ground pepper for 24to72 hrs then air dry on para-cord clotheslines. Birds wont touch but beware of the dog. Lasts for years in paper bags.

  15. George, you said…”California won’t let you use a number in your name. ”

    Most states won’t allow non-English characters or numbers. The exceptions are Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina…Texas has the most stringent rules on names actually.

    So this is the typical “liberal” slant California gets, when in most cases it’s just the opposite. In the meantime, California, due to its early SIP policies, respectful people, incredible health management is opening up. Look at our numbers…the entire state of 40 million had less deaths than states a tenth the size. The Bay Area, a metro of nearly 8 million, and whose 3 airports combined have the largest incoming traffic from China in the Western Hemisphere and…which has urban density and relies heavily on mass transit, subways and more like New York, had under 10,000 cases and only 350 deaths. No surprise. The Bay Area in particular is a model for the rest of the country in so many ways… It’s unfortunate that many of you get your stats on our region from junior college dropouts like Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck.

    Meanwhile, we STILL have a huge budget surplus and from a business standpoint, this pandemic was the best thing that has ever happened to the tech world in decades. Tech adoption sprang forward 5 full years in the past two months….mostly out of necessity. You would be amazed at all of the new businesses and innovations that have already been introduced in this short time period.

    On the analog side…I myself started a side business or installing secure-in home package drop boxes that blend into the garage wall. As more families in urban areas adopt home delivery in droves…and above all really like it…they need to protect against another pandemic…porch piracy…up since March…with thieves disguising themselves as health care workers PPE and all. In the first week, we have over 65 orders…mostly with past clients of mine…but at $3000 a pop installed…that’s a good start.

    And…as far as the unemployment…I think it’s way high…Here’s why…in the service industry, most warehouse workers, waiters, retail workers etc are now delivering. I Doordashed my favorite Thai restaurant the other day and recognized the driver as one of their waiters. I asked him how he was holding up and he said he is making more money on delivering than he was on waiting tables. He was working mainly on delivering for 8 restaurants and convenience stores and he said it is an all day job…lunch, dinner and snacks. He said most of his communities waitstaff were delivering and all of the cooks are busy as ever. More research found out that mom and pop retail stores, book shops, gift stores etc are doing the same with their “employees”. But…here is the catch…they are ALSO GETTING unemployment…because they are now categorized as self employed and their W-2 wages a have been furloughed. Double dipping may bode well for a full recovery spending wise however.

    But that’s the big advantage of big cities…More opportunities. I doubt if that can be sustained in rural areas.

    • Have a big rack of 16 golf cart batteries – Interstates. Last set gave me 10-years of service, but I water and equalize regularly

    Total cases: 629 (0 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 74
    Honolulu County: 408
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 116†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 81‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 566§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 8, 2020

    ZERO new infections! Hope we can keep it that way.

  17. “Seems CNN hates competition. At least that’s how I viewed their piece Meet OAN, the little-watched right-wing news channel that Trump keeps promoting.”

    OANN is “little-watched” because it is quite new, and gets no press anywhere. It is where News-Max was, 10 years ago. Newsmax (now one word) is now on sats, and even Comcast, but it was on neither until a year (or so) ago.

    OANN haz gots ta pay dem dues, first. Once they do, they will bury CNN…

  18. “Leave it to Elon Musk to screw with Old-Think. Report over here is his baby’s been given the name “X Æ A-12 Musk.” California’s not going for it citing the need to use English language characters.”

    Diphthongs ARE English language characters. They signify a double-vowel sound.where the first vowel takes on a “nonstandard” sound for that vowel, and the second vowel changes the sound of the first, in “mid flight” (the “ou” in “house” is a diphthong.) Even though lazy dictionary editors have either abolished the minor character (ether,æther) or split it (PhOEnicians, AEsop) over the past century (because they don’t play well with most typewriters), they still exist, and are still proper English. Æ and Œ even still have their places in the California Type Case…

    • Darn it, nobody bit…

      If someone is a 3rd generation namesake, say “John Public the 3rd,” they can display their name as “John Public 3rd” or as “John Public III” — the suffix of neither is English (the former being an Arabic numeral and the latter, a Roman numeral.) IIRC, when Prince Nelson had that kerfuffle with his record label, renamed himself “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” and represented this name with an ankh, Cali was fine with it…

  19. Dear Mr. Ure,

    As earlier noted local hair salons are open, and are half-speed ahead with the additional required sanitization procedures. Dental offices remain closed indefinitely for checkup and cleaning procedures due to pandemic dangers. Remember to keep whiskey and pliers in your bugout kit, folks. By the way, denturists are accepting customers.

    “The Matrix” movie is broadcasting here; I have the sound off. I wasn’t watching it either but then I had a Tommy moment and looked up. Gosh golly, a bright white stream of text was making it’s way across a dark and forboding scene background. It wasn’t movie dialogue but a telco ad “…we’re all in this together…”. The same sentiment is expressed by other private advertisers and in the frequent federal government ad rotations. The feds have important Canadians in their calming measures ads. And the “actor’s” have their degree(s) and national medal awards listed. Woot, woot, Krushchev would be banging his shoe on the table already!

    There’s more traffic on the roads who knows going where. Must be buying more Wallyworld stuff to put in the storage bin? Elsewhere cars are lined up for an express 15 minute oil change. There isn’t a sale, there’s no auto long distance highway travel happening. Why are people waiting an hour and more for a 15 minute oil change most of them probably don’t need? Why has the price of auto fuel increased by the equivalent of 75 cents per US gallon in the last 10 days? Oil might be cheap but those carbon taxes are starting to bite?

    The bugs in the matrix are going crazy. Don’t leave stuff out on the porch in case we are entering a third world from the sun effluencehole. Get your ecoupons scanned at the ride entrance, wheeeeeee!!

    This is important! Don’t leave home without your biometric passport, Comrades. No passport!?…Step right this way please, follow the lines on floor, one way only, it’s easy-peasey. And for goodness sake, obey social distancing; the last thing they need is a breakout, I mean outbreak, on the range.

  20. “https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/v/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jimwang/2020/05/08/2000-per-person-and-2000-per-child-monthly-economic-crisis-support-act-would-send-payments-to-over-90-of-americans/amp/%3famp_js_v=0.1&usqp=mq331AQFKAGwASA%253D#ampf=”

    What idiots… the time to go large and in charge was two months ago.. sending out checks won’t do it at this point.. what I believe needed to be done was to freeze everything. Ration and give out voucher war coupons.Do that for two months. No one loses no one gains and lowers the stress level for the vast majority of the population. instead they opted to toss a few crumbs of cake to the laborers and give the rest to those that know how to use it.
    Letting everyone else to suffer with late fees and late rent etc.
    The velocity of compounded late fees is one scary time.
    Now I’m afraid we will just have to deal with it.
    Oh well.. I find it sort of hilarious…

  21. Yep . This is serious. The other guys are so desperate George. In the words of the great cage rattler from my training 25 years ago . Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!

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