Failing Narratives, Powell Speaks, CFNAI

As a “generalizer” I don’t look at the world the same as most folks. 

Views around here are somewhat reminiscent of Ron Popeil’s superb products.  “Slices, dices, and so much more…”  (Did someone say “But wait, there’s more!” off mic?)

High-level generalizing begins with lining up your data sources.  This morning, for example, I used the Drugged Report.  As the eyes washed down over the headlines, I simply waited for a Generalized Keyword to appear.  Got “Failed-Failing Narratives.

UFO’s?  Ure Serious?

A story in  the UK’s Daily Mail “US has secret evidence of UFOs breaking sound barrier without a sonic boom” is a good starting point.  Especially because a 180-day deadline will be along shortly, at which time even more details about the UFO/UAP’s will presumably be forthcoming.

The point is?

Narratives – stories programmed into voters and citizens by decades of liberal brainwashing – are falling apart.

Re-Segregation and Other Trends

News from Evanston Illinois, reports Reuters: “Chicago suburb’s plan to pay Black residents reparations could be a national model.”

What the champions of reparations don’t mention is that any payment based on race is inherently discriminatory and violates Equal Protection statutes.  Would poor White, Latino, Asian, or Native claims be treated equally?  Questions linger.

Another example of re-segregation?  OK, in the story (if I’m reading it right) the PGA’s “Detroit’s tour stop to host event to create path for Blacks.”  Which translates as? Seems White players can’t play for an entry Rules exemption in a special series, but Black players can?  OK:  Turning off golf, now.  It joins other “pro sports” on our Do Not Watch list for endorsing soft re-segregation in any form.  (<Tell me I’m not reading this right?>)

Will the PGA let Latino’s and Trans people play for “exceptions” to their Rules next?  And where are the woke demanding the LPGA and PGA consolidate to avoid sexism?  You see how this all rolls along?  (The merger talk comes up from time to time on the golf circuit…)

Our generalized view is simply that, like UFO’s, the American narrative of “equality” is failing.  Some are becoming more equal. Quickly.

It’s Not Just on Race, Gender, Etc…

The narrative “government by the people, for the people” begins to look a bit weak, too.  Especially after reading how “Obama-era officials return to White House worth millions.”  Government by Corporations for whom?

And this is atop the failing narrative that America has borders .  Surely this ought to scare the hell out of Canadians.  Go read “‘No end in sight’: Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge.”  But, hey! Maybe Canada can stop onward border jumping by requiring French fluency.

Race and Gender differentiation is one of the few recent growth Business Models in America.  Joining government.  Back-out differentiations and government and the American  economy would be in decline.   Race and gender studies, deans, departments and degrees in colleges and universities, public schools, counselors, lawyers. doctors… do the math.  Division is a Growth Business Model – which is why it’s growing, capeesh?

Which we can’t afford, of course.  So on roll the delusional states of mind.  Tough on honest, egalitarian people of good heart, optimism, and cheer.

Which brings to mind a line from an email making the rounds for nearly a year, cited by Bill Shuey here:

“Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate to the US must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate gang-bangers who jump the southern fence are welcomed.

$5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for
“free” health care is not.

If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to
get into the country you go to college for free. And, pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us “racists”!

Nothing makes sense anymore, no values, no morals, no civility and people are dying of a Chinese virus, but it is racist to refer to it as Chinese even though it began in China….”

The Google results on this are long, and who the actual author is may be debated.

The SitRep is that Modern Equality (amongst the woke) has twisted Genuine Equality into a competition.

Gender, race, religions – all want to be special.  Generalized: The narrative failing is that America is a land of honesty, equality, and integrity.  No more.  The data argues persuasively otherwise.

Treating everyone absolutely THE SAME is what the word Equality means.  America’s become arguably more stupid.

Speak, Jerome! Speak!

Click over to the Fed home page (here) after 8 AM and let’s see if the Chairman’s remarks can move markets.

As you might expect we’re watching for the headlines (and looking nervously at the 10-year Treasury Note which has nearly tripled since
August of last year.


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is out:

“Led by declines in indicators related to production and personal consumption and housing, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) fell to –1.09 in February from +0.75 in January. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made negative contributions in February, but all four categories decreased from January. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to –0.02 in February from +0.46 in January.

“Negative contributions?”  Hopium and hype leak.

After which, markets were mixed to slightly up, dreaming Herr Powell can dispense economic miracles.  We tend to short hopium.

Notable – Or Not

Privacy Upheld:  Supreme Court digital privacy ruling: Police need warrant to search phone.  Good call, as we see it.

Brussel’s Sprouts (EU gang) is handing out sanctionsEU Approves Sanctions Over Russia, China, Myanmar Abuses.”

Luddites or Visionaries?  “Russian Police Break Up Weeklong Anti-5G Protests.”

Incredulously, we noticed from CNN: Behind the scenes at the Fish Hospital at Atlantis Dubai.”  America’s being invaded, broke, equality is under attack, and the markets teeter on the brink and they’re covering what???

Oh, look!  An electric bandwagon:   “‘Das Auto’ Goes Electric As VW Takes On Tesla.”

With Spring here, our gardening article pick today is? Fertilizing and amending soil on outdoor marijuana and hemp farms.”


A short column – and off to see what Powell says.  After the CFNAI the Dow was down 24, but the S&P was up 7 and the NASDAQ was up 80-something.  We will therefore look for the last of the Greater Fools to jump in long before re-shorting this pig of a market.

Have a productive day and write when you get rich,

37 thoughts on “Failing Narratives, Powell Speaks, CFNAI”

  1. George

    “UFO’s? Ure Serious?”

    Maria Bartiromo gets former DNI John Ratcliffe to talk about UFOs ahead a deadline for the government to disclose what it knows about them.


    Looks like I might be wrong about eventual disclosure. They will probably drag it out for as long as possible.

    • “I might be wrong about eventual disclosure. They will probably drag it out for as long as possible.”

      My thought is … WHY aren’t they disclosing..

      Especially when almost all other countries have disclosed that there is some funny stuff … there is a reason a common denominator so to speak.. what is it..
      then the thought is.. MAYBE WE DON”T WANT TO KNOW… that we can’t handle the truth…
      IF there are 36 species… of alien’s.. the odds are there are more than one that are as mean, violent, destructive and corrupt as the human being.. which should scare the hell out of us.. we destroy, kill, rape pillage and maim so some joker can have a rock or steal their pipeline when we all should be working together for the betterment of our species.. LOL…but then who am I.. just some ground pounder old man with an opinion..

      • Back during the 1970’s the big TV show was, “In Search of…” The very first episode was “In Search of Ancient Astronauts”. LOL

        Do you recall the lost “Nazi gold train ‘found in Poland'” from 2015? That was covered by “In Search of… under “Nazi Plunder”, 1977.

        Anyway,the show was 50 years ago and the people interviewed,probably mostly dead by now, were all-in on seeing Yetis and Swamp Monsters and Chupacabras and Werewolves. Looking back they were mentally ill.

      • “Back during the 1970’s the big TV show was, “In Search of…”

        The show is still being replayed on IMDb channel Steve. love it..
        You would love Gaia and curiosity five year old hepatology major loves curiosity stream.

      • “WHY aren’t they disclosing.”

        Because it makes for salacious copy.

        UFO, or possible off-world alien disclosure isn’t as “sexy” as the extracurricular dalliances of a celebrity or politician, but it keys into our psyche and games our emotions in the same manner.

        90 years ago, pretty much everyone on the planet knew UFOs existed, and while they were a curiosity, until Orson did H.G., nobody, anywhere, ever thought of their existence as a reason for panic, or even concern. (Somewhere, I have tucked-away a Hallicrafters ad from the early 1950s, featuring UFOs…)

        Have you ever read a “romance novel?”

        Do you understand that the Louis L’amour, Zane Gray, Max Brand “Western” and the ACH (Asimov,Clarke/Heinlein) f&sf (not their science fiction, but their) fantasy “adventure novel” is as much a romance novel, in its own way, as a Harlequin?

        Good, then let me ask the following:

        WHY should the government or the PTB do a “full disclosure” when they can play out the “UFO theatre” for decades, and every single new “information release” or “disclosure” is its own cliffhanger?

        Hooks and cliffhangers are really good, for when someone needs to keep everyone’s eyes focused on their right hand. There is no way an informed government would give up the power to instantaneously mass-distract the entire public, until its effect had been exhausted…

  2. G – Man ,
    ..its Golden Ticket time, if U didnt attend uber evil daddy bush funeral, you did not receive one. Go back and view pictures of peoples (jll bribem, cheneny, jeb, barb,kilbil..) reactions during ceremony at seeing envelopes w/tickets inside their programs..those golden tickets – had a special lining = LEAD

    Q – “SEALS are wonderful creatures. Heard they work Fast at capturing their prey. PRAY” .

    Who Aaron Vaughn..sealsixgoldsquad – supposedly shotdown in trashganistan – family WAS part of classaction lawsuit file vs bribem&panetta. Why does matta ???? “strangest thing having Ure memory wiped” …tiktok

    Love Ure humor in AM,..stoned faced delivery..”Trans pro golfers” – gives a hole new meaning to the term Hole In One!..why thats a crewel lye, down along the waters edge. In other PGA news – heard Tiger can still putt, he just cant drive. hahahahahahaha

    Now when the hell does the Jubilee start, hopefully before May15th..

  3. I tend to believe all the apparent lunacy exploding in America could be due to several key things:
    – The tri-cameral system of government and emergent processes and protocols were not set up to handle the instantaneous information flood enabled by the internet and satellite TV news coverage. Often the public gets a media ‘spun’ story before the president or congress can see it or react to it, putting policy makers on their heels (and leading to asinine on-camera reactions that are all-too-often ill-considered); the ‘speed of government must adapt to the technology at hand (and yes, this includes voting) or things will continue to spin down the drain.
    – The enemies of the American republic, foreign and domestic, are insidiously and wisely exploiting American ‘freedom,’ turning “E Pluibus Unum” into “Unum de Multis” (re-segregation) in short order by pitting racial, religious, cultural, sexual, political, economic and ideological groups against each other via First Amendment guaranteed information freedoms, constantly emphasizing and pounding home our differences, prying apart our ideological strengths and commonalities (e.g. the principles of which are embedded in our Constitution and Amendments, duly corrected the address the stain of pre-Civil War slavery).

    And UFOs? Paaa-leeeze! As a huge sci-fi fan, I laugh now at sci-fi films and novels depicting Earth as part of a galactic federation, when we can’t/won’t even talk to our next door neighbor, classmate or office colleague from Nigeria, Nicaragua, Beijing or Moscow. If UFOs are real, they’ve been monitoring our electromagnetic emissions for more than a century. They totally understand how FUBAR’d humanity really is. If they are here to help, they better hurry! Or maybe they are here “To Serve Man?”

    • “the instantaneous information flood enabled by the internet and satellite TV news coverage.”

      Years ago.. before they were sold to consumers.. I built a satellite dish and receiver.. ( never again.. that sucked and so much tweaking because of the lack of tools to calibrate the stuff.. it was fun but miserable. the commercial can you hear me now.. gives me a chuckle because I would be sitting up on the ladder with screw drivers yelling.. can you see anything now.. LOL and to sight in the satellite.. dam I did that visual a whole nother story LOL LOL…) anyway.. we had the live feeds.. from all of it.. and the time delay and what you see on television and what is fed to the networks.. is all highly edited just like newspapers one paper with a consumer base of democrat will run stories leaning to the democrat side.. in a republican they will run the same story with a republican slant….
      newseum lost its funding for first amendment rights and has closed down for good…. but the work continues.. and here are the front pages..
      Now newseum does have all the top news stories.. from around the globe for networks which is interesting.. I no longer read fifty papers a day.. most of them are owned by the same organizations slanting the news their way.. but enjoy and enjoy it is interesting and fun to see how the world sees the same news story we see.. or one area in comparison to another area..

    • “If UFOs are real, they’ve been monitoring our electromagnetic emissions for more than a century.”

      If you take historical works as literal.. they have been monitoring us for a few thousand years.. take the Black Knight satellite.. ( whose transmissions have increased by the way.. and I read one story about we sent a group to study it and had troubles..) that satellite was estimated at thirteen thousand years old..
      I love Gaia… great place to just sit and relax…

    • I seem to remember inter-dimensional salvage operators being proposed by one fellow as an explanation. Insufficient, over- or self- medication are my favorites. For some reason, UFO accounts always seem to start with “I was on my porch taking a smoke break at 3 AM ….”

  4. To be viable here in the west, pure electric cars will have to have a range of at least 400 miles in mountainous terrain! Preferably more. Even with a 400 mile range, a range extender is essential, possibly on a trailer for occasional use. Tesla is working toward it, and VW will have to do massive catch up if they wish to compete.

    IMHO, there’s a business model for a simple, manually operated car or truck that has no stupid frills – just reasonable comfort and simple owner maintenance. Such a car/truck should have a reasonable working life of at least 30 years(about the same as a greyhound bus), but far more if run for typical personal use. The model of “shared cars”, will never work for most of us since we use our cars as an oversized backpack for our many everyday necessaries. “Self-driving” is worthless unless the driver can go to sleep and not be responsible if the car screws up. Very few people want to pay for a car that phones home to the factory or anyone else!

    Neither Tesla nor VW have a business model for many of us. They’re far too complex. That’s part of the reason for the very high prices of some much older(20+) cars. Regardless of the age, if we can’t hack it and repair it, it’s no fun!

  5. MY UFO – Was so sure I was seeing a UFO because of the strange lights in the night sky so I stopped the car to watch in eager anticipation. The lights came closer and closer and then finally I could see it: plane with a long lighted banner saying buy some product. LOL

  6. Maybe the aliens won’t reveal themselves until earthlings pass a test that we are ready to receive that information. What if the pandemic was a test by aliens whether earthlings could work together for a common good? We failed. We can’t even pull together for a pandemic.

    • No, and nor should we. The vaccines are dangerous, and if you give it just a little longer, even YOU will believe that. 1) They do not defer immunity, 2) They do not cover all variants; 3) They do not STOP one from getting Covid, 4) They have side effects including Death.

      To think that your low target is for all of us to pull together for a MAN-MADE MANUFACTURED PLANDEMIC. I would rather see us all pull together to STOP THE FED; END THE USELESS WARMONGERING, SUPPORT AMERICA’s SOVEREIGNITY, Stop all nuclear power because we do NOT know how to dispose of the waste SAFELY, etc.

  7. George, UFOs and Reparations? Really? When you’ve got the middle class being halved since Reagan mostly due to conservative policy. A minority party (conservatives) hanging on to power by the slender thread of filibuster protecting 253 pending voter suppression bills. The R’s new found concern over the national debt in the middle of a potential depression (after dipping their beaks in a $2 trillion tax cut)? Not to mention conservative virus policy probably causing an extra 300,000 deaths (compared to Germany). Sherwin (Barr appointee) saying Trump may be prosecuted for insurrection? And climate change drying up huge cities’ water supplies (which will trigger mass migration worse than the one the conservatives triggered by breaking the Middle East). Focus, please. Best, Mike.

    • First, dimocrats are the Blame party. Big cities with inadequate ground water keep issuing building permits. So, what diud you expect?> As ion terms of Trump? Your TDS needs re-treatment.
      The bullshit about 300,000 “extra deaths” is a talking point from an old man who can’t handle stairs.
      And you believe all this shit?> Now you want to end the filibuster which the dem’s wielded like a sledge?
      Dimocrats will prosecute anyone but pervs and fellow dims. That leaves what? White Christian males? Trump?

      When you support locking up antifa mf’ers in Portland, people will take your Berkeley parroting communist party rants more seriously. What can I said…sick.

      • I love it when George gets tough with whiney liberal soy-boys. I actually cheer out loud!

        And what a relief that Mark isn’t posting as much. God he was annoying.

        I’ll take Andy’s manic-depressive narcissism any day over Mike and Mark’s idiotic ramblings.

        Even bandicoot’s and BCNazi’s meth-head babbling is preferable.

      • George, you are still drinking the ‘KookAid’, (all problems are caused by immigrants, and guess what, non-native americans, you are also immigrants living on stolen land!)

        1% of the entire Medicare budget goes to ER visits by those that can’t pay:

        Pointing the finger at others really means you are pointing the finger at yourself…

        I have a full time job or I could elaborate is Mark doing, how is wife?

        Illegals using a fake SSN pay taxes on benefits they can’t get:

        why not ban me (bullies rule!), aren’t you bored with your inane echo chamber of sycophants chanting any lie they can think of…

      • “Mark isn’t posting as much.”

        You know Joseph… all we heard was how wonderful nancy and the democratic party with a clear sight of what direction they are moving.. I wonder if its because he really doesn’t want to hear those four little words from everyone he belittledbecause they wanted to see a country with vibrant industry and pride in their work. The four little words of……


      • Mark is the real-deal of high end major city real estate managers. He’s got a big office, big responsibilities and though I miss his remarks, he’s busy and at least some of us understand.
        (OK, and are curious his views on Pres. Harris…)

      • Still Drinking the Kook aid? Yes, thanks for your KOOKIE answer.

        YES, the ILLEGALS take far more than they give. As you full well know.

        MILLIONS work under the radar WITHOUT using a Stolen SSCard, but you are so smart SURELY YOU KNOW THIS???

        No, Oh, No, you don’t KNOW?

        Yeah, I thought not.

        Illegals use far more $’s in services (schooling, housing, EBT, monthly stipends, healthcare, driving without insurance, incarcerations, $2,000 per child kickback from the IRS (don’t have to work to get that), etc., and it’s a BIG ETC.)

        And each of these illegal CHILDREN under 17 need to live with Spanish Speaking Sponsors, mostly ILLEGALS themselves, and they get paid upwards of $1,500 to $1,800 a MONTH per TRAFFICKED child which means they are NOT living with their Father and Mother!

        If an illegal has a trafficked child in their possession, they can’t be deported (YEAH, Nancy got that INSERTED in last year’s Trillion Dollar Bill).

        The Father’s and Mother’s willing separated themselves from their children and sold them to the coyotes for trafficking further into the USA system.

        It’s all around disgusting.

        Disgusting and expensive for the US taxpaying citizen.

        Disgusting and dishonorable for the US Democrats while they let the millions of homeless and uninsured and drugged out CITIZENS live on the streets with no CAMPS/Tents/BUILDINGS/HOTELS being built or created for their FREE use.

        Disgusting and reprehensible for the parents that willingly gave up their children, while the Democrats slammed Trump for separating children at the border (DNA testing don’t you know, and NO, they couldn’t find the parents, do you think the whole world has submitted their DNA?) (Oops, maybe that’s what that Covid Nasal Swab is all about!)

        So, you come on here to this comment section and INSULT the regular contributors?

        Why don’t you kiss your own ass (sycophant to yourself) and go away. We’ve had your kind all over this site before and you don’t bring any HONESTY to the site, just more lies and BS.

        And yes, LOOB, wouldn’t it be nice to hear Mark ADMIT to his misconceptions, lies, misunderstandings, errors, etc. But, he’s busy, Mr. Comment ONCE a DAY during the last year of Trump’s administration (or his guest writers), and now he’s too busy selling and making millions.

        Don’t hold your breath!

        George, you have more patience than Job, biblical, not the guy that died of HIV and told the world it was pancreatic cancer.

  8. Friends,

    It would appear that a silver lining of the covid era by 2020 measurement at least is that asylum entries from the USA to Canada have dwindled. From 2017 up to covid, people entering Canada between customs office ports were pretty much homefree with bennies in Canada until their asylum claim could be eventually heard in backlogged asylum courts. Cross a road, hike through wilderness, swim a river? Whatever it took, well done and welcome; come one, come all.

    Now with covid and a “closed” border, if people cross in between customs stations, officaldom considers the 2017 loophole suspended and intercepted parties are sent back to the USA by way of direct introduction to ICE. My understanding is that from there the intercepted parties are reunited with their country of origin. Word must have spread because asylum nunbers are down here.

    Thank you for services rendered to The Crown.

    God save The Queen!

  9. Comrades,

    We bring tidings that the world is not about to end. The war will go on. As promised by the BBC this past weekend, Forces dot net, the contracted-out communications arm of the UK Ministry of Defence, today published a “Defence Command Paper”. It outlines UK military priorities to 2030 aiming for a coordination of the services under a new Space Command towards 2040.

    Expect retirement of old technology, expansions into drone fighter jets, and an expanded built-in-Britain navy fleet including an undersea cable surveillance project. Protesters will turn green to read that the stockpile of nuclear warheads will be dramatically ratcheted up in number.

    Overall, the report is quite the bomb. Enjoy.

  10. Failing narratives are paired with ascendant narratives.

    Right now any white guy who kills more than 4 people is going to be hoisted up as gun control mind melting news. They’ve been looking for a new way to get viewers, and they’re trying everything. Apparently racism is not enough, probably related to viewer burnout due to 4 years of FBI TV shows with nothing but anti government racists for bad guys. So when the previous storyline was ineffective as a racism story, they have to try again and again until they can get one.

    But only some deaths are good for ratings.

    How do I know? Because for years every weekend in just one city, Chicago, has between 40 and 60 shootings, and up to a dozen dead. Every weekend. Do the cameras come out for that on Monday morning. No. The entire news cycle should grind to a halt every Monday morning to go over the tragedy. But it’s not good ratings.

    What you know as news is nothing more than the opinion of the person arranging the evening programs. What’s important to them is what’s important to you.

  11. Hey Old dude! Good news! Someone asked me if would write a book based off my dream I posted today. A scifi book or s series of books. I left a bunch out of my dream. Maybe I can go back.
    They gave me a huge compliment and said it was like seeing starwars for the first time or reading the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. They asked I ever met the supernatral femal being named Floor Jack that runs the Excelevator? I said no she was on vacation. I met Kitchun. They said when you wrote her I pictured in my mind a hot little cosplay elf chick. I said that is what I thought of her when the Kitchun dude mentioned her. How funny.

    They said, Dude! Write a book!! I said well I will try to go back there. That Fauset dude said I could anytime I wanted. Try to go tonight. make sure I pee before I go tho. They said dude! That is helluva adventure! I wish I could dream like that. i said i know this guy George who does that shit every night. He says he goes to the center of the Milkey way??!! I said I dont rightly know. I never asked him before.

    Hahahah. Cool! I could probably crank out a book in a couple weeks if I can go back there. Lol we shall see.

    I super busy right now. Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you were right! You said and I quote! Someone is gonna offer you a book deal. I thought, nahh I’m just a roughneck cowboy. Lol. I got a few stories. But sure as shinola! Someone told me to write a book.

    He said with that much detail dude, they will make a movie out if it. You can bet on that. I said we will see.

    Hahaha. So, Ure was right!

    Writing is kinda fun! And I have a wild imagination. I was just glad I could actually remember my dream for once. Pretty crazy dream. Hahah.

    • Andy, write that book.

      The dream was beyond beyond (that’s what I asked my wonderful Dad when I was 10; “Dad, what’s beyond beyond?”)

      Now, we know the answer, the center of the Milky Way.

      People, read that dream.

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