Everyone’s Happy! (Except the Turkey)

But then again, nothing really good using happens without some sacrifice….

Here’s the Thanksgiving video we did back in 2001 when we were still living on the boat and sailing SF Bay.  Land behind us was SF Airport area.  Hunter’s point is off to port somewhere…


Have a blessed and marvelous day.  Don’t lay down after eating…

Write when you get full…

Elaine, George, and Zeus-the-Cat

29 thoughts on “Everyone’s Happy! (Except the Turkey)”

  1. After food, family and football, everyone is off to that conspicuous shopping orgy we call Black Friday! How ironic – we count our blessings, then rush out to buy stuff we can’t afford to show our love for those we don’t even like! O humanity, how vain thou art!

  2. With the insanity in the world seeming to increase daily, I am grateful for people like you who help keep me focused on what’s real and being happy.

    Live long and prosper to all in the Ure household!

  3. Hope everyone has a great day (meal, family, friends, and some well deserved down-time).

    George, was that a bit of KKSF in the soundtrack? We listed to it all the time when I lived there in the 90s. Great memories! (and we had our first child born there as well).

    • Dunno about KKSF – certainly sounded like The Rippingtons although I didn’t recognize the track.

      Happy turkey day for you and Ures…

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m full and I only had yogurt for breakfast. I won’t be hungry until evening and the family get-together has a lunch feast. I won’t be eating turkey, but maybe some sides.

    • It actually started in 78 with the passage of the millionaire relief act that through the middle class under the bus. Then the dreaded trickle down that didn’t the hardest years if my life was right after that and the deregulations that sent fuel and healthcare through the roof. Taking the secure SS funds and giving it to the Macarena group to spend on bailing out banks..then the dreaded nafta allowing industry to ship jobs out side our borders..
      Unfortunately there’s nothing that really can be done about any of it.
      We are just reliving history.. Amazing how that works.. Pomp and greed ..the fall then those that rebuild and grow..they die off then pomp and greed.. Same pattern over and over..
      Was it Plato that once said the destruction of a civilization is when those that lead are corrupted and those they lead are accepting their actions.

      The Major Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire

      Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor
      Decline in Morals
      Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard
      Fast expansion of the Empire
      Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending
      Barbarian Knowledge of Roman Military Tactics
      Failing Economy
      Unemployment of the Working Classes (The Plebs)
      The ‘Mob’ and the cost of the ‘Games’
      Decline in Ethics and Values
      Slave Labor
      Natural Disasters
      Barbarian Invasion
      The major causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire


      • I agree with most of your list as the reasons for the fall of the (Western) Roman Empire (though the link you provide is more specific, and the emphasis is different).

        Where I differ is in the idea of ‘morality’ – there was a failing of mental strength in the upper classes, to be sure – but ascribing modern ‘feelings’ of what is ‘good’ to Roman society is problematic. The ‘Christian’ religion was anti-slavery so that it would naturally appeal to the lower classes.

        Yes, there are clear parallels to modern life, but be careful how far you carry this.

      • You are right the course revolves around a decline of moral values and corruption.( can’t afford an education so sell your body to pay for an education. Drugs to escape the stresses of daily life. The vicious circle. The drug dealers sell the hard stuff make a fortune to join the elite. I have heard one out if three dollar bills has passed a drug cartel)
        In my opinion any time there’s run away plutocracy in govt. There’s a decline in social and moral values resulting in a society that’s overly discontent. This opens the door for leaders willing to offer relief from a plutocratic political system no matter who the leader is. Aka Hitler, Napoleon.

      • Plutocracy is greed. It is the enthronement desire for gain. Most of us remember the fifties and sixties.. Mom stayed home while dad worked to make a living. Most of the companies back then were like a family. the bosses worked along side of the workers. insurance wasn’t a problem part time full time some full time jobs one of the benefits was family insurance vacation etc.. then the true decline started latter part of the sixties. Under the table deals with our leaders. when it really took a tole was in the eighties. the Nafta treaty was signed jobs started to leave the USA the bailout of the banking industry using social security funds that were set aside by the laborers. ( today poloticians openly call the elderly leaches on society.. and in my opinion if they could figure out how to still have access to thirty percent of the wages they would do away with it.. my contribution to ss was just under a quarter mil ) deregulation sent health care and energy costs skyrocketing mom no longer could stay home she had to work leaving the children home as latch key kids.. today a daycare for three toddlers is somewhere around a thousand to two thousand a month. wages raise at two percent while cost of living increases at four plus.
        Unfortunately I doubt even if we voted out everyone from congress that the path we are on could be altered. What I see coming. is at this point our interest on our outstanding debts is more than what our country takes in in taxes.
        kind of like kiting a check.. the check will fall.. years ago I paid my electric bill with a post dated check.. if .. (IF) they would have waited till the date it would have been ok. but the secretary that handled the pay took a day off the boss just grabbed the checks and deposited them.. this sent me on a spiral. I had one and two dollar checks bouncing like ping pong balls.. in less than a week it had skyrocketed to over seven hundred dollars. ( I made three dollars an hour ) I went in and talked to my boss.. he said I understand how this can happen it happened to me when I was just starting the store.. your family heres the money and paid the debt. ( bosses today won’t do that.) the USA is in the same boat. now do they have a boss that will put up the funds.. no because of the plutocratic society we live in. the ones that could are running for the borders hiding cash everywhere so they don’t have to.
        the rest of us have to make it. Our television is crap. you have shows.. the sex dorm or the house where the object of the show is to be a sociopath to succeed and win the prize on another channel to go out and bash zombies in an hour there are how many murders and robberies a mother no longer at home to watch the kids because she is trying to make money.
        parental guidance is at a low wages make it so that you have to work harder. I worked up to six jobs at one time and sold blood plasma just to make my bills..
        Our political leaders have already passed legislation that allows them to be removed from office by any means in certain circumstances. these types of laws have been passed before.. the results were catastophic.

        of course all of that depends on how things our congress has been interpreted.. even today with the stress to take away arms from the people by changing the 2nd amendment is just a stones throw away from opening the door.
        the other thing with all of this is we are at the door of bankruptcy. what would happen in a bankruptcy. which is a new start new laws etc.

  5. And, once again, I learn why people over 40 should stay away from Cool Whip! Just couldn’t help myself.

    Now that everyone’s off to start the Black Friday orgy I’m by myself eagerly looking for a documentary that I can indulge in. Football? What’s that? Thankful for the Internet here.

    Hope everyone out there has what they need more than what they want.

    • ancient history..
      until the US uses something other than oil and coal to value their currency any other cheaper power source or more efficient use of power will be discouraged for obvious reasons.

    • the first time I heard about this was over twenty years ago.. a man built one and even got congress together to do a demonstration on his new way to produce power.. the goal to put one on every home.. he made plans to go to every state rent huge stadiums and give demonstrations.
      I believe it was promptly outlawed I actually signed up to get one..the cost to me and anyone else getting one would have been zero. his idea was to build them place them and get the financial benefits from the extra energy to pay for them.
      I believe they even showed it on CBS’s sixty minutes once upon a time.
      Unfortunately The american economy is designed around the oil industry and it valuing the dollar we would be in serious trouble if the Arabians decided to go with another countries currency.. until that changes nothing like this in any way shape or form will be allowed.

      • Another one besides the one you’re talking about was Joe,s Cell do you remember that one . And then another one I was following came across how to do it and he had a meeting with the money makers in another country, he never came back .oh goodness. There was story after Story I followed so many people that were making it right now there’s from last year ,one that’s making a unit that runs off of hydrogen or Wing water up in Canada and is trying to sell it in United States and he was going to have that offer in September of this year but that didn’t happen either as you know.
        That’s why I’m all for Andrew basiago after president Trump does what he’s got to do and it’s long as he’s got to do it because Andrew basiago was in Project Pegasus as a child and the time-traveling projects in the late 60s and early 70s and he’s a lawyer and I think Washington State and he’s ran for president this last time but nobody knew him so he is the one that wants to bring forth all these Technologies that are being clamp down on by the 1% corporations

      • Lol yeah Joe’s cell originally was suposed to have been copied off of a unit found on an old German tank from ww2. Then of course you have the bloom box.
        What strikes me funny is all of this is ancient history the oil and automotive industry has patents on all of it.

      • Yeah I remember the the guy you’re talking about I can’t leave his name I bought his DVDs or is tapes back then and try to go around the people and it’s hard for individuals to confront the money makers so but that’s all getting ready to change as you will know Mister DJT which is known as 4 10 20 or otherwise known as Q anon. Is challenging the system all those thousands of arrest warrants we have Hillary and McCain and a bunch of others they have ankle bracelets on because they’re under house arrest and that’s the reason Saudi Arabia’s Prince is taking over we went over there and help arrest them so the New World Order is going down that’s why Trump is giving 60,000 people 18 months to do the right thing in the meantime everyone’s being put on notice and it may take another term before those Technologies come out but I think it’s going to come out earlier because of the landslide that Trump is having which means the oil and coal will still be going but we will integrate the new technologies as those Technologies are reduced and at the same time between the old technology and the new technology we will have a new age of growth and also he’s going to do away with the Federal Reserve which we will be printing our own money and a lot of other countries will be too so everything is changing hold on to your suspenders,lol
        Oh I almost forgot thoughts have wings and the so many of us that are waking up with these thoughts that you just know it’s going to overpower the 1% so may all beings be lovingly fulfilled, so be it

      • The Joe’s cell is like someone using dynamite to pop a balloon. Texaco actually has a great design they own and are sitting on.
        I think it’s to late..at this point I am pretty sure we have to watch it play out.

  6. Did anyone else see the giants reds game.. Now that was a game.
    Good game close but then much much more.
    One guy got hurt..everyone went to him while he was on the streture time after time a good play was over and the one from the opposite team would offer the one down a hand up.
    Both sides.. I now have to buy a jacket with both team logos on it. That’s what I call sports play the game play hard but with respect for the other team members.

    • Talking Football huh I don’t know anything about football except that our president djt has got some good moves there I wouldn’t you agree we went to Saudi Arabia but before he went to Saudi Arabia he said there’s going to be a lot of people arrested people in the United States thought it was going to be them. It was going to be there so when he left Saudi Arabia is over there they were arrested while he was in Asia that sounds like a pretty good football moved to me supposed football fans
      . What do you think is next move is how many innings do we have and what’s his goal that’s about the best football game I’ve ever think I’ve ever took notice to

      • Pedos have got a cat in the sky watching their every move, unbeknown to them.
        Antennas everywhere ,no escape, rattling in Whistling everywhere is detected as they run they are chased and in the livery stable they’ll stay until delivery man says okay okay, count your blessings if you get a light because they’ll know if you’re a stalagmite or a stalactite, do you remember your last surgery when you are under do you know where they implanted that little piece that they’re tracking you oh my goodness you don’t know do you all well run run run they will find you

      • Well ole Bryce, what about the chipping going on under the cover of night in the home in the form of an implant when you are under the influence of sleep??? That’d be the tracking device I’d be marveling at! As it might insure a ride off the home planet someday.

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