Election Proximity: Markets Sell

Are We Past “Peak Biden?”

Looking at the early futures today – offers a view – to us – of a market trying to figure whether to “pack up and leave town this week” or wait until the (democrats have been planning for months) Election Chaos.  

We figure it will tee-off next Tuesday night, regardless of who’s leading.   The hard-core (paid) protesters will be cued to arrive just before the voting ends.  Then continue (Portland-style) as the Electoral College meets in December.  Even then, however, off to the courts where sours-grapes will be entertained.

We figure it will be much worse on the streets, too, if the socialist darlings don’t get their way.  Again, Portland-ish.

The idea was floated over the weekend, that the Hunter Biden (as daddy’s bag boy) story might perhaps torpedo Joe in his last-rush for the finish line.  Hard to tell, just yet.

As Hunter Biden messages ‘independently confirmed’ to be authentic, GOP lawmaker says, we keep coming back to the question:  What happens if Biden is subpoenaed to testify before he’s confirmed?

No worries, though:  Biden followers – who jumped at disinfo charges when it wasn’t against their side are quick to change horses now when the shoes on the other foot.  As Biden rips Hunter Biden email leak as ‘smear campaign,’ says Russia trying to spread disinformation.  You betcha.


All this, of course, comes in the wake of the series of bombshells that were released by the  NY Post as the Hunterbag narrative. The same Post, we add, that has come out endorsing Trump for re-electionWe especially  enjoyed the phrase: 

“A Joe Biden administration would be beholden to a socialist left that sees an opportunity to remake the nation in its vision.  One more dependent on government debt.”

Still, this doesn’t help Trump enough, in our view.  The race remains extremely tight and the “usual” left-winging media are still putting the bum’s rush on reason.  Social media burying it, dems ignoring and making counter accusations.  And as seen in the NY Times puffery “Hillary Clinton Says It’s Different This Time.” trying to just get past it all.

Thankfully, there’s a use for such “fish wrap.”  While the NY Times shows occasional brilliance in business coverage, but the rest of the paper?  Spewing an Hillary op/ed  Yi-yi-yi…

We sense CNN trying to get the vote out with their story Black Americans flock to the polls for what many say is the most important election of their lives.  Our advice to all?  Watch the documentary Uncle Tom before you vote, not after.

Futures Down, CFNAI Released

I don’t think America’s ever had an Election Crash before – but wouldn’t that be one for the books?  Futures were dropping and down more than 300 when we looked.  That’d be a mess, huh?

With futures sucking wind early, the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator refused to “endorse Biden.”

Led by some further moderation in the growth of production- and employment-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) declined to +0.27 in September from +1.11 in August. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in September, but three of the four categories decreased from August. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved down to +1.33 in September from +3.22 in August.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, decreased to +0.51 in September from +0.71 in August. Fifty of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in September, while 35 made negative contributions. Forty indicators improved from August to September, while 45 indicators deteriorated. Of the indicators that improved, 12 made negative contributions.”

Catch it?  One of our favorite weasel-phrases “negative contributions.”  In our clear-headed memoments (*not recently, don’t worry!) we thought something was EITHER negative or contributed.  But, like beautifully ugly, intelligent democrat, or government intelligence it’s all part of the nuanced fog designed to keep you confused and unable to demand clear-headed articulation of facts… but I digress from the narratrive.

End of the financial world is coming.  Since the “Free Lunch” party is showing strongly in the polls.  Don’t blame us if next year your lifestyle crashes.

Businessmen not Bag Men is what America needs.  A 3D Printer in every pot.

Like most prescriptions, though, the election is “price-fixed” the same way Big Pharma rigs things. “Legally.”  America hates taking its medicine and the quacks are on the ballot knowing this is true.

Not Again!

Yes sir…here comes another one, later this week:  Zeta is spinning up in waters off Mexico:

We always worry about turns to the West or Northwest, once these storms get north of Cancun.  We will have a better idea on tacking about mid-day Wednesday in terms of landfall.

Rest of the country is (variously) in cool-down or burn up mode: Extreme fire danger in California, record cold and snow from Texas to Montana.

Justice Barrett

Will likely be sworn in next month.  This, as Senate to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee a week ahead of Election Day.

It’s a given that the Biden-Harris administration will pack the court (adding seats) if they win. And, losing control of the Senate would seal the deal.

Always been the agenda of the leftists:  Turn the Courts – once the people’s advocates – back on the people.  We figure to see how that’s done in early 2021 with a Biden win.


Multiple people in Vice President Mike Pence’s orbit test positive for the coronavirus.

The stats this morning show global cases at 43,121,924 at click-time.  Global deaths are 1,154,746 and of those, U.S. deaths stood at 225,239.  And to think people were critical of us Cloroxing everything and relentlessly masking.


Confused, dear? Gloria Steinem: ‘I’ve never seen this much activism in my life’.  Say, maybe it’s not “activism” – instead its an extreme mania brought on by over-exposure to phone screen flicker rates…wanna bet?

Monetizing EVERYTHING is a familiar chant around here.  Yet another bit of evidence of our wisdom is seen as  Fortune reports Menopause is a $600 billion opportunity, report finds.  Are the numbers (ahem)  padded?

Keep an eye on Raytheon, Lockheed, and Boeing as China ‘To Sanction’ US Firms Over Taiwan Arms Sale.  This is because China is moving board pieces in order to take Taiwan back as part of forced “reunification” – they’re just waiting for Joe Biden to take office.  (Bigger bags coming, Hunter?  Better work out.)

Paris Climate scam weakening.  As seen in stories like Japan’s New Leader Sets Ambitious Goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050 (30 years????).  And Xi’s Big Carbon Promise On The Table As China’s Leaders Meet.  China’s a bigger polluter (by far) than the U.S. and we were suckers for considering anything OTHER than all in the pool together timing.  That’s the difference between a sell-out and a negotiation.

Off to another fun-filled Monday.  Two part column tomorrow as we have the regular plus the Housing data to follow.

Write when you get rich,


92 thoughts on “Election Proximity: Markets Sell”

    • What’s your issue with making sure people can vote and their votes get counted??

      “First of all, go to iwillvote.com to make a plan. Exactly how you’re going to vote, where you’re going to vote, when you’re going to vote. Because it can get complicated. Because the Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote. Particularly people of color to vote. So go to iwillvote.com. Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won’t be counted. It can’t be counted. We’re going to challenge it and all these things. If enough people vote, it’s going to overwhelm the system. You see what’s happening now. You guys know it as well as I do. You see the long, long lines in early voting. You see the
      millions of people have already cast a ballot. And so, don’t be intimidated. If, in fact, you have any problem, go to and I don’t have the number, but it’s 833-DEM-VOTE. The letters D-E-M-V-O-T-E. Call that number. We have over a thousand lawyers, over a thousand of them answering the phone. If you think there’s any challenge to your voting, go to 833-DEM-VOTE. Dial those letters on your phone that will get you the assistance that we have already put in place.”

      Re: creepy joe. There are more than 30 credible named victims that accuse trump of everything from sexual assault to rape. One victim has her case moving and she’s going to get trump’s DNA. If creepiness bothers you than what about trump??

  1. NYT is no longer good for “fish wrap” as it will pollute the fish. NYT passed the fish wrap phase long ago. Now it’s only good for the Bottom of the Bird Cage. Beautiful day tho.

  2. Saw a good article on Chinas energy strategy over here. In summary, China is going gang busters on electrification because they don’t want hard currency leaving China to buy oil / energy.
    Yes they built a lot of coal plants early as part of that strategy, but have been also building lots of renewable capacity. Yes their emissions are higher then ours, but they also have 5x people as we do. I don’t know if it will work out, because eventually all these centralized economies collapse as the people in power never want their gravy train disrupted by innovators. But I like the strategy to be energy and mineral independent from your adversaries. The carbon reductions are a secondary benefit (and always will be) of their national security plans.

    • Joe Dish,
      This is America’s plan too. However, big oil, and the GOP, are trying to vilify renewable energy, falsely claiming it will cost jobs. It won’t. In fact 3x more jobs will be created without disrupting the oil industry. You see, we need oil initially to create the technologies that are necessary for the US to become carbon neutral. But, like a retiring CEO, mentoring his replacement, and his role transitioning to becoming a board member, Oil Will slowly be transitioned. And that’s OK. Horse and buggies to cars, Typewriters to computers, VHS/DVD’s to streaming…the cycle of economic obsolescence is ubiquitous throughout history, with the replacement becoming a positive paradigm shift, making humans more productive, and creating more jobs than the industry it replaced.

      • It’s not that it will cost jobs… The issue is it is not viable for large-scale usage at this point in time.

        Why do you hate plants…?

      • Ray – which is why Georgetown, TX is desperately trying to back out of their “all renewable power source” program they got into a few years ago. It was breaking them and their citizens due to it’s high cost.

        In all fairness, though, I recently switched over to an electric provider named Bulb here in Texas that touts a 100% renewable energy input. It’s reduced the electrical cost of one of the houses we own by about a third as compared to a previous provider so wherever it works – yay! Wherever it doesn’t – don’t let your karma run over your dogma. Perhaps Bulb’s subscribers are more in number than Georgetown’s which lowered the individual costs. Dunno.

      • “The issue is it is not viable for large-scale usage”

        I agree and disagree..
        Large scale solar and wind farms take to much infrastructure change to implement effectively.
        Just like a tree.. get rid of the roots and the tree dies. But the power generated by the leaves keeps the tree stable.
        Like DC and AC..dolar and wind on smaller scale and spread out like the leaves of a tree works very effectively , easier to set up and manage. Of course the big energy corporations will never do that. They will want to have the massive systems as a form of keeping control.
        I have said many times they should embrace solar and wind on the small scale. Give a price freeze for a ten year period they get the excess ed energy. then at every lift station put up a solar tower.. like a tree start at the furthest part away from the roots and work back to the roots to assist the main power generator.
        I am not a fan of nuclear .. I dont think they know enough about it. It’s hard to dispose of its waste.
        I love coal but put in an afterburner..you burn up the waste fuel and get a usable byproduct.

      • LOOB, in the Midwest, powercos trade 40 acres of farmland for 2megawatts of solar. We also get about 5hrs/day (on average) of usable sunlight. Eventually, one must choose between eating and charging their toys. We could panel the Mojave, but that would radically change the desert’s ecosystem. The greenies’ numbers don’t add up, and they will have to sacrifice their core tenets to even make the argument.

      • “LOOB, in the Midwest, powercos trade 40 acres of farmland for 2megawatts of solar. We also get about 5hrs/day (on average) ”

        With my small system in place.. the average power production is right at 35KW…I use during the daylight hours about twelve.. the rest the power company sells to the neighbors.. for our area the price of two of the big wind turbines could easily put a ten kw system on every household in the state.. that would generate just about eight thousand MW perday..
        a small tower lets say sixty feet tall forty feet wide three sided and a power with solar array top and bottom of every section the angles depend on the area and crown put a trapazoid reflective in between and you get optimum solar each side would have a potential of 180 kw per hour three sided.. obviously the east and west would not have that.. it isn’t massive but place a tower like that at every substation.. I am not sure about there but around here they are placed about every twenty miles. at least in my mind that is how it should be done.. smaller and more spread out..
        unfortunately I doubt seriously that that will ever happen.. since the big boys are still caught in the bubble and the thought of promoting solar or small wind is not appetizing to them because of control issues.. when in reality they would never loose control of the power distribution..
        I don’t like the idea of people putting them up for profit.. my system paid for itself in less than five years.. the other set of panels hell I spent that much at burger king.. right now sunelec has their used panels at seven bucks a pop but you have to buy two pallets of them..
        the way I see it large solar and wind is just a money burner done for show.. It isn’t really feasible and would still have to have the infrastructure changes.. But with smaller.. it not only in my mind would strengthen the grid.. but make it less likely to fail.
        some places went a year after a big storm without power.. by spreading it out that wouldn’t have ever happened for that length of time..
        A friend of mine use to razz me about my putting up a system.. to costly etc.. then there was a nasty storm took out power for a long time.. he then put up a system and his paid for itself in less than six months in the southwest..
        Its all dependent on the view.. for me.. it was the best thing I have ever done, and I bought them when the cost was over ten dollars a watt. my bill is the cheapest of all my bills and I still pay for every watt of electricity I use during off hours.. plus the hookup fee..
        What was funny is.. I had bought the same bull shizt that they feed everyone.. LOL.. they bought it to .. after three months the head of the power company in our area came over for coffee and we had a long talk.. his comment was we never thought it would work so good in this area.

      • “It was breaking them and their citizens due to it’s high cost.”

        That is the problem with trying to go large scale Bill.. the costs of incorporating it in the infrastructure has to be a nightmare..
        My last 3kw worth of solar equipment was less than I spend at McDonalds..
        Solar .. and wind.. I tell the kids it is the flutter of a butterflies wings.(the butterfly effect) .. like building a food stock or prepping.. don’t go big .. go small let it build.. start at the furthest part from the power plant and move back to the plant..
        I do see why everyone is reluctant to do that .. the thought of the loss of control over the control of the power.. but solar is like a rain.. if you have rain it doesn’t matter where the rain is

      • I wish I could win the lottery once…. then I could build a solar tower to prove my point the tree affect… My view came up in a few conversations with an old Prof acquaintance.. and I have seen some scaled down models of it.. but so far no large scale.In the end it is all a business model.. The same in parks.. the picknic areas sunshade shape them like trees and make each branch a small solar array.. street lights etc.. it isn’t hard.. do it small.. 300 watts is still three hundred watts..etc.. the big boys I think just forgot what the REA was about.. back then if a farmer wanted power he paid for the poles and the wire etc leading to their homes.. one gentleman that we had live in our spare room said he had to buy three miles of wire and the poles.. when it became a corporation and they were going to put in their own wires.. he used his tractor to wind up the wire LOL..put it on blocks and used a rim on the wheel…
        If you want to implement solar.. go old school.. REA act.. and a freeze on rate increases for a ten year period..

  3. “One more dependent on government debt.”

    How are the bills getting paid since Trump stopped payroll taxes?

    This thing can blow at any moment. Either be 100% out of debt or debt over the gills.

    – Waiting for my Stimulus

  4. A few years ago it was “It’s the economy stupid”, now it is Covid, Covid, Covid! The administration never had the heart or desire to face the virus head on, I believe they will pay the price come Election Day. Darth Cheeto or Sleepy Joe, either way, we lose. The next president will preside over an economic disaster.

    • You know John…California handled it the right way. The Tough discipline Gov. Newsom exhibited Has resulted in us opening up without the fear of a redux.

      We are a state of 40 million people, yet we have the same number of deaths as states a quarter of our size…like New Jersey, or a half of our size like Florida…Texas has more deaths than we do too….and New York, with half of our population has double the deaths.

      In the meantime, since Labor Day, I have been having dinner inside restaurants, getting haircuts inside a barber, shopping inside malls and doing things i have always done prior to Covid. We even approved sports with fans (limited capacity) Yes, I wear a mask at all times, except when eating, but It’s a small price to pay to fight this virus. California played by the rules. We had an adapt or die mentality and it worked….so far.

      So, when Biden takes office, I think we will take a common sense approach To finally kick this virus’s ass. No mixed messages. No narcissistic agendas. Just a …Here is reality…here is the proposed solution…what else do you want to know approach. If George was President…this is how he would have handled it. He does it everyday in his column. He gives us the facts, tells us how he handles it and We take that information And learn from it.

      I have no idea where Trump stands. I can guarantee that when he was diagnosed with it, as a self proclaimed germaphobe, he was whining like a little baby, scared out of his wits. He had the doctors running in every direction demanding a cure and had access to treatment that no other human on this planet will ever have access to. And then, he trots out like Superman after the fact…We’ll America isn’t buying it. For once, it would have benefited this country to know that he was vulnerable, scared, While he was ill, he took this virus VERY SERIOUSLY!!! Why not express that to the rest of the country? Why act like a macho idiot and pretend it never happened. We haven’t rounded the turn just yet, Orange Man… wear a mask people…be safe…don’t listened to a damn thing Trump says.

      • “California handled it the right way.”

        I’ve gotten three new neighbors (two households) in the past two weeks. One is from Oakland, the other L.A. They both told me they moved to the Midwest because California is crazy — crazy expensive, crazy stupid, and crazy over COVID.

      • My spouse and I spent 7 years over two military tours in California. We both remained PA residents over my 22 year career. Both times we were stationed in CA, the rude behavior of drivers was off the charts. When we later moved to Colorado Springs, the realtor asked us how we liked the city. We replied that we loved the area, but there were a lot of rude and aggressive drivers, e.g. people running red light while yours was green, then emphatically giving the single finger salute and a wise ass grin to you as they breezed thru the intersection. The realtor actually apologized, telling us she was a native Coloradan and was embarrassed, as this happened frequently, but her defense was that most of those idiots were ‘California transplants.’ That made us laugh. I realize every state has its A-hole residents, but CA sets the A-hole bar pretty darn high, and they are apparently proud of that achievement.

      • Dunno George, one of those Californicator refugees is a name, gourmet chef from SanFran. His loss may be my gain… ;-)

    • “The administration never had the heart or desire to face the virus head on,”

      Absolutely.. the fear of leaving the velocity of money flowing and the flow of incoming cash at a standstill.. that is a terrifying view.. for anyone in office..
      go option three pretend it doesn’t exist and let everyone fend for themselves..
      instead they went option 2 slowed the economy down and left the velocity of cash moving.. scares me to

  5. “more government debt” gee I wonder what we are already getting with the bail out of the to big to fail,Boeing and the airlines and all the rest walking off with billions,the bailing out of wall street to the tune of trillions to protect the wealthy.Meanwhile on the shit cover main street its life in the new America as poverty stalks the streets, and they wonder why the people riot, and the sad part its only the beginning as they try to enact the new reset trying to protect their ass or assets,things aren’t so good in the land of mom’s apple pie,propaganda and government over site as they tell the tribe you can’t socialize.!!!

  6. Divergence G !

    Dude the Divergence is upon us, and you guyz are busy munching popcorn, waiting for the GTV/Guo videos to drop. Sure Biden crime Family is coming apart at the seams, they almost made it to the Election without the emails coming out – jus like 2016, with KilarythemAll.

    Creepy slo bribem is 100 % CONTROLLED by the CCP . Then again – market could/should turn around shortly and undo the BTC/SPY Divergence..

    There are NO Libel Suites with any of the Biden revelations/emails/videos – None, like whats in G’s Bitcoin wallet..oh wait what wallet? It must coming in on a Quantum Wave Packet via Laser Comms soonly – got Ure “Receiver” properly tuned? hahahaha

    How creepy is the uncle getting sexual, on video, with his teenage niece ?? He even had an affair the girls Mom – after her Dad passed.
    The same exact niece creepy senior was seen sucking face with on stage?? Huge flare up with that fiasco – almost everyone except sf mark was offended by that public display pederasty.

    This aint about Drugs – “yes”, Not about Prostitutes -“yes”, this is about Chyna and WAR.
    They simply chose a different type of Warfare – they unleashed Financial War – they bot our Politicians (pigloosi,finestain,schmer,nadless,bribem,ect). Mr Guo of GTV fame claims to have Millions of pictures and Videos of lots of Western Pols & Celebs in flagrant delicto.
    It is with the aforementioned “data” that Chyna has Used to leverage their political Targets, and Buy the US body politic.
    For majority Politicians, We are considered Stupid Sheep, and nasty will tell U when U R getting Ure next Serving of Sheep Chow..baaaaaaabaaaaa

    * Editors Suggestion Box – please consider adding “lesser of 2 evils” to Ure Catch It list. Might be most oft repeated FALSITY in modern English language. There is no such thing as a lesser evil. evil is evil .
    Karnac: Senile Purpura
    Karnac holds envelope up to forehead and says..”What the hell is going on with cocaine Mitches bruising?”

    Rip the Dip !
    Coot is bullish POTUS, Bullish America, Bearish DeepSate – therefore – have started to nibble on “Coots Post Election Greed Extravaganza Trades”
    Stifle Ureselves – haters..
    -Long the January TLT out of the money Calls, and Long January SPY out of the money Calls. Only question is BTC to $100,000.00 before DOW 40k..hmmmm

    • “Creepy slo bribem is 100 % CONTROLLED by the CCP .”

      Look @ the bright side; Could prevent nuclear confrontation over Taiwan? ;-)

  7. Well It make sense George that they will pass the Stimulus deal right before Thanksgiving to boost Christmas sales aka boost the profits of Corporations.

    So we look for a two for Deal on 11/22/2020. Last Big Hurrah in the Yin. Or the Proton, IAO, Which is Fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Holy Negation. The Death of the Dollar and Free Money to our Corporate Sponsors by proxy of Joe Citizen. Of course by then The Fed should be the Majority Shareholder of our Cooperate Sponsors.

    I saw the other day that Nike is having a 80% off Everything purchased online at their website. Like $280 Jordens for $60.

    Ya know the gift of desperation inclines one to take Action in a radical way. I gotta get that beautiful thing. Later Dude.

    • On the Topic of: More Cow Bell

      Maybe I can ask the Father for a time stamp of the Harvesting of 2,418,000,000 Christians. Since He is the only one in the loop.
      Hmmmmm.. I don’t if we should Que up Rapture by Blonde or Don’t Fear the Reaper By BOC.

      I’m going to go with Blonde on this one. I’d like to stay and watch it all unfold. What fun would it be to sit out the 7 year tribulation? The most Carnage the world has ever seen. Its gonna be Epic! Better than that Movie Besides, I don’t stay dead. I keep having everyone around me tell me, I’m immortal. Lol. One things for sure. All my grey hair went away the other night and I looked 20 years younger the other morning when I woke up. I don’t have a grey hair on my head anymore. Just in my beard which is white not grey.

      And I’m getting physically stronger daily more than I have ever been in my life. I mean I’m 50 years old and I’m pushing more weight in the gym than ever in my life. I’m not on steroids or anything. I started taking this pre work out mix called “I am God” but other than that I’m taking any other supliments. A dude sold me a can up in Alaska. Yes, It’s really called that. The Aliens must have made it. Because right after ya drink it you have to poop. Then you are ready to rock and roll in the gym. You know them Aliens and their obsession with people’s butholes. Lol

      I am amazed at how much more physically stronger I’m getting. Every time I go to the gym I’m stacking another plate on. Im not training for the Special Olympics… But maybe I am. Hahah

      You ever hear of these bonets they use to remap your neuro pathways? This dude was telling me about them the other day. Kinda like defragmenting your Brain. Wonder if that is kinda how the Light Crown works. I stopped doing it because I didn’t I was over doing it. I must have missed the “15 minutes” part. I just thought why not do it while I’m sleeping? Hmmmm.

      I will let ya all know if I get a date and time on that.

      Later old dude.

      Que: Rapture by Blonde.

      Clique 116!

      • Uhem. I’m Not taking any other supliments. I do know as I get closer to the language of Creation and speaking it and understanding it, I think that is altering my physical form, making me more youthful and way way more physically stronger. I hope to God I’m not playing the part of The Bad guy in this up coming scene. The lake of fire sounds a little bit too tropical for me. I don’t like those devil worshipers. I think if I was in charge. I’d burn down both the Hotel California, The House of the Rising Sun and that Vegas Strip Mall on Wall Street. I know those guys don’t like me. Lol

        Well off the to get that beautiful thing. 3 post a day. Thems the Rulz.

      • “Maybe I can ask the Father for a time stamp of the Harvesting of 2,418,000,000 Christians.”

        Wouldn’t he be a bad “Father” if he’d only care for so-called Christians? ;-)

  8. Detroit has fired-up some middle class jobs. Detroit because one has to be a resident of Detroit to grab the gigs.

    FCA has hired 4,100 Detroit residents for its new Detroit Assembly Complex

    “Think about this: More than 4,000 Detroit families with a middle-class job,” Duggan said during a news conference. “They start out at $17 an hour and ultimately work up to $28 an hour. This process is ongoing. The hiring is not done, and the list is not done.”

    “In partnership with Detroit at Work, 1,100 job readiness events were held last fall and this spring resulting in 16,245 Detroiters being screened for the opportunity. More than 10,300 completed an application, and 5,500 were invited for interviews.”

  9. “The court is the people’s friend”. Really? Who was it that decided Dred Scott, and that “Corporations are people, my friends?”

  10. any human that considers Joe rationally no longer is rational. even before the laptop from hell. obviously not considered that willie’s ride could actually be the President?

    c’mon, man.

    i and mine will be gone ASAP, we will be beyond Hope and Change. did it in 1975 with great result. ten years vagabond voyaging.


  11. Renewables,Ain’t. Sun don’t shine 24/7/365. Takes more energy to build renewables than you get out and hard to recycle the wind turbine blades. Not enough batteries to store energy,no tech on horizon cheap enough for energy storage. Oil needed for building clothes fertilizer,pesticides,lubricants, gas for electric to replace coal. Thorium molten salt reactors, no melt down or explosions of steam. Turn on Monday at 7am turn off friday at 5pm,is a power and we have enough for 1 billion years. Can be used to burn nasty residue from uranium reactors.
    Alternative energy sun or wind very expensive,not efficient. Good for some off grid places,West Texas, Sun, Kansas/Nebraska wind,rest of world not so much.
    China will never be independent in Energy, or food. China exists because of USA and our military. They are close to coming apart. Corruption CCP stealing at all levels, very sad. As they fall I hope they do not start war on neighbors. Half their army is for internal security. No ships to get past Taiwan. To many home problems and rest of world IS stoping them. Japan,South Korea,Vietnam,Indonesia,Myanmar,Australia and USA. They are not a problem
    Now to get the corruption here,that is the danger. They show their hand,they are in trouble now.
    The Constitution,Bill of Rights and Union FOREVER!!

    • Now why would anyone worry about what China or Russia, Iran or any other country that won’t bow down to our dictates is doing, seems we have enough problems of our own to worry about, but others it seems think the world is our business and everyone must be just like us as corrupt as we are.

      You have already lost the constitution and if you aren’t damn careful you will also lose the Bill of Rights,and the union is damn shaky so be careful of what you wish for,don’t worry about others for they are not our enemy for the enemy is within the gates, and those are the ones to run to elect.!!!

      • Think you better go back and read that post again or perhaps you need glasses for I said “if we aren’t damn careful we could loose the bill of rights’ there were no statements that we had lost them but could.!!!!

      • Kind sir, we already have…

        Congress shall make no law

        respecting an establishment of religion,
        (still have this, unless you consider global warming or political parties to be religions)

        or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
        (like a COVID lockdown, or quarantine of the not-sick)

        or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
        (unless you’re a conservative)

        or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
        (‘still got this one, but it has been bastardized and expanded upon to the point of meaninglessness)

        the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

        No Soldier shall, be quartered…
        (this one’s probably safe)

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,
        (This one was gone, long before Utah became a server farm)

        and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
        (Ask President Trump if this one still exists…)

        No person shall be held unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury
        (Two words: Kevin Mitnick)
        nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;
        nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,
        (These are shaky, but intact)

        nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation
        (Again, Kevin Mitnick, and everybody who’s suffered an “asset forfeiture” without having been convicted of a crime)

        In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial
        (Again I cite Mitnick, who was held without charge for well-over two years)

        the right of trial by jury shall be preserved,

        Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted
        (Amendment 8 should never have passed. One of the telltale signs of a bad law is that it is completely open to interpretation. It IS safe, though)

        The enumeration of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people
        (Safe, because it allows hacks from all political parties to define new “rights” at will)

        The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
        (Do I even have to go here…?)

        Score: 9 have been abridged, 7 are still around, 1 is moot, and 1 is FUBARd….

  12. Never mind the Markets Jeffe, for I am the One !

    Believe in me and you will be given Eternal Life.

    Dont want to Believe, Dont want to follow my Rules – Eternal Damnation.
    Be very AFRAID! Your going to HELL – brimestone/sulfer,fire,pitchforks,demons,torture, filth, all manner of nasty’s.

    Gotta wonder – Which one is IT? Eternal ? Who the F>@& are these people Who Want you to Believe this bullshit?

    Really ?!

    Can Anyone explain how a Religion, ANY F-ing RELIGION can give or take MY ETERNAL Light/Life/Soul – Project Fear = Organized Religion, or How to Control a Poulation..

    BCN Challenges – ANYODY – Pope,Imam,Patriarch,Rabbi – To PROVE they can Give or Take MY ETERNAL LIFE/Soul/Light..ANYONE, ANYBODY? Catholics, Muslims,Jews, Hindus, Buddists. Let alone GIVE me original sin, what a concept!

    Its like the Big Bang Theory – “there was Nothing, then It exploded” hahahahahaha

    Ask G for my email – Energy VS. Energy

    GOT NOTHING ! but a Wish something were true..

    FEAR – Its how “We” control U !

    Let me show an example..of the MASSIVE PHYS-OP.

    …No LTC $ U!

    • “BCN Challenges – ANYODY – Pope,Imam,Patriarch,Rabbi – To PROVE they can Give or Take MY ETERNAL LIFE/Soul/Light..ANYONE, ANYBODY? Catholics, Muslims,Jews, Hindus, Buddists. Let alone GIVE me original sin, what a concept!”



      Original sin.. read the ancient books.. and go way back.. and the original sin was taking a life….the way I read it and understood it.. when the first act of taking a life..the creator was so upset because that was not acceptable..
      My view… your mind your subconscious.. and who you are is what you feed it if you smile you have happy thoughts if you show love you will receive love.. if you take yourself to hate you will hate.. that is your soul you are what you program yourself to be…How they take your soul is by lulling actions to change who you are as a person.. take television.. watch and count how many negative comments or abusive actions.. game shows where the winner is someone that demonstrates his sociopath tendencies the best.. maim kill rape murder.. its a common theme on television.. the same with games….slowly lulling the mind to take their soul change who they are..
      If you have noticed lately.. we are in a ME time frame.. they have slowly taken the soul of the people..changed the direction of everything…

      I think Dave Horsager says it best.. your soul is you..

      “Be Humble.
      Humility is the beginning of wisdom. In order to build your character, you must be open to new ways.

      Live out your principles and values.
      Whether it’s “love others,” or ” do the right thing,” living by your principles will make decision making easier and your character more steadfast.

      Be intentional.
      Integrity does not happen by accident. We are all products of our thoughts and habits. Be intentional about filling your mind with good thoughts. Create a habit of this internalizes principles and breeds high character.

      Practice self discipline.
      Being of high character takes the ability to do what is right over what is easy.

      Be accountable.
      Surround yourself with people who have high expectations.
      Be responsible for yourself first.
      Lose the pride. Open yourself up to accountability. Let others push you to high character.”
      Greed of money or power is what fuels the flames of taking your soul… they use the lulling affects to get you to sway and thus take your soul.. toss in a ritual or two and gives it the affects..
      Christmas.. ever study what christmas is truly about.. I am not usually allowed to tell my views of religion my wife would be upset.. but if you read the ancient books.. you eventually see what the true aspects were..its as plain as day and all this horror crap is just control and manipulation..
      Of course this is all just my opinion.. my view..

  13. soon there will be batteries that use SAND instead of nasty elements. store energy in the form of heat. also small HEAT powered sterling motor generators to complete the cycle. CCT/TED, a union between Ogden, Utah, and Adelaide, Australia.

    this not fantasy. could actually change the world as the energy generated by solar or wind can be stored for up to four days, which can keep the grid levels OK so you don’t have to add capacity to maintain the new power levels. giant companies are lining up to take license.

    now it’s only a matter of how long it will take to build them. units are already fully functioning in Oz land.

    there is always a plan.the big dude will cover us if we allow it.


    • LOL
      “soon there will be batteries that use SAND instead of nasty elements. ”
      charge your phone using the fruit in the crisper drawer LOL….
      Tesla’s power from the sky.. the antenna power collector.. we are bombarded with microwaves of energy from all angles.. the huge controversy of 5G.. all of those free floating electrons..
      the earth battery.. the theories of the pyramids being antennas and power collection and distribution machines.. possible.. a sand battery.. I thought why not store memory in sand.. the sands of time..
      here is some lite reading LOL.. fun fantasy stuff of the future…

  14. George, am a Valley Boy 2000 miles away from the fight. But easy enough to see that all the R’s had to do after the 5th or 6th black guy’s murder got caught on video was to simply say ‘Yes, we see the evidence too, and we’re on it.’ Instead, to keep the Base energized, the R’s said stuff like ungrateful/unpatriotic millionaire athletes, go back to where you came, all lives matter (implying minorities wanted more), etc. And now the R’s are pushing this manufactured law and order nonsense to try to get elected after they botched the virus. But you’re apparently ‘surprised?’ Hmm. Best, Mike.

    • A criminal suspect, (there is 0 evidence that any of these are race related, vs stupidity related) is killed by the police, when it could have certainly been fully avoided with simple compliance to the officers. When will people that care about these criminal lives, scream from the rooftops, for the criminals to follow the simple police directions, and don’t argue, denigrate or fight.

      You try to make it a race issue, but it is an issue with criminals. Don’t break the law, don’t harass others or their property. If you chose to ignore that, when encountering law enforcement follow police directives. There I solved the problem. Now explain to the criminals to act like human beings and not animals preying on others. Police are power mad with hair triggers, don’t give them any reason to physically engage with you. Comply and take your case up with the DA.

      It does appear these minorities do want more. They want criminals, of only certain races to not experience the ramifications of their stupid actions. For some reason most don’t seem to care about majority race criminal idiots also being injured by police.


      • “Police are power mad with hair triggers”

        There are a few — a very few when compared to beat-cops of 50-60 years ago. Mostly police are scared with hair triggers, these days, especially in places like Seattle where they get mixed, mostly negative signals from the Mayor and City Council.

        “Power mad” gets civilians beat-up; “scared” gets them dead.

      • “There are a few — a very few when compared to beat-cops of 50-60 years ago. Mostly police are scared with hair triggers,”

        Right after the last bad incident they took a minister that was one of the biggest ones out there screaming of injustice.. put him in the training program on managing a scene and he pulled and shot his gun almost at every incident..
        the part that people are not looking at is.. this is happening in high crime rated neighborhoods.. where its not uncommon to be called in over shots and violence…
        I had a friend that was in NYC and his radio was stolen while delivering at night.. he called the police.. they said what in the heck are you doing there at this hour.. we won’t come there unless there is someone dying .. or dead.. after that he would stay a hundred miles away until daylight..
        I live in a low crime area and am told that there are spots like that here now.. with the influx of cali’s and refugee’s..

  15. Comrades,

    What better way to renew one’s sense of “caveat emptor” in the world of discharged lithium money pits than this current CBC report of a pre-owned electric vehicle buyer where the nag won’t sup a positive charge past giving a 50km/30mile range and fading. Judging by the report, the vehicle utilizes a discontinued battery varient no longer in ready supply from either car dealer or aftermarket even at Rodeo Drive-type $5000+ price points. The grounded and aggrieved second hand owner of essentially scrap metal has appealed to the public forum for consideration to discharge his frustration and perhaps relieve his steed from its misery.

    Looking in the crystal ball, one hopes the grid doesn’t lockup from well-intentioned folk who didn’t quite dot their i’s or cross their T’s. Maybe such classics will become collector items someday like early 20th century Studebaker Electrics?

    In other news from the CBC public broadcaster, their “streaming news free” website link has been updated with the footnote “for a limited time”.


  16. While the “sheeple” in the US argue and bicker China keeps marching forward toward not just becoming the largest economy in the world (goal is 3x to 5x the size of the US by 2050, already some stats say their economy is already larger than the US’s), but also the most powerful naval power in the world (and they are NOT wasting a lot of money on dinosaur now easily sunk aicrcraft carriers – they will have 5 at the end of 2025 vs the US’s 21 or so counting our LHD’s).

    wrt Naval Power China is not trying to use their’s to project force worldwide but instead has been concentrating their’s into the Western Pacific region, soon to be the entire Pacific basin.

    Ultimately military power and military power projection grows out of the size and sophistication of the economy behind it … and once China’s economy is 3x to 5x that of the US’s, unless we want to follow the N. Korea example and devote virtually all of our economic resources towards Military Power, the Chinese will BE the dominant military force in the world … and untouchable in Asia.

    • Most important post in this column, IMHO!

      I’ve been stating this ever since I visited China 21 years ago. At the time, China was welcoming foreigners. Today – much less so, and they really don’t need us in their country.

      We need to continue strengthening OUR nation and reinforcing OUR value system, not accommodating every hairbrained idea such as 72 sexes and defunding the police!

      Peace, prosperity and freedom through strength and shared values makes sense to me.

  17. George,

    Just curious about something. I track the number on the USDebtClock. A few days ago the total national assets came in at this: 122,764,000,000,000
    I posted about this on facebook and along with a chart that showed that another 14 months of declining asset values like the last seven would lead the U.S. to be bankrupt by any definition one put to it. Less than 48 hours later the total national assets came in at 154,000,000,000,000. Or a jump of 32 trillion. Personal assets jumped even more, over 40 trillion.

    Any idea what’s up? National assets now total more than they did before the onset of Covid.


    • No sure but the fed is bailing out the banks bad debts, I have been told “we” own the mortgages which are considered an asset.

    • Trump’s executive order 12-21-17 seizure of property of persons involved with
      serious human rights or corruption. Perhaps that is why the national assets have increased.

    • Somebody either recalculated the value of unfunded liabilities based on the latest printing press numbers, or recalculated them based on a bump in interest.

  18. To people who believe in “predictions” – some one we all know had just missed a golden opportunity to prove his acuity making “predictions,” or just continue with b/s-ing patient readers with nonsense;-).

    • I listen to what people believe is going to happen, and reserve judgement most of the time. Some predictions tell you what that person wants, some tell what they fear most, but more often than not the prediction gives away their commercial position. Getting too emotionally involved in the material is probably the wrong approach to listening.

      On some exceptionally rare occasions, you get a sense of a better writer pushing out a narrative through the flawed conduit. A lack of interpretation, especially of symbolic content, is a good selling point.

      And of course, anyone who predicts something I already believe or at least suspect has gotta be psychic or something. Just be wary of making side bets; those usually fit in the category of sucker’s bets.

  19. everything up always .. yeah .. greatest rat sewer ever .ie. economy . works shorting or buying daily .. just let a robot take over the little cow patty in your head and talk your way to glory .. zombies . have a good gibberish nite of storytelling and flag worship

  20. You George, did you see this over at the Hedge?


    Two exact same paragraphs! Well almost.

    “According to Bloomberg, the corporate-trust process is ongoing and Wells Fargo is handling the potential divestiture itself; at the same time Warren Buffet’s formerly favorite bank is also exploring a sale of its $607 billion asset manager and expects to receive bids by the end of the month.


    The corporate-trust process is ongoing and Wells Fargo is handling the potential divestiture itself, one of the people said, asking not to be identified because the talks are private. The San Francisco-based bank is also exploring a sale of its $607 billion asset manager and expects to receive bids by the end of the month, as reported last week.”

    Check it out George. Same exact thing. Said twice in an Article over at Zero Hedge. Except it says “Warren Buffets (formally) favorite Bank.” Then the next almost identical paragraph says, “one of the people said, asking not to be identified because the talks are private. ”

    Lol. One wonders if the real reason they are Their selling that Student loan portfolio to leverage them bad home and defaulting Commercial Loans.

    607 Billion??!!

    Sniff sniff. You smells that George??? That smells alot like those fresh off the factory line, “Made in China” stuffed animal Huskys ya used to get for opening a savings account over at Washington Mutual back in the day.

    Sniff sniff. May need to get a stick to clean out the waffle on the boots. Damn Dogs.

  21. hey you know the worst thing about liars ? they actually believe the lies !!! the good old covid , happy healthy economy , debt no problem , yellow dog super dog and any other bull .

  22. Comrades,

    Circling EU wagons appear to be reenacting the Maginot Line in defense of the embattled French leader in response to muslim incursions perceived to undermine The Republic. While the Turkish president, the EU’s Brutus, has grabbed headlines in efforts to stamp out adopted gallic cartoons deemed offensive to the civilized Arab world, it would appear there is a gulf across The Dardenelles in supporting opposite sides from France on Libya, Syria, and eastern Mediterranean oil according to pundits. One imagines the serial cannot but help march to a Wile E. Coyote Roadrunner punchline beat.

    According to the French constitution, the State is not permitted to gather statistical data on ethnicity and ancestry so the 85% caucasian population tenet of belief remains in circulation says Wikipedia. Let remaining church bells ring out across the Empire announcing that the cuisses de grenouille are almost ready. Bon appetit!

  23. IBitcoin is going to bite the dust against this weekend. Like when I predicted it would it would last time on December 16, 2017 on this site here in the Comment section from it’s all time High. I found the comment and prediction on that day. 3 days later epic drop. Has never returned to those highs.

    Can you link me to 02/04/2018 Urban Survival page. I don’t know why it doesn’t come up in the search. I want to read it again especially what you said on that day George. I think it is prudent to do so.

    I do a review every once in a while. I think you made a prediction on that day that is about to come true. 02/04/2018 there in a day or so maybe before or after. That is the date stuck in my brain tho. Lol

    Thanks in advance. This will be my comments for tommorow.

  24. bond defaults surge .. penny in the buck. hows your yellow dog or crypto gunna help tp stop the tsunami of devastation? no guru stories please

  25. Found it George,


    On February 6th, 2018 you, Mr. George Ure said the following.

    “remember these triple levered ETF’s out there have a structural problem no one likes to talk about.

    Think of it this way:  Imagine you set up a craps game and promise both upside gamblers and downside gamblers that they can “make three times their money.”

    So you come in an make a $100 bet on the downside.  The counterparty to your bet puts $100 on the upside bet.

    Now the market falls to 1/2 its value.

    Who has what?

    Well, the House gets to keep the $100 upside bet.  But they owe you $150.  They have to go begging for money.

    That’s why the market has to go down today and why it may continue going down the rest of the week:  The SEC requires the ETF’s to settle overnight.”

    **** This is before the Fed started buying ETF’s

    Now the Fed is buying ETF’s like a mofo. What happens if the Market Crashed and lost half it’s value like you predicted above??

    And you said on the same day,

    “We have been writing forever that Bitcoin would end badly the later referenced Bitcoin would be legislated out of business…”

    If The FED, let’s say looses their ass on ETF purchases???? Could Bitcoin be a sacrificial lamb?? Is the Fed buying up Bitcoin??? Via ETF proxy?

    I couldnt rember the Exact day. But I rememerbered choosing number 2 and it jogged my mind on your #2 which was Bitcoin back then. And a bunch of other blah blah.

    Mr B jogged my memory about Ure #2 and that thing ya said about ETF’s, a market decline by half and the SEC would tell the FED, Pay up Bitch by end of day. Lol


    • You said something about, “when you see the Market in decline and a massive sell off in the Bond market at the same time it will be uglier than you can imagine.” Or something like that. I think it was on the 8th you said that.

      All of this was before the Fed started buy stocks. And we’ll……… It’s Ure time to Shine George. I think that is going to happen and real soon. Like maybe this week soon.

      Thanks Mr Bolshevik, may God Rapture at least a good old Jew like you with all those Christians.

      • Andy: “Like when I predicted it would it …?? Ha, ha, ha, ect.”

        Andy, please take note: Not all NYC residents are Jews. What happened to your “famous” insights? ;-(

      • Well Big Brother B, if you are RH negative blood type, you are either Hebrew or Basque decent. Name has nothing to do with it. Lol. I’m B negative. I have reptilian Blood. I am a decendant of the Nephalim. There are two types of Humans. Those who are RH negative and those are RH positive. 92% are RH Positive.

        Way Back in the day as it is written in 25 different languages all over the globe it says, “God was angry at the sons of me because all the did was evil.”. Before that it says the Sons of light found women beautiful and had baby’s with them. “The Hero’s of Legend.” As they were called in Genisis. It does NOT say God was angry at the Defendants of The Sons of Light it clearly says God was angry at the sons of men. The Rh positive ones. Sons of Adam. Those made from the earth. O positive as close as ya can get to the original bloodline of Adam.. from my research.. So he Flooded the earth. I think even the Apache have a similar story about the flood as wells ancient Babylon sanskrit cune form writing. There is only 2 nations that have Rh negative blood. The Hebrews and the Basque which means People of the Mountain.

        Im pretty sure your Rh negative, B. Maybe not an Orthodox hebrew. But definitely a decendant of the Sons of light. Lol

    • How do you legislate BTC out of existence?

      It’s distributed and as long as the insiders keep up their transaction servers, the “coin” has “value” – to certain parties.

  26. https://www.holybooks.com/wp-content/uploads/Babylonian-Talmud.pdf
    in ancient egypt there was an event in which the Pharaoh would ceremoniously ejaculate into the Nile to mimic Atum/Ra’s creation of Shu and Tefnut; that is, it was to encourage the fertility of the Nile.

    So much today about the sic satanic rituals in which they hurt and harm little.. I can’t find it right now.. but there are some ancient texts that I read a long time ago that basically said that sex and oral sex was the fountain of youth not death and dismembering….
    even the alter and the sacrificing .. was taken from texts that if you really read them didn’t want that.. it was a perversion of mankind the temple virgins came from the Babylonians that had temple prostitutes for those that needed the service.. .. the simpler version is treat others as you would want them to treat you..
    modern researchers have discovered that spermidine has chemical qualities that promote good health.. the same with vaginal fluid.. the ancient Babylonians promoted and someplace I had read of a small religious sect that still follows ancient Babylonian religion and the healthful activities.. the fountain of youth.. and the elixir of health and well being…. https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/spermidine
    Now you can buy those in powder form capsules .. or eat a grapefruit.. or various other foods..
    or just enjoy the activities..
    the evil satanic stuff makes me ill… to even think that there are people out there like that..

    • I was upset and spouting.. dam the sic activities of the wealthy and powerful that make me mad.. grr..
      In my life I have known many centurians.. all of them have similar traits..
      No stress
      don’t get upset over stupid crap.
      Eat lots of vegetables
      drink wine.. preferably red wine. but not in over abundance..
      Have a healthy sex life
      walk softly along the lifes path..treat others well and don’t be afraid to give a hug or two
      work hard but don’t hurt yourself..
      stop and smell the flowers enjoy the scenery..
      the oldest one I took care of was 115 when she passed on.. the last one was 101 … he was one of the liberating forces of the prisoners of Auschwitz . Landed on D day .. what did he like to talk about.. the french love to dance and had great wine.. he had a cup of red wine every day as he watched little house on the prairie.. he was there when they started to film the very first episode.. and the scene where landon is using the plow.. well he started to laugh.. ( the equipment they were using in the show was what he farmed with) and landon came over to ask what was so damned funny and he told him he was using it wrong.. so he taught him the proper way to use the farm equipment..
      all that evil crap is perversions from man.. and it truly hurts to hear or read that there are people that sic..

      • Healthy sex life – definitely! That includes naked intimacy – a concept in English that doesn’t have its own word. Some drugs can help – though never in excess. Wine? Maybe. Low/no stress – definitely!

        Some money never hurts, but not enough to worry about all the time.

    • “the alter and the sacrificing”

      In several ancient texts… the alter and sacrifices.. was after man left the garden.. the reason for it was that adam and eve would show the creator that they could procure food.. and so the alter was for them to lay out the food that they had acquired.. fruits vegitables etc.. It wasn’t anything more than see I can spell my name.. I can survive in the wilderness.. during times where they couldn’t give an example of what they had gathered.. then the creator stepped in to teach them.. giving them guidance.. none of it had to do with sic rituals..
      When man took over the idea.. he went to the ritual sacrifices that men promoted not the creator..
      this is just how I understand it from what I read..

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