Bounce, Then Panic: New Data Pointless

A Week to Crisis – Prep On!

Never – in almost 72 years – did I ever believe I would be prepping for a U.S. Election.  Yet, that’s our plan:  Everything topped off and ready for conditions to get bad.  Then get to worse.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Democrats have been planning for several months now to disrupt America (Portland-style) if the Biden-Harris ticket doesn’t “win.”
  • Although polls seem to give Biden the lead, many people who vote Trump don’t tell anyone what they’re doing – they aren’t looking for trouble.
  • The left-wing press in this country (which is most of it) is still drinking the East Coast left media swill.
  • Which ignores the Hunter Biden (z’at a Bag Man “our guy?”) story.  If media your “trusted” hasn’t reported this story, block ’em .  They’re likely crooked.

As a result of this, Texas governor Gregg Abbott has called up 1,000 troops to ensure that order in maintained in the wake of the election.  We think that’s prudent.

If Trump wins – or it’s close – we look for the Molotov-loving radicals to “light up prime time” next week.  We want to view insanity from a distance.  It’s contagious.  Spread by social media.

“I Want My Vote Back!”

We werse very disappointed, by the way, that Facebook and Twitter chieftains were able to lobby-back an appearance before the Senate to November 17th.  Voters needed to know.

You’ll recall FB and Twitter censored the hell out of the Hunter Biden email stories.

But it raises an important question:  IF they DID censor (*duh), then is there legal exposure for voter fraud?  In other words, could some “true believer” democrat(s) request their votes be changed…and how would that work?

We think the “right answer” for social media is to strip them completely of priviledge.  If someone says something libelous on either, the publishers (social media) should be liable, just like this site would be if we published defaming material.

They get a pass, though – and that’s crookery at work, as we see it.  We are a country [supposedly] based on what?  (Hint: EQUALITY)  But, guess no longer, huh?

Key question -since we expect the socials will claim “all we did was send  get out the vote messages…”  The Bonus Question will be “Fine, but to all users, equally?  Or was the distro list targeted to one group or demographic?”

We think the answer to his (*under penalty of…) will be pretty interesting.

Client Memo:  Aspirin for CV-19?

We don’t usually share “client memo’s” from our  consigliere.  But this is important stuff:

“Aspirin may cut CV risk of death by 47% (University of Maryland statistical study)

It may also reduce hospital admissions by 43% and reduce the need for ventilators by 44% (per the multi hospital statistical study)

When I was sick in Feb upon my return from California and Arizona with what may have been CV (before they thought it was in the US – I had all the classic issues including needing 5 months to fully recover, sickest I have ever been in my life) I did take aspirin in addition to Azithromycin (doc though I may have a very virulent sinus infection).  I have always been partial to aspirin over any other pain reliever since it is NOT a liver stressor unlike virtually all of the other pain relievers are.  In addition I made sure I was taking my multi-vitamin which included a fairly high zinc dosage in addition to extra vitamin C.

Obviously more research needs to be done on this issue but many researchers are now focusing on the CV problem as being more of a blood /blood vessel damaging disease than a straight lung disease.  If that is the case then aspirin’s blood thinning activities may actually have a huge impact on the disease.”

Our  consiglieri also earned his (outrageous) retainer by including a link to a story on this here.

Can We Just Make Money, Now?

Yet another tip-in-advance for  Peoplenomics subscribers paid off golden Monday.  Here’s the key part of last Saturday’s ChartPack:

“One reason to harbor such fears is the Friday close was under the 13-day moving average.

And next week, we should see at least one 400-500 point down day.  That’s very common around the end of a trading month…”

OK, so it was more.  But a useful thing to have been alerted to, we think.

As for the “field position” in our Aggregate Index analysis after the blood bath and tourniquet party Monday?

The early futures are telling us to expect a small rally around the open today.

Fine, but we could just “kiss one of the trend lines” and then head down again.  I mean since the Monday sessions lows, with the exception of the Supreme Court vote, what’s really changed?

A Biden administration ending of Trump tax cuts ought to put a dagger through economic recovery in 2021.

Oh, and you are noticing as Ure has been saying for MONTHS – No Stimulus for You before the election.  Don’t get your hopes up for after, particularly if Biden wins.  The republican would have every incentive to “return in kind” the abuse of the made-up Russia collusion wrought for 3-years on Trump.

How to do that?  I mean America’s a big playing field for Scorched Earth.  One way, though, would be Zero Stimulus and let the economy crater in 2021.

Which would stress Joe, so 25-him, and in comes the Leftist Kam-Slam.  Yeah, there’s a reason to be prepped.  Reality is on the verge of splitting.

OK, Data Point of the Day

Just out we have the Durable Goods report.  This  occasionally means something in terms of “business in the pipeline” and expectations of what’s to come.  Today?  Well, here it is – you sort it out:

New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in September increased $4.3 billion or 1.9 percent to $237.1 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This increase, up five consecutive months, followed a 0.4 percent August increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.8 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders increased 3.4 percent.  Transportation equipment, up four of the last five months, led the increase, $3.0 billion or 4.1 percent to $76.8 billion.

In reality, this is a “negative growth” report.  That’s because with 35% more money sloshing around annually due to Fed printing, we need to see all dollar-denominated metrics increasing monthly at a 2.537% rate (which annualizes to 35%) just to keep even!!!  (Are we the only ones to run numbers???)  Yes, this accounts for why the stock market isn’t half its value, too.

We’ll have the second report up at about 8:15 – which is the Case Shiller Housing report.  The Gold Standard in long-term housing price clarity.

Tomorrow morning we get International Trade (up, China) and a couple of inventory numbers, as well.  Yeah…the excitement is, uh… palpable?

Solving a Post Office Mystery

Not to pop your bubble on voting by mail, but a week ago, I ordered a couple of amps to bi-amp my front mains in the studio.  Haven’t shown up yet.

But here’s the weird part:  The USPS tracking – read bottom to top:

Some “detective time” on the phone this morning reveals all.

Talked to the local Post Office and the way this works is there was a pallet which was destined for Palestine (which got here – see scans) but my package was mis-shipped by Amazon.  Ended up on a pallet that went to Victoria, Texas.

When the package (eventually) gets scanned in Victoria it will take a day to get to Coppell (Dallas area) and then down here.

In the meantime, though, if it’s not here today, I can file for a refund from Amazon because who knows what kind of condition it will be in or if it will ever get here.


Adventure Travel

Son called me Monday.  “Hi dad – just left Boulder – going out to meet a team member in Empire, Colorado.”

What the hell you doing down there?

“Oh…myself and another firefighter from Washington are down working CV-19 avoidance on the East Troublesome fire.  I’ll be here for a couple of weeks, looks like…”

He went on to say it the area where the big spread was involved high brush and moved almost 15-miles in a 24-hour period.  Taking out homes along the way.

That fire “chilled out” a bit after “blowing up” late last week in hot dry winds.  8-12 inches of snow on it late in thge weekend and temps down to 10 with -20 chill on the ridges has helped a lot.  Still 450+ people on the fire up there and getting everything out and worked will last well into November.

Been a hell of a year for fires out west.  And the next drought map this week will likely hint that ultra-dry weather will continue.  And that’s likely to extend the fire season through winter this year.  Unusual, but not unheard of.

Zeta Check

Tropical Storm  Zeta is just leaving Cancun this morning and headed up into the Gulf where it will blow up to hurricane strength, say the models, later today.

The track for now looks like it will come ashore on New Orleans Wednesday evening, but we’ll know more as the weather unfolds over the next day, or so.  Current track is NW at 14 MPH.

Ham Radio Note

Big write-up and build here Sunday on Ure’s Magic Antenna design.

Does it work?  Well, a fellow down in Melbourne, Australia (Ian, VK3MO, last talked tor him in 2011) might think so.  We had a nice 10-minute chat on 20-meter long-path Monday afternoon.  (Longpath is when the signals go the “long way around” instead of “short pathing.”

I am blown away by how well it works, so more to come Sunday on that.

OK, warm-up the coffee and ready for Housing Data…  We take apart the talk of a Global Reset – being pushed by the World Economic Forum – on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

There…what else?  7 AM – 90-minutes to the open, Dow futures up 107…

Write when you get rich,

51 thoughts on “Bounce, Then Panic: New Data Pointless”

  1. To give a ‘boots on the ground’ report. Here in FL, most people that I know have made quiet, common sense preparations for the Trump victory. Other than the liberal and Democratic cities, I am not sure there will be too much rioting. Seattle, Portland, et al – yes, big time rioting, but who cares. Those cities are dying anyway. Populations are shifting around the country as high taxes and liberal policies drive out successful people.

    Here in the FL suburbs, people are peaceful and just going about their business. Most of us do not care about rioting in the blue states.

    • Count on it!
      This is just one part of a greater plan.
      Charting Rioting hot-spots locations compared to Opportunity Zones in each given urban area. What looks like riots, smells like riots, and sounds like riots- is in actuality a Debt Obligation Destruction Operation.
      Should start hearing “stories” about Chykneeze Troops gathering on our northern borders up BC way. Tie in nicely with CalExit, Oregone – seeya, Washingone – toodles.
      What appears to be Chaos – is actually a well orchestrated Take Down Op..No Soc. Sec. & Medicare 4 U!

    • This area is touristy/collegey so a lot of shops, hotels, restaurants got shuttered or half open now. Have a hard time getting a couple hamburgers and beers for under $60 lately(30 last year). Probably some people looking at the snow on the ground from last week’s storm thinking about their benefits running out. Cops are already breaking up a shanty town in the woods on a vacant lot and herding the folks around.
      In city it’s mostly biden yard signs about 1 to 3 every block and an occasional lonely trump sign. In the country it’s all trump with an occasional biden. (rural is mining industry, city is??) trumpsters are the loud ones demanding that someone bring them a job. Cliffs, Enbridge and few other big companies also have their hands out. Locals were succeeding at getting rid of them until trump stepped in. Last year houses for sale under $250k had a bidding war, now it’s for houses under $600k as they migrate from big to small/mid city. Too close for me to call but the candidates probably have favorite restaurants they have been here so many times. The dem and rep fed congressoid incumbents both vote only party line so they each got one thumbs down from me.
      Rioting I doubt will happen. Folks here are purple and level headed and can disagree peacefully, we can always have it imported though. Note this is not major metro

  2. absolutely knew you would say that !!! the fakest most in your face guru .. running out of material .. nah later

  3. treat people like covid zombie veges everyone .. some of us aren’t that stupid .. yeah a fractal of never ending mush for vegetables .. social media type of trivia mush

  4. “Which ignores the Hunter Biden (z’at a Bag Man “our guy?”) story. If media you “trust” hasn’t reported this story, block ’em . They’re likely crooked.”

    My friends in Liberal Canada have mostly written this off as a Russian hoax as they have been told in CBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Since I am one of the few Canadians that watch Fox News, I have asked them to watch Tucker Carlson on Fox tonight at 8 pm. He will spend most of the show interviewing Tony Bobulinski, ex-Hunter Biden business partner.

    If after this show, they argue that this man is a Russian plant and it is all a Russian hoax, then I will throw in the towel for any future discussion with them on the subject. I will also be interested to hear what Mark has to say if he can bring himself to watch.

    P.S. COVID cases are rocketing again here in Canada. We are of course, blaming it all on Donald Trump.

  5. @ Andy the Telegnostic Dreamer – Re: Multiple Posts from Previous Days

    The link leads to a review of theories about predictive dreams across a couple of hundred years.

    Consider other possibilities of how you are tuning in to future events in the world.

    The belief that you alone are creating those events leads to isolating insanity.

    Can you allow yourself to step back from this view and let the rest of us in as co-creators?

    • I do all the time. I take breaks from this site to let others step in with theirs. have a huge defect well two. I ask all the time for then to be removed. One, I’m a self centered asshole. I think most would agree with that. I hate that about me. That is why I love humility. Lol. Two, it’s very difficult for me to asses my limitations because I don’t believe in limitations. I think there is only a different angle to be tried. I’m not considering another dimension or aspect to use a vehicle for success. I literally takaba pair of scissors and pysically cut the words “impossible$”, “falure”, “Sickness”, “lack”, “cant”, “can not” and a few others out of every physical book I read. And I throw those words in the garbage. I subscribe to those terms. They have no value to me.

      I encourage everyone to step up to the plate. I honestly and sincerely hope everyone does.

      Sometimes, I write the worlds future. Sometimes I write the next world and my roll in it. Because what we do now and say now plays a huge roll in the next world. There are other world’s than this one. “Many Mansions” as Big Brother Jesus said. Sometimes, I write my personal future in this life. Sometimes I write here and now. Sometimes I write the past. Sometimes I’m sounding things out. Alot of the time it may seem I’m not listning but I am. All the time the only dick pic competition I’m in is with me.

      But yeah, go for it. If ya can. I’m tired.

      I am going to finish writing my book today. The first whole book I have ever written. It will never be punished because it is for me. Maybe my kids will read it? Or maybe I will burn it in the bonfire pit. Not sure yet. I read the first 100 pages today. Each line is intertwined with each line. Some I wrote left handed and some I wrote write handed. Some I wrote backwards and some I wrote forwards. Some I wrote in color and some in black and white. It uses some of the priniples George wrote about in his Article, “Making” on 02/04/2018.

      There is a certain “way” of writing. A rythm to it that manifests. A small example:
      I’m love
      I am love
      Love is me
      I love
      I feel love
      I receive love
      I give love
      Love give I
      Love feels me
      Love, I am
      Love am I
      Am Love, I
      I am a love magnet.
      I am a good steward of love.

      I hope that makes sense. It one thing to say it one way and another to say it another way even tho it is the same 3 words by definition.

      There is thousands and thousands of accounts of people floating above their bodies after they die. They can Think, see, hear, smell, speak about the entire enviroment, using no physical body.

      Take a chance my friend. Lean forward with the mind of your soul and Think, Speak, Smell, Hear. I would encourage that greatly. I’m tired. I put the dollar symbol as the first letter of my last name because if “they” kill the dollar, all that energy over the last 200+ years of hands touching Currency aka frequency, will flow into me. I ain’t an idiot. I’m a capitalist. Lol

      So yes, let them do their thing. I will be quiet for a while. Thank you. Sorry, I’m such a self centered asshole. I don’t like it either.

      • Uhem, I do NOT subscribe to those “terms” and conditions such as listed above that I cut out with scissors and discard as trash. There is no such thing as “impossible” or “Failure” they doesn’t exist to me.

      • U might wanna tell savoir- the “dead man” – to wake the F-up – Scheisse B On Fire..

      • LCN, you act as if measuring cryptocurrency off of rapidly decaying fiat is winning. Lol. Kinda weird. Like a secret little encryption code is a magic ticket to the promise land. Good for you. Pass the mustard.

        I ain’t waking up Big BrotherJesus in the boat no matter how bad the storm is. He doesn’t seem to worried about it. He kinda pooped out from feeding 5000 people with 12 loaves of bread and 3 fish.

        We are right on schedule.

    • CoffeeHound, one last thing before I leave. Someone smarter than me once said, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.”

      When faced in battle against a Samurai welding a sword, so sharp it can dice through reality while using your magic pen. Don’t focus on the sword. The hand that directs the sword is Mightier than the sword. The Brain that instructs mightier than the hand that directs. The Heart is that sustains the brain, that instructs the hand that directs the sword is more powerful. And Yet my friend,

      Even the most fierce Samurai who ever lived is only seppuku without honor.

      And a simple pen can create and destroy honor at will.

      Hope that helps.

      All the best, yada yada yada I will never be back and blah blah blah etc. Etc. Etc.

      Clique 316!

  6. “many people who vote Trump don’t tell anyone what they’re doing”

    I don’t have an exact count but in my sector I generally see an equal amount of Trump to Biden lawn signs. None of the houses with Trump signs have been burned or anything…. but I may get a Trump sign and put it in front of a torched Detroit house and grab a pic.

    Get a “It’s getting serious. I supported Trump and they torched my house” pic trending on Twitter.

  7. “If someone says something libelous on either, the publishers (social media) should be liable” – I don’t know because this would have the effect of stopping almost all public forum speech where anyone is mentioned. How would any aggregator or forum manager know if something is true without investigating every comment. There would be folks lined up to sue and that would in effect stop all conversation. I don’t like their censoring either, but you know what, it is their company and their policies. I much prefer that over government trying to regulate speech for the companies. There still lots of options to hear conservative opinions (freerepublic, ruqqus, etc). Stop using these companies that are squelching or slanting (CNN) news. Stop using their feeds, stop using their web pages, and any links to their content. That is the beauty of a free market, use your power of the purse and convince others you know to do the same. Heck I even have a hard time with your computationalfuture site because so many of the links are CNN or CBS, both sites I have no trust to give facts.

  8. G Dude
    – Ure Consigliere is on point with Covert19 Blood Disease – instead of a Cytokine Storm, we get a Bradykinin Storm, and why O2 Therapy is beneficial, while Ventilators kill simply by “driving” the infection into the bloodstream via forced air.
    The big unknown/question is did “they”/DVD, manage to engineer a electromagnetic function into one of the off the shelf corona virus’s?
    Too many cowinky -dink instances (video) where victims literally “fell” over sick/dead when inside of specific 5G antennae range. Add a lil nano metals via vaccine, and Ure personal Antenna will be permanately tuned to the Wrong “station”.
    Good luck with vaccine, its like a communion wafer – U just gotta believe you are eating the actual Flesh of jesus – sick ass cannibal wannabes, they like to drink his blood too, after their done with Ure Children.

    Dirty rat bastards – would never experiment on their own peoples, right?

    Really, whats Two Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Deaths in a Population of Three Hundred Thirty One MILLION People ? Its a drop in the bucket !

    F-em for being Stupid.

    Nature always gets the sick & stupid, Herd health is paramount – Sick and or Stupid = Weakness – The fittest Survive..

    331,000,000 /225,000 = 0.0006
    That is FOUR decimal places to the Right – AYFKM ? 0.0006% ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    U Believe that bullshit – do I have piece of “waterfront” property to Sell U!

    Solid Gold Prediction – Bitcoin will make me $$ in the NEAR Future.

    Did U see it this week ? No ?

    A Bitcoiner moved/transferred 1.5 Billion Dollars from Anonymous Account to Another Anonymous Account – Total Cost of Transaction = $4.00 – U can put that in Ure Big Banker Blunt and Rotate on it – BTC Haters..


    • “Nature always gets the sick & stupid, Herd health is paramount – Sick and or Stupid = Weakness – The fittest Survive..”

      Watch your tongue my friend. ;-)

      • hahahaha

        Fear Dont Work – 4 I am the Law..of 1 !

        Neener-neener – dont forget the ETERNAL thing!

  9. even the Amazon symbol looks likes like a man’s xxxrated getting ready to shove it to ya
    I avoid buy from/through Amazon like you avoid covid contact. I vote with my wallet

  10. Is it a stimulus or an apology? If your $100k/yr household gets $2400 or your business gets a forgivable loan, that is a stimulus. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and got fired or you’re business is shuttered it’s an apology for failing to protect the country from a pandemic. All the money goes on the conveyer belt to the wealthy anyway.
    Some have begrudged the $600 unemployment spiff. If that went a full year instead of several months it pencils out to mid $30k minus benefits & tax. That is about the same as is spent to jail a pothead for a year unless you add in police hours, courts and lawyers for perspective. The bill for waving a hand and saying “you’re home incarcerated” isn’t much except for tax revenue loss.
    The arithmetic got too hard for me to figure out how much it costs to get back somebody who lost everything and is homeless as opposed to stopping it from happening.

    • Philly urban and suburban precincts are known to have voted in excess of 100% of their populations, even in “gimme” elections like 2012 General…

      As for the rioting? They had a police action shooting: A Black guy was menacing people with a knife. Cops caught up to him, ordered him to drop it, instead, he charged the officers. Dunno the ethnicities of the po-po, but because the perp was Black, he has automatically become the vic…

  11. George,
    -Swill? Really? The true swill is buying that facts have a liberal bias. I used to be a big Republican, and even a Reagan guy myself, BTW, until actual facts got in the way. Try them, you Conservatives will find it quite a liberating experience.
    -Also, speaking of prepping, the polls are showing Biden with a huge lead, but that does not include the R’s conniving and cheating. If Trump gets in, we’d better brace for some of the worst rioting in our nation’s history. So I ask you Conservatives, is all that cheating and conniving really worth it? Just for corporations to dump more into the environment for free and for rich guys to get more tax cuts? Really? Best, Mike.

    • You were a …gulp…republican? As in small government? Balanced budget? Strong of civil rights without burning out inner cities?

      What happened Mike. You in an accident, or something?

    • I’m sure glad we have a choice of which conniving cheating butthead political gangs we can vote for.
      This is in opposition to the CCP single party line which is what your D friends are bringing to the rigged table.

      It is a shame that the libertarian and green presidential candidates were censored. While I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to listen to either, if what they are saying is so good that the R’s, the D’s and the CCP-dominated media hosts would all collaborate against ’em, then maybe they have something to say worth listening to after all.

      You are opposed to censorship, aren’t you?

  12. Hey Bic, CBC, CNN are pretty much basic cable in Canada. Why do you think the liberals make us pay for Fox. Everyone one of my friends that I have persuaded to get Fox couldn’t believe how far the Democrats will lie to stop people from voting Trump.

  13. It’s not just the Post Office. FedEx and UPS are also suffering the late/misrouted syndrome lately. FedEx Original orders upon acceptance are show with the ‘3-day delivery’ listed, and when delivery day comes around the schedule gets pushed back another 5 days…. with a reminder note that they cannot guarantee 3-day delivery now due to COVID disruptions of shipping. I think I already posted about my USPS packages that got routed from the mainland, out to Guam, back to the mainland, and finally here to Hawaii after 2 weeks of ‘3-day delivery’.

    • I’m a daily shipper of goods with UPS.

      Great relations with account reps and drivers alike. We get more detailed info.

      Nobody is shipping items as they are labeled.

      UPS Saturday delivery.

      Doesn’t show up on Saturday. Shows up on Tuesday. “Were busy !” (and we don’t give a F*** )

      We’re not guaranteeing any shipments anymore and we’re not processing refunds either.

      Wait , I’ve shipped with UPS for almost 40 years and ALWAYS received a refund when it didn’t get there on time.

      They got the package didn’t they ?

      ((( sigh )))

      Account rep. This is news to me. Let me call. Return call , yep they’re keeping the money.

      Fair warning !

  14. Please get real with the Hunter Biden Hoax. Think about it a second…
    Fairy tale part one…Hunter Biden leaved his home in LA…Flies to Philly…takes a train to Delaware…Gives his computer to a legally blind computer repair guy and leaves it there…HMMM?

    Fairy tale part two…Laptop “falls” in the hands of Rudy Giuliani. Yes…the same guy that was duped by Sasha Barron Cohens film crew to set up a fake Khazakstan reporter to interview him and then film him groping his privates. If a comedic actor can dupe Rudy…could it be that the savvy and cunning Russians or Ukranians could do the same? Ha! You can bet on it. Same with our idiot President. Both are cut from the same cloth. Dumb as hell and corruption in their blood.

    Again…the only people and I mean ONLY that are talking about this crap are a bunch of Rupert Murdoch Sheeples. Not one Republican, not one DOJ staff member, not one FBI person…Even Ted Cruz said today to leave it alone. It’s hurting Trump and the GOP in general.

    • Let me see if I have this right:
      If it’s Trump peed on by hookers in a Perkins Coie facilitated disinfo piece THAT’s real.
      But if it’s Hunter bagman partners dumping emails that a hoax?
      Have you thought about rehab?

      • I believe everything stupid that involved Trump…because the man is a walking, barely talking, woman stalking, bafoon.

      • “I believe everything stupid that involved Trump…because the man is a walking, barely talking, woman stalking, bafoon.”

        That’s your belief, and that’s okay. What’s not okay is the fact Biden is a full order of magnitude more stupid, and at least a full order of magnitude more corrupt, yet you let your TDS override your brain.

    • “hmmmmm” – Signed receipts – wait they were forged! right?

      NO Lawsuit, No Liable, No Slander =” Clueless in SanFran”.

      Did U not see the Russian pictures and Videos with Russian assets ?

      Greedy Creepsters ,Sold Out America & Americans at EVERY chance they got,
      as evidenced by their RECORDED words & actions.

      “Hunted” is pure scum as U should be well aware ..birds of a Feather…

      No worries for “lefty” though, as his beloved State of Debauchery is bringing moar Equality to SF – via Prop 15 – thank goodness U cant sell commercial RE.

  15. Phil Loss Ophy 101

    What is Reality ?

    USD – Fiat – nope

    UST – Fiat/Solid/Lender of Last Resort – for awhile longer..

    Gold – Solid – yes

    DOW- ? – yes,fal

    NASDQ – ? – Yes,fal

    Alien Savior – Fake – keep wishing.

    Bitcoin – ?

    Bitcoin price performance has Crushed the entire list this year, including the tech heavy NASDQ.

    – Explain:
    BTC Price Appreciation versus above list, during current USD Depreciation Cycle.

    Good Luck – Bitcoin 4 ALL!

    Cept the Mule – U get Fed coin and U will like it..KerPOW!

  16. Boy…you sure like to spin George. You forget that the first 23 years of my career was in the Ad/PR biz. I can spot a spin doctor from miles away. Heres the real deal. The only people that will riot will be the Trump Thug supporters when their man crush gets CRUSHED in the election. No coincidence…Gun sales are up over 200% with Trump supporters and theses idiots will hit the streets in a nonsensical way that will make Seattle and Portland look like a Tickle me Elmo sing-a-long.

    To be fair, a lot of those gun sales are because Trump has wrongly been stating that the liberals will take your guns away. That’s just laughable and unconstitutional to suggest and dangerous to insinuate.

    This I do know…The day after the election, Twitter will shut down Trumps Twitter account. This is controversial, but probably necessary because Trump will say some incendiary lies and conspiracy crap that will incite his base…That will last only a little while as Trump has already been working behind the scenes to start Trump TV. That’s the real corruption going on in the WH. Trump is as we speak…is conducting business for his own financial gain with Bill Shine and with Steve Bannon in the role as the “new Roger Ailes” running it.

    If you listen to Trump, he is doing, saying and acting with everything he can think of to sabotage his Presidency. He has a bigger role back in TV where he can control the content and live in his own little bubble of non-truths and conspiracies. More to come.

      • “The only people that will riot will be the Trump Thug supporters”

        LOL obviously Mark hasn’t been reading the papers or watching the news.. of course I would like to pretend this crap doesn’t exist to…
        Of the two of the best that the United States has to offer.. I will take the hardworking one over the other

    • “Boy…you sure like to spin George. You forget that the first 23 years of my career was in the Ad/PR biz. I can spot a spin doctor from miles away. ”

      I am surprised that you cannot see the deceptive nature of the counter part.. I can deal with a spin.. he has been spinning making America great again.. I can deal with that. I can deal with DJT and his narcissisms.. no one has died because they opposed or investigated him and all his actions are there for everyone to see openly… the deception of his opponent and the fact that he has those that swore to protect us working to hide the criminal activities that I find sic and disgusting.. is frankly disturbing to me..So what if DJT slept with stormy.. it isn’t that big of a deal.. she was of legal age and it was between them..
      I have worked with people for the vast majority of my life.. and I can tell you I don’t even have to listen to a body language analyst to see that he is hiding something big.. just watch what he does when someone asks him a direct question.. its all right there in front of anyone willing to look..

  17. Right now it is cold and drizzling rain. Awesome. Maybe we will get lucky and get another shot of it next week. It would be tough to light fires outdoors in this weather. Firebugs fresh off the bus from the coast will get hypothermia after an hour out in this. I wish the best of good weather next week to the left coast and that other left coast. I’m hoping for miserable weather here.

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