Earthquake Tired, Collapse on Track

Something unusual this morning:  A “news” section that begins with a personal note:  I have what I call the “earthquake tireds” this morning.

If you’re not a long-term reader, a word or two of explanation is in order before we launch into the bitcoin discussion….

Sometimes the normally “high-energy George” has what feels like a wave of extreme tiredness that washes over him for a day, sometimes several.  It’s not unpleasant per se, but I have learned over the years that this feeling often comes ahead of a major earthquake somewhere in the world.  Whether that works this time is an unknown to me.  But wanted to mention is because normally after my morning vitamin regimen and 16 ounces of coffee, I’m read to rock & roll.  Not today, though.  Feels like there’s an earthquake nearby on the timeline.  We shall see. 6.6-6.9, maybe?

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We resisted the buy the dips idea in the stock market on Friday.  The reasons should be clear:  There is a path to further downside action.  You see it in the futures this morning, already down 200 on the Dow when I looked earlier.

Bitcon (not coin right now) was trading down into the $7,500 range.  And making a few headlines in the process:  A few you might find interesting:

Steve Wozniak Dumps Entire Bitcoin Stockpile.

Lloyds says it will block Bitcoin purchases on its Credit Cards.

And Bitcoin falls to fresh 2-1/2 month low.

Our trend channel analysis suggests a staunchly anti-coin position for now, but this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE:

The good news, such as it is?  If we base a run at technical analysis and Elliott Waves (and channels and such) on the notion of “typical prices” the decline bitcoin is in now COULD turn at the completion of wave III down.  That means I will stop laughing at the BTFD (*buy the freakin dips) crowd once we get down to 7,267 and I might actually understand them if we get as low as $6,500 on this decline.

That would set up a Wave IV rally to the range of 11,743 to 12,987.

Thing is, though, this is where Bitcoin’s real future will be decided.  That’s because the TOP of the present trend channel is around $14,000.

The area where the potential break higher comes is IF the trend channel top comes down to, oh, 11,500 which it would in a month or so, and then Bitcoin rallies and breaks through the channel, that would be WILDLY bullish for bitcoins.  That’s because the downwards channel would be broken to the upside and from there, a run to $35,000 becomes almost likely.

However, if or when we get down to wave V  – which would be the case if the decline is impulsive rather than corrective –  we’re still looking at something around $1,000 and maybe as low as $453.  There’s also the “negative number” case, which would be the funeral for bitcoin.

Is it worth playing?

Not especially.

When I look at declines in cryptos and channels in the stock market, stocks look much better.  The brokerage accounts download into TurboTax and stock profits aren’t red flags with drug enforcement.

While it is amusing to hear the latest hypester’s pitch (“Bitcoin price BOOST: Expert says crypto is not going away and says price is NOTHING“), around here we’re more data-driven and stories like “Bitcoin, the virtual currency, has become a massive energy hog” and driving other stories like “SEC drags feet on approving bitcoin ETFs” seem to more than balance the coinster’s promotional efforts.

Which a bounce may come ($12,997 tops) until the 3 waves down or 5 waves down clarifies in the charts, you might do better at a sports book.

Communism’s Slo-Mo American Take-Down

There is a pretty good case to be made that perestroika was a joke – a serious move to take down the West without firing a shot.  How?  Why, by pretending to give up the fight, of course.

What is it?  Since most people are too dumb to understand:  Perestroika was promoted by folks like Gorbachev: It was  “ a political movement for reformation within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the 1980s until 1991 widely associated with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and his glasnost (meaning “openness”) policy reform. The literal meaning of perestroika is “restructuring”, referring to the restructuring of the Soviet political and economic system.

Face it:  The Russians are brilliant chess players.  And faced with economic disaster due to Star Wars spending and Reagan’s massive ramp, what choice did the Russians really have?

The unconventional view is that Communists never gave up their bid to take-down America, though.  And anyone who can read should (about here) remember the huge input to our most recent president – who wave heavily influenced by his left-wing, radicalized upbringing.

And yet, most people don’t see it:  Despite the every once leaks even from the pages of the liberal mainstream.

Take this morning’s Washington Post story “Think California politics is on the far-left fringe? Just wait for the next elections.”  We’ve long held that California will be the first “soft-splinter” in the coming break-up of America.  They don’t like feds and they do like comrades.

You don’t have the luxury of some of our data analytics tools, like Grady’s Nostracodeus software, but we do.  And when we tell the software to in effect “Get us an update on the global march of communism…” it comes up with stories like these – ignored by most stupid Americans dumbed down by social(ist) media:

Communist China is manipulating the Vatican as it bulldozes churches .

Pope Francis is giving in to the Chinese Communist Party.

Philippine security forces arrest another communist rebel leader.

Command and control: China’s Communist Party extends reach into foreign companies.

Anyone with HALF A BRAIN can see it, if they’d only take time to look.

Our gentled-down, not too paranoid version for Monday, is that the reason that Donald Trump is such a target of the Lefties (which still has major influence in Hollywood, late night TV and such as all that) is that quietly, behind all the “Trump-Hater movement” the president can be found acting in stories like “Trump singles out 4 ‘communist and socialist dictatorships’ and Trump opposes dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela.

You know, if the international communist movement wasn’t alive and well he shouldn’t have to do that.  But he does, you see – and that belies the International Movement’s alive and well.  Cuba is still communist and 100 mile from us, and Venezuela is how much of the energy picture?

Mush-headed Americans, taken by fluoride, an erosion of excellence and controlled by liberals in education…why, was there ever any doubt of the outcome?

It is, sadly, the glue that binds so much of the news together.  It’s a classic form of the Russian Ballet:  the innocent stooges, manipulated by a party-agreeable media, and acting to subvert their own country from within.  Graceful, I have to admit.

Ah, but you probably have figured all this out without our help.  Still, check me on this:  Hit your favorite news search engines and toss the word “communist” in and see what comes out.

The Big Lie is the Wall in Berlin came down in 1989 and that was the end of it.  But, Russia has learned from their Chinese communist pals that history is made in the longer term, not the shorter.  So if the “fake their own death” with a double-dose of perestroika seemed a little too pat, maybe there’s a reason for that:

It was.

Even now, the idea is being sold that the US was the bad guys in the Cold War, something I think most of us reject. We’re here because we held some critical lines and the Cuban Missile showdown.

Still, historical revisionism takes time and lots of articles like “How the U.S. Govt Spread Anti-Communist Propaganda in 1950’s”  make the rounds even now.  By inference the US was wrong.  No, we weren’t.  We’re here, today, but for how long?  Depressing topic.

Russia knows: Who needs guns, when the media will do just fine? Putin has to be laughing as he shepherds the narrative along.   Why just look what it’s done for…

The Dead Sun & Climate Change

Oh, that.  Well, here’s the real deal:  Sun’s dead – at least for this solar cycle.  If it goes into a Maunder Minimum type decline, you will be begging for some warming of any kind.  So here’s the latest data just out today:

Take a deep breath and notice something for me, would you?  I mean besides the decline from 2000 is why warming had to go and be remarketed instead as change.

Notice the sun spots about ended in 2009.  Thing back on your economic history…what was going on?  Bottom of housing bubble collapse, right?

Now look where we are and where we’re going.  Ask your visual cortex to analyze current market conditions (bitcoin and stocks) and where the sunspots are going.

Oh, did I mention the Dow will drop down another 175-200 at the open?

You see, Kaplotnik, we will rally the dopes around a regular cycles of weather variance and their belief will inform us as to who will obey The State’s global government….”  

Brilliant, simply brilliant chess.

When in Doubt?  War or Coup

See if you can connect the dots here:

Drought-stricken Cape Town (South Africa) pushes back ‘zero day’ to May 11.”

Jacob Zuma: South Africa president ‘rejects ANC request’ to stand down.”

Never, never let a good crisis go to waste.

Moron the ‘morrow, then…

56 thoughts on “Earthquake Tired, Collapse on Track”

  1. Take back the universities. Put all the mandated 101 liberal arts courses on a free internet platform thereby unemploying the leftie professors and only offer the advanced major topics on site with a live professor.

    • I agree, but that already exists with Open Courseware. Unfortunately, you can do the work but not get credit for these things(yet). You generally CAN get credit by exam for most of the BS courses if you push it with your university and do some serious studying. It’s dirt cheap compared to the retail cost of taking the course, both in time and money.

      • I love the open courseware.. What’s nice is its not just minutes to one or two schools.
        You can take a class on just about anything you desire to. Which excites me to no end. On many even the textbook material is supplied.
        The down side well for me at my age it doesn’t make any difference. Is that unless you enroll in the school you won’t get the piece of paper to hang on the wall. Then again I associate those as close to junk mail as you can get. Unfortunately many businesses require them rather than knowledge for advancement.

      • Lol talking about useless things to hang on the wall, it reminds me of the fellow that said he sent his son to college as a dumb ass, and he came back as a wise ass,and he much preferred him when he was a dumb ass…

    • Problem with that way of thinking is that you often end up with someone who only thinks of the present and not what happened to cause a situation in the past or what can be done for the future.

      I have a relative like that and explaining ‘the whys and why not’s’ is so aggravating . . .

  2. George

    It seems you are feeling a “Great Disturbance In The Force”.

    Many people have reported exactly what you are experiencing in regards to earthquakes.
    Maybe it’s a sensitivity to changes in the earths electromagnetic environment or gravity field. Perhaps you are sensitive in a psychic way? We shall see what happens.

    Take 2 aspirins and tell us what happens tomorrow morning.

  3. On bite coin Andy`s Banker friend said:

    “He said it is the future of e-commerce in the next 3-5 years from a banker perspective. He then went on to say he thinks the real movers have yet to be developed.This is all new tech.”

    I figure there must be something to crypto that has value after all the hoop la is over and may be a good investment. I am going to use my crypto thoughts to find out profitable future uses that could become more of a FANG type investment of the future with value, unlike bit coin.

    • Not “friends. Just a customer who bought my washer and dryer. So I asked him his thoughts. I diageee witb so me of what he said snd somw of what he said made sense.

      I had the eagles win by 10. But I didn’t say anything because nobody asked. Lol Sometimes I’m quiet about things to test myself. It’s all really a ‘self test’ anyway.

      I have a lot of drama going on at my house and I need to move by March 5th. Did a budget last night and stuff. Employing a new strategy. Lol

      Having an on going Dialog with Dr Steve1959. Good friend.

      It’s important to have someone outside of your life help you process decisions. Because I’m emotionally attached to my life choices.

      I will be getting some “tulips around the end of March early April. Just a small bouquet. Play a little bit and see if I can make some money.

      Have a great week.

      • Everything so far lines up with the book called alien interview
        I hope everything falls in place for you and I hope you make beaucoup bucks I mean why wouldn’t we want to make beaucoup bucks except for those people who are Empower that try to destroy and take down everything and everybody and anything that’s associated with it thank if you could a being resource that has the power to expand and go beyond everything you’re thinking about so that no matter what it is you’re thinking about you have the resources to fulfill that commitment

  4. George, Ure earthquake tiredness may be due to the seismic takedown of the Patsies by those high flying Eagles in the Brady Bowl last night. I hear Vegas is still shakin’ and quakin’ per Philly’s victory, to the delight of that brother lovin’ city in the Quaker State!

  5. I read the article you provided a link to about “Liberal” California and came away very impressed with the progress they have made, the surplus they are enjoying, and the power they yield. Listen, I am a very fiscal conservative, but even I am impressed by the way California goes about its business…they have the top business titans that have incredible worldwide power and it shows. I am a pro business supporter…and despite California’s reputation to the contrary, the businesses stay and flourish there.

    • It’s amazing how two people can read the Amazon Post article and come away with two very different ideas. Perhaps mine are due to driving through the central valley last year and seeing nothing but disaster and foreigners. It felt creepy to even stop at a Subway sandwich shop. Everything was overpriced, and when I got to Oakland, I had to drive carefully to avoid homeless people and their stuff. There was one street that I couldn’t drive through because their tents and tarps covered the entire street. Under the freeway was far more of the same, and I was told it was not safe to leave the motel at night. When I went to buy food, I had to bring my own bag or buy one at the store! I was unable to meet any local people or develop any kind of relationship. IMHO, quality of life in that domain is something I can do without.

      • Jerome is a troll. Probably friends of the last troll that caused mayhem on this board. They are very similar, starting with their love for all things California.

      • you are delusional Gerkom. unemployment is under 2% in the Bay Area. There is a shortage of workers and companies, top students from MIT, Harvard, and otters are moving here by the droves. What companies are you referring to? Old school industrials? So what?

  6. Well George you know or at least should know that Reagan’s Star Wars was a joke,it was so flawed that even a Russian scientist stated let them build it,we will destroy it for pennies on the dollar,but what it did do was fatten the bottom lines of the MIG while running the deficit to the moon.No the USSR simply collapsed of its own weight,inept government corruption a flawed system that never would have worked,Sound framilar it should for we are riding on the same train, and its going to e a hell of a crash when the rides over…

    • Reagan killed the USSR by deflating the price of oil and depressing the price of gold, two of the USSR’s most important exports. I believe it was Stockman who verified this in the 90s as a strategy of the Reagan era. They simply got outspent and could not keep maintain the facade. Star Wars never came to be, but like Apollo it generated a lot of useful science.

  7. ” George” has what feels like a wave of extreme tiredness that washes over him for a day, sometimes several.”

    Lol lol lol George. For me when that happens I usually associate days like that to the aging process.

    • I realized that when the term. Taking a nap became an event I look forward to. And the wife and I are going to bed meant to sleep rather than a recreational activity.

  8. The stealth possum game of International socialism was laid out years ago by an insider in the book New Lies for Old. Yet the flip side of this is described in books like The Devil’s Chessboard. In the future, the Dulles brothers and their Old Yankee Money cronies will be taught in history classes as psychopathic mass murderers, who make Rasputin look like a second rate carnival act. The Deep State precedes WWI. Oppponents of it are killed or tarred with propaganda.

    As for California, recall that the first ever, ongoing audit of the Pentagon so far shows $21 TRILLION missing from ’98-2015. That is far more than what was appropriated. So who wrote the checks? Were they spent mainly in secret ops in CA and MA? Would that make socialists look like geniuses, were they to take credit for TRILLIONS of off the books spending that has flooded into somebody’s economies?.

    I use the term Capitol City Complex to describe the smug attitude of superiority one encounters in Capitol cities everywhere, from county seats to New York. This attitude stems from the constant infusion of other people’s money into the Capitols, making the residents feel like geniuses at economics, when really they are usually substandard. They just benefit from the seizing by force of other people’s money and sovereignty.

  9. Don’t forget what ol’ Krushchev said on 11/18 and 26/56 about communism taking over –
    “We will take America without firing a shot…we will bury you. We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have communism.
    We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

    • Yes he did and he also made another statement “we won’t have to destroy capitalism for it will destroy itself, chasing the profit” seems he was right>>>

  10. Bitcoin broke the $7,500 bottom it went under so that means I’m not buying today that means I’m going to wait and see how far something like the Elliott wave but in other words we have made new parameters so now we’re going to wait and see and recalculate a little bit and go see just how far we want to go down before we buy

    • In the meantime I can I interest you in the big red horse tiller with the reverse for 500 or a 2008 Honda Civic with 62000 miles on it for about $4,500 or maybe a guitar for 75 bucks or how about a tractor that’s worth $8,500 you can get it for a thousand cuz it needs to have the holes redrilled in the frame to hold the frame on to the body and how about no I’m not going to put my rifle for sale on here or my or my other guns but anyway I have an engine double engine cylinder it’s for one of those lawn mowers I have a tandem load of 2in rock here if you want to come get it it’s yours for a small fee I have a crossbow if you’re young enough to pull that sucker back and load it you’re welcome to it for a small fee I’m going to sell one of my CT 90s Hondas and I got a couple hundred Mason retires laying around you can have those for almost half price I’ve got a near $200 lawn mower also for 50 bucks and a 3500 Watt generator I’ll give that to you for a little over a hundred and I’ll give you a electric weed eater for 15 bucks and I’ll give you a small wood stove for 75 bucks and I’ll sell you a 4000 Watt electric heater for 75 bucks and I’ve got three 1500 watt heaters all saying 4:30 bucks peace got a microwave and I’ve got for 20 bucks you can have and I’ve got a bunch of crutches laying around and I’ve Got 5 bookcases I’ll sell them to you for 20 bucks a piece and I have a portable washer it cost $94 and I’ll sell you that one for a hundred I’ve got a couple desk I’ll sell you for $25 a piece and I’ve got a sort of stove pipe out so you got a wheelbarrow I got lots of metal fence post and I have fence I have a table saw Skil saw I have a reciprocal saw I have electric impact wrench and I have a bunch of old big well know I have a big kerosene heater in the house I have garden tools I have roofing you think I’m crazy don’t you for selling all my little pieces of s*** I got laying around but I tell you what you can make three times the money on all your stuff you sell would you do it and you know you really don’t need it you just have too much junk

      • Yeah, ok, where are you, and why don’t you pick a weekend and have an open house garage sale. We’ll all come. I’d be interested in the CT 90.

  11. Does it sound like I’m ready to retire to my cabin in the city that’s about a mile from the hospital

    • If you were smart you wouldn’t do that you’d stay in the country because when the s*** comes down you don’t want to be in the city

  12. Or should I just keep renting my properties and get an RV again I’ve already had two and just head out west to the desert to the mountains to the forest and hang out with all the other desolate people or should I stay here and be a member of society where are my relatives can say yeah he’s still here he didn’t go off on the deep end and start traveling around the country but he’s still here for us at a place he’s established I’d be there for us those are some of the choices you’re going to have to make as you reach the age

    • What’s a gas goes to $20 a gallon how would you survive and all the jobs have been cut out but you need to get some supplies so that’s got to be a job somewhere there for what you do is you ewnetwork do you say hey if you’re going in town can you pick this up for me and you might have 5:10 different people all networking on the same system.

      That’s why I’ve always believed Vans is the best thing to have I mean they may cost more than a car for gas or the pretty comparative but the fact is when it rains whatever you got in the back end of it is going to stay dry and there’s lots of storage area so you can shop for five to ten people if you have it categorized or shelf right in your van so that you could charge them 30 to 50 bucks a piece to take them shopping and if you can get all the people that you take shopping to agree upon the same place then you’ve got it made in the shade 5 people that’s a hundred fifty bucks.
      On just one run to town.
      Okay let me reiterate a car can’t hold it a truck can’t hold it but a Van Camp it’s completely enclosed it can hold the people and it can hold the items of van in the future is your Most Wanted commodity vehicle not a car not a truck but a van it’s what you want to have and plus if it really gets bad you can always sleep in it you know

  13. are you starting to wonder about Trump and the swamp and all the Democratic Affiliates and all the Republicans infiltrated all of the system from the executive branch on down.

    Is it all a farce just to find out who you are and what your opinions are is it an AI device.

    Is it true it’s happened in the past and it’s happening again or is it at a completely different level and it’s happening differently than it had in the past or are we all under a mass delusion because our thoughts have wings and.

  14. For those of you who are young an enterprising and looking to get into a market it’s called servicing old people.

    Too many people are out into the rule areas and a half and make the choice whether the stay there or go sell their place and go to a nursing home or a place in to the cities to speak.

    And the way for a young person to make a whole bunch of money is this use of an solicit to take care of these elderly people’s shopping problems you’ll make lots of money and at the same time you’ll be doing the elderly people to surface they won’t have to sell the place because they can’t drive anymore for whatever reason and they don’t have to pay payments on an automobile and they don’t have to pay insurance and property taxes on the vehicle and all the other things that go along with maintenance so now you have just provided them as service.

    A service that you will be well rewarded for

    • I agree with that totally!

      There are things or the ‘odd’ service that ‘A’ doesn’t handle – one could charge by the amount of time needed to complete the task (say picking up a part that one has arranged to buy . . .) – or take-away from a favorite restaurant, etc, etc . . . The only question I have is that some areas might require licenses to operate such a service.

    • I had a service like that here in the PNW – what I found is that the elderly are cheap and do not want to pay the going market rate for such a service. I got out of the business back in 2015-got tired of them trying to get me to lower my hourly rate to under $8.00/hour (and I would have to pay for the gas as well not to mention the insurance and wear and tear AND I had to pay for my own health insurance, etc….). Just wasn’t worth the hassles…tried to explain that I wasn’t in the haggling business, but they didn’t care. Unless you live in a wealthy senior citizen area, the hours you work will not be a sustainable living wage in that industry.
      I also expanded my services to include many other needed ones for seniors who still live at home – yardwork (once again, they think that this job should be done for like $5.00/hr), housecleaning (here they were willing to go up to $10/hour but I had to provide all the product and equipment). In the end, I was able to supplement my income but at a huge health cost because of all the hard manual labor.
      If you want to drive seniors, say to medical appointments and such, be ready to get your chauffeurs driver’s license (needed if you are transporting someone for money), and tell you auto insurance company-they may not insure you anymore or you will have an expensive commerical policy.
      Yes, there is a need, but many parts of our country, people are not willing to pay the reasonable going rate. They think because they are seniors they are entitled to a HUGE discount.
      And no, I don’t have anything against seniors – I am one myself.

    • I agree.. My thought was a daily check. Simple stop and go. What child wouldn’t pay a hundred a month just to insure their family is safe. X dollars for shopping x dollars for transporting to a doctor.
      How it usually ends up though is with a fall or a stroke. The first one you snap back from. The second you get kiddish the third your in the home. An assisted living. I am not sure how it works there but here you pay roughly a quarter mil for an apartment. Then you pay 6000 plus for maintenance. Laundry and meals well breakfast is usually supplied the rest are extra. If you need assistance that’s available for a few depending on what level you are or what your payment is.
      That also gives you the access and placement into a nursing facility. There around here monthly costs start at 7 to ten grand for half a room. Laundry isn’t included .. When my mother passed ten years ago she was paying almost 12 a month. Rates have increased since then. Transportation to and from the doctor medications not included. One gentleman I knew use to go out with his son pick up a four dollar bottle of Tylenol. We would confiscate it all medications had to come from the pharmacy. One day he showed me his bill. 400.00 for thirty night time Tylenol was the bill.
      Incontinence supplies the same thing. Even with those costs with all the regulations the staffing etc. They are tight. Three beds down out of a hundred mandatory half hour loss of time. Five beds down there’s a yearly witch hunt which usually involves the cut back of higher wage employees. Been there done this . Inhalers.. The one I seen was ten times the cost.
      You don’t leave this world with any cash so go on the cruise enjoy that piece of cake. It all goes out unless your filthy rich.
      We made a trip to Texas twenty years ago my mother wasn’t able to administer her eye drops for her caterac surgery. To have home health come in for five days to give the eye drops. 2400.00 needless to say it’s cheaper to take mom with.

  15. My question is to all of y’all and I want everyone’s response to this if I own the store out in the rural country and Old Country Store and all of a sudden I realized there’s a market for delivering items and services to elderly people who own their country rule properties what would I do how would I do that I own the store they come in but now they’re not coming in no more because they can’t drive what would I do what’s the businessman are here what would you do in order to help the community and at the same time make beaucoup profit

    • Well Bryce, I never read your stuff because I can’t make heads or tails of it. I’m here drinking coffee and trying to wake up enough to get a little more done this evening and decided to try to see if you make more sense when I’m groggy. I guess so, because that is a good question.

      You answer your own question in part below with the van shopping service.

      The other side of that would be van delivery on a route like a milk route. You could not afford to do the Amazon PrimeNow kind of thing with a 2 hour delivery window — too many miles to cover in a rural area. But you could do that Amazon delivery of staple goods in a big box for a flat fee on a regular route.

  16. The tiredness and EQ’s, we haven’t correlated, but popcorn hankerings — well, this we know.

    We had popcorn last night…because it is the only thing that relieves that ‘agitation’, that ‘angst’, that ‘feeling’, and it’s not the ‘hunger’ feeling…just sayin’.

    • 2/6/2018 — 3.7 35 miles east of Fritz Creek (our house), AK 8:07 pm AK

      The time before, our popcorn hankering, was the 8.2 South of Kodiak…fyi

  17. Having had two different companies in California I can tell you from experience if you aren’t part of the crony group that states protects and prefers and gives credits as well as comfort too you are screwed!! They are not business friendly. Their taxes are high their fees are outrageous and if you have any injuries you get hosed on Workers Comp. I was literally ran out of business due to the costs associated with California. I had operations in Washington, Arizona, and Idaho, and the costs for doing the same business was half that in AZ and Idaho. California was the most then Washington. See a pattern here? So your illusion of a wonderful business friendly state is just that an illusion. That is unless you are tech then they fall all over you and giving you the needed tax incentives to stay. In 10 years California will be devoid of a good working class of people that want to remain and pay the state and local taxes they impose and the Tech giants will be out of there. 10 Years!

  18. Here’s a good question for you and I don’t think too many people have even thought about this question if you were Donald Trump what would you do in order to make your family structure survive

    • Devise a tax plan that eliminated estate taxes & appoint them all to key governmental positions to assure the growth of his business ventures.

  19. Dow down 1000 points today. 1500 at one point. Walstreet had the breakers on.

    Bit coin was down to 6600 ish.

    Yep, correction.

    • I think some of those traders on wall street literally sh!t their pants today. Lol that will tech them to pick on all those nice people that got suckered into bitcoin at the high.

      Here at urban survival we were in cash couple weeks ago. It may be boring. Trust me on this, 1500 points drops in the Dow are much much more fun to watch than participate in. Aren’t they G?

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