Drones & Prepping?

Bet you didn’t know there are over a million drones now registered in the U.S., did you?  Are there any prepping angles to them?  The answer, says your newly-minted Part-107 Remote Pilot is “Hell yeah!”  It’s a long weekend and care to guess who has play on his mind?

Of course, there’s the money-stuff, too:

With a new all-time high in our Aggregate Index comes a new target date for the fall collapse. Though we have to admit the continued rally would be more mysterious if it were not largely powered by the Fed making up money.  And most people having no alternative investment ideas.

Which is odd when you think about it (which we will a bit today):  With Covid and variants being made lickety-split (*say “Mooo!“) very few people are considering the compound outcome of population reduction PLUS excessive money creation.

Think back to the previous century in terms of a Flu-mar Republic  hyper-inflation!

A few headlines and then off the high board into data…

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38 thoughts on “Drones & Prepping?”

  1. Restaurant business looks slow this morning.
    I noticed that Chase had apologized to General Flynn for the vigilante canceling of his credit card for political (and probably ethnic) hatred. In my encounter with the Chase credit card group, their behavior was dreadful. I do know that the credit card gang (and I do mean gang) appear to be completely independent from domestic banking supervision, and may be operating offshore (Hong Kong? Singapore? CA?). I suspected ethnic hate gaslighting, and inappropriate handling and use of credit information in my encounter. Add an outright very public political hate crime against Flynn. Chase bank has advantages when operating in multiple states, but get an ATM card if you must. Get your credit cards from less Wokie outfits with better service.

  2. Comrades,

    According to the BBC and Defense News, Italian authorities are examining the goings-on at an Italian manufacturer that built military drones for NATO used in Afghanistan. Allegedly the drone firm was bought way above market value by two Chinese government firms via opaque Hong Kong intermediaries. The Italian technology is apparently in the midst of transfer to Wuxi near Shanghai, China. Anyhow, that’s just a little something to noodle on.

  3. “In addition to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the law shifted ATF from the Department of the Treasury to the Department of Justice. The agency’s name was changed to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. However, the agency still was referred to as the “ATF” for all purposes”.
    George you might want to juggle a few letters from todays subscriber side in the future: “BAFT”! Your best typo in years, I love it! I think I had one of those BAFT”s on my arse once but the Dr. cut it off with a laser! Keep up the good fight bro.!

  4. Drones just take up space in the Faraday cage. But if you have to have one, yeah.

    An electric R/C car fleet with POV cameras and revolver mounts would be complementary to the drone. Spot someone with the drone, send out the fleet. One could mask the RC cars with cute 3d printed Hedgehog disguises.

    “Look a cute Hedgehog.” *Silence*

  5. drones and antennas for a Saturday’s columns, can you combine the two? Can the drone lift a temporary 250 ft antenna wire? emergency broadcast system? S (has) HTF type situation.
    The monkey brain always has Questions.
    SIRI/ALEXA raise the drone antenna
    Probably not feasible, it takes ignorance to ask ignorant questions,, carry on

      • Which saturated with hi saline give me an sg-230 smart tuner and….My late chums Don Stoner and Pierre Goral actually did load up the proverbial wet string that way…

      • Pish… The drone replaces the antenna launcher!

        No advantage when laying a straight-wire in a tree — huge advantage when laying a straight wire across a bunch of treetops.

  6. Speaking of drones what ever happened to that story about the super performance drones buzzing around Tucson, or was it Phoenix?, about a month or so ago? That story came and went pretty quickly while they were auditing the votes out there. I can’t see how a 4 rotor drone of any size can fly higher and faster than a civilian helicopter but they did, apparently, and disappeared to boot.

      • Yeah! That video makes me sweat just watching it! A family member just graduated from wind turbine school. He’s a LOT younger than I am!

        There is an abundance of positive uses for drones but these had out performed the Law Enforcement helicopters chasing them over that city’s area and out ran them! They weren’t anything like the most expensive off-the-shelf varieties you can find out there if you have deep pockets.

      • “Yeah! That video makes me sweat just watching it!”

        I am right with you on that one Bill….I asked the guys once which they would rather have.. wind or ice and snow..I was told it can get tricky with ice and snow and wind. Not as much on those easy climb towers like the one in the video.. but the tricky ones that are nothing more than a three inch pipe .. I think he called it a slick stick…. they are more use to the sway the towers move constantly.. I think it is a go pro on their helmets.. that they use.. I am pretty sure that every climb is recorded just in case there is a problem..

      • Holy Cow that video makes my butthole pucker. Hahaha. F that!!!! Even just watching that video makes me me cringe. I have 2 friends that are linemen. They are nuts, on had a video of hanging upside down on on a cable off a Helicopter working on some power lines up in the mountains working on power lines jusced up around 1.21 Gigawatts! (Back to the future). Hahahaha I said how the hell do ya do that dude???

        He said very very carefully.

        F that! Hahahahah

        I could barely watch that video. Hahahah

      • Back in the day I was a mainline water, sewer, storm pipe layer. Putting in hydrants and stuff like that. Deepest I have ever been 38 feet deep on fresh mainline sewer run to do a tie in. Most people get clostrophobic as hell looking down in that ditch. I’d just be down there like it was home. I have no problem being that deep in the ground. But climbing that high? No fricken thank you!

        Wow. That video is crazy. I sent it to my buddy’s wife who is a lineman. He does big stuff like that all the time. Maybe not that high. But working with big power lines adds a little ingredient to the insanity I’m sure. Hahahaha Hahahahhahahha

        Wow! All about perspective. Feet planted firmly on the ground. Today is a good day. Hahahahahah

      • urinary tract contractions when I saw the pix!

        (Just worked E71A on 20 (Sarajevo) and half a dozen other places (Michigan, b.c., Florida, and others) THEN I turned the amp on. With the old antenna working so well, the new one ought to get an fcc visit, lol…)

  7. It’s ONLY a proposal … but …

    Democrats Just Voted to Allow Biden-Backed IRS to Have More Control Over Americans’ Banking Information

    “The Senate on Tuesday rejected a measure introduced by Republican Sen. Mike Crapo of Idaho, ranking member of the Finance Committee, that would have prevented the Internal Revenue Service from having access to Americans’ private banking records.”

    “The rule, which Crapo proposed as an amendment to Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution, was narrowly defeated 50-49 in a party-line vote. It would have prohibited President Joe Biden’s administration from requiring financial institutions to report all transactions on accounts with a balance of more than $600.”


    If you wrote something about this earlier this week, George, my apologies for repeating it. I’ve been meeting myself coming and going trying to get things fixed before everything breaks loose in the Fall. But, I wonder what would happen if we all marched into our respective banks and put in a cash order for the balance of all of our accounts? Then we’d be on our individual honors for reporting anything we did with our money effectively evading this draconian over-site.

    But this isn’t the only level that this intent is being shown to us. We received a questionnaire from our county tax assessor last year asking us what we intended to do with certain areas of our ranch and how much we thought we’d be making off of it. After our attorney made some inquiries (very expensive inquiries) about this he told us not to answer that part of it but only send in a certain portion of it. We haven’t heard anything else since then but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    It should come as no surprise to anyone that frequents George’s site that they’re coming for ALL of it at the first opportunity. As soon as they can vote in the necessary legal structure the last vestiges of “Private” property will be ended. “You will own nothing and be happy”. Isn’t that TPTB’s mantra?

    • I love trail cam’s …The wife seen a big cat the other day when she got off of work.. unfortunately no camera lol.. once in a while they come around..you can tell when other wildlife seems to vanish.. theres a path I take the dog for a walk on.. one night she stopped..her head went down and eyes wide open..then she backed up real quiet shackles up..not a sound out of her..the kids asked..did YouGov see what it was..heck no.. if it scared her enough to back up no growling or barking and being real observant..that was enough for me..
      A couple years ago a young lady did her graduation pictures. In the printed one you could see a cat on a branch behind her watching her lol.. didn’t even know it was there..

    • Wildlife isn’t what today’s drones are after. See some of Monkey Werx’ videos on YouTube where he references Dirt Boxes and one other device that escapes me at the moment. Picking up every active cell phone’s location and the conversations going through them, not to mention being able to plant incriminating photos on just about any device they want to is a bit beyond trail cams’ capabilities.

      Trail cams are fun. I have a few and have used them to good effect on the ranch. But thanks for the web cam addresses. They look like they’d be enjoyable.

  8. Phew.. what a busy day…
    Wife wanted me to get something done..usually I make sausage, bologna, hot dogs etc.. but alots been going on and I had a bushel of peppers and thirty pounds of onions..so today was onion and peppers. Got the freeze dryer all loaded and running.. it still shocks me how fast everything is flash frozen..next week I’ll start on hamburger. …

    • Labor day weekend is when I usually make our years supply of bologna.. if the price is out of line at the grocery store.. and so far.. it is.. when the kids are done hunting this winter I will have to send George some of my Jerky.. that stuff is amazing.. and when the kids were in foot ball.. dam if I didn’t have the whole team over grabbing jerky.. would go through ten pounds a day.. phew..the same with pickles with them.. they would come in and each grab a jar and drink the juice to boot LOL….Its been a learning curve since they all grew up.. seems a bunch of old fogies don’t eat or drink the pickle juice.. LOL a huge deduction in pickles.. the wife was asking me to do sliced onions.. I had to talk her out of it.. them dam things are addictive..

      • Pickle juice is the athlete’s ‘go-to’ for rehydration and electrolytes. Smart kids! Any recommendations for a freeze-dryer for food? What are you using? I looked at prices on eBay and decided a used car would be a better buy. I’d love to make my own freeze dried foods, but not at those prices!

      • “Any recommendations for a freeze-dryer for food? What are you using? ”

        I absolutely have recommendations Hank.. everyone thought I was nuts at first now everyone thinks why didn’t we ever do this before.. LOL…. the first one I made.. just to show the grandkids how it was done.. the bad thing about the home made one was how much you had to baby sit it.. it was not a fun time.. and then to flash freeze it.. dam that cost money.. vodka and dry ice.. so I was constantly running for dry ice..
        then I discovered.. Betty’s harvest right freeze dryer group on Face book.. ( do join…. lots of great information there) and I looked into it.. they not only will work with you in buying one.. ( I had to do lay away..) when we got it.. I did raw steaks and all of that.. but I don’t do that now.. I do cooked hamburger.. take a four ounce bag.. or a snack bag vacuum seal it.. and then toss it in the hamburger helper box.. instant meal..left overs.. dam.. how many times you have one piece of meat left.. so you dump it.. what are you going to do with it.. or a half pan of goulash.. etc.. so freeze dry them.. pack it up in meal bags and you have camping meals or a quick fix meal.. love it..
        you can enter to win or you can just give them a call and buy one.. we loved the first one so much we bought a second one.. Yup.. worth every dime to.. I have one on a cart with a steak ager.. and that is nice.. give harvest right a call.. they will send you samples.. onions.. you chop them don’t slice them.. if you slice them you will eat one just to try it out.. and then end up eating your winters supply of onions.. LOL chopped you won’t.. melon’s and pineapple.. dam if that isn’t to die for as well.. great.. strawberries.. it is best if you set it up in a room with a dehumidifier in it.. the humidity will reconstitute quickly.. or take them out at night.. the cool evening air will hold the humidity down..
        the unit pays for itself in food savings.. people usually hate tossing out left overs etc.. I just did a big batch of cottage cheese to.. rinse the cream off of it then freeze dry the curds.. super easy you can also use the chamber to vacuum seal your jars to.. do a whole load of pickles in one chunk..
        Oh the kids never got growing pains or cramps either.. it just cost a jar of dill pickles LOL cheap fix..
        IF you want something that is also delicious and catchy like the onions.. I do pickle chips to LOL.. people do cheese but I haven’t ever done cheese.. I do take canned goods that is getting to the expiration date.. and I will freeze dry them.. take the vegetables and make a vegetable soup mix.. I do tuna fish.. chicken chunks and hamburger.. I did raw steaks.. and tried tv dinners.. how you do those is stick the dinner tray and all in the freeze dryer.. then let it freeze.. it gets to fifty below zero and everything in it in a matter of minutes.. amazing.. then open the door and take them out and dump them out of the tv dinner trays.. go ahead and wash the trays after you put the freeze dryer trays back in.. and let it do its thing.. then put the freeze dried portion sections back into the trays and vacuum seal.. I do hash browns.. and potatoes.. to reconstitute.. I put it in a good china butter dish.. and fill with water set it in the fridge.. next morning you can fry them up or put it in soups and casseroles..

  9. The objective of govmint aka Deep State is to end all private ownership of real property
    by approx 2035.
    With the Great Reset- you will own nothing and be happy.

  10. I should think a Gatling gun made from a 10-22 receiver would be a suggestion of sufficient interest to cause tool-slut fabricators to suffer daydreams. Ya don’t need a 7.62×39 or even a 9mm, and the recoil would make it a chore to keep the dot on the little black circle in the middle.

    • LOL LOL LOL not to far from us there is a gun shop that has a gatlin gun.. I have been trying to talk the wife into letting me go look at it.. she is afraid I will buy it.. LOL LOL except for seeing one in a museum I haven’t ever had a chance to shoot one.. at the armory they have a firing range you can test the guns and I would be able to at least say I shot a gatlin gun LOL.. the one they have there is an antique though….LOL LOL LOL
      you can get a kit.. for about a grand.. then the guns.. by the time your through you would have close to three grand in it.. where for twice that much you can have one on a pull behind what is it six barrel from tipman armory ..

  11. Ray’s quick ‘n dirty Urban Survival search:

    I read every new post or reply on George’s site, (except obvious trolls) daily. I do this because this is one of few places left on the ‘Net where the majority of posters are considerably above average, both in intelligence and in life-experience.

    I don’t usually get on a computer until afternoon. When I hit George’s sites, I immediately copy the date from “yesterday’s” column (“September 4” in this case): {highlight, [Ctrl+c], [Ctrl+f]}. This pastes the search term automagically in the search field of most browsers, highlights every instance of the term, and scrolls the browser to the first occurrence on the page. Then it’s click on a daily column, tap [F3] and the browser will go to each reply, in turn.

    I highlight then [Ctrl+c] to ensure I have the search term & syntax exactly correct.

    I start with “yesterday’s date” because George doesn’t sift & approve posts after about 2300GMT and WordPress will sometimes assign the “date written” and sometimes assign the “date approved” as the date of a post. I will then go to “today’s date” and re-[F3]. George has his WordPress set up to not accept posts beyond 7-days, so I do seven days of “search” every afternoon — ‘takes about two minutes. If there are threads I’m in and following, I will use the term “Ray” and select to match case.

    Google has a “grep by-date” tool buried in its *.docs which I use for places like VW Vortex The Vortex has hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of daily posts. For a pleasant, intimate site like Urban Survival, Google is massive overkill…

    • “Ray’s quick ‘n dirty Urban Survival search”

      Thanks for the lesson! I work on an Apple MacBook using Safari… For Apple fans I now highlight the date, use Apple Key (cmd)+c, (cmd)+f… then I make sure the date is in Safari search bar, and use the side arrows to advance.

  12. DJI Mavic Mini / Mini-2:

    249g (requires NO license), smaller than 2 stacked packs of smokes, 12Mp camera, flight range 2.7mi / 6mi (respectively), flight time 30min, service ceiling 13,120ft, top speed 24 / 30 knots.


    I dunno how loud they are (probably not very), but these itty-bitty flying cameras would likely run perimeter surveillance undetectably.

    The police-spec dji I passed on a couple months ago had infrared, but no means of controlling it…

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