Down Again Next Week?

We have been holding to the idea lately that the market would be at one of those “turn either way” points when the election gets here.

Over the last day, or two, one of our trading indicators (which our subscribers will know as “the Trading Golem” has been revealing a great deal.

The main point, though, is that while it’s looking like we will go into the election around lows, the actual day after (say Nov. 7 and on) may be one of those “kiss of death” of the underside of a trend channel things that we have noted many times before.

This is not to say that the world will end just yet – we gave subscribers a “crash date matrix” that looks like a downer again after the election, then some semblance of order to markets, but all that could fall apart late in November.  Not saying this will, nor is this financial advice, but it’s a way to be thinking about things.  Dynamic.  Momentum.  Terms like that.

A lot will have to do with the news flow and we wonder who’s paying the bills for those people massing on the southern border of Mexico trying to make their way north to a border showdown?

War with Mexico Inching Closer

The Associated Press coverage of those migrants massing on the border of Guatemala ready to pop over into Mexico and make a run for the US border makes for an interesting read.

In the Machiavellian world of politics we are not sure exactly who is footing the bills since republicans could try to underscore the madness on bordering.  Or, the dems could foot the bills to generate tear-jerker sympathy media tripe to fuel their bordering on madness.  As we figure it, everyone’s nuts.  Countries have borders – even the socialist flops that the idiots against America don’t seem to remember (Soviet Union and Venezuela) had borders.  Mainly to keep their victims hostage, but you get the picture.

Which gets us to reviewing…

Notes on the Radical Left

This is rich: Beto O’Rourke would vote for Trump’s impeachment, says ‘there is enough’ evidence.  We have to wonder if he Beto should hold off – since he’s willing to convict based on mob psychology.  Even  the spacial (sic) prosecutor hasn’t been able to gin up collusion (which was his mission before the fishing poles were handed out and the democrat operative in Just Us got hold of things).

Here it is again:  proof to us that the old saying “Democrats are fine, just so long as facts aren’t involved” is as true today as it was back then.

(Did  Iever mention my late uncle Stanley trained his large collie named Happy to  bark and growl furiously whenever the word “democrat” passed by in conversion.  “Happy!  Democrat!” and the dog would go nuts…)

Stories like the one in the papers this morning about how “Texas Dems ask noncitizens to register to vote, send applications with citizenship box pre-checked” are not going UN-noticed by voters here in the “clear-thinking” state.

Meantime, we can’t help but laugh at Claire McCaskill’s call for an investigation of Project Veritas for their undercover video where she admits to supporting the hard-Left anti-gun agenda.  Just something voters are being lied to about.  But don’t worry, them angry people of the left will take care of us all……(ahem…)  Like we all got to keep our doctors and healthcare would be cheaper?  There’s a term in psychology:  Pathological.

Grabien‘s montage of socialist spew “Ocasio-Cortez on Kimmel: Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like Yeah [Montage]…” was fun…no…accurate; yeah, sure, sure, uh-huh….Still Kimmel keeps bashing with “Kimmel trolls New Yorkers with fake report that Lincoln Center will be named after Trump.”

Speaking of PC shills (which one?), did you see this? Former U.K. Prime Minister Says Electing Women Could Help Combat Wave of Populism.  Umm…like, oh, Clinton, Pelosi or McCaskill or Oh-Cortez??  Yet another run at dividing the sexes – another favorite tool of divide-and-conquer liberalism.

But while the media whines about Weinstein and bashes men#2, along comes this kind of story (‘RHOBH’ star Camille Grammer shows off beach body on Hawaiian vacation) which leaves us adjusting our filters wondering if there really is consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral media.  (*No is the right answer…it’s all about eyeballs and ad revenue!  You’re just a suckerfish being played by the world for their profit, not yours…)

Watch Out Soros, though:American CEO’s have entered the mid-term bidding (to buy the best politicians money can buy) in a big way enumerated here.

We’ve long-held that elections would be better decided on eBay since at least there, the people who have the most money – hence the most “skin in the game” would buy the outcome.

Wait…that’s going on already….silly me.  Just no eBay fees.  Ad sales and marketers only…sheesh.

Quips and Snips

So, how is that “ruler for life” plan working out?  China moves to lift confidence as economic growth hits weakest pace since 2009.  Xi whiz?

Meantime Wife Of Ex-Interpol Chief Held By China Fears He May Be Dead. Odd how this works:  A journo death in Turkey gets people whipped up  but the missing LEO doesn’t?

Not sure how this helps Tesla: Tesla launches new $45,000 Model 3.

Unfiltered: Press Releases: Remarks to Traveling Press  Source: St. Dept Press Releases.

And here’s one to notice: China Plans to Launch an ‘Artificial Moon’ to Light Up the Night Skies.  Perhaps it should be named One Hung Moon?  ( OHM…..)

OK…enough already….

Reader Service Note

Thanks to a reader bringing it to our attention, we are working on why our “hamburger menu” on mobile ios not working right.  Got developers working the problem.  On desktops things should be fine in the full-screen mode….

But since the “hamburger menu” isn’t working we’re working with our “hamburger helpers” is the point.

Looking Ahead

If this week was the “bounce to save paying off bear option holders” it hasn’t been much of a squirt.  So we look at next week with little in the way of economic news on the docket till
Fed notes Wednesday.  Dow Futures are +106 at click time.

A note to housekeeping:  Clean under the bed thoroughly because there is a chance we’ll all be huddling their with the dust bunnies before the year is out.  PN subscribers, refer to the Crash Date Matrix of Wednesday…it will be in Saturday’s report as well…

Time now for the breakfast of champion (which is when I eat)…moron the ‘morrow… I’ll be out at the mailbox immediately thereafter awaiting for a shipment of 2N7000 MOSFETs to arrive to fix a piece of ham gear…they cross from a Heathkit PN4858 old school – we had the MRF502’s on hand…used in the HD-1424 pre-amp….wait…isn’t this site about finance and getting rich not arcane electronic restorations?

Oops!  Where are them ADHD meds, anyway?

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    • @blpg

      your video plays at your address given here..BUT…when I went to SHARE it the address sent ne to a hoola hoop girl dancing…seems to be u TUBE censorship…check it out

  1. This is in our “back yard” again this year. I’m sure you could find a few new things for your HAM shack.I’ll be there!

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    And perhaps the best part – a chance to interact and share information with lots of other amateur radio enthusiasts to further (or begin) your own knowledge and to advance the hobby.

    • Marvelous to hear from you Michael…won’t be able to make it, unfortunately, but is you see a cherry Collisions S-Line (with their linear amp_) and under $500…you got my number, lol

  2. Just an observation about the migrant invasion, having worked in 3rd world countries at remote mining facilities(camps) I find it interesting from the press photos that the migrants are clean, relatively well dressed with shoes. Where do the basic necessities like food and water come from? How about simply taking a whiz or a dump or maybe their heading to SF!

  3. I listened to Beto’s Town hall meeting, broadcast on CNN and I was extremely impressed with him. Very intelligent and sensible man. Great family values and the kind of guy you would want your daughter to marry. The only thing I didn’t like…and this will surprise many of you…is the part where he said he would participate in the impeachment of Trump. But, then I started thinking. That was what he had to say to his base. He knows that there is not enough evidence to impeach him. You can’t impeach someone because he is stupid….although in Trumps case…he is definitely a special kind of stupid.

    But, I wish Beto had not gone there. He should have said that we should wait until the Mueller investigation is over…or he should have said…Let’s look back at the last time President Clinton was technically impeached…The evidence? A stained Blue Dress. The charge? Lying. Based on that…Ok…Trump’s incessant lying may be impeachable. That…the American people may have bought.

    But both sides pander to their base. Ted (Grandpa Munster) Cruz, insists that Beto want to take Texans guns away.(LIE)…and said Beto supports a $10 tax on oil…( Beto and most Democrats are against it) and the worst lie of all that makes me hate Lyin Ted the most…He totally took out of context O’Rourkes stance on Medical marijuana and said that Beto wants to legalize all narcotics including heroin and other deadly opioids. (1000% FALSE)

    Here is what is wrong with the division in American politics today. Guys like Lyin Ted and Trump, politicize fictional fears, such as changing the conversation away from sensible gun control to taking away your guns…sensible marijuana laws to Heroin legalization…

    And laughingly, Cruz has said in all of his stump speeches that Dems want Texas to be like California with it’s tofu, Silicon and dyed hair… First of all, what’s wrong with tofu, other than it’s somewhat tasteless?…Silicon and the Valley that popularized it, made California the 5th largest economy in the world…just passed Great Britain…thank you very much and Ted, at the age of 47 has jet black hair?

    Democrats do the same thing with over politicizing Climate Change, Social issues, putting the entire GOP in the same box as the ultra right wingers, allowing the term socialism to ever be uttered anywhere in this country. I am sick of all of it.

    • Do you need someone to call an ambulance mark.

      Excuse me but this ambulance is already taken it’s called The Mark ambulance.

      We have alcohol and drug rehabs.

      I was going to ask you mark what would you do about all this ,my suggestion is to make a political rehab. lol

      But don’t worry one day the political scene will be using the digibyte background blockchain for voting presidents and your locals.

      So there is hope in the future don’t give up Mark hang in there

      We may wind up voting for you one day you never know

      • I finally figure it out:

        We know America’s on the edge when you can get fined for not picking up doggie poop and not fined for pooping on the sidewalk.

        It’s lights out for liberalism when humans are lower than dog poop.

      • blpg,
        Ha. your comments made me laugh. I may need an ambulance before November 6th.

        And George, that was a funny response as well….although the human poop thing gets a little over blown. It only takes one person and a you tube video to make it seem like pooping on the streets of San Francisco and Seattle are a regular thing. Just one of the many unfortunate aspects of social media. Don’t you sometimes wish our news was back in the hands of the old time reporters like you that gave us important reporting, not viral garbage that we get today?

    • The reason CA is the 5th largest economy in the world is because of its miles of coastline directly across the Pacific Ocean from Asia. Beyond the coastal areas, CA is a wasteland.

      • ECS,
        Beyond the coastal areas, we are the nation largest region for Agricuture…25.5 million acres of farm land and 77,500 farms and over 400 commodities, In fact our production is $20 billion over the next highest producing state.

        Total farm product exceeds $60 billion and 13% of the US total. We are also ranked 10th in the world. Not a wasteland at all.

  4. Look for the election rhetoric to get hot on Oct 24. That is the next Full Moon. It is well known that animals & humans become more agressive during a full moon. A type of alchemy take place. My theory is that as the Moon’s light passes thru the moon dust in the Moon’s atmosphere, it has an alchemy affect on animals & people, making them hostile. A full moon seems to produce enough of this light to cause this change.

    • ECS, I will make sure to wear a necklace of garlic and carry a silver stake in my back pocket that week.

    • Clif is still around, I believe. Last heard still writing the ALTA reports.
      It’s fair to say we had fundamental “philosophical differences” I think.

  5. Just finished watching some TV. DJT MISSED cleaning the swamp!! Too bad, because in my opinion, it is too late. TV is so infested with too highly paid people (for a reason) who have an agenda other than what benefits the future of the US. Bolshevism for all, regardless of what you will vote for come November.

    P.S. Previous president spent his money wisely. His skin is as white as mine.

  6. “One Hung Moon? ( OHM…..)”
    I would RESIST that idea.

    And you need to check your ‘translator’.
    “Collisions S-Line” ? I presume ‘Collins”.

  7. Not even part of this post.. but sure had to share.. just finished a book.. I am pretty sure I read it before but thought it was worth sharing. S/S/D/B.. but I like how it is laid out. thought provoking to say the least.. well not sure if I can classify it as a book though.. it isn’t that big..
    anyway enjoy.. I hope everyone gets as much out of it as I did..

    Rubicon… the last years of the Roman Republic by Tom Holland

  8. “Perhaps it should be named One Hung Moon?”

    I am sorry.. but I heard it was to be low in the sky.. so I think it should be called.. ONE HUNG LOW.. MOON… and hope it doesn’t wobble to and fro LOL

  9. ” Clean under the bed thoroughly because there is a chance we’ll all be huddling their with the dust bunnies before the year is out. ”

    isn’t it funny.. but when there is a quick response military action.. if it is planned they give them a few weeks of vacation first.. if it is a quick action.. they just leave..
    found out tonight at supper that a relative had to leave his wife didn’t even know until an hour before..up up and away.. not even sure where to..

  10. of course you know I had to expand my reading.. rarely do I read a book from the front to the back but Rubicon was such a good read and had me mesmerized from the front to the back..
    well here is a little more towards the whole book.. of course all of this is ancient reading.. but my goodness I sure didn’t look at it in the same perspective as I did while reading rubicon.. interesting and good reading.. this is a ham and egg breakfast read.. might as well enjoy the moments of deep reflection..

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