Note for Mobile Users

I mentioned this morning that the “hamburger menu” was not working right – but I think the problem is now fixed.  When you “hit the burger” on the upper right of your phone, the menu should now pop open.

Traced back to a caching program that I’d gotten a bit too zealous about.  Thanks to Monica and Jason at ElegrantThemes/Divi  for the hint…

Mobile users may notice the screaming fast page load times will be a zillionth of a second longer, but even the impeckerble Mr. Ure still has his débile légère days….  Never feel bad about posingt a note on site issues because we’re all going to be learning the web for the foreseeable future.  Until it’s “Bury my heart at Wounded Mouse” time.

A continuing problem in all computers seems to be that code is not infinitely compressible.  Drat-damn!

In from the ledge, moron the morrow, then?

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