Once again this morning, we are beset by three things in America that no one wants to deal with.

Our first one is Mexico’s slow-motion war with America.

For those incapable of clear-thinking on the matter, Nations have borders.  That’s what the dopes in Washington have soft-soaped to the point where people are blind.  Self-delusion and avarice.

And, thanks to the present strength of the US economy people from South and Central America want to come here in droves.  We don’t have a problem with that – not in the least.

BUT: They are not coming here legally.

Right now, there’s a large group forming in Guatemala and busloads of Hondurans are joining in.  I’m guessing 6,000 or more by the time they get to the border.

Here’s what it comes down to, as we see it:  This is a soft invasion that5 really amounts to a foreign army.

Already, violent elements of this “army” have been infiltrated in America.  Hidden by liberal media shills as “gangs” with names like MS-13. Pardoned because it’s about “drugs” and “abuses back home.”

Don’t buy it.  More left-wing, Soros-inspired spew.

Make no mistake, when push comes to shove, there’s a “fifth column” in America already, well-armed, well-funded and working the same Globalist funded agenda.  Namely to take-down America as we once knew it.  Why do you think Obama brought in so many un-vetted people?  Water down America and throw it up for grabs is the plan.

This is something our Peoplenomics.com readers have known for more than 15-years  because we’ve been watching this spin-up of an LIC (low-intensity conflict)  for quite literally YEARS.  Some example articles from the Peoplenomics library:

April 8, 2015:  We look at the possibility of a massive overnight in-migration to the US as drought pressure is building in Mexico and Central America.

July 9, 2014:  The current immigration disaster along the Mexico border has been in planning since Ronald Reagan times and was then known as Border XXI – as it rolls out now.

September 4, 2010:  The Higher They Go…looks at the market rally, the NZ quake and why the Mexico Drug Revolution isn’t front-page news

August 28, 2010:  Mexico’s Drug Revolution – the MDR – seems to be getting underway

10/09/2005    CANAMEX, Land Grabs, and the Singularity:  How all the pieces fit together neatly.

When World War III arrives, China will be ready (as a slow-motion, long game player) to gently bring in more arms to our south and point people North.  The wet work will fall to others.  One of the 36-strategems, for the illiterate..

Lemmings and History

Let me ask you an interesting thought question:  How would America have acted in the lead-in to World War II if Germany had sent hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Germans to America in advance of the war?

  • Would California and other states have become German (Nazi) sanctuaries?
  • Would German’s be able to get a boatload of freebies including lots of aid?
  • Would American’s have pressed for a German Supreme Court justice?
  • Would American’s put in German hiring quotas in industry?
  • Would America have used the opportunity to do more business with Germany?
  • Would America be heading down the bilingual path?

We know the answer to at least one of these questions: Yes, Ford was pandering to Germany.

Interesting case, too:  The Nation – which MediaBiasFactCheck calls strongly biased to liberal causes) ran a pretty good article called Ford and the Führer back in 2000.

We find it AMAZING how reasonable historical perspective can be applied retroactively, yet none of the painful lessons of history projected forwards into the future of America.

Slow Cooked Frogs and Birchers

History reveals that much of what the John Birch Society was warning of  in the 1960’s and 70’s turned out to be 100% true (liberal agenda to take over via education, rewrite history and brainwash future generations), no one paid ’em much mind at the time – Remember, this was early 1960’s. Already liberals were taking over the press.  My high school journalism teacher was fired for being a commie and promoting those views to high school j-students in 1965. Kid you not. Card-carrying type.

By the 1970’s what were Birchers warning of?

“Key society causes of the 1970s included opposition to both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and to the establishment of diplomatic ties with the People’s Republic of China. The society claimed in 1973 that the regime of Mao Zedong had murdered 64 million Chinese as of that year and that it was the primary supplier of illicit heroin into the United States. This led to bumper stickers showing a pair of scissors cutting a hypodermic needle in half accompanied by the slogan “Cut The Red China Connection”. The society also was opposed to transferring control of the Panama Canal from American to Panamanian sovereignty.”

It’s here that history comes into focus.

The JBS was not wrong about a conspiracy to put together a large ”
national police force” – terrorism (real or false-flag) got that one done.  Liberal  media painted Birchers as “right-wing nuts” but of all I’ve met in my life, they were to a person more sensible than and of the SDS and Weather Underground radicals I also interviewed in my career.

The JBS types held to a Constitution above All – while the SDS/WU/Chi-7s and more were Portland-style anarchists with bullsh*t and a bullhorns as their only offering tot he future.

The real pee-dinger is that America’s being taken down via the Slow Road.  To where?

China really is taking us over in concert with Russian interests, and the liberalists of Europe have already cast a retooled socialist state’s net over formerly free Europe.  The Golden Handcuffs play.  A few people in Britain have tried to turn things around.  But remember, socialists have been working the Brits and the Crown is appeasing.

Come to think of it, looks to us like Time is too with such pap as “Brexit Is a Threat to Ireland, the U.K., the Rest of Europe — and the U.S. Too..”

Here?  Oh, we’re the Lemming Model.  Creep in and twist the logic.  Make it about today’s tear-jerker, not about the longer-trends of history.  Sells well to sheep. God, do we have a flock, too.

At some point – likely too late – Americans will wake up to the selling out of the country and by the treasonous neglect of Congress and multiple presidents before this one.  All without a clear vision of America as “the Great Land” and instead, willing to wheedle away our core values and borders in return for political convenience and financial gain.

No, you’re not supposed to catch on.  Why, the hardest thing for people to admit is to their own cultural blindness and assert themselves as a group.  We’re weak with an agenda behind it.

Instead – and the liberals supporting The Invasion are working it for all it’s worth as they portray Victimhood in all its useful martyrdom glory.

Pretend this is 1929 and open your eyes.  The Ford analogs and apologists abound.  Yet to those with a keener eye for history, the flow and direction of life in the Post-Depression world a few years ahead is ever more clear.

Which is why people like my consigliere have circled the 2024-2025 date for when the outbreak of WW III ought to become visible.  The “soft invasion” is starting now. Fifth Column.  The bigger confrontation lays ahead.  And the more “fifth column” we have, the less able to remain free we will become.

Unable to win through intimidation and now losing liberal control in the Courts, the liberals, we predict, including the scum of partisan media, will howl like the very devil when Trump needs to mobilize the National Guard forces to back-up ICE to keep the gathering invasion force from crossing anywhere other than a legal border crossing.

Care to bet?

Trump threatens to call US military to close southern border as 4,000-strong migrant caravan pushes north.  I got this one nailed.

Ear plugs or the hype from the Righteous Lefties just ahead?

Idiotic Politics

Still selling a bad idea: Dems may need intervention to contain Hillary Clinton, NYT editorial board member says.

More embedded lobbying from Time, anyone? “Why $1 Ebay Yoga Pants Could Be the Latest Victim of President Trump’s Trade War With China.”  Fifth what?

Bracing for midterms, Facebook builds a war room says CNN.  Ah…so the social media is a partisan, eh?

And even now, the loony left shows its stuff as we learn of a Texas judge shuts down courtroom in protest of Kavanaugh confirmation.  He ought to be removed in our view. I thought officers of the Court…well, not all, huh?

The left hasn’t been able to solve poverty, but they DO know how to hold a grudge: Cruz confronted by 2 protesters over his vote to confirm Kavanaugh: report.

Economic Truths

Futures slip after Fed minutes signal more rate hikes.  They’re replaying what the fed did in 1928 that resulted in the 1929 crash.  Or, hadn’t anyone explained that?

Apple a day, huh? Alleged hacker ‘threatens to sell details of 319 million Apple iCloud users, demanded $174G in Bitcoin’.

Look for home sales to slow: Homeowners Remaining in Their Homes Longer Despite Rising Equity, According to First American Potential Home Sales .

And in science: Why life expectancy in 2040 could be lower than it is today.  We think WW III will be the driver, lol.


Condolences to former broadcast colleague Delilah Rene who lost her son to suicide recently.  Long time since the KLYS days, huh?

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