Down a Cleveland, Ike in the Ditch, Numbers

You’re down HOW much on this rally?”

About a Cleveland.  It’s old Grover on the $1,000 bill, you know.  Being down a “couple of Benjamin’s” ($100’s) was a minor irritation, in comparison.

Thing is though, if you don’t periodically test your theories with real money, it’s all BS.  Besides, the system I have now (if followed instead of anticipating news flow and trying position trading) would have pulled the plug on this trade when it went upside down a single Grant ($50 bills feature his mug).

Until we go higher on a closing basis, I still have money on “unexpected events.”

The USS Eisenhower is in harm’s way. Transiting the Suez Ca-Ditch.  Just as Axis against Israel: Jordan recalls its ambassador & expells Israeli ambassador – Turkey, Iran threaten ‘heavy consequences’ & generalization of war.

My (semi) rational mind looks at the Fed rate inaction Thursday and can barely comprehend national stupidity. Fed leaves interest rate as-is, says hike is still possible later ( WTF?  Am  I the only one who noticed our national debt is $33,699,580,339,128.49.  Interested a side wager on $34-trillion under the tree by Christmas?

Here we are – in a “crowded theater” and there’s the smell of smoke in the air… (Oh, wait, that’s C4…) even as Gaza is cut in two: IDF closes the pincers – Two Israeli armored divisions converge from three axes within the Strip (maps, vid). And the market rallies on.  Say what?

Oh, the Suez Ca-Ditch is flanked by? The Houthis officially declared war on Israel: They targeted the Dimona nuclear plant – Massive attack with ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones.

Just tossing it all up in the air, it l0oks to us like the belligerents at the Final War are all have massive monetary inflation plans to pay for it.  Turkey Signals Tighter Policy With Inflation Heading to 75%.

Even as B-1B at Incirlik at a rehearsal for massive bombing of targets: Sa’ar 5 and Arleigh Burke Joint Strike Force at Red Sea – Mass attacks by Houthis – we are incredulous with specialist movement of American reservists starting to leave for deployments in theater that the market continued to rally.

Boggles my (*undersized) mind.  At least a Cleveland’s worth into the week’s end.

I don’t trust Erdogan. Nothing would surprise me less than Turkey closing down USA air ops in its region, waltzing out of NATO and finishing the war gathering just as Egypt comes into Gaza with serious hardware. Two day old report (Egypt deploys tanks near Gaza border amidst rising tensions) had them fixing to get ready.

Speaking of Egypt:  Not only does their central bank also have a rate decision upcoming today, so bookmark the Egyptian Central Bank website here to check later if you care), but they also are out front using new polymer banks notes. They’ve got a 20-pound note going.

Not a lot of public discussion in the MSM yet on this but the Wiki entry here is good starting material.  We have to wonder if a central bank CBDC could be threaded into these?

They would likely “go through the wash” better than the high rag rate paper notes… Not that we’re expert on money-laundering, or anything.

Count Ure In – For Now

So far, my very quick-turn day trading has out-performed the hell out of this position-trading stuff.  The wave count is still open in our dma-x (daily moving average crossings) work for a resumption of the decline if Wave 3 (1) (v) ((ii)) fails and heads south in dramatic fashion.

Undoubtably, reader D’Lynn will do better at his upcoming “invitation only” poker meet somewhere on the left coast… Even so, as in poker, this kind of “speculating” we do can be an effective refresher on how Gravity applies to wallets.

Futures are up 160 on the Dow, and another Grover has a shifty look in its eye. I don’t like being wrong. But it can’t be helped.  I’m a man, after all.

How the World (Really) Works

Marvelous insight from the overnight Comments section (where the best and brightest in geezerhood) speak. This was from Reader Hank who absolutely nails how the World is working nowadays:


The Italian – throws the cup, breaks it, and walks away in a fit of rage. The German – carefully washes the cup, sterilizes it and makes a new cup of coffee. The Frenchman – takes out the fly, and drinks the coffee. The Chinese – eats the fly and throws away the coffee. The Russian – Drinks the coffee with the fly, since it was extra with no charge. The Israeli – sells the coffee to the Frenchman, sells the fly to the Chinese, sells the cup to the Italian, drinks a cup of tea, and uses the extra money to invent a device that prevents flies from falling into coffee. The Palestinian – blames the Israeli for the fly falling into his coffee, protests the act of aggression to the UN, takes a loan from the European Union to buy a new cup of coffee, uses the money to purchase explosives and then blows up the coffee house where the Italian, the Frenchman, the Chinese, the German and the Russian are all trying to explain to the Israeli that he should give away his cup of coffee to the Palestinian so there will be peace.”

This seems to be making its rounds on the net. Do pardon me if you’ve seen it before. I tend to get the “good stuff” about five years after it starts clicking the rounds.

Daily Data

Three men are sitting in a bar and some data walks in.

Hi.  I’m the Challenger Job Cuts Report.”

“Prove it.”

So, he says…

“U.S.-based employers announced 36,836 cuts in October, a 22% decrease from the 47,457 cuts announced one month prior. It is 9% higher than the 33,843 cuts announced in the same month last year, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.?”

Wouldn’t you know it? Another data walks in.

“Hi, I’m the Labor Productivity and Costs Report.

“Prove it.”

So, he looks ’em all dead in the eye and says…

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 4.7 percent in the third quarter of 2023, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 5.9 percent and hours worked increased 1.1 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.)

The increase in labor productivity is the highest rate since the third quarter of 2020, in which productivity increased 5.7 percent. From the same quarter a year ago, nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.2 percent in the third quarter of 2023.”

Third data walks into the bar and says…

“Hi, I’m the latest unemployment filing data.”

“Prove it.”

So, the data holds up a poster reading:

About 10-minutes goes by -deathly silence – and the three dudes and three data points are still just sitting there. Finally, one of the dudes speaks.

Say, isn’t there supposed to be a punch line around here, somewhere?” 

Yeah.  We were kinda wondering about that, too.

OK, Let’s Talk Houseplants

UmPoll: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. takes eye-popping 22 percent against Biden, Trump, – POLITICO.

Fit to be Tied

We haven’t hurled many insults in the direction of made-up money (cryptos) lately.  But, if this was really a massive rally forming in the stock market, shouldn’t BTC be popping through $40,000 instead of holding around $35K?  We ain’t the only ones asking: New BTC price breakouts see Bitcoin traders confirm targets up to $48K (

Green eyeshade files:  US Senate promises to bury Israel-only aid bill | Ukrainska Pravda. We ain’t so sure.

Green eyeshades #2:  Donald Trump Jr. testifies he never worked on father’s financial statements | Fortune. Exec’s don’t do the detail work – that’s what accountants are for.  Still, it’s positioned as a kind of made-up memory loss by the left.

The U.S. House proved (again!) this week it has “turned on the voters” by failing to censure its radical Hamas-cheering ideolog and its liar from New York. Oh, and the GOP still has hollow leadership as Johnson dismisses failed Tlaib, Santos votes: ‘It was resolved on the floor’ ( More of the same-old.

Most of SE Europe should soon be level, hints this report: North Korea may have sent more than million artillery shells to Russia, says South Korea’s spy agency.

And we’re still waiting for the American Corporate string-pulled media to fess up to Russian advances as NATO is slowly sucked into the northern theater of Armageddon: Ukraine war: Russia hits most settlements in one day, says Kyiv. We could be in for a long wait.  When this is done, we figure John Deere will be coming out with a line of unexploded ordinance farm equipment… Inquiring minds want to know: Will it be able to till glass?

ATR: Upcoming Events

Our consigliere will be here for Thanksgiving. If we see a continuing stampede of Grover’s, though, it may not be much financial point to it.  Nevertheless, I made a fabulous dinner for 6-8 Wednesday to mark the (upcoming) occasion.  My ingredient list for this epic culinary masterpiece? 9-clicks.

My latest adventure/personal experiments with past-life regression work will be on the Peoplenomics side Saturday.

The Big Feature in news flow Friday will be the official employment report from Labor.

ShopTalk Sunday this week focuses on “backyard camping” in our new outdoor cooking area with a small tent stove.  Which makes great coffee, if you have 27-minutes to build a fire and wait while… (This is in addition to the BBQ deck with a conventional and a nifty propane grill I’ve raved about.  Can you tell one of us likes hot food?).


Chilly in the Throne Room today.  In fact, 47F in the Guest Room/G2 digs at flush time.  52 percent humidity, too.  (I assume everyone has a weather station in their throne room.)

This got me to Amazon and eyeing a Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Toilet Seat with Night Light, Three Temperature Settings, Gentle Close Lid, Easy Installation.  A little over one Benjamin.

Butt then ADHD struck“But you know (self) if you’re going to do that, why not use the occasional and put in a bidet, too?  See, here’s a…” ZMJH ZMA102 Bidet Toilet Seat, Elongated Smart Unlimited Warm Water, Vortex Wash, Electronic Heated, Warm Air Dryer, Rear and Front Wash, LED Light.” Almost two Benjamins.

Then the voice got louder. The one in my head.  “Look, if you’re going this fall down the trail, why don’t we try to save a little money, since you’re down a Grover this week.”

“Fine idea.”   Pressure Washer Deals at Amazon.

War Count seems to be continuing ?ALERT! WE’RE GOING TO WAR! HOUSE RES 559! US/ISRAEL READY STRIKE ON YEMEN/IRAN, 36 HOURS TO LEBANON – YouTube. And yes, 559 is the real deal, see Stefanik, McCaul Resolution Declares a Nuclear Iran Unacceptable and To Use all Means Necessary to Prevent Iran From Becoming Nuclear Ready | Press Releases | Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (

Text of the bill: “This resolution declares that it is the policy of the United States (1) to use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and (2) to support the freedom of action of partners and allies to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

Does “all means necessary” mean what I think it does?

Grover’s may not leave, yet for the week.

There was something else, too, but it will come to me as soon as I hit “Publish”.

Gotta go.  Three dudes and three data points are waiting for me in a bar somewhere.  I’m supposed to help them find a punchline…remember?

Write when you get rich,

66 thoughts on “Down a Cleveland, Ike in the Ditch, Numbers”

  1. GEORGE…

    • Honesty? Half truths? Dishonest?

      Here we have a very interesting, and telling sequence of comments at Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog site. Hmm…

      Anthony Australia 11/01/2023

      Max Igan Australian (This is Greg Hunter and I deleted the Video. Not vetted and you have no idea when it was shot and where it came from.) Don’t post it aga[n. If you wish to move on please do.

      Greg Hunter 11/01/2023

      Stop posting this crap. You have no idea where this video came from and you cannot see the faces of any of the people in the video. You can see the faces of the people in this video.: Have your Jew hating buddy “Max” break down and analyze this video:

      Anthony Australia 11/02/2023

      Goodbye then Greg. Jesus wouldn’t act this way.

      Greg Hunter 11/02/2023

      I am not Jesus. I told you the truth and you did not like it. News Flash, Jesus was not a Jew hater. He was a JEW!!! Did you watch the Hamas hate filled murder rampage from October 7th?

      Please watch it for the “real face” of evil. Get your Jew hating buddy to comment on it and not post some grainy, unvetted and verified video and then say this is what all Jews are like. Total BS and massive Jew hating propaganda. Now, Crazy Hamas wants to attack again and wipe out all the Jews and Christians too!

      Let’s talk about that!! Oh hell no. You got more Jew hating to do. The narrative is Jews are the real problem in the world today, let’s get rid of them and make the world a better place for all the Jew haters.

      Jesus would not be that way either.


      Anthony Formally Australia 11/02/2023

      Why don’t you post the video of Jews spitting on Christians?
      I’ve spent countless times in and amongst Jewish people all throughout South East Asia. I love them and I loved three people that helped change my life. I’ve heard first hand about the situation there and their thoughts on Jesus.
      You are a well respected Journalist, I suggest you get out there and face reality, not via text’s that have been manipulated.

      Greg Hunter 11/02/2023

      Because it is more Jew hating propaganda to make people hate Jews. I don’t agree with you, and I have lost my respect? Not hardly. Please move on AA.

      Anthony Australia 11/02/2023

      I will then after over a decade of supporting this channel.
      You have fallen for the ultimate deception of divide and conquer campaign.
      Please also refund my last donation.

      Greg Hunter 11/02/2023

      Yes, divide and concur, and we are now divided because I will not turn into an Israel hater. Just go away. Got to get one last stab in me. Sure, post a real name and I will. Jehovah will be on the side of Israel whether you like it or not.

      Fe?rless 11/02/2023

      I am also leaving. Followed Greg for many years, now he showed his true colors.

      Tin foil hat 11/02/2023

      Shaolin fighting monks are Buddhist.

      Anyway, I believe some of the videos/stories from both sides are fake. I don’t understand why, since there shouldn’t be a shortage of bodies. As far as the forty beheaded babies, I still haven’t seen any photo or video.

      Anthony Australia 11/02/2023

      Touché TFH

      • Jonathan Cahn is not someone I’d waste my time watching and I’ll never say that Greg is UN-biased in his opinion-ating. Most of the time when I’m watching Greg’s interviews I’ll just skip forward over his comments to get to the next time his guests get an opening. I’m still waiting for John Williams to make another appearance but I get the idea that he and other more level-headed guests get a little exasperated at his interviewing technique. John Rubino is another frequent visitor to Greg’s site but that last few visits he’s made I find myself talking to the screen asking him to “tell me something I DON’T know!” about what’s going on in the World. Also I’ve always appreciated Greg giving a platform to those doctors that have debunked the whole Covid b.s. program that was foisted on our planet.

        As far as Israel goes I’ve always separated the country and government of Israel from the religious community of Israel. I realize the two are in symbioses with each other but in a situation where everybody’s wrong picking a side is pretty problematic. The only thing that keeps me on Israel’s side is the apparent use of that people by someone that calls Himself “God”, or is at least comfortable with that moniker, and has gone a long way in providing us hairless apes with a set of rules and a knowledge base that gives us a way out of our animalistic ways.

  2. What chu talking bout Willis?

    Futures are indicating Upside Tex, da upside! Negative thoughts leading to negative outcomes ? Who da thunk it.

    Oh well, at least you have BTC to bash there NN (negative nellie). Why BTC has a negative return of around 43% over 2 year previous period. Feel better now ? Good ! get over it –

    BTC 1 yr performance = 67% UPside

    BTC 5 Yr Performance ????? a WHOPPING 439% upside!

    SAY WHAT ? U read that right Sheeps – following frau nellies made up numbers advice have cost you untold amounts of benjamins in OPPORTUNITY Costs.
    What are opportunity costs you might be wondering ?? Keep wondering – as BCN runs 2 local “brokers” for moar hard assets.

    >”you cant eat Gold/Silver/BTC’s you might which I reply..Bullscheisse!

    ..”Barter Bitches!”

    Besides BCN lives in Belize half of the year – unlimited fresh fish year round – game changing pnuematics (Mares rifle & calf mounted pistol), as unlimited fresh Fruits and Nuts..cassava/breadfruit/coconuts…bountiful does not begin to describe. Like a migratory burd, BTC flies the coop when Winter comes a chilling.

    Cold as the brass toilet in an igloo hear in Pennsyltucky this AM. Frost on da pumpkins as it were, so collecting remaining seeds for roasting & seasoning. Dry run on roasting Chestnuts this weekend – have never done it myself, father in law did once in fireplace during Christmas festivities one year – so its practice for new Tradition being unveiled this year..”love it when a plan comes together”.

    Feeling Mary already and it aint even Thanksgiving yet, but will thank her anyway ; )

  3. No one knows, but this morning sure could be the top of this little rally off last Fridays lows………I am also stort with you.

  4. so much for the “fractal” low/collapse on 02 Nov (then again the day is not over yet) … maybe some day it could happen … no worry, life goes on

    • Yeah, and blo a ponies 30% drop from last Fridays close is up 1,238.41 points as I hit the send button.

      • Bo’s got these next 2 months to be wrong so please start holding your breath till some time next month. If you deigned to ever listen to his recordings you’d know that. The past few days have just been possibilities. Do I use his videos for trading advice? Oh heck no. I’ve done my trading and collecting. I’m just as tired as everyone else waiting for this pus pocket of an economy to bust for any one of a dozen different reasons and take everything with it.

        Bo’s noticed a pattern that has worked well for the past 20 plus years and there’s no reason, other than the manipulation we witness every day, for it to continue so he’s one of many that I follow and just throw into the mix – and they’re all looking in the same direction. I don’t know of any honest advisor in the markets that isn’t exasperated by the ongoing flow of this farce of financial information but as long as the main heard of money managers doesn’t begin a stampede things could stay copacetic in this house of cards for weeks. Looking at the futures over on Finviz we’ve just reached the peak of a bounce that ought to begin the next down leg. The Fed’s decision to hold things as they are now no doubt kept the Dow from going through the floor but, as we discuss here every day, there are any one of a few dozen reasons for a panic to set in and send it on its way. The ice we stand on couldn’t be any thinner than it is at this point in history and if anyone has a handle on the why and wherefore of our demise occurring now it’s Bo. The Biblical description of people’s conceit and greed leading to their own self-delusions in the End Times has never been more apparent than now.

    • Sparkup another bowlful of hopium – watch out 4 hot popping seeds..they can burn yo face.

      * have not heard that fat bitch singing yet – so until then there is still the famous strategy known has Hope..hope that deal comes in, hope we close month end, hope they dont drop a nook..
      ..selling Hopium (time premium) so I can stick it to some wallstreet warpig. Can I interest you in a deep in the money Put, and I mean deep?

      Like Shiva once quipped to fellow blueskinned “god” – “cant make an Omelet without breaking a few Worlds.” – Nataraja

  5. Tomorrow is a 1-1-3 Ritual Day (The Age of Desolation)

    Hal Turner: Word came out yesterday that both Hezbollah and Iran allegedly told Israel and the United States that unless Israeli hostilities HALT by sunrise tomorrow, it will be all-out war by tomorrow afternoon.

    The clock is still ticking.

    If open war is declared during the Hezbollah speech, it would take place at 3:00 PM local time in Beirut/Tel Aviv, which translates to 9:00 AM on the US East Coast.

    We could all wake up tomorrow morning to a world on fire.

  6. The Houthi missiles need a flatter trajectory to hit anything and their drones could be improved. They’ll get it

    Crocodiles/alligators – “Crocodiles have been known to place nesting material on their heads to lure birds to them.”

    Some folks think Israel is simply expanding territory. That’s nesting. Perhaps the crocs are luring in the pigeon and the physically divided ‘Gaza Croc’ will close its jaws on them.

    Eagles (U.S.) also nest and could be lured in by crocs.

  7. Looks like the fed and yellon are rearranging the chairs on the titanic. Why is the market going up when we will be in deep shit tomorrow? I wonder if the pedo joe crime family has converted all their cash , they seem to have plenty , to P M?

  8. Here a half hour south of the ATL airport and way south of Pennsyltucky, we had a very hard freeze this AM with thick frost on the windshields (garages full of treasures). This is early for the area in the year the weather folks are forecasting a “warmer and wetter” winter for us. GF

      • that reminds me I have to order Thanksgiving dinner.. they have an orange cranberry sauce I totally love..

  9. so yesterday, in the same spot i had the little black rock move towards me and i threw it off the cliff.

    i go around the corner at 11:11 am and The Bank Gives way and this Lime stone comes down rolls 2 feet from my Giant Tonka Truck.

    it has a smiley face on it. look for yourself

    then later that day a fella i seen down at my spot by the lake where i pray and meditate i are chatting and says, I always see ya down there at the Lake Praying and Meditating. you are always there. i said yeah. there, the mines or the gym or fishing. He said, i know alot of people up there at the Mines. i asked about ya. they all said You are a hard worker. Dont damage any equiptment, dont ever complaine, never late for work. You have a good reputation up there. i said well I have been a Boss and i heard my share of complaining. so i dont complain much. he laughed.

    he says you ever miss a day down there at the lake Praying? i said that is funny my roomate asked me the same thing. i said no. i never miss it. THE DUDE aka God is important to me. im important to Him. He is a priority to me. I am Priority to Him. i could tell ya stories for days about all the Cool stuff i experianced in life with God. He most certainly loves me. I most certainly love Him. i came here on an act of complete blind faith. so far so good.

    he said, ya know. im a God guy too. He said, Listen, im out at my ranch in wyoming most of the time. i have that 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in town on a half acre. im only going to be there twice a month going forward.

    he said, maybe you can help me out. i said oh. he said, How about I rent you that house for what i pay in taxes and home owners insurance. its fully furnished and has a brand new 70 inch 4k tv. has a game room with a pool table and an old juke box. brand new washer dryer, new couches, pots and pans, dishes everything ya need and in the master bedroom there is a Calofornia King Bed, ive only slept in it once. My ex wife bought it. paid $10,000 for it and after we had it for a week i came home and caught her in bed with another dude in it. and so i couldnt sleep in it after that.

    i said how much? he said oh i dont know. how about $800 a month? you can have dogs and animales. there is a freezer with a whole cow in it from my ranch i had slaughtered. eat all that up too. i got 6 cords of wood out there. you will have to chop it. i recently put in a wood stove. and there is a hot tub out back. it needs a thermistat. they are $23 at the hot tub store, so if ya want to use the hot tub, you can buy one and put it in. its a pretty simple job.

    About, 4 years ago before i went to California. i was going to put everything i own in storage and set out to see what God had for me. A friend, i consider family, had her boyfreind beat the hell out of her. he is in prison now for 15 years. they charged him with attempted murder. the battered womens shelter placed her in a apartment. when i went over to visit her, she had her 2 kids and nothing but a lawn chair and a matress on the floor. she was too scared to go back and get her stuff even with the cops.

    so, i thought about it while i packing my stuff. and i went anf got her and we got a uhaul and i gave her everything i owned. because she had nothing. i gave her my pots and pans, new bed, 70 inch Tv, microwave, $1000 mirrors. everything that wouldnt fit in my car.

    and yesterday, After i went around the corner and the bank gave way next to me and a rock with a smiley face rolled 2 feet from me. i got a 4 bedroom, 3 Bedroom house on Half an Acre, fully furnished, with a brand new King size Bed, a Pool Table and an Old time Juke Box and a Hot tub for $800 a month.

    now that is real world tangible evidence the Language of Creation and my understanding of it is correct.

    i think there is more coming to me. just a hunch. im not sure why i need a 4 bedroom house. but i have one now. in seattle that house would cost ya $7000 a month. and Im only paying $800.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. Let there be Light! Behold, I make all things new.

    • Andy, you sound like a good dude with positive karma. We should hang out and have some beers and smokes (Northcoast brewing old Rasputin 9% alc and southern cut Marlboros, my 2 favorites things in the world these days) hopefully some of your good vibes will rub off on me. Cheers mate.

      • i dont drink. Alchol isnt good for me.

        but i will smoke a cigerette and drink some strong coffee.

        i dont suscribe to Karma theory. alot of people do tho
        i suscribe to Grace. im a sinned saved by Grace. and i Suscribe to life is what you make it.

        ya see i had this theory about All that is. all that is. is created by a language. and if i could learn it, understand it and speak it, and commicate with all creation? then i could change the world and make it a better place. i pay close attention to what the world is saying around me.

        like right before i got out of my Massive Tonka and the little black rock moved 3 inches towards me. that song by Katy Perry was playing on the FM radio,

        ” So you wanna play with magic?
        Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for
        Baby, do you dare to do this?
        ‘Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse (hey)

        Are you ready for, ready for (hey)
        A perfect storm, perfect storm? (Hey, hey)
        ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine (hey, hey, hey, hey)
        (There’s no going back)”

        so i wondered after i took that little black rock and threw it off a 700 foot cliff and when it hit the ground below and shattered into a million pieces then the fella on the Giant Track Hoe dumped a bucket on it and said, “That is the end of that little black rock.”

        i wondered if that was katy perrys dark horse that was coming at me. lol

        i also suscribe to the Notion that THE DUDE aka The Creator, aka God is the Ultimate Power and The Cause. and all of creation is a result of That Power and Cause.

        the more i surrender, the more I become The Ultimate Power, The Ultimate Cause.

        i believe the concept of ascention is a lie. because i have found that it is through the surrender or exchange of my positions, the more lofty position i attain.

        God or The Ultimate Power, decimates the proud and raises the humble from the desert, to the sea to the Top of the Mountain.

        and i have given up everything. many many many many times.

        that has been my experiance.

        like Elon said. i wouldnt recomend this path. he said it is brutal. and if he had to do it again, he wouldnt. when he was speaking about his rise in status to where he is now.

        i have to agree with him on that. its a very lonely path at times to continuouly surrender over and over.

        unlike many others,

        the only thing i didnt sell or give away is my soul. i retained my soul.

        most of the people who sold their soul. sold it to entities who dont even have the Authotity to purchase it.

        anyway, im moving today. i need some time to think. basque in the quality of life upgrade i just received. I am humbled by the Presence of the Language of All Creations to exchange my status to a more lofty position. and Im very humbled by Gods Movement in my life.

        it would seem the powers out to get me, are now on the run because as George Wrote on my old website when he helped me make it. ~ and some guy with a big stick~ aka Orion.

        Orion the Great Hunter is on the Job.

        not to be confused with hunter crackhead biden.

        Orion The guy Zues made into a constilation. He carrys a big stick.

        and as all the recient viral videos of theives breaking into stores suggests, all the theives got beat by big sticks by the Store Owners, until they couldnt walk anymore. lol. i mean they got the Holy Hell beat out of them.

        good for them.

        with that,

        rack em,

        que: ~ Smoke Smoke Smoke that Cigerette ~

        Jimmy Dean.

      • the last line is,

        “now boy, that is real coffee.”

        i love that song. hahahaha

        i need some time to think. moving in a new direction. all is well. hahaha

  10. you know the really funny part George. 2 weeks ago i went to the big city (2 hour drive) and bought all new bedding for my bed at the ranch i been staying at. new pillows, new 800 count egyptian sheets. a new matress pad, a big fluffy blanket etc etc. and when i got home, i realized i made mistake and bought all stuff for a king size bed and the bed i was sleeping on at the ranch was a full size bed.

    and i thought oh well. i will just keep it. i put it on the bed anyway. because i didnt want to drive 4 hours there and back home to exchange it.

    and all that stuff i mistakenly bought in king size, fits that that brand new king size bed perfectly.

    Have a wonderful week. im excited to see what THE DUDE does next!

  11. remember, im still up here ~ mining the future. ~ in the valley of enoch.

    more will will be revealed. of that im most certain.

  12. oh.

    mining the future
    valley of Enoch
    phosphate = spirit and light
    3 dudes and 3 data points
    3 wise men.
    ~three points of wisdom~
    that is why i found a lighter the other day with an image on it of a fella in a buisness suite with the head of an Owl.
    chariot of God aka merkaba.

    a 4 bedroom house.


    cool. thanks George. filled in some questions i had.

    it seems my old website is still producing.

    i have everything i need for a new one. just have to do it. when the time is right. i will.

  13. i think after 4 years of studying daily, intently, praying for eyes to see and ears to hear, understanding and wisdom,

    i finally grasp ~ The Language of Ceation ~

    its not theory anymore. its real. the entire word and all creation is speaking all the time. telling you the most Amazing Stuff.

    The Bank Gave way and Produced a Lime Stone with a Smiley face for me. The Smiley face is written in what we call Core in the mine.

    not just word frequency analysis. not just using intuition. not just hypothysis or data points and trajectories.

    Im Speaking and Communicating with Creation now.

    now, That is
    pretty Amazing.
    pretty Amazing.

    • Ure too has been contemplating how ALL works. Turns out, especially when you get into the Intelligent Design debate that there is a third way that (almost laughably) no one “gets” or even seems to want to give voice to.
      Goes like this in simplest terms.

      The Light (which most marketers call Dude) is One aspect of the Trinity.
      The Darkness (the Satan by marketers) is anti-Dude and is the anti-aspect.
      But there is also Shadow. The interaction between ALL that gets almost no play, yet it’s almost the circuit board “trace level” of how Dude (Universal, not the limited to Light Dude (indeed a Son) goes about making ALL happen.

      Thus, people of different persuasions invoke “Light” in their work, not understanding that Light has a dependence on Darkness for its contrast and very existence. The pedos, praying to Darkness, get burned in the end because what they worship requires the presence of Light to exist.

      It is in the closer study of the operations of Dude (Almighty) and His SHADOWS cast, that we can then begin to see the Infinite Way, hear the Infinite’s music, and be in the Infinite’s way.

      Which is neatly hidden in plain sight in places like Lao Tzu. “The Way (Tao) that can be spoken is not THE Way (Tao).” Or words to that effect.

      Thus Dude Almighty, being all that ever was and will be, must have a “dance partner” to help Create his divine Plans. With the marionettes (Lightness, Darkness) HIS way – the all-powerful Shadow – has its way with all of ALL.

      Humans are drawn to Light, curious about Darkness, but pay scant attention to shadows. And yet, DUDE (almighty) works there by moving relations between Light and Dark. The ongoing conflict of dance.

      Two sticks fall over. Three sticks may stand. The Great Spirit stands sticks.

      Something to think about down by the Lake.

      (Though Light and Dark will hear nothing of it! Polarity breeds action and it is their role. Centered – properly with Shadow respecting the extremes to do its Will – is a place from which Love can arise and act.)

      Which is an interesting thought process to consider given Light and Dark are both off yelling about killing one another. Which, seems to me, Author of Shadow strictly prohibits by those weak children creating in its Own image?

      Smacking both down, a new field is planted.

      Shadow is still learning. Faster than us, however.


        The sun is the god of organic life on earth. It bathes nature with light and warmth. The ancients observed the sun acting upon nature in three different modes: toward the end of winter, its rays encouraged germination; throughout spring, it sustained shoots till they matured into full-fledged plants; and in summer, it scorched them back to dust. Therefore, at different times of the year, the god of organic life manifested as creator, sustainer, and destroyer, inspiring the ancients to personify him as a divine trinity.

        To the modern eye, a triad of gods overseeing all phenomena seems naive, unless we realize they represent a law, not a fact. According to this law of three, any process on any scale without exception, is the result of the action of three forces—the positive, the negative, and the neutralizing. In the case of the sun’s influence on organic life, the Law of Three unfolds through time: spring cannot come without winter, summer without spring. Nature cannot survive without a proportionate balance of creation, sustenance, and destruction.

        [GURDJIEFF] Everything in the world obeys the Law of Three, everything existing came into being in accordance with this law. Combinations of positive and negative principles can produce new results, different from the first and the second, only if a third force comes in.

        • the world is out of balance.

          to answer your thoughts both George and JC.

          according to the Hermetic Axiums. when one is is placed in a neutral position. one ascends above both positive and negative (light and Shadow) and is capable of weilding both without impunity.

          light and shadow, life and death hold no sway over time. there is things, laws such as gravity that are far above light and shadow. even light and shadow answer to the higher laws and their governance.

          a bird has to land to know that flys.

          even a fish can jump out of the water for a moment in time to know the sea is not the only world that is. and then there is flying fish. lol

          thank you for the thoughts and the heart beats and breaths you spent to give them to me.

          the eternal wisdom is found when i say, let their be light, then ripping open the curtiains and saying, Behold, I make all things New.

          it is the same wisdom found when Jesus died and the veil between the preists and the Arch of the Covanent was torn in two.

          the same wisdom found in the Kybalian, hermatic Axiums chapter XIV

          “We dont shovel and sweep out darkness, we simply open the blinds and let the light do what it does.”

          the same simple wisdom found when someone wakes up, they open their eyes. the mind trasitioning from the darkness (subconsiousness) to light of consiousness.

          in meditation the place between awake and asleep is the called the Veil. it is the perfect blend or balanance between awake and asleep.

          when a pathway between both places is established as in ripping open the curtain betweeen both,

          dreams become reality.

          that has been my experiance

          thanks again.


      • George. i do not consider THE DUDE as the Light. THE DUDE spoke light into existance.

        light is a tool. no different than when i start work at 3am, i click the button on my flash light and it comes on and reveals all things.

        i dont pray to the flash light. i dont worship the flash light. i dont sing it songs or make big elaborate lectures and sermons about it on sunday. that stuff is sooo 2 to 3000 years ago.

        i just click the button and the light shines.

        click click.

        so when people say love and light.

        i just click a button. and think. huh. okay cool. however you find God, good for you. lol

        i honestly think its more important to make sure your batteries are charged. than sing songs to the Holy Flash light.

        but what do i know. lol

        • i declined the house. for something better. i meditated this morning and thought about it.

          is the best that all creation has for me?

          one the things i have learned in life is the story of the old zen farmer.

          as you said a while back George, bargon with life for a penny an penny is all you will get.

          the initial offerings may seem like a wonderful thing. a big house with everything a guy would want. but after i thought about it. i respectfully declined the offer. and by declining the initial offer, i have walk away power. then it will come back to me with something more fitting. and i will accept.

          that is the art of the deal.


          thank you very much fot the offer. i declined. i awaite the new offer.

          much to consider.

        • Dude! right after i declined the offer saying in my best Zen Farmer vouce “How do you know this is good fortune? a bunch of bad shit happend. hahahahahhahahhahahaha!

          now we are talking! whooohoo!


          as the Old Zen Farmer said, “how do you know this is bad fortune?”


          life ya know. hahaha.

          most people settle for the first thing that comes along.

          im not most people.

          almost instantly after i declined the first offer. everything began restructuring.

          ans too most people, that looks bad fortune. but its not. its just restructuring.


          so awesome!

          this is not the easy path. hahaha. you have to have guts and grit!

          as My Good friend Ric Flair
          says all the time.



        • my roomate says to me. holy cow. this could ruin your life.

          and i laughed harder than i think ive ever laughed in a long time.

          she looked at me. and i said dear child. i spend 2 hours a day down at the Lake with The All Mighty. you think i do that because He is not Real? ahahahahahhahahaha!

          you think i go down there and spend time with the All Mighty then shit my pants when a little bump presents itself in the road.

          im not pole vaulting rat turds honey. im on the mountain peak enjoying the view. i didnt place me on the moutain peak. God did. im sure God isnt sweating a rat turd. and neither am i.

          this is the old story of the Farmer.

          one day the Farmers only horse ran away. now he would have no horse to work his farm.

          upon hearing this all the villagers came out and said, so sorry to hear about your bad fortune.

          the old farmer lookes at them and says, How do you know this is bad fortune?

          the villagers called him crazy and left.

          10 days later the Farmers horse returnes and with it brings 10 wild horses. now plowing the field would be even easier and some of the wild horses, once broken could be sold to do some upgrades around the farm.

          upon hearing this all the villagers came out and said, we see that you are wise! you were right! this is indeed good fortune!

          the old farmer lookes at them and says, How do you know this is good fortune?

          the villagers called him crazy and left.

          3 days later the famers only son fall off one of the wild horses and breaks his hip. now he will have no help working the farm. and all the money from the horses now will have to be used to hire help to bring in the crops.

          upon hearing this all the villagers came out and said, we see that you are wise! you were right again! so sorry to hear about your bad fortune.

          the old farmer lookes at them and says, How do you know this is bad fortune?

          the villagers called him crazy, hurl insults at him and left.

          2 weeks later An Invading army comes in to destroy the land. the local war chief travels to all the villiages to take every able man and boy off to war where they will surely die.

          he gets to the village and takes every man and boy old enough to fight off to war.

          when he gets to the farmers farm, he says your son is not able to fight. he can stay behind. because he has no one to help him. you can stay behind to care for him.

          upon hearing this all the village women came out to the farmer and said, we see that you are wise! you were right! this is indeed good fortune!

          the famer pauses and says Indedd this is good fortune! present yourselves and your daughters to my son and I so the villiage may not die.

          and that is the story of how a simple farmer and his son became the first Kings.

          ahhhhh there is that fella with the owl head. first wise man and first poing of wisdom. flick my bic.


          okay enough blah blah blah

          time for more action. hahaha.

          it just starting to get interesting! hahahahahahhah

          woot woot!

        • Then there is the story of the man of faith who saw all his village running down the road. A truck came by and the people said, “The dam broke and a flood is coming! Get in the truck! “No”, said the old man. I have faith that God will save me and my farm.”

          Still the waters rose, until they were at the doorstep of his farmhouse. A boat came by and the people shouted, “Get in the boat! The flood is coming!” “No”, said the old man. I have faith that God will save me and my farm.”

          And the waters rose even more, and the old man of faith climbed up onto his roof as the flood waters swirled around his house. A helicopter came by and dangled a rope to the old man. “Grab the rope and we will fly you to safety shouted the pilot.” “No”, said the old man. I have faith that God will save me.”

          And so the flood waters washed away the house, and the old man drowned in the waters. When his soul went to heaven he asked God, “Why did you not save me?” God replied, “I sent a truck, a boat, and a helicopter to save you. Why did you not listen?”

  14. i think i have found the key to creating the 5th world. or I am the Key. because i am now in dialog with Creation. it speaks, i understand, i speak it understands by creating a reaponse.

    ~ A life beyond your wildest dreams Andy, is right around the corner ~

    i made it around the corner George. i made it.

    i hold the keys to


      • i see them all the time. even ones dressed up as wonder woman. named Delta.

        its their right to maintain their inocense as long as they can, to be children. anyone who would attempt take that from them, i shine my flash light on. and all is revealed.

        this world completely out of Balance. darkness is running rampant.

        i read a story the other day. pretty cool story.

        the 7 Gods whome their is none above. found a Man who was just, And each
        of the 7 Gods who no other God was above them, bestowed a power of theirs to restore Balance in the world.

        and every time Darkness and Evil started making ground in the world, it was let happen for a period to show the world who was participating in such Evil acts. and everyone in the world saw those who commited Evil and Darkness. Those who did Evil and Darkness both day and night, in the open and in secret were allowed to take great seats of power and they swole up with Pride. so much so, there was doubt who it was who Evil and Who commited darkness on the world. everyone knew who they were.

        and all men and women trembled at the feet of Those who did Evil and commited Dark Acts

        then one say The Man who posessed the 7 powers the 7 Gods gave him said, Enough and slayed them all in a single day.

        and all the world, livid in peqce, and joy for many years.

        and that was the way things went.

        pretty cool story. i liked it very much.

        ok, no comment for a while.

        its harvest season. and the world is alive with the spirit of Orion beating the theives with sticks.

        after all N____ said so.

  15. George, the mushroom, walks into a bar. Three dudes inside walk out. Mushroom says to the bartender, “Why did everyone leave? I’m a fun guy!” [fungi]

  16. FWIW Monkey was saying in his latest video that Panama has lots of bad stuff going on down there and is just this side of a failed state. Oh, and look for a reinstatement of the draft when things go hot, he says, as the Air Force and Space Force has raised their age limits to 42 for active duty recruits. Not getting enough bodies to volunteer even if it means a steady paycheck.

    Monkey also referenced a website by the name of that sounded vaguely familiar and has some interesting financial information being passed back and forth on it. George may have made a reference to it some time in the past.

    • “Not getting enough bodies to volunteer even if it means a steady paycheck.”

      its one thing to defend ourselves and our country.. quite a different issue to be asked to sacrifice our children and families to go to war to keep their corrupt family and deviant lifestyle..
      every time a new deceptive and deviance is brought up about their family business that borders on such a deep level of just plain wrong.. out comes a new countermeasure to make the tax paying citizens lives more complicated..
      everyone I talk to has been shocked at the deviance the inability of our own agency heads to do the right thing instead it resembles a huge criminal organization rather than an agency sworn to protect the innocent..

      • Then THANK GOD the picture is beginning to become a bit more clear to someone else other than most of us here on George’s site! Everybody here need to get on their knees and PRAY that this translates into more votes than they can overcome with bogus ballots next year.

    • ” Not getting enough bodies to volunteer even if it means a steady paycheck. ”

      That’s because there are millions of eligible, and thousands of interested potential recruits, who refuse to be forced into accepting and bowing down to the Administration’s 105 “genders” which are neither “male” nor “female…”

    • That actually happened at least a year or so ago. I remember seeing the video. Teachers ought to be carrying at least a taser in schools like that.

  17. As I recall, a wise guy once said, the more people that bet on a crash, the more likely a rally will ensue.

    • When the digital printing presses have a limitless amount of storage space to create more digits the show can go on forever. Sooner or later the audience learns that it’s JUST a show and nothing else and will start looking for something more grounded in reality. Till then I’ll keep trading my digidollars for real things while I can.

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