Does Technology Lead to Socialism?

imageIn our Wednesday report, we looked at “utilization” in a number of areas, such as transportation where Uber and Lyft are quickly turning all of America into a country served by a “rental vehicle utility.

Today, we will take that concept further.

As we do, a fascinating question arises:  Do utilities arise from technology itself, or is it really driven by high capitalization costs?

In either event, it helps to define this Brave New World because the implications of either technology or high CAPEX driving more socialism begets a soft revolution that no one has yet labeled.

This isn’t like an Arab Spring deal…a headline and flash-in-the-pan.  If the conceptualization is correct, this is the newly arising wave that we’ll all be riding into the future.

Until it breaks. 

And, as we’ll see, no trend is extensible forever…of is it? Even free speech, as in Chicago, for example.

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13 thoughts on “Does Technology Lead to Socialism?”

  1. Voting age to 25 and number of votes permitted by the amount of tax dollars you pay. For instance, since my social security survivor benefit (widow) is taxed at 85%, I get more votes than someone who is paying $0 tax dollars. I don’t care if this starts with this election because I will have a hard time using even one vote but presuming this country doesn’t completely implode – anytime after this one is fine. Yep-Collect your rocks, I admit I am an Oligarch and Plutocrat.

  2. Maybe you can explain why potential protesters are forcibly removed from Trump rallies before they say a word. If protesters who stand and silently hold up a sign are roughed up, spat upon, screamed at with racial and sexual epithets, whose First Amendment rights are abrogated?

    • Maybe you can tell us why there are No Trump Supporters disrupting any other candidates rally’s? Now allegedly MoveOn is claiming responsibility in Chicago – where is Lynch and her arrest warrants for promoting violence and possibly riots?

  3. bad luck counting your chickens before they hatch. Those old aphorisms still have a bit of wisdom.

  4. For a brief time, Yahoo news had a photo of the Chicago fracas showing the back of a T-shirt on which was scrawled
    “MUSLIMS AGAINST TRUMP”, and off to the side was
    “TRUMP A MANYAK” (sic). That kind of says it all…

  5. In the old days, you had to own property in order to vote. This was a oligarcial ploy in post revolutionary days to suppress the tempation of checkbook democracy and to encourage those capable of upward mobility.

    A revist to that idea may be in order today.

  6. Every time Trump is attacked, his numbers go up. I have never seen the media go after any candidate like they have Trump. He’s not a criminal, like Hillary. He’s a businessman spending his own money to try and fix his country. So what’s the media really up to? Are they trying to elect Hillary, OR…are they applying reverse psychology, which seems to be working, to get Trump elected? Is he the Hoover rhyme? Do they want him to take the fall when the economy crashes? Is there anything more racist than Black Lives Matter? What are the master-minds up to? The media knows there is no easier way to create conflict in the US than by playing black against white. Is this a lead-in to a Trump assassination based on racism? An attack attempt was made in Dayton. Just which way are the sheeple being herded, because you know they are? This is the most interesting election ever, and there is much to ponder, from the peanut gallery south of the border.

    • that is because he is a free canon..He’s not a politician, no prepared political speeches.. he says whats on his mind and most of the time things the rest of us are just thinking.. He has five billion reasons to strengthen the economic outlook of America rather than erode it any more and can’t be controlled by the puppet masters..for a poorer politician.. they can buy them with a few gifts.. for trump they can’t it would take to much..

  7. Right now the Federal reserve is kiting the economy.. I believe this all started when the dollar was downgraded for a short time for our borrowing capacity. so print print print print the money print the money…. but.. they are kiting it all the same.. writing checks to pay the bills.. and a little more to keep up with our elevated spending on wars no one but a few want.Seems like it is going good economy seems strong.. yada yada yada.. in reality we are heading for a cliff.. Trump on the other hand. has five billion of those pieces of papers..I actually think he would like to keep it as a powerful resource rather than the purchasing power of a truck load of bread.. he is a business man.. Reagan on the other hand was an actor and he did ok.. if he would have had trump as vice president with his business back ground we might be ok.. He would embarrass congress to actually do something and who knows maybe even write or read some of the bills they vote into power. .I am a trump supporter.. rude crude says what he thinks.. no scripts.. sure a little rough around the ears but its business as usual..

  8. Great comments today. I usually don’t get my entertainment from sports or politics and only vote locally, when I know something about the candidates. But wow, the campaigns are getting sort of fun to watch… Trump camp back to Illinois on Sunday but cancelling the Friday rally made him look weak (my perception, I’m not for or against him). Was his life in danger? Perhaps but, that sort of comes with the job he’s applying for.

    • He cancelled so OTHER people wouldn’t get hurt. He was not worried about his hide! Strength!

  9. What leads to socialism is the concept that somehow it is OK to just sit on your ass and move your assets correctly and increase your wealth.

    If some banker can punch a few computer keys (do nothing productive) and make millions, why can’t the rest of us just sit on our ass and get money?

    The Buddha called this “unmerited wealth,” and was man’s greatest barrier to reaching a true state of awareness. Americans have had their lifestyle subsidized by exploitation (free money) for almost a century. Take a good look at your country and see where that has taken the country.

    And you folks thing voting can change anything are in the same class of folks who believe there were terrorists on the planes on 9/11.

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