Does CPI or War Matter Most?

Pick your poison today!  We have a fascinating stew of intermingled economic classes to unravel.  There is, of course, Behavioral Economics (Prime Day 2).  Then we have International Economics.  Runaway bubble market economics.  And for good measure, let’s throw in Battlefield Economics – which is becoming a bounding layer forcing both sides into escalation.

Bring your own cluster bombs, pom-poms, cheerleaders and fear bleeders. A fine time will be had by all.

And even grander time awaits in today’s Focus piece.  We look into knowledge compression and how we’ve been “shrinking time on task” from what people learn to Winner’s Checklists.  File under “Need, read, and succeed.

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41 thoughts on “Does CPI or War Matter Most?”

  1. no inflation here, turn the page …. (joking of course) …… but no joke as the markets keep powering UP, no matter the news, no matter the gloom … all is good …. until it ends … safe trading all

  2. George,

    A rare technical sighting this morning: an SPX exhaustion gap with an opening above the preceding day close … will the SPX end on the low of the day?

    ‘The Everything Crash’

    The next 8 trading days will be an ‘every asset crash.’

    Bond valuations (use TNX) will crash with higher interest rates completing a 6 April 2023 25/42 of 50 day x/2x growth fractal series. (higher interest rates).

    Higher bond prices will result greater paper losses for global banks holding older lower interest rate bonds.

    Gold will crash completing a lower low 7/15/10 of 18 day decay fractal series.

    The Shanghai property index will crash completing a 6/16/12/2 of 10 day decay fractal.

    The CAC will crash completing a 6/14/13/1 of 9 day fractal series.

    Etherium will crash completing a 30/75/75 week and a 43-44/89 of 97 day first and second fractal series.

    Et. al. for all asset classes in the global trading markets.

    • The Economic Fractalist or The Economic FUDster ?

      Going hard against Ure crash completion predictions proving to be lucrative endevour (s).

      I dont think I understand Ure definition of a Crash..?

  3. Excellent PN Report as always. I’m also a big believer in processes. I call them recipes because that’s what they are. Want to build a deck? There’s a recipe. Want to run a marathon? There’s a recipe. You just have to pick the flavor that works for you and then methodically follow the steps. It seems like a no-brainer, but apparently it’s a concept that’s lost on some folks.

    Personally, I like it because it takes the stress out of the effort. You don’t have to worry if you’re doing it the right way and you can concentrate on proper technique, etc and overall enjoy the ride. As we know, often much of the enjoyment of anything in life is the journey and not the destination. It really adds good B-roll. My afterlife review should be pretty entertaining with a few cringe worthy moments here and there.

    Salty Military Rant Incoming:

    Nothing personal here, but, I beg to differ with your consigliere, George. There are a lot of former military folks that do not understand our present situation. I’m not getting into any heated debates with anyone (a couple have tried), but there are some who are still not updating their thinking even after meeting objective reality. This is not the same U.S. military that you served in. That is gone. Accept it.

    I’m still hearing (and reading) statements to the effect that Putin doesn’t understand, Putin over estimated, Putin underestimated, Putin over extended, Putin isn’t a military guy, Putin this, Putin that and, finally, Putin on the Hits!

    Who are you trying to convince?

    After spending 20 years in Afghanistan doing who knows what and then failing at that spectacularly do you still think Putin is the one that doesn’t know what they’re doing? Wake up! Modern Western military thinking is hot garbage and the planners are the ones that have underestimated and overextended. If you still believe that somehow NATO is going to defeat Russia via Ukraine your head is full of fairytales. I’ve got news for you…Santa Claus ain’t real. We haven’t been successful at anything in a long, long time. I know because I participated in it. I’ve been in several theaters of modern combat and not once could anyone articulate what it was exactly that we were trying to accomplish strategically. In other words, all the way to the top no one knew what the f*&k we were doing. Same thing here.

    The bottom line is the West has the same hubris that the Germans had in WW2 and it will end the same way.

    • Agreed. Go onto a battlefield with the midset, “This is how we did it before” and you will likely come back in pieces if at all.

  4. “My consigliere writes it off to different ways to approach War. Checkers and Chess.
    “We’re playing checkers. Putin is playing chess”

    Even before anything began… I said…what i think is this looks like a poison pawn started out to hide the mass corruption of members of an administration. to fulfill Obligations bought and paid for with foreign governments.
    only to have the tables the whole status of the people holding the power of the planet and their people for over a thousand years is in jeopardy of losing that position.
    it only took a few million even though they spend billions to keep the political machines world wide enslaved by their pimps of power and status. this is now a war of survival and to keep their position of power over the people..
    we have been nasty to to many people ,countries and forced our coveted wants on to many.

  5. the CIA has over thrown several governments and installed their selected controllers, using the same playbook. Ole Putin just used their repeated behavior against them.
    STING, like a bee
    Dark to Light, shining a light,,, this is showing the world and mainly, showing US commoners here about the bad behavior of our ruling bureaucracy.
    the over invasion past the Crimea was to take out the bio-labs. Remember how the neocons got all worried about the labs?
    The ruling elite are like a school yard bully gang with no teacher overseeing the grounds,,, then Trump showed up!
    They have already killed off others who dare challenge their power or stood in their evil way.
    This temple of evil is GOING down, the turning of a cycle is at hand.
    When it comes to the history of civilizations of the Universe, we are ignorant. Hell we pretty much ignorant of our own rewritten history.
    Trump is just the spearhead of a greater force, coming to fruition
    Space Force,,, Scotty, beam me up

  6. Interesting read! I always find the Focus section most interesting and useful. The charts are worth trying to parse, but some have greater talent with them than others.

    Regarding the Night Stalker guy – why would anyone tattoo their body? Yes, some women do it for art and occasionally it’s even good. I’m proud to know one of those true exceptions, though the art is IMHO optional. Most tattoos are rather gross or stupid, and they give away far too much of who you are. Tattoos are sought after by police agencies as strong biometric identifiers. They can be recognized by untrained people, and can make travel and life itself more challenging than it need be. The non-obvious “gray man” approach seems to be the best in an increasingly dystopian world. Bland and blending rules the day. Obviously, it’s hard to hide things such as a muscular body or obvious aberration, but it’s worth the exercise. Perhaps there’s some benefit in tattoos or other markings, but I personally feel that it’s not worth it.

  7. I think CPI is a con. .gov uses the teeter totter method.

    Milk goes up 3%. Fuel goes down 2%. Net CPI increase 1%.

    Next report.

    Milk stays the same. Fuel goes up 1%. Net CPI increase 1%.

    The milk never came down.

    Vs war.

    Everyone understands the graveyard.

  8. Garlic is pulled from the garden and removing the stalks with a hedge trimmer gizmo. Will dry in trays in racks in my drying shed. Been growing garlic since 1988.
    Oh, and had 4 helpers helping harvest 7 rows 115 footlong.

  9. Re: “Leaving Eden”
    feat. Barbie & Ken


    Looking forward to the upcoming release of “Barbie”? Apparently Barbie and Ken get expelled from Barbie Land for their imperfections and take “a journey of self-discovery” in the real world. Wow.

    I had no idea the American movie is being banned in Vietnam. The film portrays a quasi-Chinese 8-dash line map version of the South China Sea. China’s real world contested 9-dash line includes Vietnamese oil lease properties.

    Cover up Ken’s hot pink corvette! We have DJ George revving up the motor on the Bratz Cruiser for today’s Nooner Show. Get set to burn some vinyl as DJG buries the needle and spools up a hit from Barbie’s arch-nemesis Bratz Dolls Rock Angelz Collection-

    “So What”.

    • Folks,

      Fandemonium in London this evening outside Cineworld, Leicester Square – emerging from bankruptcy and conveniently located on Chinatown’s doorstep – for the UK premiere of “Barbie”. Per the “Daily Mail” Ms. Robbe (Barbie) wore a pink satin ‘Enchanted Evening’ gown channeling ensemble #983 from the toy doll Collector Edition circa 1960 to 1963.

      Sorry, it’s not in Prime.

    • Re: “Knock, Knock”, 1940
      feat. Woody Woodpecker


      The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency has issued a press release. Apparently there is nothing to worry about regarding the recent increase of reported GPS failures in Finland.

      By the way, NATO TV is streaming Secretary General Stoltenberg’s remarks made at the opening dinner Tuesday at the Summit in Vilnius. The head table with a perceived capacity of 8 included the Secretary General, the President of the host nation Lithuania, and the President of Ukraine along with their respective spouses. Mr. Stoltenberg extended a toast to those attending the dinner. President Biden was said to be at rest in his hotel in lieu of Palace grub. One trusts the room service meal provisions were adequate.

  10. Here’s good spite but not very creative.

    Traverse City salon refuses to service transgender, queer patrons

    “If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman please seek services at a local pet groomer,” Studio 8 Hair Lab stated in a now deleted Facebook post. “You are not welcome at this salon. Period. Should you request to have a particular pronoun used please note we may simply refer to you as ‘hey you.’ ”

  11. George … your Four Minute Book (summary of a much longer book) was invented EONS ago. I used it many times in college, and some in high school. Amazing how well it worked at cutting out the extra wordage and distilling the book to it’s essence. Could take a multi day all day read and distill down to a short evening.

    Name of those summaries? “Cliff Notes”

    OMG what a work of creative genius!! Saved me several
    hundred of hours in college I calculate. So YES I “am” a big believer in a short book that distills down a long book. to it’s more simple form.

    Now that my “secret” is out … I hope no one loses respects for me or now thinks that my IQ is actually 30 points less than they thought it was before. ;-)

    • I tried cliff notes … but loved to read the whole book.. so that is what I did… except for the book tale of two cities.. that one I used cliff notes.. then again.. I didn’t read for an assignment.. I read because I wanted to.. big difference..

    • This reminds me. Do any of you folks remember Strunk and Whites “Elements of Style”?

  12. Two ‘framing’ quotes: the 1st is by Mark Twain, who famously said “history never repeats itself, but it often does rhyme.”

    The 2nd is one of my favorites, a bit long, but to the point. It’s by President Eisenhower, given at his presidential farewell address. The former Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces, 5-star general and departing president, Ike had a world view unlike any since George Washington. Like Washington, who cautioned that interference by foreign powers in the nation’s domestic affairs threatened the stability of the republic, Ike warned against the creeping power of America’s own, and its allied military industrial complexes. Ike had a knowledge and understanding that few others had at that time, or since. Ike warned that “this conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government … we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.”

    Throw in uncontrolled growth of the FBI with the creation of the CIA and later NSA and NRO, and Americans are being watched while being milked for all the cash our government can squeeze. Yet our government permits open borders and uncontrolled immigration by some very questionable souls. Our system is, simply put, no only allowing the chaos, but feeding it. In fact, they seem to be the ones behind the curtain orchestrating that chaos to some purpose.

    Don’t get me wrong. There are definitely evil forces out there far worse than the blood thirsty U.S. capitalist puppet masters Eisenhower warned us about. But when the country elects a self-consumed billionaire as president, then follows him with a bumbling, stumbling, mumbling marionette, warning flags are blowing stiff in the wind. 2024 is shaping up to be a defining election year for the Republic, in so very many ways. Strap in. It’s going to be a turbulent ride, folks.

  13. “Superficiality of knowledge requires information compression, thus a new flowchart and checklist system of learning is required.”

    A specialist learns more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing.

    A generalist learns less and less about more and more until he knows nothing about everything.

    • I’ll agree regarding the specialist. I’ll disagree regarding the generalist. Humans are designed as general purpose entities.

  14. “All sounds pretty fanciful. Or, at least it did until the story came out that Kremlin ‘bombshell’: Putin met Prigozhin after Wagner mutiny.”

    Hummph… Imagine that!

    “My consigliere writes it off to different ways to approach War. Checkers and Chess.

    “We’re playing checkers. Putin is playing chess.”

    No. We’re playing marbles, Putin is playing Go.

    “Putin is NOT a military guy so he totally misunderstood what he needed to do for an invasion … AND he over extended vs. just going for the Russian speaking areas (why? I’m clueless).”

    Putin is not a military grunt, (neither was Sun Tzu), but he is a tactician, and a damn’ good one. The invasion is going m/l according to plan. He extended past the Russian territories for two reasons:

    1) Kill NAZIs
    2) Ukraine MUST be a “Russia-friendly buffer zone.” This means there must be NO interference with the Crimean peninsula, and no means of anyone interfering with the operations at Sevastopol…

    AND he got a huge bonus:

    3) He got rid of a bunch of worthless junk, left over from WW-II and the cold war, in exchange for emptying the combined arsenals of every NATO nation, and along with it he tricked us into giving him live-fire intel on all our fancy gadgets.

    Putin will not stop until he can assure the Duma that, whether it’s a NATO signatory or not, Ukraine will be “Russia-friendly” (which will probably keep UKR out of NATO permanently, because we’re not going to want to send Russia M1A3s and F-35s…

  15. “Or, are the embedded neocons in Uncle’s government so focused on getting Russia backed into a “nuclear first use” corner that everything will end up on the stairway down to hell, anyway?”

    Dunno. I don’t actually the neocons scattered throughout government are that powerful. The Liberals embedded at State (and by now the Pentagon) are, though, and they are also the ones who believe a nuclear war is no big deal, even if it comes here.

    Personally, the way we’re playing on the world state right now, I sure wouldn’t want to be at the 2024 SOTU — 28 seconds away from the business end of a Russian nuclear cruise missile…

  16. I’ve often wondered why things haven’t gone sideways on the Eastern Front given everything we’ve done in the Ukraine. The Neocons are living out every wet dream they’ve ever had and, according to Martin Armstrong, are still dreaming of eventually defeating and taking over Russia. Whatever you may think of him Dr. Stephen Greer’s interview with Shawn Ryan was interesting and made me wonder if all the deep, dark tech we have is the reason no one’s lobbed a nuke at us – not even Rocket Man over on the Korean peninsula in one of his fits of folly when we don’t give him money.

    According to Greer, there are many scientists in various allied countries besides the U.S. that have been involved in the UFO back-engineering processes while advancing the tech that Tesla and others were working with before the Military/Industrial Complex took over and either bought up all the good ideas or “disappeared” those that wouldn’t be bribed. If we can “take ET home” as of a few decades ago and shoot their craft out of the air whenever we want then any kind of kinetics between Earth’s nations will certainly be more Star Wars than anything we’ve seen in the Middle East up until now. Indeed, Shawn played President Eisenhower’s farewell speech at the end of the interview to drive home the point that he, Eisenhower’s administration, had lost control of the tech element of the CIA and other intelligence agencies and needed to be restrained. Greer talked about legislation that is, according to him, in effect now that gives the dark ops tech people in the extra-Constitutional government he says exists who are in possession of any out of the ordinary tech, alien or home made, something like 6 months to turn it and themselves in or face prosecution to which I say “Mmmm, yeah, good luck with that.” Greer freely admits that the Neocons in power today are worse than Nazis in their view of the World and we peons in it and are in possession of tech that could do serious damage to the way things are today if used inappropriately and solve many of the World’s problems if used for the Common Good.

    Just another take on what may be coming down the pike.

  17. (G2): “I’ve jumped and trained some of the more interesting people, yeah. Short-term contract stuff. But I also have learned to look AND SEE.”

    Everybody looks, but few people actually see…

    This is why I was always quizzing my kids, from toddler forward, regarding our surroundings, especially after they showed up in my rearview mirror. They were taught how to see, at such a young age that it became a natural part of their personalities — not something they ever have to think about, but something which “just happens.”

    “Seeing,” what LE and HUMINT types call trained observation, is one of the tenets upon which I was raised, because I grew up in a time and place where bad things happened. Situational awareness allowed one to avoid the vast majority of the bad stuff, and mitigate, or at least exercise a degree of control, over the bad stuff which proved unavoidable. I considered it an essential part of my being, and so important that I could not, not pass it to my progeny.

    I applaud G2 for learning the lesson…

  18. the world is being divided. anyone can see that.

    hmmm. hi George and everyone. spoke to that Les Visbable fella again. over the smoke and mirrors and petri dish. dog ate your homework, should have been your clue old dude. the dog poet. lol.

    i gave him a few insites……

    he has a 0 over there posting in the comment section. if that person actually has a cosmic egg? which ive never seen another in all my travels with one. i know i have one. they will be tested to the limits of sanity. i didnt mention that part. its part of the gig. cosmic eggs are powerful enough to create entire worlds. i tested that 0. they produced 2 gold nuggets on the ground next to me the next day. so whoever it is, they are gifted. cool. thanks

    some fella named george gave me a cigar. the last time anyone gave me a cigar i was having a child. so i may have created another 0.

    lately my conversation with creation sounds alot like that meatloaf song paradise by the dashboard light. she is sending me bird, bees and deer and owles. i dont know if i should build an ark or what? i told her i need real titties and pussy. not another cat.

    i mean, nobody fucks harder than mother nature. shit girl.

    let me sleep on it. and creation is just full court press on me. i love ya too baby. but like the song goes. i just need some time to think.

    and like song goes. and now we’re praying for the end of time. hahahah. i even was told where the fountain if youth is, i think. and i dont know if that is a good idea. i dont know if i want to be on earth forever. even if we could make it heaven.

    real world problems. hahahaha. as a dragon fky comes in the cab of my truck at 303 am and sits on my shoulder. uhem. yes dear.

    que: ~ paradise by the dashboard light ~


  19. idk dude. its like the dog poet quoted the bible and said, “wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.”

    and i said, yeah that is the official Vatican approved for release version.

    the tibetan scrolls known as “The Way” which is an account of Jesus time in tibet when he went to see the wise men from the east who came to his birth (note, i cant find these on the internet anymore but i do have a printed version) says

    wise as a serpant innocent as a clove.

    which is more innocent
    a dove.
    a clove.

    its only a sliver of space that gives one a totally different perspective.

    then i come on here, look in the comments and someone is ranting about lava verses dove soap. and how dove soap sucks. hahaha

    actually there is alot of stuff on here that syncs. and i dont understand it.

    its like the words every human on earth forgets when you come back from an NDE or are born on earth. everyone forgets the words spoken to your soul before you come back to this plane of existance. i know them. all of them. ive had enough NDEs to remember them. everyone else, (most people think life only happens once, becauae you forget everything transitioning. like when consciousness time travels. i mentioned them over at the dog poet dude. the first 3 lines that are spoke to you.

    the needle drags along the groove upon the record of life. look at the world around you as the music plays. see how all the marionettes dance to the tune.

    those are the words that begine to draw you back into life, here. on earth.

    then i come on urban survival look in the comment section and people are talking about the puppet masters. lol.

    its the damdest thing.

    i think i mediated one too many times.

    creation keeps sending me birds and bees, deer, owls all kinds of critters are increasingly drawn to me.

    i mean i am in harmony with all that is. its becoming stronger and stronger. i keep becoming physically stronger and healthier when at almost 53 years old it should be the opposite. but im getting healthier and physically stronger and stronger every day.

    sigh….. i like stability and routine.

    not sure what anyone can tell me anymore. its alot. i dont even know what to say anymore because it manifest in some way. all the time. its overwhelming at times.

    im sure you saw the big tell from Elon. he said recently, “which would you rather have? a billion dollars or a palet of food?”

    pretty big tell.

    maybe i will drop a line to my hopi buddy. see what he says.

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