Disaster Season Opens?

“How do we sunset?  Let me count the ways…” Despite all the hype, Climate Change doesn’t even move our meter in today’s cold, hard viewing of Reality.

The smell of Depression is in the air.  For example, Public pessimism on the economy hits a new high, CNBC survey shows.  And about the leaders of the pack?  Depositors pull nearly $60bn from three US banks as Apple raises pressure are but two examples.  Mood swings, anyone?.

“Distraction issues” are failing the smell test.  For, if climate change was really going to happen, do you think insurance companies would still offer waterfront property coverage? Would China still be bringing new coal plants online?

A highly skilled entrepreneur I worked for (not too long ago) told me recently his 6th floor A-1A condo in South Florida (with a two story great room viewing the Intercoastal and the Atlantic) hasn’t had so much as a blip in getting heavyweight property and casualty insurance.

The way thinking people look at things, if the threat was real, waterfront homeowners would be dumping because their mortgages require insurance. Interesting to hear about Dan Pena’s views in this context.

My buddy’s condo is post-and-tension concrete. He sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in that kind of building in, oh, California, for fears of it “going 880” on he and his wife and their assistant.  But for hurricanes? About perfect with the extra heavy glass.

Post and tension is not our favorite, though.  With reason.  Check out 1 person killed, five injured in NYC parking garage collapse (nypost.com).

Still, having laid to rest immediate concerns on one front, the statistical reality of the Cosmic Russian Roulette game deserves a serious review along with other life-ending strategic threats.

In fact, according to the Fed itself, there hasn’t been a convertible domestic U.S. Dollar for over half a century.

The $1 notes were authorized in 1963 as a replacement for $1 silver certificates that were being discontinued because of the need for silver coinage; $2 notes were authorized at the same time but were not printed and issued until 1976.”

So far, the paperhangers are winning, but we’ll see over time.

More immediate concerns threaten us now, so after a few headlines and the ChartPack we’ll be transitioning from “dismal science” to “dismal endings.”

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68 thoughts on “Disaster Season Opens?”

  1. The chart looks like the top is in. Throw on the crash helmets.

    I tried a search on the site and didn’t come across the invasion think tank post.

    A think tank says the U.S. will win the conflict ‘saving’ Taiwan from China. One view sees up to 900 U.S. planes being lost. But the future is unknown and losses could be worse. America will be in their yard. That said, this exchange is going to be very expensive to us. I think this battle is the knock-out blow for the $.

    The US could lose up to 900 warplanes fighting a Chinese invasion of Taiwan but would emerge victorious, says think tank

    “The United States and Taiwan are generally successful in keeping the island out of Chinese occupation, but the price of that is very high – losses of hundreds of aircraft, aircraft carriers, and terrible devastation to the Taiwanese economy and also to the Chinese navy and air force.”

    In one of the more pessimistic scenarios, 900 American fighter and attack aircraft would be lost in four weeks, equivalent to half of the US Air Force and Navy’s combat planes, according to The Times of London.


      • I think the Battle of the Orient (BOO) will follow the Israel bombs Iran catalyst and wouldn’t be surprised if it starts this weekend.

        Western weapons are flooding into Syria/Palestine by “unseen hands” and is tipping the favor from Israel.

        “Although Israel has walls and fences with security systems, “unseen hands armed the West Bank, and you have modern automatic rifles and automatic weapons in the hands of the Palestinians,” he said. He might have been referring to weapons smuggling to the Palestinians.

        Over the last year, there have been increased clashes between the IDF and Palestinian gunmen, primarily in Jenin and Nablus. Iran is hinting that it is aiding the “unseen hand” of weapons smuggling.

        According to previous reports in The Jerusalem Post, many of the illegal weapons in the hands of Palestinians today consist of M-4 and M-16 variants, a rifle that is usually produced in the US and the West.”

        “The “equation” between Israel and Iran has now become unequal and favors Iran, which is winning, he said in a speech. The source for Salami’s data on Palestinian attacks was unclear. His speech was reported by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, which has links to the IRGC.”


        • Iran is NOT , repeat not developing nukes- rather highly advanced plasma energy technology, of which nuclear does play a part. In conjunction with Motherland, have developed nuke power plants that use nuclear waste and make it harmless. We have so much nuke waste now it could keep power plants running for next 300 years.
          Iran has No Fear of attack from Israhell because of these new technologies. It is defense technology that disables all missle systems or nuclear aattacks, AND returns the hardware to its place of origin. Israhell will end up bombing themselves. Capable of disarming Iron Dome. This all was proved to “them” recently when Russia SU34 disabled their AEGIS systems then simulated bombing runs on USS Donald “cooked” Duck.

          Bloody King getting bloodied..
          “The world is ruled by those same people, descendants of those who killed Christ, who killed the prophet Zechariah and are killing all Orthodox today.

          Russia is being destroyed today, the main purpose of these secret satanic organizations is the destruction of Christ represented by his church, and Russia, as the largest Orthodox country, is in the forefront, the first for destruction.

          The center where the instructions are coming from, some think it’s America, but they’re wrong. America is a cudgel, the bulk of those who lead the world are in London. It was there that, after the execution of Jacob de Molay, Grandmaster, Master of the Templar Order, those who served the devil moved.

          London remained the capital, America obeys. A long time ago, since the 16th century, the royal family adopted Judaism, they are secret Jews, all boys are circumcised according to the Jewish rite and hate Russia!

          All the wars that Russia endured were initiated and financed from London.”-Schema-Hegumen Gabrial, famous orthodox priest/Valaam Monastery

        • “According to previous reports in The Jerusalem Post, many of the illegal weapons in the hands of Palestinians today consist of M-4 and M-16 variants, a rifle that is usually produced in the US and the West.”


          So THAT’S what the Taliban would do with a few hundred thousand surplus American arms.


        • B,

          I was thinking Iran smuggles drones to Russia and Western weapons back from the Ukies.

          There could be plasma weapons and they may be the next ‘secret weapon’.

          This guy from the Middle East Research Institute (sounds made-up) indicated the West recognized the Zionist project would fail. The renewed ME relationships are changing the face over there quickly. Perhaps he was right. Spin the wheel.

          Jews behind Russia-Ukraine war to form new Jewish state – Islamic scholar

          According to MEMRI, Mraweh Nassar said that the West has forsaken the Jews because the Zionist project will fail in two years.

          “According to Nassar, the traditional allies of the Jews – the US and the West – have realized that Israel will “come to an end” within just two years, which has caused them to forsake it.”


    • The problem with the War Game Study is tht it ASSUMES that the battle does NOT take place until 2026.


      The reason that assumption is BAD is because much of the weaponry that it ASSUMES Taiwan WILL possess it does NOT YET POSSESS, and WILL NOT POSSESS for much of it for at least 2 years!!

      Even the anti ship missiles it ASSUMES Taiwan WILL possess will NOT be started to be delivered until late this year.

      On paper I can set up almost any War to be one the US wins … just by manipulating the Assumptions. That is the WRONG WAY to do a valid War Game … and everybody knows it.

      The War Gamers ARE manipulating the outcome for some reason … I have my speculation but they are irrelevant for this post.

    • To match up with my comments about “Assumptions”:

      Washington Post reporter Josh Rogin tells GlennBeck
      that the Pentagon’s leaked documents reveal China’s hypersonic glide missiles defeat our aircraft carriers and missile defense systems:

      “We spent thirty years building aircraft carriers and missile defense, and the Chinese built a missile for 1/100000 of the price that makes those things obsolete… It flies faster than sound… and they can maneuver it to hit our aircraft carriers as far as Guam. Half the Pacific is now no entry for our aircraft carriers if they decide to use these things.”


  2. Wordslinger:

    Good charts over on the cost participation side (subscriber / Peoplenomics). Glad to see you are inclined to sit out vol for now until trend presents. It’s great to be a hero, get those pricey dinners but … nasty to eat gruel if wrong (or, just early). Investors have a very hard time with patience and, it can be costly. Wilson over at MS retains the hot hand and he’s not bullish, in the least. I don’t much care what causes trend but wait for the chart lines to draw themselves.

    Write when prescient,

    ps – as to CBDC: vastly more people are not on secure lines vs have phones. Most should _not_ touch financial accounts via either medium. I begged my son (and DIL, and friends, and anyone else who would listen, to minimize contact w financial sites via fone). It’s rare I will even go to my financials from rock solid PC on private secure net. The office, with Corp. VPN? Sure. Anywhere else? Why?

    • That’s super smart on avoiding finbiz on phones – they are all in denial until after they get hurt…

      Like BTC too. Why buy an asset with 4 percent swings you can’t track and predict? Sheesh – Egor – where’s the smart people all gone?

      • what chu talking bout Willis ? https://youtu.be/Le6qeMe7-vM

        tracking is easy, still/for now. prediction is even easier – BTC is almost “text book” – hence I predict slight pullback..no more than to $24-25k before going higher – need some consolidation and back test resistance line, that has now become support line – easy peasy.

        It is the 800 POUND GORILLA in da room that has my attention – mr globohomo just released the GlobalHomoCyrpto coin to be the “one ring that rules them all” – quick look surprised.

    • Not sure why you believe VPN adds much value compared to your home path. VPN hides your source IP (though not to your VPN provider), and can help a bit on public Wifi, which in my opinion should never be used for any non entertainment purpose without a VPN. The risk is generally the device or machine you are using is compromised. So clicking on an phishing email URL or installing the latest “freeware game or app”. VPN does nothing to help in those most likely scenarios. I never mix my personal/financial connectivity on my business laptop. Couple of reasons…Corp laptops normally have logging and access from IT people I don’t know and certainly don’t trust. Second is you shouldn’t use corporate resources for personal use. Third if you do make a mistake and click on something nefarious, while doing personal activities on your business path, you risk inviting that in to the business and risking your employment status because almost certainly your company has a policy to limit personal use of company resources.

      Access your finance apps with your own saved URLs, never through any email or text. Use complex passwords hopefully through a very secure password app. Use two factor authentication, best is yubi-keys, second is authentication apps, third is SMS. Last is don’t do business with companies that don’t offer one of those methods. Access those things with devices that are regularly updated, don’t use devices for those purposes that are not getting regular OS updates. Looking at you windows 7 and many Android vendors not doing monthly security updates.

      Never not ever click on URLs in emails or texts. Go to your saved URLs to access your links. Don’t load “cracked” or random phone applications or games, don’t go to random internet sites looking for porn or other sites that cater to people looking for non mainstream content, unless you are on a virtual machine that has no other important purpose. Don’t use an “admin” account for your OS as your daily driver. You want to have your current account having limited rights to make system edits.

      Patch your home routers or other IOT devices that connect to the Internet. If the vendor no longer offers security patches, those devices should be isolated from other local devices and best case replaced. This is the primary reason I don’t do home automation, those vendors are notorious for abandoning their products software.

  3. “Our fascination with “what’s up” is due in part to its planetary impact. Sure, hyperinflation under Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe was bad. But it wasn’t lunch talk at Sardi’s.”

    what I am hearing at the coffee tables is this as the main conversation….
    and the comments on spend it now while it is still worth something.. Heck even I went out on a limb to get items that I know will be so expensive that once it happens there won’t be anyway to get them.. I will just have to adjust our living for a few months..
    from my perspective.. it is a Gamble for me to do that.. but when I look at the alternatives.. that is almost a given to what is heading towards us..
    I think of the story my father told me about what his grandpa told him.. Just before the weimar depression hit.. two boys inherited a gread deal of money.. the one son took his share and put it diligently in the bank bought notes etc..
    the other son seen it as .. ITS PARTY TIME.. and went out partied wine women and song..
    then the depression hit.. it took wheelbarrows full of cash to buy a loaf of bread.. the notes in the bank were worthless.. while the its party time kid.. there was a serious glass shortage and he had a basement full of bottles..
    the same thing came true in zimbabwe and in Argentina and we are following in their footsteps.. we have people that don’t have a clue as our leaders that have sold their souls for money from special interests..we printed up trillions to rebuild the country and nothing is being done with it.. our infrastructure still on the verge of a massive collapse..
    we are dumping money into a war that we should never have gotten into just to save the questionable business activities of the ones pulling the strings..
    the minute I think how could it get any worse.. it pops up shocking and disgusting..
    the truly sad part.. is I believe we are to late.. we cannot hold our position of authority if we back away.. they called our bluff.. positioned themselves to be the ones to win either way this goes.. countries that followed our leads are now on the verge of bankruptcy and have used their reserves following don quixote charging the windmills..
    and if you prefer the book..
    you could just tune into the daily newscasts..

  4. Many answers to question in some of the e-books here. The one about massive tidal or crustal shift forces scouring almost the entire planet clean in a giant sloshing I found intriguing. Goes a long way explaining the stratification of fossils, rock and minerals. Plus the oldest surface rock is still much younger than the planet.


    Books are free. Not affiliated in any way.

    • nice.. thank you for sharing this site..
      I can say I didn’t know anything about this site.. there is a ton of books that I really want to read..

    • I will note that Randall Carlson has a 70+- part lecture series on the subject of Catastrophism … including asteroids, large floods, etc. etc. and how religions around the world tie into those dynamics on a consistent basis.

      It is excellent and is FREE on YouTube if you are interested. Each lecture to a class is 30 to 40 minutes long.

      For the short version go out and listen to the Joe Rogan’s interviews with Carlson and Hancock, each is about 90 minutes long. there are two, maybe three, as I recall. Again FREE on YouTube I believe, though maybe now moved to Rogan’s archives on Spotify I think it is (which means they may no longer be free).

      • Nope. No one watches REAL content like that. See, people get addicted (and the chemistry of it confounds me even now) to their own shit.

        Rather than learn about that stuff on PN this morning, it’s much less work to jam on FB and Twits.

        If you’ll look, you’re see the 50 percent of Americans with sub 100 IQs

  5. “We are not comfortable with the fedgov being able to favor one kind of electric vehicle for tax credits over a competing model.”

    Heck I am not comfortable with FedGov, favoring tax credits for mortgages, for buying green tech, for donating to charity. All these things favor one set of people or ideas over another and transfer monies that should be allocated to government duties to other private citizens or corporations.

    Would be nice to have a fair/flat tax where government is not using their tax policy to force complexity and to reward their donors.

  6. G Pops,

    a different understanding/perspective..

    – Set/Enil destroyed the planet Mulge and its attendant Moon Mulge Tab during the War in Heaven. Many of the priestesses (light workers/planners) were living on/in Mulge Tab at the time, as were some Abgail(cosmic frogs)=Changer, in PNW Ameri. Indian lore.

    The event was visible from Urth/Earth – described as “boiling” the solar system, boiling “cloud” was clearly headed for Urth.
    Its first passing created The Flood, Noah was a primative and Enki/Ea and his “ship” was the Ark. Remember Enki is/was Nuddimud the MASTER Geneticist, and we are his Creation…think.
    Its next passing of Urth marked Sets’ murder of Osiris, yet another passing marked the great battle tween Horus and Set..Horus “transitioned” Set with green crystal laser=light saber -“so he could never rape again”.
    Mars got smoked in the conflagration of Mulge&MulgeTab, the remains of the attack on Mulge in form of debris field/asteroid belt are still there.
    The remain of Mulge/Mulge Tab became known as the ben-ben, and it passed Urth on several occasions as it roamed the Solar system and was called as “Niberu”as well. Urth got rocked every time this thing passed, what the Watchers were watching for.
    Today ben-ben has found a home – us moderns know her as Venus=female, see above Priestesses- her passing’s caused so much damage to Urth and her peoples that Women were “thrown down” from leadership and we have had Patriarchal societies ever since.

    The fable benu stone mounted atop the Great Pyramid of Akar (Osiris) came from the first passing. Several black stones were collected along with benu – said to be powerful “magic”/NRG in those stones..infamous Cecil Rhodes is said to have viewed and held one..was said this led to extraordinary life extension?

    “To avenge someone presupposes victory or moral gain over his previous form, new qualities. Horus is a new life form of Osiris; the father is reborn in his son, who is supposed to be better becoming of himself “become”, but not identical…
    The drama of the Osirian legend is played out by a single and unique actor: simply the soul, but which is composed of three energies -essences of the same and identical essence, and which is broken down into three different aspects to operate the cosmic drama…[This] soul is Osiris, Isis and Horus at the same time, states and essences coexisting, but which follow each other in the soul which desires, by the power of its will and its purity, to rise towards the divine, the sublime.” -Sotirios I Magiasis, The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is an initiation book, 1955

  7. George,

    The Covid QE money/credit expansion from the March 2020 lows was historical with even relatively greater credit contraction QT from March 2022 with 3 month treasuries now yielding 5.17 % and the greatest ever 3 month to ten year note inversion at -1.57%.

    Zombie companies cannot roll over their bad debt at the current interest rate level.

    From the March 2020 lows the CAC or Nikkei monthly nadir valuation charts follow this QE/QT cycling: 8/18-/15 of 16/10 months or 33/72/63/42 weeks with an average high or lower high third fractal peak at 58-59 weeks.

    There is a similar quantitative fractal pattern in the Russell 2000 and in bitcoin in USD monthly charts from the March 2020 lows: 7/17/16 of 17/10 months. Bitcoin in USD is at the end of a 30/74 of 75 month first and second fractal series.

    Expect 75 month second fractal nonlinearity to take Bitcoin in USD to the 4600- 4900 area over the next 4 trading weeks

    • Elmers at it again…

      “Expect 75 month second fractal nonlinearity to take Bitcoin in USD to the 4600- 4900 area over the next 4 trading weeks”

      ? of the day – What are you smoking ?

      Track record ? thought so .

      Ill take BTC/BITF/MARA and GBTC for The Win!

      You math geniuses get the whole CRE space for the above BS fin analysis.”4600-4900 area over next 4 trading weeks” = FUD

      • Good and fair observations.

        Bitcoin and blockchain are solid innovations. If adopted globally,
        a predominant cryptocurrency would help stabilize international tensions, appropriately rewarding the manufacturing productive nations and those nations with natural resources which are terminally finite and, yes, undervalued in US dollars. However, with the authoritarian and populist rule currently predominant among the leading nations and real total debt and social contract obligations to real GDP ratios of 4-7, the adoption of a global fair trade and an easily exchangeable currency is extremely unlikely.

        Bitcoin starting trading in September 2014. It follows a
        (2-)/4+)/8/20// 30 month first fractal and a second fractal composed of two sub-series: a first sub-series of (7/17/15) months and a second sub-series starting in March 2020 (of 7/17/16 of 17) months. The 17 month second fractal of the second sub-series (7/17/16) was remarkable with valuation highs of about 65,000 on 4/13/2021 and 68,000 on 11/9/2021, the latter, the near peak of the Wilshire.
        The 16 month third fractal peak of the 7/17/16 subseries occurred on 4/14/2023 at about 31000. This corresponded to a CAC 33/72/59 week peak valuation on 18 April 2023 which was the all-time absolute high valuation of the French CAC at 7559.35. In Sept 2000, 23 years ago, the CAC reached its previous long term maximum high valuation of about 6930. A lot of extremely low (and negative in 2019 and 2020) French interest debt instrument credit expansion{and low cost French nuclear energy (70 percent of their energy production) and a mild winter)}
        has allowed the CAC March 2020 33/72/59 week :: x/2.5x’/2x’ series to reach and its absolute maximum valuation of 7559.35.

        The March 2020-March 2022 delirious credit expansion with QE has caused 2023 follow-on employment, especially in the service sector, and follow-on money expansion in the US via next year (2023)consumer inflation-related entitlement COLA increases, both which have promoted third fractal investment equity (and Bitcoin) valuation peak growth, allowing the CAC and Bitcoin to, respectively, reach absolute high and lower lower high valuations.

        This March 2020 ‘crazy’ money expansion and March 2022, even historically greater crazier, money tightening could result in a Bitcoin in USD 75 month nonlinear second fractal crash below the 4700 level.

        Time will time, but you right about past predictions; best regards
        and good fortunes.

    • I am seeing relatively debt-free Companies struggling due to customer’s no longer making payment on time. Cash flows are going critical.

      “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.
      “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.” -Hemmingway in The Sun Also Rises

      Deflationary depressions are the remedy for credit.

      • The Better Business Bureau is going to do the same thing. It’s raising dues like crazy so some members are dropping out and there’s little to do about it. They’ve gone to a new internal record keeping program called “Blue” that is programmed to do this, does little of what the previous program did much more efficiently and is costing the bureaus a lot more money, especially the small ones. American business is being assaulted from all sides and is having trouble keeping up.

  8. Engineering 101 on precast concrete: if concrete structures (beams) are not cast in place, they have tensioning rods cast in them. Pretensioned beams have a little camber added at the the mfg point by pulling force, then locked into place. Post tensioned beams are placed and then usually have threaded ends on the reinforcing rods which are tightened to torque specs or a measured camber. End result is to stop sag and keep concrete in compression, balanced with reinforcing steel in tension.
    Note the parking roof in your pictures has some sort of roofing membrane, indicating it was cracking and leaking. Also note that the roof shows no evidence of steel reinforcing, walls also look like stacked, unreinforced brick. This building predates building codes, possibly even before parking something on the roof was imaginable.
    Amazing construction for a building over 100 years old. Sorry about the folks caught in the collapse.

    • In snow country vehicles track in salt in the winter (as clumps of ice riddled with salt falls off the vehicles as they are parked during the day or night) into the multi story car garages.

      Voila … unless the pavement is well sealed that salt creeps into and through the concrete and starts corrosion of the steel reinforcing rods that helps strengthen the concrete floor structure.

      Once enough corrosion has occured the weakend concrete can no longer serve it’s dual purpose of supporting the weight of the vehicles parked on top of it AND serving to make the box structure rigid for the support columns to remain stable and in place.

      I have seen a number of concrete parking garages have to be torn down due to corrosion in the steel reinforcing rods inside the concrete. Probably that was the underlying dynamic that caused the Florida condo building collapse too.

      If caught early enough they can sometimes use electrolosis to combat the continuing deterioration of the reinforcing rods inside the concrete … but that is a very expensive option.

      As long as there is NO salt around (liquid or IN THE AIR) that gets into the concrete it can last a very long time if properly made. Personally I am NOT inclined to be a buyer of an older condo in a multi story reinforced concrete building that sits right next to the ocean in salt air. (if the lower levels get occaissionally flooded with salt water that is even worse) I don’t have X-Ray vision and can’t tell what is going on deep inside that concrete so my idea is to STAY AWAY!!

  9. Duke University professor – Why aren’t these colleges or organizations getting rid of these hateful race hustlers. People like this existing and feeling comfortable to espouse such nonsense is why any parent paying for an advanced education should exclude such colleges. You deserve no taking from other citizens for hardships you ancestors may have experienced. The sins of the fathers are not passed down to the sons. Folks had the opportunity to hold those responsible at the time and did or didn’t. But that’s it, later generations have no claim. It is simply amazing these clowns get any respect from sane people. If your governments are even considering such nonsense (San Francisco), people need to remove those people from positions of power, or immediately seek to exit their area of control. If they can steal your money, based on some historical actions, why can’t they arrest and charge you for other peoples crimes.

    • I was told that every freed slave after the civil war was given a plot of land and a mule to work it. Slaves were paid and there is no need to pay their ancestors.

      • “there is no need to pay their ancestors.”

        Yeah, I’m being nit-picky, but… paying their ancestors would be a neat trick. Paying their descendants, however, seems to be the question at hand. ;>)

      • Many slaves who were freed prior to the Emancipation Proclamation would go out and buy their own slaves as soon as they could. It wasn’t a race thing at all, just a fact of life. The biggest slave gatherer in Africa was Black himself. It was just the way the World worked and, according to some, there are more slaves in the World today than back in the 19th Century. And, of course, you don’t hear anything about the KKK being put together by DIMocrats.

    • “Why aren’t these colleges or organizations getting rid of these hateful race hustlers.”

      Because they’re getting paid a LOT of money, not to.

      Between boondoggles and wars, the U.S. alone has had nearly $15 trillion come off the table over the last 15 years. Even Trump was forced to sign two budgets that he was very against, to get the military re-funded, so Biden could leave it in Afghanistan.

      $15tln was over 30% of the GDP of the entire world in 2010. That is a LOT of money. Where do you suppose it all went…?

  10. Well.., my “Third Thursday” poker game is coming up.. $1,000 buy-in [ someone asked.] Our favorite Hispanic chef is back in town and has a midnight snack all planned out for us. [Spends the Winter months cooking in Cabo.] “Lady Fingers” [ our dealer ] told me that she recently got a huge box of new chips,[ thick and heavy – very compressed clay with muted colors.,] from a European casino supplier.., should prove interesting. I was also told that our 12th anniversary is next month., so we should have something special planned by then. I will let ya all know how it went – Friday. [ My ‘take’? My lowest walk-away was $60.., my best was just over $1,000.., and average between $240, or so, to $600. Mostly in the $500 to $600 range. – not too bad, for a fun night’s “work”.]

    • Thousand dollar buy and walaway is “Mostly in the $500 to $600 range.”????

      George2’s going away party is next week – I can get you an invite and it’s just down the road in apple fest city.

      But OMG a thousand in for $600 out? Why aren’t you in BTC? Unless lady fingers is exceptionally hot….

      • Bitcoin is gamble that I can not control. Five card stud is a game that I can control. ., and I do so., pretty darn well.
        Even prior to this regular game., I have “sat at the table” for decades.., paid my way through college playing poker. [Lake Tahoe.]
        It is something I have done since high school. I still relish the time that I wiped out a smug-ass Marine General while in Panama. [Never play with emotion.]
        “Lady Fingers” is in her late sixties., looks late eighties and her passion in life is trying new brands of gin. Walks and Cusses like a very overweight mad longshoreman and carries a double barreled 410 derringer in her waistband.
        – No thanks on the invite.. I am too old to play within a group of strangers. Not exactly ‘safe’ anymore. [ If it ever was.]

      • $1,000 Buy-In.., and $1,500 to $1,600 take home. 50 to 60 % ROI. I have never lost – never gone home – a loser., in 12 years.
        “I never said that gambling was an honorable profession. I said ‘poker’ was an honorable profession.” Doc Holiday

        • Gotcha/ But wait, by Doc’s definition would of jury of my peers (a completely unthinkably inspiration group that’d be, lol) define my day traditing as an honorable profession, dishonorable, or addiction?

        • “Gotcha/ But wait, by Doc’s definition would of jury of my peers define my day traditing as an honorable profession, dishonorable, or addiction?


        • the thing about cryptos is —> function.

          regardless of all the other stuff.

          it is the function of cryptos that i find interesting.

          introduced to the collective as humanity as an alternative function of payment, shortly before the reserve banks find themselves in a pickle about interest rates on fiat.

          there has to be a reason for it. especially at this —> juncture in history.

          if there wasn’t a reason for cryptos? they wouldn’t have been introduced as an alternative —> function to fiat.

          honestly it is the septic failure of fiat as a function, an alternative method of function was introduced.

          I mean bitcoin could have been nothing if Fiat currency wouldn’t have gone the path of septic. nobody would have ever heard of it as anything.

          it is the path of destruction that fiat currency went. that gave rise to cryptos as a viable solution and method of function for payment. if fiat would not went the path of septic. cryptos would have never become a thing.

  11. I just saw this on Hal Turner’s site:

    Within the past hour, reports began filtering-in to me CLAIMING Ukraine’s Spring Offensive has begun. Reports say there are four distinct lines of combat. NOT YET VERIFIED . . . .

    If these reports can be corroborated, more details will appear as Updates below.

    Should these reports prove true, RIGHT NOW is the beginning of the most dangerous time for all of us. NOW is when nukes might come into play.

    I earnestly hope your “preps” are topped-off, you have cash money at home in case electronics (Credit/Debit) all go offline, and your vehicles are all fueled-up, with spare fuel in cans safely at home.

    • It appears that Mr Turner couldn’t verify any aspect of the story and has pulled it.

    • Russia has started their Spring Offensive.., pouring thousands of extra troops into the Bakhmut, Donetsk region,… and the Ukraine is going to have to suffer in the crucible.
      It appears that the Ukraine offensive is way too complex and based on tanks arriving – which they have not.
      According to one European analyst – the Ukraine will not be able to stop this recent Russian assault – and it appears that nearly half of the country will fall under Russia’s control.
      Best to wait and see how the next two weeks pan out.

  12. Polish Reparations …. GREED GREED GREED

    WHAT a greedy bunch!! After WW 2 this is what happened to the NE corner of Germany with it’s historic lands on the Polish Border:

    Poland received 40,000 square miles!!
    (including much of the former East Prussia)

    Immediately after World War II, nearly 40,000 square miles of eastern Germany were handed over to Poland. Polish authorities quickly ousted 10 million ethnic Germans, pushing them across the newly redrawn German-Polish border. New Polish settlers took their place.


    Poland received more than 40,000 square miles of territory from Germany, including Silesian coal mines and a Baltic Sea coastline.


    • Also southern Germany!

      Dobbiaco, Italy. Was Toblach, Germany.
      This part of Italy became part of Italy after the war. The borders get rearranged, reparations…

      The people of Dobbiaco don’t consider themselves Italian. I was in a resort there, at dinner, I asked the owner in English what wine he would recommend. Never forgot his reply…

      “You can have an Italian wine, or one from this area.”

      Wiki doesn’t mention the true history.


  13. say what was it you said George about mountain lions a few years ago? if you don’t remember. I’m sure It will come to me.

    last night I got out to piss, it’s fucking cold here at a mile and a quarter above sea level. elevation 6500 above sea level. and I saw a mountain Lion. fella that is training me says we can’t bring guns to work but you can carry a big knife. so I will be putting my “book of eli” which is razor sharp (you could shave with it) machete in my ore train. so if one of those mountain lions gets frisky. I will carve him up. never wrestled a Mountain Lion. should be quite the experience.

    fella said, one guy got so spooked he never came back. hahahaha. he said I never get out if the ore train without my hammer. there is lots of critters up here that might look at ya as a threat or food. I said yeah I kinda gathered that by the way the women up here look at ya as someone new. hahaha.

    huh. wonder if I will do battle with a mountain Lion. hahaha with my razor sharp Book of Eli knife. more a short sword than a knife. but I can bring it to work. hahaha.

    I remember a couple years back you mentioned something about a Mountain Lion. if I do end up wrestling one and cutting it up? that is one heck of a story. hahahha

    later man.

    time to shit and git.

    • Not recommended, hand to hand.

      However, FWIW the mountain men considered mountain lion the best quality and best-tasting of all meat…

      Be careful, and always scan the trees, bluffs, or anything they can use as a perch, before you whip it out…

  14. I have no desire to wrestler a mountain Lion. If one gets frisky, I will charge that fucker. if you run they definitely chase you. better to pull that short sword out and get after it. hahaha. fuck around and Find out. hahhahaa. start screaming and tackle that basted and stabbing and cutting.

    let’s hope not. hahahhaa.

    I think I’m getting to old for shit like that. hahaha.

    it seems that the next battle of the sexes has begun. everyone at work now calls bud light “tyranny fluid”. hahhahaa.

    more to come , I’m sure.

    send some sun shine my way, man. 16 degrees outside last night. it’s freaking cold.

    • Andy, I thought you had experience wrestling those female ‘mountain lions’ trying to get backstage and carrying them out over your shoulder!?

      • Could someone please list “Cat Attacks on Humans Past Century”? Versus Lightning Strikes!!
        Just dont smell like bait. Sheeesh

      • The bobcat is about 70 pounds — they look like a short-haired Maine Coon, with disproportionately long legs.

        Male jaguars, pumas, panthers will normally run 120-150 pounds, like tree perches, and have no difficulty, killing any animal in North America, including us. Mountain lions are the largest cats in the Americas. They typically run 150-180 pounds, but IIRC the largest one ever shot in CONUS was 285 pounds.

  15. Ham radio friend in Hilo stays here for the winter months, and has a home base back in Minnesota where he stays for the warm summer months. Today he announced he was shipping his car to the mainland. It’s a Chevy Volt. He plans to pick it up in LA and drive cross country to Minnesota in his electric car. Massive planning for stops to recharge. I want to hear his experience later. Car has a range of maybe 250 miles. Stay overnight and hope it recharges fully. Properly planned with no glitches, I’m guessing maybe a 10 day trip to go 2000 miles. Good Grief! I used to drive 600 miles or more per day and get from Wisconsin to California in three days. I want to hear his tales of woe when he returns in the autumn. I presume he will be leaving the car in Minnesota. Will see how it fares the winter at -20F below zero.

    “Seems to us the “short of many lifetimes” may be as elusive as unicorns and as realizable as ghosts.
    \But that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun trying.”

    To me, trying to short the end of the world is not even worth trying. Why waste the energy. I’ll be trying to survive, and hopefully record for future posterity.

    • -20°? Is he in Bloomington? In real Minnesota it’ll hit -40, sometimes -50 (as I’m sure you remember). Now THAT is EV weather… ;-)

      • I was trying to not be too dramatic. Yes, I’m from Wisconsin and have been out working in -60F. He’s in the Mississippi river bottoms. Yes, it probably gets colder there, but I remember Jan. & Feb. when it didn’t get above -20F for two months. Rich people there have heated garages.

        • I’ve a pan heater and a battery pad for the Jetta, and Katz heaters for the vehicles I plan on actually driving in winter. I wouldn’t know what to do with a heated parking area. I’ve seen “below zero” for two months, never seen -20° for that long though. I replaced a fender once, at -27°, in my Mom’s front yard. That was sufficiently bone-chilling for me…

    • An electric car as my only car wouldn’t work for me. Last fall I did two trips that were about 1100 miles each and did both of those those nonstop with just two mid trip fuel stops and one mid trip fast food break. 17.5 hours for each trip including fuel and food stops.

      With an electric vehicle those two one long day trips would have taken me at least two days … maybe even three. What a waste of time!!

  16. Back in the 1930’s some banks were called “Building & Loan”.

    After the 1930’s BK’s/post war the same entities would be called “Savings and Loan”. We know what McCain and the Keating Five did to the S&Ls, put them into crisis and they were bailed/integrated into the banks.

    Flash to modern times and we see the term “Building & Loan” has been dusted off again.

    “Banks are turning to an obscure government-linked lender to shore up their balance sheets following the industry’s rockiest period in years.

    The Federal Home Loan Bank system”

    Created in 1932 by the Federal Home Loan Bank Act, the FHLBs provide cash advances to their nearly 8,000 members, which include community banks, thrifts, credit unions, and community development financial institutions.

  17. “The $1 notes were authorized in 1963 as a replacement for $1 silver certificates that were being discontinued because of the need for silver coinage; $2 notes were authorized at the same time but were not printed and issued until 1976.”

    Not exactly true, and not an act of the FED. The “convertable currency” which replaced the “Silver Certificate” was the “United States Note.” FRNs have a green seal, “Silver Certificates” have a blue seal, United States Notes have a red seal. US Notes are convertable (at a discount) because they were issued by the United States Treasury, NOT the (not) Federal (not) Reserve, and were therefore fractionally-backed in gold. Since the Civil War, US Notes had been statutorily-required to be printed and circulated as a guarantee that our fiat money was actually worth something. However, (according to at least one conspiracy theory) JFK sealed his fate by upping the money game. In 1962(?) Kennedy ordered the issuance of an additional $450 million in US Notes. This issue of US Notes came from the pen of John F. Kennedy, not Bill Martin or C. Douglas Dillon (as this article implies.) Kennedy had the Treasury issue the notes in $2, $5, and $100 denominations. My grandmother gave me a brand new “Series 1963” $2 USN for my birthday in 1963.

    The $2 bills printed in 1976 were FRNs, not USNs. Damn’ revisionist bastards…

  18. Re: “Disaster Season Opens”
    feat. What the Dickens?


    “…It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…”.

    Spotted a pair of the servant of the people’s military-aged, brush cut, camo clad refugees 4,000 miles from the warzone imbibing what looked suspiciously like a French Vanilla at the local coffee shop this afternoon. A street person canvassed them at their table for spare change but they waved him off. Madame Defarge must be rolling in her grave!

    There is news from the war front today per Ukrinform! Mr. Z. toured the soon-to-be new auto terminal near the Polish-Ukrainian border. Cash for cars, folks? Peep, peep, peep…load those Lambos in the containers?! But wait, there’s more…Ukraine’s Mostyska Container Terminal became operational last summer featuring European and Asian rail guages to aid transshipment between Europe and China. Ukrinform has noted that the EU kindly requests eastern European members to not restrict the exports and transits of Ukrainian agricultural goods.

    Well, back to the official White House schedule where the President is to deliver a speech about Growth from the Middle vs. Trickle Down MAGA.

    Okay, while we wait for the remarks to be posted to the WH website, let’s rejoin DJ George spinning platters at the casino buffet repast with some flashbacks to whet the appetite featuring a new cola and Max Headroom.

  19. Oh, by the way… about that Russian-registered AN-124 cargo plane which was sitting at Toronto since February of last year to yesterday, now being given to a newly assigned Ukrainian state owner…Apparently the plane just prior seizure had completed a trip from China with then urgently required covid-19 test kits when the special military operation broke out.

  20. I’ll be in the audience of the Vatican astronomer 4-19 at noon. Any suggestions for profound questions? I may relay if there is an opportunity. I got not much and just listen. Astronomy, not astrology.

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