Before we get into the “really useful stuff” – a word or so about the headlines this morning.  The “usual media hysteria” has been ratcheted up as people are becoming aware “News doesn’t matter.”

I mean, think about it:  Up west of OKC (*Oklahoma City, for those who have never been south of I-80) there was a fatal tornado EF3 tornado strike this weekend.  Two people dead.

Yet, even as the clean-up was underway, breathless headlines like “‘Here we go again’: Is latest spate of tornadoes a new normal in Missouri and Kansas?”

Yes, another hard-sell piece on “climate change” and citing figures citing a big change in global temps since 1901, at that.  Yet, those figures are suspect, even among meteorologists because they don’t discount temps for heat islanding, and – oh yeah – The impact of urban sprawl.  Sure, no argument:  L.A. is hotter than it was in bygone years before it was mostly paved-over.  Orange groves of parking lots…gee, lemme think, which one will be hotter…hmm…

In fact, there have been 592 tornadoes this year (confirmed) are listed in the Wikipedia summary here.  Don’t look now, but that’s below average.  But, hey, don’t bother us with data.  When an editor says “Gimme 700-words for the Monday edition...” what’s a reporter (who likes to eat three-squares) going to do?

But, so what?  If I handed you a trillion dollars, what would you buy to change the weather?  Buy everyone walking shoes?

Wrongly-stated problems tend to throw off bad answers.  The real problem is planned obsolescence. Which is why on the Peoplenomics side of the house, we’re writing our next book “The 1000-Year Toaster/”  We are in “making and breaking” mode because it’s the only way to keep 7.6-billion people under control.

The shrill histrionics are about control, you see.  Due to, in large part, to the excessive monetization of “news.”  We have hundreds of “news channels” and websites offering whatever point of view you will read.  This is a holiday…take it off.  Relax.  Regenerate.  Reuse, re-purpose, recycle.

We are now under Digital Mob Rule.  Under our DMR model, people don’t go where the news logically points.  Instead, they are attracted to the shrill calls from the margins and the general (albeit digital) movement of the herd.  Ripe growing conditions for communicable digital diseases. (CDD)

Much of America’s “growth” can be traced to the election of Donald Trump.  He scorned the “major media franchises” by going “consumer-direct” with his Twitter outbursts.  Yet, as the president’s interaction rate is on the decline we have to wonder if “the Trump Effect” is wearing off.  Or, is there’s something much larger in play?

Are people getting sick of the noise and nothing-burgers served up by a desperate press…?

Renown archeologist Joseph Tainter summed it up well: When the marginal return on increased effort falls below Zero, people just walk away.  History, as he wrote in “Collapse of Complex Civilizations” is littered with such events.

Got’cher shoes tied?

Europe Falling

Speaking of complex collapse:  It’s amusing, yet predictable, to see logical human behavior re-asserting itself in Europe in this weekend’s elections.  The “Greens” (who are totally locked in to climate change, hook, line, and sinker) made gains.

If you look and think a bit, you’ll see that any region full of people dumb-enough to put up with the empty promises of the EU megalomaniacs out of Brussels, who then stood still while their region was conquered by an invasion from the Middle East (bringing very short-term synthetic growth), would be more than willing to follow a band of statistical charlatans.

Ta-dah!  You now understand the world.

As the remaining right-thinking Brits have figured, the best solution to the Europe problem is to Exit…which they’ve been trying to do.  Notwithstanding the corporatized mega-government’s intent to subvert at every turn.

For now, remnants of pro-EU parties remain in power.  But, like the voting blocks of poor in America, they’re just foolish tools of powers they fail to acknowledge. Social level ADHD perhaps.

Grand future for bureaucrats,  however.  Crooked government is still one of the world’s best growth industries, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Keeps getting bigger, even if solving structural problems (*like climate) evolve into bait & switch so the foundations of the Global Con Job (GCJ) are not discovered.

But enough.  Markets globally are still there, not moving much.  Our dart for Tuesday suggested a lower open for the first couple of hours tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll sleep in.

“Half-Houring” Your Holiday

Simple notion to roll with today here in the East Texas Outback:

Make a list of everything you enjoy – and that which you can do in a half hour’s time.  Jot ’em down and do ’em.

Here are some of the items on my list:

  • Write a column  (actual writing time with research is closer to an hour)
  • Read half an hour in a useful book.  Done already:  Book is “Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else”  (Bet you didn’t know Jeffrey Immelt and Steve Balmer were both at Proctor & Gamble in Ohio together, did you?)
  • (Above done with 1/2-hour of light crown)
  • Till the rest of the garden (Elaine is the transplanter, not me.  I’m the cheap machine operator).
  • Spend half an hour doing Morse code on the ham radio.
  • Half hour moving the radio computer and downloading Ham Radio Deluxe
  • Half an hour making research measurements on my new swamp cooler
  • Half-hour of breakfast (steak & eggs today!)
  • Chase Elaine around…
  • Build another light crown for Elaine and me
  • At 4 PM half hour break for a perfect vodka martini
  • Half hour on a new antenna design
  • Half hour on the weight machine (depending how bad the tiller beats me up!)
  • 30-minutes on paperwork
  • …and so goes the list…

The idea is simple:  This is a holiday and it’s generally “free” time.  Every so often, therefore, make a list of things you can do in 30-minutes to an hour and just “run the list.

If something will take longer, break it apart into 30-minute blocks.

The main thing is to have fun and practice the art of only doing those things which you genuinely enjoy.

All of which gets us to 6:30 and time to click on to the next project…the tiller… moron the ‘morrow…