Writing a new book for our Peoplenomics.com subscribers (hoping to whip out Chapter 2 today).  The title of it is “The 100-Year Toaster.”  First chapter was up Saturday, for subscribers who missed it.

Since this is a four-day workweek for many, it’s a grand time to ponder one of the central tenets of the book:  Namely that with more emphasis on “quality” and a lot less emphasis on “value engineering” (which is really the art and science of making things that will predictably break or fail) we would have at hand the Miracle Cure for what ails humanity.

  • We wouldn’t need a Global Climate Change hype; we’d be solving that by doing less. Instant nearly 20% reduction in pollution!
  • Quality of family life would improve – because the 90-hour workweek could be dialed-back to something more reasonable for the corporate suck-up crowd (say 60 hours?) and for the people formerly working 40-hour weeks, how does 32-hours sound?
  • Immigration might drop 20% because there would be less “work being done” and that would mean fewer jobs from people walking up from Central and South America.  Less reason to break-in.
  • American’s could get back to the Age of Inventiveness.  Oh, not that we’re not inventive now.  It’s just that most of what’s being invented as been distilled down to “apps.”  No, what I envision is more along the lines of the household inventiveness that appeared in issues of Popular Mechanix and Family Handyman.  Yes, homes could become homes again; personal expression of life and design.  Rather than food-dispensing charging ports with big-screens while you wait for charging to finish.
  • Then there’s the whole self-improvement area.  Would you like to have time to paint?  Learn a new language (Python or Spanish, ’bout a toss-up to us…) or dabble in metal sculpture?  Ceramics?  Hike the Pacific Crest Trail?  Cast metal at home?

,In other words, as a 70-year old workaholic, who spends the first 1/2-hour of each day making up the daily personal checklist on a “LOSTD” (list of sh*t to do) for the day, I’d sure like to have a slower pace.  Day off would be nice.  We’re ALL scheduling too tight; working too hard at…well, for what?

Money, That’s What!

Chasin’ the Bag” begins this (shortened) week with the markets in position to fall for at least a little more.  We’re in the “sell in May” window through Friday.  The big bet is on whether we will then see a rally that could last to the third week of August which is often where the “Annual Market Highs” appear.

Along the way, we are waiting for the new Housing report from Case-Shille.  That that be posted as an update around 8:15 AM (Central),, so click back.  As background for this, see Affordability Improves for the First Time since 2016, According to First American Real House Price Index.  But will (or has) that generate(d) enough buyers to keep the real estate prices going up?

Consumer Confidence is due at 11 (Central) and then a Dallas Fed economic survey a half-hour later.  The real “movers” for the week are likely corporate profits to be reported Thursday or personal incomes and expenses on Friday.  Toss in the weekly Federal Reserve money stocks report Thursday and maybe by next weekend, we’ll find out if this pig of a market can learn to fly, again.

Destruction of Dayton

Crews are using snow plows to roll through Dayton Ohio where a string of tornadoes leveled large areas overnight.  Body count and damage figures will resolve into focus throughout the day.

We’re pretty sure that someone will try to link this to “climate change” but as we’ve noted earlier, this is not-yet a numerically- exceptional tornado year.  Ugly, though?  Hell yes.  The reason becomes clear when we look at two maps from the National Weather Service:  Check where the red and the green (hot and col) weather lays out:

As you can see, the Southeast set some records over the weekend but up toward the northwest, things are expected to remain cool.  As all pilots have to learn, what happens when you have really hot air on one side and very cool air on the other along a front?  Oh, turbulence and thunderstorms and with vertical mixing running off megawatts worth of power, so you get more storms today.

Ohio Power company: “multi-day restoration”

Not a hard forecast to make:  More killer thunderstorms and tornadoes seem likely as the green cold area moves east into the hot zone.  Toss in a side-order of compression heating and the crap could continue to midweek or beyond.  Our prayers are with the people in Indiana and Ohio today.

Mostly Useless News Flow

Europe is so full of itself: Merkel Unretires: Chancellor Determined To Remain In Power Until 2021 As Succession Plan Implodes.

Austrian president formally dismisses Kurz’s government.

And you gotta love the pretensions to global power, too, as Seasoned diplomat appointed EU’s special envoy for Venezuela. Everyone’s going to Venezuela except the American Socialist Demagogues, AOC and BS-Bernie.  (Neither seems to have accepted our offer to by a one-way ticket to this latest socialist train wreck, but we live in hope.  (coach, non-refundable).  They need to spend time in a “worker’s paradise” to get the whole story, don’t you think?

Apple’s in the sink?  Citi slashes Apple outlook as trade war likely to cut China sales ‘in half’.

Is social media above the law?  Question pops-up due to Facebook says Zuckerberg and Sandberg will defy Canadian subpoena.  Laws…who needs ’em, right?

Paradoxically: Video games are driving people off Facebook.  Gosh, here all this time we thought it was the ads, censorship of moderate/right-leaning content, pimping global warming, and selling personal data to whoever that was doing it. Won’t be the first time we’ve gotten something wrong though; and not likely to be the last, either.

Headline to ponder:  Jared Kushner, Google’s Schmidt and Microsoft’s Nadella to attend secret Bilderberg Meeting, says CNBC.  But, if we know about it, how can it be a “secret meeting???”  Help me here…must be due to the Monday being off this week…

Addictive news:  Oklahoma and Johnson & Johnson face off in the first opioid crisis trial.

More Mexico overflow crap: SoCal city’s beaches closed due to sewage-laden runoff from Mexico.

Speaking of healthWhatever you do, don’t get yellow fever.  We’re tracking a Yellow fever vaccine shortage.  Dang ‘squitoes, anyway.

Reading List Look-ahead:  Former Defense Secretary James Mattis has a book coming out at the end of October which we will read carefully: Holding the Line: Inside Trump’s Pentagon With Secretary Mattis.  $27 hardback and $14 for Kindle due out October 29.  Mattis?  Worth the read.  Comey?  Not so much.

OK, time to twiddle while waiting for the Housing report… Early Dow futures 90-minutes to the open showed the Dow up 29.  I’ll be in the garden until then..Can you dig it?